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Journey of Love

By The Journeyman

Chapter 12

What a great day. We all went swimming. We all said Fuck responsibility, let's go soak up the sun. Well, we couldn't swim naked cuz the rest of the family was there, but our hands managed to be busy a lot of the time we were in the water. Hehehe. Oh, man, I'm feeling fantastic. It's like I'm discovering a whole new part of myself. I never thought this writing shit would work, but it IS working. Love is so much more than I thought. I never realized how scared I was to love. Or why. As soon as I finish this we're going to fuck our brains out. I gotta get busy.

I rode slowly back home, thinking about everything Becky and I had talked about. Man, my life got complicated. I mean, I think I loved her. She understood everything. But I loved Danny. I was starting to get used to the fact that he and I were in love with each other. I think at the beginning I felt obligated to love him because he loved me. It hadn't gone much deeper than that. But Becky helped me see that our friendship was more than a friendship - it was love, deep and emotional.

God it was hot outside. My shirt and shorts were drenched by the time I got to our street. I glanced at my house, and decided to ride on down to Danny's. There weren't any cars in the driveway, but the door was open, and I walked into the cool, dark kitchen. There was a light on down the hall in Danny's room, and I made my way toward it. As I turned into his room, I saw him, lying on his side on the bed, curled up, wearing a striped shirt and gym shorts, snoring lightly - the snore I'd become used to. It was soo cute. I was going to sit and watch him sleep.

But I'd gotten a hard-on riding home. For some reason, the talk with Becky got me all hot. I did sit for a few moments, but I was horny and I needed my lover. My cock tingled, and as my sweat-soaked shirt cooled in the air conditioning, my nipples got hard. My hand strayed to them, teasing them even harder, and I put my other hand down my shorts as I watched him. I could beat off just watching him sleep fully clothed. I could cum just looking at him. I cupped my balls, then stroked my cock some more while I put my hand under my shirt and felt my nipples.

Enough of me, I wanted to include Danny in this. I gently closed his door, crept over to the bed, knelt down, took one of his bare feet in my hands and lightly kissed the sole. I planted kisses all over the bottom of his foot, and he began to stir.

He opened his eyes the way people do when they first wake up, and stretched a little.

"Hi," he said, smiling sleepily at me. "That feels good."

I didn't say anything. I got onto the bed and kissed him deep, exploring his mouth again with my tongue. It was becoming familiar territory, yet every time was a new experience. I tasted Danny and peanut butter. I held his head in my hands as I kissed him, then ran my fingers through his mussed dark hair. Raising his arms above his head, I pulled his shirt off him, kissed the light fuzz under his arms, and went back to that sweet mouth. I wanted to tease him to his orgasm, but I couldn't wait. No matter what I wanted, I needed to get my lover off, and get off myself. I nibbled hungrily at his nipples while my hands worked to scoot his shorts over that sweet bubble butt. Neither of us spoke as I trailed my tongue down to his innie and right to his patch of pubic hair. But I pushed his legs up and attacked the sweet pucker below his balls. I lapped at it and worked my tongue in as he squirmed on the bed, making little mewling sounds that got higher and higher. I sucked each ball into my mouth, then, unable to help myself, sucked him into my mouth and pretended he was a Snyder's malt. I mean even if he didn't cum, I was gonna suck Danny cream right through that cock and taste it. I worked my finger into his wet hole, hoping I could find that magic spot and speed along the process.

If Danny had wanted to speak he wouldn't have been able to. He was just making noises in his throat as I bobbed quickly up and down, one hand on his cock, the other buried in his delicious butt. In rhythm, I worked my finger as I stroked with my tongue. In no time at all Danny was lifting his butt off the bed, thrusting into my mouth. I felt his cock expand, and with an explosion of breath he blew his wad into my mouth and down my throat. He pumped again and another blast fired. Four times he did that before he collapsed onto the bed.

I lifted off him and moved up to lay beside him. He was panting, eyes glazed, and I couldn't wait. I grasped my cock and began beating it furiously. I took his hand and guided it to my nipple. He snapped out of his post-orgasmic coma and pinched the nipple lightly, then realized what I was doing. He replaced my hand on my cock with his hand, and the jolt of electricity that passed from him to me brought me to the edge. With a suppressed squeal, I tried to help him by thrusting my hips so my cock would fly though his grasp. At the last moment, hand still on my nipple, he moved down, slid his sexy lips over the tip of my cock, and began drinking just as I started cumming. His timing was perfect as usual, and he stayed with me till I finished.

We lay in each other's arms till our heartbeats slowed.

"Phew, you stink," Danny said finally.

"Fuck you." Great retort, huh?

"Sure. Got any lube?"

"Eat....oh, never mind," I said, giggling. "I don't stink."

"You do, too, dude. Man your shirt was soaked when you came here."

"It's hot outside."

"Why were you outside?"

"Becky and I went down by the river to talk."

His head snapped up and he looked at me. "The river? Out in the open?"

"Relax. I told you it's hot outside. No one was there. We had the whole riverwalk to ourselves."

