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The Apprentice

by Sahypo

Chapter 37

Monday got going like most other school days for Sean, Timmy, Nicky and Kurt, but events happening at the county jail would have lasting effects for Kurt and the Jarvis family.

The deputy district attorney and Marie's public defender stood in the hallway between cases at the courthouse, and began a dance of give and take, offer and counteroffer. Susan Benson had an obviously guilty client, an aggressive opponent in the prosecutor's office, an opponent with seemingly unlimited resources.

"So what do the people have in mind?" Benson asked.

"From the looks of this kid's injuries, she does the whole eight to twelve." The prosecutor said flatly. "He'll probably need extensive therapy for the emotional and psychological damage...I'm not sympathetic to her at all."

"Okay, my client's a total sack of shit, but surely there has to be some compromise we can reach here."

"I don't see any need to compromise whatsoever, but I'll play Wheel of Fortune...What are you offering, Miss Benson?

"Marie will agree to terminate her parental rights and let her son be adopted, in exchange for a reduced sentence." Benson replied.

"What does the boy think about that?" the prosecutor asked.

"I haven't talked to his case worker yet..." Benson had to go through Roger to communicate with Kurt, since she was representing the defendant accused of battering Kurt.

"How much time did your client have in mind?"

"Probation, no time."

"Oh, Annnnnk!" the Deputy DA made a harsh noise like a warning buzzer. "Not happening today...Six years, and she does every day...And if there is an adoption, the proceedings are sealed. I don't want this woman in the kid's life if that's how he wants it."

"Four and a half years?"

The prosecutor shook his head. "Nawp...Six...and that's a hell of a break from doing a dozen, with closed adoption. That's the deal on the table. You know if we go to trial she's going to get at least eight, and we'll ask for twelve."

"I client's position is untenable as the English say."

"She is in a spot of bother, rather...I feel sorry for the kid in all this." The prosecutor said.

"At least he isn't being beaten at the moment...If it were up to me, she would do life, and have her tubes tied. But you didn't hear me say that..."

The prosecutor chuckled and nodded in agreement.

"Let me take it to my client, then." Benson replied, and the meeting was over. As she left the courthouse hallway to get to her next court appearance, she called county lockup and requested a meeting with Marie this afternoon.

Timmy switched buses at the office, so he would get off at the Hussmann's, tutor Wesley and then walk the six blocks home after school. Claire had returned to work and was not home yet, but William was there. Timmy rang the doorbell and William answered it wearing only a pair of shorts. He told Timmy that he was trying to help Wesley in the bathtub.

"Do you guys need help?" Timmy asked.

"I guess so." William answered. "Hey, Wesley, Timmy's here. Can we come in?"

"Yeah, sure, hey Timmy."

"Hey Wesley, how's it going?"

Wesley was sitting on the edge of the tub in his briefs, running bath water. "Just trying to figure out how to do this with one hand." he said.

"We'll help you if that's okay. Man, you're kinda ripe." Timmy said.

"Its been three days, my last one was in the hospital." Wesley replied.

"We need a pot, you make soup in, and a garbage bag." Timmy suggested.

"I'll get it" William replied.

"Can you rest your arm on the tub or should we get a chair?" Timmy asked. Wesley stood and said

"I don't think we'll need the chair. Um, Could you pull these off?" referring to the briefs. Timmy reached out and slipped the briefs off Wesley's waist, freeing a circumcised penis a bit larger and thicker than William's, and an obviously maturing set of testicles, definitely larger than those of his younger brother. There were six or eight definitely visible pubic hairs, survivors of the tape removal in the hospital. Wesley and William had seen each other in the buff all their lives, but this was the first time Wesley had been seen by any other boy. He knew Timmy well enough by now that he felt all right being exposed, and he wanted to ask Timmy a few things.

"Wesley...can I help you get in the tub?" Timmy asked.

"You can't lift me under the arms with the broken collarbone."

"Can you pull up on me with your good arm?" Timmy asked, as he put his hands together and held his arms rigidly so Wesley could support himself as he sat down in the tub.

William came back in the bathroom with the pot and the bag from the kitchen, and Timmy slipped the bag over Wesley's casted arm and tied the bag closed. Timmy said

"Lean forward and I'll get your hair wet." Wesley leaned over and Timmy began ladling water over the boy's head with the pot.

"William, do you want to do the shampoo?"

"Sure" The younger boy eagerly grabbed the shampoo and poured a small amount on his brother's wet hair. He ran his fingers through the lather, and made sure all of Wesley's hair got cleaned. Timmy poured rinse water over Wesley, and the water was soon covered with bubbles and foam.

When Wesley's hair was finished, he asked William if he had homework.

"Some, yeah."

"Go ahead and get it done...Timmy can finish this."

"Okay...yell if you need something."

"We will, no problem."

William left, closing the door and Wesley sat upright so Timmy could wash his back. Lathering up his hands with the soap, Timmy worked up Wesley's left arm to the fingertips, then his back, and when he began to lather up Wesley's neck and ears, Wesley blushed. His penis was erect, and pointing straight out along his legs.

"Sorry, it's always doing that lately."

"No problem, it doesn't bother me...It's normal for it to do that." Timmy replied.

"The worst part of this whole thing is I'm right handed, and I can't know, get there with the other hand."

"How long have you been getting there?" Timmy asked.

"Maybe two months now...It started getting bigger then, and I began to... you know."

