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by Solsticeman

Part 13

Hans Italy, Autumn 1942

Agreeing with Waldi that we should transfer our play to bed was one thing, but…

It still wasn't clear how we should proceed. Just undressing seemed very tame when we had just been discussing the length and girth of my wicked grocer and the curious nocturnal habits of Waldi's wicked youth-leader!

"Waldi… Would you like me to undress you for bed?"

"Oh… Yes please, that sounds…"

"Fun?" I offered.

"Yes, fun and naughty too… you might see my…"

"I have every intention of seeing your… every intention!"

I had him stand in front of me and started to unbutton his shirt. He went to un-buckle his uniform belt, so I smacked his hand, quite hard. He was a tough kid, he just smiled and stood to attention with his hands at his side.

"Sorry Hansi… will it be my turn to undress you?"

"Yes, but it won't be as easy!"

His shirt unbuttoned, I slipped it off his shoulders and let out a little gasp. If he seemed cute before… now he was truly beautiful. I didn't know what sports he played but I suspected swimming, his chest was small but very muscular, and when I could see his stomach I saw that he had what we would later refer to as a six-pack. His waist tapered perfectly. I had never seen such physical perfection. Whatever did he do to get to such a state of muscular beauty at his age…

"Your muscles are… beautiful… what sport do you do?"

"Gymnastics… I'm under-13 champion in Saxony for the parallel bars and runner-up for the vault and Swedish-box!"

"Are you a wanking champion too?"

He laughed…

"I can do that while doing a hand stand!"

"Don't be silly, if you are doing a hand-stand, how can you masturbate?"

"By doing a one-handed hand-stand." He said smugly. I just goggled in amazement.

"Of course, if I ever become so big as to need to use both hands, like your grocer, then I shall lose my crown as one-handed upside-down champion of Saxony."

"Well fuck me!"

"You say the nicest things Hansi… no-one has ever asked me before."

He smiled and I blushed!

I went back to undressing him. When I undid his belt his short uniform pants slid past his slim waist and pooled around his feet. He was wearing cotton drawers, secured with a button, but… first I fondled him. The soft cotton felt warm and I could feel his jewels and the soft-hardness of him… he sighed appreciatively… so did I.

I sat… he stood… and we smiled at each other. Then I reached forward and drew him into a hug. The hug became a cuddle, and the cuddle became more, a kiss that went on and on… then. My hands went to the button on his drawers and suddenly they were gone too… I gasped!

"Waldi… it's gorgeous!"

He was blond… very, very blond. At first I thought that he was younger than he had said, and then I realised that he did have hair, but it was so blond and his skin so white that it appeared to just be… I reached out and stroked the blondness of him.

His erection was about four inches and so complete that his foreskin had fully withdrawn, leaving his plum angry and red against the whiteness of his skin…

"Doesn't that hurt?" I blurted out.

"Not yet… but it will eventually if I… if we don't do anything about it!"

I sat him on my knees again and completed the removal of his shoes and then trousers and pants… now my Nordic gymnast was completely naked and as erect as a boy has ever been. I swung the two of us onto the lower bunk, holding him in my arms because I couldn't bring myself to let go.

Eventually he wriggled out of my arms and knelt up across me. He bent forward and kissed the tip of my nose. He sat back… resting his bottom over my cock. When I reached to take him in my hand he allowed me to make contact but then gently removed me again.

"Now it's my turn." He said, and reached for the buttons on my shirt. As it fell open he smiled…

"Very nice, you have muscles too… sport again?"

"Boxing… for my school, and Jugend-bann."

He looked impressed… it was nice to know that I was able to impress him, another boy!

Then he took me by surprise… he rested his hands on my hips and… as if I was a pommel-horse, he raised his legs straight out and in a single motion rotated from hand to hand in a circle and settled back down sitting across my tummy with his back to me. I gasped with surprise and admiration…

"Liebe Gott, that was so graceful… you must have practised!"

"Yes, but always before I had clothes on!"

Now it was his turn to open my pants. Of course I was lying on them and he was sitting on me, so all he could do was open them down the front and then he released the button on my drawers. I sprang forth, so to speak, and now it was his turn to gasp.

"Hansi, you are so much bigger than me… and… you are circumcised…?"

There once again was the inevitable unspoken question. I reached into my shirt pocket and opened my passbook for him…

"Circumcised-Aryan !... and the Gauleiter of Hamburg!… and the Reichsfuhrer-SS's office… Hansi, who on earth ?"

I laughed at his expression…

"No, I'm not the Reichsfuhrer's lovechild… My uncle is his doctor, and… after a bit of trouble I had, he made sure that no-one looking at my passbook would ever risk strip-searching me again… it is quite impressive though… isn't it? Not everyone gets their cock mentioned in their papers!"

I allowed myself to look a teeny bit smug

"You couldn't be better protected if you were his love-child, though you might be shorter and wear glasses…" Then he looked scared and glanced round.

Don't worry… I know what you mean… and… he's no good at chess!"

Waldi, who was now kneeling beside me on the bunk looked very relieved.

"You play chess with him?"

"Yes, Herr Himmler is quite good company… he knows a lot about the occult and folk medicine. He knows a tremendous amount about our history… Teutonic Knights, Norse gods and legends… it's interesting… I like him." I said simply.

It felt odd being able to say that I liked someone that so clearly terrified people.

"Chess, you play chess with him?"

"Yes, He wins almost as often as I do since Uncle Felix gave me a good talking to. He came back one afternoon and discovered that I had won four games in a row!"

