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Part 3

Written by Daniel Self

Special thanks to Paul for his time and editing.

Saturday afternoon was cold and grey, neither of which pleased Kip or Oliver because it was also the day of the inter-house rugby finals and loyal support was mandatory. The Wilson twins had joked about it saying that Kip and Oliver should enjoy an afternoon of watching hunky boys running around in shorts all afternoon trying to grab balls and by the time the four of them had set out to the misty chill of the playing fields, well wrapped up in warm coats, scarves and gloves, they were all in good humour. There were several matches on, but they had decided to watch the Junior finals between Blenkin and Welstead, the teams selected from the fourth and fifth years of each house.

The match itself held little excitement for any of them, although Kip had been happy for David who had scored a try in the first half and Oliver had been happy that he was happy. The boys had been playing a silly word game and paying very little attention to the game when they became aware of disruption on the pitch and someone being carried off on a stretcher. Ten minutes later the game was over, a victory for Blenkin, and the boys returned thankfully to the cosy warmth of Kip's room, tea and the almost inevitable "Sorrow in defeat" cake provided by the twins, although as Oliver pointed out, for him technically it was "Joy in victory" cake, not that he was aware of feeling especially joyous.

It wasn't until tea that Kip heard that it was David whom they had watched being taken from the field on the stretcher. Apparently his head and face had been cut badly and he had been taken to hospital although he was now back in the med. centre for observation in case of concussion. Kip found Oliver after tea.

"I think we should go and see him." He proposed to Oliver having explained about David.

Oliver was less sure, but mindful of David's intervention on their behalf the previous evening agreed to Kip's suggestion.

"What are we going to take him?" Oliver asked.

"What do you mean 'take him'?"

"Well, you always take something when you go to visit someone in the med. centre because they're ill. It's tradition isn't it?"

Kip thought for a moment. "I bet he'd like some Jaffa cakes - they're his favourite I think."

"Have you got any?"

"Course not."

"Well we can't go out to the shop after six and it's nearly seven now."

"We could ask Fisher. Prefects can do what they like" Kip suggested and the two of them set of to find Fisher calling in to Kip's room for some money on the way.

Kip was nervous. For all his friendship with Fisher, he had never been to his room or specifically asked him for any favours, and he hoped Fisher wouldn't think he was taking advantage of his friendship by asking. He knocked on the door.

"Come in"

Kip opened the door enough to poke his head around the corner. Fisher was sat at his desk obviously working.

"Are you really busy at the moment?" Kip asked.

"Never too busy for you, Kip." Fisher grinned and then looked a little more serious "Something the matter? Come in properly" and he beckoned to Kip, slightly surprised to see Oliver follow in after him.

"Ah - a deputation" Fisher laughed, guessing that there was unlikely to be anything the matter with Kip if Oliver was with him.

"Can you go to the shop for us please?"

Oliver echoed the please.

"For some Jaffa cakes?"

Fisher laughed again. "Well that doesn't sound like too serious a problem. I presume the Jaffa requirement is desperate and urgent?" he asked slightly tongue in cheek, but reaching for his coat.

"Stone's in med., he got hurt in the rugby this afternoon. We were going to go and see him. No one else will, and Jaffa cakes used to be his favourites."

Fisher looked at Kip, surprised and deeply touched by his loyalty to a friend who had treated him so badly. He smiled warmly and ruffed up Kip's hair.

"You really are a good 'un Kip" and looking at Oliver "You got a good 'un there"

Kip handed him some money.

"You wait in here, I won't be many minutes."

The boys looked around Fisher's room and sat down, Oliver on an armchair in the corner and Kip at Fisher's desk.

"It's funny isn't." Kip said quietly to Oliver, "you feel almost like you have to whisper because you're in a prefect's room. It's like being in the library."

Oliver who was sitting on his hands nodded.

