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Fang and Feather

Chapter 1

by Slyphs

A reader asked me how to pronuunce Tysael so here is a pronunciation key: [Tahy-sey-l]

Fang and Feather - Part 1

Falling. That is my first memory. Not at a fast heart racing speed but a slow lulling one. It was like being gently laid to rest by some one far above me. I remember crying because people who loved me were sending me away and I did not understand why. I did not understand why they left me to lay in such a dark place.

My next memory is of the orphanage. I've been told that I was found abandoned near it. They figured I was about a year old when I was found. They named me Kevin after being there almost a month. I always knew when they were talking to me or about me but I never answered to that name because I knew it wasn't mine.

I'm told that when I was about three one of the supervisors was trying to get my attention and kept repeating that name. I ignored her as I always did when someone called me by it. I knew she was talking to me but I also knew that it wasn't my name she was saying. Finally in frustration she walked up to me, turned me so that I was facing her and said it again.

"Who are you talking to?" I asked her in all seriousness, "I'm Tysael." She thought I was just playing pretend and went along with it. The next day when someone else called me 'Kevin' I corrected them again. I just knew that my name was Tysael.

Eventually everyone at the orphanage knew to call me Tysael and all was good till I started school about a year later. The school was given that other name. When the kindergarten teacher did attendance on the first day I didn't answer when she called Kevin. When she finished I raised my hand and told her she hadn't called me.

"Oh? I'm sorry," she said, "and what is your name?"

"Tysael," I told here.

"Well isn't that an interesting name," she commented as she wrote it at the bottom of here attendance sheet. "And do you know your last name Tysael?"

"I don't have one." I told her, "I live at the orphanage." I added hoping it would be helpful.

"Okay then, I will have to straighten this out at the office later." I suppose the orphanage was called about me and an absent Kevin and everything was straightened or so they thought.

"We got this all figured out last night," the teacher said the next day when she got to that name on her list, "you like to be called Tysael, right?"

"No," I answered, "my name is Tysael and that is why I'm called me that." Eventually the teacher gave up and started crossing out 'Kevin" on the attendance and pencilling in 'Tysael.'

At the time nobody seemed to understand why my name was Tysael and not Kevin. When I started grade one and a similar sequence of events happened I was sent to talk to a counsellor. He seemed nice enough. He asked questions about me and what I liked to do until finally building up to the question of 'Why I wanted people to call me Tysael?' I hadn't really thought about it before then but as I did it suddenly seemed so obvious.

"It's what my parents called me," I told him. This simple answer baffled everyone who knew my history considering my age when I was abandoned and lead to many more questions. Questions like 'have my parents visited me since living at the orphanage?' or 'Have other people told me they knew my parents and told me about them?' I told them I don't remember ever meeting my parents or any one who knew them.

I was five years old by then and it just made since to me for people know what there parents named them. I didn't understand why every one made such a big deal out of it. Eventually it was just pinned as a phase I was going through brought on by separation issues with my parents or something like that and I continued to see the counsellor every other week. On the bright side it was decided that people should just call me Tysael until I grew out of it. At thirteen, going on fourteen, I still hadn't "grown out of it." My "birthday" was in a few days, which is really the day I was found, but I guess it all adds up to the same thing.

I shared a room with three other boys. Ryan and Andrew were both fifteen and Roy was sixteen. I had shared a room with them for about a year, since I had become a teenager I guess. The first night I was there I was initiated into their little group.

"With teen hood comes certain urges," they explained to me, " and since they watch us like hawks when were around the girls we've made a promise to help each other with these urges." I didn't quite follow so they explained more.

"You know in the morning when you wake up and your dick is all hard?" Ryan asked and I nodded in response. " Doesn't it feel good when something rubs against it?" Again I nodded. "Well that's just the start of the urges."

"And it only gets better," Andrew added with a laugh.

"Here lay down," Roy instructed me and pointed to his bed. I did and he joined me. "You two have fun," he told the other two, "I'll show him the ropes."

My only knowledge of sex came from a rather vague sex ed. class at school the year before. As such I only had the slightest idea of what a guy and a girl were suppose to do. What two guys were suppose to do I hadn't the slightest but there was something about the idea I liked.

I laid on my back and Roy was on his side facing me. He placed his hand on my bare chest and slid it down over my stomach just short of my boxer shorts waist band. He leaned in closer and nibbled on my ear lobe. The sensation made me shudder.

"It's up to you," he said, "weather or not you fool around with us you keep it a secret, okay?"

"Why?" I asked.

"The supervisors aren't to big on the kids messing around," he told me, "There's really nothing wrong with it they're just a bunch of uptight bitches that haven't been fucked in years." Being thirteen I had to involuntarily giggle at the use of swear words.

"What do I do?" I asked him. I found I liked the older boy's touch.

"For now just lie there," he said as his hand slid under me waist band and started groping about for my cock.