"So what'd she say?"

"She knows."

"Oh." Danny rolled to his side and backed up against me. I spooned against him and held him.

"Don't worry," I said. "She's on our side."

"Can you be sure?"

"Yes, I can." I told him most of what we talked about. Not everything; he didn't need to know everything. Like, I didn't tell him what she said about him needing me. If she was wrong I didn't want Danny to get mad at her. But somehow I knew she was probably right.

He finally rolled over and looked at me. He took my hands in his and peered into my eyes. I would have melted, but this wasn't the time. As always, his eyes revealed what was going on inside. He was scared. I needed to be strong for Danny right this instant. Becky was right.

"Justin, do you trust Becky? I mean, trust her with this secret? She's not going to tell Kyle? Are you sure she's okay with us? She's not going to freak? If you trust her, Justin, I will, too. But if you have any doubt, any at all, I need to know. I have to take some actions if you have any doubt in your mind."

I squeezed his hands and looked as deeply into him as I ever have. I wish I could make my eyes send messages like his did.

"Danny, I trust her with my entire being. With my deepest secret. With my heart."

His eyes never broke contact with mine. "Yeah. I can see that in your eyes." My eyes! "Okay, Justin, I trust her, too." He pulled me close and snuggled his head against me. His upper head, you pervs.

A few minutes later we heard a car pull into his driveway. Quickly we threw our clothes on and were sitting innocently on the bed looking and laughing at a comic book when Charlie burst into the room. We spent the rest of the day messing around with Charlie, outside for a while, back inside when it got too hot, and then outside as the sun set on the last Saturday before school started.

Sunday was the day to get everything in order for Monday. I slept at home, woke up to the alarm clock Monday morning, washed, ate breakfast, got my stuff together, kissed mom goodbye after she wished me a good day, and stepped outside into the blast furnace of an August Midwestern morning. Hope the A/C was working at school today.

Danny came by a little after 7 and we set out for the school, meeting up, as usual, with Kyle, Greg and Richie. It was about a mile to the high school, and others joined us along the way, so that by the time we got there about 10 kids were walking with us. We were laughing and joking, Danny seemed to be the center of attention for some reason that morning, and Greg sorta stuck close to me.

I swear they'll never get this first day stuff right at school. The lines for sophomore schedules were long, disorganized and slow. A through K, L through Z. That left Danny and me in the same line (Reynolds - me, Shaw - Danny for you alphabet impaired), and, squirelly as he was, he kept "bumping" into me from behind. I finally got to the head of the line and got my schedule. History first period! Ugh. Then geometry, and American Government. Then lunch. Phys ed. after lunch (what idiot would put phys ed after lunch so everyone could barf up the grease balls doing pushups?), followed by English, choir, computer science and study hall. Well, not a great schedule (phys ed after lunch!) but not disastrous. Except for phys ed. And to top it all off, the air conditioning wasn't working, and I'd soaked through my t-shirt by the time I was picking up the paperwork.

Home room came right after third period. We were assigned to a home room that would be the same for all four years - and it had freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors in it. We'd always done it that way, but I guess it's different in other schools. And we weren't assigned in alphabetical order of last name, so Danny and I didn't have the same home room. Today, though, we just went to home room and waited till the assembly at 9:00. It took that long for 623 students to get their schedules sorted out.

The five of us found each other as we went into the auditorium, but for some reason Greg sat in between Danny and me. Not that I cared, but I hadn't been near Danny much since Saturday, and I wanted just to rest my arm next to his on the armrest. The principal welcomed us, gave us the same patter as always about it being a grrrrrreat school year, challenging us to do our best, preparing ourselves for college, having a lot of fun, discovering ourselves (I just wanted to discover Danny) and respecting others. Yeah! I'll go along with that one. If Danny and I stood up right now and announced we were gay lovers, how much respect would we get? Ha! He talked about some remodeling over the summer, and apologized for the air conditioning being out. Should be on tomorrow, he said.

Turned out that Danny and I had government, lunch and English together. That was cool. I was off to geometry for a few minutes, then lunch, then phys ed with Mr. Dwinner. Charles Dwinner. Chuck. Up-chuck this year.

Only enough time to pass out books in geometry and give us review homework, then on to government. Books, course schedule, introductions and a lecture! We got a lecture the first day! Notes and everything. It would be on the test, we were told. And a reading assignment. Then lunch.

Lasagna was on the menu, and Danny caught my hand as we merged into line. Not like boy-girl hands, but just enough contact that it excited and sorta satisfied us for the moment, but real guy-like. I don't know how to explain it. All I know is it felt great, and if it had lasted any longer I'd have something a lot more embarrassing to explain. At least we didn't have phys ed together - I'd cum every time we showered together, whether he touched me or not. Today Mr. Dwinner didn't make us do anything. He told us we were expected to have decent gym clothes, we were to keep them clean, take them home for washing, participate, exhibit (hehehehe) good sportsmanship, and have fun. He should have added, try not to puke.