"Hey look at this!" Oliver got up to see what had caught Kip's attention. On the notice board at the back of Fishers desk was a poster with the photographs of the twenty or so fourth formers new to Welstead that term and a row of boxes, most of which had been ticked. Kip, curious followed his own row. All but one box was ticked and he traced his finger up to the column heading. "Happy sharing room" it said. Oliver leaning over Kip's shoulder said,

"Well, he can't really know that now you have a room of your own can he."

Kip nodded

"I suppose not.", but he was slightly put out that he might be on record as someone who wouldn't be happy sharing a room. David Stone had been a bit of an unfair test. Now if he had shared with Oliver...

Fisher returned slightly breathless.

"There you go; One pack of Jaffa cakes, thirty three percent extra free and 89 pence change" he smiled handing the Jaffa cakes to Oliver and the change to Kip. "You'd better go, matron won't let you in after eight!"

"Thanks Fisher!" the two boys spoke in unison and Oliver led the way out. Kip turned round and smiled again at Fisher. "Thanks." He carefully closed the door and the two boys set off to the med.


The med. centre had a distinct smell that Kip remembered from the medicals at the end of the previous term and Oliver remembered from his own in the first week of term.

Oliver whispered,

"I don't like the smell in this place." Kip grinned nodding and knocked quietly on the open office door where the school matron was sat at her desk writing. She turned around.

"Oliver, Oliver Jackson, yes I remember you," she smiled. Oliver reddened conscious that her most recent memory of him was probably him coughing as the school doctor held his balls in his hand.

"But I don't remember ..."

"Kip miss" Kip was anxious to see David.

"Well Kip and Oliver, what seems to be the problem?"

"Nothing with us Miss." Kip explained, "We came to see David Stone."

"Ah, I see." she studied the two for a moment as though assessing their intentions, "I was beginning to wonder if he had any friends."

She smiled, the remark was only made in jest, but Kip thought sadly to himself that it was probably true that he hadn't many at all.

"Well he's just through there", she continued pointing to a door across the hallway, "He'll be pleased to see you, he's feeling and looking a bit sorry for himself."

"Thank you, Miss."

"Half an hour, that's all" she said as the boys left her office.

Kip looked through the small glass window in the door and could see David propped up in bed by a mass of pillows. He was lying on top of the bed clothes in his pyjamas, the top open showing his chest.

"Fuck!" Kip muttered to Oliver. David's face was a shock, badly swollen around his nose and left eye which was partially closed and several butterfly stitches clearly visible on his cheek and an area on the side of his head that had been shaved.

Kip opened the door and walked in. Oliver hung back for a moment but followed him.

"Kip!" David reached the remote control from his bedside and switched off the almost inaudible television.

Kip was upset. He had never seen anyone so badly hurt and it was all he could do to greet David with a smile.

"Fucking hell Rocky!" Kip struggled for something to say "does it hurt still?"

"No, not really, it looks much worse than it feels." David smiled as best he could, but the effort obviously hurt his swollen face.

"Hi Jackson! Thanks for coming."

"What happened? All we saw was you going off on the stretcher."

David looked at Kip, but he didn't reply. There was silence for a moment then Kip remember the Jaffa cakes he was still holding behind his back. He grinned at David.

"We got you something."

"To cheer you up a bit" Oliver added, and Kip said "Ta da" and produced the Jaffa cakes.

David took them but the unexpected treat seemed to release something in him and rather than the smile Kip had expected to see David started to sob, laying them down in his lap. It was nearly more than Kip could bear to see the friend who had once meant so much to him and been so strong for him looking so lost and pathetic. He grasped David's hand and held it tight. Oliver touched Kip on the shoulder.

"I've got to go for a pee" he whispered. Kip nodded, knowing that Oliver was offering a few minutes alone with David. He sat down on the bed next to David and wrapped his arm around him, remembering the comfort that Fisher's gentle rocking had once brought him and now did the same for David. David spoke still sobbing.

