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How I Got a Pet

by Sam the Ham

Alex looked down at his work. His 14-year-old boyfriend currently had his ankles and wrists tied together. They were, in turn, secured to the metal frame of the headboard. Smiling, he lifted the plastic cup that was full of ice and placed it on top of Martin's right nipple. Instinctively Martin tried to twist away from the sensation. Martin's athletic body was showing off its muscles as he pulled against the ropes. The bed creaked.

"Shhhoww! Man, that's cold." Martin shouted.

Alex lifted the cup slightly, just enough to let his finger slide underneath. The nipples weren't hard as he wanted. He brought down the cup. "I think you need a few more seconds." He tried to make it sound like he was trying to bake a cake or something. Martin voiced his complaints about it being too cold, which Alex ignored.

The two of them had been together for almost two years. The exact day they got together was a bit hazy. There first time they had done anything was a circle jerk at a birthday party sleepover. However, calling each other boyfriend happened on the last day of school, which had been considerably more private. Of course, their discovery of their Dom/Sub relationship had taking longer to develop.

"You're such a dick!" Martin snapped.

"Now now flattery won't get you anywhere. I know, I am all dick."

"Not between your legs."

Alex narrowed his eyes. Martin was mouthy today, which usually meant one of two things. Either something was bothering him, or he was just horny. Either way, it was a signal to up his game.

"Yeah, let's see how big you are with a set of blue balls." Removing the cup from Martin's nipple, Alex brought it down deliberately, running it over his boyfriend's erection and hairless balls. The squirming that he caused was rather fun to watch.

"Not there. Not there! Not there! Oh God, it's so cold."

Martin didn't so much raise his voice as his pitch. Alex watched as his boyfriend's balls shrank away from the cold, becoming a tight little sack. Alex moved his hand to the now-empty sack and gave it a quick squeeze. "I bet those guys never thought they'd be visiting up there again."

"A tighter fit now." Martin said as his ankles tried to pull upwards.

Alex removed his hand and moved it to his crotch, feeling his hardness underneath his clothing.
"Well, you're still hard. I'll make you a deal. You stay that way and suck me off, and I'll go down south for a visit."

Before his boyfriend could respond, Martin's bedroom door opened. Alex's head snapped towards the door only to see RJ standing in the doorway. Martin's little brother was two years younger than him, but they had the same long curly hair and similar facial features. The young boy stared at the two of them for a second, taking everything in and then muttered a quick apology before he closed the door.

Alex stared at the closed door for a second before muttering. "Ass. I had a sock on the door handle." From the corner of his eye, he could see Martin struggling.

"Untie me." Martin said, his tone devoid of any playfulness.

"What, it's not the first time he's seen us do stuff." Alex said as he went to untie his boyfriend's wrists.

"He was upset. I want to make sure he's okay. Couldn't you tell?" Martin said as he sat up and started working on his ankles.

"I guess I didn't." Alex was the youngest of three. His relationship with his brother and sister was akin to oil and water. They didn't mix. It was the opposite of Martin and RJ.

"Can you go check on him? I'll be out there in a minute." Martin asked.

Alex looked down at his crotch. "Sorry my little friend, I guess it's a one-handed job for you tonight."

"I'll make it up to the little guy. Where are my pants?"

"I threw them over there," Alex gestured over by RJ's bed. "I had my attention elsewhere."

It was only a two-bedroom house, and there weren't many places for RJ to go. He found his boyfriend's little brother in the three-season room sitting on the bench. Alex saw him rub his eyes as he entered.

"Um... RJ, you know your brother, and I were messing around?"

The younger boy gave him a look that would have been more appropriate if Alex had just announced he was an alien from Venus. "Yeah, I know. You two are always doing stuff."

That wasn't true. It was just Martin's mom didn't seem to mind that they were doing stuff. His parents were still blissfully unaware. "Okay. I just thought... I wasn't sure. I mean, the sock was on the door, and you came in. I thought we had an agreement, you know?"

RJ let out a sigh. "I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking. I didn't mean to walk in on the two of you perving on each other."

Thankfully Alex was saved from digging his hole any deeper by the arrival of Martin. "Hey, what's going on?" Martin said, coming into the room now fully dressed minus his socks.

"I'm not sure," Alex said honestly. "I guess I should get going and let the two of you do the whole brother thing." He slowly backed towards the door and turned to open it before having an idea. "RJ, we are going to the trampoline park this weekend. Why don't you come along? I'll pay."

