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Loving Two

by Tenley Boy

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Soft, shiny, warm, long and sexy. Touching and feeling through my fingers and across my arm as it falls across my strong chest. The luxurious feel of very thick, very long hair as it caresses the round pretty face of a young and beautiful Japanese teen boy. What a glorious sight!

His sweet round face of white creamy sensuousness feature such pretty oval eyes of darkness, love and mystery. The small nose alone makes me want to fulfill his, and my, sexual desire. To kiss his wide, warm lips makes me - ah - hard and vulnerable with desire and joy. Oh my!

Just to look at his pretty, pretty face and see the silky long thick waves of dark and lovely hair as it falls across his small nose down across his strong hard chest when he looks my way is oh so...ah. My! Please let me touch you a little, I wish to myself. I want you, I tell him telepathically. I want your warmth to stir my love. I need your beauty to feed my soul. Let me touch you naked and pure. You are so beautiful, so luscious, so creamy like my own cum that spurts a little when I close my eyes to see your strong, sexy body so close, so close, so ...oh, so cl-, ah.....ah. Oh Gawd! I have to kiss you, please. Make love to me, my pretty young friend!

He hears my desire. And so he comes closer and he reaches to run his fingers through my long, thick, soft blonde hair and I love the feeling it gives me. So sexy. His dark hair and my golden blonde hair intertwine across our eyes as we lean closer, so close and our lips touch, so softly, and we pull back again. My hands are wrapped in his hair and he in mine. He moans, actually moans and closes those eyes and raises his beautiful round head. His hair falls back, back, back until his rope-like thickness covers, actually covers, his round, firm touchable ass. Man!

His hardness grows. My hardness grows more. We are together now. Still clothed, but together - feeling, touching, eyes closed, kissing each other softly with romance and love. This is love. Beautiful. Pretty. Sexy. Warm. Slow. Peaceful. Hard. Oh - so hard, oh his dick, like mine, so hard and getter harder. Oh my, how big he is. I put my hand on his growing hard dick. My whole hand barely covers it. Man. It has to be huge and round and silky. To taste him is what I want now.

I reach down and unzip his denim short shorts, what first drew my attention to him. He looks down as I do and his hair falls across my arm. I get harder, so hard. I kiss his pretty neck as my hand reaches into his tight pants and, wow, great surprise he doesn't wear underwear and so I can graze his hard, thick, lovely feeling dick right away. That is wonderful! He sighs and he looks up again, into my eyes, through his hair I see love and a smile of lust. He tosses his head to one side and his hair, thick as it is, covers his body and my arm completely now. The weight of it as it lands is like an explosion - a sensuous explosion of pure sex. Wow, this boy really is lovely. And this lovely boy is mine. He is mine to love and I want him, ah, so much. I'm in love with a pretty, young boy, I want to shout, and he loves me. I reach up and place my palm on the back of his luscious, luxurious head and push him closer to kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, and feel his tongue in mine. Man, I can no longer focus. He and I are one.

We release for just a moment and clothes go flying everywhere. Why does he need clothes, anyway? His beautiful hair is the most sensuous of outfits. It hangs so far past his hard waist that he is completely outlined by dark, straight, silky softness all the way to his pretty ass. Damn, how lovely! My gawd, how erotic! My attention is then focused on his huge, round, ah my, soft dick that is practically near his belly button.. So open, so much, so soft, so desirable. So!

But, his body. His body is a haven of muscle. You couldn't tell with such a pretty face, but he has a strong, well-developed, hard chest, great arms, a small waist and hard, oh so touchable, oh so magnificent abs, the kind that begs to be touched and kissed and made love to. He is perfection. Pure perfection. Paradise personified. Beautiful, like a dark lovely angel. I lean in and ...

Hey, someone just walked in. Man, not now. Who could that be? We turned to look and I see a twin. A twin? There are two of them? Well, not quite a twin as I look again. He is just as beautiful with sweet eyes, a quite pretty small nose and sexy, full lips. His hair is cut shorter, though, only to below his ears, but layered softly toward his shoulder and parted just off center. When he moves, he has to keep brushing his thick dark hair from around his eyes, but the effect is so striking, so sexy because it floats back across his lovely face just as quickly. Man, if that doesn't make me desire both of I love hair that moves and his was shiny, blue black like my angel's that made me swell up again. Who is this guy?

