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Same Time Tomorrow

by The Scholar

Part 7: Changing Names

Carl had connected to the Internet. It had been four days since he had downloaded E-Radicate and done a scan, sending the Log to Allan, as requested. He hated connecting to the Internet right now. He was scared and he couldn't get it into his head why anyone would want to create something that would cause so many people such misery.

The two had been chatting while Carl had begun another system scan to create a new Log to send to Allan.

Carl: So what is it you said you do?

Allan: Computer Systems Analyst.

Carl: That means sod all to me.

Allan: LOL!

Carl: So, go on, then. Tell me.

Allan: Tell you what?

Carl: What a Computer Systems Analyst does.

Allan: Really?

Carl: Yeah. Though it does sound technical.

Allan: Can be.

Carl: Well simplify it for me.

Allan: Okay. A Computer Systems Analyst analyzes problems for resolution through electronic data processing.

Carl: Oh!

Carl: What does that mean?

Allan: It means that I have a very dull job.

Carl: Okay.

Allan: Maybe when you need a good night's sleep, I'll tell you, then you can fall asleep out of sheer boredom.

Carl: smile So, are we looking for something in particular with this thing?

Allan: Yeah, but I don't know what, yet. I'm hoping this Log will let me see the one thing I'm so obviously missing.

Carl: Almost done, I think.

Allan: Good. Send me it when it's finished.

Carl: Okay

Allan: I just need to find something in the Log.

Carl: Okay, it's done. Let me just create the Log.

Allan: Okay.

Carl: Done. Sending. I warn you, it looks like it's written in Martian.

Allan: They all do.

Carl: Okay, so long as you think it will help.

Allan: I won't give up. Besides, it's what they pay me for.

Carl: Who?

Allan: The people I work for.

Carl: You lost me.

Allan: That's part of what I do. I gather the information from users to define the work problems and then if it's possible I design a system of computer programs and procedures to resolve the problems.

Carl: So you get rid of computer viruses?

Allan: LOL! Not really. It is more developing systems for people to use.

Carl: You mean like designing a database.

Allan: Kinda. Is hard to explain.

Carl: Well, okay, so long as you can figure out that log thing, I'll be happy.

Allan: I'll get right on it as soon as I print it out.

Carl: Thanks. I appreciate it.

Carl: I was online for a while a few days ago, forgot the time and it didn't pop up, so whether I missed it and connected to it, I don't know.

Allan: Oh, no.

Carl: I'm hoping it didn't. Was online for around two-hours looking at an auction site.

Allan: I really hope it didn't.

Carl: Thanks. Me too.

Allan: By the way, don't install the new IM upgrade that is available.

Carl: I wasn't aware there was a new one.

Allan: Yes, and is nothing but trouble.

Carl: Really? In what way is it trouble?

Allan: It invites Ice-It to be installed. The US Government just issued a recommendation that everyone stop using Internet Explorer until it can be fixed of its open holes.

Carl: Really?

Allan: I only use it for a very few sites.

Carl: I didn't realise there were problems that would warrant Government intervention.

Allan: Through my job, I get updates about security risks.

Carl: Oh, that sounds exciting.

Allan: On your Log, I've found 3 things that I have to do research on for your machine.

Carl: Oh, do tell.

Allan: I don't know what they are.

Carl: Hardly surprising, I looked at the print out I made (three pages) and none of it made sense to me.

Allan: It is kinda like detective work. Three? It fit on two for me.

Carl: Must be a smaller font.

Allan: That could be.

Carl: Is it something I might recognise? I did recognise some words.

Allan: s_menu - Windows file.

Carl: No, means bugger all.

Allan: Not on the cheat sheet either; guess I have to investigate further.

Carl: What were the other two?

Allan: A second one of those, and "pstores"

Carl: Well, sorry, but that means nothing to me, either. Sounds like I'm hoarding something. LOL!

Allan: LOL!

Carl: I've been online for 46 minutes so far. Am I keeping you from anything?

Allan: Nope, I'm doing the research at the same time.

Carl: I thought I'd stay online for at least the hour. 9 minutes to go, so if anything is going to happen. I'm prepared to just disconnect.

Allan: Okay. I'm on it.

Carl: I know, and it is very much appreciated.

Allan: It looks like s_menu is definitely fishy.

Carl: It does?

Allan: Down in the 04 area, it shouldn't have [browser] in front of it.

Carl: I can't even see it listed.

Carl: 58 minutes just gone so I suppose it will descend upon me at any time now.

Allan: I'll work on this and make sure it's the bad guy.

Carl: Something's happening.

Allan: With yours?

Carl: Yes, the things appeared in the corner. And the desktop icon.

Carl: Hello, again!

Allan: I'm still here.

Carl: I had to uninstall and restart my computer. Before I logged on again I did another scan with E-Radicate, do you want the Log?

Allan: oh please, I'd like to see if anything has changed.

Carl clicked "send file" and located the Log through the browse option and selected it. He sent it to Allan, who opened it the moment it arrived on his computer.

Allan: There it is. It did change names.

Carl: It did?

Allan: Yep, it's now MSGAOL

Carl: What was it before?

Allan: s_menu

Carl: Oh! Bastard thing.

Allan: Yes, it is.

Carl: How can it do that?

Allan: They're smart computer geeks.

Carl: Okay, if you say so. What's to stop it coming back if it's gotten rid of?

Allan: A few programs that run in the background, and getting off Internet Explorer.

Carl: Okay. Well, I don't intend to hang around.

Carl: This thing is making me feel very sick.

Carl: So, I'm going to shutdown.

Allan: Okay.

Allan: I'll send an e-mail as soon as I get it tracked down completely.

Carl: Thanks, Allan. I honestly do appreciate your efforts.

Allan: No problem.

Carl: Same time tomorrow?

Allan: Same time tomorrow.

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