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by The Eggman

This story is a work of erotic fiction involving teenage boys. All the usual rules apply. If you shouldn't be reading this now then don't continue on.

Copyright Notice - Please, this story is Copyright © by Eggman Enterprises and the author retains all rights. You may distribute, copy, print, staple or spindle this story however you like, provided this copyright notice remains intact and you do not change the story in any way. Also you may not charge any fee to anyone to distribute or access this story.

Rob Jamison stepped out of the shower this humid summer afternoon and debated whether he would bother toweling off. He hated high humidity. The only way to stay cool was to stay indoors in the air conditioning or sink him self in the pool in the back yard. "Why bother toweling off," he thought to himself, "I'll just be sweaty again afterwards so screw it."

Rob picked up the hand towel that his mother kept meticulously folded on the towel bar and wiped the condensed stream off the medicine cabinet mirror. "Not too shabby," he thought of his own image in the mirror. "I might not make the cover of TeenBeat but I can deal with it." He brushed his teeth looking down into the mirror at his smooth chest, abs, brown bush and dangling penis. Rob's mind wandered to his girlfriend of the past four months. "Karen sure has all her parts the right place. Yeah, she seems to think all my parts are in the proper order. I'm fifteen, five feet eight inches tall and one hundred thirty seven pounds and ready for action!" Accidentally he jabbed too far to the back of his jaw and jammed the toothbrush into the inside of his cheek. He spit out the toothpaste and rinsed his mouth. No blood; that's one good thing that's happened so far today.

He pulled on a pair of white and teal Adidas volleyball shorts, opened the bathroom door and went down the hall to his room. As always he kissed his Pamela Sue Anderson "Baywatch" poster upon entering the room. He turned on the TV and started flipping through the channels. Weekday afternoon TV leaves a lot to be desired. Lying back on his bed he considered what it was that he desired; a kick ass car like a Camaro Rally Sport, a lot of money, good friends like Adam and Tom and a good looking girlfriend like Karen. What more could any guy ask for? Why did Karen have to leave for vacation today? Damn! Things were just starting to get interesting last night when they realized how late it was and he had to walk her home. Not that she would let him touch her breasts or tight little tush. The second he tried she would push his hands away and giggle. They could kiss and make out for hours though. As much fun as that was Rob wondered why he didn't get an erection. He'd get twenty erections a day but when it mattered most it wasn't happening. He stood up and looked in his bedroom mirror at his first ever hickey and grinned slightly. It wasn't a big purple-brown spot but a small reddish area right where his neck met his shoulders. "I hope it goes away before my folks get home. I'd hate like hell to put on any shirt today." He said aloud.

The doorbell rang and Rob waited for the signal "shave and a haircut" knock. Yep, there it is. As he went to answer the door he remembered that Tom had a little league game today. The poor sap is out there on a ball field fully dressed on a day like today! I'm sure glad I gave up that nonsense. He turned the doorknob and the door swung open with Adam stumbled into the house.

Rob laughed, "What were ya doin man, leaning against the door?"

"I feel like I've just rode my bike cross country," Adam panted, "It's hotter then hell out there dude!"

"You're as white a ghost Adam, are you okay?"

Adam sat down on the small bench in the entryway saying, "Yeah, I think so. Just give me a few minutes."

"I was just flipping through channels on the TV. The guy on CNN said people are dying from this heat buddy. He said it feels like over one hundred degrees out. Let me get you something to drink. I'll be right back." Rob said turning to go to the kitchen. He opened the refrigerator, got Adam a can of 7-Up and went back to the entryway. As Rob turned the corner he saw Adam lift his arms and remove his T-shirt.

Adam wiped off his face and neck with the T-shirt and accepted the 7-Up with a weak smile. Rob noted that Adam still looked kind of pale and was wondering if he would have to call 911 for his friend. Adam looked up at Rob after taking the first mouthful and said, "I just wanted to go swimming and stuff."

"I figured as much pal," Rob said, "But the last thing I want to do right now is take you back outside."

Adam's sweat clogged brain was starting to clear a little and he wondered if maybe he was suffering from some kind of heat exhaustion. "Your probably right," Adam admitted, "all I feel like doing now is lying down."

"Not a problem," Rob said, "can you make it to my bedroom..."

Adam finished the sentence for him, "Let me just lay down on the living room floor for a while." and he made an effort to stand up. He wobbled for a second saying, "Whoa! I guess I'm a bit woozy."

