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A Second Chance II

Chapter 25

By Tickie

Editor: Radio Rancher
Co-Editor: HetepHamaMeret

During the night, the horses woke me, and the boys were already awake. Colt was looking for the rifle and some ammo. He said there was a bear outside somewhere, and the horses were scared. Well, so was I now; I told Colt where the ammo was, and he took the lever action .308 Savage out, and loaded it. Then he ran out of the tent with Matt holding the high-powered flash light. Talk about two boys looking funny, just picture this; both boys were wearing nothing but cowboy boots; one was armed with a rifle and the other with a long flashlight. The horses had done just what they had told the boys they would do. They came right up in front of the tent and were standing there when the boys got outside. Christ, what a sight, seeing those two standing in the moon light naked, amidst the horses.

I got up, too, putting on my pants, shirt and boots, nothing else. Mike was awakened, with all the talking and commotion, saying, "What's goin' on, love? Where are the boys?"

I told him, "The boys are outside with the gun and flashlight, looking for a bear that the horses told them was out there somewhere." He, too, got up and put on the same items of clothing I was wearing. Mike grabbed another flashlight, but I'm not sure it was needed -- the moon was full and you could see quite well without the flashlight.

Then we heard a shot being fired, and I saw the report of the gun, the flash looked to be going straight up into the air. Soon the boys were coming back into camp.

Mike spoke saying, "Those two have to be freezing!" then he started laughing when he saw them getting closer.

Colt didn't stop outside, he just got back into the tent and pulled off the boots, and then he got back into the sleeping bag then said, "It's too fucking cold out there."

Matt said, "You got that right!" and he, too, removed his boots and got into the sleeping bag.

Mike said, "Well ... what happened out there, guys?" then added, "You both are nuts, going out there naked!" He was still chuckling at the boys.

Colt said, "I saw the bear and fired in the air to spook him off, he took off in a hurry, too. I don't think he'll soon be back." He cuddled up with Matt, and then added, "Pop and poppa Mike, are you two staying up now?" He looked at his watch and then continued, "God, its only 1:30 in the morning!"

I said, "Hell, no, I just got up to see what you boys were doing, and to make sure you didn't get into trouble. You know I still worry about you guys."

Mike was still smiling, and said, "I wish I'd had the camera -- you two looked so funny out there. I guess that's one of the memories JC and I will just have to remember."

Mike and I went back inside the tent, got undressed again, and crawled back into the sleeping bag with the boys. Boy, were they cold, so we re-arranged ourselves so Mike and I were each on the outside, Colt was lying next to me and Matt was lying between Mike and Colt. As we began to get warm again, we finally drifted off to sleep. There was some tossing and turning during the night. I don't know if it was the horses, for the first time, staying so close to the tent, as they promised the boys. God, that sounds so stupid, but what the eyes see, and the ears hear, and of course the nose smells, makes you into a believer of what the boys and those animals have in common. I was going to tell the boys to have the horses stay a little farther away from the tent tonight. I didn't mind them being there, I just didn't like the smell.

When Mike got up, I was already dressed and outside building a fire, and I had the coffee pot on the stove. Colt was going to be the cook I thought, so I went to the tent and shook him, saying, "Come on sleepy head, you're suppose to be the cook, and I have the coffee on already."

"Ok, Ok, let me get up and dressed." He replied, and then added, "I want to cook some pancakes this morning; will you mix up the batter, dad? Then I can start cooking them as soon as I get out there."

"OK, will do, but it's your job, kid." Mike replied, and started mixing up the pancake batter.

I could see him getting out of the sleeping bag. Colt had his morning woody and I could see that Matt was in the same state as Colt was. He was fully awake now, and began to move around. Matt reached out and pulled Colt back down, stopping him from getting up as he kissed him, saying, "I love you so much, Colt! Please don't you ever leave me." I could see he was teary eyed. I was wondering what was going on, so I asked Matt, "What's wrong son?"

