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The Visitor

by The Scholar

Part 5: On The Run

"The next morning, I suggested that we go into the city and grab ourselves a McDonalds. Dave looked at me expectantly, but said he hadn't any money. I told him not to worry about that, it was my treat - the least I could do after last night. He never questioned me about that - I guess he knew I had some money because of the trips I had made to the grocery store.

"And, yes - I had checked and, yes, I did still have what remained of my forty dollars. Despite stripping to our boxer shorts for a splash in the ocean, the activities of the barbeque and those of the previous evening, I had managed to keep hold of the money. It was in my shoe - hidden under the inner sole - well, the notes were, anyway. The loose change was in that small pocket above the main pocket of my jeans. A tight fit, but that's where it was and it was still there.

"I couldn't face a long walk, so we walked to the bus stop by the grocery store and caught the bus to downtown San Francisco and to McDonalds. I let Dave queue, while I took a trip to the bathroom to retrieve the money to pay and we ordered two Big Mac meals with two large Cokes. We decided to eat in and that meal went down well, I can tell you - both of us enjoying, if not exactly savoring, every mouthful and I, for one, felt much better for it.

"Afterwards we took a stroll around the area and sat on a bench to watch the world go by. We didn't speak for ages as we sat, contentedly. When we did, it was Dave who broke the silence:

"You still got some money?" he asked.

I was instantly wary, but nodded. "A little, why?"

"I was just thinking about last night."

I didn't see the connection.

"What about last night?"

"Well, you enjoyed it, didn't you?"

I smiled, remembering what had taken place between us. "Sure did!"

"Well, I know it was your first kiss and your first blowjob, but there's still your first fuck to have!"

Jesus - we were sat on a bench in the middle of San Francisco, people walking past all the time and he was talking about kissing, blowjobs and fucking. I could have died, right there on the spot. I think he noticed as I felt myself turning red. He began to laugh.

"What you laughing at?" I queried.

"Your face. Lovely color"

"Well what do you expect when you say things like that in a public place?"

"Sorry - I didn't mean to embarrass you. I just thought tonight, you and I - well, you know what I mean."

I did, but I still didn't see the connection between that and my having money. I was about to get the explanation.

"I wanted to last night, but, hell, you were so exhausted, I didn't want to push it and, besides, I didn't have any protection. I just thought if you still had some cash, we could get some and then tonight we could, you know."

I grinned. I never even thought about protection. Hell, I never even thought about having sex.

"Where from?" I asked. "Who's gonna sell us condoms - neither of us look old enough to need them."

"Gimme a break, Einstein - look around you - we're in San Francisco, for crying out loud. Who's not gonna sell them to us?"

This was all new to me. We may have been the same age, but Dave was by far more experienced than I was. I mean, up until last night I'd never even kissed anyone of the same sex, let alone get blown. The thought of having real sex with this guy was turning me on, though, I must confess, I was scared to death.

I dug my hand into my pocket and pulled out some money and handed it to Dave.

"Here, you know what you're after - you go get it."


He took the money and headed off into the crowd. I stayed put. It gave me time to think while he was away. I mean, I'd always fantasized about having sex with another guy, I just never thought it would be some homeless kid I met on a beach.

We'd learnt about sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS at school and I could now see how easy it was to get wrapped up in the moment and forget about using some form of protection. Hell, I guess we should have used some last night - I mean, how would a blowjob work with a condom? Would it have the same effect? I didn't know, but I was pleased to recall that I hadn't blown Dave, he'd blown me and I could hardly give him anything, could I? Considering I'd never done it before! At least Dave had thought of protection last night before getting carried away and was brave enough to mention it now - before the possibility of taking things further tonight.

I suddenly felt hungry again. That Big Mac had been most welcome, but now I felt hungry again. I dared to risk a shopping trip of my own and hoped I'd be back before Dave returned, which I presume I was, as there was no sign of him as I arrived back at spot we had last seen each other. I hadn't been gone long, but Dave had now been gone some time and it was beginning to get late and I wasn't sure we'd make it back to Ocean Beach - it was a fair trek.

