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A New Life

by The Eggman

Chapter 11 - Always and Forever

This story is a work of erotic fiction involving teenage boys. All the usual rules apply. If you shouldn't be reading this now then don't continue on.

Copyright Notice - Please, this story is Copyright © by Eggman Enterprises and the author retains all rights. You may distribute, copy, print, staple or spindle this story however you like, provided this copyright notice remains intact and you do not change the story in any way. Also you may not charge any fee to anyone to distribute or access this story.

The changes brought about during the first few weeks of school made my life interesting to say the very least. In the mornings, Derrick picks up Mike then Keith and I and we all go to school together. It's way too early in the day though so none of us are in a very talkative condition. Keith is only in one of my classes, second period English. By that time there are signs of sentient life once again. We sit next to each other and do make a small effort not to disrupt the class. Having him next to me is a major disruption to me. I'm pretty sure I'm what he's concentrating on too. Then we see each other at lunch then not again till the end of the day. In the afternoons Derrick's in my math class and Mike's in my PE class. None of my friends are in my last period history class and let me tell you it just drags on and on.

By the end of the first week all four of us were frazzled to the core. To add insult to injury, Keith was still working Friday nights and I was working Saturday nights. By the time we'd meet, usually after 10PM, all we wanted to do was cuddle for a little while. The summer nights of staying awake together until almost dawn were past and man, did I miss them. We barely ever had sex before we went to sleep. It was definitely on our minds but so was getting interrupted or worse, caught in the act. What we mostly wound up doing was waking in the middle of the night for a few quiet minutes of passion. It took the entire first month to get our schedules adjusted so that we both had Friday nights off and would be able to spend all of Friday night then the whole day Saturday together. Then we would go to work for a few hours and get back together again Saturday nights. Sunday's from noon till five we usually spent at Mike's house jamming.

Every week night except Tuesday (we both worked that night too) Keith and I studied together, usually at his place but, after my mom hinted that she thought we weren't paying attention to the rules we started splitting the nights more evenly. It actually worked to our advantage having a full hour and a half without interruptions before my mom would come home every afternoon. Then Derrick said he was having a really bad time keeping up with his geometry class so once or twice a week he and Mike would join Keith and I to study. We did study too, for a little while any way. Study sessions started to resemble our jam sessions, falling apart when the hormones and the need to express some affection finally got to a high enough level. Needless to say the glances across the table started to become stares and the little thank you touches became hugs and kisses that turned into major lip-locks.

Both my birthday, September 10th, and Keith's, September 22nd, fell on school days. On Sunday September 21st the Hundser's threw a birthday party for us. Mike and Derrick were there, so were Drew and Corey. Keith's favorite Aunt and Uncle and his grandparents were there. John was there with his friend Tommy and of course my mom was there. It was good to see my mom and Keith's parents were getting along really well. I guessed that they had been talking on and off more often than I suspected over the summer. A shiver went down my spine when I thought about our parents getting more friendly and going out for coffee and cheesecake or, worse yet, "doing lunch"!

That whole day was a roller-coaster ride. Derrick, Mike, Keith and I played some volleyball early in the day followed immediately thereafter by a dip in Mike's pool. Mike, Derrick and I wanted to get some jam time in but we needed to get back to meet Keith's family so Mike grabbed his electric guitar and amp and I got my bass and amp. Derrick brought only his snare drum and I asked Keith to please bring the microphone. Keith smiled, looked at me with his, "If you think I'm singin' in front of anyone other than you, you're nuts," look and I cracked up.

On the way back in the car though Derrick had the radio blasting when Good Enough" by Van Halen came on. I have Mike's copy of the CD at home. Keith has sung that song and a few other songs from that disk to me when we were alone. He's got such a fantastic voice, strong and with an exceptionally wide range. Keith went absolutely insane singing at the top of his lungs, animating every gesture of the lyrics... right at me! From the opening "Hello Baby!" I knew I was a goner. Keith sang, "just grease it up and bring on the heat," and I was breathing heavy and sweating. With every "UH!" he'd grab his crotch and thrust it up in the air. By the end of the first chorus, I was breathing fast, sweating and hard as steel! On the middle verse Keith crawled over, got right in my face and was feeling me up something awful then he screamed, "rack a what? Well I'll have some of that!" and dove right into my lap, nibbling my straining cock through my shorts. Thank goodness he popped up to sing the last verse because I was right there on the edge. By the time the song ended, I was in a lust-induced daze. Keith sat back on his side of the rear seat, adjusted himself and flashed me a wide smile with his tongue peeking out from behind his teeth. Mike turned around and saw what must've been a goofy looking, stunned expression on my face and busted up laughing. We pulled into the Hundser's driveway, I got out of the car and rearranged the furniture to be less noticeable but the front of my shorts were noticeably wet! Talk about your good first impressions on Keith's Aunt, Uncle and grandparents! Keith noticed my predicament and was a good sport about it.