"I gotcha bud." Rob said taking Adam by the arm and wrapping his arm around Adam's waist, leading him to the living room. He sat Adam down, turned on the TV and handed the remote control to him. "I'm gonna go turn off the TV in my room and grab myself a drink. You just chill for a while, man. I'll be right back." When he returned to the living room only a few minutes later it looked as if Adam had fallen asleep. Rob sat down on the floor, leaning against the sofa and picked up the remote control lying next to Adam's right hand. Rob spent some time admiring the way his old friend's upper body was developing. Adam had sprouted a strong set of shoulders and well-defined chest sometime over the past school year. Those were features that Rob thought he lacked, but he made up for it with tighter abs and stronger arms and legs. Rob heard Adam whisper dreamily, "I'm sorry for being a drag, Rob."

"It's okay Adam." Rob said, slightly shocked that Adam was awake.

"I don't think it's okay. I don't want to be different..." Adam mumbled.

"Just rest out for a while dude. You'll be fine in an hour or two."

Adams said, "I won't be fine later... can't help it... just can't fight any more," sounding slightly agitated.

"Don't fight it man. Your tired and overheated so just rest."

"You're afraid of me now, you hate me don't you."

Rob looked down at Adam's face. His eyes were closed and he had some color returning to his face again. "I don't hate you man. I promise you'll be just fine after you rest. You're looking better already dude."

"You don't hate me?" Adam asked.

"We've been pals since second grade. I could never hate you man." Rob answered.

"Really? I was scared you'd freak or something."

"Freak? Not me dude. Not since that jungle gym acrobatic stunt of yours back in the third grade." Rob chuckled.

Adam smiled and didn't say another word.

Rob flipped TV channels VH1 and some space exploration show on The Discovery Channel for about an hour then turned off the TV. He looked over at his best friend and saw his color had completely returned. Satisfied that Adam would sleep this off he picked up the soda cans and took them out back, tossing them in the recycle bin.

Sitting down at the edge of the pool Rob dangled his feet over the edge into the cool water for a few minutes. It was very hot and muggy. He started to perspire just sitting there watching the sunlight and shadows bounce off the water. Taking a deep breath he leaned forward and splashed into the pool, allowing himself to sink to the bottom. While lurking around down there he found two pennies and a quarter that he pocketed then pushed off the bottom and rose to the surface. Lazily floating around the surface of the pool Rob got an erection while thinking about Adam sleeping soundly on the living room carpet. This is exactly what bothered him a lot lately. He could get hard in school (in history class of all places), playing Frisbee or volleyball at the park and doing nothing floating around the pool but when he was alone with Karen there was no physical reaction. He enjoyed being with her as much as he did being with Tom and Adam. He could easily be himself without showing off with all three. What was the deal here? Rob cared for Karen as much as he cared for Tom or Adam. He decided to do some experimenting in his imagination picturing all three of his best friends naked. One by one he imagined each of his friends. Karen was at the house swimming just two days ago and he had a really good idea what was hiding under her bathing suit. Picturing Tom and Adam was a lot easier since he had seen them naked in the locker room and at sleepovers. The result of the experiment he judged inconclusive; his hard-on throbbed relentlessly no matter whom he imagined so he must be exceptionally horny. Rob laughed at himself, blessing and cursing the hormones racing around his body then started doing laps across the length of the pool.

Adam woke up and quickly recognized his surroundings. He barely remembered getting here and lying down on the living room floor. Also he remembered why he had come to spend the day with Rob in the first place. It was the same thing he was thinking about for the last few months, the reason he had risked sneaking down to the basement in the middle of the night to have a few of his dad's beers. There was no better place to start than right here and no better time to say it then right now. He was a virgin and though he had a few chances, could not even bring himself to kiss a girl once. Adam stood and wandered down to Rob's bedroom. He then went to the kitchen, looked out to the back yard and saw Rob doing laps in the pool. As soon as he opened the door Adam was blasted with hot air. There was no way he was going to prolong his stay in the heat. He closed the door behind him and jogged over to the pool and dove in feet first about three feet from Rob.

"Dude!" Rob shouted. "You startled the hell out of me!"

"I needed to escape the heat," Adam said, "sorry I scared ya man."

Rob started to splash Adam saying, "That's twice today you scared me you bastard! I almost called 911 on your ass!"

Adam laughed and splashed him back. "I was so out if it when I got here."

"Don't I know it. You were rambling on about me hating you." Rob said.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Adam asked.

"On the living room floor. You had your eyes closed and I thought you were sleeping. You said something about being such a drag and were kind hyper about it."

Adam stopped splashing and swam over to the shallow side of the pool. He sat on the step and Rob followed to sit beside him. "I don't recall saying any of that, Rob."