He came forward and touched my beautiful friend on the arm as if to say hello, although he didn't say a thing. He looked at me briefly with a vision of a smile, then casually leaned in and kissed my luscious buddy . I damned near creamed right there. There is no sight more sexy than two beautiful guys making out, running their fingers through long, thick hair. Man, I am too hard. Then my friend turned to me and simply said, "My twin brother." I moaned out loud, closed my eyes and came a little in response. "He wants you, too. Do you mind if he joined us?" Mind? Mind? Is this for real? To answer such a question, I looked at his brother right in the eyes then ran my fingers through his hair and away from his eyes. How soft. How hard I am. I leaned in and kissed his brother lightly and he responded with passion. His long-haired brother squirmed, sighed, closed his eyes and brought all of us together. I was delirious, nearly fainting with desire.

Here I am, a sweet-looking long-haired blonde boy sandwiched between two very pretty, very soft, dark Japanese teen boys, my arm caressing the sexy weight of very, very long, thick soft dark hair on one side and caressing the soft, hard waist of another beauty on the other. I kiss with desire first one brother, ah, then the other. I want more. Feeling that, I am pulled between them and they kiss each other. Man, how luscious it looks up close. The tongues searching, the lips in sexual motion. The sighs of love and contentment between them. Man, how long have they been doing that? They are luscious together!

We separate briefly so the new brother can remove his clothes and I keep my arm around my long-haired buddy, touching, feeling, growing still harder at his softness and look with lust as the new brother takes off his clothes. He looks into my eyes the entire time which was fine, since I adored looking at him and how his hair moved. He has quite a body, too, like his long-haired brother. Nice, thick, defined hard shoulders with a small waist and quite perfect abs. Ah, he also goes without underwear, but his dick is .....awesome, man!....longer and thicker than his brother ...has to be 12 inches...has to be...oh, man, I'm feeling faint again. He smiles and places my hand on his large, pulsating, soft dick. I am overjoyed. I use the palm of my hand to brush his hair away from his face and then he kisses me and I know I have to have him. Now. Right now. And so I ....ayeee., wait. Hang on. My dick is throbbing like its never throbbed before. So hot, so long, so .....aaah. Oh. I reach down to feel the thickness of soft hair, long hair and know that my explosion may happen right now as the long-haired brother has taken me with his tongue. I reach over and pull the new brother to me from his waist all the while kissing him with such seductive force that...aaaaah, the sensations of top and bottom are so intense. They are so beautiful. I'm so in love. They, ah, ah,...can't ...the ...the...such beautiful. Oh, love me! I let loose with great intensity, with warmth and joy and love. Yes, real love. dick won't stop cumming.

The brothers release me and turned toward each other. The long-haired brother, still on his knees, leans over and takes his brother in his mouth, running his hands along his brother's rapturously succulent body, touching his nipples as his brother moans, moans, and runs his fingers through his brother's long, long hair that is sex itself. His hair really does cover his perfect ass. Oh, how charming and seductive. I have to touch it, feel its warm sexiness against my hand and arm. I am definitely getting hard again watching these two long-time lovers while I play with his hair. The moans increase. But, before his brother comes, the long-haired brother releases him, stands up, wraps his arms around me and kisses me, strongly with real lust. I run my hand over his body and through his hair to his hard, hard waist. His hard dick is resting near mine, making me hard once again, too. In fact, its shaking with real force.

We kiss a little harder now, a little more urgently, a little more with passion willing ourselves to feel our souls unite. His hard body next to mine, his hands around my waist, my hands through his hair and our strong dicks locked in love all their own, cumming just a little to show how far our love has left to go. We slowly lower ourselves to the floor - right there. We will fulfill ourselves right there, right now. As we reach the floor I kiss his neck and lick his pretty ear lobe. He squirms and cries a little with delight. I continue down his hard throat, licking and kissing as I go until I reach his chest. Ah, what a chest. It feels so hard, yet so soft. My desire heats up as I stroke his chest and lick his beautiful erect nipples. His sighs grow louder and his waist can no longer sit still. I lick further down while my hands plays along his sides and caresses his lovely hair that has fallen across the floor in silky, sheen layers. His eyes are closed and he is moving his head back and forth with hair spilling over his face and everywhere creating a blizzard of soft, silky lust. His waist moves faster to keep up with his desire. When I'm at his abs, I pause to lick and I press my oh so hard dick across his abs and I am electrified! Such joy! I raise my face upward to look at the rapturous, beautiful, angelic face of his twin brother. There is a real feeling of pure sex as my rock hard dick slides across his brother's fantastic hard-as rock abs in a thin, soft layer of our cum. Glorious, ah, ah, ...nooo, not yet. Don't come yet!...But, ah, have to....oh, Gawd, he is beautiful as he is moaning louder and his waist is arched upward and his dick arched higher yet. It is a beautiful, joyful sight watched over by his brother and me. His brother is looking down at us and caressing his big, big, thick dick with real joy, his hair softly playing across his lovely, soft face . I look at him as my dick's desire.