There was a moment of awkward silence before the younger boy gave a little nod. "That would be fun." He sounded a little more upbeat. Taking that victory, Alex made a quick retreat.

It was a little more than a five-minute bike ride from his boyfriend's house to his place. As he was putting his bike away, his phone buzzed with a message. Looking down, he had to grimace as he read it.

"You suck at cheering people up."

He texted back. "Sucking cheers you up. Is he okay?"

"Kind of, yeah. He liked that you invited him to the trampoline park."

Alex didn't have any problem with RJ. When it came to Martin's family, their relationship was open with his mom not caring, and RJ seemed cool about it.

"I'm glad he's okay. What was wrong?" Alex asked after a moment.

There were several seconds before there was a response. When it came, it was a bit cryptic, "It's kind of your fault."

"What did I do?" He couldn't imagine what he could have done to upset RJ.

"You make me happy."

By now, Alex had retreated to his room and was lying on his bed. "What?" he texted.

Expecting the conversation would continue in text form, Alex jumped a little when his phone started to go off. Thinking it might have been one of his parents, he quickly answered. "Hello."

"I'm not having this conversation in text. Can you talk freely?" Martin answered.

"Yeah, I'm in my room. What's up?" Alex said, looking at his door. He was pretty sure his brother was in his room, that was down the hallway.

"Okay, remember how RJ had a sleepover yesterday?" Martin asked.

"I remember." If it hadn't been for his cousin's birthday, Alex would have slept over at Martin's place for some naked time. "What about it?"

"Well, my little brother sucked off his friend. Then that friend kind of mentioned it to their friends."

"Oh." Was all Alex could think to say. Even as his mind filled with questions, he couldn't quite figure out which or what would be the appropriate response. Alex had this problem a lot. He wasn't the best with people.

Martin, aware of his friend's trouble dealing with emotional stuff, gave him about 30 seconds before continuing. "I guess they weren't mean to him. It was more like they were teasing him. He takes that about as well as you do."

Alex felt a little miffed at hearing that. "Hey, I can be teased. So, like is he gay or something?" Intentional or not, Martin's comment at least focused his brain down one path of questioning. Something Alex was quietly thankful for.

"No, he says he likes girls. Since he knows his brother is a big gay boy, I don't see any reason why he would lie about that."

Alex was again confused as too many questions started to appear in his mind. "Then why did he suck his friend? Was it like a dare or something?"

"Kind of, yeah," Martin answered, trailing off for a bit before continuing. "He is a bit like me. Well, maybe a lot."

Alex's brain started to go into overdrive at that. It was like one of those multiple-choice questions where the more you thought about it, the more any answer seemed to fit. The conversation just wasn't making sense.

Martin took sympathy upon his boyfriend then. "I think he's like me. Submissive, you know?"

That little bit of extra information finally put the ball firmly in Alex's court. Between reading about it online and his relationship with his boyfriend, it was a subject he felt more comfortable around. "I see. He was more excited about getting dominated then the actual sex."

"I think so. I mean, I love it when you tell me what to do. It's okay if I always don't get attention."

Alex could feel himself smiling a little of that. He didn't like to leave his friend hanging but did sometimes. "That sucks for him."

Martin was quiet for a moment, "Yeah, it is. Anyways I'm going to go kill some people on Counter Strike, care to join me?"

"I'll be on in a minute." Alex said before hanging up.

Alex didn't think much about RJ until later the next day. Martin and himself, were on the basketball team together. As practice ended, the two of them went around picking up basketballs as the rest of their team went to the locker room. They weren't out to anyone at school, but both had sort of agreed not to perv on their teammates in the locker room. Luckily, they didn't have showers anymore. After a slip and fall incident, it was deemed better to have the kids go home smelly then pay the extra insurance that the school would require.

Martin emerged from behind the bleachers carrying the last basketball. "How does one always get back there?"

"I don't know. Ask me after we take physics." Alex waited for his friend to pass him the ball so he could drop it in the bin.

"Yeah, that will be the day," Martin said, glancing over as the locker room door opened as one of their teammates walked out.

They both walked over slowly to the locker room, giving their teammates time to get dressed and enjoying a companionable silence. As they went inside, they passed another one of their teammates with the last two finishing dressing before they even got their shirts off.

Alex had just opened his locker when Martin slammed into the one next to him. He looked over at his boyfriend shirtless and still sweaty. He gave the other teenager a look up and down, enjoying the smell. "Can I help you?" He smirked. They didn't do stuff outside of their houses except teasing.

