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Flying a Plane

Written by Daniel Self

This story is a little of the beaten track. I'd be interested as always to receive any feedback. It is rather long, but didn't seem to lend itself to splitting in two. This story may be unsuitable for minors and contains content that may be illegal in some countries.

"It's about time you were out of bed Matthew!"

"Yes Mummy."

Matthew looked at the clock on his bedside table and decided that eight thirty was late enough this morning. Picking up an old railway ticket that he used for a bookmark, he put down his book and got out of bed. The air felt warm and he pulled back the curtain to look down the garden, pleased to see a cloudless blue sky. It was the third week of the summer holiday and this was the first day that looked like summer. He opened one of the drawers in the chest below the window and rummaged around for some shorts and a plain white t-shirt. He looked out of the window again, trying to gauge whether to go for bare feet and sandals or socks and trainers for the day.

He got dressed in front of the full length mirror of his wardrobe, taking a moment, as he did most mornings to admire his own nakedness and to wish he was a bit taller. He made a face at himself and then pulled on boxers shorts and the t-shirt. Staying barefoot for the moment, he headed out of his room and down to the kitchen where his mother was washing up the breakfast things.

"It looks nice out there." he said to his mother as he opened the cupboard that contained the breakfast cereals. He poured some cereal into the bowl that awaited him on the table, and topped it up with some milk from the large milk jug. He picked up the bowl and spoon and started to eat.

"I do wish you would sit down when you're eating darling."

He sat down at the table. His mother continued,

"It does look nice. Do you have any plans for the day?"

Matthew hadn't thought about it. He finished his mouthful.

"No, but I thought I might go out in the rec. and have a go with my plane."

The rec. was the name given to the council owned recreation ground that his suburban home backed on to. The end of the garden had a large wooden gate that opened straight out to it. There were public tennis courts and a 9 hole putting green, a small open air pool and a large wooded area, but most of the rec. was just open lawns interspersed with a few trees that provided welcome shade on a day like this. The rec. had been one of the big appeals of the 1930's house in the commuter town where Matthew had lived since he was nine. He was thirteen now and although he boarded at school, he had always been glad of the proximity of the rec. and particularly the pool during the long summer holidays.

"I might even get a chance for a swim."

"Mmm. That's nice darling. Well I shall have to go into town for some shopping later so if you want to come..."

"No thanks Mummy."

"Yes - well if you do go to the rec., remember to lock the French windows when you go out. "

"Yes Mummy."

He finished the cereal and washed up the bowl. His mother went from the kitchen leaving him free to open the fridge and drink a few gulps of orange juice straight from the carton. He belched and went back up to his room to get his book with the intention of sitting at the kitchen table reading whilst he drank a cup of coffee.

"Is there anything you need from the shops?" his mother asked when she returned to the kitchen.

"No thank you Mummy."

"Well, I'll be getting along then. You be good, and don't forget to lock the doors if you go out."

"I won't. Bye Mummy, see you later."

He heard the car being started up and the diminuendo of engine noise as it set off down the road. The house was quiet. Matthew went upstairs to his room again. A couple of hours of privacy were not to be wasted, and he switched on his computer, waiting impatiently for it to load up. He opened his media centre and selected one of the dozen or so films he had downloaded, and picking up the remote, went to lie on his bed, dropping his shorts and boxers to the floor on the way.

Propping himself against his pillows, he looked across to his reflection in the wardrobe mirror and then back at the screen. The pictures of young naked men sucking cocks and fucking each other were familiar and Matthew began stroking his own hard penis as he anticipated every spurt of cum, every groan and sigh that flooded his mind from the screen. He pressed pause and looked down at at his own shaft, grasping it and stroking between his own thighs. Although not as large as those on the screen, he liked the shape of his cock and knew from schoolboy comparisons that he was better equipped than many boys of his age. He pulled his foreskin back revealing the plum coloured head, wincing slightly at the tightness of it and wondering how the men in the films could bear having it back all the time. He tried spitting on his hand and rubbing the throbbing crown, but the sensation was too much, and feeling the tight insistence of approaching orgasm in his balls, he eased the soft sheath of skin awkwardly back over his glans and resuming the video began wanking in earnest, fondling his balls and between his thighs. As his orgasm began, his buttocks clenched tight and he thrust his hips upwards off the bed as his cock pumped six spurts of his fluid white seed across his belly and chest and under his chin.

As quickly as it had begun, the wank was over and the semen wiped away with a tissue taken from the box at his bedside. He watched the video for a few minutes more, but his interest was lost. He stopped the video with the remote and jumping off his bed as though starting the day afresh, he dressed, this time putting on his sandals. He shut down the computer and went downstairs to the kitchen to indulge in more orange juice straight from the carton and another cup of coffee.

Matthew looked up at the large kitchen clock, enjoying the idleness of his day so far, but feeling ready for a change of scene. He went upstairs to get the electric radio controlled model aircraft that had been the star turn at his birthday party at school, but although now assembled and carefully transported in the back of the car at the end of term, it had yet to have its maiden flight. Taking the two lithium batteries that had been in the charger since the first day of the holiday and putting them in his pocket, he took the box under his arm and set of for the rec. carefully locking the doors to the French windows behind him and secreting the keys in the old clay pot with a long since wizened Geranium in it that was the family keepsafe. As he walked down the garden towards the gate to the rec. he looked down at his crotch ensuring that there was no telltale seepage from his softened cock. He thought about his wank and the men on the video. He wished he had a boyfriend he could play with.

"Come to that" he pondered to himself "a friend fullstop would do." and he found himself already guiltily looking forward to the start of the next term at school and the familiar friends that he missed during the long summer especially.

