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Same Time Tomorrow

by The Scholar

Part 17: And Another Thing...

"What was that quote about protesting?" wondered Allan. "Oh, yes, the lady doth protest too much, methinks." Allan smiled as he recalled the line from William Shakespeare's Hamlet. Quite fitting for the quick-tempered English boy.

Allan had left his computer switched on and was on his third cup of coffee of the day when his attention was drawn to the instant message that came through.

Carl: And another thing, even if Tom was gay what makes you think he's my type?

It had been half an hour since Carl had logged off and Allan laughed out loud as this new message appeared.

Allan: He's young, cute and fit.

Carl: Yeah. So?

Allan: Well, he'd certainly be my type.

Carl: Well, not mine.

Carl: And that doesn't mean I have a type, not in guys, anyway, just means, I'm not gay.

Allan: I apologize if I gave the impression, or suggested in some way that you were. I am, so I just joke around, sometimes.

Carl: I'm sorry I got mad.

Allan: It's okay. I thought it was going to be a while before we talked again. If ever!

Carl: Sorry.

Allan: It's okay. I can imagine how annoying it must be for you that people make innuendos about yours and Tom's sexuality. Must be maddening for you both.

Carl: Stuff like that doesn't annoy Tom.

Allan: It doesn't?

Carl: No. He says he can't be arsed to worry about what other people think of him.

Allan: Hehehe, sounds like he has a good head on his shoulders.

Carl: I guess so. He's so down-to-earth. Unlike me, I get pissed off at every little things people say.

Allan: I noticed.

Carl: Oh.

Carl: Sorry about that.

Allan: It's okay don't worry about it. You can get pissed off with me anytime.

Carl: LOL!

Allan: Seriously, if you wanna get mad, get mad at me, I can take it.

Carl: Hardly fair.

Allan: At least you'll be talking to me.

Carl: LOL! Well, I'll do that anyway and try not to get mad.

Allan: Guess what.

Carl: What?

Allan: What kind of a guess is that?

Carl: Oh! LOL! Hey! That's what I said to you.

Allan: I know. Hehehe.

Carl: Okay, well, let me think. You got sacked?

Allan: I wish. LOL!

Carl: LOL! Okay, is it something I'm gonna guess?

Allan: Doubt it.

Carl: So tell me, already!

Allan: Hehehe. Okay. I met someone.

Carl: I meet people, too.

Allan: No, I mean, I met someone.

Carl: What? Like another gay guy?

Allan: Yeah.

Carl: smileThat's cool. When was that?

Allan: Yesterday.

Carl: Wow! You never said.

Allan: You never gave me a chance.

Carl: Oh! Sorry.

Allan: Hehehe.

Carl: So what's his name?

Allan: Richard.

Carl: And where'd you meet him?

Allan: The Hot Spot.

Carl: What's that?

Allan: It's a bar in town.

Carl: Jesus, this is like pulling teeth. Just give me the details.

Allan: Huh?

Carl: Tell me all, so I don't have to ask questions and drag it out of you.

Allan: Oh! Hehehe. Well, I went into town and to this bar for a drink and this guy called Richard came over and said hi and we got talking and then he saw your name and asked who you were and I was gonna leave and we had a pizza.

Carl: My name was mentioned?

Allan: I'd written it on my newspaper and he saw it.

Carl: Why had you written my name on your newspaper?

Allan: To remind me to go online and see if you were there.

Carl: Oh, I see, okay.

Carl: So what do you mean you were going to leave and you had a pizza?

Allan: I left my newspaper behind and he followed me out with it and I asked he wanted a pizza.

Carl: And did he?

Allan: Yeah.

Carl: Cool. So what happened?

Allan: He came back to my apartment and we ate pizza and drank beer.

Carl: That it?

Allan: Well, no he stayed a while.

Carl: Cool.

Allan: I got to sleep around 3:30.

Carl: What?

Allan: This morning.

Carl: You mean that he stayed that long.

Allan: Yeah.

Carl: Oh! So you mean, you, well, you know.

Allan: smileOh, yes!

Carl: Wow!

Allan: Wow?

Carl: I mean. Well, wow!

Allan: Hehehe.

Carl: So, you seeing him again?

Allan: Dunno.

Carl: You made no plans?

Allan: Nope.

Carl: Oh, man, what are you like?

Allan: What do you mean?

Carl: Least you could have done was arranged to meet again. You can call him, I guess.

Allan: Nope.

Carl: Why not?

Allan: I didn't get his number.

Carl: But he can call you?

Allan: Nope. I didn't give him my number, either.

Carl: But he can find you in the telephone directory.

Allan: Nope.

Carl: Why not?

Allan: I'm not in the 'phone book.

Carl: This sucks.

Allan: Hehehe. Why?

Carl: What do you mean, why? It just does. You meet a guy, get to spend the night with him and then don't even get the chance to stay in touch with each other, so that sucks big time.

Allan: Well, I guess I might see him in the bar again.

Carl: Cool. When?

Allan: Hehehe, I dunno.

Carl: You could go for lunch, see if he's there.

Allan: No, I don't think so. Besides, that would mean getting dressed.

Carl: What?

Allan: I'm not dressed to go out.

Carl: Well, you can change.

Allan: I'd have to I'm naked. LOL!

Carl: Oh!

Allan: Hehehe. Sorry, didn't mean to embarrass you.

Carl: It's okay. I can't see, so I can't get embarrassed.

Allan: Hehehe.

Carl: Guess I'd be naked too, if I lived alone and didn't have to go out anywhere.

Allan: Cool. Then you could describe yourself to me and make my heart race.

Carl: What?

Allan: Just kidding.

Carl: Oh, okay. I thought you were coming onto me there.

Allan: You're not gay, or I would,

Carl: LOL! You would?

Allan: Sure.

Carl: Why?

Allan: Because you're young, fit and probably very handsome.

Carl: LOL!

Allan: And another thing. I fell in love with you a long time ago.

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