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Chapter Twenty One

By Paul Schroder

the geeks

The boys had quite a day. Some of them managed to get blown to kingdom come on the paint-ball field and ended up painting the insides of their britches. But all has settled down now and they find themselves back up in Richy-Rich's bedroom slash game-room. Michael carries the narrative for us.

I guess I should really be pissed at Richy and Marc for making me poop my pants and scaring the living be-jezzes outa me. But my heart rate's been back to normal for a couple a hours now. My clothes are all freshly laundered and we've got Richy and Marc as our own little errand boys... heheheh. Their guilty consciences have them wanting to do everything they can to make it up to me, Jer, Ty, Kyle and the Weasel. And believe you me - I'm sure taking advantage of it!

"Hey Richy, when yer through bringing Jer his soft drink, come fluff up these pillows for me, will ya?" Heheheh!

"Sure thing Michael, I'll be there in just a second" he replies, rushing towards Jeremy with a can of root beer.

Jer and I are spread out on the couches in Trevor's bedroom, just doing our best to run the little dudes ragged. The rest of the boys are scattered throughout the room, playing games. I don't think anyone's really pissed at em or anything, at least not anymore. But they volunteered to do whatever it takes to make it up to us fer scaring us and all! Jer and I kinda giggled amongst ourselves and decided it would be kinda fun to see just how far we could push em before they blew up... har, har, har... snort, snort!

"Thanks" Jeremy giggles, as Trevor hands him the pop and then rushes over to my side. Jer gives me a big wink.

"Ohhh..." I groan, "my back is kinda sore, Richy, and these pillows are a little lumpy." I lean forward on the couch so Trev can reach the pillows in back of me.

"No problem" he says. "I'll just fluff these up for you, Michael. Would you like me to give you a back rub or a massage? I could maybe take my shoes off and walk up and down your back or something."

I look over towards Jeremy and he's giving me the evil eye. I guess that means no one is to be giving me back rubs but my own honey-bunny... har, har!

"Nah... that's okay," I say, leaning back onto the freshly plumped pillows.

"Oh... ooh!" Scooter waves his hand, "I want one! Me... me!" And he looks towards Timmy, who's lying beside him on Trevor's gigantic bed. Timmy just guffaws and says, "good luck, little buddy. You weren't one of the boys that got the crap scared outa them. You don't rate real high on the butt kissin' list."

That has me and Jer giggling pretty good. Besides, as sore as those little twins are, with all the welts covering their stomaches, chests and legs, I don't think they could lie on their bellies to get a back rub.

The twins' owies were real apparent after we all climbed outa the hot tub and dressed in the poolside dressing room. Scooter and Possum only got dressed as far as their boxers, cuz they were too sore to put clothes back on. When we wandered back into the house, Maria nearly had a conniption fit when she saw the twins.

"Madre mía, niños! What happened to you? Were you stung by the bee?"

"Yeah," Scooter snorted. "I got stung by a son-of-a-bee. My stinkin' brother shot me."

"Hey... HEY! You ain't little mister innocent, ya cum wad!" Possum rejoined, "I shot ya by accident and it was only like five or six shots. You fired like thirty or forty back at me."

The boys were practically forehead to forehead at this point and so Sammy and Timmy slipped between the two of em before they started punchin' it out again. That didn't stop the verbal exchanges, though.

"I just squeezed the trigger, ya goat humpin' finger sniffer. I didn't know how many bullets were gonna come flying outa that thing!" Scooter replied.

Timmy and Sammy actually had to start applying a little muscle at that point to keep the boys from coming back together like a couple of magnets.

"Finger sniffer?" Possom yelled. "I'll let ya sniff my finger after I stick it so far up yer butt I poke yer belly button!"

"ENOUGH!" Maria pronounced, loudly, standing with hands on hips. Wow... that's all it took to get those boys to deflate like a couple a air filled balloons.