The gate had once been a door and had a key which was in the lock and attached to a loop of string long enough to slip comfortably over Matthew's head. The string had been his idea, he had dreaded the trouble that would have been had he ever lost the key from his pocket, and this seemed much safer. Locking the gate behind him he looked across the huge expanse of lawn that constituted the majority of the rec. It was mostly deserted, a few people sat here and there on benches and some younger children playing of the wooden swings and fort at the other side of the rec. that the council houses backed on to. There were the sounds of laughter and play coming from the pool, so there must have been people there, but they were hidden by the large Leylandii hedge that surrounded the pool area to shelter the bathers from the wind. The sun was hot on the jet black hair of Matthew's head and he wondered if it might have been a good idea to wear his cap, but he wasn't about to go all the way back for it now.

He walked out more or less to the centre of the rec. and settled down on the ground to install one of the batteries in the aeroplane. The task was more fiddly than he had expected and as he was struggling with his large fingers in the small space of the seemingly inaccessible fuselage he became aware of being watched. He looked up to see the face of a boy he guessed to be his own age, although, like just about every other boy of his own age, slightly taller than himself, looking at him from a few metres away.

"Hi" he said, feeling a little embarrassed at his obvious inexperience. "harder than it looks." He smiled at the boy, taken aback slightly by his appearance which, if Matthew had had to put into words would have included the adjectives cute and pretty. The boy's slightly effeminate blond topped face betrayed no emotion or response and Matthew resumed his struggle with the battery which became twice as difficult now that he knew he had an audience. Eventually though he succeeded and he set the aeroplane down facing away from him and took hold of the remote control from the box. He set about testing the various surfaces, all the time watched intently by the boy. He smiled again feeling almost compelled to break the silence between them.

"This will be her first flight." he grinned, inviting a conversation, but there was no response.

"It was my birthday present, but this is the first chance I've had to give it a go, the weather's been really crap this summer hasn't it?"

Still no answer, but at least a hint of acknowledgement. "You can take being shy too far." Matthew thought to himself and decided to press on, ignoring his silent companion. He did not ignore him for long though as the boy stepped forward and picked up the plane. He was careful enough, but Matthew thought it was a bit rude without asking. The boy was bigger than him though, and suddenly Matthew was aware of his own vulnerability and that of his aeroplane.

"What do you think?" he asked, with a slight edge to his voice. Matthew thought there was a bit of a smile, but there were no words. The boy appeared to be studying the aeroplane intently, almost as though reading a book. Matthew gave him a moment and then;

"Can you put it down now please. I'd like to give it a try."

The boy made no response and Matthew began to feel panic creeping in. He didn't know how much the aeroplane had cost, but he was sure it had been a lot of money, and it was his birthday present, and what did this kid want with it anyway?

"Please put it down now." Matthew repeated, trying hard to sound assertive but failing even to convince himself. "Please."

"He wont!"

Another voice behind him. Matthew turned around. A boy on a bicycle, much older than himself and judging from his accent from the estate across the rec. looked at the boy.

"Ya won't will you Simon!"

"He has to. It's my plane." Matthew said trying to keep calm and suddenly aware of sounding very middle class.

"He's simple. `Simple Simon' aren't you?" the older boy shouted at the boy as though he was deaf. Matthew reddened with shame.

"He's simple -don't talk." he said only slightly more quietly to Matthew.

Matthew felt awkward. He didn't like this older boy at all and he didn't want this Simon to think that they were on the same side, but he did want his plane back undamaged.

"What can I do?" he asked, addressing his question to no one in particular.

"Just wait mate. He'll give it back when he's finished looking at it, Try and get it off `im and he'll break it." The older boy looked at Simon again and shouted at him again.

"'Cos you're a dumb arsed twat aren't you. Fucking twat."

The boy looked at him briefly apparently unfazed by the abuse. The older boy pedalled off on his bike, chanting "Simple Simon,fuck twat pie-man" as he went.

"I'm sorry." Matthew said deeply humiliated by everything that was happening and conscious of being close to tears. He sat down despondent on the grass next to the box and controller. Simon sat down too.

"You will let me have it back won't you?" Matthew said quietly. The boy ignored him but put the plane down and smiled, then got up and started to walk off.

"Thank you." Matthew said as he began packing the things back in their box desperate to exit the scene as fast as his dignity would allow.

In bed that evening Matthew could not get the face of the strange boy in the rec. out of his mind. He had told his mother about him, but she only seemed pleased that he had found a friend, which he did not think he had done. He wondered if the other boy had been truthful about the boy not talking and if he had, Matthew wondered what was wrong with the boy. Was his name really Simon or was that just a nasty name? Most of all though, Matthew remembered how beautiful the boy was. His pretty face and blond hair and his slim body were all attributes that Matthew found attractive, features he always looked for in the men that were in the videos he watched. He decided that he would go to the rec. again the next day and see if he could get to know the boy better, although he struggled to imagine quite how he might do that if the boy really didn't talk.

* * *

Matthew was up again at eight thirty the next morning and was feeling excited about the possibility of seeing the boy again. His mother was going to be home for the day and he told her at breakfast that he was going to go out to the rec. again with his plane.

"That will be nice darling." she had said as she washed the breakfast things. "Perhaps you will be able to play with Simon"

"Mummy - I don't even know if his name is Simon." Matthew pointed out to her. He was going to add that thirteen year old boys playing with each other probably meant something completely different to him than to her, but thought better of it.

He went upstairs and once again removed the ever patient batteries from their charger. For a moment he thought about fiddling about with getting them in place before going out, but the weather was lovely again, and the time it took him doing it in the rec. would allow longer for the boy to come and see him if he was going to. He said goodbye to his mother and set of down the garden to the gate. He unlocked it, and hanging the key round his neck ventured through it to the wide green expanse of the rec. The mowers had been out early on the grass and the air smelt of summer. There were fewer people around than the previous day, and Matthew wondered if the pool might be closed to the public as he could hear no sounds coming from behind the trees. In the hope of recreating the scene of his first encounter with the boy, he returned to the middle of the rec. and settled down to install the batteries, a job that to his surprise took only seconds this time. He looked up and smiled to see the boy standing close by again looking at him.

