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Sun Quest

Part 1 - Southbound

by and © Ruwen Rouhs

Chapter 8

Next morning Aegir came whistling out of the shelter and sat down besides Buri on the fallen tree. "Bro" he asked "What's the matter? Are you vexed about what happened between us last night? Don't get mad at me, but I just couldn't help it. I had to kiss you all over!"

Buri looked over. Then he smiled, "I never thought hugging and stroking you would be so satisfying. It was terrific."

"Buri, you acted as if you were experienced. Your slightest touch made me shiver! Who was you teacher?"

Buri looked surprised, "Aegir, my Aegir, you are my teacher! You are my first love and I never want another one!" Looking for Aegir's approval, "No one ever has loved me like you do! All the girls and boys of the Eagle-clan were afraid their skin would turn black too, if they would hug me! You weren't!" then he asked with curious voice, "And you, have you loved someone else before?"

Aegir turned crimson and stuttered, "I did play around with other boys at my village and with girls too." Remembering the brothers in the winter camp, he added "and also last winter during my search for you. But all we did was kid's stuff compared to our loving! I saved my love for you, my Curlyhead, my bro!"

Buri studied Aegir as if he did see him for the first time, "I am dark-skinned and you are light-skinned, my hair is black and curly and yours foxy red and straight, but we are brothers in every other respect! I love you and you love me!" closing his eyes he concluded his solemn speech, "You did find your love in the Eagle-clan settlement and my father did find his love in Râ-Kedet, the proud city in the Country of Moon-stone. The circle closes!"

Aegir didn't know what to say, he just was not able to top Buri's flattery. All he could was smile and after a little while he remarked with a boyish grin "I am starved! The smell of the roast venison we prepared yesterday makes my stomach rumble and yours too. Let's eat and then discuss how we can get your crescent of moon-stone back!"

"I eat my hat if the shaman didn't hatch the plan to steal the crescent of moon-stone and you have to eat yours if I couldn't hatch up a plot to get it back!" Buri commented cheekily while gulping down his share of meat. "Is it three days since he tried to kill me or four?" he questioned Aegir, "Four days, right? By this time they should have arrived at the summer-camp at Lake Fjäderand moved into the lake dwelling."

"Just tell me one thing, Buri, how will you persuade the Shaman to give your treasure back to you? Will you ask him? Will you try to reason with him? Will you kill him to get the crescent back?"

Looking down, Buri considered the questions grimly. Finally he turned his eyes to the sky as if he could find the answer in the blue. "Look bro, look! Look up in the sky! There!" he pointed upward, "The mighty eagle!"

But there wasn't just one eagle circling overhead, "Look there are two eagles! Look they are fighting with each other!" Aegir corrected his friend.

"No, Aegir, they aren't fighting! They are doing their courtship dance! Our mighty Eagle has finally found a friend, a girlfriend maybe! He will soon have offspring!"

"Girlfriend or boyfriend, he will never be lonely again!"

"You are right! Now I know what to do!"

Late in the afternoon Buri took Aegir hunting. Downstream from the Eagle-clan's dwelling the river was dammed up by a beaver lodge. "Hush! Hush!" Buri asked Aegir to be quiet, "Beavers are shy! Anticipating danger, they all hide inside the lodge." Fortune was on their side. One of the young beavers was concentrating so hard on felling a tree that he was an easy prey to Aegir's arrows. When Aegir wielded his knife to skin the animal, Buri stopped him, "Don't, I need it whole. I will offer the beaver to the eagle. If he accepts it as a sacrifice I will get the crescent if moon-stone!"

"But why a beaver, it's neither a fish nor a land animal!"

"The mighty eagle is the lord of the whole world, of land, water and air!"

The mighty eagle accepted the beaver. He took it, brought it to his eyrie and shared the sacrifice with his companion!

"Look he accepted my offer, our offer! That means good luck!"


Night fell. The friends were resting in the shelter and watched the embers of the camp fire. Aegir asked Buri "Now then, your father found the love of his life in the Country of Moon-stone! Who was it? Was it your mother?" Aegir couldn't see Buri's nod of assent, but a quavering voice gave away his friend's emotions.

"Buri, dear Bro, tell me more. You can tell me everything." Aegir hugged his friend, "Tell me everything. We have to share our past and our future."

"In the late evening my father arrived in Râ-Kedet, a city at the bank of the river Iteru, in the country of Moon-stone. At first he couldn't believe what he saw. The fertile land along banks of the big river was divided in small plots separated by irrigation channels. Along the channels fruit trees and vines grew. The soil of the plots was dark; nearly black. On the plots close to the river food plants grew, red-skinned onions, leeks, head-sized cabbages, beans, yellow blooming cucumbers and green lettuce. The plots farther away were densely covered by a grassy plant called barley. Later my father learned that the grains of this plant was the main food of the people and were used to prepare a slightly sour tasting beverage people liked more than water."

"At first he could not spot the city because of the dense vegetation. Then, after sun-down lights began to sparkle all along the valley-side where the fertile land touched the foothills of the dessert. The sparkling lights in the strip along the side of the valley merged with the sparkling stars in the dark sky. He studied the band of light for a long time till one light after the other extinguished and the breeze coming from the dessert made him shiver."

"Next morning before dawn he took up his way along channels to the settlement. The small trails merged with others and became a wide straight road leading to a gate in a high wall of made of mud bricks. As the gate was closed he took cover in the bushes under the fruit trees along the channel by the city-wall."