"Yes ma'am! Sorry ma'am!" they both echoed together.

"Now, I am going to get something to put on your poor skins. But if I hear anymore of these kinds of talks, I'll get something to wash your tongues with! ¿entiende usted?"

They both nodded their heads so fast you could practically hear the BB's rattle.

So now both boys are stretched out on Trevor's bed, their skin glistening with ointment and obviously in a more pleasant frame of mind. I don't know what Maria used, but it seemed to take the sting right outa them welts and they're starting to go back to skin color. Humph... of course skin color on those two is kinda red to begin with cuz of all the danged freckles. And what's so darn funny is Timmy took a fine tipped marker pen and drew smiles and eye dots on each little, round welt. The boys are covered in happy faces! I wish I had a camera!

"Hah... I own ya now!" Scully's voice carries from the far end of the bedroom, where he's playing fooseball with Kyle. Sammy and Tyson are over there too, playing skeeball.

"In yer dreams, midget boy," Kyle answers. Then he looks towards Richie and inquires, "Where the heck is Marc? We sent him to the kitchen for some snacks and he's been gone forever. Do ya suppose he escaped and ran home so he could get outa being everyone's errand boy? Har, har, har!"

As if that were his clue to enter, the door swings open and Marc pushes a tea cart into the room. Only it ain't loaded down with tea! I see a big plate of sandwiches and a couple bags of chips. There's also a big pitcher of lemonade and some glasses.

"Look what Maria made us, guys" he hollers. "Toasted cheese sandwiches and chips. She said this should tide us over for a couple a hours until dinner time."

Marc continues to wheel the contraption over towards the home theater area and the couches where me and Jer are. The rest of the guys trot over like a buncha cheese addicts in need of a fix. Soon we're all sitting on the couches and munching away. Even the twins manage to perch tenderly on a couch.

"Yumm..." Possum exclaims. "This makes my happy faces really, really smiley." This makes both boys giggle. I don't know what Maria's gonna say when she sees Timmy's art work on these guys. I hope I'm in another room when she spots it.

"Don't spill nothin', guys," Jer tells us. "We don't wanna create a bunch of extra work for Maria, ya know." We all nod in response. She's a pretty swell lady and I think we all agree on that.

"Oh, don't worry about it, fellows," Trevor replies. "Maria has the cleaning people come in every day to do the house work. Maria just does the cooking and the bossing around. The cleaning people even do the laundry."

"Oh, that's cool," Jer responds. "I wondered how she could take care of such a big place by herself."

Marc gets a kind of sour look on his face and he says, "they used to have a full-time maid, but Maria canned her ass! She caught me and Trev kissing once and screamed and called us an adomin... an obomin..."

"An ABOMINATION!" Trevor finishes. Unlike Marc's sour, angry look, Trevor's face starts to cloud up like he's close to tears. Marc sees this and slides over next to his boyfriend and wraps an arm around him.

My enthusiastic chewing comes to an abrupt halt when I hear this and see Trevor's face. I glance over towards Jer and he has the same shocked expression on his face.

"Wha... what happened?" Jer asks them.

Marc looks up with a really angry expression on his face. This is obviously a terrific sore spot with him. He pulls Trevor into himself even tighter and says...

"Me and Richie were downstairs in the library. I was holding him and giving him a big smooch. The maid picked that time to walk in and she screamed out, "Perverts..." and, "You are abominations to God..." and a whole bunch of stuff. Trevor started crying but the woman wouldn't shut up. She just kept going on and on about the lake of fire and hell and lots of Bible stuff. She scared Trev really, really bad. Maria heard the yelling though and came running into the room. She figured everything out in a heartbeat and grabbed that lady by her hair and almost carried her out the front door. She was yellin' at her in Spanish and then she shoved her outa the front door."

I can see the tears coursing down Trevor's cheeks as Marc tells us the story. God... I wanna get up and go hunt that lady down myself and kick a new conscience into her. Before I even consciously know what I'm doing, I've wrapped my arms around the two of em and pulled em in for a tight hug.