"Hi again. You okay?"

The boy didn't answer, but smiled recognition. Matthew was encouraged.

"Is it true you don't talk, or was that other kid just making it up?" he asked. Suddenly the question seemed stupid and he remembered something they had done in maths the previous term about some aliens that always told the truth and other aliens who always lied and how you had to think of a question that you could ask one of them to find out if he was a truth teller or a liar. The boy looked at him smiling, but said nothing.

"Doesn't matter anyway I suppose." Matthew felt slightly uncomfortable, not the uneasiness of yesterday, but the fear of saying something that might be offend or upset the boy.

"Do you want to be friends?" Matthew asked in an effort to show his good intentions. The boy smiled and Matthew smiled too hoping that a smile was for `yes' and wondering what might mean `no'.

"D'you want to sit down? It's making my neck ache looking up all the time." Matthew said, tiring of squinting in the bright sun behind the boy.

Matthew watched as the boy smiled again and sat down cross legged on the grass next to him. He thought he really was very good looking, and his smile was worth every bit of the effort it took to raise it. The boys slim legs and arms were quite brown. He wore khaki coloured shorts that were unfashionably short and a white t-shirt that hung loosely on him. Matthew noticed that he was barefoot and tried to remember if he had been the day before as well.

As Matthew checked his plane over, he began to relax a little more. He was not naturally very gregarious and had been finding the task of making all the conversation a strain, but as he grew used to the silent presence beside him, he found himself appreciating the quiet and the attention.

He looked at the boy, wondering about his name and realised that the boy did not know what he was called.

"I'm Matthew." he grinned, holding out his hand. The boy took his hand and shook it hesitantly holding for just a second longer than friends usually did. Matthew remembered how the boy had seemed to be reading his plane the day before and was conscious now of being read himself. The boy smiled again.

"Is your name really Simon?" Matthew asked trepidaciously.

The question was met with what Matthew was beginning to recognise as an affirmative face and decided that his name must really be Simon.

"I'm sorry about that other boy yesterday. He wasn't my friend, I never saw him before." Matthew still felt that he owed Simon some sort of apology for the previous day. "... and, well if you want to be friends, I'd like to be your friend."

Matthew suddenly felt very awkward. He'd made it sound as though he was doing Simon a favour which wasn't his intention at all.

"Only I go away to school, and I haven't really got any friends here so it would be good to have someone to hang around with for the holidays." he added hastily.

Simon smiled again and then, to Matthew's surprise, held out his hand to shake again. Matthew took it firmly in both his hands and shook it vigourously.

"Friends then." he beamed and he felt that Simon beamed back.

Matthew turned to the model which was ready for its first flight. He stood up and picked up the plane, walking a few metres with it and placing it on the ground facing into the little breeze that there was.

"I think we should give it a go, don't you?" he called back to Simon who remained cross-legged on the grass watching Matthew intently. Matthew started the small electric engine and holding the controller in his hand backed towards Simon keeping his eye on the plane the whole time. He crouched down next to him and pointing at the controller explained rather clumsily that the key to a good take off was speed, lift and using the rudder to stop the plane spinning off to one side.

"Here we go then..." and he pushed gently with his thumb. Both boys stood up as the aircraft began to bounce along the grass quickly picking up speed, but their excitement was short lived. Matthew had not noticed the clods of damp mashed grass that the mower had thrown up that morning, and as the plane raced along, it caught one with a wheel. The nose dived and the plane somersaulted and span landing on it back, it's rear end clearly broken.

"Oh shit!" Matthew looked at Simon who was no longer smiling. "That's bust it."

Matthew ran to fetch the plane and brought it back carefully, the tail section hanging loose from the rest of the plane.

"I don't think the body will be a problem, but I don't know about these wires and bits." he said looking glumly at the damage. "I should have checked the runway first. I'll have to get my dad to help me fix it, but he's away `til Friday night so that's it with flying for a few days."

He looked up at Simon who was peering at the model and looking distressed.

"I'm not a very good pilot am I" he tried to raise a smile form Simon. "Don't worry. We'll get it fixed."

Simon held out his hands and Matthew passed him the wreck that only minutes before had promised such fun. Simon poked a finger in the fuselage and held the tail section at an angle peering into it. He grinned at Matthew and still holding the plane started to walk away.

* * *

"...and he looked like he was going to fix it for me so I let him take it." Matthew was trying to explain to his mother.

"Whatever possessed you? How could you have been so stupid? It wasn't cheap you know. Your father could have helped you sort it out at the weekend, but no. Not fast enough for Mr. instant-gratification. Well I doubt you'll ever see the plane or this Simon again. I sometimes wonder where we went wrong with you Matthew, I really do."

Matthew felt his eyes welling up, stung by his mother's appeal to her sensible grown up world and desperately hurt at the prospect of Simon betraying his trust.

"He will bring it back. He's nice. Just because he doesn't talk doesn't make him a Simple Simon fuck twat pieman."

There was silence. Matthew had never used the word fuck in front of his mother and wished that he hadn't now. He felt the trail of a tear running down the side of his face.

"I'm sorry Mummy."

"I think you had better get yourself up to bed, don't you?" was the stony reply. He turned and ran up to his bedroom angry and ashamed. Slamming the door behind him he flopped down on to his bed.