Rob looked at him slightly confused saying, "You really looked like shit when you got here. I was really ready to call for an ambulance for a while there. Are you okay now? You're acting kind of weird on me here."

Adam looked down at his reflection bending in the water. "Yeah, I'm okay mostly. I guess I'm just kind of flipped out about saying stuff I can't remember."

Rob said, "Come on man," and playfully punched Adam's arm, "we've known each other forever. It kind of shocked me that you thought I'd hate you. I don't think I could ever hate you pal."

"That's really good to hear Rob," Adam said in a soft, quivering voice. "I really care a lot about you."

"Aww, don't go getting all mushy and stuff," Rob said rubbing Adam's shoulders. "I love you buddy. You don't have to be fake about anything with me."

Adam couldn't move away from Rob's touch. As much as he was enjoying it scared him. "I love you too, Rob, very much." He said. "I would be ruined if anything ever happened to you or to our friendship."

"Me too," Rob said, "it won't happen, I won't let it."

Adam gathered strength within himself and from Rob's words, touch and confidence. "I've been having some bizarre stuff running through my head lately."

"What kind of stuff?" Rob asked.

"Sex stuff." Adam answered.

"Don't we all?" Rob laughed, "I must spend at least half of every day thinking and looking around all bug-eyed and shit!"

Adam chuckled and said, "Yep, and during the summer it seems that everyone looks really good... except the really fat and really old people."

"Ewww," Rob laughed, "don't even go there dude. I think I know what you mean though."

"It's more than sex though. It's like I need to hold someone and be held. I've never kissed anyone and I really want to."

Rob remembered a conversation they had a few weeks ago. "Yeah, it's like all that talk I hear about someone's better half, now I kind of know what they mean."

"I wonder about that a lot. Who's my better half?"

"Me too." Rob admitted. "I have some ideas but nothing solid." He leaned forward and kneeled in the three feet of water.

"Umm... yeah well... my ideas aren't all what you might think."

Rob looked at Adam for a few seconds and started to grin. "You're not gonna tell me your into leather and bondage or small fury animals are you?"

Adam laughed saying, "Noooo way!"

Rob laughed and said, "Well that's a relief!" The laughter quieted down and a little light turned on above Rob's head. "Hey, man. Do you have a crush on someone?"

Adam blushed and said "Yeah I think so."

"I knew it! Who is it? Ya gotta tell me!" Rob said excitedly.

All the breath suddenly ran out of Adam's chest. He wanted to speak if only he could catch a full breath and form the words. Rob started to become impatient and began splashing Adam in the face chanting, "Come on, tell me." Adam started splashing back and laughing. Before long they both stood up and tackled each other, wresting around trying to dunk one another. Rob successfully kicked one leg out from under Adam. He didn't go down but it was damn close. In a fit of desperation Adam said, "It's you! I love you Rob!"

Rob was so completely surprised that he left himself vulnerable and with little effort on Adam's part he was dunked. Adam released him and Rob popped back up shaking the water and hair out of his face. Both boys looked each other in the eyes searching for something, neither knowing what. Rob was speechless. Adam really needed for him to say something, anything at all. Rob's thoughts bounced from Karen to Adam, from girls to guys and his various fantasies, from friends to lovers.

"Please, say something Rob." Adam pleaded.

"I really don't know what to say Adam." Rob said. "It's just so ironic that this would happen today."

"How do you mean?"

Rob sighed and walked back over to the pool steps and sat down. "I was really worried about you today and I was relieved that you were alright. I don't know how to say this."

"Please say anything and everything." Adam said stepping back to sit at the side of the pool. "Now that I've told you I have to know where I'm at."

Rob tried to organize his thoughts before speaking. "You don't have to worry about me or our friendship Adam." He paused for a few moments before continuing. "I can't say that I've never thought about doing stuff with guys. I have; usually movie and TV stars but that's just my lust filled fantasies. The thing is I like girls too. I've wondered how it might be with Karen. I haven't made love to any one yet so I have no idea what it would be like. I think about it sometimes. Would it be good for the both of us? Might I feel sad or guilty or happy?"

"I've thought about that stuff too." Adam said. "The thing is when I think about somebody I can have more that sex with, someone I feel comfortable with, that makes me feel good and I make them feel good, I always wind up comparing them to you. In the cafeteria at school with all our friends around, I compare them all to you. There's no physical attraction to girls for me. When I've tried to jack-off thinking about girls I only wind up thinking about some guy. Then I wonder, why me? Why can't I just be like every other guy and be attracted to girls?"

Rob nodded in agreement then asked; "Ya wanna know what worries me more than anything else?"