"Sure do" Timmy replied. He poured water over Wesley to rinse off the soap and suggested Wesley stand so they could get the rest of him. When he stood, his three inch penis was still firm as steel, and Timmy asked

"Do you want me to keep going?" Wesley nodded

"Yeah, if you want to, and don't mind."

Timmy began soaping up Wesley's torso from the navel down, and stopped at nothing, soaping everything in the area. Wesley sighed as Timmy soaped his erect cock, and put his hand on Timmy's wrist to keep it there.

"If you're cool with it, can you do that a bit longer? Please?" Wesley asked.

Timmy smiled and nodded, and began to stroke Wesley's rigid member, as the boy closed his eyes and smiled. Wesley was in ecstasy as Timmy's expert technique and soapy hand sent waves of pleasure through his body. Twenty seconds later, Timmy felt strong pulsing at the base of Wesley's cock as Wesley experienced a dry orgasm. After a few moments of heavy breathing, Wesley's organ returned to normal and the boy felt satisfied like he hadn't in a while.

"That was great, Thanks." he said, feeling somewhat awkward.

"Hey, what's a friend for?" Timmy replied.

"Not sure when I can pay you back."

"You don't have to, you know." Timmy said.

"I wanted to ask you in the hospital, but I wasn't sure how you would take it."

"Ask me what?"

"Well, um, like to scratch my nuts and stuff, or uh, do that. I couldn't exactly ask the nurses to help me out!" Both boys giggled at that, and William came back in at that moment.

"How's it going?"

"Good, I'm just getting out now." Wesley replied.

"Here, little man, you can help dry." Timmy said as he handed William a towel. Timmy dried Wesley's hair as William dried off other places. He wrapped the towel in his hand and grasped his brother's penis and testicles in the towel to dry them. He grinned and said

"Getting bigger down here, bro!" and giggled as Wesley blushed scarlet. It was true that he was just beginning to mature, but at the moment his genitals were partially erect in the aftermath of his release. He hoped that didn't register with his little brother...Once dried and dressed, Timmy and the brothers sat down to Wesley's assignments, as William looked on until he got bored and went in to watch TV. Claire arrived home fifteen minutes later and gave Timmy a hug along with William. Due to Wesley's physical condition, he had to settle for a kiss on the cheek and a pat on the back for now.

Down at the county lockup, Susan Benson arrived and cleared security searches to meet her client. Marie was less surly today, and looked truly frightened now. It's possible that she had realized the gravitas of her situation and had resigned herself to doing time, from what she had learned from other inmates in the facility.

"Marie, I spoke to the prosecutor today. His best and final offer is six years, you give up Kurt, and all contact with him."

"No probation or anything like that?"


"Um, what does that mean, all contact? I don't get visitation and shit like that?"

"No...nothing. Once you take the deal, that's it. Kurt is no longer in your life."

"I see. And if I don't take the deal?" Marie proposed.

"If you don't take the deal, and that's certainly your choice, you will go to trial and face a dozen years in state prison. You will do eight years before parole."

"I can't fuckin' do twelve...or eight...if I say yes, when does my time start?" Marie asked.

"We'll stipulate that you are credited for time served since you were arrested." Benson replied.

"Six years, no bullshit, right?"

"Six years, no ups, no overs...If you keep your nose clean in the joint." Benson said.

"What do you think if I take my chances?" Marie asked.

"I strongly urge you to take the deal. If you go to trial, Kurt could, er, will be called to testify against you, you know that. And they have the photos and the tape of the call Kurt made home the first night. You're going to get mauled by the prosecution who will use your son like a club, and be convicted, Marie. It would be the dumbest move you ever made."

Marie sat silently.

"Okay...Let's do it."

"I'll make some calls, Marie."

With that Marie was led back to her cell. Once she was gone, Susan gathered her papers and walked out of the interview room. She referred to her case file and found Roger Cook's number. She made two phone calls that afternoon before heading home.

When she got there, her ten year old was just coming home from school. Dana was a small for his age boy with shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes like his father, who looked like a Swede. Dana inherited Susan's dark hair.

"You're home early today, Mom" the boy said.

"I know, Sweety. How was your day?"

"Okay, I guess. I didn't get lucky today." Dana would joke with his mother about his success at finding girlfriends. He was very flirtatious and the girls his age found him irresistibly cute. Susan wondered how much of a handful he would become once puberty began.

"Aw, better luck tomorrow, Romeo!" she teased.

"How was your day, Mom?"

"I would rather put it out of mind, baby."

"Oogh....that bad?"

"Yeah. Dana...Um, know that we love you very much, and you make your dad and me very happy. We are proud of you. You know that, right?"

"Uh, yeah...why are you talking like this mom, is everything all right?" Dana began to get concerned that something was wrong.

"Dana, ...uh, yeah, everything is cool....It's just that some kids never hear those kinds of things, you know...and...I just needed to say it, and know that you heard it, baby."

"It's a case you're on, isn't it?" Dana asked. He knew his mother wouldn't get specific but when she was in a mood like this it was usually a case that was eating on her. Dana was a sensitive boy, and even at the age of ten, was a good listener. It felt good to talk to Dana even if Susan couldn't tell him much about what she was working on.

Susan nodded. "Yes, it is, baby. There is a boy whose mother has been beating him...I just had to come home and tell you that I love you." She hugged Dana to herself.

"I love you too, Mommy. Is the boy going to be okay?" Dana asked.

"I hope so, honey."