"He will bring it back, I know he will." he reassured himself through his snivels as he changed into his pyjamas. He went to the bathroom, cleaned his teeth and started back to his room, standing a moment on the landing hoping that his mother might call or be coming up, but all he could hear was the muffled sound of the television from the living room. He looked at his watch which was showing nine thirty five. He had never been to bed so early in the summer holidays. It was still very light. Drawing the bedroom curtains had not seemed to make the room dark enough to consider sleep so he open them again and lay on his bed reading his book and unknowingly clutching his penis, an adolescent security blanket.

He was still propped up against the pillows, his book in his hands on his lap two hours later when his mother went up to bed. She looked in at her sleeping son and smiled, taking the book from his lap and drawing the curtains. Leaving his door open a crack and the landing light on as always she went to bed herself, thinking how quickly her son was growing up and what a warm and kind heart he had for the world. She hoped his faith in people was not about to be unkindly dashed.

* * *

Matthew came down for breakfast after a shower, feeling slightly sheepish. The anger of the previous night had mellowed now to embarrassment and he hoped that no more was going to be said about his language. He was happy to be greeted by his mother as usual and sat at the kitchen table eating a bowl of cereal and drinking a cup of coffee.

"Are you going to the rec. again today darling?" his mother enquired.

"Mmmm" Matthew responded, glad of a full mouth that obliged him to say no more.

"Well I'm going out to the hairdresser's later so if you're out when I go I'll leave the key in the usual place."

"Thanks Mummy." he called after her as she left the kitchen to go upstairs.

After swigging more than half a carton of orange juice, Matthew ran upstairs and quickly cleaned his teeth. He was anxious to get to the rec. and, he was sure, to see Simon again. He stopped a moment in his bedroom and looked in the mirror on the wardrobe, thinking about how attractive Simon was and, unjustly, thinking how dull his own rather short body must seem by comparison. Matthew was short, but he was well built, broad shouldered and a face that naturally rested in a welcoming smile. His eyes were bright and their soft green sat well under his mop of black hair. Posing briefly, he decided he would do, and grabbing together the box of bits for the plane set off to the rec. shouting a goodbye to his mother.

Matthew could hardly conceal his delight when he saw the distant figure of Simon in the middle of the rec. and ran towards him. He reached Simon breathless and hot and sat down next to him holding out his hand. It seemed very formal, but Matthew felt a strong need for more feedback from Simon than silence and a smile. Simon grasped his hand with both of his and for a few seconds the boys held hands and smiled at each other, Matthew feeling that his own voice would spoil the conversation of touch. Only as they released each other did Matthew take in the plane that was set on the ground next to Simon looking almost as it had done before the catastrophic take off attempt of yesterday.

"You fixed it!" He looked carefully at the repair that had been done with more patience and care than he would ever have been capable of. Even the line of the red stripe decal that ran the length of the fuselage had been carefully touched up in a matching paint.

"You bloody hero." Matthew could have hugged him. "How did you do it, it's so neat?" For a second Matthew considered the possibility that Simon had had help, but he said nothing, determined in his own mind that it was all Simon's work.

"If that was me" he continued "there would be paint all over and gluey fingerprints everywhere" he laughed. Simon looked on grinning and obviously proud and pleased to have excited his friend so much.

"Did you fix the insides too?" Matthew asked hardly daring to hope that the plane would ever actually get to fly. Simon did not reply but reached for the controller and circled the joysticks. Matthew watched in amazement as both rudder and elevators responded to his touch. Unable to contain himself any more Matthew rolled round behind Simon and hugged him tightly. He was delighted about the plane, but most of all he was delighted that his trust in his friend had been vindicated. Still holding Simon tightly Matthew said

"I'm so glad it's fixed Simon, but most of all, I'm glad it was you that fixed it. No one else could have done it better."

Matthew felt butterflies in his stomach as Simon reached behind him and hugged him around around his neck and their cheeks rubbed against each other's.

"Well, let's fly it then, but first..."

Matthew stood up, and setting the aircraft down purposefully walked some fifty metres in a straight line carefully checking the grass for unexpected obstacles. He looked at Simon and wondered.

"Can you fly one of these?"

Simon was silent but Matthew was sensitive now to the difference between a silent yes and a silent no.

"Then you should fly her first." Matthew grinned and offered Simon the controller which he took smiling. Matthew walked to the plane and started the motor, but it was immediately apparent as Simon revved it up that there was no longer enough charge in the battery for flight.

"Oh bugger.. The battery needs charging up. Hang on. I've got another one in my pocket."

Matthew pulled out the other battery and deftly replaced it, but the result was the same.

"Oh no. This one's the same. I'll have to take them home to charge, but they take forever." Matthew had never actually used the battery tester that he had been given and was wondering if he might have damaged the batteries in some way by having left them on charge for so long, but his biggest worry was that he Simon would be disappointed. He walked back to him and sat down beside him.

"Sorry. I'm a crap engineer as well as a crap pilot."

Simon smiled and held out his hand. They shook again and smiled.

"We could do something else instead" Matthew suggested, hoping to find a reason to stay with his friend for longer. Suddenly aware of the sounds coming from the pool he suggested that they could go swimming. Simon smiled. Matthew knew he would have to go home and get his swimming kit and some money.

"I have to go home first to get my stuff though. Do you have stuff at home?" Matthew guessed that everybody had swimming trunks, not being able to talk didn't stop you being able to swim after all, and Simon wore a watch.

"I'll meet you back here in half an hour, that's..." he looked at his watch "at quarter past one. Okay?"

Simon smiled, turned and started walking away. Matthew was unsure if he would be swimming alone or with his friend, but gathered up his belongings and set off home.