To feel his dick, ah, that is what I want, too. As he stands above me, and his brother moans below, I reach over to touch his hardness with my hand and he pre-cums a little - a lot and it is so warm when I touch my tongue to his pulsating body to lick his pre-cum from him. This simple act makes me warm with sex, high with love, full of desire for more... ah, wow! Not yet. He has reached over to run his hand through my hair and lowers my trembling lips to his rock hardness. I take it all in, all in, but not all - its too big at first, so much, but its warmth and its silky smoothness is - oooo, so incredible. His long-haired brother has reached up to touch my nipples and moves his pulsating hard, hard, hard dick to my ass and gently slides his dick into me. How he placed a nice warm condom on my pulsating dick without me knowing makes it just another erotic, lovely experience, but oh man, how nice. Ah, so warm, so tight...... He squirms with lust and slowly, methodically pumps up and down through sighs of love. In rhythm, I move my tongue up and down the shaft of his brother, then bring it up slowly to just below the top to taste and feel and get high on his love. Its magical, so beautiful what it does to him and what it does to me. My hands are across his abs, his hand through my hair and I'm licking harder now around the shaft, around the top faster and faster while pumping his brother below until, I - ah, ah, oh, yes, yes, yes. I caress his nipples and lick his dick and finally...yea... he comes more, faster, harder, and I swallow fast with delight as he spurts with great orgasmic force, and it spills over him and over me and it's the taste of life and love to me! His long-haired brother below, hearing his cries of joy, comes at the same time inside me. What a glorious finish. There is wonderful cum everywhere, on my face, on their bodies. Man, what joy.

I reach up to kiss the brother standing above me, full of his cum! It is a shared love now. A complete love. Gently, he pushes me onto my back where with great delight his long-haired brother leans over me and his hair, oh that glorious hair covers me as he lowers his sensuous lips to mine and kisses me deeply, hungrily, passionately, lovingly, willingly. I see stars, I feel his thick hardness tingling my own, his beautiful sexiness covers my body like a warm blanket of desire. My waist moves under him and he begins to kiss and lick my body from my neck to my erect nipples. I caress his hair and feel as he moves his warm tongue to my hard, powerful abs. This is joy, love, sensuousness. A river of desire floods me completely as he reaches my hard, hard dick. His lips are soft, warm, patient. He slips his mouth over my dick and for my first time with him, it is a .. oh, oh, ah... everything. His tongue and his teeth make me harder, he kisses the tip and tongues around the base and I can't wait. So soft, so hard, so fucking fabulous, I want to ... ah, his hands are caressing me, his tongue moves faster, Gawd, ...I see stars and desire is here, yes, his brother leans down, covers my face with his soft hair and kisses me. I play with his hair while his other brother's hair is across my che.....oh, ah, waist is arched and he touches my nipples and he places my oh so hard pulsating dick inside him, so fast, so warm with the same kind of pleasant condom, how does he do that?, so hot, so.....I ....yeah......sweet god of joy..... I fill him full of me. And again. And again.

I come out of my love and see that he and his brother are in a kissing frenzy now, lips warm with cum and shared desire. They are caressing, touching, feeling, loving. I pull out and the long-haired brother lays down next to me and puts his pretty head next to mine and I stroke his hair, kiss his lips. The other brother lays down next to me on the other side and I love his sweet look as his hair softly buries his face. I whisper to each "You are an angel of love. I'm so in love with you." We are together. They both touch me and smile. Ah, my, my, oh....a little more cum....ya.

We lay together for a long time. Kissing. Caressing. Enjoying. Loving. Naked. Alive with desire, patient with love. Finally, exhausted by love. But, man, loving two is ...erotic as hell!

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