Marc continues with, "Mr. Hamilton came rushing out of his study when he heard the yelling. I guess he got to the front door just as Maria tossed the witch out. We could hear Maria explaining what had happened. Well, Mr. Hamilton came into the library and picked up Trevor and gave him a big bear hug. I started to bawl then too and so he knelt down and hugged me too. Next thing I know, Mrs. Hamilton is there and it's a four way bear hug."

Trevor's leaned back against me so he can look at Marc while he continues the story. I just pat him on the belly while Marc says, "After we calmed down a bit, Mr. Hamilton sat down on the floor and pulled Trev onto his lap. Mrs. H sat down too and pulled me into a tight hug. Then Trev's Dad said...

"'Your Mother and I know that you two are very close to one another. Some adults would say you have a crush or a form of puppy love. We don't believe there is such a thing as puppy love... love is love, plain and simple. But that doesn't necessarily mean that you are gay. At your age, it's easy to love another person, boy or girl. It isn't a sexual thing, it is something from the heart. It isn't until you've gone through puberty that you will know for certain whether you are gay or not. That's not a thing you even need to concern yourselves with at this time. Your Mother and I have studied this issue quite thoroughly these last few months and believe we are pretty informed on these matters. We know, for instance, that there is nothing that can make a person become gay. It seems to be something innate in a person, carried right from the womb. Since it isn't a thing you have a choice about, it's pretty silly to think that God would fault a person for being that way. We're certain that God loves his gay children too. We will go to heaven based on our relationship with Him, not on how or whom we love.'"

Trevor pulls away from my hug and turns to look at me. He still has tears on his cheeks but there is a smile on his face now. He says, "Pretty neat parents, huh, Michael?"

"Yeah, dude," I respond, ruffling his hair, "the best."

"Damn!" Possum yells out, jumping to his feet, "Let's go find that witch's house and set her broom on fire!"

"Yeah," Scooter responds, jumping up from the couch, scattering enough bread crumbs to feed a flock of birds. "We'll drop a house on her and take her ruby slippers."

He's dancing in place now, waving his sandwich in his exuberance. "Then we'll make her eat eye of newt and toe of frog."

"Ha, ha, ha, ha!" Trevor's laughing, watching his little buddy's antics. "Eye of newt and toe of frog? My gosh, Scooter, what do you think we're having for dinner tonight? Do you have deja vu or something?"

Scooter stops his dancing, wrinkles up his nose and looks back at Richie. "Ummm... do you guys mind if I just have another cheese sandwich fer dinner?"

Jeremy is har, haring and snortin' like crazy. The rest of us are doing the same. I think we're all just glad that Marc and Trevor have pulled out of this little funky mood. Leave it to the twins to get everybody laughing again. Then Jer says, "hey, guys. Do you know what deja Moo is?" We all shake our heads no. "That's when you've heard the same bull before... giggle."

We're still shaking our heads no. But it means, "don't trade your day job,"

Possum is cackling and hunching over, pretending to stir a cauldron while reciting, "balls of boys and dicks of dogs, eyes of newts and toes of frogs. Yummy, my dears... when is supper?"

"Har, har, har!" Whoops... there goes Timmy. He's slid off the edge of the couch in a laughing spasm. And then Sammy's donkey bray joins in with Timmy's. That sets us all to laughing so hard that it's gut ache time. It takes a few minutes for us to calm down and when we do, Timmy says...

"So that's why I like you little dudes so much, huh?" He's looking at the Hughes twins who are smiling and basking in the glory that their mirth has brought. "You're a couple of witches. You've bewitched me, haven't you?"

That comment just broadens their grins and now they're nodding their heads. "Yup," Scooter replies. "Of course, our Adonis-like bodies had a lot to do with it too, ya know" and he strikes a muscle man pose.