* * *

To his relief, his mother was still out, so he was able to hastily make himself a sandwich which he ate as went up stairs for his swimming trunks and one of the old towels from the airing cupboard that were kept for visits to the rec. pool. As usual when visiting the pool, he changed into his trunks at home and rolled his boxers in his towel. He opened the top drawer of his desk to take out enough change for the pool entrance and for an ice cream afterwards. Closing the drawer, it occurred to him that Simon might not think to bring money, or enough for ice cream afterwards. Scrabbling about in the drawer produced enough change to cover all eventualities. He went to the bathroom and grabbed a bottle of sun cream, a small concession to his mother's expectations. In fact, he thought to himself, she would not even have allowed him out to swim so soon after lunch. Placing everything in a carrier bag, he left the house locking the French windows after him and went through the garden gate to the rec. where he was relieved to see Simon in the distance with a towel rolled up under his arm.

The two boys started to run two arced courses that resulted in them meeting, hot, laughing and panting for breath at the gate for the pool. Matthew wondered for a moment how Simon would deal with getting in. Not only did Simon not talk, but Matthew had never seen him communicate any information other than his own state of happiness. His curiosity was quickly answered by Simon reaching into his pocket and handing Matthew a note.

"Two to swim please." Matthew passed the note to the young man in the wooden shed that sat sentry next to the clanky iron turnstiles and grabbed the two tickets that came noisily from a metal slot on the counter.

"Thanks." The two boys went through the turnstile as Matthew handed Simon the change and enough from his pocket to cover his own admission.

"Do you have your trunks on under your trousers?" Matthew asked. Simon pulled the part elasticated front of his shorts forward revealing blue speedos beneath. Simon choose a spot on the lawn surrounding the poolside and the two boys set about stripping to their trunks, carefully tucking their watches into their shoes with their socks. There were plenty of people around, mostly mothers with younger children, and Matthew thought their stuff would be safe. They could see it from the pool easily enough and it saved paying money for a locker. Simon clearly agreed and he was already walking towards the water.

"Wait for me!" Matthew laughed, performing the strangely animated walk unique to boys at the pool trying hard not to flout the rules by running.

Matthew was always cautious getting in the water. It was always cold, and his preference was to slide in gently at the shallow end and then wade into the deeper water before starting to swim. Simon's approach was to walk to the side at the deep end and dive in. Matthew gazed at his friend. He had never seen somebody so beautiful as he dived cleanly in the water leaving hardly a splash. His body was lithe and toned, very different from Matthews chunky frame, and his slim fitting speedos contrasted with the baggy shorts that Matthew wore. Simon rose to the surface to see Matthew smiling at him. He swam effortlessly to the edge. Matthew, summoning up courage he never knew he had, leapt into the water and swam to join Simon at the edge.

"Your dive was fantastic. I wish I could dive like that." Matthew smiled and the two boys pushed off into the water, splashing around and swimming after one another, laughing and giggling. Matthew was suddenly aware of how different Simon's laugh was. It was almost musical, so much more expressive than ordinary peoples' laughs. Matthew loved it, he loved being with Simon, and as they chased from one end of the pool to the other, Simon always leading, Matthew found himself hoping that maybe Simon would like boys, that maybe Simon would be his boyfriend.

In the shallow end Matthew stood with his legs spread apart and called to Simon to swim through them. Simon did and than stood in the same pose. Matthew took the hint and did the same. The boys repeated the move, each taking turns and moving into the deeper water as they went. As Matthew stood, more floating than anchored to the bottom, and barely able to keep his mouth out of the water, Simon dipped under the water but this time came up between Matthews legs, grasping them and suddenly lifting Matthew clear of the water on his shoulders and flopping backwards with a loud splash. Both boys laughed hysterically, but the lifeguard, perched on top of the oddly shaped steps at the end of the pool did not share the joke, and blowing his whistle beckoned them over with his finger.

Admonished, the two boys swam for a short while more and then Simon clambered out and began walking back to the towels and clothes. Matthew followed.

"Had enough?" he asked

Simon smiled and picked up all their things and the two boys walked to one of the small changing cubicles in the row that was constructed like a long garden shed, The cubicles were open at the top and bottom, but closing the door provided privacy for bathers as they changed. Matthew walked into a cubicle and felt a surge of anticipation and excitement when he realised that Simon intended to share the cubicle with him. Placing his clothes on the slatted wooden bench, Matthew leaned forward modestly facing away from Simon and pulled off his wet trunks, giggling as he bumped bottoms with Simon who was doing the same beside him. Holding his towel up to dry his face and hair whilst covering his front he turned to face Simon.

The two boys looked at each other, Simon with a serious expression on his face that Matthew had not seen before. In the gloomy light of the cubicle , Simon dried his face and putting his towel to one side stood naked in front of Matthew, his arms by his side. Matthew looked at the tanned brown body and down to the paler triangle and Simon's partially erect cock. His balls were tight below it, like Matthews', protecting themselves from the cold. Matthew dropped his own towel and the boys looked at one another. Simon reached out and laying his hands gently on Matthews hips, pulled him gently towards him. Matthew felt his cock going hard as his whole body met the naked beauty of Simon's. Looking up to Simon's eyes he smiled as Simon kissed him gently on his lips. Matthew, raising himself on his toes put his mouth to Simon's ear and whispered.

"Meeting you has been the best thing in my life."

Simon wrapped his arms around Matthew and the two held each other tightly. Matthew could feel that Simon's cock was as large and as hard as his own as they pressed against each other. Matthew felt that he wanted to drop to his knees and take Simon `s cock in his mouth as he had seen so often in the videos, but he didn't dare. He did not know for sure that it was what Simon wanted, or how Simon would say no if it was not. He did not dare because the cubicle was not private enough, and he did not dare because if Simon didn't want it, then he would never see him again and that would be too much to bare. He broke off the embrace and stroking Simon's cheek mouthed the words `you are beautiful'. Simon smiled, and unknown to Matthew shared all his fears about the location and of scaring away the person who had brought such happiness into his life.