"Is his mom gonna go to jail?" Dana knew that the people his mom worked for were in jail, or potentially heading there. When he was younger, he had asked his mother why she defended bad people. In his simple view, bad people got what they deserved in court. Susan made him think about justice sometimes being that good people accused of crimes didn't wind up in prison by mistake.

Susan nodded. "Yeah, Dana, she is." Mother and son sat there together on the front step for a while. Neither of them spoke.

The next day, Roger Cook met with Susan Benson and the prosecuting attorney at the DA's office, where forms were drawn up that Marie would sign to plead guilty to the charges, accept the sentence reduction and surrender her parental rights and responsibilities for Kurt. As Kurt's case worker, Roger would be the go between and Kurt's representative in the system.

"Roger, do you know the boy?" she asked.

"I have met and spoken to him, when we placed him in a home." Roger replied.

"I just hope we did the right thing." Susan said, half to herself.

"I'll go see him, tell him. He's in a home with a family who wants him, Mrs. Benson. He's never had a father in his life, or a younger sibling....Now he has both for as long as he's with them. Now that his mother has agreed to surrender rights, this might be his "forever family". If you want my opinion, this deal gives the kid a chance." Roger replied.

Susan nodded, and stood up with the prosecutor. They would go to jail together to collect Marie's signatures, then go before the judge to officially sentence Marie.

Two days later, Marie had been taken to a sentencing hearing, and the lawyers had six minutes of the magistrates time. The jurist was a stern looking woman in her late fifties, that gave the impression that she wouldn't have taken shit from John Wayne, let alone Marie. She called Marie’s case number, and the bailiff steered Marie to the defendants table with a hand on her elbow. Susan was standing next to Marie.

“Remain standing, Miss” the bailiff whispered in Marie’s ear, and stood to one side at parade rest, like a Marine. He knew this would be short and that he would be escorting Marie back to lockup in a few minutes. The judge began her pre-sentencing remarks.

"Marie Lester, you have agreed to plead guilty to the charges of assault and battery with bodily injury, aggravated child endangerment, and neglect of a child. You have further agreed to relinquish all parental rights and responsibility for this child, and agreed to refrain from establishing any contact in any form, with this child. In exchange for these concessions, the people have agreed to accept sentences less than the statutory terms of incarceration. Is this your understanding of this agreement?"

"Uh, yeah.....Um, Your Honor" Marie quickly added. She figured it would be considered bad form to piss off your sentencing magistrate...

The judge glowered at Marie, as Susan put her hand over her eyes in embarrassment.

"Is CFS on board with this arrangement, with regard to the victim?"

"Yes, Your Honor. CFS has no objection to the terms of this agreement." the lawyer representing Child and Family Services responded.

"Then how does the defendant plead?" the judge asked.

"My client pleads guilty to all charges in the information, Your Honor." Benson replied.

"Since the defendant and the people agree to the plea deal, and the sentence and contact prohibition are reasonable, It is so ordered by this court." The judge signed the papers, and nodded to the bailiff. He took the papers and handed them to the clerk of the court, who sat next to the court reporter/videographer. The judge began to sentence Marie.

"The defendant Marie Lester is hereby sentenced and remanded to state custody for a term of seventy two months for the charge of assault and battery with bodily injury, a felony in the first degree. The defendant is sentenced and remanded to state custody for a term of seventy two months for the charge of aggravated child endangerment, a felony in the first degree. The defendant is sentenced and remanded to state custody for a term of twenty four months for the charge of neglect of a child, a felony in the second degree.

These sentences shall be served concurrently, and the defendant shall be credited for all time served from her arrest on these charges. The defendant is not eligible for release prior to serving seventy two months of confinement. The defendant is hereby prohibited from contacting or communicating with the victim in any way or by any means whatsoever, in perpetuity. The allowable exception to this provision of sentencing is if the victim after reaching the age of eighteen wishes to initiate contact with the defendant. Violation of this order carries a penalty of incarceration not to exceed sixty months. Does the defendant wish to address this court?"

"No, Your Honor" Benson replied.

"The people?" the judge asked.

“No, Your Honor” the prosecutor responded.

“This matter is hereby adjourned." the judge stated, and smacked the gavel on the bench once.

Roger Cook called the Jarvis home and made arrangements to stop by that evening. Sharon had sounded apprehensive on the phone, like she had been waiting for a shoe to drop...Roger hated not being able to tell her what had developed on the phone, but assured her that Kurt was secure, but the situation was different now in some respects.

When Roger arrived at the house, he was invited in and offered something to drink, and decided unsweetened tea might taste good. Sharon called Kurt in to the room, and Roger gave the boy a quick hug and squeeze. Nicky stood in the kitchen, watching.

"It's good to see you again, Kurt. We'll talk privately in a bit, but there is something that I need to tell you and your folks."

Jerry came in the door and shook hands with Roger. He was aware that Roger was coming and had things to talk about. Once seated at the table, Roger began to speak.

"As you know, Marie Lester was placed under arrest for assault, battery, neglect of a child, and endangerment of a child. Altogether, those felonies carry a maximum of twelve years in prison." Everyone nodded in understanding.

"Marie would have probably gotten a maximum sentence if she had gone to trial." Roger said.

"I don't understand, what does would have gotten mean?" Sharon asked.

"Your mother waived trial, and plead guilty to the charges in exchange for a reduced sentence, Kurt." Roger looked at Kurt. "This means no trial, no jury, and you won't be called to testify. In fact, she was sentenced this morning..."

Kurt looked visibly relieved. He nodded.