Possum copies his brother and strikes a pose of his own. "Shit, yeah," he responds, "ya can't help but fallin' in love with bodies like these."

Now Sammy's starting to bray again and Tyson has slouched over on top of him, doing his impressive nerd snorts. The air is full of laughter, brays and snorts now! Oh God, that looks so funny. Two red-headed, little dudes posing like some kind of weight lifters. They're so skinny that I don't know what keeps their boxers from sliding down. And to top it off, they each have a couple hundred little red marks all over their fronts with tiny happy faces painted on em.

Marc and Trevor are chortling and laughing right along with the rest of us. And I have this expansive feeling in my chest that tells me I've gotten awfully close to these two. One thing I know for sure, teasing the two of them or continuing to make them feel bad about their paint-ball trick is no longer in the cards - at least as far as I'm concerned. It was obvious that they felt genuinely guilty about the outcome of their trick and that's why I wasn't really able to stay angry with them in the first place.

That's funny. Between Jeremy and me, I'm the one that's supposed to be the emotional one. But as I look over towards my huggy-bumps, I see him surreptitiously wiping a tear from the corner of his eye. I don't think these are laughter tears either. He was feeling Trevor's pain just as deeply as I was - the old softy. I scoot over next to him and bury my head into his neck and shoulder, feeling him wrap his arms around me and pull me in closely. Yeah, I don't love him just because he's a pretty face.

I've kind of zoned out on the other boys' antics, although by the laughter and raised voices they are still having a good time. I find myself getting lost in Jeremy's eyes instead. He's looking at me with this hungry, puppy-dog expression that always drives me nuts. It's a look that says he's entirely mine and he doesn't mind my knowing it. Or rather, the look says he wants nothing more than to have me know it. I move my lips in silent communication to him. "I love you," they tell him. He gives me a quivery smile in return and, this time, the tears are allowed to emerge from the corners of his eyes. This is his own silent communication back to me - "I love you so much in return that I ache."

Now there are two boys with tears leaking from the edges of the eyes. My face finds its way back into the hollow of his neck and shoulder once again, and we slide down so that we're lying, entwined, upon the couch. I can feel my heart beating against his - a good, solid, happy rhythm. I feel his breathe against my ear and then his little tender kisses. I don't even notice that the general noise and talking around us has abated.

The ear nibbling and kissing has stopped and I hear Jeremy giggling. "What?" I whisper to him. "Turn your head and see," he answers me. And so I turn my body so that my back is against him - spoon fashion, and look around. All the other boys are gathered around, kneeling next to our couch. Each and every one of them has the same gentle, warm smile on his face. And they are all watching me and Jer.

Normally this is the point where I would feel all self conscious and embarrassed and probably pull away from Jer. He seems to sense this and wraps his free arm around me and pulls me in even closer, kissing the back of my head. But the looks on the faces of the other boys releases me of any tendencies towards embarrassment. These are sweet and approving looks of friends whose hearts and minds are pretty much attuned to Jer's and my own.

Indeed, they are gathered around us in twosomes - or in Timmy's case, a threesome. And they are pulling their own respective partners in closer to themselves even as they watch us. I find myself smiling broadly at them in response.

Trevor breaks the silence, and the moment, with a quiet clearing of his throat. And he says, "Jeremy, would you mind raising up just a little bit?"

Jeremy, quite content to hold his spooning position behind me, seems to sigh a bit before he answers. "Ahhh... Trev! What the heck for?"

Trevor giggles back at him in response and says, "Because I'm still hungry. You guys are lying on my sandwich!"

"Har, har, har... snort, snort, snort!" Jeremy has started laughing nearly uncontrollably. And of course, this hits the rest of us like cascading dominoes. Soon we're all at the belly aching stage again and still unable to stop laughing. Especially when Jeremy reaches beneath us and pulls out a sandwich that more closely approximates a pancake. He reaches over to hand the sandwich to Trevor who just kind of looks at it and wrinkles his nose.