English. We were going to spend the first half of the year reading and writing. Huckleberry Finn and Of Mice and Men to start off, and papers on comparative literature. Actually, it was kind of interesting. I'd already read Huckleberry Finn, so that would be easier, but not Of Mice and Men, although I'd read other Steinbeck. Danny and I sat together in English, which surprised no one, and Greg sat on my right. Richie sat on Danny's left. The teacher took one look and made Richie and Greg move. I guess the five of us had a reputation. But she let Danny and I stay together. Choir was gonna be great, computer science was okay, and study hall. The last period was study hall. Man, I mean you can taste the end of the school day and they stick me in study hall. Boring. It's gonna drag big time.

After school, Danny and I both had meetings with our coaches. High school athletic rules barred us from formal practices, but the coaches could meet with small groups of athletes to go over weight training, things to practice on, diet, exercise, stuff like that. I ended up in the weight room with Coach Anderson showing me some thing to develop my hitting muscles with. Danny walked in with his coach, who was showing him some of the same equipment. Wow! We were gonna share equipment! Heheheheh.

On the way home we talked. Greg and Kyle had stayed behind as well, and we talked about another camp-out cuz we had promised Charlie one. I asked Kyle if we could borrow his tent, and he asked if he could join us. So did Greg. Sure, I said, the more the merrier. And Charlie would love it. He'd feel like one of the guys. I really loved Charlie. He was the brother I didn't have. Oh, he could be a pest sometimes, but he was always smiling at me and goofing around with me. He and I would play when Danny wasn't able to sometimes.

Dinner that night, some homework (doesn't it just figure that a math teacher would give homework on the first day of school?), and a little time to relax. I lay there thinking. We'd made it through the first day of school, Danny and I. We didn't paw each other, we didn't hang onto each other, we didn't look longingly into each others' eyes. We were one of the guys, just like always. At least I think so. But a Becky check might be in order.

"Hi, Mr. Decker, it's Justin. Can I talk to Becky, please?"

I could hear "Touched by an Angel" in the background.

"Hi, Justin."

"Hi, Becky. Got that math homework done?"

"Oh, god, Justin. Do you believe that? Who gives out homework on the first day?"

"Yeah, I know. How'd it go today?"

"Okay. I got Worm for lit, though."

Worm. Mr. Warmeister. A pasty, thin, pale creature that was not born so much as oozed from the slime under a large stone. He squished around a classroom rubbing his hands and intertwining his long, sinewy fingers among themselves. "Class, if we look at the deeeeeeeeepth of analysis in Dickens, we see the many laaaaaaayers of this complex, passsssssionate author." Ugh. Worm.

"That's too bad. Gonna be a long school year there."

"Yeah, no kidding. How'd it go for you guys...I mean, you?"

"I know what you meant. That's why I'm calling. How DID it go for us?"

"Whaddya mean?"

"I mean, could you tell anything?"

"Oh, I get it. No. No, everything looked normal. I mean, it IS normal, but, well, maybe not NORMAL in the Midwestern town sense, but I mean, no, you guys were cool."

"It helps we only have a couple of classes together. And lunch."

"Yeah, well watch out at lunch. Don't start feeding each other. Jeez, I hate it when girls do it to their boyfriends. Feeding them little bits of meat or fruit, like their guys can't be bothered to feed themselves. I'd really freak if the two of you started it. Anyway, you guys were cool. No one's gonna know."

"Except your whole family. Geez, keep it down, Becky."

"They're all watching TV."

"Okay. Well, thanks. Will you be our gay gauge? I mean, if we start know...will you warn me?"

She giggled. "Yes, I'll warn you. Just keep your hands off each other."

We chatted a little more, then hung up. I took a shower, went to bed, started in re-reading Huckleberry Finn and turned out the light about 11:00.

Tuesday was more of the same. By the time we got home, I was starting to have withdrawal. Danny and I hadn't been able to so much as kiss since Saturday. And we were beginning to feel it. But both moms were home, we had things to do around the house, people were everywhere, we couldn't get a moment together, and I thought I'd burst if something didn't happen soon.

Tuesday afternoon, mom wanted me to gather up all the laundry, then do my homework right away. I had only math and a little history. No one else had given us homework. I tried to concentrate, but there wasn't enough blood in my brain to study. It had all gone elsewhere and it was causing a lot of discomfort. I scribbled a few notes, worked on the math problems, got stuck and asked if I could go get some help from Danny. As soon as she said yes I raced out the door, math book in hand to cover up with, and tore down the street. I knocked on the door, went in, and saw Danny at the kitchen table, in shorts and t-shirt, barefoot, working on an airplane model with Charlie.

"Hey, Justin," Charlie said. "We still gonna camp out this weekend?"

"Sure are," I said. "Greg and Kyle want to know if they can join us. We'll use Kyle's tent again."

"They wanna have a camp out with me?" Charlie asked with surprise. "Wow. Yeah, sure. We can have a great time."

"Okay, I'll tell them. We gonna do it in your back yard or mine?"

"We'll do it here," he said. "Mom, can we build a fire in the back yard?"

