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A Second Chance

Chapter 20

By Tickie

Editor: Radio Rancher
Re-write Editor: Gerry Young

As I woke up, I saw that my new love was rubbing his most beautiful green eyes. "Good morning; love, did Mr. Sandman get you last night?"

Mike rolled over with his gorgeous hunk of meat standing straight up, and then he kissed me while mumbling, "You, too, my man; God, I love you, and that pole between your legs needs to be taken care of!"

"Sorry, love, that has to wait a bit; we need to get in the shower now; come on, let's go." I helped my new love out of bed and into the shower where we enjoyed each other's company as always, but I still made him wait. I knew what I wanted to happen, and if all went well, it would soon.

Mike slapped me on the ass, looking at my pole that was definitely in need of attention. "When can I have some of that?" he grumbled and laughed at the same time.

"Sooner than you think, but now we need to get a move on." We took care of our morning ablutions, headed for the kitchen, and found a note next to a pot of hot coffee.

The note read:

Breakfast will be served on Buckaroo, so hurry. I don't want it to get cold.

Clyde [Next to his name, he had drawn a smiley face.]

"Sounds like Clyde is 'way ahead of us this morning. You don't need to take anything other than your wallet and what you're wearing. Everything you need is on the plane." Mike looked at me as if I were an alien or something.

"I don't even have any underwear on the plane," Mike complained, looking as if he'd lost his best friend.

I couldn't help but laugh. "Honey, you don't need anything, other then your good looks while you're on the plane; all I want to see of you is what I saw this morning when I pulled you out of bed! Oh! And some ID, too. I'll take care of the rest, so just shut up and let's move."

"How we getting there? Walk?" Mike joked as if he'd caught me in a fix, but about the same time he said that, there was a knock on the front door.

"Our chariot has arrived! See? I told you to get a move on." He was still nervous about leaving with nothing more than what he was wearing and his wallet.

"Good morning, Carl; everything ready in Hawaii?

"Sure is, JC; the car, and everything else you asked for." He gave me a sneaky grin, making sure Mike saw it as we all climbed into the car, and then we left for Casper Airport.

By the time we arrived at Buckaroo, he was totally lost and confused, to say the least. Remember, Mike had seldom been on either of the planes, and never with his personal items already on board. He was in for a shocker.

Richard greeted us at the plane. "Hello, you two; Mike, you look scared, and you know I'm not that bad of a pilot." He began to chuckle as both Mike and I headed up the stairs into Buckaroo, and as we entered the lounge, Mike stopped and looked at Charlie's portrait on the bulkhead. "I forgot about the paintings, JC; why aren't we taking Cowboy?" He had a real puzzled look on his handsome face.

"Believe me, I thought about that, and as much as it brings back memories, I really wanted Charlie along for this ride. By the time we return home, Charlie will be part of your life as well. I certainly hope so, anyway!" I pulled Mike into a hug, "Now for your good morning KISS!" I kissed him deeply and for a long time, until Clyde and Richard walked in and both of them started clearing their throats.

Clyde grunted, "Can that wait until I feed you first!" He began to laugh with a twinkle in his eyes, for he knew what was going to happen, even though I hadn't told anyone other than Greg, and that was only so he would make the necessary reservations.

Richard only said, "Everyone, please have a seat and buckle up so I can get this bird in the air, then you can play bucking broncos for the next six hours, for all I care." He was trying so hard to keep a straight face, but broke into laughter, and was joined by Clyde and Carl. Richard and Ed, the co-pilot, headed for the flight deck and the rest of us took a seat and buckled up for the takeoff.

As soon as Buckaroo was airborne and Richard turned off the Fasten Seat Belt light, Clyde said, "Breakfast is served, if you want food?" He looked at Mike and me, and burst into laughter.

"What's so funny, Clyde?" Mike asked as he began to blush. "Why is it that I have a feeling something's going to happen and I'll be the last to know?"

"Ask your lover over there!" With a goofy smile, Clyde was pointing at me.

I glanced at Clyde and then back at Mike. "You'll find out soon enough. Now let's eat!" I got up and Mike followed me into the conference room where we all sat down for breakfast.