"Don't worry baby," he said, "just stay close behind me when we get inside. I'll get ya fixed up." Keith sent Mike to scout the backyard for a guess on who might still be inside.

While we were waiting for Mike, Derrick asked, "Keith, dude, why don't ya sing with us today?"

"Sorry bud," Keith said, "Prez is the only person I can look in the face when I'm singing."

"It's a damn shame, dude." Derrick said.

"I know you guys want me to but jeez, how could I ever get past the four of us never mind the rest of my family? I can't sing in public, man. I'll freak. Too many eyes looking at me." Keith explained.

"Well ya know, I was thinking," Derrick said, "sometimes when I'm playing I'll close my eyes when I feel like I'm being watched. Then it's only whatever I imagine in front of me. Prez is all you need to imagine."

"I dunno. Maybe someday."

Mike came back and asked, "Are Drew and John home?"

"Probably so." Keith answered.

"They're the only two missing," Mike said.

"Cool. You guys be ready to run some interference for us, ok?" Keith said, as we walked to the front door and Mike and Derrick Okayed the plan. The coast was clear when we stepped inside. "Help yourselves to a coke or something and go ahead out back. We'll be there in five or ten minutes." Keith said to Mike and Derrick.

"Damn dudes, take a few extra minutes." Derrick said.

"I'd love to but not with a house full of company." Keith answered, as we walked down the hall to his room."

Mike commented, "Maybe you could build a pool house?"

John walked out of the bathroom as I followed Keith into his room. The fact that John didn't say a word tells me he was pretty sure something was going on. Once we got behind the closed bedroom door, Keith said, "Let's get you into a clean pair of shorts, Prez," and he started rummaging around the dresser drawer.

"Keith?" I said, as I started to unbutton my shorts.

"Yeah, baby. How about these khaki ones? They look good on you." Keith said, smiling affectionately at me, holding up the shorts for my approval.

"They're good," I answered, letting my shorts fall to the floor and stepping out of them.

Keith walked over in front of me, unbuttoned the new shorts and held them open for me to step in to. I put my hands on his shoulders and lifted one leg, then the other into the shorts. Keith buttoned up the shorts, carefully pulled up the fly and rested his hands on my waist when he was finished. "What's the matter?" He asked noticing the blank expression on my face.

I sighed, "I guess I'm confused."

"About what baby? How can I help?"

"That stuff in the car. I was diggin' it but it was something we'd do alone and this time we weren't alone. We were in a convertible driving around city streets. Anyone could've seen. I love you so much Keith. I love your silly side and your serious side. I was unable to say a word, powerless to stop it, not even sure if I wanted to stop it. I love it when we're alone and you get seductive. I don't know why I feel like I do."

Keith didn't move a muscle until I was finished. A single tear ran down each cheek. I wiped one away for him; he wiped away the other. Keith softly said, "I'm sorry, Prez. I never meant..."

Interrupting him I said, "I know Keith. I'm not angry, just confused. And I thought, since you asked, I'd tell you why. Let's not make a big deal about it, ok?"

"I really do love you Prez," Keith said with a weak smile, "more than I could ever explain with words. I promise never to do that again, ok?"

"Oh you'll do it again. I definitely want you to. But not in the back seat while we're driving around town, ok?" I said, not quite believing I was putting a restriction on his affection. God, I half hated myself for even mentioning it.

"That's cool," Keith said, "I'll work on it."

"We'll work on it, together." I corrected him.

He smiled affectionately at me saying, "God man, you're the greatest. Can I please kiss you?"

"I don't know," I said, appearing as if this really required thought. Teasing him back was one way I could tell him that I was sure we'd find some common ground real soon. "If you feel like you need to ask, maybe I won't let you!" I said, toying with him.

Keith grinned, stepped forward and kissed me anyway. His tongue was gliding around my lips, occasionally pressing against them seeking entrance to my firmly shut mouth. Holding the back of my head still, Keith started licking my entire face like a puppy, desperately whispering between licks, "come on, please? It'll be better soon. I know I've been bad." As soon as I laughed he dove into my mouth. There was a knock at the door as tongues started gliding around.

"Keith?" Mrs. Hundser said, turning the doorknob.

As Mrs. Hundser entered the room, Keith tried to break the kiss to answer his mom but I firmly held Keith's head in place and stuck my tongue in his mouth as deep as I could reach. I held the kiss until Mrs. Hundser coughed to get our attention. Only then did I release the kiss. Smiling, I said hello to Mrs. Hundser and asked if everything was okay while Keith and I continued holding each other.