"Absolutely not," Mrs. Shaw said with mock sternness. "You'll scorch the grass. But we'll grill hamburgers for you guys."

"Cool." I looked at Charlie. He was 13, and was starting to look a lot like Danny. Charlie had always had lighter hair, but it was turning dark, Like Danny's, he couldn't seem to keep it combed. He was just a little darker than Danny, and he had brown eyes instead of the deep blue of Danny's. Charlie's eyes were intense. I mean, Danny's were, too, but Charlie's were sort of brooding. Not sinister, but dark. I wondered if they harbored even more passion than Danny. I wondered if that was possible.

Danny was concentrating on the model and hadn't said anything to me.

"Danny, I need some help with geometry."

"Okay. Lemme get this wheel mooooouuuuunnnnnteeeeeeedd.....there." He set the wing upside down so the glue could dry. He looked at me for the first time, and his eyes lit up with love. It was like he noticed me for the first time. I was locked onto him, and I think I quit breathing.

"Uhhhhh, hi, Justin."

Charlie giggled beside Danny. "He's been here like five minutes. What's the matter with you?"

"Uhhh, nothing, Charlie. Um, whaddya need, Justin?"

"There's some geometry I can't get. Can you help me?"

"Yeah," he said, coming back to himself. "Let's go to my room."

How we managed to get there without running I have no idea, but we did. He gently closed the door, and POW, was on me in a flash. I dropped the math book in surprise, then recovered and grabbed him in a bear hug. Our tongues got to know each other again and we stood there in a furious kiss. Our hands were all over each other. He was pulling my shirt out of my shorts and working his hands under the hem, across my belly up toward my nipples. I was grabbing his butt and pulling him into me so we could grind our hard cocks against each other. We pressed against each other, each one trying to get his cock higher. Danny was scrunching the shirt up, working his thumbs toward my nipples. Just a couple more inches...just one more.

KNOCK KNOCK! "Danny, mom needs you to get something for her."


KNOCK KNOCK! "Danny? Did you hear me? What are you guys doing?"

The door knob turned. We sprang away from each other and I dove for the book. Danny did too, and we ended up on a heap on the floor. Charlie took one look at us and yelled, "WRESTLE MANIA!" He jumped on top of us and started in. He thought we were wrestling. Both of us were hard, leaking, frustrated and had this 13 year old kid trying to pin us to the floor.

"Hey, get off, Charlie," Danny yelled. "Get off. Geez. C'mon, man. Why'd you come in here in the first place?"

"Mom sent me in. She wants you to ride down to the store and get some butter."

"Okay. Geez. Why can't you?"

"I dunno. She said for me to get you."

"Oh, all right. C'mon, Justin"

"I can't. Mom just let me come over to get help with figuring out some, um, angles. Heh heh."

"Well, I think we got it taken care of."

"Not as well as I'd wished, but I think I can, um, handle it from here."

"I guess you're gonna hafta, guy." He looked at me with puppy eyes. Damn. I was fucking horny. I wanted to knock him to the floor, fall on him and start sucking whatever my lips touched first.

Instead he pulled on his shoes and we walked back to the kitchen.

"Why can't Charlie go? He's a big boy," Danny whined to his mom.

"Because," Mrs. Shaw answered, "his bike doesn't work. Remember the chain broke."

"Oh, yeah. Hey, Justin, come out to the garage and see if you can figure out how to fix this chain."

I didn't know the first thing about chains, but I followed Danny, geometry book in hand, out the side door to the garage. He closed it behind us, and POW, slammed me against the wall. His lips were on mine all over again. I was definitely going to have to learn how to anticipate him.

"Fuck, I need you soo bad, Justin. I can't stand it. I need you. I gotta have you. I want you inside me. I want you to cum in me. Jeezuz, Justin. I need you. Put your hand on my cock. Just touch it so I can cum. Please," he pleaded.

I slid my hand down the top of his shorts, touched his boxers and wormed under them. I felt the top of his bush, then the base of his teen hardness. It was hot, velvety as my fingers begin to glide up form the base.

The door slammed open and Charlie called out, "You guys in here?"

Danny collapsed. Right onto the floor. Like all his bones had turned to Jello. Boom.

"Hey, it's dark. Why didn't you turn on the light," Charlie asked, flipping it on. He saw Danny on the floor.

"What the hell happened to you?" he asked.

"Danny," I said, trying to think. "Man, I'm sorry I tripped you. You okay?"

"Uh, yeah. I'm, um, fine. I'll be okay. Just give me a minute to work the stiffness out." Huh. Maybe an hour.

Charlie handed Danny the money he'd forgotten to get from his mom for the butter, then pushed the button to open the garage door and went back into the cool of the house. There was nothing we could do. The garage was open for the world to see us if we kissed, his mom was waiting for butter, and I had to get back home. I lightly punched him on the shoulder, and he patted me on the back, climbed on his bike, and was gone.

By Wednesday things were routine at school. The only time Danny and I got together was to play catch with Greg and Richie.