Martin ran a hand through his sweaty hair and arched his back a little. "Got a favor to ask you. I just want to put you in the best mood I can."

"Yeah, you're succeeding." Alex said with a little smile.

Martin looked around quickly before pulling his shorts down a bit, revealing something black. It was tight cutting into his skin and had a little black pouch, just barely holding back his testicles. He turned around quickly, keeping his shorts out so Alex could see. It was just a thin line of fabric that left both of his butt cheeks exposed with a thin black line between them and a small silver holding it all together. Alex only had about a second to appreciate the sight before the shorts quickly covered up the view.

Alex asked open mouth. "Where did you get those?"

"Amazon, I changed into that when I went to the bathroom during practice. They're not most comfortable, but I thought you might like them. I'll give you a proper showing later. Do I have your attention now?"

Alex nodded just as the voice of their coach called out. "Anybody in here?"

Both boys pulled away from each other as Alex called back. "Yeah, we just need a minute."

They both finish changing and ignored the impatient look their coach gave them has he locked the door behind them. The two of them remained silent until they were outside of the school and walking down the sidewalk.

"So, what did you want to ask me?" Alex asked after a moment."

"Well, I've just been thinking about some stuff. We were lucky finding each other. I mean most boyfriend-girlfriend stuff doesn't last more than a few weeks or months. We're closing in on two years."

"Yeah, we should probably do something for that," Alex said, not quite sure where this was going. "Can you get to the point?"

Martin was silent for a few more steps. "I want you to mess around with my brother." Alex stopped in its tracks allowing his boyfriend to take several more steps forward before turning around.


The corner of Martin's mouth turned upwards. "Yeah, I figured that would be your reaction. I thought about it but couldn't think of a better way to ask you."

"Well. You told me your brother's straight." Alex raised his arms and pointed his thumbs at himself. "Not a girl. Don't know how you miss that."

Martin closed the distance between them until they were just on the edge of being too close. "Yeah but catch up and finding a girl at his age with his same interest are slim to none. We were lucky to discover each other really, lucky. I'm not saying I want you to date him. If he's anything like me at that age, he's horny. He's nervous and maybe a little scared. I wish he could find a girlfriend as great as my boyfriend, but I doubt it's going to happen. So, he's either going to be frustrated, try to mess around with his friends or mess around with someone online. All that considered, I think you're the best choice."

Alex shook his head. "Wow, okay, can I think about it?"

"Sure, take your time," Martin said before turning and continuing to walk.

It was an unusual request. It took a while for Alex to process his surprise at his boyfriend's request. He was friendly with RJ. It wasn't like they were strangers or anything like that. Alex liked him well enough, and if it weren't for the fact that he had a boyfriend, he would probably be jumping on it. After a day of thinking about it, he sent the message that he was on board, conditionally.

After texting back and forth with the brothers, he hammered out a few rules. The first one was easy for RJ to agree too. There would be no kissing between him and RJ. Their first time, Martin couldn't be in the same room. RJ agree to that quicker than Martin did. The third one was the one RJ put up the most of us about, and that was the creation of two safe words. One to stop whatever they were doing now, and the other was to stop altogether. RJ insisted he didn't want any safe words. The younger boy wanted just to take everything Alex had to offer. It took his big brother explaining that the mere existence of the terms worked both ways. RJ could always stop something, and Alex knew that RJ would be able to put a stop to anything. After that, it was just a matter of figuring out their schedules.

Friday after school was the day they agreed on. It would give them a few hours to experiment. As he rode his bike over to his boyfriend's house. He felt an odd combination of nervousness and excitement. Thinking about it, talking about it, that was one thing. Doing it was a whole different thing. Leaning his bike against the side of the house, he knocked on the front door. Martin opened the door, and as he stepped inside, they embraced with a quick kiss.

As they pull apart, Alex Kicked off his shoes. "Where is the little guy?"

"Waiting in our bedroom," Martin answered. "Why are you so nervous?"

"Just never, I guess. Never really did anything with anyone else but you."

"Trust me. You're a natural." Martin reached down and squeezed his hand. What's that mean what's on the fireplace is close to my area

Alex found himself smiling at the words and their reassuring touch. "I guess I should get to it."

"It'll be fine. RJ is really looking forward to it. Try to have some fun too."

"I will." leaning over, Alex gave his boyfriend another kiss on the cheek this time before heading to the bedroom.

RJ was sitting on his bed, looking down at his phone when Alex opened the door and knocked on it. The 12-year-old quickly put his phone down and stood up.

