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The Apprentice

by Sahypo

Chapter 27

Around 5 in the evening, Timmy and Sean had begun homework, and Isaac was defrosting meat for the evening meal. The boys had not bothered to remain dressed when they arrived, there being a difference of about 30 minutes between Timmy and Sean’s busses. Timmy arrived first, as his ride was shorter with fewer stops than Sean’s. They left Adidas shorts on the kitchen counter in case company came, and when the doorbell rang, a well choreographed snatch and swoop of shorts occurred times three, and Timmy went to the door.

“Well, hi there, guy!” Walsh greeted Timmy.

“Hi! Hey, Isaac, Detective Walsh is here!” Timmy exclaimed, shaking his friend’s hand.

“Hello, Sir!” Isaac said, coming out of the kitchen and taking the offered hand. “Detective Walsh, this is Sean Bennett, our neighbor”

“Good to meet you, Sean!” Walsh said, shaking the boy’s hand. “You too, Sir” Sean replied.

“Hey, I didn’t want to interrupt anything…um, Timmy, can we talk in private a minute, little buddy?”

“Sure, you want something to drink first? We got tea and lemonade going in here” Timmy offered.

“A glass of Isaac’s tea does sound good, thanks.” Walsh replied. Timmy went to the kitchen and came back with a tumbler of iced tea and handed it to the veteran policeman.

“We can sit on the couch over here” Timmy said, as they took seats. Walsh retrieved the bracelet from his pocket and said.

“I have something for you…It was stored in evidence during the case, but we don’t need it for that anymore, and by right it belongs to you, Timmy.” Walsh held out the tiny chain and charm bracelet and placed it in Timmy’s hand.

“This was found with your mom, Timmy. This is what little Brandon saw that day by the bridge.”

Timmy looked at the small gold heart shaped tag, and read his engraved name on it. His vision clouded up a bit, and it got hard to see…He closed his eyes and tears slid down his cheeks. Walsh put his arm around Timmy’s bare shoulders and felt the boy begin to shudder.

Long seconds went by without words, and Timmy began to sniff and snort. Isaac and Sean were in the kitchen and dining area and couldn’t see Timmy and Walsh, but heard what sounded like crying, and looked at each other as they got up to investigate.

Looking in the living room, they saw Timmy and Walsh sitting together on the couch, Timmy obviously crying silently as Walsh held him, a small piece of jewelry dangling from the boy’s hands. Isaac sat next to Timmy, and Sean knelt in front of him. No one said anything.

Timmy gave the bracelet to Isaac, and opened his eyes. “Son, are you okay?” Walsh asked. Timmy nodded.

“Now I know…” Timmy said. “Finally, I know that she really loved me.”

Isaac looked at the charm and read the inscription, and nodded. Sean looked confused. He knew Tiffany had been murdered, but didn’t know who Walsh was and how he figured in everything. He could see that his best friend was upset, but also happy. He put his hand on Timmy’s knee and rested his chin there.

Timmy opened his teary eyes and leaned into Walsh’s chest, giving the man a hug. “Thanks so much…this changes a lot of things for me.”

“I know son, I know…I can’t imaging you going through life not knowing your mom

loved you. I’m sorry I couldn’t have given this to you sooner, Timmy.” Walsh lamented.

“I’m just grateful to have it, Sir” Timmy said in a quiet voice.

“So how is everything else going for you guys?” Walsh asked.

“Pretty much the same thing with school and all…we do have a hearing coming up on the 25th on the adoption” Isaac said. Walsh slugged back some tea, and grinned with satisfaction.

“Hopefully it’s just routine” Walsh said.

“I’m sure it is, Sir” Isaac replied. Walsh handed Isaac the empty tumbler and got up.

“Sean, it was nice to meet you…boys, I’m going to get out of your hair, take care.” Walsh said.

“Thanks for stopping by, Sir” Isaac said. Timmy shook Walsh’s hand and said “Thanks”

“You got it, Mister!” Walsh said, giving Timmy a wink as he went out the door.

Sean looked at the jewelry in Isaac’s hand, and asked to see it. “What is this?” he wondered. Isaac and Timmy brought Sean up to speed on Tiffany’s murder, the little boy under the bridge, and Detective Walsh. The boys sat back down to their homework assignments, and Isaac set to cooking the evening meal. Melanie had felt guilty about the time Sean was spending at Isaac’s and the food he was eating, so she had shown up the other day with huge bags of groceries and stocked Isaac’s fridge and pantry for at least a month.

Sean was maturing in more ways than one, and had caught the attention of the head of the high school music department. She asked Sean to come to school Saturday at 11 o’clock, and Sean asked Isaac if he would drive him, and his guitar.