Over the next year I was past from bed to bed like a favorite teddy bear that they were forced to share. I always had to be back in my bed before the wake up call the next morning to avoid getting caught, but than our room was notorious as early risers. I didn't like being with Ryan or Andrew because all they wanted was for me to get them of and they hardly ever did anything to me, but Roy was different. We would cuddle before and after fooling around and he would get me off as often I did him. I loved how I could fall asleep in his arms and magically wake up in my bed. After about a month Roy declared that he would have me every night. Ryan and Andrew grumbled but didn't outwardly oppose it.

"At least that get him out of my ass," I heard one of them say to the other. I didn't understand what that meant but I soon found out. As I climbed into Roy's bed that night He proposed trying something new, he wouldn't tell me what though. We had only ever sucked and jerked and I couldn't imagine what else we could do.

He started that night with sucking on me but I was getting close I felt him beginning to finger my rear. I didn't think to much of it at first but as I began to cum his finger pushed hard into me. I yelped at the sudden pain that filled me.

"It's okay," He said, "just relax,"

"It hurts," I said between clenched teeth.

"I know," He replied, "Just try to relax and it won't hurt so much."

I tried to take deep breathes but each new trust of his finger sent new pain. After about a minute he removed the finger and told be to stay put. I heard the pop of a cap in the dark then he pressed his finger into me again only it was cold and slippery now and it didn't hurt as much.

"How's that?" he asked as he pulled out the finger a little only to add a second.

"I little better," I told him, the pain was starting to go away and I was starting to relax more. "What is this suppose to do?" I asked.

"Loosening you up,"He replied.


"I'll show you," he answered and he removed the fingers, "Lift your butt up a bit." As I did I heard a cap pop open again. A few seconds past and he positioned himself over me. I felt his cock brush against my butt and I began to understand what he meant to do.

"Will it hurt?" I asked knowing a cock was a little bigger than two fingers.

"Maybe a little," he said as he shifted his weight to one hand and with the other put his cock into place. "You'll get use to it," he added as he started to push into me. After that most nights became a long fuck, a quick cuddle, than I was sent off to my own bed.

During that first month I thought I had fallen in love with Roy. After that first fuck though deep down I realized that he hadn't fallen in love with me; that the sex was all he cared about. I hoped I was wrong. Now on the eve my fourteenth birthday I hoped he would prove me wrong. He had promised me a big surprise.

We cuddled for a while before he began to reach down into my boxers. He messaged me as he slowly kissed his way down my body. My boxers were gone by the time he got to my belly button. He teased the head of my cock while a finger started probing into me lightly. As he pushed deeper his lips moved down my cock and worked it at a steady motion. He finally found that magic spot in side me and I cam in seconds. He sucked me dry and to within inches of screaming out in agonizing ecstasy. When he was finished he threw my boxers at me.

"Get dressed," He said.

"What? Why?" I was startled that he didn't want to do more.

"I promised you a surprise," he said, "we're going out."

"But what about that curfew?" There had been a city wide curfew in effect for a few weeks. Several dozen people had been attacked by unknown persons, a few had even been killed. All of the victims had had their blood drained to varying degrees. All but a fifth of the victims seemed totally random. That constant twenty percent was made up of fourteen year old boys. That alone made disobeying the curfew a scary and bad idea.

"Don't be such a baby," Ryan said as he slipped on his shoes.

"Yeah I bet the four of us can handle a single psychopath," Andrew chuckled.

It was just passed eleven when we sneaked out. Roy had stolen the janitor's keys that day allowing us to leave through the service door in the kitchen. Ryan and Andrew grabbed a pair of crates that were hidden by the doors before we headed to a near by park. The crates contained bottles of beer and some assorted other alcohols.

"Surprise," Roy said as he handed me a beer, "a party in the park with a free tap."

"Um... thanks," I replied as I took the bottle from him. I didn't know what to make of it. I had never had a alcohol before nor had I ever had any desire to. Ryan and Andrew had both cracked one open and were taking their first sips of the night. Just as I twisted the cap of mine Roy raised his in the air.

"To Tysael!" he toasted, "happy birthday!"

"Happy birthday," the other two agreed and each took another sip. I raised my bottle then proceeded to take my first.

I wasn't prepared for the taste or the bubbly sensation as it ran down my throat and started to coughing immediately. The other three laughed and Roy slapped me on the back. It was than that we heard the siren.

"Forget them!" Roy shouted as he saw the cop car pulling up to them and Ryan and Andrew made a grab for the crates. "Just run!"

I bolted away from the cop car only to realize that the others weren't going the same way I was and that I wasn't going in the direction of the orphanage. Panic kicked into full and I desperately looked for cover as I ran. Finding my way out of the park, I ducked into an alleyway and hid behind a dumpster. I don't know how long I hid there with only the sound of my pounding heart filling my ears, but finally I built up the willpower to peer out from my hiding place. I poked my head and yelped as in came into full contact with a pair of shins.

"Are you okay?" they asked and I looked up to see the shins were attached to a boy no older than I was.

"I was being chased," I explained as he helped me up.

"It's okay," The boy said as he suddenly pinned me to the alley wall, "I've caught you now."

I was to shocked to even scream as two sharp points pierced my neck.

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