"I'm glad you're still my friend," and he held Kip's free hand. Kip kissed the top of his head gently, "I'm glad you're still mine," he said and continued to rock David gently. The sobbing stopped and Kip took his arm from David's shoulder, aware that the affection so needed one moment could seem strange a moment later. David looked at him.

"It wasn't an accident. It was fucking Farrow, he trod my face in deliberately."

Kip had already guessed that what was what had happened, that David was as he was because he had spoken out for him and Oliver the evening before.

"He's a bastard. Does anyone else know?" Kip asked, determined that if none else did know, he would make sure they did.

"I don't know." David could not really remember anything much of what had happened that afternoon.

"Well someone should." Kip said. The talk of practicalities seemed to have settled David a little and he looked at Kip, a little more like the David that he knew.

"Where's Oliver gone?" he asked.

"He had to go for a pee." Kip smiled.

"He's nice! - is he really your ..." David fumbled for the word, "... your boyfriend?"

Kip grinned and nodded, not ashamed but proud and thrilled that David had asked.

"He's nice." David repeated.

"Thanks David." Kip realised that he had probably not called David by his real name since he was nine. "I love him."

David gazed at Kip for a moment and then looking down picked up the Jaffa cakes. The door opened and Oliver returned standing behind Kip. Kip looked up at him. David struggled to open the Jaffa cakes and passed them to Kip.

"You open them." he yawned and lay back on his pillows.

"Save them for later, eh?"

Kip put them on the bedside cabinet next to the carafe of water and octagonal glass that were already there.

Matron came in a few minutes later to find David sound asleep, Kip holding his hand and Oliver stood with his hands on Kip's shoulders.

"You've tired him out then?" she spoke with a gentle authority that suggested it was time for the boys to leave.

"Thanks, Miss." Kip let go of David's hand, "Let's hope he's feeling a bit better in the morning."

The two boys left to return to Welstead together. Kip was quiet and was surprised and pleased when Oliver took hold of his hand as they walked.

"What if someone sees us?" Kip asked.

"What if they do?"

Oliver swung their two hands and arms back and forward.

"I shall tell them that I love you and I didn't know it was against the rules to hold hands!"


The boys arrived in Kip's room with cups of coffee in hand. Kip closed the door and pushed the rubber wedge quickly under it, although there were very few boys about, many having gone away with parents for the weekend after the rugby matches. They both put the coffee on the desk and embraced, tightly and passionately, kissing and biting at each other, each holding the others backside tightly to them as their crotches rubbed together, sliding and bumping over their stiff cocks.

"I wish you could stay." Kip whispered as he bit gently on Oliver's ear. "I wish we shared and you never had to leave me, ever."

Both boys knew that an overnight stay was impossible, that to be caught, which would be the inevitable consequence, would result in early curfews, probably for both of them and they would be unable to see each other at all, certainly for days and probably for longer.

"Is the wedge in tight?" Oliver reached for Kip's tie, pulling it undone and beginning to undo the stiff white buttons of his school shirt. Kip giggled.

"If someone tries to get in, I'll never have time to get my shirt back on."

Oliver only replied with a "mmmm" as he sucked on one of Kip's exposed nipples. Kip felt there was something abandoned about Oliver, a passion and need that had not been there before. Their sex play had always been very gentle and controlled, ever mindful of the possibility of interruption, but this was different. He felt his loosened shirt being pulled of his back and Oliver's warm hands slide down the sides of his torso as his mouth licked and kissed its way down to his navel. Oliver removed his own tie and began undoing his shirt as he continued to taste the soft, clean smoothness of Kip's slender, taut stomach. He pulled it off over his head as he kicked off his shoes, then reached down and pulled off his socks letting Kip's body take his weight as he leant against him for balance.