"So you let…!" I cut him off. There are some things best left unsaid even in a locked railway compartment. I quickly kissed him into silence.

His erection had faded in all the excitement of chess with the Reichsfuhrer-SS.

Not to quite be totally outclassed on the physical fitness front, I reached up to the upper bunk and did a one arm pull up so that my body was more than six inches off the bed. Waldi quickly stripped my pants and drawers off. I settled back, while trying to hide the effort it had required!

He asked me to sit up and he took my shirt off. Now we lay there together two magnificently naked boys… who, even if they said it themselves, were pretty fit!

We fondled and stroked… and kissed. I loved being kissed. We spent a lot of time away from our parents and siblings… we didn't get kissed from one month to another because we mixed only with other boys. Other than occasional mutual masturbation there was little close company. Anyway, between boys, masturbation almost never involved any emotion, certainly never to the point of love-making.

What Waldi and I did that night in our narrow sleeper-berth … that was surely love-making. Certainly, we told each other that we loved each other. The first time he said it… I cried… I felt that I had met the boy of my dreams. I wanted the war to end at once, so that I could see a future ahead of us. How that future would work I didn't know.

I understood the mechanics of loving another boy sufficiently to know that Mama would be disappointed to see no grandchildren, from me anyway… I had other brothers who could make Mama happy.

Papa I could trust I thought. But… it was dangerous… to love boys. I knew that men who did such things were arrested and sent to the camps for corrective training. Boys? I wasn't sure about boys… there was still the risk of a place like Breitenau.

I concluded that it would be better to be extremely careful and tell nobody. Perhaps we could live quietly, sharing a student apartment, or something. Students shared apartments. Nobody commented on that. But, that was for the future. We were just fourteen and there was still a war to win before we could plan with any sense of certainty.

That was a night of excitement and lust and doing things we had each done before, but never with someone that we loved.

The train pulled into a station and the carriage became still. Waldi said…

"Now I can show you!", and leapt out of bed.

He took two strides away from the window. Turned and swept up into a hand-stand, his feet spread in a triangle for extra stability. Then, he shifted his balance slightly, taking all his weight on one hand. His free hand went to his cock and he began to stroke himself. I could see that he was becoming excited.

"Spot for me… I can't… this goes wrong… when it happens!"

I shot to my feet and grabbed his feet, one in each hand. Then I folded him at the waist so that his knees were on my shoulders and I had him gripped, maybe round his waist, but mostly under the swell of his bottom… Did I tell you that he had the most magnificently muscular bottom?

As his excitement mounted I could feel him begin to wobble. When he came he grabbed me round the knees with both hands. His semen shot first against my lower stomach and then as the muzzle velocity dropped it poured onto his face. I say poured, but at his stage there may not have been enough of it for me to claim that it poured… but you get the idea.

I lowered him gently to the floor.

"That was the wildest thing I have ever…"


"No, maybe… you sitting there with spunk all over your face… that's wild!"

"I've never been able to go all the way before… Without a spotter I always collapsed and it made a muddle of the best bit… you were brilliant! That was the best thing ever!"

After that we couldn't really top the fun we had had… all that was left was to sleep.

We crawled into the bunk, cuddled tight and… we were gone till morning.

We were wakened by a discreet knock on the door.


We didn't realise the steward had a key… Apparently the protocol was for him to knock and if you didn't want him to enter then you called out, "Wait!"

We thought remaining silent would work… it didn't.

He entered, carrying a tray with two cups of coffee.

Seeing us sitting up side by side, totally naked as far as he could see, he smiled knowingly…

"Ah, young gentlemen… I see you have spent a good night… I hope that you also slept well."

He didn't give us the coffee immediately, but placed it on the wash-stand.

"I fear you won't manage it side by side… it will get spilt when you jog elbows. Allow me to suggest that one of you sit at the other end… then you can drink your coffee and still enjoy the view!"

We both blushed, and believe me… there was a very great deal of snow white skin to go pink!

"Thank you steward" I said softly and somewhat embarrassed.

"Your pleasure is my pleasure, messieurs… please remember me when you disembark."

I grasped his meaning.

"Oh I shall, please check under the unused bunk's pillow!"

I grinned and he grinned back… and I swear I have seen a Wagon-Lit steward wink at his charges!

That day passed slowly. We ate well and watched the scenery. When we were through the tunnels and into Italy the weather brightened and the compartment became warm, if not hot.

Uncle smiled at our discomfort. This was a famous Wagon-Lit, and it had standards. Ties and jackets were one of them! Uncle Felix smiled and suggested that we would be more comfortable in our berth, we could, he said, open the carriage window and lose our shirts. "

"You can still enjoy the view."

What was it with adults on this journey… were they all going to make double-entendres, or… did they all really know what we were getting up to?

If they did then none of them seemed to mind, and that puzzled me.

He and Count Ciano's aide exchanged knowing smiles and I was now quite certain that Waldi and I had no secrets… boldness be my friend!

"What a good idea… come Waldi… beautiful sights await us. Let's go, you can show me everything there is to see!"

I could do double-entendres as well as any adult!

"Oh and uncle, please remember to tip our steward well, he too pointed out the beautiful view this morning… when he brought us coffee."

Uncle burst out laughing, and said something about remarkable young men.

Back in our berth we did as he suggested, stripped to our shirts. We cuddled and kissed and enjoyed the view as Italy scrolled past.

We came another twice before we came to Rome.

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