"Maybe I'm not as hungry as I thought," Trev replies. And of course this sets us all off on another round of belly pains. Marc wraps his arms around him and topples them from their knees to the floor. He then slides Trev's shirt up and starts chin tickling him. It isn't long until Trevor is thrashing around, squealing like the little piggy going to market. His heels are banging against the ground and he's hollaring, "Uncle... Uncle... UNCLE!"

Marc raises his face from tickling just long enough to say, "I ain't yer damn uncle! I'm yer Daddy!" And once again his chin is in the process of wriggling about Trevor's ribs.

Oh God... oh God, I can't catch my breath! Sammy is braying... Timmy is braying and the twins are doubled over in mirth. Kyle is snorting just as nerdily as Scully, their arms wrapped around one another, tears flowing! Even as badly as my stomach is aching right now, this is a moment that I would like to carry with me for the rest of my life. This is what it means to belong heart and soul to a group of people who are friends way beyond being friends. I love these guys so much - I think I would die for any one of them.

And just as suddenly as I was laughing, I find myself sobbing uncontrollably. I quickly swivel around and bury my face once again into Jeremy's neck. God, why do I have to be such a weeny baby? Jeremy is rubbing my back and patting me, making shushing sounds.

"It's okay, sweety... I feel it too," he whispers to me. Even as I wonder if this can be so, the most surprising and heart-rending thing happens. I can feel the separate kisses of nine different boys on the back of my head and multiple hands are patting me and rubbing me. I couldn't begin to describe the soothing effect of this. It is so soothing, in fact, that I find myself drifting off to sleep. The excitement of the day and of my emotions catching up to me.

I had a dream, though I can't for the life of me recall one small bit of it. I just recall floating sensations and laughter and I have the memory of kisses and the smell of sweet cheese breathe. Slowly I wake up, not at all certain as to how long I have been sleeping. The sweet cheese breath is real enough, as Jeremy's sleeping face is just inches away from my own. I can hear the chings and bings of games in the background - the other boys are entertaining themselves.

I take this opportunity to look over the relaxed features of my sweet Jeremy. Oh God... he is so beautiful. Someone, perhaps Jer himself, had removed his glasses and set them on the armrest of the couch, just above our heads. I'm looking at the closed lids and the unblemished skin of my closest friend. Such eyelashes truly belong on a girl; they are way too long and curly to belong to a boy. I've looked at him often while he has slept, marveling every time at his beauty. In repose, this is the face of an angel; awake, it more closely resembles an imp with eyes full of mischief and humor.

The dark, black hair of his brows arch above the closed lids. His forehead is slightly hidden beneath a mop of black hair that softly frames it. I gingerly and tenderly trace my finger down the narrow bridge of his nose and feel the slight indentation caused from years of wearing heavy, horn rimmed glasses. And then I allow my finger to continue tracing its way down to those soft, full lips that thrill me so passionately when they press against my own. Women spend a fortune on injections to get lips as full and pouty and perfect as these. They are slightly parted and he is breathing, evenly, through his mouth. Just a hint of those perfect, pearl white teeth are visible. His breath has always had such a clean, sweet odor and now it's slightly flavored with the cheese of his recent sandwich. Indeed, a few, small crumbs adhere to the corners of his mouth and dot the rounded contours of his chin.

My heart swells with tenderness and especially with pride to think that this boy, nature's crowning glory, desires me as his soul mate. As we lie on our sides, facing one another, his left arm lies beneath us, but his right arm is wrapped protectively and lovingly around me.

I can no longer just look at him. My hand slides from touching his lips towards the back of his head. I pull him forward, into me, and press my lips against his. The warmth and softness are exquisite. He takes a sharp intake of breath and his eyelids flutter open. Soon my kiss is being returned just as ardently. We are nose to nose and I am staring into the most perfect brown eyes God has invented. I watch his pupils dilate until most of the brown is replaced by black. He is drinking me in with his eyes... and now with his tongue as well.