Once everyone had eaten, Mike and I got up and I said, "Clyde, don't bother Mike or me until we're about an hour out of Hawaii, please!" I gave him a sheepish grin. The look on his face and his cute little snicker told everyone that he knew what we were going to do. We headed for the master bedroom.

Just as soon as Mike and I were alone inside the master bedroom, I closed the door and made a point of locking it so that Mike could see me do it, and all he did was grin broadly at me. Then I took him into the bathroom and started filling the Jacuzzi.

"My God, this is fabulous, love; I knew it was here but had never seen it in use before." He was kind of blushing a bit, for he knew what was coming.

For the first time ever, I started to undress him, and he was like melting butter in my hands, I noticed his knees buckled a little as I pulled his shirt off. It wasn't that I hadn't seen him naked many times, for in fact, we had slept that way before. However, at those times, no touching was allowed other then just body contact ... NO HANDS before today... He was so darn cute; he began to return the favor and started unbuttoning my shirt until we were both shirtless and hugging, and kissing, passionately kissing each other.

Mike backed up and looked at me, "God, I do love you! And I have, for a long time JC, for a real long time." He then bent over and pulled off his shoes and socks, crawling up to me and taking mine off as well.

I pulled him up from the floor and kissed him again and again, as I slid my hands between us and unbuckled his belt, letting his pants drop to the floor. All the while, he was doing the same to me, and when my pants were around my ankles, I stepped out of them. I slowly stroked his back with both hands, while he was trying to remove my shorts. I just slid my hands under the elastic of his undies, and pushed them down, kissing him from the neck down, until his manhood was staring me in the face. Boy, was he hard and dripping pre-cum in anticipation of what was to come! I just reached out and gave it a little squeeze, and he moaned so loud, I didn't doubt that everyone else aboard Buckaroo could hear him over the roar of the engines.

By the time the Jacuzzi was filled and I'd poured in some soothing, sexy bubble bath, we were both so hot and horny that we could have climaxed if either one of us had held on to those hard hunks of male anatomy for any length of time. I was sure that the slight vibration of the jet engines only added to the erotic sensations.

"Come on, Mike, let's climb into the hot water, and see what happens!" I joked with a very sexy smile. Mike took my hand and stepped into the tub with the water swirling and the bubbles rising, "I know what's going to happen, no question in my mind, love!" We both stood in the middle of the tub as I shut off the water and began kissing him over and over again. Our tongues began the dance of love and they were fighting over whose mouth they wanted to play in. Mike won the first battle, but once I grabbed his love tool, he broke the kiss with a very loud groan. That gave my tongue the chance to win the next battle; and I loved every second of it.

"Honey, I'm so sorry I made you wait so long for this day to come." I had to laugh at the way that sounded, and so did he, but not for long. I started stroking his very hard member as we both stood in the hot water, holding each other so very tight. "But cum, you will, my love."

I loosened my hold on him and started stroking his back, from his strong shoulders to his firm bubble butt. Each time I squeezed his fleshy cheeks, I could feel his hard cock jerk against my own, and I could feel the wetness of his dripping pre-cum.

Slowly, I knelt in front of him, washing his chest and flicking his nipples with my tongue. Further down I went, teasing, loving, tasting as much as I could of his belly button, his stomach and his abs, until I was resting on my knees on the bottom of the Jacuzzi. His manhood was just above the surface of the water, staring me in the face.

It was only then that I took him into my mouth, sucking him deeply into my throat, working him so very slowly, but sucking hard. He was twitching and jerking so much, I was having a hard time just holding on to him. The bubble bath had us both so slick that we were losing our grasp on any and all hard objects that we were touching.

Mike put his hands on my head and played with my hair. "I'm gonna lose it any second, love, oooooooooh fuc... kkkkk too laaaaaate! Oh shiiit, I'm sorry!" He shot load after load, and the taste was out of this world. I just couldn't get enough of it. I kept sucking until he slipped into the hot, sudsy water and submerged to the bottom of the Jacuzzi. For a second I thought I might have to save him from drowning, but I stood and pulled him up, wiped the bubbles off his face, and hugged him. "Thank you, my love!" he whispered into my ear as we continued to hug; "I'm sorry I couldn't hold on any longer." He was still breathing hard, recovering from his climax.