“Of course, that’s no problem, Sean.” Isaac said “Would it be okay if we stayed to hear you play?”

“I will ask her if you can, I would like that” Sean replied.

Timmy remained fairly quiet, and had slipped away from the table. Sean and Isaac continued to talk for a bit until Sean felt something amiss, and looked for Timmy. A brief search revealed Timmy curled up on his bed. He had been crying again.

Sean slipped into the room and sat on the floor beside the bed, and looked at his friend.

“Hey…Wanna talk?…” Sean asked quietly. Timmy looked at his neighbor and began thinking about things he and Sean had shared and spoken of to each other. Although Timmy was two years younger than Sean, he was adored by the older boy, and Timmy knew Sean was completely loyal and would follow him anywhere. Timmy patted the bed, and indicated that Sean should lay with him. Sean climbed onto the bed over Timmy, and wedged himself between the wall and Timmy’s back, and settled in and began scratching his friend’s back. Timmy was quiet for a few minutes and began to speak

“I guess I feel so guilty…like I never gave her a chance or something” Timmy said. “I just blamed her and hated her, and it wasn’t fair.”

“And now that you know the truth, you feel like shit…” Sean finished. Timmy nodded and Sean continued. “Don’t do this, Timmy…Just tell her and God you’re sorry and move on. You didn’t know…you didn’t do anything wrong…I did the same thing when mom brought me here…I was hurt and pissed off and said a lot of shit and puked all over her shoes, ‘cause I didn’t know better. You remember that.”

Timmy nodded “Yeah, I do…It was your first day here…Did you really puke on her shoes?”

“It’s an expression I use…”


“Okay… Then I found out what really went down, and how wrong I was…You called me a dork and told me to fix it…best advice ever, right?” Sean said, shaking Timmy. “It’s the same thing for you, you didn’t know. Don‘t live stuck in the past. Ask her to forgive you and move on” Sean continued to scratch Timmy’s back. “Please.” he added after a pause.

“I guess you’re right” Timmy said.

“Fuckin’ A, I’m right!…I hate it when you’re upset over something. You’re the only friend I got.“ Sean said. Timmy squirmed as he felt Sean’s hand burrow under him, and his other hand reaching over to hug him tight. He shifted to allow Sean to encircle him from behind.

Timmy had not considered how sensitive Sean was to Timmy’s emotions, even though he had figured out that a lot of Sean’s bluster at times hid a very soft core. He was beginning to understand how Sean was easily hurt and taken advantage of by those he let get close. He knew this had sometimes happened from what Sean had told him, and more by things Sean didn’t have to say. Timmy gathered that Sean’s time at the Yeshiva in New York City had not fostered fond memories, and music had been a survival tactic for the small teenager. Timmy began to realize how much Sean had let go and trusted him…it was a burden Timmy respected and did not take lightly.

Timmy resolved never to shut Sean out, or internalize things that bothered him. It would be too easy for Sean to misinterpret this as something he caused, or was directed at him. Timmy never kept things from Isaac, because he loved and trusted Isaac, and he would do the same for Sean to give him the peace of mind of knowing where he stood with Timmy.

“I take that really seriously, Sean. I just hope I’m as good a friend to you as you are to me.” .

“I’ll let you know if I have any complaints!” Sean joked as he made Timmy cringe by hamster-lipping Timmy’s neck and earlobes with rapid blasts of air out his nose, and little kisses in Timmy‘s ear canal. Timmy couldn’t well resist, since Sean had him in a tight hug, with full access to Timmy’s defenseless ears and neck.

“Ahhh….hhhh Oh God, Stop! That tickles!” Timmy screeched. It was on now, full contact tackle tickling and the pair rolled and thrashed as Timmy screamed for mercy and tried to breath and laugh at he same time. Sean just rolled with Timmy, still hugging him tightly, thoroughly enjoying being tossed around by the heavier and stronger Timmy. Sean was gaining strength now as well, and even though Timmy could still handle Sean easily in a wrestle tussle, he worked up a sweat to do it now.

“I’m gonna piss if you don’t stop! I swear it!” Timmy squealed.

“It’s your bed, I don’t care!” Sean replied, giggling his head off.

“Asshole!” Timmy croaked out, cackling with laughter.

“That’s Mister Asshole!” Sean insisted. “I am older, remember!” he teased.

“Oh, pardon my lack of manners then, Sir, Mister Asshole!” Timmy cracked and the pair fell back laughing on the bed exhausted. They laughed and panted, calming down slowly. Sean flopped his hand onto Timmy’s chest as they panted and caught their breath.

“You okay, now?” Sean asked. Timmy reached over and put his hand on Sean’s and said.