"What if someone comes in?" but Kip didn't care any more, kicking of his own shoes. Oliver knelt by him taking off his socks and then stood. The two boys held each other, consumed with their desires, caressing and kissing, licking, biting as they struggled with one another's belt buckles. Their loosened trousers fell to their ankles and Kip stepped out of his as Oliver once again knelt down and pulled Kip's restraining briefs, already clearly dampened at the front, down to his knees.

He looked up at Kip as he wrapped his hands around one of Kip's thighs and slid them up.

"Lie down," he whispered loudly at Kip who lay on the floor as Oliver removed his briefs and the last of his own clothing. Kneeling beside Kip, he pushed his lips, formed in a tight ring,over the head of Kip's cock, easing his foreskin back exposing the hot purple of the head to the slippery caress of his tongue. Kip reached for Oliver's cock, groaning quietly with the intensity of the feelings and the unexpected strength of Oliver's lust.

Oliver straddled Kip's naked body, shuffling up on his knees to bring his cock to Kip's face as he leant back to grasp Kip's cock which he began to rub gently up and down, his fist slick with the sweet oil that now oozed steadily from Kip's cock. Kip lifted his head and fed hungrily at the cock before him, pushing his tongue under the foreskin. The combination of Oliver's regular stroking of his own cock and the taste and muscular hardness of his cock in his mouth was too much and Kip knew he was about to cum. Oliver seemed to sense it and suddenly moved down Kip's body sitting down over his cock so that it rested in a slick fleshy triangle formed by his buttocks and Kip's heaving belly. He began to rock back and forward over Kip pulling the foreskin back and forward under him. Kip looked, overloaded with pleasure as he saw the hard tip of his cock emerge and disappear just below Oliver's tight scrotum. He shouted Oliver's name and felt his sperm like liquid metal pushing through his cock to spurt onto his belly and the soft underside of Oliver's balls.

Oliver gently rubbed at Kip's nipples and then scooped some of the warm spunk from his hairless body. Kip felt a hand at the crack of his backside and a finger, slick with his own sperm pushing at his hole. Oliver was looking at him and Kip knew what he was asking. They had never tried this together. Kip had done it to Paul once because Paul had asked him to, but Kip had never tried even a finger in this, his most private place. He felt Oliver's finger push in to him and he whispered to him

"Be careful."

Oliver's finger slid gently in and out of him for a few strokes, then he gently turned Kip over and raised his backside. Kip felt the head of Oliver's cock pushing gently, feeling so much larger to the untested nerves of his tight wrinkled opening. He gently leant back just a few millimetres testing the resistance of his ring again the size of Oliver's cock. He stopped, and felt the twitching muscles of his anus adjust to the new sensation. A little more, and all the while, Oliver's hands played on the soft white of his buttocks and the small of his back, letting his lover control, remaining still despite the primitive urges that begged his hips to thrust forward and penetrate. Kip leant back a little further and Oliver sighed as the crown of his cock slipped past the resistance of Kip's body and his cock slowly slid deeper into him. He gazed down, overwhelmed, partly by the sensation but more by the magical sight of the joining of his and Kip's bodies, a connection so physical and real.

"Oh Kip," he leant forward resting his weight on Kip's back, reaching below him to fondle his cock which was already beginning to harden again. Kip felt Oliver's hardness pull back and then push in him again. His rhythm began to hasten as the raw needs of his sexual desires took over from his emotions. Kip felt Oliver holding him tightly, clinging to his back as his orgasm drove him harder against Kip's arse desperate to empty himself, all of himself, through the flesh that joined them. Kip felt complete as Oliver half panted, half cried over him. He wanted to turn around so he could see his face, kiss his lips but he remained on his hands and knees and then slowly lowered his own body and Oliver's. They lay on the floor, Oliver breathing heavily into Kip's ear, his forearms clamped around Kip's shoulders as his cock softened and spent, slipped from Kip's tightness. Oliver rolled to one side and Kip turned to face him laying his head on Oliver's outstretched arm, gazing into the face he loved and stroking his head.