"Whatcha waiting for, love? Junior needs some lovin', too! He slid down on his knees in front of me and he began the return favor. God, I had forgotten how good it felt to have another man working a hot mouth on my own member. Nevertheless, Mike's stimulation felt like a pro; I was moaning so loudly, that in only a matter of a couple of seconds, he had to help hold me up while I was beginning to reach the boiling point. And, God, it was wonderful, and what made it so wonderful was I knew he loved me and I loved him. "I can't hooooold out any loooonger, ohhh fuck here it isssss!" I unloaded my hot male juice into his loving and so very hot mouth. I did collapse into the hot water and was wiggling like a fish out of water as he continued to suck on me, and at times, even completely under the water The sensitivity was so high at the end of my penis, I screamed, "Hold it; my God, hold it!"

"Come on JC, you're a bigger man than that, aren't you?" Mike grinned, with a wide cum filled smirk. Then came to me and we again kissed and mixed the love juices together for the first time. It was fabulous – abso-tootly, fucking fabulous!

We both got up and stepped out of the Jacuzzi, took some very soft, fluffy towels and dried each other. Then we both headed off to bed and lay down, where we cuddled and hugged and kissed until we both fell asleep from pure exhaustion. However, I had planned on this and had set my cell phone's alarm; I wanted more of what I had been missing for so long.

The next thing I heard was Mike, "Lover, wake up, we're almost to Hawaii." He was shaking me and kissing me at the same time.

"WHAT?" I exclaimed as I woke up with a start; "What happened?" I asked somewhat worried about being woken up by Mike and not my alarm.

"Nothing's wrong, honey. Clyde just knocked and said we were an hour out of Hawaii." He seemed puzzled at my being shocked, but it didn't worry him, for there he stood by the bed, with a raging bull between his legs.

I reached out, took hold of it, and gave it a few strokes. "Shit! I set my cell phone alarm for much earlier than this. Guess I forgot to turn the damn thing on." Mike laughed and so did I. "Well, what I had planned has to wait now! But we can enjoy ourselves in the shower, can't we?" I smiled again at my love.

"Of course we can, so get your lazy ass out of BED!" Mike took my hand off his tool, pulled me to my feet, and into the bathroom we went, where we took care of the morning chores and showered, of course taking care of the male cocktails we both wanted so badly.

As we were drying each other off, Mike gave me a weird look, "Now, where the hell is my underwear that you told me not to bring?" he asked, poking me in the arm.

I mockingly said, "Aw, that hurt!" pulling away from him. "Your clothes... ASSMITE!... are in the closet and the dresser over there!" I pointed to the dresser, which was attached to the bulkhead... errr...wall.

"What's this shit! 'ASSMITE?' he asked, putting on a hurt-feelings look and wrinkling up his cute nose at me. Then he went over to the dresser, and as soon as he pulled open the top drawer and found it full of brand new designer clothes, he remarked, "My God, JC, who bought all this stuff? There's boxers and briefs enough to last me a lifetime."

"Open the next drawer down, love." I said, giving him a grin as he continued to explore the dresser drawers.

"Crap, who bought this stuff? It's exactly what I would have bought." He pulled out a pair of briefs and put them on. I had already dressed except for my shoes and socks, and enjoyed the show very much.

"Don't worry about that now; as soon as you have time, there's more in the closet over HERE!" I said it loud enough to get his attention once again.

Mike looked at me as he was going into the closet. I just couldn't resist, and I said, "I thought you were out of the closet, assmite?"

He turned and looked back at me from the closet, "What's this 'ASSMITE' shit?" He was so damn cute.

"Something I want to call you in private, love." He grinned and turned back into the closet.

"HOLY SHIT! Where in the hell did all THESE clothes come from? There's so many of them, and everything is wonderful and all in my size, too!" He was acting like a kid in a candy store. I loved it... seeing him so happy and excited about everything.