"You're here."

Closing the door, he looked at the kid. Alex guessed he was a head taller. "I am. Are you having any second thoughts or questions?"

RJ shook his head, his long hair flicking back and forth from cheek to cheek.

"If you're ready, then why aren't you naked?" Alex didn't say anything else waiting for RJ to realize they were starting. It took the twelve-year-old a moment to understand that. He began by pulling off his shirt.

Watching the other boy undress, Alex tried to picture Martin undressing at that age. It was hard to pin down a single image, but they did look a lot alike. RJ didn't have the same definition of muscle his older brother had, but if he stayed active, he was going too. The younger boy only hesitated when he got down to his white briefs giving Alex a little look before bending over and taking them off. When he straightened, RJ used his hands to cover his privates.

"Hands-on your head!" Alex snapped before adding. "You never need to cover those up around me.

RJ was a little slow to do so, but after a second of hesitation, he removed his hand, revealing his balls and limp dick. Alex gestured for him to come closer and spread his legs, bare feet on the wooden floor. Alex leaned forward to get a little better look at the package noticing tiny hairs already sprouting. He started to raise one of his hands to touch it. Before his hand could reach the younger boy danced backward giggling a little nervously.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it's just nobody's ever touched me there before." The younger boy explained, putting his hands back on his head.

"It's all right. You can be nervous," Alex said, reassuring that he wasn't upset. "I'm going to touch it again."

"Yeah," RJ agreed as he came forward again. However, just before Alex's hands met the other, RJ pushed it away, laughing nervously.

"I'm sorry this is just so weird. I want to do it. It's just weird."

Alex rolled his eyes and stood up. Okay, he and Martin had not started with all the heavy-duty stuff, but he didn't remember Martin being like that. Walking over to Martin's dresser, he opened the top drawer where he knew his friend kept his socks.

Now, they were both playing basketball together for the school, but come spring and summer; they split up for their preferred sport. He preferred baseball, while Martin enjoyed soccer. He did love stripping Martin from his uniform, particularly the knee-high socks. It was one of the reasons they were still there.

RJ gave him a curious look, not understanding what was going on. Alex didn't explain either until he laid the sock down on the floor and pointed at it. "I want you to put the heel of your foot down here. Now, if your heels touch the wood floor, I'm going to give you a spanking. Understand?"

RJ's eyes widened a bit, but then a little smile crossed his face. He nodded before firmly stepping on the sock keeping his legs spread.

Alex sat back down on the bed close enough for him to reach, and this time when he reached for RJ's crotch, the younger boy didn't pull away.

"How long have you had these hairs?" Alex asked.

"About a month, a lot of my friend's boast they have had them for a while. Not sure if I should believe them." RJ answered.

Alex tried to remember a fact from health class. "When we were talking about it in class, they said 11 to 14 was the usual range. That boy you sucked off; did he have any?"

"Yeah, a lot more than me."

"I guess you got a taste of cum then. What did you think?" Alex asked, looking up.

RJ grimaced a little. "It was kind of gooey. I'm not sure if I liked it."

"I'll be sure to give you another taste." Alex replied.

RJ didn't respond to that for a few seconds. "Can we not? I mean, not this time."

"Of course." Martin looked up at the boy with a little smile. "Whatever happened to No Limits, do whatever you want?"

RJ's face started to flush a little. "I didn't think I'd be nervous."

"It's okay, best you tell me these things, so we know how to enjoy ourselves." Alex looked back down at RJ's crotch. The shaft was becoming larger now stiffening. "A part of you is excited."

"Yeah." AJ agreed quietly.

"Well, if you want to do this again, be sure to make sure you get rid of all of these." Reaching forward, he grabbed one of those little hairs. "I don't want to see any pubic hair on you next time." Emphasizing his point, Alex pulled on one of the thin hairs. It was so small that it slipped between his fingers.

Of course, this didn't stop RJ from jumping backward his bare feet hitting the floor. The younger boy had a surprised look on his face before realizing what he had done and looked down at his own feet. "That's cheating!"

"Maybe, but you're on the wood floor. Come over here and get your spanking." For one brief second, Alex wondered if he might have gone too far.

The look of surprise faded from RJ's face, and he muttered something under his breath, before moving closer to the bed laying across Alex's legs.

Alex placed his right hand on RJ's back and slowly moved it down, feeling the twin mountains underneath his hand. It was almost like he was petting them. Alex used his left arm over the boy's shoulders, keeping him in place. Just anticipation was getting Alex hard.