Thursday just sort of slid by. That's actually a pretty good phrase because I was becoming a gooey mass of frustrated passion by now. I wanted to drag Danny into the bathroom, lock the door and just do him till a crowd gathered outside demanding to know what all the ruckus was about. I fantasized about his cock, slender, satiny, like soft-sheathed steel, the head chewy, musky, tasting exactly like Danny ought to taste. I pictured his sweet, small nipples that hardened in my mouth AND in my hand. That I could nibble on, caress, lick and suck. Every time I closed my eyes I could see him lying naked on his bed, hard, waiting for me to come to him. I saw every feature on his delicious form. Seeing him with no clothes on, in my head or in person, was such a turn on. I couldn't control my erections in class, and spent a lot of time belly up to the desk. We didn't sit next to each other in either government or English. Mr. Griffin assigned seats in government. Mrs. Wells didn't have assigned seats, but she didn't let Danny and me sit next to each other, either after that first day. I guess our reputations preceded us. LOTS of homework Thursday, and the only contact I had with Danny was by phone, to make sure we were still on for Friday night. I woke up three times during the night dreaming of Danny. Not wet dreams, but each time I did beat off, and I was gonna use the wet dream excuse if anyone wondered about my crusty underwear.

Friday was the first weekend of the school year. We ran from the school building like it was about to explode. I know I was about to. Just a few minutes alone with Danny was all I needed. My god, I hadn't even felt his lips since Tuesday, and then only for a few moments before we nearly died of heart attacks when Charlie threw open the door. Both times. I wanted to feel his tongue in my mouth, and I wanted to run my hands all over him. I got goose bumps when I though of what he could do to me, and then sad when I thought about how he wasn't doing it, and then angry when I realized it might be another day or two. But I swore if I hadn't cum for him and him for me, in person, up close and personal - as personal as you can get - by Saturday I'd kidnap him, run off to the swimming hole, strip us both naked and just rub each other till we coated the woods with our juices. Then let nature take its course.

I dumped off my books, told mom how my day was, fixed a snack, got my overnight stuff together for the camp out, and headed over to Danny's. The moment I saw him, I hated him. Kyle had brought the tent over and it was laid out ready to be put up. Charlie was there, and Danny, stripped to his shorts. No shirt, no shoes. One pair of gym shorts and, I guessed, briefs. Two pieces of clothing. That was it. Danny and about three quarters of a square yard of material. Thin material. Not even enough to make a good diaper for a baby. Nylon, a little bit of cotton, and a mostly naked Danny, his brown nipples, his cute innie, and beautiful legs, his sweet toes, his mussy hair, his radiant smile and his eyes. What a tease! I knew what he was doing and so did he. I hated him. Hehehe.

You know, I think even Kyle saw something in Danny's eyes. Everyone did. I mean, not the same thing I saw, but I had started to watch people around Danny. Not that I was jealous. I was proud my boyfriend was so popular. So I'd watch how he interacted when I could. I mean, not always, cuz people didn't exactly ignore me. But around Danny, people would look him in the eye. He'd hold their attention. I mean, they'd look intensely at him. He did a lot of talking with his eyes. Sometimes in basketball games, he'd be battling for the ball, get it, and then stare at his defender. It wasn't magic - the defender didn't just back off and let Danny score (I would have - but not that kind of score!). It was, like, they'd hesitate for just a split second, caught by surprise looking at his eyes. And once, about a year ago, we'd gone across town to see a friend who'd broken his leg. On the way back we ran into a couple of bullies who threatened to take our bikes. Danny told them to keep their fuckin' hands off us, and he just stared at them. They did.

So there was my naked Danny. The strips of cloth didn't matter to me, he was naked. That bare skin was sooo inviting. Golden brown from the summer, tight from the basketball, smooth from his heritage, mine by our love. He was bare, and I couldn't do a damn thing about it.

I must have gasped when I saw him, cuz he turned around, smiled, then laughed at me. I could see it in his eyes, he was teasing me. I couldn't move. I had my bag over my shoulder and I stood there stupidly, gaping at him. Kyle was driving in a stake and didn't see me, and Charlie was watching him. I stood there the whole time Kyle drove in the stake, and when Kyle looked up he saw me.

"Hey, Justin. C'mon and help," Kyle said. I still didn't move.

"Oh, pay no attention to nature boy, there," he said, pointing the hammer at Danny. "Grab a hammer and start pounding."

I already was pounding. Part of me was.

I walked stiffly into the back yard, picked up a hammer, all the time with my bag strategically placed in front of me, grabbed a stake, squatted, dropped the bag and started hammering the stake through a loop. Driving it, pounding it, splitting open the earth, spreading it wide and reaching into the warm, moist depths, rhythmically thrusting the stiff rod deeper and deeper...Oh, god. This wasn't going to help at all. I'd driven it all the way in, and had to use the claw of the hammer to pull it back out a little.

