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A Wish to Kiss

by Tenley Boy

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This story came to me via the email list of Inside the Glass Onion. I pounced on it and made an offer to host it. The author, Tenley Boy, has full copyright to his story. It is hosted here because, despite the age groups being different, it reminds me totally of my teenage years and longings.

Email to tell him what you think of his story. I know he'll be pleased to hear your thoughts.

And then I saw him across the crowded room, as the song goes. I was struck by his natural beauty right away. Not too tall, with a pretty face for a boy of about 18 or 20. You know, the boy with the large eyes, small nose and full sensuous lips. God, how nice. I just fall in love with that look and he had it, dark doe eyes and all. And the body, lean, with just enough muscle without overdoing it and his slightly open shirt hinting at a nice hard chest and well- sculpted abs (I hope). A set of nice defined abs on a pretty faced boy just makes me so high with desire. But what really got me so hot was that he was wearing a long pony tail. My God, I could have cum right there. A ponytail! It was thick, just passed the middle of his back, so very thick, dark, shiny and long, very straight, I-want- to-lie-in-it, quite luscious hair. Yow! And the best part was that it was tied with his own hair! How stunning, how utterly charming and feminine, but he carried it off without being fem. How sexy, so very... aw, God, I think I feel faint with love and desire. This boy was a poster child for sweet desire if ever I saw one. Who is this dream of a young boy?

This was some party already! Didn't really know anyone there and my friend Steve had left me to meet some of his other friends. When he invited me, Steve knew I was alone and looking for someone so he insisted that I come along. He thought I was looking for a female someone and I was, sort of. I mean, I like women, especially the long-haired kind, because, well, I love hair, what can I say. Lots of it, if possible. So on occasion I find myself taking in a pretty- looking young guy, particularly one with long hair, too. Why a pretty, long-haired young guy gets me sexed up, I don't know, but the combination of long, soft hair falling over a pretty face along with sculpted abs, smooth, hard chest and equally impressive bulge in his pants just makes me weak, trembly, hot. Just plain hot. Wow, its a feeling I can't get with a woman, no matter how pretty. My problem is - I've never been with a guy. Never even kissed one for fun much less sucked one off. Believe me, I've had the desire, a lot, but never the right opportunity with the right guy. But, I do know that I no longer wanted to cum from a picture. I wanted the real thing. I have this wish to kiss for real. But how?

Inching my way toward where he stood without being too obvious, I realized he was talking with a pretty young girl and his voice, his voice was so quiet, rather breathless. Lord, he even talked sexy! And he was even more incredibly gorgeous up close with just a tiny hint of freckles around his nose. Quite delicious and very sexy. Sexilicious? That has to be a new word, but it fit. The trouble is, my pants no longer would. I was so hot with the look of him that I was growing hard just listening to his voice and watching his pretty hair move around his strong shoulders when he talked. Jeez. I haven't felt like this, well, ever. He was the most fucking beautiful person, boy or girl, I've ever seen and I was close enough to say hello. But, should I?

Now, I've been told that I look cute, by women of course, not guys. With soft, thick, long blonde hair brushing my ears and nice green eyes, a strong nose and a hard chin, I've been known as a blonde Clark Kent. Which is fine, I guess. I'm a little older now, but middle 30s is a good age and while the middle body isn't as strong, I'm still not too bad. All in all, a certain kind of pretty woman wants me on occasion and so I've been pursued and "conquered" every now and again. So, things have been fine, but how to explain this sudden urge to make love to an incredibly sexilicious young boy. I don't know, but I was going with it just to know where it would take me. And I'm going to start with Marshall. Marshall? The girl was saying his name. Marshall. Good God, could this guy get any sexier.

I was only a few feet from Marshall (Jeez, I love that name) and continued looking at his eyes and imagining letting loose that ponytail and letting its long, thick, heavy softness caress my hand and arm. Just to feel the weight of it will make me cum, I just know it. God, I loved that hair with that pretty boy face. And then he turned toward me. His eyes greeted mine and I almost cried at how erotically sensual they were, especially as his beautiful ponytail moved with him. I must have swooned with desire because he asked me if I was alright. Recovering a little, I said, "Sure, fine, just a little tired, I guess". "Yeah, me too," he said. Well, we introduced ourselves and he introduced me to, uh, the girl he was talking to, but I don't even remember her name. In another time and place I would've been interested, but not now. There was nobody else in the room for me, but him.

We talked about things, I guess. My concentration was not really what it should've been. Just being in Marshall's presence was enough to sexually sustain me for quite a while, let me tell you. Just looking and imagining running my hands over his long, thick, so very soft pony tail and otherwise being naked with this beautiful boy was incredibly intoxicating, just overwhelmingly desirable. In my mind, he looks at me a long time with those sensuous eyes and his lips slightly parted. He is so gorgeous! Feeling bold, I reach up behind him and run my hand down his pony tail toward his slim waist and I feel its softness, its classic silky touch and I feel the weight of sexual discovery. I meet no resistance, just silent encouragement.

With great courage, I reach to the top of his pony tail and release his hair, ah so easy, and much to my arousal it cascades with a sudden rush well past his shoulders and it is parted somewhat off center so that it buries most of his face and pretty nose almost to his waist. Ah, Gawd That is so sexy. He is so sexy. Breathlessly, I realize that I am in love with this god of a boy. He lowered his head and his face was totally engulfed by his magnificent hair. He touched his seemingly very large crotch with one hand only so slightly, then he raised his head toward the ceiling and closed his eyes in a look that spoke sexual arousal in volume. As he did this, his hair is so long that it touches the top of his jeans which really made me quite hard and gasping for joy. He lowered his head, opened his eyes and, through light filled strands of his hair, he flashed me a most brilliant, captivating smile. That simple action brought my hard-on to a higher plane of pure sexual joy. I came just a little.