“Yeah…I do feel a lot better now. Thanks for the talk…You’re still a dick for making me almost pee…“

“Be nice to me and I may kiss it and make it almost better” Sean leered at Timmy and giggled.

“I’m always nice to you, and you know it!” Timmy retorted with a grin. “Jeez, you are a horn-doggy, ain’t ya?”

“Mom says it probably the shots” Sean observed.

“Probably?” Timmy giggled.

Timmy leaned up on an elbow and gave Sean a quick kiss on the forehead. “It’s probably time for dinner” Timmy said, and the boys went back to the kitchen to see what Isaac was doing. They ate and decided to go to Sean’s room, because Sean was itching to get some practice in.

Sean quickly tuned his prized blue Ibanez, and handed it to Timmy. “Want to learn some chords?”

“Yeah, why not?” Timmy replied.

“Okay, these are chords everybody learns in standard tuning.” Sean said, beginning the lesson.

“What’s standard tuning?” Timmy wondered.

“Most everybody plays a guitar tuned E, A, D, G, B, and E again” Sean said as he played each open string for Timmy. “You don’t have to tune up like this….” Sean picked up another guitar and strummed it, and it sounded different, and mellow.

“Wow, what is that?” Timmy wondered.

“I have this one tuned D, A, D, G, A, and D on top” Sean explained. “You ever see a concert where the guitarist changes guitars between songs, he is probably using a guitar tuned to make that particular song easier to play.”

“Did not know that, neighbor” Timmy confessed.

“Okay, put your fingers here, here and here, like that, and strum …good, that’s C“.

Timmy strummed the strings and liked the sound. Sean showed him different places to put his fingers and told Timmy that was A.

In about ten minutes, Timmy had seen where to put his fingers for C, D, E, G, A, A minor and E minor. Like any beginner, Timmy had to stop and let his left fingertips rest. He did well for a beginner, but was not used to fretting strings….as a beginner he obeyed the natural tendency to press too hard, so about thirty minutes was all he could put in. He lay back on the bed and put on headphones which were plugged into a small mixer. Sean would play into the mixer and listen to himself on headphones to practice, since it was virtually silent for the rest of the house, but as loud as Sean or Timmy wanted in their headphones. If another person wanted to play another instrument, there were ports for eight input channels on this machine.

After a while, Sean stopped playing and got quiet, as if something was bothering him.

Timmy rubbed a toe on Sean’s leg to get his attention “Hey” he said, raising his eyebrows. “What’s up?”

“Ahhh, I don’t know…I guess I’m thinking about this audition or whatever the hell it is on Saturday” Sean confessed.

“I think she just wants to figure out what level you play at” Timmy suggested quietly.

“I know, but it almost feels like a test or competition….I’ve never been into that, Timmy. I just play because I like it, you know?” Sean said.

“Yeah…It’s just what you do” Timmy offered.

“Right. So if this is some sort of test it takes the whole reason I play and….” Sean trailed off.

“Just go and play for her, and don’t get into all that other stuff. Don’t overwork this and make it something it isn’t” Timmy suggested.

“Yeah, you’re right”

“Fuckin‘-A I am” Timmy replied, cracking Sean up. “Play like you’re the main act at the Astrodome, dude. You know Isaac and I have your back all the way”

Sean smiled, and gave Timmy a pair of side-cutter pliers. “Thanks Timmy. Hey, cut the strings off, would ya?” Sean asked, holding a nylon string classical guitar in his lap. “Yeah, right over the sound hole, so you don’t nick the wood.”

“And why am I cutting the strings off this thing?” Timmy wondered.

“They’re dead and sound like shit…you have to change them every so often.” Sean replied.

“When is the last time you changed these?” Timmy asked.

“Never” Sean replied.

“Well, hell, that works for me!” Timmy cracked as he cut the first string with a “THWOP!”

Sean opened a package of strings as Timmy finished cutting the old ones, and soon had six small paper envelopes arranged by gauge, or thickness of the nylon monofilament. He showed Timmy how to tie the strings at the bridge, and how to wind them on the capstans at the head. Once all six were on, it was time to start cranking in the tensions and bringing the set of new strings up to pitch. Repeatedly the strings went out of tune flat, requiring more tightening. Sean saw the confusion on Timmy’s face, and said

“Nylon strings have to stretch in for a while, and once they do they stay in tune pretty well”

“Oh, ok…was beginning to wonder if they were ever going to tune in”

Sean smiled and held out his hand “Can I have my tool back, now?” he asked.

“I got your tool, buddy” Timmy cracked, handing Sean the pliers and grabbing Sean’s penis over his shorts at the same time.

