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Secret Lives Of Good Little Boys

by Sam the Ham

Chapter 8

Tommy really liked kissing. Being kissed by Wyatt the first time was the cherry on top of an already great weekend. He enjoyed going camping into the woods with his friends. Sleeping in tents and the fact that the adults' main interest was keeping them alive rather than stopping them from doing fun stuff was a lot of fun. But Wyatt's kiss was the best. He kissed his mother before bed and his dad sometimes but those were entirely different.

The memory of the intimate lip lock is something he thinks of a lot the next week. It is the end of school which means his mother is doubly tough on him, pestering him to work harder. He always gets frustrated when his mother makes him study too much. The worst part is she doesn't even care about his grades as much as she cares about him learning to study. He thinks that is stupid. He just wants to go hang out with his friends and of course kiss Wyatt again. With his mother snooping around, the only chance he gets to see Wyatt is Wednesday after dinner. They get to play video games but no a long time. Thursday is the day of his big test. It lasts an hour and then it is over. He doesn't know why it is such a big deal. It was easy.

The rest of the day is mostly a blur of free time. He hangs out with his friends and talks about his upcoming birthday. Really all he wants to do is go home because his mother won't be there today. He is going to get it up the butt! He is getting excited just thinking about that.

The bus ride home seems to take an eternity. Tommy can't even concentrate on the conversation he is having with RJ. When the bus stops, he is the first out the door and stands there waiting, bouncing on his heels as several other students come out of the bus making their way to their houses. Wyatt is the last one off.

"You know my mother's home today?" Wyatt says.

Tommy screws up his face having forgotten that. "We'll say my mother's home and you're coming over to play video games."

"You want me to lie?"

Tommy's eyes widen. He hasn't thought of that. There is a big difference between keeping a secret and lying. One is wrong the other isn't. "Can we, you know we won't be alone at your place." Tommy says.

Wyatt is quiet for a few seconds. "I'll just say you went home and I want to hang out with you, we'll let her draw her own conclusions."

Tommy giggles uncontrollably. "Okay."

"I'll be over in a bit."

"Okay but hurry!" Tommy says as he turns and runs towards his house.
His mother didn't think he was old enough to carry a key to the house but Tommy knows where the spare one is outback. He lets himself into his own house and hangs his backpack on the rack. He has no intention of touching that thing until school starts again. Kicking off his shoes, he runs to his bedroom before remembering he is a little thirsty. He races down to the kitchen and drinks some orange juice, utterly consumed by excitement and unable to concentrate as to where to direct it. He runs back to his room and quickly strips down. He is going to answer the door naked. Wyatt will like that.

A moment later, his blond buddy knocks out front. He giggles opening the door naked as the day he was born. This is so naughty!

"Okay I brought-" Wyatt starts to say and stops abruptly seeing the little Vietnamese boy buck naked.

Tommy giggles again and races away up the stairs. Wyatt gives chase, his eyes on the cute little buns of his friend. They are small and paler than the rest of his skin. "You're nuts!" he says as they both burst into the bedroom.

Tommy sits on his bed with a grand smile. "I thought you'd like that!"

"I brought this." Wyatt announces, fishing out a small bottle out of his pocket that says 'Personal lubricant' on it.

"What's it for?" The younger boy asks.

"It makes things slippery," Wyatt says. "Here, stand up for a sec."

Tommy rises on his bare feet facing his buddy with his little prick sticking straight out in front of him. Wyatt grabs his hips and swings him around. The next second he hears him squirt some of the lubricant and suddenly feels his hand slide up his crack. The hand slides up and down his butt crack spreading the oily stuff all over. Then he feels Wyatt's finger against his hole. A surge of tingles travel up his back as it slips into his anus. It slides easily inside him and he moans in approval. As the finger pulls out, he squeezes his hole around it hard, wanting to keep it in there. Eventually, he relaxes and lets Wyatt take it out. Immediately, it goes back in quickly along with a second finger of the eleven-year-old boy. Tommy groans louder this time.

"Does it hurt?" Wyatt asks.

"No, it's okay, just a little bit." Tommy says pushing his backside on the fingers until they both fit comfortably into his tight opening. As Wyatt pumps both digits in and out of his hungry hole, he groans some more. It is such a nice feeling.

"Can we do it now?" Wyatt inquires, his squeaky voice indicating how much he is looking forward to the next step.

Tommy glances back and sees that his friend had already dropped his short and undies. His dick is hard, four inches of throbbing and excited boy meat. The engorged circumcised head makes it seem like it is bigger. Regardless, he wants it very much inside him. "Put your wiener in me," he says. "Do it, quick."

Wyatt doesn't say anything. Tommy feels the fingers come out of his hole. He glances back, seeing Wyatt squirt lubricant directly on his boner. The taller boy crouches slightly so that his stiff dick is right in front of his butt. "Sit back on it." He says.

Tommy nods, backing himself onto the rigid little piece of flesh. Wyatt holds his hips so he won't fall as he begins to lower his butt down. He feels the head poke his bum hole and applies pressure on it. Relaxing his hole, the head slips inside and he is already lost in desire. He has never wanted something so bad. He continues to sit on Wyatt's dick, feeling it slide further up his butt. The stiff prick keeps going further and further into him yet he doesn't want it to stop. He realizes it is all the way inside him when his buttocks touch Wyatt's thighs.

"Uhhhh," he moans. "It's so hot and so hard."

For a while, he balances his hips, letting the hardness slip out slowly. When he thinks it will pop out, he slams his butt down again to feel it go all the way in. Wyatt wraps his arms around his stomach and begins to meet his bobbing ass, pumping in and out of him.

"Is it nice?" he asks.

"Uhhh, yesss, don't stop." Tommy begs.

