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Same Time Tomorrow

by The Scholar

Part 24: Talking Dirty

Carl had been as good as his word. He had chatted with Allan the following evening and the evening after that and after that and after that and so on for a whole two weeks. They laughed and joked and found out more about each other in those two weeks than either thought possible. They discussed music and movies, television shows and their favourite actors, singers and the kind of books they liked. They talked about their friends and their families and their countries, the differences in their respective use of the English language and they talked about walks in the countryside, strolling on the beach, picnics in the park and became so comfortable with one another that no subject was taboo.

Alan: So what did you do?

Carl: Nothing.

Allan: Nothing at all?

Carl: What could I do?

Allan: Given him my 'phone number.

Carl: LOL! Yeah, right, even I don't know that.

Allan: You want it? You can have it, we can talk on the 'phone.

Carl: No, it's okay.

Allan: Okay, I won't push it.

Carl: You would want mine.

Allan: I can't deny it, but you don't have to give it to me. I'd leave it to you to call me.

Carl: Would cost a fortune.

Allan: Probably.

Carl: Let me think about it.

Allan: Tell you what I'll do, I'll give it to you, anyway, you can call if you want, if you don't, well, that's okay, too.

Before Carl could type in a response he saw a number flash up on his screen and he sat staring at it.

Allan: May need an international dialling code or something before it, but I don't know what it is. Sorry. sad

Carl: That's okay.

Allan: Write it down, or something. Use it when you want to, or not at all, is entirely your decision.

Carl: Thanks.

Allan: No problem. We can talk dirty online anyway. LOL!

Carl: LOL! brb

Allan: k

Carl walked from his room and downstairs and picked up the telephone directory. Finding the relevant page he found the international dialling code for America and then headed back to his room. He picked up his mobile 'phone, selected menu, scrolled to phonebook and selected add new entry and punched in the code followed by the number on his screen. He hit the buttons that spelled out Allan's name and then selected store. Allan's number was now logged in his mobile 'phone, but Carl still had no intention of using it.

Carl: Back. Sorry about that, I needed to pee.

Allan: That's okay.

Carl: smile

Allan: I was just checking the local newspaper to see what was showing at the theater.

Carl: And?

Allan: Not sure, I haven't found the page yet.

Carl: LOL! Idiot.

Allan: Hehe.

Carl: You like the theatre?

Allan: You know I do.

Carl: No, you never mentioned it before.

Allan: Yes, I did. Maybe you weren't paying attention.

Carl: LOL! Probably not! I haven't been to the theatre for years.

Allan: I thought you said you and Tom went a few weeks ago.

Carl: No.

Allan: Oh?

Carl: We went to the cinema.

Allan: Yeah.

Carl: But not the theatre.

Allan: Huh?

Carl: What do you mean, 'huh'?

Allan: I'm lost.

Carl: LOL! I think I know.

Allan: Know what?

Carl: The confusion.

Allan: Oh?

Carl: Your theatre is a movie theatre.

Allan: Yeah.

Carl: That's a cinema here.

Allan: Oh!

Carl: Theatre here is a live performance on stage, like our West End and your Broadway.

Allan: Ah!

Carl: LOL!

Allan: Well, in that case, I am checking to see what's on at the cinema.

Carl: And?

Allan: I don't know, I still haven't found the page.

Carl: LMAO. smile

Allan: What time is it there?

Carl: Around 1.30 am

Allan: You should be in bed.

Carl: I know.

Allan: We can talk again tomorrow.

Carl: You want to get rid of me?

Allan: No, of course not, but it is late there.

Carl: Okay. Guess I should make the effort to go to bed.

Allan: Well, you sleep well, okay?

Carl: I will now.

Allan: Now?

Carl: Now that I've chatted online with you.

Allan: Hehehe.

Carl: smileGoodnight, Allan.

Allan: Goodnight, babe.

Allan watched the screen as Carl logged off and then turned off his computer, safe in the knowledge that his British friend would be back online again tomorrow evening. It was 8.30 in the evening in the US and Allan walked to the kitchen to prepare a late, but light dinner. He was distracted by a ringing noise and waked back to his computer and picked up his cell 'phone from where he had placed it.



"Yes, hello, this is Allan. Who's that?"




"Oh, wow! I mean, hey, babe." A smile spread across Allan's face and he heard Carl laugh loudly at the other end of the line.

"I'm in bed. Thought you might wanna talk dirty to me."

Allan laughed and sat down in his chair grinning.

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