"There is something else she agreed to Kurt...I don't know how to tell you this, so I'll just say it. She agreed to give up all rights and claim to you, and agreed not to have any contact with you."

Kurt sat there for a long minute. He didn't say anything, but his chest began to heave and he took in a deep breath in spasms and jerks before he spoke again.

"She can't contact me in any way?" he asked with closed eyes, as he sat and shook.

"No...not in any way, shape or form, Kurt." Roger said gently, as Sharon and Jerry moved to embrace Kurt.

"What did she get?" Kurt asked, as tears filled his eyes.

"She's going to do six years, Kurt." Roger replied. "I'm so sorry."

Kurt broke down in sobs.

"You mean it‘s over?...I'm finally free, she won't ever hurt me again?...I dreamed this would happen someday, but only if I killed her or ran away...I....I...can't believe...I don't know how to feel right now."

"It's okay, Kurt. You don't have to." Jerry said softly. Nicky stood next to his father, and put his small hands on Kurt's shoulders. They let Kurt cry for a few minutes. This had been stirring for a lifetime. "It's all right, buddy. It's all over now." Jerry said as the teenager cried himself out on his shoulder, gripping Jerry tightly. "You have a lot of good things to look forward to now, you have our promise on that." Jerry whispered.

A few minutes passed as the family gave Kurt time to process this development.

"I do need to speak to Nicky and Kurt separately in private for a moment." Roger said.

Nicky piped up "I can go first if you want a minute, dude."

"Uh...I'm good...I'm actually very happy right now." Kurt said, wiping tears. He let go of Jerry, and Jerry stood up.

"Well, we'll leave you two to talk then." Jerry said, "Let's go out to the garage."

"Five minutes, tops" Roger said, as the family retreated through the kitchen and closed the garage door behind them.

"How are they treating you so far, Kurt?" Roger asked softly. Kurt was quiet for a moment as he considered his reply.

"The other night, Jerry said he was going to treat me the same as Nicky, like I was his other son. He said he expects a lot from me, and stuff like that."

"That's what dads do, Kurt." Roger replied.

"Yeah. It's hard to get used to having one. I'm still afraid I'm going to fuck this up...oh sorry!"

"It's okay...So why do think you might fuck up?" Roger asked.

"I dunno...I guess I still don't think I deserve any of this....they are so nice and good to me, and what if I can't do this, or I do something wrong?"

"What do you think they want from you, Kurt?" Roger asked.

"Jerry says he just wants me to do good in school and stuff like that."

"So he can be proud of you like he is proud of Nicky...that's what you can give them, Kurt. It's not about whether you deserve this....Uh, look...where you've been is not a normal situation, Kurt. Most people grow up in homes where they are loved. This is the way you should have always lived, but sometimes life isn‘t fair and just. You do deserve this. This is why you are here. Everybody who had a part to play in getting you here loves you and thinks you deserve this. Don‘t fight it, just love them back."

Kurt continued to look down at his hands. Roger knew that he was listening, so he continued

"Kurt, look...Things changed, and you're in a situation that's a bit overwhelming. We know that. We don't expect you to adapt instantly to what's happening, and it's okay if you take your time...Talk to them. Let them know how you feel. Keep talking and don't bottle things up."

Kurt had not thought about things like that.

"And I'm sure you will fuck up at times....They will forgive you and you'll move on with lessons learned."

"I guess you're right."

"Is everything going well between you and Nicky?"

Kurt broke into a wide smile

"Yeah, he's awesome...I never had a best friend before, er, any friends really."

"Any fights?" Roger asked with a grin.

Kurt giggled and shook his head.

"Could you send Nicky in, please? Thanks, Kurt"

Kurt left and Nicky came in a moment later.

"Hi, have you been?" Roger asked.

"Really good, thanks."

"How is Kurt doing so far in your opinion?"

"Better" Nicky replied.

"Better...What does that mean exactly?" Roger wondered.

"Um, he's more like he belongs here and stuff. He's not so..."


"Yeah, I think he trusts us more than he used to. I think he's afraid he will be taken away."

"Makes sense....Are you two close? He says you are his only friend, um best friend actually"

"We are pretty close, but the friend thing isn't really true...Timmy and Sean and Isaac are his friends too....He's more like a brother for me, I think. Its closer than friends...if that makes sense. I know things about him I don't think the other guys do."

"It does make sense, Nicky...What sort of things?"

"Uh, I have to show you something. Be right back." Nicky left and came back with one of Kurt's sketch books, a family friendly one...

"Got to promise me you won't say anything. We haven't had a chance to show Mom and Dad yet."

"Okay, you got it." Roger replied, although he would say something if he had reason to believe someone was in danger or subject to harm. Nicky put the notebook down and opened it. Roger gasped

"Oh my God!...Jeeminy Christmas!...Kurt does these?" Roger said, looking at a two page panorama of a village in the Alps. Kurt had seen it on a postcard in a store when he was six, and carried the image in his head until he made the sketch two years ago. It looked like a black and white photograph.


"This is incredible...amazing."

"I know...He never told us he could draw like this.” Nicky said.

“Yeah, wow! Never would have guessed this either” Roger said. He made a note on his pad

Call Calcesciu re Kurt

Pyotr Calcesciu was Roger’s art instructor at City College years ago, and he decided to speak to him to see if he had any suggestions for Kurt.

“Um, Roger?...will we....can we like keep Kurt for real now?" Nicky asked. "Because of that deal his mom made and stuff?"

"I think you are asking me what happens now." Roger suggested. He handed the sketch book back to Nicky, who stood to take it back to Kurt's room.