Sean laughed and told Timmy not to start a project he didn’t have time to finish…

Saturday was a cool and overcast day, threatening rain. Isaac and Timmy got up and had their shower and breakfast, and Sean came over with a guitar case and Melanie in tow.

She had changed her schedule to be at Sean’s recital, and came over to tell Isaac he wouldn’t have to drive Sean to the high school.

“Well, we had planned to be there if his teacher allowed it” Isaac replied. “Would it be alright if Timmy and I came with you?”

“Sure! That would be great! Are you sure this isn’t imposing on your time?” Melanie asked. Sean and Timmy went to Melanie’s car to load the case as Isaac and Melanie talked in the yard.

“We’ve always got time for Sean…he’s never an imposition, Miss….“


“Melanie” Isaac repeated, corrected. “We’re just so used to Sean always being around, he’s part of my adopted family, I guess.”

Melanie smiled at this, thinking about the relationship between Timmy and Isaac, which would be official in less than a week now.

“Thanks, Isaac. Are we ready to roll?“ The two boys jumped into the back seat as Melanie and Isaac crossed the yard and got in the car.

At the high school, Sean led the others to the band room, and found the director of the music department finishing up with some violinists, three girls. She waved Sean to a table where he could lay his case, and he took out the blue Ibanez, and clipped his favorite guitar strap onto the instrument. Briefly conferring with the teacher, Melanie Timmy and Isaac were welcome to stay and listen, as long as they didn’t distract Sean.

“Sean, do you read?” the teacher asked, a question that sounded odd to the three non-musicians, but made perfect sense to Sean.

“Yes, but only to a certain speed, then I have to play by ear.” he replied. The teacher nodded. Reading music was a discipline that not every musician saw a need to develop. Most self taught players, like Sean, learned by memorization.

“So what do you normally play?” She asked.

“I like blues mostly, but just about anything goes.” Sean said. He plugged into an amplifier under the table and adjusted the settings until the combination sounded right.

“Give me some of your blues then” the teacher said. Sean launched into a rendition of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “The Sky Is Crying” that had everyone looking at Sean in disbelief. The students who were scheduled after Sean that had arrived early had been murmuring softly amongst themselves became quiet, and one boy waited until the song was finished, and picked his guitar case up and left.

“I know who the lead axe in band is going to be” he said, as he gave Sean a thumbs up and walked out. The teacher looked annoyed at the kid….the dipstick should know they would need more than one guitarist. “Mr. Thompson, please come back here, thank you!” she commanded and the kid turned back and sat down.

“What else you got?” the teacher asked quietly.

Sean decided to play a classical piece he liked that was composed by Fernando Sor. “This should be played on a classical guitar, but here goes.” He played the complicated piece perfectly, and rested. The gallery of kids waiting their turns clapped and applauded, until the teacher quietly began tapping her baton on a music stand to focus attention.

“Students, please remember our time is limited, so let’s get as much playing into each minute as we possibly can. Sean, we have time for one more, what is your choice?”

Sean decided to just free associate, and play a medley of what ever came into his head, and fell into a “zone” that was only interrupted five minutes later, when the teacher called time, and the spectators all crowded around. Sean put the guitar away and took a seat in the spectator chairs, to listen to some of the other musicians, including a boy on keyboards and another on bass guitar. Both of them were very good, the boy on bass was blindingly fast, and the pianist played a very seductive romantic piece, as well as fast honky tonk. Sean wanted to get to know them both a lot better. The Thompson kid was not a bad player either.

Pat and Lizabeth arrived in the middle of the following week, to be present for the court hearing on the adoption coming up Friday. Judge Bailey would be holding proceedings at ten o’clock that morning, but there was news for the families before court as well. Dennis and Debbie had found a house for sale four blocks away from Isaac’s, opened escrow on it, and had put their home up for sale. They would now be close enough that Timmy would be able to see his family on a daily basis if he wanted. Dennis and Pat had talked, and worked out an arrangement for Timmy’s support and education. Dennis felt bad that he had never contributed to Timmy’s welfare, and hated the idea of anyone else providing for his children. Pat assured him that there was no shame in how things had gone down, since he never knew Timmy until now.

Pat and Lizabeth took the boys out to eat, and swung by the Kane’s future home on the way back to the house. It was a big step up from the small two bedroom they were moving out of.

Timmy looked at Isaac and said “We’ll get the yard work on this one too!”

“Spoken like a true capitalist” Isaac observed. Timmy was not afraid to work, and had gone out and secured some outside yard work in the neighborhood, to make some money.

“Not sure you’ll actually get paid, though. Dennis might just thump you on the head and make you cut it” Isaac said, giving Timmy a noogie.

“Ow, you dork! You’ll break my hair!” Timmy protested as Isaac laughed, and Lizabeth turned around in the front seat.