"Can you boys pull down extra lawn chairs from the garage ceiling for me?" She asked, smiling at Keith.

"Sure can," I answered. "Keith knows where they are?"

Turning to leave the room, Mrs. Hundser said, "He used to. I don't know if I should ask him his name right now." And she left the door open when she left too!

"We'll be there in a minute mom," is all Keith said as he stepped closer to me.

A few minutes later I was being shuffled around the backyard and being introduced to Keith's visiting family members. Keith introduced me to his grandparents as his best friend. Then he introduced me to his Aunt and Uncle as his boyfriend. Keith and I had talked some about this party and meeting everyone. Keith wanted to tell everyone the truth. I didn't really have a problem with that but was asking him questions so I could feel comfortable about it. Mrs. Hundser overheard part of our conversation. It was her recommendation that we not tell her parents yet. We sat at the table for a little while and answered their questions about how we met, how long we've been together and what we do together (leaving out the intimate details, of course). Mr. Hundser came over to the table and Keith asked if it would be all right for us to practice a few songs. Without a single question about how good we are or what we were going to play, he readily agreed but did ask us to keep the volume down as much as possible.

Derrick, Mike and I set up our equipment behind the garage where there was an electrical outlet. The three of us were considering what songs we needed to work on while we got set up. We finally settled on a few ZZ Top songs. Derrick had heard me singing La Grange" along with the radio one night on the way back from work. The next day he ran out bought a used ZZ Top CD and we started work on it pretty soon thereafter. Yours truly gets to sing in that comical mumble on "La Grange". I'd have to mess up pretty bad before any one would even notice! The thing is, all the way through "La Grange" I was messing up, slowly speeding up the tempo. Derrick would get me slowed down then I'd speed up again. Does anybody really know all the lyrics to that song? I still have a difficult time singing and playing my bass at the same time. The song has a funky groove and I really want to get it right but I keep getting sidetracked singing about a whorehouse! We tried that song twice and made some progress the second time around before moving on to the next song.

Keith sat on my bass amp in front of me while we played Give Me All Your Lovin'". I was concentrating on the lyrics and seeing only him. It made me feel as comfortable as when we were alone. There were no problems during that tune. During "Sharp Dressed Man", Drew, Corey, John and Tommy joined the circle. As soon as we finished that song we were bombarded with a bunch of requests, most of which we didn't know how to play. There were lots of songs we knew parts of together and separately, they just needed keyboards or a second guitar or a better vocalist. While the requests were flying, Derrick started doing a really soft drum roll that very gradually got really loud. Our little audience suddenly got very quiet. Derrick continued on with a few minutes worth of snare drum solo.

All this time you're probably thinking, "What's Derrick doing with a single drum?" Well, Derrick is a drumming fanatic. He got a practice pad and set of sticks when we was ten years old but didn't start to take it seriously until he was about thirteen. That's when he heard Emerson, Lake and Palmer's "Tank" on the radio for the first time. From then on he was hooked and couldn't get enough. He bought books. He bought a metronome. He practiced. He bought used CD's like crazy always focusing in on different drummers. Up until last year he only listened to rock and R&B then one day he went home and heard Gene Krupa's drum solo on "Sing, Sing, Sing". The recording is ancient, from the 1930's but it's a killer drum solo. Derrick can get a wide variety of tones out of that snare by hitting it different ways, at different spots and by using his hands or legs to get even more tones. All you would ever have to hear is a few minutes of Derrick on a snare to know he's a damn good drummer.

As Derrick's little solo wound down Mike started playing the opening acoustic guitar part on Heart's Crazy On You". When that wound down he cranked up the volume and slipped right into Eruption by Van Halen. Mike doesn't really know any music theory but he's loved playing guitar since he was about seven years old he said. He plays by ear very well. I've seen him sitting in his room playing songs on the radio he's rarely ever heard. It's amazing how quickly he figures out the key signature, gets the groove down and just starts coaxing excellent sounds out of his guitar. There might be a heavy metal or grunge tune on the radio and he's sitting there playing along on his acoustic and it still sounds great! Playing alone, he starts with a few little licks and goes right into an original rhythm guitar part. Mike knows more chords than he or I can even name. Mike's favorite bands are "Nirvana", "Metallica" and "Pearl Jam" but Derrick and I have him listening to all kinds of music now ranging from new jazz to old Motown, from big bands to solo musicians. It's gotten to the point were none of us have very many of our own CD's at home any more, we just keep trading them around.

When Mike wound down his solo, Derrick started tapping out a little triplet's beat and I went into a shuffle bass solo. I play pretty well and have a good music theory foundation. There are dozens of really good bass guitarists I listen to. Some of them only serve to frustrate the beejeeberz out of me! I guess Stanley Clarke, the jazz bassist, is the most frustrating. I'm always looking for ways to get better and now I practice simple speed exercises and maybe one day I won't be getting frustrated.