"Thank you," Kip whispered, almost too quiet to hear.

Oliver grinned back. He felt strange, as though something had happened to him, something that changed him in the same way that his first orgasm alone in his bed had changed him not much more than a year previously, and his mind was filled with the image of their two bodies linked.

"I saw how we joined, how I went into to you Kip."

Kip smiled, not quite understanding what Oliver meant but knowing that Oliver was happy and that he was part of that happiness.

"You know what I'd like now?" Kip giggled

"I can't - not so soon" Oliver's smiling reply was mischievous

"Not that! What I'd really like is...", he lifted himself up and looked at the clock on the desk.

"Is a bath, a hot bath with you."

"With me? In the bath at the same time?"

Kip nodded.

"There's no one about and we've got time before you have to go." Kip stood up and went to his bed where he rummaged under the pillow for his pyjamas.

"You wear the bottoms and I'll wear the top." he grinned throwing the blue paisley patterned bottoms at Oliver who caught them and pulled them on. He looked down at himself and laughed.

"They're a bit short!"

Kip grabbed his bath towel from the radiator and the boys set off to the bathroom, Oliver taking his uniform ready to put back on afterwards. As Kip had expected the bathroom was empty. The boys went into the end cubicle and Kip turned on the taps.

"It'll only take a minute," he said removing the pyjamas top and standing naked in front of Oliver. He giggled,

"They are a bit short, or you're a bit tall."

Oliver pushed them down to his ankles and stepped out of them. Kip hugged him.

"But I like you being tall."

He turned the taps off and the two boys looked at the water as though it were something new.

"How are we going to do this?" Oliver asked "I mean, who sits where?"

In the end Oliver got in first and they discovered that if he raised his knees slightly, there was just enough room for Kip to sit between his legs with his back facing him. The bath was perilously close to overflowing with two bodies in it and as Oliver leant back Kip was able to float resting almost weightless on top of him. The room was quiet and the sound of their breathing echoed against the white tiles of the wall. Oliver spoke quietly,

"Was it alright, what we did? I mean, I didn't make you sore or anything did I?"

"It was weird, like it felt like I'd had a wank and just cum only it just kept on feeling like that, you know, like it feels all nice and warm just afterwards."

Oliver squeezed him.

"I'm glad it was okay," he kissed the top of his head, "it just seemed like tonight was the night, I think it was Fisher earlier on, it made you being my boyfriend seem..." Oliver struggled with the thoughts in his head "I don't know, just something so extra special, that's all."

Kip gazed up at the bare bulb hanging from the cable high above the cubicle, moving his arms gently in the water.

"It felt extra special for me too." he said. The quiet was suddenly broken as the main bathroom door opened.

"Kip! Kip!"

Kip sniggered looking over his head at Oliver who held his finger to his mouth.

"Kip, are you in..." Paul Wilson walked into the cubicle to see Oliver and Kip sitting together in the bath.

"Ooops. Sorry!" He looked at them for a moment then turned around, embarrassed but also very amused to have found his two friends in such an unlikely situation.

"Only, have you got some of that powdered milk in you room, cos there's no milk left in the kitchen?"

"In the bottom drawer of my desk!" Kip replied barely able to contain his own giggles as Oliver grabbed his cock and started to wank it. "Oliver, stop!" Both boys burst out laughing.

"I wasn't doing anything" Oliver protested his innocence.

Paul shouted back,

"Behave! Thanks Kip, is it okay if I get it?"

"Yes, help yourself."

The boys clambered out of the bath and dried each other off as the water drained in a noisy spiral from the bath. Kip dressed in both the top and bottoms of his pyjamas and looked on as Oliver buttoned up his shirt and knelt down to lace up his shoes. They hugged and kissed briefly and then mindful of the time left the bathroom, Oliver heading down the corridor to the stairs and Kip to his room where he climbed into his bed, content and happy.

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