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Jenner & Brown

Part 4

Written by Daniel Self

Jenner arrived back at school first, and busied himself unpacking as he waited impatiently for Christopher to arrive. The summer term was his favourite and even though this one would be busy with exams and preparation for them, there were four weeks or so after that where there would be little to do and lots of time to do it.

There was a knock on the door and Shaw came in looking very brown.

"Hi Jen, good holiday?"

"Not as sunny as yours by the look of it," Jenner replied.

"Been to the Canaries. Brown back yet?"

"Not yet."

"Still in love?"

"Oh yes," Jenner grinned, "madly deeply!"

"How did the week at your place go?"

"It was good thanks and ... I came out to my parents!"

"No. Blimey. What did they say?"

"They said they guessed, that it was perfectly obvious that Chris and I were in love."

"Haha - well they weren't wrong there," Shaw laughed, "and did you get to find out about what happened at his old place?"

Shaw had been intrigued about Christopher's history since Jenner had confided in him about Christopher's reluctance to talk about why he had been expelled. Shaw had urged him to let Christopher take his time and he had been happy to follow the advice. Somehow the right opportunity never seemed to come up, but Jenner knew that it still gnawed at Christopher sometimes and that both of them would be happier when the secret was shared.

"No - not yet, but I have been thinking about it and I think maybe the time has come to come straight out and ask him. I want to know, and I think he needs to tell me."

The conversation was interrupted by Christopher's arrival. Jenner almost ran to him and the two boys embraced each other and kissed.

"Yuck. I'm out of here," Shaw laughed. The boys broke off for a moment.

"See you at supper." Christopher called after him as he went out closing the door behind him.

The two boys kissed again, long and hard and would happily have made love there and then, but Christopher told Jenner that his father was still downstairs.

"I need to say goodbye and can you come and help me with my trunk, and you should say hello to my dad anyway."

"Okay. Come on then," and they went downstairs and out of the main door to Christopher's father who was stood by his car waiting for them. He greeted Jenner who shook his hand.

"It's good to see you again Edward. Good holiday?"

"Yes thank you sir."

The three passed a few minutes in chatting about the last week.

"Well boys, I must be getting back." He ruffled Jenner's hair. "Look after him," he said smiling.

"Always sir," Jenner beamed and looked at Christopher who gave his father a kiss.

Christopher's father got into his car as the boys waved him off and then walked back up to their room, sharing the weight of Christopher's trunk.

"You kissed your Dad goodbye," said Jenner "That's nice. I don't think I ever saw anyone here do that before."

"Well they should," said Christopher adamantly, "not that I used to."

"What changed?" Jenner asked as they arrived at their room.

"I'll tell you in a minute," Christopher replied, "but I'm going to get a cup of tea first, do you want one?"

"Please," Jenner said, looking around the room for his book that he had put somewhere when he had unpacked but which now seemed to have disappeared.

Christopher returned a few minutes later with three mugs of tea and Shaw whom he had met again in the kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil. Jenner was slightly disappointed to see Shaw because he had hoped that Christopher might have something interesting to say about kissing his father and that maybe he could steer the conversation around to talking about his old school.

Christopher handed Jenner his tea and then sat next to him on his bed. Shaw lay down on Christopher's bed. He no longer asked, it was the way the three of them always seemed to arrange themselves when they were chatting together in Christopher and Jenner's room.

"Do you ever kiss your dad goodbye Shaw?"

Jenner was surprised that Christopher was continuing the theme. For a moment, Shaw seemed to have to think about the answer, but then said that he didn't, they only shook hands.

"What about at bed time then, you know, when you're at home?" Christopher directed the question to both Shaw and Jenner.

Jenner smiled to himself. Only a week ago the answer would have been no, at least not for years, but the memory of his good night kiss to his father after the long talk that had taken place in the Jenner home when his father had come home on the evening of Christopher's departure was still warm and fresh in his mind.

"I did last week actually," Jenner said

"Nah!" said Shaw. "You?" he asked Christopher.