Derrick added more percussion then Mike joined in and we finished our little jam getting a short but sweet round of applause from the entire back yard and a few neighbors too I think! The younger guys took off and Keith came over to tell me something. When he touched my arm we got zapped. He was bare foot! "I love it when you do that!" Keith said. "I'm gonna go spend a few minutes with my family." Mike, Derrick and I played only a few more Stevie Ray blues songs, which Mike sang, and then we powered down and took a break to join the party. I had that light, almost relieved feeling and was feeling a little horny too when we finished. "Please Keith," I thought to myself, "find some how, some where to give me a kiss. Just let me know you're not angry with me."

I sat next to Keith chit chatting with everyone. I heard some tales about summer vacations Keith used to spend with his Aunt and Uncle. For a while there, Keith was taping nervously on the table. We looked at each other for a second then he glanced down at his tapping finger. I looked back across the table and glanced down at his tapping finger. He's sitting there, nonchalantly chatting with his Aunt while repeatedly tapping out letters on the table - I - o - u - I - o - u. I moved my leg and "accidentally" brushed against Keith's leg signaling message received. I should've kicked him! The next thing I noticed was Mike and Derrick occasionally bumping each other while having a separate conversation with Keith's grandparents. Those bumps would increase in frequency and in strength until finally one of them grabbed the other then who knows what happens next! We all get so freaking horny after we jam! It's like clockwork. I guess if your gonna play with feeling it helps to have some in reserve to draw upon. A few minutes later, Mike and Derrick came over to say they were taking the equipment back to the house and would be back in about an hour. Yeah right! It's 10-minute drive! Leaving Keith and I to figure a way to be alone for ten or twenty minutes if we were lucky. The Bastards! Keith and I excused ourselves to help them load up the car.

When we were out of earshot, Keith asked me, "Are you thinking of a plan?"

"Yeah," I replied, "can we tell them we're going out for only a little while and not really go?"

"Yeah, I think Drew and Corey would help. We gotta reduce our chances of getting caught. Maybe when there's fewer people around."

Mike said, "I'd ask you guys along but I know you can't leave. Besides, we might luck out and return to an empty house."

"The pool house is cool with me dude," Derrick said to Mike as he got into the car, "I've been wanting to be alone you for a while now." It was the way he said it, so calmly and coolly that struck me.

Mike whimpered, closed the trunk of the car, turned to us saying, "Dudes, gotta run! It's been real, it's been fun, it been real fun but I'm running late. We'll be back soon. See ya later." Seconds later they were driving off.

As we turned around to go back to the yard Keith said, "Later, after my family leaves... I shouldn't be held responsible for my actions."

"I think I'm gonna start buttering up my mom. Maybe for my birthday we can get a reprieve before my cork pops!"

Keith chuckled, "Don't talk like that dude, I'll mess my pants."

"Good, serves ya right." I jokingly said. "If we keep things like this we'll eventually run out of clean shorts to put on."

"That wouldn't be such a bad thing." Keith said, pausing for a moment and taking my hand in his. "I think I'm gonna cry."

"Huh? Why?"

"I want to spend a whole day looking at you naked, making love whenever the urge strikes us."

"Doesn't that sound great? I never minded school before but now, oh man... when's the last time we spent part of a day cuddled up in bed alone?"

"Gotta be weeks ago now, it feels more like years." Keith said, frowning at the reality of the situation.

"When our work schedules change it's gonna be great." I said enthusiastically, remembering all the great times cuddling this past summer.

We stopped at the gate to the back yard where Keith gave me an all too short but very passionate kiss. What Keith can do in ten or so seconds with a single kiss, I can't begin to describe. I was swooning for a while afterwards.

"Ready?" Keith asked.

"Oh yeah, all set." I answered breathlessly.

As we walked in the backyard, John and Tommy ran out front to play football in the street. My mom was mesquite smoking a brisket for some Texas barbecue and had a huge crock-pot half-full of homemade barbecue sauce. Keith's mom and dad came out of the house with trays of stuff ready to be laid over coals for their own addition to the feast. They had everything you could ever want on those trays; burgers, hot dogs, assorted chicken and jumbo shrimp.

Drew and Corey were sitting together playing a Gameboy, leaning in close to watch each other play and occasionally knocking into each other. They were cute together. I got a little retrospective for a while thinking about my last few lonely and boring birthdays. I smiled as Keith walked past me into the house. Nope, I'm not lonely any more. Keith came out of the house with a giant bowl of tortilla chips and ranch dip. He walked around beside me, put the bowls down on the table and sat down beside me. I got a sudden rush of "he wants to be near me" excitement. I looked around the yard at the various people having various conversations and Keith beside me. I really felt that this is how things were always meant to be in my life.