"Well, you can thank Greg when you get home; he and Carrie shopped for more then just a few days getting this surprise ready for you. But there's more to come, so get your cute ass in gear and dress!" I stood in the doorway watching him try to figure out what he wanted to wear, which was a sight in itself. First, he looked at every item of clothing in the closet and then back at me... I guess, to see what I was wearing. He then pulled out something that was similar to what I had on. We finished dressing and headed out into the main cabin. Clyde, Carl, Richard and Ed were sitting with some freshly made French rolls, and all sorts of cheeses and cold cuts. It dawned on me why Clyde had done that. "Good morning, oops; what time is it anyway?' I forgot to check the time."

Clyde glanced over at us. "It's not morning, boss. It's more like noon, here! I see you two must have enjoyed your beauty rest?" He began to smile, and then continued to eat his sandwich.

Richard simply said, "It's 11:35 a.m. in the islands." Then he chuckled at both of us, knowing everything was as it should be.

Mike giggled; "We did, and JC set his alarm, and forgot to turn it on. But what do you expect from an OLD MAN?" He broke into a laugh, as did everyone else in the cabin.

I just pulled him up close and looked him in the eyes; "You'll think OLD MAN, when I get you back here TONIGHT!" Then I kissed him on the lips in front of everyone, to a round of laughter and applause.

Richard got up with Ed and started toward the flight deck as they left us. "I'd suggest you all find a seat as soon as you can, and buckle up. We should be landing in twenty minutes or so." God, he was so professional when it came to flying. However, I guess that's what Charlie saw in him when he brought him into the company.

True to his word, we did land in about twenty minutes, and in about fifteen minutes after we'd landed, one of the company limos from the storage area pulled up at the bottom of the stairs.

"Come on, handsome!" I said, taking hold of Mike's hand. I lead him off Buckaroo and down the stairs to the awaiting limo with Carl holding the door for us.

"Boy, am I getting the red carpet treatment today, or have you some ulterior motive?" Mike chuckled at me as we slid in side by side onto the back seat of the limo.

"That might be, but for now, we need a way into town and a special little shop we need to stop at."

Mike was looking everywhere; his head was popping from side to side taking in all the sights. I'd forgotten he'd never been to the islands before. I popped open my cell phone and placed a call to the office.

"Lambert, Lambert & Andersen's, Jane speaking; how may I help you?" 'What a sweet voice,' I thought.

"Yes, this is JC, and I want to let you know I'm in town, but something has come up that I won't be able to make that meeting. Tell Frank that what we talked about is just exactly what I want done; if he has any more questions, he can call me on my cell."

"Ok, Mr. Andersen, I'll pass on the message; sorry I won't get to see you today. I hope it's nothing too serious that keeps your smiling face away," she added.

"Oh, it's serious, and it's very important I have a young man sitting next to me who needs all my attention today, so the company just has to wait!" I told her in a friendly tone, and loud enough for Mike to overhear it. He just looked at me and grinned.

"Well, you have a good time, Mr. Andersen, and enjoy the islands!"

"I'm planning on that, AND I plan on enjoying my companion as well. And Jane... you can call me 'JC'; everyone else does, you know."

"Thank you Mr.... sorry, JC, and have a good day." Then she hung up the phone and I leaned over and kissed Mike on the cheek, for his head was turned, looking at the sights.

Mike jumped at the kiss, "This is exciting; my first trip to Hawaii, and I get to spend it with you love!" He just couldn't stop looking around the beaches as we headed for my favorite jewelry store.

It didn't take long before Carl stopped and let Mike and me out in front of the shop. We both went inside and started looking around. "Honey, what kind of jewelry do you like to wear?"

"Why?" he asked, with a curious smile.

"Because I want to buy you something special, today!" I grinned back at him, thinking, 'Charlie ordered these bracelets', and noticed I was still wearing mine. I was so accustomed to it, I hadn't paid any attention. In fact, I was lost without it.

Again, I thought, 'I'm going to have to take it off before tonight.' I knew I would save them and not do what Charlie did with his and James' rings. I still wish he hadn't tossed them in to the sea. As I was thinking all these thoughts, tears started welling up, but I fought them back. I just watched Mike looking at everything. He stopped for a several minutes, and I saw noticed him looking at a beautiful gold western belt buckle. He was drooling over it. I walked over to him and asked, "You found something you like?"