"When I got expelled from my last school," Christopher began, reaching for Jenner's hand and holding it tightly.

"It was for being queer, well not exactly for being queer, but because the headmaster caught me and Marcus having sex." Christopher looked down at his lap, but seemed determined to carry on.

"Only that probably wouldn't have got me expelled except that Marcus was his son..."

Shaw interrupted, "The Marcus that was in that story in the paper last term?"

"Mmmm," Christopher mumbled and Jenner felt the grip on his hand tighten.

"Marcus was nice, and not a bit like his dad. He used to like me because even though he was older than me, I used to help him with his French, he was useless at it, and I don't really remember how it happened, but one day he just told me that he loved me and kissed me, and I thought I loved him too and he was so kind and we started by playing with each other, if you know what I mean, and eventually we..."

Christopher hesitated to draw breath, unsure of how shocked Shaw would be at his story or indeed how jealous Jenner might be.

"...we, well we did what queers do, at least, Marcus did me.

"Marcus told me that his dad would kill him if he ever found out, that he was really anti queer stuff, even boys who got caught wanking with each other got in major trouble. We were really secret, not like Edward and me here, but somehow his dad must have got suspicious, or someone else hated him so much that they told him, to spite him through Marcus, anyway, he burst in on us when Marcus was fucking me. He went berserk. He smacked Marcus all around the face and then started on me, smacking my head really hard and slapping my face and calling me dirty little shit. Marcus was bigger than me and much stronger and pulled him off me and I ran out back to my dorm. I thought he was going to kill me, I didn't even have any clothes on, I just ran."

"Fucking hell!" Shaw was dumbstruck. Jenner put his arm around Christopher.

"And I just put my gym kit on because it was all I had in my dorm except my pyjamas and I shut the door and sat on my bed crying, and all I could hear was Branston shouting at Marcus and then at anyone that got in his path, because by then every one in the house was probably out in the corridors to see what was going on.

"I sat against the door knowing that he was going to come for me and then he tried to open the door. I screamed and cried, but he stopped pushing and shouted through the door. 'You can stay in there you filthy little pervert. You can stay in there until your father arrives and takes his stinking little queer boy son away from my school.

"I heard him shouting that any boy that opened my door would be following me out of the school gate and then it all went quiet. I was just crying and I was scared stiff about what my dad would do when he came. I thought he would probably be the same as Branston."

Shaw and Jenner sat in silence, Jenner close to tears himself as he thought of what Christopher had gone through, Shaw just amazed that anyone could be so horrible and be a headmaster. Christopher seemed to be gaining some inner strength from telling the story and continued.

"I just sat there for hours against the door in case he came back thinking about what he said about my dad coming and about what he would be doing to Marcus. It got dark, and I got up quickly to switch on my light then sat back against the door. Later a note got pushed under it from my friend Chalmers saying that my dad had come and there was a lot of shouting in Branston's study. It had 'good luck' written at the bottom." Christopher was reliving the event, and smiled as he remembered the scribbled note.

"Eventually there was a knock on the door and my dad's voice just said "Christopher?" I panicked and started crying again and screamed at him to leave me alone. That must have hurt him so much, but I was so scared. He called my name again and said to come out, that it would all be okay and that we were going home. I was so tired and confused, I didn't know what to do, then Chalmer's voice said 'Come out Brown, please.' I asked who else was there and Chalmers said it was just him and my dad. I got up and opened the door. My dad just stood there and I knew he had tears in his eyes and he picked me up in my gym kit and kissed me and carried me down the stairs with me sobbing and clinging around his neck, out to the car. Chalmers followed us down and sat in the car while my dad went in and got my stuff out of my room, just little bits, he brought them down in my overnight bag. He said thank you to Chalmers who said goodbye to me and got out of the car and walked back to the house. I never even said thank you or goodbye."

"I should think you were in shock," Shaw said.