"Tell you what, go get everybody back and we'll go into that right now, Nicky."

"Okay" Nicky said, as he crossed the kitchen floor and opened the garage door, and called his parents and Kurt back in the house.

"Well, Nicky was just asking if he could keep Kurt now." Roger said, and everyone laughed at that, as if Nicky was asking to keep a turtle in the bathtub. Kurt looked over at Nicky and grinned, and said

"Really? that's cool, thanks."

Nicky blushed and Roger continued. "Actually, it's a good and serious question...Marie gave up her rights as a parent, so legally, Kurt is now a ward of the state. That simply means that the state is now responsible to insure that he has a safe home, a good education, and access to things like medical and dental care. No contact means that if you are adopted, Marie cannot access the records and find you, unless you decide you want contact after you turn eighteen, Kurt."

Kurt slowly shook his head...

"So does this mean Kurt could be adopted and taken out of the blue?" Jerry asked.

"No....there are preliminaries before he is adoptable, and in any event, Kurt would have to agree to be adopted, since he's past the age of twelve."

Jerry, Sharon and Nicky looked visibly relieved, and Roger continued.

"What happens now, is that we have to identify and locate any of your relatives that might be interested and qualified to give you a home."

"How long does that normally take?" Sharon asked.

"Normally not more than three weeks." Roger replied.

"What happens if he has relatives?"

"We establish that they are in fact related, then determine if they have an interest in taking a child in, and pass screening. Just because you might have an aunt and uncle doesn't mean that the state would grant custody."

"Would he have to go with them if he had relatives?" Sharon wondered.

"They would have priority in the pecking order over other alternatives, yes."

"Sure, that makes sense...But're fairly sure that there are no relatives, right?" Jerry asked.

Kurt nodded "I'm positive...unless there are people mom never told me about."

Nicky was grinning and obviously very excited as he began to get his hopes up.

Jerry motioned the boy over to where he sat and put his arm around Nicky. "Look, son, you heard Roger....there is a lot that has to be taken care of first, and Kurt would have to decide what he wants to do...One step at a time here, Killer."

"I know, Dad." Nicky replied, putting his arms around his father's neck.

"Uh, Kurt...Do you know anything about your father?" Roger asked.

Kurt shook his head.

"No, not really...But hang on, I got something..." Kurt said, as he got up from the table and went back to his room to get the envelope.

He returned to the kitchen, and showed Roger the birth certificate with his father's name age and city of birth.

"Well that's a start, thanks." Roger said, as he wrote the information down. He passed the document back to Kurt. "I need to talk to Mom and Dad for a minute before I get out of y'alls hair. It's good to see you boys again."

The boys said their goodbyes and went to Nicky's room and shut the door. Kurt sat on Nicky's bed, and Nicky sat next to him.

"You okay? Not seeing your mom for six years sounds pretty hardcore." Nicky said.

"I was afraid of her all the time, Nicky....I never had a mom to begin with. I got used to that a real long time ago...It's cool. I really do feel free now." Kurt said. He laid back on the bed next to Nicky, and his shirt gapped, exposing his navel. Nicky had a mischievous thought and began to run a fingertip around Kurt's belly button, causing Kurt to smile as he stifled the ticklish feeling and laughter welling up.

"'re going to make me all horny and stuff..." Kurt warned, as Nicky reached over with his other hand and lightly pressed on Kurt's zipper, and felt the stiffening penis in the teenager's pants. Nicky giggled as he teased Kurt’s erection up under his waistband

In the kitchen, Roger was asking the Jarvis's their impressions of Kurt so far.

"He's going to need a lot of time to get used to a normal existence." Jerry said.

"I told him the same thing in not so many words" Roger said.

"I think as he begins to build some self esteem the healing process will start for him." Sharon said. "He is super angry, and talked to Timmy about that some the other night. I think it helped him a lot. Timmy told him he would move on if he could forgive her. I think Kurt's giving it a lot of thought."

"I hope so....well, take care, I have to go." Roger said as he got up to leave.

"Thanks for coming by to let us know." Jerry said, shaking Roger's hand.

"Always. Bye for now" Roger said as he closed the door behind him.

Back in Nicky's room, the younger boy unsnapped Kurt's jeans and worked the zipper down as Kurt lay back on the bed next to Nicky. Kurt's member went full hard as Nicky's small fingers caressed the underside of the shaft through Kurt's briefs. Kurt reached down and gripped the jeans and pulled them down his thighs, as his feet kicked his shoes off. He lay on the bed with his feet on the floor and his pants around his ankles as Nicky continued to rub Kurt's tented briefs. Finally, Kurt raised his butt off the bed, signaling Nicky to take his briefs down. Nicky wasted no time exploring his friend's foreskin, tugging it back and inspecting the moist pink glans inside. Kurt moaned softly as his foreskin was manipulated by the small soft fingers of his eleven year old friend. He reached into Nicky's lap, and Nicky moved to provide a shorter and more direct path for Kurt's hand. Nicky said softly,

"Hang on a minute, Kurt" as he got up and found his bottle of baby oil. Putting some on his hand, he began to stroke Kurt's penis with slow deliberate motions, and felt the penis stiffen further in his hand. Kurt put his hand back into Nicky's shorts and found the boy was not wearing briefs. Nicky's cut cock was hard as a rock as Kurt rubbed a finger over the younger boy's urinary opening, spreading the fluid leaking from Nicky's penis over the head.

"Does your door lock?" Kurt whispered.