"Yes, I sure did, but look at the price on that thing! It's nice, but not that nice. I saw a ring over there that I liked." Mike walked over to another counter, and there was a ring to match the buckle with the horseshoe pattern on it.

"Will it fit?"

He picked it up and slipped it on; it fit perfectly. So, I motioned for the salesman to come over. "I'll take this ring, if you please, and the young man, here, will just wear it."

"JC, you don't need to do that, after all you've done for me already; with all that stuff on the plane, I'll owe you my pay forever." Mike was so cute, he really meant it, and I knew it. Mike put the ring on and held it up, admiring it.

"Why don't you look around some more, while I check out something I spotted over here?" Mike was like a kid, and hurried off, looking around the Bolo ties.

I motioned for the salesman to follow me to another counter where Mike couldn't see us, and told him that I wanted two simple wedding bands of yellow gold -- one in the same size as the ring that Mike had just picked out, and the other in my size. He pulled out the ring sizers and we found the right one for me, and he headed into the back room and came out with a matched pair that fit the bill. I told him "Just add these to my bill and everything else we pick out, and don't say anything to my friend over there. Can you come with me? I also want a western belt buckle you have over here, and please don't let Mike see it." I pointed at Mike who was still lost in checking out the Bolo ties, and shirt collar tips.

Mike glanced up and motioned me over, "Look at these; they match the ring, what do you think hon... oops... JC." He blushed a little; it was cute, to say the least.

"I like them, why don't you get those, too? You'd look good with them on; of course you would look good with or without anything on!" I joked with him, and he blushed some more.

He whispered in my ear, so as not to alarm the salesman, "I can't, JC; I don't have the cash for them. And the balances on my credit cards are too high."

I was about to burst, just thinking about what I had planned. "HERE! Give me that stuff, and don't worry about the cost, yet. I can take that out in trade later!" I said kind of sharp, "Sorry 'bout that, but give'em to me." I took them and handed them to the salesman and he just added it to the rest of the order.

I handed the salesman my debit card, "Could you please just put everything on this for me?" Mike looked funny, but didn't say anything.

Looking at my card, the salesman asked, "Can I see some identification, Mr. Andersen?" I handed him my driver's license. "Thank you, sir; I'll be right back."

Mike and I just waited until he returned with the charge slip; I checked it carefully then signed it.

"Thank you, sir, for your business, and here's your card," he said, handing me my credit card. "This is yours, too," he added, holding up a bag. I took the card and the bag with all of the purchases except for the ring Mike was wearing. As we were leaving the store, he said, "Please come again, Mr. Andersen!"

It was still early, so, as we got into the limo, I said, "Carl, take us on a sight-seeing tour of the island. Just make sure we're back in time for dinner at our favorite restaurant."

"Thank you, love; I'm gonna get to see some of Hawaii." He grinned at me.

I opened the bag while he was gawking at the sights, took out the belt buckle, and wrote on the top of the white box. "With all my love! JC." I did the same to the box containing the Bolo tie and the shirt collar tips. After I had everything fixed, I put the two rings into my pocket for later.

"Hey, assmite!" That got his attention, with a frown on his face, and then he just burst into laughter.

"What's up, and what's with this 'assmite' again?" he smiled, with confusion in his green eyes.

"It's nothing, just my private little joke, and believe me, it's said with all the love I have in my heart for you... And that's a TON of love!! But here's something for you." I handed him the boxes.

Mike shook his head in disbelief, opened the box with the belt buckle first, and his mouth dropped in shock, "JC, you didn't have to do this, it cost too fucking much."

"I know I didn't have to do it! But I did it, so just shut up and enjoy life, my love," I smirked back at him with love in my heart for the man sitting next to me.

Mike then opened the other two boxes, and just gasped. "OH, SHIT! Now this IS too much; we need to take some of this back." He was serious.

"Hold up a second! I was planning on doing this at dinner, but I think I need to ask you something, NOW." I paused, thinking, 'Do I want to ask him here or at dinner,' and then continued. "Mike Hendricks... I LOVE YOU!! Will you become my life partner?" I held my breath, just hoping he would say 'yes', really hoping that he would, but not knowing for sure.