We finally got it up - the tent, I mean - brushed out the inside and laid out our sleeping bags. Greg was going to join us later, so we kept a spot open for him against the wall. Charlie would sleep between Greg and Kyle, then Danny and me. We goofed around with Charlie, playing catch with a football, then got out the grill for Mr. Shaw. Mrs. Shaw had some snacks and lemonade for us, and it was a pretty decent afternoon all together. Just like on "Leave it to Beaver." But it really was. I mean, small town, good friends, not serious problems other than an occasional pimple that started erupting. Even my folks were getting along.

Greg came over about the time Mr. Shaw got home, and the hamburgers were soon grilling. After dinner, we sat around talking, then decided to ride our bikes down to the little store for some snacks for later tonight. Since Charlie's bike was broken, we went over to my house to get my other bike, and while I was in the garage I heard something break inside the house. I hollered out as I opened the door and asked if something was wrong. Mom answered that she dropped a jar of pickles putting it back in the fridge. I started to go in, but she came to the door, gave me a good night kiss and told us all to have fun at the sleep over.

We loaded up on junk food, rode back to the tent, kicked off our shoes and socks and sat down to tell ghost stories. We did our damnedest to scare Charlie, but he was growing up. At 13 it took more and more to scare him, and we found ourselves embellishing the old favorites quite a bit. He lasted a good 45 minutes before he timidly asked to change the subject.

"Okay, it's your sleepover, little bud," I said. "What's the next subject?"

He didn't hesitate a moment. "Sex."

All four of us burst out laughing. "What do you know about sex?" Kyle asked.

"Well, not much. That's why I want to talk about it."

"Uh, I don't think so, little bro," Danny said. "Not in front of these perverts. I don't want you getting any bad ideas."

"I won't. Have any of you guys, you know, done it?" Well, the kid had balls.

Oh, shit. I wondered if I'd be able to lie through this one. But to be honest, I was really curious about Kyle and Greg.

"You mean, like, done it...uh...with a girl?" Danny asked. Hah! Off the hook.

"Yeah. Fucked."

"Hey, watch your mouth." Danny said. "These tent walls let everything through.

"Don't try to avoid the question," Charlie said, lowering his voice. "Have you?"

"No." Danny and I said at the same time, looking at each other.

"Uh, well, if you mean, actually going all the way, no." It was Greg of all people.

"No shit? What DID you do," Charlie asked excitedly.

"I can't tell you, and I can't tell you with who. We promised."

Ah, man, you didn't do anything," Charlie accused.

"Why the hell do you want to know?" Greg asked. "I mean, a guy doesn't tell."

That was a line of bullshit. The locker room was almost a confessional, except everyone bragged instead of doing penance. But I strongly suspected most of it was another form of sin - lying. Well, fibbing.

"Well, I just...I mean, jeez. I mean...well, like, have you ever had a date?" Charlie asked.

"Yeah, we've all had dates," Kyle said.

"Danny hasn't," Charlie replied.

"I have too," Danny said quickly.

"With who?"

"A couple of girls. You've never met them." Greg gave him an odd look. "Anyway, get on with it."

"Well, like, how do you ask a girl out?"

"Just ask her," Kyle said. "Just say, 'Becky, wanna go to the movies Friday night?'"

"I don't wanna ask Becky out," Charlie said.

"I just used the name..."

Charlie laughed. "I know, I know. I was just kidding you. Ya mean that's all you hafta do? What if she says no?"

"Ask her out for Saturday night. If she says no, ask her out for the next Friday, and then Saturday. Just keep going. If she doesn't ever want to go out with you, make her say it. Don't give up unless she says she doesn't wasn't to go out with you."


"Because most girls don't want to come right out and say it. So in order to avoid it, she might just give up and go on a date with you."

"Kewl. Can I feel her up on a first date?"

"WHAT?" hollered Danny. "Where are you getting this shit?"


"Well, no, you can't feel her up. Jeez. You gotta treat her nice. Buy her some popcorn and pop. I mean, you know, to share. If your hands meet in the popcorn or on the arm rest, you can hold her hand. THAT'S ALL!"

"Can I kiss her?"

"No, not on the first date, unless she shows you she wants it," Kyle said. I got an image of him kissing Becky, and felt a stab of jealousy. Knock it off, I told myself. Then it dawned on me.

"Why do you need to know all this?" I asked. "Who do you want to ask out?" He turned beet red.

"No one. I just wanna know."

But that blush gave him away. We all started teasing him about having a girl friend.

"I do not. I can't have a girl friend if we've never had a date."

"Who is it?" we all taunted.

"I'm not telling. Greg didn't."

"That's different," Greg said. "If you'd asked me who I'm dating I'd have told you."

"Is that the same person you've done something with?" Charlie said.

"THAT I'm not telling."

"Who is it?" we all started again. Finally we broke him down.

"Julie Winters," Charlie said. "She is sooo cute." He blushed again.

"You mean Stacy Winters' little sister?" Kyle asked. "Wow, if she's anything like Stacy, she's a babe. Go for it, Charlie."

"Man, I don't know. I mean, I get all embarrassed and stuff."