"I'm sure I know," Adam said, "what other people will think, right?"

"Yeah." Rob answered. "How can I guess what other people might think when I can't answer how I feel about it?"

"Do you think or feel any differently about me?" Adam asked.

Rob stood up, walked over to where Adam was sitting and sat beside him. "Not in any way. You're still my best friend Adam and I love you."

Adam smiled widely and blushed as his heart filled with joy. "Ya know what Rob? I feel so much better having told you and seeing that everything's gonna be okay. Who knows," he giggled, "maybe someday I might even tell my family."

"They don't already know?" Rob asked.

"Nope, I figured if I couldn't tell you then I might not tell anyone."

Rob understood the trust they had just placed in each other and it made him feel really good inside. He leaned on Adam's shoulder and kissed his cheek.

Adam lit up like a Christmas tree. He turned his head and kissed Rob softly on the lips. Feeling Rob shake a little bit Adam guessed he had gone too far too fast and started to open his mouth to apologize. Before he could say a word though Rob kissed him passionately. He wanted to know desperately what it was like to kiss another boy and there was no doubt this was the time to try. Their tongues met for the first time and the rest of the world faded away. This was the kiss that Adam dreamed about for many months and he melted into Rob's embrace.

Rob learned that kissing his best friend was every bit as good as kissing his girlfriend. Their tongues battled and explored for several minutes. They broke their kiss and Rob swung his legs around out of the pool then stood up. He offered Adam his hand and helped him up.

Adam said, "Thanks, Rob. You're a really good kisser."

"You're pretty good too. Are you sure that was your first time?" Rob said grinning.

Adam giggled and said, "Swear to God," as they walked side by side back into the house.

The red digit "2" flashed on the answering machine. Rob walked around the counter to see who had called. The first call was from Tom. He had won his ballgame and was back from the celebration. "We can call him back later." Rob said erasing the call to listen to the next one. The second call was his dad reminding Rob that he and his mom would be going to dinner with some of their friends after work and would not be home until sometime after nine and before eleven. "Looks like I'm on my own for dinner," Rob said. "Ya wanna stay, I can throw some burgers and potatoes on the grill."

"Sure," Adam said, "I'll call home and tell them where I'm at."

"Cool, I'll be in my bedroom on the PC when you're done."

Adam placed his call and left his message. He began to get the worst case of butterflies in his stomach. Up until today spending the afternoon and having dinner with Rob was just a common day to day thing. Now, as he walked down the hall to his friend's bedroom, he recalled all the previous times he had been in there. Each recollection made his knees weaker. He stood at the doorway to the bedroom for several moments watching Rob move the mouse and start up Netscape.

Rob turned slightly seeing Adam in the doorway. "Come on in dude, I wanna show you some stuff." Reaching down he pulled the twin side bed closer to his chair so Adam could sit and see the monitor.

Stabilizing his wobbly knees, Adam walked in and sat down.

"I found these sites in the last couple of months," Rob said pulling up his English homework folder, "I think your gonna like these." He clicked on a URL titled "NA" and Netscape popped into the foreground.

Adam couldn't believe what he was seeing and a shiver ran up his spine. He knew this site very well. The Nifty Archive! Rob has been reading the "highschool" and "young friends" sections of the Nifty Archive! "Yeah! I know this site. I've been reading stuff from here for a while."

"Cool, what's your favorite story?" Rob asked.

"A lot of them are really good so it's hard to..."

"oh, so it's hard now huh?" Rob laughed.

Adam laughed and said, "Umm not yet but if you keep talking like that it will be!"

"Easy horn-dog, let's check out some stuff here for a while."

"Have you got any favorite story?" Adam asked.

"Yeah, a few. And the ones I like the most... I went and visited the authors web site."

"Really? I've never done that. I just check for new updates."

"It's really wild dude," Rob said, "about ten or so of these authors and lots of other folks from all over all hang out online together at this one site and on ICQ and mIRC chat."

"No kidding? Where?" Adam asked.

"That's where we're going to next." Rob said clicking on his homework folder and choosing an icon that read 'CSOB'. "To The Shack Message Board. These people are funny to watch some times."

For almost an hour Adam and Rob browsed around various sites, showing each other their favorites stories then Rob wanted to see Adam's reaction to some pictures he had saved from some newsgroups. He started the Polyview program and loaded an entire subdirectory of pictures and they watched a slideshow together. After only four pictures Rob turned to Adam and asked, "Did you ever see anything like this before?"

"On AOL? Hell no man! These are great. They're all teenagers."

"They're not all teenagers at the newsgroup, these are just the better ones that I've saved."