Panic suddenly overcame me. What if he'd been arrested, or something, for trying to buy condoms underage? What if he'd taken the money and done a runner? Yeah, that must be it - the amount hadn't been that much, but what if he had done a runner, anyway?

I stood up from where I sat and looked around in the vain hope of seeing him. Naturally, I couldn't. Too many people and Dave wasn't that tall. I would give him another 15-minutes and that would be it.

It was as I'd made this decision that I heard shouting and saw Dave running in my direction.

"Come on, let's go," he shouted as he ran straight past me.

I wasn't exactly sure what was going on, but I grabbed my bag and jumped up to follow him. He had a head start and I almost lost him, but I spotted him running towards the cable cars and caught up with him as he jumped aboard.

"What the hell was all that about?" I asked, as we seated ourselves.

For a moment he didn't answer as he tried to get some air back into his lungs, then he said:

"Jesus, that was close."

"What was? Why were we running? What the hell's going on?"

"Must have tried a dozen places, or so and no one would sell them to me," he said.

"So much for being in San Francisco, then?" I said, in a told-you-so sort of voice.

"Yeah, okay. Anyway, I was getting a bit fed up of being refused that I just helped myself and ran."


"Well, if they don't want my money but I want their goods, what else could I do?"

"You mean you stole a packet of condoms?"

"Actually, I stole - hang on, a minute."

Dave reached inside the pockets of his jacket and pulled out one, two, three, four boxes - no - five, six, seven - Jesus Christ. Eight boxes. Eight packs of three condoms! 24 condoms in total!

"Bloody hell, Dave!"

"I'm not done, yet," he said as he reached back inside his pockets and pulled out two boxes of lube.

"Thought it might be useful," he said.

"Were you seen?"

"'Course I was, that's why I was running."

"So we're being followed?"

"We were, but I think we lost them. So, what do you think? Will these keep us going?"

The look on my face must have been a picture as Dave began to laugh.

"Only joking," he said.

We continued our journey in silence, paying our fares with money Dave had saved by not buying any protection and dismounted at Russian Hill, near to Ina Coolbrith Park at Vallejo Street and Taylor Street. I'd been there on a school trip and seen the Chinese elders practicing Tai Chi, which had been quite fascinating to watch. That all seemed such a long time ago, now - maybe it was, maybe it had been a year or so ago. Anyway, both Dave and I agreed that the area was fine for two young lads sleeping rough for one night - there were plenty of places to lose oneself and be out of sight of anyone passing by.

There were no Chinese elders around, but there were a few picnickers. Dave and I managed to find a secluded spot and settled ourselves down.

"Nicking some food and drink would have been more useful," I said at length.

"Funny you should say that."

"You haven't?"

"Of course I haven't, I was being sarcastic. Besides, I wasn't thinking of eating anything other than you tonight."

"Really? So you don't want ham sandwich then?"

"Too bloody right I do, but where the hell ..." his voice trailed off as I held up my bag and produced from it a loaf of bread, a large packet of pre-cooked ham and two bottles of Coke, all courtesy of the shopping trip I'd taken while he was 'buying' our protection.

"You're not the only one who can go shopping, for essentials, you know."

"Ah, but did you pay?"

"Of course, I did."

"That's okay then - one thief around here is more than enough and I'd hate for you to fall into bad ways. Mind you - that cash you keep splashing won't last forever and the longer you're on the street, the tougher it will get. Give it a few more weeks and you'll be just like me."

"Yeah, well, we'll see. Here - nothing special, but it is food."

"I didn't even see the bag - well done, Tony."

He accepted the makeshift sandwich gratefully and we both ate and drank in silence. To tell the truth, I was tired. As it began to get dark, all I wanted to do was sleep. I was eager for what I knew Dave had planned, but, to be honest, all I wanted to do was sleep.

"You tired?" I asked.

"Pretty much - it's been a long day."

"I was just thinking that, myself. Listen, I know you went to a lot of trouble getting the stuff, but I'm not sure..."

He broke into my speech.

"I know - I think I need to get some sleep, too. Hey - there's no rush, right?"

"None at all - I mean, there'll be another occasion, won't there?"

"You bet."

He gave me a wide grin and we moved closer together and that was the last thing I remember until I awoke in the early hours of the following morning.

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