"I was weird for days when I got home, but my dad never left me. He sat next to me at night until I fell asleep and we did things during the day, just things like read, or we made a model plane as well and watched some telly, but mostly we talked, and I thought he'd be so angry, but he wasn't at all. He told me that I should always love myself, even if I was different, and he would always love me and support me and that we would find a new school for me where it would be okay, and that's why I kiss him goodbye. Because he loves me and I love him and I suppose in a way I'm really lucky because if it hadn't been for what happened I might not have ever found out."

The room went quiet. Jenner was still holding Christopher's hand, but now it felt more as though it was Christopher holding his. Christopher felt strong in a way that Jenner had never experienced before, strong and happy.

"Fucking hell Brown. Fucking hell. You poor fucking sod." Shaw knew that Christopher didn't and never would know the answer to other questions, what happened to Marcus, why had he killed himself.

"Well I'm glad you came here," he said instead. "And if I was queer, I'd be jealous as hell of Jenner."

Jenner smiled and Christopher laughed.

"Your so sweet sometimes Shaw," Christopher leant over and kissed Jenner. "I'd better do some unpacking."

"Better leave it until after supper now. You've only got ten minutes," and he held on to Christopher. He didn't want not to be holding him for a while.

* * *

The three boys chatted for a while before heading to the dining room and supper, and it was nearly ten when Jenner and Christopher returned to their room after eating and lots of catching up with each other's news in the common room. Jenner turned on his bed side lamp and turned off the main light of the room. He put on one of Christopher's favourite CDs quietly.

"At last," he whispered to Christopher, "alone."

The two boys began to kiss and quickly fell to Jenner's bed writhing together and starting to take off their clothes. They were quickly both topless and pulled away from each other to remove their shoes and socks, their trousers and their pants. They lay down naked, caressing and kissing, licking at each others necks, rubbing nipples and grinding their hard cocks against each other. Jenner bent round to take Christopher's cock in his mouth and in a moment the two boys were sucking greedily at the other's cock, pinching scrotums with their lips and rubbing cocks slick with the sweet oil of their pre-ejaculate.

Jenner took Christopher's cock from his mouth and gazed lovingly at it as he stroked it gently with his fingers.


"Mmmm?" Christopher's mouth was full of Jenner's hardness.

"Chris, I want you to fuck me."

It had always been Jenner who had penetrated Christopher. Neither of them had ever talked about why. It just seemed the right way, but since hearing Christopher's story earlier that evening, Jenner had felt a desperate need to feel the strong side of Christopher fill him. It had always been Jenner who made the connection, who pushed his cock into Christopher, but tonight Jenner wanted to be taken.

"Edward, it will hurt," Christopher said as he reached into Jenner's bedside drawer for the tube of KY they kept there. "It might hurt a lot."

He wasn't trying to put his friend off, he had always longed to enter Jenner when the time was right, but he remembered the splitting pain of Marcus's sixteen year old penis the first time it forced its way through the reluctant muscles of his sphincter. He remembered it with pleasure now, but he also recalled how he had bitten hard on his pillow to stifle the scream inside him.

"I need you, need you so much inside of me." Jenner was almost begging his friend who quickly rubbed some of the cool gel around Jenner's tight darkly fleshed hole. Christopher worked his index finger around the hole and pushed gently. It slipped in to the knuckle and he moved it round in a circular motion hoping to relax the clenching muscles of Jenner's ring. Jenner sighed in anticipation. He rubbed his own cock and watched the purple head of Christopher's as Christopher rubbed the lubricant over it and down the shaft. Christopher gently inserted another finger into Jenner's hole and saw him wince.

"I'm okay Chris, I'm okay," he panted. Christopher hoped that he would not hurt him. He moved round between Jenner's legs and raised them resting the back of the ankles on his shoulders. He wasn't sure if this way would hurt more or less than doing it with Jenner on his knees, but he wanted to see Jenner as he entered him. He shuffled up closer, his cock touching the skin between Jenner's balls and his hole. He rubbed the head of his cock at the opening adding to the lubrication with his own juices that now dripped from the eye.

"Put it in me Chris, now, please."