With that, Wyatt pumps faster. Tommy feels Wyatt's balls bounce against his buns each time he thrust deeply into him. His toes curl up as the tension increased with the passing seconds. "Uhhh yessss, it feels so good!" He squeals.

Wyatt grabs Tommy's stiff little pecker and tugs on it. "Are you gonna cum soon?" He asks.


"Me too!"

Tommy feels a warm fuzzy feeling hearing Wyatt's enthusiastic voice. He pushes his butt back as Wyatt begins to go at it really fast. Soon the sound of his pelvis slapping against his buns resounds in the room. At the same time, Wyatt is pulling on his stiffy with the same fervor, breathing heavily down his neck.

"Ugghhh! Ugghhh! Ugghhh!" Tommy whines. He feels Wyatt's dick swell inside his hole. His little body shivers. "Uhhh! I'm cumming!" He shouts.

"Yeaaaah." Wyatt wails plaintively, his body jerking also from the spasms of his orgasm. They groan together, trembling again and again as the blissful bursts of pleasure wracked their young bodies.

As the feelings inside Tommy reach their peak, he is exhausted. Wyatt holds him tenderly. They fall back on the bed. For several long seconds they lay together in silence. Then Tommy feels a kiss on his ear and he giggles in
Wyatt's embrace. "That was great!"

Wyatt smiles, his face flushed. "Yeah, I know!"

They stare at each other before Wyatt leans in and kisses him on the lips.
Tommy kisses back. Kissing looks so simple but it is a lot harder to do than he ever thought. Wyatt slowly pulls him onto his chest and Tommy pushes himself against his older friend trying to maximize their skin contact. After a few more seconds they break the kiss and Wyatt slowly pushes him up so he is sitting on his stomach. Wyatt props his knees up and Tommy leans against them.

"I love you." Wyatt says.

Tommy grins widely as he feels a burst of emotion he doesn't really understand. He giggles and puts two hands on Wyatt's chest. "I love you too!"

Then a third voice breaks in. "What is going on here?"

Tommy felt his blood freeze. His mother had not yelled but she is really angry.

The next few minutes are the most terrifying for Tommy. His mother orders them to get dressed. The rollercoaster of emotions makes Tommy tear up. When she orders Wyatt out of the room, the tears roll down his cheeks. His mother closes the door and Tommy knows he is to stay put. After about half a minute later the thought occurs to him that he could try to listen at the door but the conversation between Wyatt and his mother is too far away.
He isn't sure how long it is until his mother comes into his room and tells him to sit on the bed. She takes a seat in his desk chair. She sits there and stares at him for several seconds and he just wants to melt away unable to meet her gaze.

"Tommy, what were you two doing?"

Tommy wets his lips. "Have fun." He tries to look up at his mother.

"Is that what Wyatt told you it is?"

Tommy brings his legs up to his chest and shakes his head. "Sex stuff."

That is how the questioning goes on after another half-hours. Some of the questions he doesn't understand and he thinks some of them are stupid. Why would Wyatt threaten to stop being his friend? Why would he give him money? Okay Wyatt sometimes gave him stuff like candy or something but that was when they were at his house.

It slowly dawns on Tommy that he may not be the one in big trouble. Once he understands that he becomes more confident. Wyatt has always been there for him and Tommy isn't the type of kid to let a friend take the fall for him. Wyatt has tried to stop once. It was him who wanted more. Yes, Wyatt taught him to jerk off and he loved it. Yes he liked to suck and be sucked. Kissing is wonderful! Yes Wyatt put it up his butt and he loved it! He loves Wyatt and Wyatt loves him.

By the end Tommy stands up answering each question quickly and concisely. Anytime his mom even implies something bad about Wyatt he clenched his fists and says otherwise. When his mother is finished she tells him to stay in his room and takes the Walkie-Talkie with her.

Tommy isn't sure what is going to happen next. He has done his best to defend Wyatt and now that he had done so he is surprised at the tone he took with his mother. At the time he hadn't even thought about it. He hears his dad come home early but he isn't allowed out of his room. When he tries to listen at the door he can barely hear the conversation. Most of the words are just noise. Well into the afternoon, his father appears at the door and talks to him. By then most of his earlier confidence had drained away and he just wants to know what is going on. His father isn't enlightening. He just asks how he is feeling. When they are done talking his father tells him to come with him into the kitchen. His mom tells him to call Wyatt on the Walkie-Talkie and his friend shows up about a minute later.

His father answers the door and escorts him to the kitchen table. The tension is starting to get to Tommy and he feels like crying but then his mother starts to speak. "We are not happy about the situation. Wyatt we always trusted you. What you are doing with Tommy is inappropriate for someone his age." She let the words sink in for a minute and Tommy felt his stomach get knotted. "Having said that, I see there's no way to put the genie back in the bottle. It seems evident Tommy is willing to do anything you suggest. It seems he is even a bit demanding on the subject."

Tommy isn't sure what to feel. He just doesn't want to lose Wyatt and wishes his mother would get to the point.

"You two may continue your relationship under three conditions."

Wyatt let out an audible sigh of relief as Tommy stands up in shock and hugs him.

"Under three conditions." His mother restates, her voice slightly raised and firm enough to make Tommy sit back down. "First, both of you will take an online sexual education class. Second, Tommy you must promise to talk to us about you and Wyatt's relationship routinely. Third, Wyatt you are not permitted to get a girlfriend or boyfriend and continue doing stuff with Tommy. For all intents and purposes you two are in a relationship and you will respect him. Do you to agree to these conditions?"

Tommy stares blankly for several seconds disbelieving what he is hearing then he jumps back up. "Yes! Yes we do!"

Wyatt hugs him back and nods vigorously.

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