After a few moments Adam said, "Umm... Rob?"


"Have you ever thought about doing anything... ya know, like in these pictures... with a guy?"

"Yeah, sometimes. You?"

"Yep... all the time."

For a few moments Rob's mind wandered. He thought about his best friend beside him and his girlfriend away on vacation; about how Karen didn't seem to want to be touched and how Adam reacted to their kiss and wandering hands earlier.

Adam stood up and pushed the bed back to its position saying, "I gotta go dude."

Rob turned around and said, "I thought you were staying for dinner?"

"Yeah well, dinner is not exactly what I'm thinking about right now." Adam said glancing down to his tented shorts.

Rob giggled and stood up displaying his own prominent bulge. "I know Adam. Don't leave, please? I just don't know what to say... how to act or what to do."

Adam smiled warmly thinking how wonderfully insecure his best friend could be sometimes. These moments of insecurity are one of the things that he loved most about him. He remembered all the times they had played catch, kicked a soccer ball around, swam laps and competed and learned things from each other. "I gotta be honest dude. This boner isn't just from the stories or from the pics. It's from being with you. I really do love you."

"I know man, me too" Rob said stepping forward and resting his hands on Adam's shoulders. "I want to do stuff but I've got a few things to think about."


"Yeah, I don't want to hurt her. But I love you just as much and don't want to hurt you either." Rob said pulling Adam closer for a hug.

Adam loved the warm feeling of Rob's bare chest against his and whispered, "I knew I could tell you and I knew you'd be cool with it. I didn't expect it would be like this though."

"How could I tell anyone? I feel so much better now that I've told you. We've shared so much today. I honestly do love you Adam."

Adam's senses were overwhelmed. Those words were so sweet and Rob smelled so good to him. Adam pulled him closer and Rob held him tightly in his arms. He kissed Rob's neck and tentatively licked his earlobe.

Rob felt his heartbeat thunder through his chest like never before and a shiver ran up his spine. He sucked Adam's earlobe into his mouth. His hand's wandered down gripping his ass, pulling Adam into him. Rob paused for a moment and gazed deeply at Adam's dreamy expression then kissed him deeply. He released his grip, stepped forward and Adam fell back onto the bed. Rob looked down at Adam and was more certain than ever that he loved him.

Adam looked up at Rob grinning at him and smiled warmly back. He reached and ran his hand across Rob's flat, tight abs like he had always wanted to then slid back and lay flat on the bed.

Rob leaned down and began removing Adam's shorts, sliding them slowly down his strong legs and off to the floor. Standing upright Rob pulled his shorts down then crawled over Adam licking a trail from his throbbing erection all the way up to his mouth and kissed him deeply. He could feel Adam run his hands all around his head and body as he crawled over him.

Adam reached down and stroked Rob's balls and cock. Rob was making his best dreams come true and he wanted to make it the very best it could be for him.

Rob moaned into Adam's mouth and broke the kiss. Leaning over to one side Rob laid down beside Adam stealing a quick kiss on the way. He reached down and stroked Adam slowly, occasionally rubbing his balls. They stroked each other for several minutes watching each other's expression change with every different manipulation.

Adam squirmed at Rob's technique and groaned loudly as the feeling of impending climax spread throughout his body. He got up on his hands and knees and kissed his way from Rob's sweet lips down his neck. He teased his nipples for a few moments and continued his way down. Not knowing any better Adam swallowed Rob's full length but backed off just before he started to gag. He used his tongue to stimulate the head of Rob's sensitive cock for a while then tried to take him deeper.

Rob shouted his approval and pulled Adam over to take him in his mouth. His hands traveled around Adam's lower back and ass. Spreading Adam's cheeks he cautiously fingered his friends rosebud and he could feel it twitch. The moaning and humming Adam was doing on his cock felt awesome.

Adam rolled onto his side to lie beside Rob on the bed. His mouth was getting tired but he could feel Rob's cock expending and he could see his balls pulling tight against his body.

Rob started thrusting himself in and out of his buddy's mouth. He couldn't hold back any longer and let the most mind shattering orgasm of his young life tear across his body. Adam was purring between each swallow and each sound was getting higher in pitch.

Adam released Rob's spent penis from his mouth and warned him of his impending orgasm. Rob's only response was to suck Adam deep into his mouth. He warned him once again but Rob's only hummed softly. "Oh God, I love you Rob!" Adam shouted as he exploded into his buddy's mouth. Rob drank wave after wave of his cum the let his drained dick slide out of his mouth. Totally exhausted they drifted into a peaceful slumber.

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