The boys finished drying themselves and dressed. They hugged warmly and then left the privacy of the cubicle for the glaring heat of the sun outside. Matthew bought ice creams for both of them and they sat on a low wall that held back a colourful mass of summer bedding plants. Matthew did not want to leave Simon, but knowing of no way to find out if Simon had to go, he took the responsibility on himself;

"I'd better be getting back now or my mum'll think I've drowned or something." he smiled at Simon. "and tomorrow, recharged batteries and we shall fly!" Simon looked at him as though there was something he wanted to say, then smiled. They went back out through the swing gate next to the turnstiles and with Matthew waving parted on their separate ways.

* * *

Simon walked back feeling light as the breeze that was picking up slightly in the late afternoon's warmth. He opened the small wooden gate that led into the well tended back garden of the house where he lived with his mother on the opposite side of the rec. to Matthew.

His mother was in the kitchen, and seeing him come in went out to greet him.

"How did it go?" She asked and was thrilled to see the broad grin of joy on her son's silent face.

When Simon had come in at lunch time , he had gone to his bedroom, changed into his trunks and got his towel just as Matthew had done at his house. Simon though had taken them to the kitchen where his mother was preparing some sandwiches for lunch and put them on the table so that she could see his intentions.

"Are you going swimming with someone?" she had asked. Like Matthew she had quickly learnt to recognise the yes smile and the no smile. They had eaten a quick lunch as she spoke about her morning and then she had followed Simon up the garden to watch from the gate as he set off into the rec. She was nervous. Simon had tried to establish friendships before, but outside of his school, it had usually ended in tears and trauma for Simon and a confrontation with angry parents for her. She never blamed the other boys, any more than she blamed Simon. Being different was hard for anyone, and not speaking was a peculiarly isolating difference. She saw the two boys running to meet each other in the distance and went back into the house, hoping for the best or at least that Simon would not be hurt, either physically or emotionally.

"You had a good time then?" she asked barely able to conceal her own excitement, "oh darling I'm so pleased." and she took his wet swimming things from him to rinse out and hang up in the garden to dry.

Later, after tea and and watching the television for a while, Simon got up to go to bed. She got up to kiss him good night and was surprised when rather than just accepting the kiss with a smile as he usually did, he wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly.

"Are you alright darling?" she stroked his head gently and savoured the rare active display of affection. He let go of her and smiled with such a happy face that she knew the answer could only be yes.

"I'll see you in the morning." She kissed him again and he left the room. She heard him getting a glass of water, going upstairs and and cleaning his teeth and finally his soft footsteps along the hall going to his bedroom. `Could he finally have found a friend?' she wondered to herself, but thought no more about it, not daring to tempt providence.

She settled down in front of the television, the sound turned down and reading a book. Half an hour later there was a loud and drawn out cry from upstairs. It still made her start every time, but she just smiled to herself and carried on reading. The shouts had started about a year ago and the first few times it had happened she had rushed up the stairs in a panic fearing that Simon had hurt himself but when she had got to him he was just lying in his bed looking content and happy. A few evenings later when she had gone up it had been very warm and he had been covered only by a sheet. She saw the darkened wet patches on the sheet and recognised the slightly sweet aroma of bleach that she had known from her days of being married to Simon's father. She smiled and kissed him good night again, realising that at twelve years old he was growing into the man he would one day become. She had spoken to the educational psychologist about it at their next regular meeting, but he had not raised any concerns and so she had become used to the sound. It had been a little difficult explaining it to Mary, the nineteen year old girl who babysitted for her once a month or so, but she had been very sensible about it all and the reality was that Simon's mother had felt a small sense of relief and pride that Simon was at least developing physically as a boy should do.

* * *

The next morning, Matthew went up to his room after his breakfast and searched the drawer of his desk for the battery tester that he had knew had to be somewhere in the room. Eventually he found it, not in the drawer, but under his bed in the large box that contained his substantial collection of Meccano. He couldn't imagine why it had finished up there, but having found it, eagerly set to testing the two batteries. The results were not good, both batteries still showing very little charge. Matthew went downstairs with them in his hand.

"Mummy, are you going into town today?"

"Yes darling, in about half an hour, why, do you want to come in with me?"

Matthew was torn. He knew that his mother would not want to go to the shop for him to buy replacement batteries, but he did not want to miss seeing Simon , especially after yesterday. If he didn't go , Simon might think he was funny about what had happened in the cubicle at the pool.

"I can't, I have to meet Simon, but I wondered if you could go to the model shop for me for some new batteries."

"I thought the ones you had were rechargeable ones" she replied, surprising Matthew with even this small technical insight.

"They are, but they won't charge. I've had them on charge all night again and tested them and there's still nothing in them. I've got some money for them."

"Don't be ridiculous Matthew." she responded. Matthews face dropped.

"I won't need money. They're only a few weeks old. They should work. I'll take them back and demand replacements. Not fit for purpose as they say - leave them on the table next to my bag."

Sometimes Matthew had to concede that having a mother like his was useful. He would never have thought about getting free replacements, perhaps because he felt guilty about having left them in the charger so long, but such niceties did not worry his mother in the least.

"Thanks Mummy!" he called after her as she went upstairs.

"And make sure you lock the French windows when you go out" she called back down. He grinned.

"Yes Mummy."

* * *

Matthew was early out to the rec. and had taken his book with him to help pass the half hour or so before Simon arrived. To be sure of meeting, he went to the same place in the centre of the rec. and lying down in the early morning sunshine, kicked of his sandals and began reading. He was completely engrossed in the tale and it was with surprise that he looked at his watch and realised that Simon was nearly half an hour later than usual. Still unconcerned he carried on reading, occasionally checking his watch and looking up for signs of Simon's arrival.

