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Same Time Tomorrow

by The Scholar

Part 13: Curiosity

Allan felt like an idiot. He had never intended to get "involved" with anyone of his own sex on the Internet. Carl had come along at a moment when he was feeling vulnerable - a new job, a new work base and in a new town. At first he had looked on it as a fresh start. Somewhere nobody knew him, somewhere he could, perhaps, for once be himself. Be the person he was - a gay man - and maybe find the happiness he so desperately searched for with someone of his own sex.

Why could nothing ever be simple? The Internet was his only pleasure. The gay porn sites he visited aroused him but, at the same time, they saddened him. Why wasn't it all so easy in his youth? Homosexuality was taboo in his youth, acceptance was still difficult and in some States it was positively outlawed. However, for all that, here were young men on the Internet proudly displaying themselves to the world and it was all Allan had.

He longed for the touch of another man on his skin. He ached for the feel of another man in his body, he wept openly at the wasted time of the passing years and was too scared to do anything about it. A new town and he had hardly set foot outdoors. He didn't know his way around, he didn't even know whether there was a gay club or even a bar that was local.

Allan had taken a bold step in telling Carl he was gay. He didn't know how he would react and for all Carl had seemed to accept him as a gay man he had almost threatened his "relationship" with him by suggesting that he was gay, too. He knew it was laughable. Even if Carl had been gay he wouldn't have been interested in him. Hell, they didn't know that much about one another, they hadn't even swapped photographs or anything and, apart from anything else, why would a 20-year old be interested in him?

"Take another break same time tomorrow," Carl had said. So he had. And Carl was online.

Carl: Hi, Allan. J

Allan: Hello, Carl. How are you?

Carl: Okay, I guess. You?

Allan: Tired and working hard.

Carl: You are at home, though, yeah?

Allan: Yeah.

Carl: So, cheat a little and take more breaks than allowed.

Allan: LOL! I think I work harder and take fewer, if anything.

Carl: Oh! Well, maybe you should just have gone to the office.

Allan: LOL! Well, I guess I'd still be in traffic if I had, so it has its benefits.

Carl: LOL! Okay.

Carl: Wish I had a job where I could work from home.

Carl: Hell, I wish I had a job. LOL!

Allan: No luck with the lifeguard thing?

Carl: No, I'm not qualified.

Allan: Oh, sorry, yeah, you already said.

Carl: Would have been fun.

Allan: Can't you get the qualifications?

Carl: No, is too much work.

Allan: LOL! No incentive, eh?

Carl: Not really.

Allan: Hmm, would be for me.

Carl: There would?

Allan: Yeah, getting to see a lot of cute guys in a swimming pool.

Carl: Oh, yeah - I forgot you were gay.

Allan: You did?

Carl: Well, no I guess not. I just didn't think it was important enough to remember.

Allan: Oh.

Carl: I'm sorry; I didn't mean that the way it sounded. What I mean is that I just didn't want to make it seem like a big issue.

Allan: It's okay.

Carl: Guess I'm just not used to guys talking about guys in that way.

Allan: I'm sorry.

Carl: It's okay.

Allan: I don't want you to feel uncomfortable.

Carl: I don't.

Allan: Maybe it would be best if I just went away.

Carl: What do you mean?

Allan: Leave. Not talk to you anymore.

Carl: What? Why?

Allan: I don't know. I just get the impression that maybe I embarrassed you by telling you I was gay.

Carl: No, not at all. I'm sorry if you thought that. Guess I wasn't expecting it, is all.

Allan: I can understand that.

Carl: Please don't go.

Allan: I don't want to.

Carl: I like you, your fun to chat with, I don't have any friends in the "real" world - only Tom, so I sure as hell would be really pissed off if the one I have on the Internet buggered off.

Allan: LOL!

Carl: smile

Allan: Okay. I'll stay and I'll not mention cute guys again.

Carl: Yes you will.

Allan: I will?

Carl: Sure. You're gay, is okay to mention them, it doesn't embarrass me. I don't expect you to be something you're not.

Allan: Oh.

Carl: Besides, I may have questions. LOL!

Allan: Questions?

Carl: Yeah, I may get curious.

Allan: About what?

Carl: Gay guys. LOL!

Allan: You thinking of turning?

Carl: LOL! No, but I'm interested. I never knew a gay guy before.

Allan: Oh! So I'm a sideshow freak, huh?

Carl: I didn't mean that.

Allan: LOL! I know, I was just teasing.

Carl: Oh, okay.

Allan: I don't know much about it myself, though.

Carl: You don't?

Allan: Nope.

Carl: How come?

Allan: What do you mean?

Carl: I mean, why don't you? You're gay; I guess you had a partner or even have one.

Allan: No I don't.

Carl: Really?

Allan: Really.

Carl: I just assumed.