"Yeah." Nicky replied, and Kurt sat up, stood and locked Nicky's door. He turned back to Nicky sitting on the bed, and kneeled on the floor in front of Nicky, and pulled Nicky's shorts off, leaving Nicky in a tee shirt. He took Nicky's smooth scrotum in his left hand, and the boy's penis in his right, and began to caress and fondle Nicky's balls.

"Your nuts are so big, Nicky...bigger than some of the guys in my class." Kurt whispered as he marveled at their size. His own were somewhat smaller, although still within the range of normal size for a thirteen year old boy. "Does your dad have big ones?"

"Yeah, he does.“ Nicky replied.

He hadn’t given much thought to it, but his nuts were bigger than Kurt’s, enough that Kurt had mentioned it twice now.

"Guess it runs in your family. Mine must have had little ones." With that, Kurt took Nicky's four inch shaft in his mouth and Nicky gasped and laid back on the bed, staring at the ceiling as the most incredible sensation of his penis in a warm mouth being tongued in all the right places, and gentle tugs on his scrotum sent him into ecstasy.

"H...Wh....Where did you learn how to do that?" Nicky gasped. Kurt went deep on Nicky and held it a full ten seconds, and Nicky found it hard to breathe..."Ahhh, Ah, Ah, Oh my.....Ahhhh, GOD!" the boy would have yelled, but Kurt put his hand on Nicky's face to keep him quiet.

He pulled off Nicky halfway to let the boy breathe and when he felt Nicky was ready, he went deep again, and again had to put his fingers on Nicky's lips. Nicky made it through five cycles of deep fellatio before he couldn't take it anymore, and arched his back and grabbed Kurt's head as he climaxed. For Nicky, it felt as if his cock was actually in Kurt's throat, and the strongest and longest lasting orgasm Nicky had experienced up to this point was underway. Nicky thrashed and hopped on the bed, but no sound came from his mouth, he held his breath and his body stiffened in ecstasy as the climax rolled through in waves. He couldn't breathe again until the spasms subsided, and his body relaxed. Kurt slowly let Nicky's penis pull out of his mouth, and he looked up and smiled as Nicky lay back and panted heavily for several minutes until he calmed down. Kurt lay down next to him, and looked at Nicky. Nicky reached over to grasp Kurt's penis, but Kurt put his hand on Nicky's...

"We can save this til later. But thank you, Nicky."

"Uh, no...Thank you Kurt... that was so fuckin' incredible...I didn't know it could feel like that. Have you...? Nicky began.

Kurt nodded. "Yeah...I have felt it like that too. And thanks for everything. Being my friend...asking your folks to help me and stuff. Everything."

Nicky rolled over and the boy hugged Kurt for a minute before Nicky said. "We better get dressed and go back out".

The boys re-emerged as the evening meal was being put out. Jerry was on the back patio putting meat on the grill and Sharon was preparing a salad.

"Oh good! You boys set the table, will you? Wash your hands first."

"Sure, mom. Uh, why are you always telling me to wash my hands?" Nicky whined.

"Because I know what kind of things you touch, Nicky...especially in the last few months!" Sharon said with a huge grin as Nicky turned scarlet and Kurt froze, not sure what to do.

"Mom, Jesus!..." Nicky stammered.

Sharon began to laugh. "You two should see the looks on your faces! Look, boys, I know what guys your age do, and why do you think the medicine cabinet never runs out of baby oil? I know you’ve been sneaking your own bottle, Nicky."

"You know about that? How?" Nicky was now too curious to be embarrassed.

"I knew when I started making you wear underwear in the house and the baby oil began to disappear from the bathroom. I was just a bit surprised it started so soon to be honest. I thought boys started later."

Nicky shot Kurt a knowing glance, a "see what I told you" look. Sharon continued.

"We'll have to get enough for both of you when we shop."

"Oh, uh, I don't use oil when....Shit!" Kurt slapped his forehead with his hand. He waltzed right into that one, admitting to his best friend's mother that he masturbates. Sharon and Nicky had a good belly laugh at that, and Sharon pulled her boys into a hug. Kurt had a sheepish grin on his face.

"You guys are so cute and ridiculous and funny when you're embarrassed. You two can talk to us about anything, even the stuff you don't think your mom knows about. That's why you have to wash your hands, boys."

Jerry came back in and grabbed a beer out of the fridge. Sharon looked at her husband and said.

"Honey....I think it's time the boys had the know....The Talk..." she said making parentheses with her fingers in the air.

"Okay. I guess we can do it after dinner." Jerry said. The pork steak and barbecued chicken dinner went quickly and without drama, and then Jerry took the boys into the living room to discuss adolescent sexuality. He let them know that sexual experimentation between friends and brothers was not uncommon, and that those things should be done within limits and boundaries of what each person was comfortable with.

Jerry also discussed safety with the boys. "Sharon, do you have our demonstration aids?"

"I'll get them, Daddy" she said, returning with a condom and a cucumber.

"Do you boys know what a condom is?" Jerry asked. Both boys nodded. "Have you been taught how to use one?" Both boys shook their head.

"Okay...lets say this is a penis, an erect penis, okay?" Jerry held the cucumber up. Kurt said

"I wish it was that big!" Jerry and both boys giggled.

"Kurt, by the time you get out of high school, it might be that guys have a lot of growing still to come...Anyway. Okay, now this is the condom. It has a right way and a wrong way to go on the, I'll show you...." He ripped open the packet and the boys eyes grew wide as they saw a condom for the first time.