I thought about why I had said anything to Keith of the incident in the car. I reminded myself of my father a bit with his uncaring remarks. Was I being uncaring though? We promised that we'd tell each other everything but Keith had shed tears of sorrow over something I said. I had to apologize to him for at least that. I told him not to make a big deal about it and he seemed to be doing just that. Now I was fishing for answers why I'd mentioned it.

Derrick and Mike returned just before dinner was served. Derrick sat next to me on one side and Mike sat behind him. Keith and I noticed that they both looked freshly showered and had different clothes on. Dagnabbit! When were Keith and I gonna have time for more than a quickie?

When we were done eating dinner the cakes came out lit up with 16 candles apiece. Keith's mom made the German chocolate rum cake for him and my mom made my favorite yellow cake with chocolate frosting. What made it really great and worth mentioning was that my mom put Keith's cake down in front of him while Keith's mom put my cake down in front of me. Keith and I held hands between our chairs and blew out the candles together.

While Keith's mom was serving, one of the paper plates folded and the piece of cake landed right in my lap! She started apologizing but my mom, Keith, Mike and Derrick were rolling with laughter. Damn! Another pair of soiled shorts! I stood up smiling with two fists full of cake and icing, smiled at Mrs. Hundser telling her, "it's ok," then turned around and smashed one fist of cake right into Keith's laughing mouth. Cake was all over him from his nose to his knees. Everyone in the yard was rolling by the time Mike and Derrick got up and started running from the table. I got Derrick in the back of the shirt but missed Mike entirely. Mike stopped running, thinking the coast was clear when Keith chucked a piece of cake at him that scored on the lower front of his shirt. Satisfied we had caused enough commotion; Keith and I excused ourselves to get cleaned up.

We went in through the garage and took our clothes off there, dropping the dirty shirts and shorts in the sink next to the washing machine. Then we paraded through the house in our underwear to the bathroom. Keith closed the door behind us saying, "Dude, I think I got cake in my nose. I hope I don't sneeze." All I could do was laugh and giggle while licking the cake and icing off his face. There was very little left to clean up with soap and water when I was done though. While we were in Keith's bedroom we noticed that after these two pair of shorts there was only one pair left. If we needed more than that someone was gonna have to streak over to my apartment. We grabbed two clean shirts for Mike and Derrick on the way back outside.

The presents were exchanged after we got back outside and finished our cake. I told Keith and my mom to hold on to their presents until today. Keith and I had already promised to give our presents privately. The day of my birthday all that my mom gave me was a cupcake with a candle in it, a kiss on the forehead and a box containing briefs and socks. It was sweet and more than enough. I wanted to share my birthday with my friends so bad I could taste it.

My mom does something unique with birthday and Christmas presents for me. When I was little, all my presents would be taped together into shapes. One year it looked like a giraffe, other year's pyramids or big rectangles; however she could get the boxes arranged. This year the boxes looked more like the top of the Empire State Building with a tube antenna at the top. I got a pair of jeans, two pair of shorts (YES! There will be no streaking for this boy tonight!), two really nice sport shirts, two T-shirts and the tube had three pair of silk boxer shorts in them! I blushed so hard I started to sweat. I couldn't believe my mom being that suggestive! Keith's eyes damn near jumped out of their sockets when he saw silk boxers. I got some CD's from Mike and Derrick. Drew, John and Corey chipped in for a CD as well.

The whole time I was ripping through my wrapping paper so was Keith. He got this really sweet burgundy-red sport shirt and a pair of jeans from his Aunt and Uncle. His grandparents gave him a $200 gift certificate to Nordstrom's department store (that store's so expensive it might buy him one complete outfit if he chooses carefully). More CD's from Mike and Derrick and a video game from Drew, John and Corey. From his parents Keith got a card. Written in Mrs. Hundser's writing it said,

"Keith, where we are this year is far cry from last year. We want you to know that we're happy about your choices, proud of the person you're becoming and that we love you very much. This pink piece of paper is the title to my car. Sign it and we'll transfer ownership the day we go to get your driver's license. It's been a good car. All you'll need to worry about is insurance and maintenance. Happy Birthday!


Mom and Dad."

Underneath that, in Mr. Hundser's writing,

"P.S. - A key has been on your dresser for a week and you never saw it, did you?"

Keith had absolutely no idea that this would happen. It didn't really sink all the way in until after he had thanked his parents while we were searching the dresser for the key. I think I could feel his excitement building before he could. When he found it I quickly held on to him before he floated off and started bouncing off the walls and ceiling.