"JC, is this for real? It can't be! But if it's for REAL, the answer is, YES!!! OH, GOD, YES!!! I've waited so long to hear those words from you!" He reached over, grabbed me by the shoulders, and pulled me into a wonderful tight embrace, and we kissed for what seemed like hours. Almost immediately, Carl parked the limo and darkened the windows, with electrically operated curtains, knowing we needed some privacy.

It was wonderful to share the time we had, there in the back seat of the limo, but all too soon, it was time for dinner. We felt the engine start, and Carl drove us to Chef Mayoki's. By the time we had arrived, both Mike and I had straightened ourselves up so that we looked presentable for dinner. We couldn't do as much as we would have liked to have done in the limo, but we did enjoy some sensual time together... hugging, kissing, and roaming of our hands. Carl opened the door for us; I got out first, turned and offered my hand to Mike... in more ways than one... and he took it in the same manner it was offered. I then helped him out of the limo, and then, hand in hand, we entered the restaurant together.

Chef Mayoki, himself, met us, and escorted us into the dining area with all the wonderful surroundings of the islands, and the beach that I remembered so well. It brought back many memories of times past, although the most important memories were the ones that Mike and I were just beginning to build.

The meal was exquisite, as always; by the time our delicious Elegant Duckling á l'Orange with Orchid Sauce was finished, I had talked Mike into a walk on the beach. I took him to the place where Charlie and I had stood when he threw his and James' rings into the sea.

After I told him about that, Mike couldn't understand why Charlie would do such a thing. All I could tell him was that... "It was what Charlie wanted, and, believe me... Charlie always got what he wanted. Maybe someday, we'll find out just why?" And then I told him, "Of course, when it came to me, I had to seduce poor old Charlie; he never thought we'd make it with the age difference, but we did."

Both Mike and I laughed about the story I had just told him.

While we were on the beach and in that memorable and romantic setting, I popped the big question. "Mike Hendricks... would you be willing to commit to me tonight... on Buckaroo?"

I had hope in my heart and a smile on my face, waiting for Mike to answer, and he did. "JC, all I can say is 'yes!' And the sooner, the better. God, JC, I do love you, and I hope you know that by now." He had a twinkle in his eyes, or was that tears of joy? Whatever it was, I loved seeing it, and I was falling so deeply in love with him.

I guess it just took some time for me to get past the loss of Charlie, but every time I think that way, my heart yearns for him again. I thought, 'I have to stop doing that; I do love Mike, and that's first and foremost in my life right now.' "Thank you love; thank you! I already have in my mind what I want to say to you, but that's a surprise until tonight!" I hugged him and gave him another kiss on the lips with the wind and the surf, both, blowing softly. And soon... so would I... again.

We left Mayoki's. I had told the chef how much we enjoyed the meal, and that it wasn't the last time he'd see the folks from the Lazy L. He smiled and bowed as Mike and I got into the limo. Carl soon departed for the airport where we found Buckaroo and the rest of the folks waiting for us. They all surmised what had happened, just by the looks on Mike's and my face as we boarded him.

As we entered the lounge, Mike and I saw that Clyde had decorated the place for the ceremony that Mike and I were about to commit to each other at.

Mike said, "You had this all planned, didn't you?" He was so very happy and bubbling with excitement, and shaky with nerves as well. He was just adorable in my eyes, anyway. Moreover, I could have cared less what anyone else thought right then.

"I'm a lot like Charlie, Mike; I know what I want, and you're it. I sure hope you're ready for the ride of your life, love; I sure am!" I was bubbling with enjoyment at what was about to happen.

Richard joked, "Enough of that! Now... everyone have a seat and buckle up, we'll be airborne soon, and then we can take care of the other business, once I have this bird on auto-pilot." He knew the plans, for I had called him from the limo on the way back from dinner.

Everyone found their seats and buckled up. As soon as we were airborne, we could see that daylight was fading as we headed home. We never saw the Fasten Seat Belt light go out, but we saw Richard and Ed coming back into the lounge. I knew, then, that it was time, and everything on the flight deck was ready.

I got up, looked into Mike's beautiful green eyes, and said, "It's time, love; are you ready?" I put out my hand for him, he took it, and stood up beside me. I lead the way to a spot in front of Charlie's portrait.

