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Same Time Tomorrow

by The Scholar

Part 27: A Two-Way Thing

Allan: Why didn't you tell me it was your birthday?

Carl: What does it matter?

Allan: It matters, because if I'd known, I'd have got you something.

Carl: How? You're in America

Allan: I'd have still sent a card, or something.

Carl: Don't worry about it, it isn't important.

Allan: Sure it is, you turned 21 and in most States here you'd be legal to drink.

Carl: Well, in the whole of Britain I've been legal to drink since I was 18, so it's not really that big a deal.

Allan: Well, I just wish I'd known, seems to me that maybe we still don't know a lot about each other, but maybe when we meet up that can change.

Allan wasn't really asking a question, as Carl noticed the lack of a question mark at the end of the sentence and, therefore, assumed it was a statement of fact and, as a result, he took a deep breath before typing his next three words.

Carl: Allan, I'm scared.

Allan: Of what?

There was no hesitation in Allan's reply.

Carl: Nothing, it doesn't matter.

Allan: Sure it matters.

Carl: Not really, is just me being stupid.

Allan: Babe, if something is scaring you tell me, maybe I can help.

Carl: Really, it doesn't matter.

Allan: You wouldn't have said it if it didn't matter. Tell me, please. What's wrong?

Carl hesitated.

Allan noticed.

Allan: Carl, what is it? What you scared of?

Carl still hesitated.

Allan: It's us, isn't it?

Carl: What do you mean?

Allan: It's what you're scared of - us - meeting.

Carl: Well, kind of, I guess, but I'm being stupid, I know that.

Allan: No, you're not.

Carl: Sure I am, forget I said anything.

Allan: Babe, I'm scared, too.

Carl: What?

Allan: Honestly. You think I'm not?

Carl: I don't know.

Allan: Well, you do now. I'm as scared of meeting you as you are of meeting me.

Carl: Why?

Allan: Because I think you'll take one look at me and run a mile.

Carl: That's crazy.

Allan: Why is it? It's been going through my head ever since I told you I was coming to England.

Carl: Really?

Allan: Yes, really! Hey, you gotta remember that I'm older than you, boring in the extreme and certainly not as good looking, so sure it worries me meeting you.

Carl: The age difference doesn't bother me at all and as for not being good looking, well, hey, you should look in a mirror once in a while because I think you're bloody gorgeous.

Allan: LOL! Well, I do look in a mirror every day when I shave and I know I'm not, but thanks for the boost.

Carl: Not meant as a boost, just telling the truth.

Allan: Even so, being scared is a two-way thing. You're scared, I'm scared and I'd like to make a suggestion.

Carl: What kind of suggestion?

Allan: That when we meet if one or both us of us doesn't like what we see, we say hello and goodbye.

Carl: LOL!

Allan: I'm serious.

Carl: I know, but that's what makes it so funny.

Allan: Why funny?

Carl: Well, we can have a coffee at the very least. Hello and goodbye is hardly worth meeting up for.

Allan: Oh!

Carl: Hehehe.

Allan: Well, okay. But if after coffee we don't then we say goodbye.

Carl: Whatever.

Allan: I mean it. For all I know, you may as ugly as sin and have a horrible personality.

Carl: True.

Allan: Yeah, right, like that described you!

Carl: LOL! smile

Allan: Hey, you used the smiley face.

Carl: So?

Allan: Nothing, is just I haven't seen that in a while.

Carl: LOL! smile

Allan: Hehehe.

Carl: smilesmilesmile

Allan: You're just too crazy for words. smile

Carl: Hey, I got a book.

Allan: Yeah?

Carl: Yeah, is awesome, too.

Allan: What kind of book.

Carl: A storybook, a gay one.

Allan: Oh, okay. What's it about?

Carl: These two guys.

Allan: LOL! I kinda figured that.

Carl: Oh, yeah, well, okay. LOL! It's this guy telling a story of how he knew he was always gay and how when he was a teenager he fell in love with this other guy that was his age when they met at a campground.

Allan: Sounds cool.

Carl: It is. You should read it.

Allan: Maybe you can read it to me when I call you.

Carl: Huh?

Allan: Over the 'phone, when I call.

Carl: What do you think this is? Jackanory?

Allan: What's Jackanory?

Carl: Oh, guess you never saw that.

Allan: Nope.

Carl: Was a kid's TV show in the UK, a famous person would read book over five nights or something years ago for kids.

Allan: Cool.

Carl: I don't know, I don't remember it, I just heard about it.

Allan: LOL! Well, okay, but still sounds cool and you can still read to me when I call, I just love the sound of your voice.

Carl: LOL! And you call me crazy.

Allan: What's the story called?

Carl: The Visitor.

Allan: Sounds good.

Carl: Call me later and you'll find out.

Allan: Okay, it's a date. Hey, I gotta run 'cause I have a meeting to finalise some details for this trip.

Carl: Okay, well same time tomorrow?

Allan: Yeah, but I'll call you.

Carl: Cool.

Allan: And don't worry, okay, whatever happens happens.

Carl: Okay.

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