"You're supposed to get embarrassed. That's how you know you're supposed to ask her. I mean, if you can get over your embarrassment, you were meant to ask her out," Greg said. Boy, he was turning philosophical on us.

We talked a little more about how to ask a girl on a date, and what NOT to do on the first date.

"What date did you do something with a girl, Greg?" Charlie asked.

"God, you've got a one-track mind. I told you, I'm not saying anything.

"I get to choose the next subject," I said quickly. Greg shot me a grateful glance.

"No, you don't," Charlie said quickly. "It's still my party. Let's talk about baseball," he said, looking at me. And we did. We talked about baseball, basketball, girls (but not sex), cars, and the bicycle accident that led to Danny telling me how he felt about me.

"I've broken my arm," Charlie said. "I know what that feels like" Boy, does he ever. When he was 10 he took a spectacular fall from the top of his fence into the wagon he and Johnny Woznik were using to haul some snowballs in. He'd climbed the fence to see if he could see Danny and me, cuz we were having a snowball fight that day. Woznik is deadly accurate with a snowball. When Charlie saw Danny sneaking around the back of the neighbor's house he started to jump down from the fence - one of those high wooden slat fences - but his boot got caught. He sort of tripped his way down, and instead of jumping into the snow, he fell onto the wagon, with his left arm caught between the edge of the wagon and his body. He screamed for 45 seconds before he took a breath. Everyone came running - me, Danny, his folks, the neighbors and a couple of people from across the street.

"But I've never had a concussion," he concluded. "What's it like?"

"Well, all I remember from that day was seeing stars," Danny said. "I don't remember the accident itself, but I do remember hitting my head and seeing stars. Then I woke up in the hospital with Justin there, and I had the worst headache ever in my life. It hurt so bad. And when I tried to sit up I got real dizzy."

"Hehehe. How could you tell?" Charlie asked.

"Ha-ha. Funny, ya little snot," Danny replied. Not one of his better comebacks. We chatted some more.

There was a light breeze blowing from the east, and it carried the sound of the courthouse clock striking one o'clock. It made everyone yawn, and we decided it was time for bed.

A week had made a lot of difference. At my party it was beastly hot and no covers were necessary. Tonight it was cooler, and I unzipped my sleeping bag to slip into it. But I didn't zip it back up. Danny left his unzipped, too, and snuggled his butt back against my already hard cock. If he'd push just a little harder...but he backed off. Then he did it again. Pushed back, then eased off. He moved under his sleeping bag, and the next time he pushed against me his butt was bare. I tried to grab him around his waist and hold him against me, but he struggled away. When he pressed back again, I grabbed him again, and he giggled.

"Hey, what you are two pervs doing back there?" Kyle said. "Queering each other?"

It would have been my turn to have my bones turn to Jello, but I was already on the ground.

"Dickhead back here won't give me enough room," Danny said with a laugh. "I'm just trying to push him back."

Yeah, with a naked butt. Good thing I was too scared to exhale, let alone say anything.

Twenty minutes later, not only was everyone asleep, they were in it deep. I pulled close to Danny and whispered, "I need you."

He just nodded. Then he slowly crept out of his sleeping bag (he'd put his shorts back on) and as quietly as possible zipped open the mosquito netting at the opening of the tent. I crawled out of my bag too and followed him through the flap. He zipped it back closed and motioned for me to follow him. We went to the farthest part of the back yard from the tent, to a dark corner of the fencing that enclosed the yard.

Quietly we crept across the back yard, the grass damp with dew. There was a chill in the night air, but not uncomfortably. He led me to the farthest back corner of the yard, where the high wooden fence came together. It was shrouded in shadows. The night was as still as could be. In the cloudless sky a zillion stars twinkled, tiny points of light enticing you to come up and join them, if only you could get high enough. There was just a sliver of moon, really casting no light at all in our dark corner. It was Danny, me and the dome of stars.

We were both staring at them, wordless, in awe of the vastness of the universe. I lowered my gaze to Danny, looked at his eyes, his cheeks, the features of his beautiful face. He was nearly naked next to me, but I didn't look below his neck. Danny's whole being was above the neck. The fun bits were lower, to be sure, but everything that made up my lover was there. His thoughts, his expressions, his soul was right before me. I got tears in my eyes from the moment. It was odd - one of those mysteries of life. I mean, if I just looked up, the whole universe was spread before me, and tonight it was showing off. But just now, I was looking at MY universe. He was standing right in front of me. He was mine. Forever, I prayed.

"What did you say?" Danny asked, startling me.

"Uh, nothing."

"You said, 'forever.'"

"Oh. I did. I didn't realize it. I...I meant it. Forever. I hope you will be my universe forever."

"Justin, I will. I will, Justin." His eyes were moist, too and he grabbed me around the waist and pulled me tight. I thought I heard something drop in the grass. "I'll be whatever you want me to be. I want us to be together." We were whispering as quietly as we could, aware that the tent was no more than 15 yards away and its nylon walls blocked no noise at all.

