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The Visitor

by The Scholar

Part 13: Another Breakfast

The following morning, Tony woke bright and early and lay in his bed looking at the sleeping figure that lay next to him. He had his back facing Tony as he lay on his side and Tony leant over and kissed Dave lightly on his cheek, the boy stirred, but did not wake.

Tony gently ran a hand through Dave's hair and again the boy stirred, but still he did not wake. Tony sighed and lay on his back, arms behind his head, he stared at the ceiling and then closed his eyes, lost in his own thoughts.

The boy next to him stirred and Tony felt him moving, possibly turning over onto his other side. He opened his eyes and looked down, sure enough Dave was now facing him, eyes closed in sleep. Tony closed his eyes again and sighed.

Suddenly, he felt a hand brush against his leg under the sheets, slowly caressing his skin and he opened his eyes to find Dave looking up at him. They smiled at one another, as Dave continued to caress Tony's leg, his hand moving higher, until it found its prize. Dave took hold of Tony's dick and softly massaged it. Tony let forth a groan of pleasure and Dave felt the organ harden as he held it, aware that his own dick was rock solid.

The two boys moved into a more comfortable position, lying in the soft bed facing each other, their lips met and they kissed tenderly, but with passion and when they broke free, they threw back the sheets to bare their nudity to each other.

The cold air of the morning hit their bodies, but they were oblivious to it as they held each other close, the warmth of their skin being all the heat they required. Their bodies pressed against each other as they kissed again, holding each other, exciting each other. Their hands explored the other's back, before working down to the other's buttocks, the feel of soft skin against Dave's hands and the feel of the fading scars on the buttocks of his friend to Tony's hands.

It was John's voice that broke the silence, coming from outside of the closed door of the room shared by the two boys.

"You two awake?"

And it was Tony who answered.


"Good, it's time you were getting up, I'm going to start breakfast."

And with that, the boys heard John heading downstairs.

"You heard the man," whispered Dave, "It's time we were getting it up."

"Actually, he said 'it's time you were getting up' - not getting it up," laughed Tony.

"Hey, is it my fault that I'm still half asleep and misheard what he said?"

The two boys made no effort to remove themselves from their bed. The only movement they made was to reposition themselves so their legs entwined and the passion aroused within them grew, and as they held one another they did not fight the feelings they had - their mouths hungry for one another, their bodies desperate for one another.

Tony finally managed to pull away from his friend, though not by choice.

"I'm sorry, but I need to pee," he said, unraveling himself from the other boy.

"Me, too - race you."

Dave jumped from the bed and headed to the door, Tony following and both boys reached the bathroom, but Dave reached the lavatory first, aiming his dick as best he could, he began to relieve himself. Tony was desperate and without a thought, he stood next to his friend, aimed and began the process of relieving himself, too. Dave began to laugh and the laughter was infectious causing Tony to laugh at the sight of the two of them standing there together.

"May as well take a shower as I'm here," said Tony. "Care to join me?"

"Sure - I'll be right back."

Tony turned on the water and climbed into the shower cubicle, the water cascaded down his body as he stood under the showerhead, he lathered the soap and began to clean himself, wondering to where Dave had disappeared. He didn't have to wonder too long, as the smiling face of Dave suddenly appeared and he climbed into the cubicle to join his friend.

"Where'd you get to?" asked Tony.

"I went back for these." He said holding up two foil packs, which he placed on top of the water heater.

Tony grinned and instantly began soaping up his friends body, washing him from head to toe and paying special attention to particular areas and then taking one of the foil packs he ripped it open and unrolled the contents along his friend's hard shaft.

"You sure you wanna?" asked Dave.

"I'm ready?" replied Tony, who turned to face the wall, his back to his friend, who began to apply soap to his hands, carefully working a lather along the shaft of his organ and around the area of Tony's ass.

Tony braced himself, bent slightly, legs apart, hands against the wall, eyes closed as he felt Dave's touch on his skin and then the head of his friend's dick finding its target and being pushed home. Tony winced with pain, but as the head of Dave's dick slid into Tony's body with ease the pain turned to pleasure and Tony bent over even further, allowing Dave to make one final thrust, his dick entering as far into Tony as it would go and Tony felt his friend's wet pubic hair brushing against his skin, making his buttocks tighten, holding his friend's organ in a vice-like grip and then he straightened up, allowing Dave to wrap his arms around him as he began the motion of making love.

Dave rammed and thrust, pounding into Tony, kissing the back of his neck as he did so, the water falling from the shower head rained down upon them as Dave's hands gently toyed with Tony's nipples and Tony met each thrust, almost passing out with the feelings of pleasure he was experiencing and then Dave's breathing got heavier and Tony knew he was about to explode his juice and prepared himself for it.

Dave came, gushing faster and longer than he had ever done before, each spurt sending a wave of pleasure through Tony and he heard himself scream out. Dave's hand was quick to muffle the sound as he kept pounding and shooting until he could release no more and fell onto Tony's back completely spent.

Taking a few moments to catch his breath, he then pulled out of his friend and removed the latex condom and emptied its contents onto his friend watching the water from the shower rinse it away.

Tony reached up for the second foil pack and handed it to Dave, who tore it open deftly and unrolled it along Tony's still hard member.

Without a word passing between them, Dave turned his back on Tony and placing his hands half way down the wall of the shower cubicle, he offered Tony his ass. Tony grabbed the soap and lubed his dick before using it on the area exposed to him by his friend. He played around Dave's hole, making his friend groan with pleasure and then he inserted a finger. Dave almost screamed as a second finger was inserted and Tony felt the inner heat of his friend.

Extracting his fingers, he positioned his dick and gently began to push forward. The tip of his organ slid into Dave's accepting orifice and holding Dave around the waist, Tony pushed further, gently at first and then with one final push he was inside of Dave all the way. He felt the warmth of his friend surround his dick as he pulled back, pushed forward and began moving slowly, but purposefully, his hands reaching down to take Dave's dick, to feel the pulsating organ of his friend in his hand as he slowly began to jack him off in time to his rhythmic love-making.

Dave could feel Tony's breath on the back of his neck as he raised himself slightly and Tony's thrusting began to get more aggressive, his dick being gripped by Dave's ass as he pushed harder. Tony felt Dave's dick began to tense and knew he was about to have his second orgasm of that morning and the thought of it found Tony moving his hand faster along Dave's dick and as Tony released his own juices in an explosion into his friend's ass, Dave exploded onto the wall of the shower unit.

The two boys were breathless, the water beginning to cool and they held each other in a tight embrace, before their breathing slowed to allow them to face one another and lock together in a passionate kiss.

"Tony," it was John's voice. "Tony!" more urgent.

"Down in a minute, John."

Dave sighed.

"I suppose we had better get cleaned up and go down to breakfast," said Tony, but Dave's mouth found Tony's and the two boys kissed again and as Dave pulled back he said: "I'm not sure I could eat another thing."

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