"Soon the square in front of the gate was crowded with women, wearing loose robes and balancing big baskets on their heads filled with fruits and vegetables. Herders in dirty loincloths arrived, leading goats or sheep with collars or trying to keep together flocks of ducks and geese. Fishermen came along with baskets full of fishes caught the night before in the big river. They all chatted and exchanged information till the sun came up on the horizon and gate opened wide and the peddlers pushed their way through. My father took the opportunity and slipped with the crowd in to the town."

"The crowd made its way to the marketplace in the centre where it joined with more farmers, shepherds and peddlers entering the city through the other gates. While the newcomers arranged their goods for display on mats on the ground other traders put their goods in stalls or tents on show. The stalls of knife- and tool-makers aroused my father's interest. Soon his attention was attracted by a stall operated by three young guys, obviously brothers. It was not the goods on display but rather the dark brown colour of the skin of these young men. The guys took a special interest on my father also. All the people around him were small, slender, dark skinned and had dark hair, while my father was big, light-skinned and had brown hair!

"The oldest of three pointed at my father turning his brothers` interest to him. All three began to laugh and then began to make fun of him in a language my father didn't understand. When my father turned away angrily the oldest called him back "Hey you! You are not from around here!" and the second one added, "You look funny, did you take a bath in a barrel of lime?" while the third jumped over the counter and touched him. "He is not dusty, he is really white!" Enticed by the screams of laughter a stout dark-skinned man came out of the booth with hair as white as snow. With a gesture he ordered the young men to behave and then turned to my father using the language my father had learned from the old seaman. "Sorry, my boys act like children. They are big and strong, but still silly babies, but I love them." When my father smiled "Alright, I do not mind!" Then man asked "Can I help you? You are a stranger, right! That shows in your dress and your skin! Where are you from? People with fair skin and brown hair are rare around here?" When my father smiledembarrassed,he patted his shoulder, "Don't be shy, what can I do for you?"

It's now or never my father thought, "I am looking for the moon-stone, the stone that melts in fire and gets hard again in the cold, the precious material you can make knives from, tips for arrows, charms and goblets like blossoms of water lilies."

"You asked the right man! I do not mine this precious material, but I import the ore from a country far away."

"Can you show me items made of moon-stone, knives, arrow-tips, goblets, like the petals of flowers and charms looking like tiny men? Please!" my father pleaded agitated "Please!" he repeated his plea, "Please!" Then he got bolder, "I have to learn how mine the ore, how to extract the moon-stone and how to make these wonderful items! Can you show me?"

"Don't rush, young man! Don't rush!" the big man smiled,"By the way, my name is Menkaure the Merchant, and yours my white boy?

"Mine? They call me Hödur, the mind seeker, and I am from the north!"

"Come with me Hödur, come to my estate, light skinned boy, be my guest and maybe I can help you!"

"This started a big friendship! In the evening my father was the merchant's family guest of honour and when the night was done, he had found the love of his life!"

Buri went silent. He glanced up at the stars till Aegir broke the silence, "Was it your mother, he fell in love with?" When Buri sighed sad at heart, Aegir bent forward and touched his friends' cheeks softly and tried to comfort him by saying, "Your father was looking for the moon-stone and by chance met his big love, I however was looking for my big love and the moon-stone will be the bonus."


"Thanks my friend!" Buri turned to Aegir and smiling conspiratoriallywent on with his account. "On the first night in the house of the black merchant's my father was aroused by fingers touching his face lightly the way you did. The room was completely dark, so dark he could recognize not who was petting his cheeks. He tried to recognize the person by its body odour. The mysterious visitor smelt sweet like flowers and incense. Definitely it wasn't a male odour. The visitor had to be a woman, a young girl!"

He paused a moment to boost the suspense, then giggled like a girl at her first date, locked Aegir in his arms and whispered in his ear as if giving away a big secret, "Hesitantly my father began to imitate the mysterious visitor's behaviour. First he traced her eyebrows with his forefinger, then her nose and her lips. When his guest didn't raise protest, he became more daring. With both hands he stroked her back roaming from the shoulders down to the round bottom. He caressed the crevice between her cheeks with his moistened forefinger and began to tickle her but hole. This made his visitor purr like a little kitten. Tenderly my father turned her on her back. Kissing her, he began to trace her round breasts with his fingers, teased her hard nipples with his tongue and kissed her belly button. That turned her on even more and she began to scratch his back with her fingernails and nibble his earlobes. This excited my father so much that he just couldn't help himself. He began to feel for her pussy through her soft tight robe. His member became wood-hard, quivered with excitement and urged him to penetrate her. But this was impossible because the robe prevented his attack. Grinding her he came and came and the spurts of his semen drenched the soft fabric of her dress. The girl giggled and answered his impulsiveness with kisses. Tightly intertwined they fell asleep."

Buri's report had excited Aegir in a way never expected. He tried to penetrate the darkness, but Buri was not visible against the dark background of the shelter. However he could feel his warm body and could hear his breaths. He leaned forward, search the dark till his fingers touched him, "Bro, let me do the same with you! Your story made me horny!"

"But my chest is flat, my nipples small and between my legs you will not find a pussy!" Buri teased him.

"That's what I dreamed of since I was a kid! I always dreamed of curly cub with a flat hard chest with tiny nipples only and a member hard as wood. I never dreamed of a big breasted girl!" He embraced Buri, breaking what was left of his resistance with kisses. "Buri, Buri my bro!" he breathed and was surprised when Buri giggled, "I know, I got all you want and believe me, it's the same with me. Since the moment you kissed me back to life I am addicted to you!"

They kissed till Aegir collapsed out of breath. Buri got on top of Aegir, straddled him and started a long grinding contest.

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