We finally pull away from our kiss but retain a tight hold around one another's waists. We've pulled our partner in as close as we possibly can so that we are grinding our bellies and crotches together. One thing is obvious, my boy is as totally wicked hard as I am. We grind into one another as we stare into each others smiling face. Could life be more perfect?

"POSSUM! You're proof that our Mother was raped by a goat!"

"We're twins, Einstein. That makes you a goat boy too... ya dog breath."

Jer and I both giggle. We can tell that the bantering is light and it's nothing more than the twins playing some game together. I guess Possum must have scored a point and Scooter took exception. Both of the boys are chortling now, involved in their game play.

Suddenly a face pops into view from over the backrest of the couch. The grinning visage of the Weasel is smiling down on us. "I thought I heard kissy-smushy sounds over here," he tells us. "Hey guys... they're awake," he yells over his shoulder.

Drat... I was hoping we could get a little naughty with one another while the guys lost themselves in the games and stuff. But I guess it isn't in the cards. Now Kyle's face swings into view beside the weasel boy. "Hey you two, you slept clear up to dinner time. Trevor's Dad phoned to say that he and Mrs H. were stuck at a company party until late. He told Maria to order pizza for us. It should be here pretty soon. Trev said we oughta just eat down by the pool and swim some more. Sooo... you guys wanna dip yer skinnies some more?"

This gets Jeremy giggling. "Why don't all you younger guys go wag your weenies at each other down in the pool area. I think me and Mic wanna just stay up here. Save some pizza for us though."

Sammy's voice pipes up from nearby. "We second that motion. Me and Ty wanna stay up here too. We got stuff to uhh... to discuss... chortle."

I lift up my head and look in the direction of Sammy's voice. Ah, ha - he and Ty are curled up together on one of the other couches.

Scooter or Possum's voice squeaks from somewhere in the game section. "Yeah, come on guys. Let's just us younger ones go weenie wagging... hee, hee, hee. The bigger guys proly want to do some adult stuff with their weiners, giggle."

"Oh, gross..." the other one replies, "they're probably gonna gargle with each others man juice or something."

"Ewwwww... shut the hell up, Possum." Tyson rejoins. "That's just plain sick, dude. Besides, the kind of juice we choose to have with our dinner is our business... har, har, har... snort, snort!"

The whole room busts up over that rejoinder and then Timmy's bass voice sounds out with...

"Yeah, you guys. Let's let these boys have a bit of privacy. They need to console one another after what you guys put them through on the paint-ball field today. You can all wag your weenies at me down at the pool. I always enjoy the view... ha, ha, ha!"

"Ha, ha, ha! Okay, come on fellows," Trevor adds, "last one in the pool has to kiss Timmy's weiner."

There is a mad rush to the door as four youngsters try to beat their friends to the pool to avoid this prospect. Both Scooter and Possum are taking their sweet time. In fact they're pushing one another in attempt to be the last one to the pool... for obvious reasons. Timmy is following them and grinning like a turkey that hid the farmer's ax.

"You know," he tells them, "you could both cooperate instead of fighting and have a dead last tie. Brothers are supposed to share, ya know."

The two redheads grin at one another and put their arms around each others shoulders. They continue walking towards the door. One of them tells Timmy, "get in front of us, dude. You can't be the last one to your own weeny kissing party... chortle."

Soon there are just us four older ones left in Trevor's room and we are all grinning at one another.

"God, those boys are a hoot!" Sammy says, chuckling.

"Heck ya," Ty responds, "I wouldn't dare use some of the language that comes outa those boys' mouths... hee, hee, hee."

The four of us then commence to snuggle back down again with our respective partners. Jer has a big, warm smile for me.

"Are ya glad I sent the rug rats packing?" he whispers to me. Then he gives me a peck on the nose. I just nod in response cuz I've got something more imaginative in mind to do with my lips than use them for talking. I pull his face in close to mine and commence to try and suck the breath from clear down in his toes.