Jerry took the device out of the package and showed the boys both sides. "You want to put it on with the roll facing up, so it will roll down the penis. Kurt, hold the penis please." Jerry quipped, handing Kurt the cucumber.

He placed the condom on the cucumber and rolled the latex pouch down the vegetable smoothly. "Just like that." He rolled it back off and held the vegetable as Nicky and Kurt took turns rolling the condom on. “If you try to put one on and it won't go down correctly, it's probably on upside down."

Nicky looked over at the other two condoms in the package. "Dad, can we have those, for um,... practice?" Kurt blushed scarlet, which made Jerry laugh.

"Sure, why not?" Jerry wasn't sure Nicky had a penis big enough to put one on, but he figured it couldn't hurt to get him in the idea of using protection, for when the day came...

"If you have sex, you need a condom, boys"

"So a girl won't get pregnant, right?" Kurt asked

"That's just a part of it, son. It helps prevent the transmission of disease too, and for gay sex, that's the main reason to use a condom." Kurt blushed hard again, and Jerry smiled.

"Well, people DO do those sort of isn't just straight couples in the missionary position, and everyone has a sex life...that's why we are talking about this stuff.”

Nicky asked "Dad, um, is oral stuff safe?"

"Generally, yes it is if both partners are clean and don't have sores in their mouth or on their privates. It would be pretty hard to catch something. Don't get intimate with someone who has a cold sore or a rash."

“Um, Dad?”

“Yes, Nicky?”

“Is there like different size condoms, um, how do you know what size to get?”

“Well, uh, the company that makes them knows what the average size is, and they make them to fit the average. That way almost every guy can use them. What else did you want to know?”

“I guess we’re good for now...”Nicky replied

Kurt nodded in agreement. The Talk was over for now. Nicky and Kurt adjourned to Kurt's room this time, and Kurt seemed concerned.

"Your dad thinks I'm gay, doesn't he?" Kurt fretted.

"I don't know...why don't you ask him?" Nicky replied. "Or I can."

"Fuck no! Nicky! Shit!" Kurt blurted, wide eyed. Nicky giggled and grinned at Kurt.

"Damn, dude, will you pleeeease relax? It's not a huge ass deal, trust me. Look, have I ever told you anything that wasn't so?"

"Well," Kurt admitted.

“Then relax and trust me, dude. I finally have the most coolest big brother in the whole world. You think I wanna fuck this up?“

Kurt shrugged and sighed “No...I guess not. Do you really mean that?”

“Every word.” Nicky replied. “Come on, let’s do this so you can quit freakin’ out.”

Kurt looked confused, until Nicky picked up Kurt's sketch books, and opened the door before Kurt could protest further. He took them to the living room where Sharon and Jerry were relaxing watching TV.

"Mom, Dad? Me and Kurt have some stuff to show you." Nicky looked at Kurt, who wasn't sure about this, but Nicky nodded to Kurt, who was standing in the bedroom doorway. He followed Nicky into the living room and sat on the floor.

"Kurt said it was okay to show you these." Nicky handed his parents each a book, keeping the red one in his hands. Jerry picked up the remote and turned the TV off.

Jerry put on reading glasses and stared intently at the sketches in the book he was holding.

" did these?" Jerry asked. Kurt nodded. Jerry motioned for Kurt to sit next to him, and Kurt nervously got off the floor where he had been sitting and sat next to Jerry.

"Kurt, these are incredible, son. When did you begin to draw like this?" He flipped through the whole book, studying each sketch, while Sharon went through the one she held, and like Jerry was totally immersed.

"Like when I was five or six I really got into was easier than making friends and stuff..."

"So you have been doing these since first grade?" Sharon asked.

"Yeah. That's about right."

Nicky handed his mother the red notebook. Kurt cast his eyes down and Sharon began to go through the sketches.

"Oh, I know this's a sculpture of a Shepherd boy and his dog...Hey, is this Nicky?" Sharon asked, showing Jerry the sketch.

"Oh yeah, that is Nicky, ain't it?" Jerry agreed. Kurt looked down at his hands.

"When did you make this, Kurt?" Sharon asked.

"Um, over Thanksgiving...had nothing else to do." Kurt whispered.

"Just curious, but why did you draw Nicky?" she asked.

"It was....after the fight...I was really upset, and when I'm not doing so good I draw...I couldn't get Nicky out of my head until I could tell him I was I drew him. I'm sorry, I know it was wrong."

"What? What was wrong, Kurt?" Jerry asked.

"You know, drawing Nicky...naked and stuff." Kurt mumbled.

"Kurt" Jerry said, putting his arm around Kurt "All great artists do nudes. They always have. Some of the masters paid people to pose for them. It isn't weird. But when did Nicky pose for you?"

"He didn't. He never knew about this until we went to my trailer to get my stuff, I guess."

"He does the sketches from memory, and fills the other details in himself." Nicky offered.

"That must be why you aren't drawn circumcised!" Sharon giggled. "I should never have let that quack talk me into snipping you, Nicky. Kurt, this is very special. You really have something, a gift. This is really beautiful work."

"So you like's okay?"

"I like it very much, Kurt. It's definitely okay...but we probably won't hang these on the refrigerator." Jerry snickered, but Kurt totally failed to pick up on Sharon's remark.

"I don't get it." He said quietly.

"The kids make pictures and mom puts them...." Sharon realized that she just put her foot in her mouth, shoe and all.

"Kurt, I'm so sorry. I didn't think before I spoke....Please forgive me."