Encouraged by his love, I slowly reach up to brush his hair carefully off his face, ever so slowly, but I continue to run my hands through it, He sighed. He loves it. He loves my touch. I am so blessed. I look into those eyes of wonderous joy and slowly, every so slowly, ever so.....our eyes slowly close, our lips meet and I pulled him close to me, my hands around his waist caressing his silky hair. A soft brush of lips, a wonderous touch, a soft kiss, ever so sensuous, his sexy lips with mine. Wow, my first kiss with a boy. Its so warm, so soft, then so hard and inviting. His tongue with mine, my tongue with his, now soft, now hard, now desirous, now .....ohh. I need him naked. I need to see all of him. Now. Please. I'm so hard, yet I dare not touch my rock hard dick against him or I will come long and strong. To taste him and cum with him is my goal in life right now.

I take off his shirt with his eyes slightly closed and his soft, pretty lips slightly parted. I see the body I imagined, only closer and within my reach. We kiss once again. I love to kiss, just love it, I love the romance of it, especially with him. I'm so in love with him. He reaches over and takes off my shirt, very slowly, kissing my chest all the way, with my hand caressing his soft head and running over his hair. That hair. How wonderous. It makes me so hard. When we are eye to eye again, I reach down and to touch his large dick that I know is there...ah, there, its hot, my first time, so hard, and a little wet, what does it taste like, God but I am..ah...he touches mine and the warmth of his hand could make me cum, right now. I look into his eyes, unbutton his pants (wow, not even a belt) and let them slide to the floor. I love his underwear because he is only wearing his hard-on so I get my first look at my first dick up close. He lets out a small sigh. I gasp with expectation. Its so beautiful, so pink and red, so inviting, standing so tall almost to his belly button (oh, my). I kneel a little and give his shaking dick a quick lick, ummm, that sends...oh, please, ah... and he shivers just a little, too. I feel quite faint now. We hurry up. Clothes are everywhere. I stand back to look at him. Is he as I dreamed? My God, he is more. His face, his hair, a strong carved smooth chest, his sculpted abs, such strong legs and a beautiful, quite large pulsating dick. He is truly beautiful. And this beautiful boy is here for me, for me! The back light fills him with a white, soft glow and his hair, so long, reaches nearly to his small waist perfectly showing off his rock hard abs. He is strong and lovely. Oh, my, my, my, my. I take him in my arms again with such pleasure and anticipation I'm actually shaking.

We collapse to the floor and my pretty young angel turns around and lays his back on my chest with his head near mine spreading his thick layered silky hair over my waiting hard body and face. He caresses his very large and very hard dick, moaning softly, but wanting to love me. I wrap my arms around his wonderous body, caressing his soft, strong abs while his hair covers me like a heavy blanket of sexy warmth and the weight of it and him is so sexual and perfect. His body and his hair are soft, warm, hard, intoxicating to touch and all encompassingly desirable. His hair alone is a pure blanket of love. I kiss and stroke his hair over and over softly whispering in his ear, "I am in love with you so much. You are such a beautiful, sexy angel. I want to kiss and make love to you always." He quivers with delight, love, sex. With that I, oh, I can come now, I can come, I, no, no, please not yet. Oh, God, its so perfect. I am sooooo hard.

We managed to sit up, kiss the kiss of real love, my arms wrapped around his body and in his hair, he wrapped up in mine and caressing my long, soft hair, too. Can we ever let go? I'm like someone possessed. I take the lead here. Willingly. Wantonly. I want him. I want all of him. Then my tongue found his neck and chest. God, he is so strong and I lick my way down to his erect nipples where I feel his desire, strong and irresistable. My hands are still lovingly stroking his hair, its so thick, so soft, so long, oh, I have to kiss it, caress it, kiss him more and more. He arches his back and sighs loudly. Lord, I could cum now, I'm so hard against his warmth. Oh. My tongue has a life of its own as my hands encircle a waist that is so small, so sexy with soft, smooth, strong abs and my tongue feels the strength of the man, but the weak desire of the boy. Oh, my, please don't make me cum just yet. My tongue finds its way to his warm, hard dick...oh my, so soft, so hot...oh, so my tongue has finally tasted heaven and I slide it over the top tasting the salty loveliness of pre-cum, so slowly and lovingly and he spurts a little, but I love it, adore it, suck it, want it more. I bring him into me, down deeper and deeper, my mouth and tongue warm and complete with the heat of his love. Man, he is as big as he is beautiful. My tongue moving with abandon, my lips and waiting throat surrounding all of him with ease. Oh, God, he is so pretty! My hardness is really straining against his muscled legs. He sighs, his sounds of joy mixes with my blinding light of passion and then, oh, and then, oh, please, then, ....... God, I am getting too hard. This fantasy too real. I better find a place to sit down or I'll faint with desire.

Well, he was interested in the girl, it seems. I couldn't just stay there and keep undressing and making love to my angel in my mind. So I excused myself, had a last look at that pretty face and fabulous hair, and made my way to the makeshift bar and sat down, alone, on my own, with nothing but my unfulfilled desire and a flagging hardness.

Marshall. What a perfectly desirous name for a perfectly sexilicious, most beautiful young boy-angel of love.

Man, I have such a wish to kiss.

Then the bartender gave me a beer I didn't order. I started to say something and he pointed across the room and said, "His compliments." Marshall beckoned me over - with his eyes!

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