“Isaac, is Timmy picking on you?” Lizabeth teased as Isaac cackled, and Timmy looked at her in disbelief.

“God, not you too, Mom! I thought you loved me!” Timmy pouted, trying to keep a straight face. “My own dog would probably pee on my leg right now…if I had a dog…” Timmy said, cracking up the Daniels. He couldn’t hold it either, and began laughing.

Lizabeth motioned for Timmy to lean forward in the back seat, and when he did, she gave him a loud and very wet smooch that had all three males grimacing in disgust, much to her delight.

“I love you too, but I just have to pick on you baby. You’re my favorite booger!” Lizabeth cracked, making a motion like she was flicking something out of her nostril. Timmy sat back in the seat with his face covered in his hand, blushing and trying not to laugh. “Are we ever going to get back to the house?” he wondered to himself. Lizabeth was thoroughly enjoying this, and looked back in the mirror at Timmy’s scarlet face. She was still giggling to herself as the car pulled into the driveway.

Sean had been entertaining himself with practice while everyone was gone next door, and noticed that he had a text message.

Hey Sean

What’s up?

It was from Dylan’s ID.

Sean answered

Dylan, u there?

The cursor blinked for ten or fifteen seconds…

Hey! I really had a good time the other day. Is Timmy there too?


No, he’s out with Isaac’s folks


Oh, OK. Would u like to come to my house sometime?


Sure…tell me when and I’ll let Timmy know.


Um…I need to talk to you actually.


What’s up?


Have to talk in person



OK sure…when?


We have no school Friday…teacher prep day


What time?


Whenever you get here


Where you at?


Go up your street to the intersection, turn right, go six blocks to Fern Glade, turn right, go to 1322.


Got it

Is everything cool?

Did I do something?


LOL you did something alright!

It’s all good…tks for saying you’ll

come over





Bye J

Sean was a bit confused by the exchange, but wasn’t worried that Dylan was mad at him or something. He guessed he would just have to wait until Friday to find out what Dylan wanted. Sean and Dylan went to the same high school, but the place was so massive that they had never seen each other, just as Isaac and Peter had never met until Peter began to work for Keith.

On Friday morning, Timmy and his family were busy getting ready to go to the hearing, and Sean wished them all luck. The Daniels decided to go to IHOP and buy the boys breakfast, and Sean begged off saying he had things to do, but appreciated being invited.

Remembering the directions Dylan had given him, Sean rode down the street and covered the distance between homes in about ten minutes. He rode into the driveway at 1322 Fern Glade and looked at the massive home.

“Holy Shit” Sean muttered to himself. “Glad I wore underwear, being that this is formal”

He grinned and chuckled at his little joke, and went up to the door. Pressing the doorbell, he was greeted by Dylans voice coming from a speaker somewhere in the porch over Sean’s head. “Is that you, Sean?”

“Yup” Sean barked, hoping it was loud enough to be heard by the mic, wherever it was.

“Come on in, and head up the stairs. Turn right, go to the end of the hall”

Sean opened the massive oak door and let himself in. The house was huge, and had a grand stair case to the right. Sean began to move to mount the steps and stopped “What if they don’t wear shoes on the carpet? Shit!“ Sean thought, as he peeled his sneakers off, leaving his socks on. He climbed the steps to the hall leading to Dylan and Angie’s rooms, and looked in on bathroom that was easily as big as Sean’s bedroom. He continued down the hall and knocked on the door at the end of the hall. Dylan answered the door clad in a pair of tennis shorts, and let Sean into the room which was six sided like the business end of a cathedral, and had two doors leading off the sides. To Sean it looked like the nose of an airliner with the wall of windows going around 180 degrees.

“Holy Shit, Dylan!” Sean said in amazement.

“Here, let me show you around” Dylan said, walking Sean over to huge walk in closet on the left, and a full bath on the right.

“Whoa, you have your own shower? What about the one in the hallway?” Sean asked

“That’s for guests, and Angie uses that one.” Dylan said.


“My younger sister” Dylan explained.

“Oh, yeah I think Timmy told me you were the brother of a friend of his, when we went to meet you at the park. Must be Angie.” Sean deduced.

“Yeah…they were a bit more than friends for a while” Dylan grinned. “But not so much now…”

Sean just nodded, as if to say, okay, that’s nice….Dylan continued. “I have to ask you something, and it’s why I wanted you to come over. If this is none of my business, I apologize.”

Sean sat on Dylan’s bed and looked at the slim teenager “Okay, what is it?”

“Umm, are you and Timmy boyfreinds or anything like that?”

Sean thought for a second, put two and two together and got it very wrong.