As time went by though he became increasingly worried. Simon had never been this late and Matthew began to get a tight feeling of panic in his stomach. Perhaps yesterday had been too much, he thought, but kept reminding himself that it was Simon who had stood in front of him with no clothes on, exposing his beautiful body to Matthew, not the other way around, and it had been Simon who had pulled him to him to kiss him, even if it was the thing that Matthew had wanted most in the world.

It was lunch time, but Matthew did not want to return home. His book was nearly finished and he was feeling depressed and confused. Rolling over on to his back, he closed his eyes and drifted off to the sounds of summer in the rec. not waking again until half past two. Looking at his watch, he tried to cheer himself up with the thought that there were a million reasons why Simon couldn't come today, and that Simon could not have told him, but it was to no avail. He tried to busy himself with the remainder of his book, but his heart was not in it, and he was constantly losing his place, looking up and scanning the sides of the rec. for Simon. In his mind he was blaming himself for being too interested in Simon physically and at the same time blaming Simon for giving him the wrong impression, but most of all he was desperate to see him again. To hug like they had the day before and to tell him how much he had missed him.

Matthew almost missed spotting the figure of Simon running towards him from the edge of the rec. He picked up his book elated muttering "I knew you'd come" to himself and ran to meet his friend. As they met, Simon hugged him, almost picking him up from the ground and Matthew felt tears of relief in his eyes.

"I thought you weren't coming."

Simon held him tightly for a moment and then grasping his hand started to lead Matthew.

"Where are we going?" Matthew asked, laughing as they chased and ran towards the gate at the end of Simon's garden. Simon's mother was there, and Matthew stopped short.

"Hello young man." she greeted him with a smile, "I'm afraid I don't know your name."

"Matthew, I'm Matthew, are you Simon's mum?"

"I am. I'm sorry, Simon has been unhappy all day, I guessed because he knew that you didn't know that he wouldn't be in the rec. this morning. We had an appointment we had to get to didn't we Simon." Simon remained silent as ever "Anyway I said to you - go and bring him here, and here you are!"

"I thought it must be something like that" Matthew smiled, feeling a small twinge of guilt for the doubts he had felt earlier.

"I know it's late ,but we haven't eaten any lunch yet. Do you want to have something with us?" Simon's mother asked.

Simon was suddenly reminded that he had had no lunch himself and was hungry and thirsty and in need of the toilet.

"Thank you. I am quite hungry, if that's alright. Can I use your toilet please."

Simon's mother showed him where the bathroom was and Simon sat at the table in the kitchen as his mother got bread form the enamelled green bin on the work top and a variety of cheese and some sliced ham from the fridge. She made a large jug of orange squash which she filled with ice cubes and the three sat down to eat.

"So how did you to get to meet each other." Simon's mother asked. Matthew noticed the way that Simon's mother always addressed questions to both of them as though Simon could answer too if he wanted to.

"I was having a go at flying my model plane and Simon just came along to have a look." Matthew replied, deciding not to mention the incident with the older boy on the bike. "and we just keep meeting each other ,and the plane wasn't working yesterday so I asked if Simon wanted to go swimming." Matthew was burning to ask Simon's mother more details and could contain himself no longer.

"Why can't you talk?" he imitated the style of addressing the question to Simon and his mother together.

"You could once couldn't you?" she replied looking sadly at Simon, "but when your Daddy went when you were seven you stopped. He just went without a word, and you've never spoken a word since have you? The doctors say there's nothing wrong physically, we just don't know do we?"

Simon looked uncomfortable and the subject was changed. Matthew liked Simon's mother, although there was something a little scary about her. She seemed much more interested in Simon than his own mother ever seemed in him. Matthew wondered if it must be very difficult sometimes having a boy who didn't talk and that may be looking after him all the time made her tired and sad sometimes. Anyway Matthew could talk and he did, spending lunchtime telling her about the fun she and Simon had had with the plane and at the pool.

"Why don't you go and show Matthew your room?" she said to Simon, who smiled a yes smile and got up from the table. Matthew looked at the dirty things on the table questioningly.

"Go on Matthew, I'll see to these."

He followed Simon up the stairs. Matthew was not sure what he had expected Simon's room to be like ,but what he discovered was a surprise. The room was lined from floor to ceiling with books and magazines, there were books open on the desk and books piled up next to Simon's bed. The only other thing that Matthew noticed was the large table covered in the parts of a partially complete model aircraft that Simon was obviously in the middle of assembling. The detail of the paint work on it was exquisite. Carefully worked camouflage and fine detail such as the grime from the exhausts manifolds were all lovingly and painstakingly reproduced. Matthew was in awe.

"Wow, you must read a lot." he observed. Simon grinned, clearly proud of his collection of books. He stood in front of Matthew and reached to hug him. The two boys held each other tightly and Matthew felt Simon's erection pushing against him through the fabric of his shorts. He felt Simon reach the bottom of his t-shirt and pull it upwards. He raised his arms allowing Simon to tug it off over his head leaving the gate key swinging against his naked chest. Simon kissed him, first on the lips and then the neck. Matthew shivered with anticipation as he felt Simon's hand on his back and his lips which began to nibble and kiss their way down his torso to the waistband of his shorts. Simon was squatting in front of him as he undid the buttons of the shorts and pushed them gently down to the floor , swiftly repeating the move with Matthew's tented boxer shorts. Matthew rested his hands on Simon's blond head, gently stroking the hair as Simon breathed heavily on the stiff cock in front of him. He took the foreskin that protruded from the head gently between his teeth rolling it from side to side. Matthew's body came alive in a way it never had done as he experienced the sensation of another person touching his most private parts for the first time. Every nerve in his cock relayed new messages of pleasure as he felt Simon's hot mouth slide over the head and down the shaft. He sighed as the tip pushed against the roof of Simon's mouth and he felt the pressure of Simon's tongue gently moving up and down the engorged tissue. As Simon sucked on his cock, his hands gently massaged the backs of his thighs and the cheeks of his backside, and Matthew felt that he could not hold back the orgasm that was building quickly inside him. He whispered down to Simon that he was going to cum, unsure whether Simon would want him to cum in his mouth, but Simon continued to suck and Matthew was unable to stop the reflex thrust of hi s hips as he pushed his spurting cock deep into Simon, pumping sperm up the shaft and filling his mouth. Soon Matthew could take no more as his cock became hypersensitive even through the protection of his foreskin that had remained over the head throughout.