"Danny, I love you. Every day I know it more and more. I feel it deeper. I want to melt into you, to get inside of you and feel you all throughout my body. I want to see with your eyes. I want to feel what you feel. I want to experience everything in you." I pulled him and ground my hard penis against his. Our cocks worked their way out the openings of our boxers, and the friction of his uncircumcised teenhood against my cut cock nearly made me cum.

"Not yet, bud," Danny said. He kissed me deeply, his tongue giving mine no chance to challenge back. He sucked at my mouth, turned his head at an angle to try to take more of me into him. He pulled my face to his, held me tightly against his lips, and explored every inch of my mouth. For a moment I couldn't breath, simply because I was paralyzed by his passion. My hands pulled his butt so his cock would press against me. We began humping each other till we hard a noise. A rabbit running through the yard? Someone in the tent rolling over? We stood absolutely still, hoping we were engulfed in the shadow of the corner, hoping that in our passion we hadn't made a noise that someone in the tent could hear.

We stood still, holding each other, for what seemed like five minutes, but probably was only 30 seconds or so, till we were sure no one was moving besides us. As we exhaled and looked at each other, we both knew what was going to happen. I lowered myself before Danny's cock, stuck out my tongue to lick off the mix of his and my precum smeared over the head, and tenderly kissed the tip. Then, with Danny's hands on my shoulders to steady himself, I opened my mouth, took as much of him as I could, and closed my mouth around him. I pulled back so I could lick his head, worked my tongue under the short foreskin, and began to gently suck. My hands reached up to find his nipples, hard and pointed in the damp night air. But he was starting to sweat, and he made little mewling sounds in his throat trying to keep his passion from exploding in a burst of incomprehensible syllables. I worked on his cock, but I didn't have to for long. I lowered my hand to his butt to pull him tight as I felt the urgency begin in him. My fingers found his crack, and one finger worked its way toward his sweet hole. As I found my mark, he thrust himself into my mouth, and with a long, whispered groan, shot his cream into me, down my throat. I pulled back so I could taste him, roll him around on my tongue, tease him so he'd cum more and fill me up. He gasped once or twice, and I swallowed once last time before letting him slip out.

Danny sank to his knees in front of me and touched his lips to mine. We were off on another make up session. He leaned to one side, and started searching the grass for something.

"What are you looking for?" I asked.

"This," he said, holding up a small tube of Vaseline. "I brought this out from the tent. Justin, make love to me. Tonight. Now. Here, under the stars."

"Here? Where anyone can see us?"

"But they won't. Everyone's asleep. And I need you, Justin."

"They'll hear us."

"Then we'll have to be quiet." His fingers played with my nipples and I was helpless. I took the Vaseline from him and spread it on me. He lay back in the damp grass and pulled his knees back. I prepared him, trying to remember everything I'd done the first time we did this a few weeks ago. I leaned forward, my cock at his entrance. I kissed him deeply, lovingly. I held his feet in my hands and pushed. He strained, breathing hoarsely through his nose.

It took a while, but finally the head of my penis slid inside. I stopped, alarmed at the look on Danny's face. He whispered to wait a moment.

"Don't stop. It feels soo great. Justin, I want you inside me soo bad. Please don't stop lover." It was the first time either of us had spoken that word. Till now we were in love with each other, but we were still teenagers exploring our feelings and our sexuality. That word, lover, changed the perspective. Like giving your girl your class ring, only more intense. It wasn't a promise, it was a statement, a commitment, deeper than a promise. It was a state of being, a togetherness that "steady" or "companion" or "date" didn't even begin to plumb.

As I waited for Danny to get used to me I tilted my head back and looked at the stars. Huge. Overwhelming. Lover. Huge. Overwhelming. Lover. One who loves. One who is loved. One who makes love. One who creates love. One who needs love. Danny. Me.

He pushed against me bringing me back to the moment, and I slid my way into him, till my pubic hairs touched the underside of his balls. And slowly, sooo slowly, we made - created - love. We strangled the moans in our throats. The liquidy sound of my cock gliding in and out of him was muted by the fence to one side and some shrubs near by. We could see the tent, but we never noticed it. We were lovers, creating love. I must have found that spot deep inside with my cock and been rubbing against it, because Danny came in a sudden explosion of cum that coated his chest and pooled in his belly button. It wasn't long before, straining, reaching, panting, struggling to stay silent, I shot deep inside. Still holding his feet, I thrust myself as deeply as I could when the wave of the orgasm rolled over me, and I held myself there till I was done emptying my cream into him.

We clung to each other till I softened and fell out. Chilled by the cooling sweat we had worked up, we put our shorts back on and walked silently, hand in hand, back to the tent. Danny worked quiet magic on the mosquito netting, let us in and closed it up again. Three sets of deep sleep breathing greeted us. We slipped back into our sleeping bags, as close as we could get to each other without giving ourselves away if someone woke up. We didn't need to touch. We had created love - enough to last the night. We slept a contented sleep.

Tonight, my lover and I aren't going to make love. We're going to fuck. And fuck and fuck and fuck. There'll be so much cum we'll stick to the sheets and to each other in the morning.
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