“Umm, you mean like in love and dating and all that stuff? No…I mean Timmy is the only friend I have and I love him very much, but not LOVE him like I think you’re talking about.”

Dylan looked down at the floor like something Sean had said upset or saddened him.

“What?” Sean wondered.

“I was hoping you thought of me as your friend too.” Dylan said in a quiet voice.

“Oh” Sean said, realizing that he had hurt Dylan’s feelings and put his foot into it. “Dylan, I’m sorry…I didn’t mean that to sound like it did…I didn’t know you felt that way. And if you’re interested in Timmy, there’s no problem.”

Now Sean had stuck his foot into it again.

“Umm, I’m not interested in Timmy….Sean… Every waking moment it seems like I think of you, Sean. At night before I go to sleep, when I’m in the shower, you’re there. I have dreams about you, and…” Dylan trailed off, feeling stupid and foolish for saying all these things.

Sean was shocked and didn’t say anything for long moments. Dylan began to sputter and apologize, saying that he’s said too much, and please keep this to himself. It slowly dawned on Sean that Dylan was trying to make sure he didn’t intrude on Sean’s relationship with Timmy, if there was one.

“Dylan….is this true, do you really mean…You can’t be interested in me, I’m nobody, just a little kid and shit”

“It’s true, Sean, okay?”

“But why…I mean what makes you…” Sean began before Dylan cut him off.

“It was the oil. You cared enough to get oil for me that night. You wanted my turn to be perfect and special and it was…And I get hard as a rock every time I think about you.”

Sean reached over and gently squeezed Dylan’s shorts and confirmed that the boy was erect. “Wow” Sean whistled. “I have the same issue right now.“ Dylan reached over and felt the bump in Sean’s shorts, and began to rub it slowly and gently as Sean lay back on the bed. Sean’s penis was growing rapidly and showing measurable increases each week when Sean and Timmy recorded entries in Sean’s journal. Dylan manipulated Sean’s shorts down to his knees, and fondled the erection in Sean’s briefs.

“Umm, you’re bigger than I remember” Dylan observed, handling Sean’s four and a half inch organ. Pulling it out of the briefs, Dylan whistled “Much bigger, damn!”

Sean smiled, pleased that Dylan could see the difference. Dylan stopped and retrieved lubricant from his nightstand. He lubricated his dildos when toys filled in for Sean in his fantasies. Rubbing his friend’s penis with the slippery substance, he kept up his massage.

Applying lubricant to his pucker, Dylan kneeled over Sean and bent down to kiss him in a passionate exchange of tongues. Reaching behind him, Dylan grasped Sean’s penis and guided it into his anus before Sean realized what was happening. Both boys gasped and rocked their hips into each other as Sean’s thin circumcised penis entered Dylan’s sphincter ring, and Dylan paused to catch up before moving back, forcing Sean’s cock deeper into his rectum.

“Oh Jeez!” Sean panted. “That feels so good….fuck!”

“Fuck me, Sean…hard….” Sean began to buck in and out of Dylan, who followed suit by bouncing on Sean in time with Sean’s thrusts. “Oh God, yeah…” Dylan whispered, as he put Sean in a tight embrace, and began to roll with Sean in his arms. Sean understood what Dylan wanted, and assisted Dylan into a position under Sean, and Dylan put his legs up over Sean’s shoulders and locked his ankles behind Sean’s head.

“Pound the shit out me, Sean. I want you so bad. Fuck me, Sean” Sean began stroking in and out of Dylan as far as his organ would allow without falling out, and sped up his rhythm until he was going as fast as he could stroke. Dylan was whimpering with pleasure as Sean’s organ punished Dylan’s prostate.

“Just… like that…..keep that up…..Sean….that’s it, that’s it!….ummph, unnngh! Oh God, I’m going to cum….Oh oh oh, ah……Gaaah! Ahhhh! Dylan lost control of his voice and ability to focus his eyes as his orgasm rose and climaxed with a gush of semen from his partially erect cock.

Sean wasn’t quite there yet, his nerves and the newness of the situation slowly sinking in. He was having his first sexual intercourse, and it was playing out nothing like he had imagined it to be. Dylan was a lot warmer and tighter than he expected, and also moved around a lot, unlike how Sean had imagined intercourse would be like.

Dylan began to squeeze Sean’s cock with his Kegels on Sean’s outward movements, milking the boy’s penis. Sean could feel the crescendo building and did his best to keep his rhythm until he finally collapsed in a convulsive orgasm and flopped down onto Dylan’s chest, exhausted. Dylan put his hands on Timmy’s back and laid there, panting and catching their breath.

“Oh God, that was awesome!” Dylan whispered breathlessly.