"Too much." he whispered in Simon's ear pulling his softening cock from his mouth. He lifted Simon up under his underarms and dropped to his knees in front of him, never taking his eyes of Simon's beautiful face and the small trail of his sperm that ran from the corner of his mouth .

"My turn" he whispered as he struggled with the strange buckle of Simon's shorts. He freed it and lowered both Simon's shorts and white briefs together and Simon stepped out of them. Simon's cock was, Matthew thought, about the same length as his own but possibly not as thick. It was rigid and straight pointing upwards and the foreskin was already slightly retracted. Matthew licked at the protruding purple tip and then up and down the length right down to where the cock started under Simon's two balls that were already being held firmly to his body by the darker coloured scrotum. Matthew sunk his mouth over the cock and gagged slightly as it hit the back of his throat. He began to bob his head up and down looking up at Simon whose eyes were tight closed.

Simon's mind became a flashing whirl of sensations and images as he felt the wet and slipperiness of Matthew's mouth envelop him. The feeling was so much more powerful and real than the experiences that masturbating himself had given him. Matthew grabbed the cheeks of his arse and held them apart and Simon felt the air, cooler around his anus as Matthew's finger prodded him while his mouth continued to move up and down the length of his shaft. Simon could hear, for the first time, a voice, not his and not Matthew's.

"We mustn't tell any one, we mustn't tell"

Again and again repeating in his head as he felt the surge of his cum begin to flood up his cock into Matthews waiting mouth.

"We mustn't tell" a fleeting image of his father and Simon screamed the cry that his mother knew so well but for which Matthew was totally unprepared.

"Shhh." Matthew whispered, but instantly realised that the noise was far too long and loud not to have been heard everywhere in the house.

"Oh fuck Simon, oh please shhhh..."

The door burst open and Simon's mother stood looking at the bedroom scene. Her son's cock still dribbling the last gasps of his orgasm on to Matthew's kneeling figure. She screamed at Matthew.

"You little..., what are you doing to my boy, you bastard." She shrieked and Matthew, shaking, terrified and desperate stood, at once trying to hide his own nakedness and to gather his clothes so he could run. Simon's mother was weeping and angry and threatening.

"Is that was this is about - Simon can't tell - I can do what I like to him - you little brat. You come here and we'll get your parents." she started menacingly towards him.

Matthew dropped to his knees wrapping his arms around his head to protect himself from the shower of blows he knew was about to fall on him. He was crying and trembling uncontrollably.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. it wasn't like that." and he felt the warmth between his legs as he wet himself.

Suddenly he felt himself being grabbed and Simon pushed him on to the bed and sat between him and his mother.

"No mummy - please - no"

His mother stopped dead, staring at him as she heard the first words he had spoken for nearly seven years. The room was suddenly silent except for the snivelling sound of Matthew crouched behind Simon and the breathless panting of Simon and his mother.

"Please Mummy please."


Simon climbed off the bed and went to his mother holding her tightly around her waist crying.

"Please Mummy, not Matthew."

She burst into tears and hugged Simon close to her, kissing and stroking his head as he stood before her, totally submissive. Matthew took his arms from his head and looked at the two in front of him with no comprehension of what had happened. Still scared he hastily began to pull on his pants and shorts and pulled his t-shirt back over his head. He was still crying as he crawled around the edge of the room to avoid any proximity to Simon's mother as he made for the door. She saw him.

"Matthew stop. Please." She begged, but he wouldn't. He reached the door and standing up, ran the length of the hall and cleared the stairs in three jumps. The kitchen door was still open and he ran into the garden.

"Matthew" Simon's mother's pleading voice again from upstairs.

As he approached the gate he heard his name again, but this time it was a voice that he didn't know. He turned and saw Simon at the kitchen door, still in only his t-shirt.

"Matthew please."

Matthew stopped and collapsed to the ground too tired, scared and confused to go further. He couldn't, he wouldn't fight with Simon and he sat waiting as Simon ran to him and wrapped his arms around him, holding him secure and safe as they both cried. Simon's mother now stood at the kitchen door venturing no further. She suddenly felt as though a curse had been lifted from her and her son's lives. Something was in the open, but she didn't know what it was. Something was cured, but she didn't know what the illness had been or the remedy. All she could see was her son, whispering words of comfort to the boy who somehow had made all this happen and whom only minutes ago she could have probably killed.

* * *

Matthew had phoned his mother later from Simon's house and it was getting dark as he arrived home, exhausted but ultimately elated with the day.

"Hello darling. Did you enjoy your tea at Simon's?"

He grinned at his mother. Never had he appreciated more how boring and ordinary she was. No surprises, not always much interest it seemed to him, but always there.

"I hope you remembered to say thank you."

"Yes Mummy, I did." he laughed giving her a hug "Thank you for letting me stay."

"Ooo! ..." she pushed him to one side and reached for her bag from the table.

"Your batteries darling. The man in the shop was quite charming about it all."

Matthew took the batteries gratefully from her.

"Thanks Mummy - tomorrow, we fly."

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