Later that night, our parents gave in pretty easily and let Keith spend the night. On the way to my apartment, Keith was going on and on about all the great places we could go together. I was really anxious about going everywhere with him too. After I showered, Keith came in my bedroom and held up a pair of silk boxers for me to wear to bed.

"I was sitting there next to your mom hard as a rock the whole time you were showering," Keith softly chuckled.

I laughed and dropped my towel exposing my semi-erect cock. "I was imagining your hands washing me. Almost got carried away with myself too!"

Keith sighed, "I better take a long cold shower," and gathered up his stuff. I kissed my mom goodnight and waited for Keith in my bedroom. He came in the room just as the eleven o'clock news was starting. Fumbling around in his backpack he said, "I've got a little something for you."

"Nothing you've ever given me is little, Keith." I reached behind my PC for his gift saying, "I've got yours right here."

Keith chuckled softly as he walked over to me. He wrapped his arms around me and asked, "You've got my what right where?"

I laughed, "You know what I meant!"

"Yeah baby, I know. It just sounded a little funny," Keith grinned. He pulled me closer, hugging me tight. "Close your eyes." He said stepping back from our embrace.

I closed my eyes and Keith took my hand.

"I'm hoping to turn this into a wedding ring someday," He said, slipping the ring onto my ring finger.

I looked in his eyes then down at the beautiful blue sapphire ring. "Oh God! Keith, it's great! Thank you! You went a little overboard here though, don't ya think?"

"Nah," Keith said in his best Mafioso voice, "I gave da guy an offer he couldn't refuse. Besides, you're worth it and much more. Of all the rings, necklaces and stuff I looked at, this one practically shouted your name."

"They're gonna have to cut this puppy off me 60 years from now." I said.

"I'm glad ya like it," Keith said. "Now, where's mine?"

"Hahaa! Where's your what?" I giggled, teasing him.

"Where! Is! My Present!" He said running his index finger around the waistband of my silk boxers tickling my belly.

I bit my tongue trying to contain the giggles for a few seconds. "Okay!" I laughed, "You do get testy about it." I handed him my present and rested my hands on his shoulders while he opened it. Keith didn't move or say a word for a long while. I hoped he liked it. I had a hell of a time making up my mind what to get him. Choosing the right inscription must've taken at least an hour. Now that I've seen what he got for me I felt like I could've gotten something else or done more. He looked up at me smiling with tears running down his cheeks.

Keith pulled me close and his voice trembled slightly when he said, "Always and forever." He put the silver bracelet on his wrist while his hands were behind my back.

He turned off the light, dropped the towel he was wearing and we slipped into bed. Forehead to forehead we lay there communicating telepathically for a little while. This night we couldn't wait and would not sleep until some of the affection we wanted to show all day had been released. A few minutes after my mom went to bed I got up, closed and locked my bedroom door then slid back into bed. I crawled on top of Keith, grinding into him and asked if he liked the silk boxers. I don't recall him ever answering the question.

The first weekend of October, Keith and I finally started with our new weekend work schedules. Mr. and Mrs. Hundser would be going out after work. Drew was spending the afternoon with Corey, and John was out with Tommy and Kim. For a month we were barely managing to sneak in short sexual interludes about twice a week. Don't get me wrong, I love Keith and anything we can do sexually is always the greatest but these five or ten-minute jack-off sessions weren't enough for either of us. We liked to look at each other naked. We liked to play doctor! We liked it when we noticed we just kissed for the longest time yet. Ten-minute quickies just weren't enough once you got used to spending an hour just warming up.

That Friday afternoon we vanished into Keith's room immediately after entering the house. We could barely stop holding each other long enough to get undressed. We were laughable really, getting a few shirt buttons undone before wrapping our arms around each other and kissing deeply once again. We had been waiting so long for this. It was like we were deer caught in headlights. Keith was trembling so badly, I wondered if he'd have a nervous breakdown before we even got our clothes off.

I wasn't much better off, if the truth must be known. I wasn't trembling as bad as Keith but the butterflies started flapping in my stomach in history class. By the time I slid next to Keith in the back seat of Derrick's car after school they were like California Condors. From that point forward my stomach was hosting the Air Force Thunderbirds aerial acrobatics display. I wasn't trying too hard to act normal in front of Derrick and Mike. It was more like I was trying not to toss my cookies!

Crawling under the covers and sliding into the middle of Keith's bed, our arms and legs intertwined. The look in Keith's eyes while we were wrapped up together kissing was that of a drowning man being rescued. After a while, Keith finally stopped trembling. He was like putty in my arms, holding me loosely.

He looked up at me hovering above him, smiled and said breathlessly, "I want to make love with you all night Prez, but I don't know if I can even last another minute." He said it as if apologizing for having a short fuse. Certainly I didn't need an apology.