"Bang!" The bedroom door collides with the wall and four heads fly out of the couches to look towards the sound. It's Maria, with a cart loaded down with pizza boxes and soft drinks. We sit further up and try to put innocent little boy looks on our faces... chuckle.

"Oh," she says, "where is everyones?"

"The other guys are in the pool, Maria." I tell her.

"Oh," she replies, "well, you niños take a couple of these pizza boxes and some drinks. I will take the others their share."

"Cool!" four voices exclaim at once. We all vault over the backs of the couches and head in her direction.

"The boxes with the 'P' are pepperoni and the others are plain cheese" she tells us. We grab one of each and four cans of pop.

"Thank you, Maria" we echo one another. And soon she is wheeling the cart out of the room.

"Do you suppose we should warn the others on the intercom that she is headed their way?" Sammy asks us.

"Naw," Ty responds, "let em get caught with their dicks exposed. A little embarrassment will be good for em... he, he, he."

The four of us settle together on one of the couches and set the boxes and drinks on the coffee table. Jeremy pulls the table up against the couch and we all sit cross legged and start munching. Tyson leans against Sammy and Sammy puts one arm around him, pulling him in closer.

God, that brings such a smile to my face to see these guys together, so comfortable with each other. And to think, Sammy almost blew it so that he wouldn't have this love of his life. As though he is able to read my thoughts, Sammy gives me a big wink and smile and pulls Ty in even closer.

Jer seems to be a mind reader as well. He looks at me with a warm smile and a mouth full of pepperoni pizza. One hand is holding his half engulfed slice and he uses the other hand to caress my cheek with his fingertips. He looks so cute, chewing away. He has all the table manners of a swine, however. But he's my swiney boy and I love him.

"So," Sammy's voice interrupts my lascivious thoughts, "how long have you guys been boyfriends?"

Jer swings in their direction, leans back against me and says...

"Only a few weeks now, actually. We've been friends nearly all our lives. But I guess it wasn't until puberty reared its head that we knew just what our feeling were for each other. Boy... trying to get Michael to admit he was gay was like trying to pull teeth."

"Uh, uhhhh!" I defend myself. Then, thinking for a minute, I respond, "Well, yeah... maybe, I guess. I suppose. Har, har, har... snort, snort. Hell, I didn't wanna be no pansy weeny licker... har, har, har."

But then I look over to our buddies, all snuggled on their corner of the couch, and I give them a big wink. "But, I gotta admit," I continue, "someone's weeny is just made for licking. I know it's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it... har, har, har... snort, snort!"

Tyson grins back at us and says, "me n Sammy owe you guys big time, you know." Sammy wraps his free arm more fully around his boyfriend and snuggles his chin into the crook of Ty's neck. And then he responds, "I came so close to losing this guy forever. You guys saved my bacon and I'll have your backs covered forever. That's only a portion of what I owe you guys."

Jer is grinning and chomping his pizza at the same time. The "smack, smack, smack" would probably sound disgusting to most people, but it's acting like an aphrodisiac on me. It sorta sounds like two people having sex together... well, the kind of sex we haven't had with each other yet. I swear I gotta boner you could fly a flag from. And that makes me think about tonight. Shoot, eleven dudes spread around in sleeping bags isn't the sort of sleeping arrangements I'd prefer. I mean, I only have the weekends to spend nights with Jeremy. And tonight's opportunities are shot cuz we're gonna be surrounded by a bunch of little kids. I know one thing for sure, me n Jer are gonna zip our bags together and, if it's dark enough, and the others fall asleep soon enough, I'm gonna do some Jeremy exploring... heheheh.

"Listen, guys," Sammy says, "I already told Trevor that the four of us were requisitioning the couches to sleep on tonight. I don't care where the rest of em sleep but me and Ty are taking one of the hide-a-beds."