Matt spoke softly saying, "I just had a bad dream, dad, nothing to worry about."

"OK!" I replied.

Colt looked at Matt and said, "I love you too, precious soul mate; always remember that! I will never leave you!" You could see the love in his eyes, and his face.

As the boys came out of the tent together, Mike said, "When you get done, I'd like to have a little chat." He looked serious, but he had a smile on his face.

The boys headed off into the woods to take care of there morning chores, I'm sure, for they returned rather quickly. Colt picked up the bowl of batter, and began pouring it onto the hot oiled grill. He cooked a large number of pancakes and fried some eggs and some bacon, we all sat there around the campfire, and had a wonderful breakfast.

I always did like eating while in the middle of some mountain meadow. The smell of the fresh mountain air was intoxicating; and one's appetite would grow to enormous proportions. Moreover, we all proved that point enormously well, for we all ate until we couldn't move. I thought to myself, so much for an early day of fishing.

Mike said, "Ok, now for the little chat I asked for." He was still grinning so I knew there wasn't anything bad on his mind. Then he continued saying, "Colt, you and Matt are a couple; I know you tell us that, and my God, we can see that as well. I guess what I want to ask, or should I say, be nosy about, are you two planning on a commitment ceremony of some kind?" Then I laughed out loud, and smiled, as the boys sat there with their mouths open.

I said, "Are you two trying to catch horse flies, with your mouths hanging open like that?" I chuckled, all the time I was talking.

Matt spoke first, after looking at Colt for what seemed to be forever saying, "Yes, we are! It's just that we're trying to figure out when and how we want to do it." He then looked directly at me and said, "Dad, would you help us plan it?"

I got tears in my eyes when he asked that of me. I then looked at Colt, and he said, "Yes, dad, please help us?" Then he looked at Mike and said, "You, too, dad Mike, please, we need some of your input too?"

My God, those guys couldn't have made me happier or prouder of them than I was at that moment. I could also feel the pride in Mike, as he was starting to tear up now, as well.

I said, "Of course I'll help you, in any way I can; you both have made me so happy to realize that you would ask me for help, planning your commitment ceremony." I was damn near crying with happiness.

Mike looked at our two sons and said, "God, you two surprise me every time you open your mouths. In addition, the answer to your request is, YES! I will help you."

The boys said in unison, "Thank you!" Then Colt continued, saying, "We were thinking of doing it sometime around the end of this month. Do you think that would be ok?"

I said, "Anytime, boys, just give us enough time so we don't get committed with other business dealings." I was grinning from ear to ear, with the knowledge that our sons would soon be life partners.

Mike said, "I agree with JC, and if you want to do it on the ranch, I can have Ben and the hands help you setup for it." He was as happy as a proud father could be.

Well the rest of the day was spent fishing, believe it or not. We mostly fished the beaver pond right in front of our campsite. I enjoyed watching everyone else fish. I caught a few and so did everyone else. The best fisherman contest, if you will, ended in a tie between Mike and Colt, they both caught 10 each, and most of them were in the range of between 18 and 26 inches. We always used the practice of catch and release so most of them were put back into the pond. We did keep some of the smaller ones for dinner.

In the heat of the afternoon, we all went skinny dipping, and enjoyed ourselves very much. Mike and I, after swimming for a while just got out and lay there on the grass, watching the boys, playing and horsing around, in the pond.

The horses seemed to be enjoying themselves as well, for they too, were romping around in the cold water of the pond. I noticed a few times Colt or Matt would be talking to them. Then I saw Colt climb up on Star, and ride him for a little while. Then Matt climbed on Darkstar, and both boys and horses came into camp.

Now Mike ran for the camera and started taking pictures, of the two naked Indian boys and their ponies. It was so damn cute, to see that. Well I guess it's just that I'm so proud of them both, and seeing them naked and riding bareback on those beautiful horses, was indeed a Kodak moment.