Allan: I'm 32-years old and I've had two same sex relationships. One when I was 18 and the other when I was 21.

Carl: Wow! That's amazing.

Allan: Amazing?

Carl: I'd have thought maybe you'd have had more.

Allan: Why?

Carl: Dunno, I just did.

Allan: It isn't something I advertise.

Carl: What do you mean?

Allan: My family, my friends and the people I work with don't know I'm gay.

Carl: So you're in the closet?

Allan: LOL! I guess I am.

Carl: What about the two guys you mentioned.

Allan: What about them?

Carl: Are they still around?

Allan: One was a guy in college, a quick blowjob in the toilets. I don't know where he is now. The other I see every so often.

Carl: Was that more than a blowjob?

Allan: Yes, we had sex.

Carl: Awesome. And you still see him? Do you still have sex?

Allan: Yes, I still see him, but not very often and no, we don't. He's married with three kids.

Carl: So how come you still see him?

Allan: He's my cousin. He's three-years younger than me and we see each other at family gatherings.

Carl: Does he remember it?

Allan: I don't know we never talk about it.

Carl: What was it like?

Allan: It was good, if that's what you mean. Scary, but good.

Carl: Scary?

Allan: Well, like anything new, I guess.

Carl: Yeah?

Allan: Yeah.

Carl: I can't believe you only ever did it twice.

Allan: Sorry to disappoint you.

Carl: LOL! You don't, I just thought well, that at 32, you know.

Allan: I masturbate a lot. LOL!

Carl: smile Me, too.

Allan: Yeah?

Carl: Hell, yeah, all the time!

Allan: That could be awkward.

Carl: Huh?

Allan: Masturbating all the time. Are you not afraid of getting caught in the shopping mall, or anything?

Carl: Oh, I see what you mean. LOL! I didn't mean literally all the time.

Allan: I know. I was just teasing again.

Carl: Just two or three times a day.

Allan: What?

Carl: LOL!

Allan: Really?

Carl: Yeah smile

Allan: Wow!

Carl: smile I guess I nearly did get caught once.

Allan: Yeah?

Carl: I was on top of a double-decker bus.

Allan: Cool.

Carl: I don't know why, maybe it was the road or something all bumpy, but riding over it made me get excited and my dick got hard and I had a sudden urge to do it.

Allan: LOL!

Carl: I was the only one on the top deck and sat in the corner at the back, so I took it out and did it. Just as I came someone else came onto the top deck, but I don't think they realized what I was doing. I cleaned up real quick and put it away.

Allan: Wow! Awesome.

Carl: It kinda excited me almost getting caught.

Allan: You do it again?

Carl: Not on the bus, but yes, I have in other public places. Always alone, but always with the possibility of being caught, I guess.

Allan: You should be careful. One day you may get caught and be arrested.

Carl: I don't do it so much now. I was younger then.

Allan: You're not that old now.

Carl: LOL! I think I was about 15 or 16. It got less, as I got older.

Allan: So you haven't got a girlfriend?

Carl: Me? No way!

Allan: You said that almost as though it was a dirty word.

Carl: LOL! Well, I don't have time for a girlfriend.

Allan: You don't?

Carl: Girls cost money and I don't have any.

Allan: I wasn't suggesting you paid for one.

Carl: I didn't mean like that, I mean girls always expect guys to pay for everything. I can't afford a girlfriend.

Allan: Oh.

Carl: Guys at least pay their way.

Allan: They do?

Carl: Yeah, I go to the pub with a girl I end up buying all the drinks. With a guy I'd get one round in, he'd get the next and so on.

Allan: Ah, okay, I understand.

Carl: smile

Allan: So, can I ask something?

Carl: Sure.

Allan: What do you look like?

Carl: LOL!

Allan: What?

Carl: I look like me.

Allan: Oh!

Carl: I mean, I dunno. I'm just me.

Allan: Well, describe yourself.

Carl: Is hard.

Allan: It is?

Carl: Okay, well, I could send you a picture, I guess.

Allan: Cool. smile

Carl: I have some of me on this computer. Let me find a god one.

Allan: LOL!

Carl: Well, there isn't any such thing, but, let me find a decent one.

Allan: Decent, as in clothed?

Carl: Well, will be clothed anyway.

Allan: Damn!

Carl: Hey!

Allan: Teasing again, LOL!

Carl: Hmm, okay. Well, I can't find one here that's worth sending, but I'll find one, somewhere.

Allan: Okay.

Carl: I have to go, it's getting rather late here.

Allan: Oh, I guess it is. Well, I hope to see you again.

Carl: You will. Same time tomorrow, probably.

Allan: Cool.

Carl: LOL! smile Goodnight, Allan.

Allan: Goodnight, babe, sweet dreams.

Carl: Thanks.

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