I licked a trail down the center of Keith's chest, teased his belly-button for a minute then opened my mouth to please his erection. The poor thing was wet with precum and an angry purplish-red color. For weeks we had been taking care of our intellectual and emotional needs but our physical needs weren't getting the attention they required. I promised myself I would never let Keith get this bad again as I swallowed the head of his cock and let my tongue glide around and over it. Keith moaned and began squirming around on the bed, whispering his thanks and telling me how good it felt. He sure didn't need to thank me either. This was part of my job as his boyfriend and it was a task I thoroughly enjoyed doing. I started bobbing slowly up and down on his cock, matching the thrusts he was making into my mouth. Keith's hand was traveling up and down my back from the crack of my ass to the base of my skull. I noticed his family jewels rising in their sack and pulling close to his body. I knew it wouldn't take much more and that Keith would probably have a heart attack if I teased him the slightest bit. Tightening my lips around him I began to go a little bit faster, taking him deep into my mouth. It didn't take too much longer before Keith thrust up into my mouth, became rigid and blasted a huge load of his delicious nectar into my hungry mouth. I swallowed fast, determined not to miss a drop of what I'd been getting so little of lately but Keith was like a geyser that night. No sooner did I get one mouthful swallowed did he feed me another. Eventually Keith relaxed a little and started rubbing my back again but his cock was still leaking so I kept on sucking until I was sure he was finished and cleaned up. I laid my head on his chest listening to his rapid heartbeat slow.

Keith slid out from under me and pushed me back. He hovered over me looking into my eyes, burning an eternity's worth of love into my soul. I was quaking with anticipation when he straddled my waist then leaned down and kissed me. For the last few weekends I was determined to feel his heat inside me, trying to catch up on the summer's lost opportunities. Never did I imagine how wonderful it would be to be inside him again. Keith moved very slowly trying to make it last but it was impossible for me to hold back. I started to stroke Keith's cock when I knew I was gonna blow in a matter of seconds. His ass gripped my dick tightly, an incredible shudder tore through me and I saw stars before my eyes as I pumped my teen seed into him. I never let go of his erection. With each of my thrusts I jacked his cock. The feeling of being inside my love kept me hard past my orgasm and I jacked him off while he sat motionless on my spent cock. I could feel his inner walls loosen and tighten, massaging me back to hardness. Keith's desperate moans got loud as he shot a second incredible load all over my chest and stomach. He shivered while I milked the last drop out of him. Then he leaned down and kissed me deeply for a very long time.

Keith is most often a silly little boy after we make love, grabbing and wrestling around but he was in one of his more serious moods this time. "I'm getting a little bit bummed about something lately." Keith said softly as we held each other.

"Not because of me or something I've done, I hope." Laying this close to each other, we could always tell when something was being held back. The heart or body would react and the other guy could feel it.

I could feel it was true when he said, "No baby, it's not you. It's other people together in school and around town, jeez it's everywhere." Keith paused for a while before continuing on. "At school there's some big time tongue wrestling going on in the halls and stairways. There's also just people holding hands both at school and everywhere else. During the summer I felt we were getting at least some of that in now and then. I want to be able to kiss and hold you when I want to and where I want to just like everyone else."

"But you're scared sometimes." I said, "I am too sometimes but not all the time. Those newspaper articles rattled me some and then school started."

Keith sighed, "It's like we have to give permission sometimes to touch each other."

"We don't need permission here or at my place or at Mike's really."

"True. It's everywhere else that's buggin' me. "

"I wanted so bad to reach for your hand the other day at lunch." I admitted.

"I know. It was in your eyes. I was half hoping you would too."

"And the other half?"

"Hoping I wouldn't be a stupid ass by pulling my hand away. I don't want us to be hurt Prez. I'm doing my best to make sure I'll have you with me all the time." I could feel his heart beat faster and his body tremble for an instant against me.

"Ssshhh easy," I whispered, "You don't have to worry so much about it Keith. I think you're taking on too much. You don't need to be my guard dog all the time. No more so than I can be yours. There are some things we can do in public. We just gotta agree on what. I think the Friday nights are gonna make a world of difference. All we need is more time alone to talk about things and get caught up on a week's worth of little touches."

Keith got that mischievous look in his eyes again. He rolled over, laying half across me, gyrating against my hip slowly. "I guess humping your leg in the park isn't good?" He playfully whispered.

It took a while to catch my breath and answer, "Umm... prolly not." I slid my hand down the crack of his ass and squeezed a cheek really hard, "not unless you want me grabbing your ass in the school halls."

"Oh yeah!" Keith said excitedly, humping me harder, trying to restrain his laughter. "And maybe you could roll your tongue around your lips like Mike?"