I turned Mike to face Charlie, and I then stood next to him and faced the portrait, too. "Everyone, Mike and I are about to commit to each other in the presence of Charlie and all of you, please, be our witnesses to this loving part of Mike's and my love for each other."

I looked at Mike and said, "Honey, do you want to go first, or do you want me to?" I not only looked just AT Mike, but I was seeing INTO his heart and soul as he took time to consider. I could feel his probing mind as he was doing the same thing to me, that I had, and was, doing to him. We spent the next few minutes just admiring each other.

"Why don't you go first, love?" Mike said with a warm and loving tone.

"Okay!" I paused for a few more minutes thinking of how I wanted to say it, and then began.

"Charlie... my lost love... before you and God and all those present, I want to proclaim my love for Michael Earl Hendricks, and commit my life to him, from this day forward, until death we must part." Then, I looked into Mike's beautiful green eyes, and proclaimed, "Mike, I will love you always and never betray you; I will be yours forever, if you will have me? For in my heart and soul, you are and will always be a part of me." Still looking at Mike, and with a nod of my head, he began.

"My God, it's a dream come true for me!" He looked around the cabin and at everyone before he started. "As God is my witness, I love you Justyn Case Andersen, and before God, Charlie, and all present, I take you as my life partner, without any hesitation or mental reservation whatever. I will be faithful to you as long as either of us lives. You have been my heart and soul from the first day, when you dumped that cup of coffee in my lap."

(Everyone broke into laughter, and then settled down before Mike continued.)

"Now where was I? OH, yes... I set my sights on you then, and have never stopped loving you, only hoping one day that this would happen. My only regret is that Charlie had to leave us, but I know now, that he loved me, and wanted us to be together. That, alone, could make this day so very special to me." He paused again, and then continued. "You asked me if I would have you, YES ... MY ... GOD ... YES!! I love you so!" He pulled me into a hug then we passionately kissed, and kissed, and kissed... until we had to break for air.

I glanced around the lounge at everyone and then said, "While we were out shopping today, I was finally able to get Mike's ring size, so I picked out something I hope he likes as much as I do!" I handed Mike my ring box as I kept his, then continued, "To me, these are very special. I wanted them to come from Hawaii, because of what happened with Charlie and James' rings. For many years I have wished that Charlie had not thrown them away, but he did; so I picked these two out as they are similar to their originals." Mike opened his box and removed the ring, and I did the same.

I took Mike's left hand, "Mike, with this ring, I commit to you my life, my soul, and my heart forever!" I then placed the ring on his finger. With tears in my eyes, his were beginning to water as well.

Mike took my left hand, "JC, with this ring, I do commit to you, all I have, my heart and soul, forever!" He put the ring on my finger, and then he raised my hand to his lips and kissed the ring. I reached out and took his left hand again, and raised it to my lips and kissed his ring.

Then everyone started with the catcalls and whistling and the kissing; yes, everyone had to kiss both Mike and me. It was almost embarrassing for Mike. However, we lived through it, and we both loved every second of it.

Before Mike and I excused ourselves, we each shook everyone's hands, and they all wished us the very best; of course, I was in a hurry to get back into the bedroom and so was Mike. Nevertheless, we stayed around long enough to be socially acceptable and then made our escape. I told Clyde not to disturb us unless it was an emergency.

He just grinned and winked at us, "Have fun, guys; of course, I know you will!" He chuckled.

Once I had my love in the bedroom, I pulled out a briefcase and took out a folder that I had Greg and our attorney prepare for me. Mike looked on, puzzled, "Whatcha doin', love?" he questioned.

"Before we do anything else, I have something kind of important I want to take care of. And you need to be calm. I know this isn't something you were thinking of, but I do listen to you talking about your dreams, now and then!" I just had to chuckle, and then continued, "I have something for you... and this is your own briefcase, by the way." I handed it to him, and told him. "Now open it! And there's nothing you can do to change what's in there; it's all done and over with; just be happy, my love, it's all for you!"