"It's okay....Now that you're my mom, maybe we can do that." Kurt said quietly.

No one said anything, as what Kurt just said sunk in..."Now that you're my mom..." For Sharon, it was a sign that Kurt was one step closer to moving forward. He still had a long way to go, but this was a good start.

Later that evening, Jerry called Kurt aside, and took him to the kitchen table for a talk.

"Kurt, I think I should talk to you about something, and this might be uncomfortable for you. You're not in any trouble, and what you tell me won't get you in trouble, okay?"

Kurt nodded, although he didn't have a clue what Jerry was talking about yet.

"Have you ever been attracted to know, girls, Kurt?" Jerry asked. Kurt was shocked, and fought the urge to splutter and gape like a fish, as he tried to compose an answer to the question.

"Uh, um...why?"

"Well, your nudes are outstanding works of art, but they're all male subjects, and with things being the way they are with your mother, I wouldn't blame you if didn't, reservations about letting females get close to you..." Jerry said.

Kurt was still very reluctant to say anything.

"It's okay...we need to talk about this kind of stuff, Kurt. It's important." Jerry pleaded.

"I guess I'm afraid they will all be like her." Kurt said softly. Jerry nodded.

"That makes complete sense to me, Kurt. How long have you been attracted to boys?"

Kurt could feel the blood drain out of his face, and he looked at Jerry. There was nothing in Jerry's expression that indicated that Kurt would shock or upset him with his answer, so Kurt decided to trust Jerry and tell him the truth.

"Long as I can remember. It's always been that way. I can't help it...Don't be mad at me, Jerry...please." Kurt begged.

"I'm not mad at you, buddy...thanks for being honest with me about this." Jerry said, as he reached a finger out to lift Kurt's chin. "C'mon, Champ, don't look so scared, we're just talking here, right?"

Kurt looked up at Jerry and gave the slightest smile and said "Okay...yeah."

"Kurt, I know that Nicky is beginning to mature, with all the hormonal stuff that goes along with that. I also know that he can be the instigator of things even though he is younger than you. I'm just going to ask that if you two might do things, or if you are already doing things together that you both respect each other's limits and boundaries...if either one of you says stop, I expect the other to honor know what I mean by "things", right?"

Kurt blushed scarlet, but replied "Yes, I do."

"That's why Nicky asked about oral sex, isn't it?" Jerry asked. Kurt nodded and said

"Yes" in a soft voice.

"Um, you may very well be gay, Kurt, and that's fine. You might be sure now, or maybe that will come later...Nicky from what I can tell from his tastes in porn probably isn't. He might be interested in experimenting with you, but when that's over, don't take it as rejection. Its just the natural progression of things, understand?"

Kurt nodded in response. How did Jerry know about Nicky's internet proclivities? he wondered. And was Jerry saying in so many words that he knew he and Nicky were getting each other off?

"I'm going to ask you to keep what we're talking about between us, okay? Everything you told me stays between us, you have my word. I expect you to do me the same courtesy. What we're discussing is not for Nicky to know about, okay?"

Kurt nodded and whispered "Yes, Sir."

"Thank you." Jerry replied. He had not actually said anything to Kurt that absolutely had to remain secret, but this was a good way to test how trustworthy Kurt was without being too obvious. Jerry and Sharon had installed monitoring software on Nicky's computer when he got it last year, and kept tabs on what he surfs, for his own safety. They had discussed the dangers of the internet with him in an open and honest discussion about sexting and messaging with strangers, and so far nothing had occurred that concerned them. Nicky did searches for breasts and bikinis and so forth, and seemed to prefer brunettes and women with dark hair. All in all, his sexual interests seemed normal for an eleven year old beginning puberty.

"There is something else I have to talk to you about, and it's important." Jerry said.

Kurt looked at Jerry in expectation "Um, okay?"

"Kurt...has anyone ever molested or abused you sexually, when you were living in the trailer? Anything ever happen with the other boys that live there?"

Kurt shook his head "Nuh-uh". Until that first afternoon after school with Nicky, no one had touched him since Marie stopped bathing him when he was five. "I didn't hang with those guys...we weren't friends and stuff. And, no...nothing like that ever happened. Honest."

"Did you have trouble with them?"

Kurt shook his head. "I stayed away from them mostly."

"Why's that?" Jerry asked.

"Because they did stuff they weren't supposed to be doing, smoking pot and drinking beer and shit...uh, stuff. They would have gotten me in trouble." Kurt murmured in a quiet voice.

Jerry looked at Kurt for a long moment, until Kurt felt uncomfortable and looked up at him. Jerry felt a wave of affection for Kurt welling up inside.

"I am so proud of you right now, son."

"Really?" Kurt asked. "You called me son, too."

"Yeah, I sure did. You know most boys would have gone along to fit in, be one of the gang. You stood up and did your own thinking, and didn't let that crowd lead you around.

You're smart and have a lot of common sense. You're a good kid."

Kurt smiled and let Jerry squeeze his hand.

"Can I call you son?"

Kurt nodded enthusiastically

"Only if I can call you dad"

"That's a deal, buddy." Jerry said, and got up from his chair. "Thanks for the talk, son. I want to be here for both of you boys when you need to talk about things." Kurt stood and hugged Jerry for a moment, then they each made their way to bed.

"Good night, Kurt"

"Good night, Dad."

Kurt closed the door to his room behind him, and lay on the bed. All the events of the day swirled in his head, and he dropped off into fitful sleep.

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