"Hide-a-beds? Wow," Jer says, turning towards me. "These couches turn into beds, Michael! And Sammy has one reserved for me and you."

Me and Jer slap each other a high five. "Coolest," I reply. "And the others can't see us over the backrest of the couches... giggle."

"Ha, ha, ha, ha!" Sammy laughs. "Yeah, and me and Ty promise not to look over at you dudes too often tonight... ha, ha, ha, ha."

"Har, har, har," Jeremy retorts, "don't forget we can see you guys as easy as you can see us... snort, snort."

Tyson giggles. "Yeah," he says, "I'll worry about that as soon as you guys grow x-ray vision and can see through a couple a sleeping bags."

That has Sammy braying like a damn jack-ass again. God, him and Timmy have the most distinctive laughs. I really can't poke fun at em though, not with my nerdy boy snorts... heheheh.

Sammy says, "I might waggle mine at you boys a few times to show ya what yer missing."

God, I feel myself coloring up quite nicely at that jibe. "That's okay," I respond, "I really won't be missing a thing tonight, thank you."

"Besides," Jeremy responds, "we'll just stick Scully and Kyle in the middle bed and they can be our privacy wall... har, har, har."

"But you know, don't ya," Sammy continues, "that all those little dudes are gonna lie as quietly as they can so they can hear everything that goes on from the other side of these couches. Then they're gonna giggle and poke each other every time they hear something that even remotely sounds sexy to em."

Damn... he's right. I can feel my boner withdrawing right up inside my belly. It probably won't come out until Labor Day now. Shoot, even with a pillow over my face, I ain't gonna be quiet enough. Me and Jer are both a couple of pretty loud moaners. Why, the very first night I spent with Jer, his little brother came to Jer's room to warn us that we were being awfully loud. And the embarrassing part is... Jer's Mom heard us too.

Crap and double crap. Maybe me and Jer can sneak off to one of the hot tubs or somethin'. Jer is looking at me like he's reading my mind. And no doubt he probably is. He knows I'm pretty shy about this kinda stuff. I mean, I love doing stuff with him and all, it's just that I ain't no circus sideshow for the peanut gallery.

Jer just giggles at me and then whispers in my ear. "Don't worry about it, cutie. We'll work somethin' out, I promise." Well, that just grows me a grin from ear to ear. And he's still making those erotic smackin' noises with his pizza and so Mister boner is starting to wonder if it's Labor Day already... heheheh.

And work things out we did. The Timmy trio ended up on the floor and I think the three of em even managed to fit inside two zipped together sleeping bags. I doubt there was much going on outside of show and tell with any of the younger guys though. And true to Sammy's word, you coulda heard a pin drop in that bedroom. You coulda heard it land on the carpeted floor too, it was so quiet in there. Then finally one of the Hughes twins hollered out ,"fer fuck's sake... would you guys get on with it already? I don't wanna miss nothin' and I'm starting to fall asleep."

I heard Timmy bray over this outburst. I'm pretty sure the three of them were all spooned together. There was giggling coming from Trevor's bed too. As huge as his bed is, the two of em refused to share it with any of the other guys... ha, ha, ha. That's why the Timmy trio ended up on the floor.

Scully and Kyle seemed to be content to just spoon each other. I could hear their soft snores shortly after the lights went out. There were a few obvious sounds coming from Sammy and Ty's end of the room. But I was too busy crawling all over Jeremy to pay much attention. I'm sure it delighted the twins though, if they managed to stay awake.

I don't think any of em were still awake when the anticipated groans came from mine and Jer's bed. I think we even managed to wait until Sammy and Ty fell asleep. Probably a good thing too: I wasn't any quieter than normal, even with the pillow... heheheh!"

All is well that ends well they say. It's good to know, after that paint-ball fiasco, that there were no hard feelings between the boys... well, not counting the obvious hard feelings under the covers later on.

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