“As good as other guys?” Sean hoped.

“This was my first time” Dylan said. Sean had stepped in it again.

“Sorry, I keep saying the wrong thing” Sean said.

“No offense taken” Dylan replied, reaching over Sean’s butt and between his legs, as Sean lay on Dylan’s chest, resting. Dylan caressed Sean’s scrotum, and Sean spread his thighs slightly to allow Dylan in to play. Sean’s penis was still inside Dylan, and the pleasant sensation of someone playing with his testicles was boning Sean up again. Dylan flicked his fingers along the inside of Sean’s thighs and across his perineum, causing Sean to squirm, and Dylan to smile as he felt Sean’s stiffening cock in his tunnel.

“Pick up where you left off when you’re ready” Dylan whispered. Sean began to stroke again, and the semen deposited in Dylan’s tunnel made this time easier, and also messier as cum built up around Dylan’s hole. Neither boy was thinking about this, and Dylan had planned to wash the linen anyway. For now, Sean’s cock in his chute was all Dylan could think of.

Dylan clamped down on Sean’s penis again, sending Sean into ecstasy “That’s awesome, where did you learn to do that?” Sean breathed into Dylan’s ears, kissing him.

“Internet porn stories, where else?” Dylan replied.

“Well keep reading that shit!” Sean said. Dylan giggled.

After several more minutes, Sean came again, but this time his penis was done and he was exhausted. Pulling out of Dylan and wiping himself off, he lay next to Dylan and took Dylan’s slender tightly cut organ into his mouth and gave Dylan a first-class head session, and allowed Dylan to cum in his mouth. After all, this was his boyfriend now, it seemed. Cleaning up, Dylan invited Sean to join him in the family hot tub by the pool. As they left his room, Dylan excused himself outside his parents bedroom and left Sean in the hall momentarily. Dylan turned the security surveillance system off and they went out to the hot tub. Dylan wasn’t concerned if his parents saw him nude, or found out Sean had visited. He was very concerned that they didn’t see him and his guest in the nude together.

Once in the water, Sean and Dylan looked at each other, both of them knowing things were completely different now between them.

“Are you okay?” Dylan asked. Sean nodded

“Yeah, I’m good. You?”

“I always wondered what it would be like…funny…it was nothing like I thought it would be, you know?” Dylan observed.

“I’m thinking the same thing” Sean replied. “I guess you get to do it to me next time?”

“Ummm, only if you really want me to, uh…I like it much better the way we just did it….”

“Ok“ Sean replied. Both boys were aware of bottoms and tops, but lacked the experience to use the terms, or the confidence not to feel awkward during the conversation.

“Are you cool with it if I don’t…you know, do you?” Dylan asked.

“Sure…I’m good with whatever you’re okay with.“ Sean said.

Meanwhile, Across town…

Timmy, the Daniels, the Kane family, and Peter were all present in the courtroom for the hearing, and Timmy was surprised and delighted that the Wiedemer’s and Eric had come, along with a boy Timmy did not know. Introductions were made all around, and Eric introduced Timmy to his friend.

“Timmy, I think you guys might already have met on line. This is Craig. Craig, this is Timmy.”

Timmy was the first to speak. “Hi Craig! You’re the first one of us I’ve met in person.”

“I know, me too, I mean you’re my first too.” Craig replied.

Eric was probably the only other person alive who knew what Craig and Timmy were talking about, and the look in their eyes told Eric they would have lots to discuss later.

“Wow, Eric! Was this your idea to set this up? I had no idea all you guys would be here!” Timmy said.

“It was actually Isaac’s idea to let Don know this was going down, and my idea to get you and Craig here together.” Eric admitted.

“Awesome!….Oh, hey, how is your grandma doing?” Timmy asked.

“Pretty well, although her weak side probably isn’t going to improve much more.” Eric said. He looked tired and resigned as he said this…Timmy picked up on the subtle cues.

“Eric, I’m sorry to hear that. It must be a lot of work on you to take care of her.”

“What can I do? She’s all I got….Craig comes over and helps me a lot, too.” Eric said, as Craig looked around the courtroom. Timmy got the idea that Eric didn’t want to spend a lot of time on this which was just as well. Proceedings were about to begin, and the bailiff came out and said

“Timothy Billings?”

“Yes Sir?”

“The judge would like to speak to you privately” and made a motion for Timmy to follow him. Timmy walked over the the bailiff, who gently led him past the bar and into judges chambers and the bailiff came back out to the court room.

Timmy stood once again in Judge Bailey’s office, and was surprised to see the judge dressed in business attire, and not robes.

“Timmy, it is good to see you again, young man.” Bailey said extending his hand.

