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Old Juan

by SeaBird

Chapter 6 - Regaining Equilibrium

Life slowly returned to the Family, Juan continued his work with The Home. He took great joy in being around the boys and they, without exception, looked upon him as their own, personal Grandfather!

Charlotte bought a home in Hurley, next door to Danny and his family. She never remarried.

David Fellows resigned as High School Principal so that he could return to the University and obtain his Doctorate in Education.

Danny Moralis became Principal, a position he would hold for the remainder of his working career. Like his Father, he was held in great esteem by the students and was known universally as "Mr. Dan"!

Juanito's son, Juan Robert Moralis continued in his Uncle Bobby's footsteps and won an appointment to Annapolis. Upon graduation he entered the Marine Corps and served for the next thirty years, attaining the rank of Brigadier General.

Carlos' two sons stayed in Hurley, Edward Carlos Moralis joined the Sheriff Department and would eventually fill the position of County Sheriff like his Uncle.

Juan Carlos Moralis became an Elementary School Teacher and would replace his Father as Principal when his Father retired.

Bobby and Charlotte's son, Edward Juan Moralis attained a degree in Political Science at the University of New Mexico and entered a lifetime career in politics.

His sister, Gail Edwina Moralis became a Pediatric Surgeon and was the Chief of Pediatric Surgery at University Hospital in Las Cruces.

Phillip never married, he became General Moralis, US Army.

The Moralis Foundation Corporation continued to prosper and the Moralis Boy's Home grew to an international reputation. The Moralis Schools had waiting lists years long, some parents entered their children's names on the waiting list at birth!


June 6, 2039 – We are sad to report the death of beloved Hurley resident, Mr. Juan Edward Moralis. Mr. Moralis was a philanthropist of the first order, he founded Moralis Boy's Home, The Moralis Schools and was Chairman of the Board of Moralis Foundation Corporation. His son, General Phillip Moralis, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, read the eulogy. Another son, Mr. Roger Moralis, Former Secretary of The Department of the Interior under two administrations, led the Formal March to the Cemetery. Mr. Moralis' Grandson, The Honorable Edward Moralis, Governor of the State of New Mexico ordered all flags flown at half mast in Honor of Mr. Juan Edward Moralis. The Funeral Cavalcade began at the Rotunda of Moralis High School, it was led by the High School JROTC Drum and Pipe Company, followed by the JROTC Color Guard and Honor Guard. More than 4,000 men, all graduates of Moralis Boy's Home marched behind the casket, paying honor to their benefactor. Mr. Moralis leaves a great hole in the hearts of many, this reporter included, I was a Moralis Home Boy. Mr. Moralis was 90 years old and a native son of Hurley. The youngest Moralis Brother, Dr. James Moralis, PhD assumes the Position of CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Moralis Foundation Corporation.


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