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Same Time Tomorrow

by The Scholar

Part 15: A Late Night

Allan yawned and slowly opened his eyes. He yawned again and threw back the sheets on his bed and cursed at having to leave such a warm place in favor of traveling to work.

He walked into the kitchen and picked up the kettle, gauging that it contained enough water with which to make a cup of strong coffee, before heading to the bathroom for a shower.

The warm water relaxed him and he found himself yawning again. Had it really been 3 am before he had finally fallen asleep? Pizza, beer he could handle, but sex was something completely different. It had been so long that he had forgotten just how tiring it could be.

He smiled to himself as he remembered Richard and the events of the previous evening.

"Hey! Fancy a pizza?" Allan had heard his own voice call out to the retreating figure of the younger man who had chased after him with his discarded newspaper. Richard had stopped, turned back and smiled.


The two of them had walked to the building that Allan had only, up until that point, ever called for takeout and they placed an order for a standard pizza with extra cheese topping and watched as it was prepared for them, talking about nothing in particular until it was ready.

Back at Allan's apartment they sat on the sofa, devoured the pizza, drunk a few cans of beer and then Richard made the first move towards Allan by kissing him softly on the lips.

"Thanks, I enjoyed that," he had said, pulling away.

"So did I," was Allan's reply, as he moved towards the younger man and returned the kiss.

"I meant the pizza," said Richard.

"I didn't," replied Allan, moving towards the younger man once more.

Both men found their arms wrapped around each other as they kissed gently, pulling each other closer as the kiss grew more passionate, mouths opening and tongues exploring, neither putting up any resistance.

In no time at all, they had removed each other's shirts and their embracing continued, the warmth of their bodies as skin touched skin only heightening the pleasure and, as Richard's hands worked their way towards the bulge in Allan's trousers, Allan felt a shiver of excitement as he realized the belt was being unbuckled and the zipper pulled down. The touch of Richard's hands caressing him through his underwear was electrifying and Allan emitted a moan of pleasure as their mouths continued to explore one another.

Pulling away, Richard moved to the floor and pulled off Allan's shoes, socks and then his pants and then he moved in. His mouth biting gently, almost playfully at Allan's hardening penis through his briefs and then, before Allan had time to comprehend what was happening, he felt his underwear being slowly pulled down and he raised himself slightly to aid their release.

Naked and seated, Allan closed his eyes as the younger man's mouth wrapped itself around Allan's organ and worked its way along the shaft, slowly at first and then with more urgency as it went further each time and deeper into his throat and Allan almost passed out with the sensation that was clouding his mind.

Richard's left hand cupped Allan's testicles as his mouth continued sucking on the hard shaft and he reached up with his right hand to play with Allan's left nipple, tweaking and pulling and Allan found himself almost gasping for breath.

Releasing Allan's tightening sack, his left hand made its way to Allan's other nipple and Allan's breathing began to get more labored and his own hands found the younger man's head and the fingers ran through his hair. As the suction motion on his penis continued, Allan's hands moved downwards and gently caressed Richard's shoulders. Richard pulled away from Allan's penis and let out a soft moan as the massage made him feel relaxed and then he stood and Allan opened his eyes to look up at him.

"Where's the bedroom?" asked the visitor, pulling off his own shoes, socks and pants.

"This way," said Allan, standing to take Richard to the requested part of his apartment.


Allan stopped and watched as Richard pulled a small box from the pocket of his pants.

"We'll need these," he said, holding the box so Allan could see that it contained the protection that today's society demanded.

Allan smiled and led the way to the bedroom.

Once there the kissing resumed as they stood by Allan's bed. Allan's hands working their way down Richard's back and playing with his buttocks through his underwear until he placed his fingers inside the waistband and worked them downwards. Richard stepped out of them and as he did the two of them fell naked onto the bed, their bodies pushing close together and their respective organ's rubbing against each other.

Allan rolled Richard onto his back and placed his head between the younger man's legs, he took the hanging testicles into his mouth and Richard felt his own heart beginning to beat harder as Allan's tongue rolled his balls with his tongue.

Allan's mouth was soon full again as he first kissed the tip of Richard's penis and then used his tongue to play with the head before taking the organ deep into his mouth, Richard's scent filling his nostrils as he took the full length down his throat over and over again.

Allan was obviously exciting Richard as he felt the organ grow with his mouth as his hands worked their way to the younger man's backside and his fingers to the small hole that he so wanted to enter. In an instant, Allan released the penis from his mouth and his tongue found that hole and he heard the moans of pleasure from Richard as his tongue snaked gingerly around it.

"Are you ready?" asked Allan.




"You're gonna need this."

Richard reached out a hand to find the box of condoms he had dropped onto the bed and passed a foil packet to Allan, who quickly tore it open and rolled the latex sheath along his length.

"On the side there, pass me that bottle."

Richard looked to where Allan had indicated with a nod of his head and saw a small plastic bottle on the bedside table, he passed the baby oil to the older man who quickly used it to lubricate the condom and then, his fingers still covered in the liquid, Allan pushed first one and the two into the Richard's backside. Richard groaned and Allan removed the fingers and raising Richard's legs onto his shoulders, he aimed his stiff organ and pushed forward.

Their bodies moved in rhythm as Allan's slow stroke got faster and harder as he pushed back and forth, making love to the man he had met only hours ago. Suddenly, he gave one loud shout as he reached his orgasm and still he pumped away at Richard's rear end until he was quite satisfied that he had given all he could. Breathing hard, Allan withdrew and fell onto the bed, his chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath and Richard rolled onto his side to look at him.

"Get your breath back quickly," he had said. "It's my turn next."

It had been 2.30 am when Richard had left Allan's apartment after the two of them had hungrily eaten the remaining two slices of the now cold pizza and following Richard's departure, Allan returned to the bedroom and collapsed into a deep sleep.

Now, as he stood under his shower recalling the activities of the previous evening, he suddenly realized that he didn't need to worry about how tired he felt. He had no work today. It was Saturday.

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