As they approached the campsite, Matt spoke, saying, "Why don't you two get on your horses and let's all go for a ride." He was smiling that evil little cute smile of his.

Colt, smiling his cute sexy smile, said, "Yes, come on you old fogies, time to do something, besides sitting on your duffs." Matt started laughing and so did Mike and I.

I said, rather firmly but softly, "Sorry, boys, I just have never liked riding bareback, and it hurts my tail bone. But thanks for asking me, though. I just think I will stay here in camp and relax, if that's ok with you two?" I smiled at them with a warm tender smile.

Colt replied saying, "Ok, dad, how about you, Dad Mike, will you join us?" He was sincere in his request.

Mike replied saying, "No thanks, I want to sit here with JC, relax and enjoy each other's company. You two go have fun. Thanks for asking me, though, maybe later, OK?" Mike looked at me and smiled, his special little smile, he always had for me.

The boys took off in a gallop around the beaver pond, and up the side of the mountain for a ways. They never left our sight but we could see for a long ways, in some directions. The tree line was not far away on the west side of camp, that's why we had the tent setup there. That made the campsite much more private and we loved it that way; as Charlie said, the first time, we were up here.

That brought back memories again, when Charlie and I used to come up here, and he would reminisce about what he and James used to do up here. My God, there I was, daydreaming again, but what a wonderful daydream I was having. I remembered all the love we shared here in this beautiful place. I remembered Charlie telling me how close he felt to James, when we came up here. Now I feel the same way, thinking about it. I hadn't noticed but I was crying, not really crying, just tears running down my cheeks, as I thought about the past.

Mike noticed the tears and asked, "What's wrong, love? Why are you crying?" He was concerned, you could see that in his face.

"Nothing really, just remembering some of the trips up here with Charlie, and what we used to talk about, and the good times we had here," I replied, wiping the tears from my face with the corner of a towel.

"You know, it's been a long time now, since Charlie left us, but I feel the same way, sometimes, and I, too, shed tears thinking about him." Mike said as he came over closer to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

I just slid up next to him, and we hugged and kissed for a while, not doing more, just holding each other, and enjoying the presence of one another. I guess we stayed like that for a long time. Eventually, our two, wonderful sons came riding up and dismounted.

Colt said, "Star, you and the rest of the horses need to stay a little farther away from camp tonight, would you please?" That was just too funny, and I started laughing at that, but Star whinnied, and so did Darkstar, and off they went, to join up with the rest of the horses. Colt continued, saying, "That should make for a less smelly night; ok, pop?" He was chuckling, and so were the rest of us.

Matt said, "Star said ok they will." He started laughing too.

I just said, "Thanks, son." In addition, I smiled, then said, "It's starting to get cold, the sun is about to set. I for one am going to get some clothes on. I'm not cut out to be a nudist, when it gets cold."

Mike followed me and we both started to get dressed, after spending most of the day nude. I hadn't noticed, until just then, but I felt the heat of a sunburn, and I looked at Mike, as he put his shirt on, and his back and shoulders were also the cutest pink color. Then I looked at our two boys, and they were as brown as could be. I guess it's the Indian blood in them, for they didn't look any worse for the wear.

Colt came up to me and said, "Dad! Would you like me to put some lotion on you for your sunburn?" He was sincere about it.

"Thank you, son, it sure would be nice." I agreed, so I took off my shirt again, so he could apply the lotion to my shoulders and back. It felt wonderful, having his hands and the lotion rub my shoulders and back. It would have been down right erotic, if it hadn't been for the sunburn.

Then he spoke to Mike saying, "Dad Mike, would you like me to do yours too?"

Mike replied, "Sure, son, if you want to." Then Mike removed his shirt again, so Colt could apply the lotion to his shoulders and back. Mike just squinted his eyes with some pain, and then he, too, looked as if he was enjoying the treatment.