Mike took the case and opened it, took out the folder. The top document was the Deed to the ranch with Michael Hendricks being named the owner, and me the co-owner. The ownership was broken down on the cover pages as follows:

Michael Earl Hendricks, Owner, with 75% share.

Justyn Case Andersen, Co-owner, with 25% share.

There were tears in my love's eyes as he read on. "JC, I told you a long time ago, that if I ever had the money, I would love to own a ranch like the Lazy L. But in my wildest dreams, I could never have imagined it actually happening. My God, you did it for me. But why did you give me the biggest share, love? I don't deserve it at all!"

"You deserve more than that, love; you've been my rock for almost a year when I needed you so much, and I shut you out... how cruel that was of me. And I'm so sorry for that! Now, you love the ranch, and I'm a klutz at ranching, so it's only right that you should have it."

While I was talking, he noticed the next document, giving him 10% of the company, and he about came unglued. "What's this shit? I don't deserve this for sure; now why are you doing that?" He was about to cry, but held back, I could see in his gorgeous eyes.

"Well, it's only fair; you're my other half, and I wanted you to have some income other then from the ranch, and just in case you need anything at all, all you have to do is ask." I loved him and I would have given him everything, but I also knew he wouldn't have taken more.

Then he checked out the debit card and the statement, "What the fuck is this? Now you're spoiling me." The waterworks started, and I just went to him and hugged him.

"My love, you're worth every cent and then some. Now that the shock is over, how about us having a little soak in the Jacuzzi?"

"Okay, but you're spoiling me! I won't know what to do with you anymore!" He grinned, which to me was a good sign that everything was going to be great.

"Now you see why I wasn't concerned about the goodie's today?" I rubbed his head, and took his hand, pulling him into the Master Suite. I filled the Jacuzzi and we enjoyed the time together. I wanted what I had planned to be as good for him as I wanted it to be for me. After about an hour in the hot tub, we got out and dried each other off, and made our way to the bed.

All I heard out of Mike was, "God, I love you!" over and over the rest of that night, and we made mad passionate love, our tongues played together, and we each in turn took the other's love canal and turned it into a playground for our roaring erections. We lost count of the times we each shared the other's tunnel of love. Nevertheless, we were happy and content, and so deeply in love with each other.

By the time we arrived back at the Lazy L, daylight was breaking over the eastern horizon. We both stood on the porch of the ranch house, watching the sun come up, lighting Casper Mountain. We both heard the wind whispering, 'Well done, my love; well done!" and we both felt someone, at the same moment, kiss each of us on the cheek as we stared into each other's eyes. We both knew that it was Charlie and James, giving us their seals of approval.

We both said in unison, "Thank you both; thank you!!!!

The End...

From above...

James and Charlie watch the two young men sharing their lives together. With a pair of guardian angels watching over them, how can they go astray? Four of them have 'A Second Chance' at love! They both know that for JC, life once, again is joyously continuing, and for Mike, the happiest times of his life were just beginning.

Author's Note.

Special thanks go to Darryl 'Radio Rancher' for editing this work of mine. I also want to give a very special thanks to 'Gerry Young' for all his hard work editing my scribbles and guidance in the complete re-write of the story. Thank you, Gerry.

I hope you enjoyed this fictional tale. It reflects some of my views on life, and how I would love to have lived my own. I did loose a lover when I was a youth, but we were only lovers in our minds.

Thanks for reading this story...


Editor's note.

I first found this story sitting on the nifty archive.

I immediately fell in love with it, having only read the first four chapters; I knew the story would pull hard at the heart of anyone that enjoyed a romantic tale.

As I read it, I noticed a few minor errors, and since I had been doing a little editing for some other authors, I decided to e-mail Tickie and volunteer to "polish it up for him." He was kind enough to allow me to do the job for him and I thank him for that.

I certainly hope you have enjoyed this story as much as I have. I just finished it, and my eyes are still streaming with tears. Once again, I will say Thank you Tickie, for writing the story and for letting me edit it for you

Your friend

The Radio Rancher

Re-write Editor's Note:

My sentiments, exactly, Tickie; you're a wonderful story-teller, and you have a beautiful website. I'm happy to be a friend, and I'm happy to be part of your growing cyber-family.

Gerry Young

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