"You do have a nice ass."

"Thanks." RJ muttered.

"I'm serious. It is very nice." Alex let his fingertips explore a bit more sliding down the thin crack. A stray thought entered his mind, and he chuckled a little.

"What's so funny?" RJ asked, almost sounding scared.

"Just a stray thought. As I said, you do have a nice butt. Did your brother ever tell you about a website called Nifty?"

"Yeah, it's got all those gay stories on it." RJ replied.

"Lesbian and bisexual too." Alex corrected. "Anyways, there's this one I'm reading. Sandy Jacobs. It's about this community that has this ceremony every year. They vote on which 12-year-olds will be their bottoms. I was just thinking with your butt; you would be a shoe-in."

"That's a weird story." RJ said.

Raising his hand, Alex slapped RJ's rear. It jiggled a little under his blow. "Don't criticize my taste in literature."

"Ouch, I'm sorry! I won't ever do it again."

"You better not." Alex said, giving the left cheek the same attention with another smack.

"Okay, okay. No one's ever spanked me before. It's so weird." RJ said, kicking his feet a little.

"And you better not disobey me again." He said, slapping RJ's right cheek a little lower, followed by the left. He alternated going from cheek to cheek, taking his time never quite getting the same spot twice. After he counted ten off in his head, he raised his hand as high as it would go and brought it down — this time aiming for both cheeks.

"Done." Alex announced, lifting both of his arms.

RJ immediately jumped up from where he laid across Alex's lap. RJ used both of his hands to rub his cheeks that were now bright red, almost the same color as his face. With some amusement, Alex noticed that the boy was still hard.

"On your knees." Alex said after a few seconds.

RJ was still game because he looked around for the sock before kneeling on it. When he looked up at Alex, he had this goofy grin on his face.

Alex raised his foot and pulled off his right sock. Without saying what he was going to do, he moved his foot close to Alex's crotch. The younger boy stared at it with some trepidation. Alex spread his big toe and use the cap to go down the length of RJ shaft. Alex relaxed his toe, which easily encompasses the thin little rod. Letting his heel rest on the ground. Alex slowly started to move his foot back and forth.

At first, RJ's expression looked a little confused and then surprised. After a few strokes, though, he seemed to be enjoying it. The younger boy bit his lower lip as he moved his hips forward. After another minute or so, Alex just rested his foot, allowing the other boy to do all the work. It took a good five minutes for RJ to look like he was about to climax. Alex tightened his toe. A few strokes later, RJ exploded onto Alex's foot.

Alex pulled his foot back before leaning down and pulling Martin's sock from underneath RJ. He wiped his foot clean with it. Only then did he look at RJ.

RJ's face was red, from both the spanking and the climax. He looked away from Alex's eyes at first, but then he did meet the older boy's gaze. Alex leaned a little back on the bed. He didn't bother to hide his erection. RJ would have felt it when he had been across Alex's lap.

"I think that's enough for now. You got a taste of what we can do. Do you think you want to do it again?"

RJ nodded slowly, his eyes falling on Alex's erection. "I think I would like to do more if that's okay with you."

Alex gave a little nod. "Ok. I have to think about what to call you, though."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, Martin, your brother is my boyfriend. You're not gay, so I can't exactly call you a boyfriend. Friends with Benefits doesn't seem appropriate. Maybe you could be our pet?"

RJ giggled a little. "Okay, I'll be your pet. That means you have to clean up after me and play with me."

"I'll play with you, but I'm not cleaning up your mess," Alex said with a little smile. "My last orders for now. Tell your brother he can come in now. I need his mouth. Wait outside until I say you can come in. Then you can get dressed."

"Will do." RJ jumped to his feet and was about to leave the room when he came to a stop. "Alex, can I ask you a favor?"

"Sure." Alex said, laying back down on the bed.

"Okay, well, I know about Nifty. It's just I don't find the stuff, even in the bisexual section. There's this other website though I kind of like. The stories on it get me excited sometimes. They have girls in them too. I can't remember the name exactly something like forced nudity archiver something. I can send you a link. Just maybe you could read a few, and they could give you some ideas?"

"Really, you want me to do homework?" Alex said with a little smile. "Yeah, send it to me when you can. I do not promise anything, though."

"Sure. I'll try to do more gay stuff next time."

"Well, I have your brother, so get him in here."

RJ opened the door, calling out for his brother. Alex stared up at the ceiling, thinking about what he had just done. Well, he had always wanted a pet.

The End.

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