“Good to see you too, your honor” Timmy replied, shaking the jurist’s hand.

“I called you back here so I could ask you questions without anyone putting influence on you, son. Are you still willing to go through with this adoption?” Bailey asked as he slipped the robe on.

“Yes, Sir” Timmy stated.

“And is there any reason that you may not want this adoption to proceed?”

“No, Sir” Timmy replied. “Should I be worried, is there a problem, Sir?”

“Only if someone has a gun to your head to make you do this, Timmy. I’m asking these questions for your protection.”

“No guns, Sir. I want to do this.”

“Okay…well, let’s get this show on the road then, right?” Bailey asked, guiding Timmy back into open court.

The bailiff stood up and called the court to order, as the guests stood for the judge.

“Folks, please take seats where you wish. If I could have the parties to the adoption at a table, please.” Bailey said, as Pat, Lizabeth, Debbie and Dwayne sat with Timmy at one of the tables in the courtroom.

“This is a hearing in the matter of the adoption of Timothy Nathan Billings by Patrick and Elizabeth Daniels. This is a closed hearing and the bailiff will grant you exit and access as required.”

The bailiff opened the courtroom doors and let several social workers and Children’s Protective Services people in, including Roger, the case worker that Timmy and Isaac had the most contact with. He then posted a CLOSED HEARING sign on the door and locked them.

“Is CPS ready, Roger?”

“We are, your honor.”

“What was CPS’s final determination?”

“Child Protective Services finds no cause to deny or delay this request for adoption.” Roger said, smiling at Timmy.

“Noted for the record…This court will not require CPS testimony. Your people are free to go, Roger, Thank you.

It is the understanding of this court that Timothy Billings’ biological father is present?“

Dennis stood at the table and answered “Yes, your honor.”

“Please state your full name for the court, please.” Judge Bailey instructed.

“Dennis Edward Kane”

“Mister Kane, as the father of the individual who is the focus of these proceedings, you have parental rights and obligations. I see from your affidavit that you consent to this adoption and support Timmy’s decision to be adopted by the Daniels family.”

“I do, your honor” Dennis stated.

“You have waived and renounced parental rights, claims and obligations in regards to Timothy Nathan Billings now and forever forward.”

“I waived parental rights and claims, but not obligations, your honor” Dennis said. Bailey raised an eyebrow, prompting Dennis to continue, to explain himself.

“Your honor, I played no role whatsoever in supporting Timmy the way I support my other children. That was because I was never aware that I was his father all these years. Had I known, we would not be here today…I have an obligation to insure his welfare, as a father. Again, due to circumstances of the adoption being underway before my relationship to Timmy was known, I agreed not to assert rights or claims or obstruct that process. The Daniels family and my wife and I have agreed on an arrangement where the Kane’s will fund Timmy’s education expenses, and the Daniels will assume all normal living expenses.”

“That sounds like an arrangement that will be very beneficial to Timmy. I commend your resolve to support your son and place his wishes and happiness above your own, Sir.” Judge Bailey observed. Dennis smiled and nodded.

“I have read the field and home study reports from CPS, affidavits from teachers, neighbors, and family members, and find that Timmy has thrived and flourished in a loving home provided by Isaac and his parents.

At this time, is there any other person or parties with business to bring before the court, concerning this adoption proceeding?”

No one spoke, so Judge Bailey moved on.

“Timmy, I see that you have picked a name that you wish to known by from this point on.”

“Yes, your honor.” Timmy had written the name on the adoption order, which Bailey would sign in a moment.

“Please tell this court your chosen name, son.” Bailey instructed.

“Timothy Nathan Kane Daniels” Timmy stated, as the court reporter took it down for the record.

There was general approval and smiles in the room when everybody finally heard Timmy’s new name. Eric, Scott and Sammy had speculated what it would be, Isaac, Pat and Lizabeth were not surprised, and Dennis and Debbie were proud that Timmy had taken the Kane name as well. Timmy had been a bit nervous how this would be received, but Isaac had given him good advice, not to think of this as choosing one family over the other.

“Then by order of this court, you shall from this point on be known to all as Timothy Nathan Kane Daniels.

With my signature on this order, this adoption is final and this proceeding is closed. I would like to congratulate all on this happy occasion, and wish Timmy and both of his families well in the future.“ Judge Bailey signed the documents in front of him, and the clerk of the court came by to pick them up.

“If you all would remain here for a moment, I will bring you copies“ she said, as she hurried off into Judge Bailey’s chambers. When she returned, she handed Timmy copies of the court order of adoption and change of name.

With that finished, the entire extended tribe left the courthouse and headed for a family restaurant where Pat had reserved a dining room to celebrate and work out details of the Kane’s move to the city.

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