"What is it with that any way?" I laughed.

"It's an ice cream thing." Keith explained. "He's just wants to give Derrick an extra dose of the jitters now and then."

Stroking his thick brown hair, feeling him half on top of me sure had me getting jittery. "Hmmm, I can imagine the details. I was thinking, maybe there's more subtle ways."

"What would you suggest?" Keith asked.

"I was thinking way back to when we first met. That first night I knew there was something special about you."

Keith added, "Yeah, when we were on your bed listening to tunes I wanted to roll over and kiss you so bad right then."

"And the next day in the bathroom... I was pretty sure of the answer before I asked the question."

"I'm glad you asked too." Keith said, "I've been on top of the world ever since."

"When you look in my eyes it's as if I can almost read your mind sometimes."

"Yeah, lots of times I can almost hear your voice too. I can feel when you want to go out for lunch instead of staying at the cafeteria."

"I know when you've had enough studying or whatever and you want to do something else."

"I know when you're feeling the urge to mess around too. Like that one day in English class a week back."

I confessed, "Oh man, you looked so fine that day. Everything you wore accented your body perfectly. I wanted to kiss you right then in class."

Keith chuckled, "There's a good example of making a public spectacle of ourselves."

"But we didn't. We waited till lunch time and again after school."

"We didn't have sex that day though." Keith pouted.

"It would've been great but we didn't need to. The whole day, from the moment I set eyes on you, all I wanted was a kiss."

Keith snuggled up kissing my neck and the soft underside of my chin before zeroing in on my mouth. Then Keith said, "Whatever you want is fine with me. I love you Prez. All the time we're together is just where I want to be."

"I love you too, Keith. We're reading each other pretty well. Nothin's gonna be as good as the summer but we make pretty good use of our time, don't ya think."

"Yeah, I can't help but want more though," Keith answered.

"That's the best news. The worst is almost over. Our grades are looking really good and we're half way through the first semester."

"Yeah, my folks are psyching me up too. I think the warden's are about to open our cells."

"If I know my mom, I'll bet she'll go from two nights to three at first, just to make sure every thing's cool. Then the restrictions will be out of our way completely unless we fuck up really bad."

"We can't fuck it up or they'll be fitting me for a special white suit!"

"Not to worry. We're both happy together, no matter what we're doing, right?"

Keith snuggled and rested his head on my chest then said, "Most definitely."

Those were two words that meant the world to me. We lay there quietly for a few moments until Keith looked over at the clock. "We still have some time before John and Drew get home," Keith said stroking my balls and cock lovingly. "Ya wanna?"

"Always." I said glancing over at the clock then back at his handsome face. "I think we have time for another round here and then another in the shower."

"Trying to wear me out?" Keith laughed.

"Yeah," I laughed. "Like that might be possible Mr. Meet-me-in-the-boys-room-for-a-kiss!"

The rest of that Friday afternoon was more sex and conversation until Drew and John got home. Keith and I had showered by then and were laying on the living room rug together watching TV when they and the Hundser's came home. Drew wanted Corey to come over and spend the night. The Hundser's said it would be okay but checked to see if Keith and I were planning on staying home. Hell yeah, we were! Not exactly in babysitting mode though! I was dumbfounded when Keith said, "Sure, we'll be home." Maybe I did wear him out? I caught his eyes for a few moments and knew he had a plan.

A short while later - after the Hundser's left for the evening, Keith and I went into Drew and John's room. He asked the three boys, "Would you guys want to see a movie? My treat."

Drew and Corey were hip and giggled at first then readily agreed.

Apparently disinterested, John asked, "What's playin'?"

Keith said, "There's eight screen's to choose from, John."

John said, "I dunno, wasn't planning on doin' anything special..."

Exasperated, Keith interrupted, "Let me put this another way. You're goin' to the movies. Get your stuff together."

Sitting on the floor, Corey was practically in tears holding in his laughter and Drew was just leaning on him shaking his head.

"Sheesh! All ya had to say is ya wanted to be alone." John mumbled.

Keith's car is a 1992 Toyota Camry with a six-cylinder and automatic transmission. There's no gear shifter, which means a very small console and what amounts to a bench seat! We held hands all the way to the theater and back. I was incredibly turned on just from holding his hand for thirty or so minutes. When he let my hand go to give the money to Drew I couldn't wait to get it back. My heart actually skipped a beat when he let me go. It took a short while for us to get out of the car when we got back to the house. He kissed my hand after turning the engine off. I leaned over for what was intended to be a short but sweet kiss. We got a bit carried away from that point forward. If the car was just a little larger maybe we could've finished in there but decided the house was much more comfortable. Maybe absence does make the heart grow fonder.

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