"Hold my cock and guide it in," Christopher said to him and Jenner reached down and held Christopher's cock as Christopher leant forward. Jenner guided the tip as it probed to find its home and gasped as the head settled against the hole and pushed at it.

"Push!" Jenner reached round to Christopher's buttocks and pulled him to him.

"Oh fuck stop! Oh bloody hell!" Jenner swore as the pain seared his anus and the bulbous crown of Christopher's cock seemed to tear him apart, but he clenched Christopher tightly holding him still, but not letting him pull back.

"Again," breathing out heavily. Christopher pushed slowly and then pulled back a little. Jenner pulled him into his body again.

"Again, oh fuck Chris, fuck me." He looked longingly at Christopher who push deep from his hips, relishing the new sensations on the length of his cock as it fucked for the first time.

Jenner seemed to relax a bit as Christopher, supporting himself on his arms, began to pump his cock in and out of the tight ring of flesh that held it. His balls ached, desperate for the relief of orgasm, but Christopher was determined to last more than a few quick thrusts and slowed and accelerated his rhythm, hanging on the edge of cumming. He looked at Jenner who now reached for his own cock which had briefly gone flaccid, but was now hard in his hand as he wanked it, pulling his foreskin fully up and down his slick head.

Christopher's pace began to quicken again and he knew he had to cum. He began to thrust hard into Jenner's hole slamming his pelvis against the firm cheeks of his lover's backside. Jenner suddenly exploded, his cock shooting a spurt of cum past his head as Christopher's cock pushed against unexplored organs inside him. The sight of the cum brought Christopher over the edge and he called Jenner's name as he pumped semen into his insides, pulsing waves of cum that rippled up the vessels of his cock bringing pleasures beyond any he had experienced. A final push and he groaned as he held his cock in Jenner, super sensitive, unable to bear another stroke against the throbbing head.

Christopher lowered himself gently down onto Jenner's heaving body and Jenner reached around him holding him tight and kissing at his mouth. Christopher's cock remained hard inside him, filling his hole in a warm and comfortable way that left Jenner feeling contented and happy.

"That was beautiful," he whispered in Christopher's ear. "So beautiful."

Neither boy could say anymore; the act had said everything and they both felt a new completeness to their relationship. They were hot and both bodies were slippery with sweat and Jenner's semen. The air carried the mingled perfumes of their soap, shampoo and cum as they lay together breathing heavily in the glow of their sex. At some stage, Christopher softened and rolled off Jenner, cuddling up behind him, and the two boys fell asleep.

* * *

The long summer term seemed to pass in no time as the boys enjoyed each other and the company of their friends at school. The exams had been and gone, the results never in any doubt for the two hard working and bright boys, and anyway as Jenner said to Christopher,

"It's too bloody late to do anything about it now."

The last two weeks had been the best of times: free of the pressures of exams and still deeply in love, the long hot days seemed to last forever. Christopher, Jenner and Shaw spent the days talking and walking and swimming down by the river that had been worked to form a large pool at one side of the grounds. The three often ended the day seatedt at the end of the short wooden deck that led out into the water, bare feet dangling in the water, sometimes talking but often just reading or watching the sun going down.

Once again Christopher was to travel straight to Jenner's house, this time for two weeks after which the two boys were to travel to Greece for two weeks with Christopher's mother and father.

On the last day of term, Jenner's sister Alex was waiting outside the Jenner's house, sitting on a cast iron bench, waiting for the return of her little brother, now fifteen, and the boyfriend she had heard so much about but had yet to meet. 

The sound of the car on the gravel drive announced the boys' return home with Jenner's mother and father. Suddenly Alex felt slightly shy and decided to wait by the bench for a moment as the boys got out of the car. What she saw filled her with joy. There was her favourite little brother with his very handsome looking boyfriend walking towards her, holding hands. She thought that they made a perfect pair, so smart in their school uniforms, so confident in each other and their world, and most of all she realised that her beloved little brother was no longer a boy, but a growing young man, a young man very much in love.

"This is my sis. ..." Jenner beamed with pride reaching for Alex's hand, "... and this is Chris."

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