We both thanked Colt, and then he and his brother finally got dressed and started getting things ready for dinner. We all pitched in and began the preparation of dinner. I had already cleaned the fish, Mike had set up the canvas camp table and stools, Matt was getting water, and Colt was frying some home fries and the fish, Matt had gathered some watercress and other edible greens for a salad, and we had a wonderful meal. Our sons were truly attuned to the great outdoors, and were at one with nature.

After dinner, Colt built another nice campfire, and we just sat around it and chit-chatted for most of the evening, not saying a lot. But what was said seemed to be centered around the rest of the month, and what plans the boys had and what they wanted to do for their commitment ceremony. Lots of ideas flowed, but the boys said they wanted an Indian ceremony. Mike and I told them it was their show, and they could do as they wished, and we both would support them at what ever they did.

Colt said that they had something very special they wanted to do at the commitment, and that it would involve both Mike and me. When we asked what it was, we were plainly told that in due time, we would find out. I, for one, took it that it was something that we didn't need to know, at this time; therefore, Mike and I dropped the questions about it.

We all were ready to call it a night, so Matt banked the fire, and got it ready for the night. Mike and I went into the tent, and stripped putting our clothes on the outside edge of the tent again. It was as cold as it was the first night, but we got into the sleeping bag, and waited for our two wonderful boys.

Colt and Matt entered the tent and undressed each other. I think that's something they do together every night; it seems to be something they do and enjoy doing. Much the same way that Mike and I do at home. Once they were both undressed and their clothes placed on the outside edge of the tent, they too got into the sleeping bag.

We all seemed to be in the mood for some love making, but tonight was going to be different. Mike and I were already hugging and passionately kissing and fondling one and other, and were we ever hot. On the other side of the sleeping bag, were two very hot young men, going at it, passionately kissing and fondling one another.

It soon got too hot inside the sleeping bag and we had to throw it back out of the way for a while. On the other hand, for as long as it took for what was about to happen, that night we stayed with the same partners, Mike and I were really into each other, both kissing and really making the most of what we were doing to each other. The fondling soon turned into sucking one another. The tent was dark, but the moon was still full, and there was just a little light inside the tent. Nevertheless, we were too busy taking care of each other to know what the boys were doing, and we didn't care.

There were times that we all touched some part of the boys' bodies, and they were hot, of course we didn't know who we touched. I guess we spent about an hour making love, and of course, we could hear the boys and their grunts, groans, and moans, mingled with our sounds. Of course, this just made everyone hornier if that were possible. Finally, Mike and I had a glorious climax together, and we cleaned each other up with our mouths. Then we cuddled up with each other.

I don't know when the boys were done. But by the time Mike and I had settled down enough to know what was going on around us, the boys were both looking at us, with great big grins on their faces, and the look of contentment as well.

Colt spoke first saying to Matt, "Did you see our dads and that passion they have for each other. I almost forgot they loved each other." He was now laughing, as he was trying to make a joke of it.

Matt said, "Do we look like that when we make love, bro?" He was poking me in the ribs as he said that. This caused me to start laughing at the joke.

Mike said, "Careful, or I'll get the camera out the next time you two are going hot and heavy, and let you see yourselves. But yet again, you might just get scared off." He poked Colt in the back, as Colt was facing me now.

I just said, "I know one thing, we all love each other more then life itself. I also know if anything happens to anyone of us, the others will take care of the ones left behind." I was half joking but yet again, the thought hit home for every one of us, because everyone started thinking I guess.

Matt was first to say anything, saying, "I'll always be here for anyone of us that needs or wants my love." He let out a little gasp of air, like that was something he wanted to say, but didn't have enough air to finish his sentence.

Mike started to speak, and so did Colt, Colt won out saying, "I don't even want to think about that possibility. it's too scary for me, but, if I were the one gone, I would want you all to share each other; I know, dad, you've always said that if we weren't all together, we couldn't share our love for each other, in a physical sense, but I for one, would share my love with whoever would be left." He even had tears in his eyes; I could see the glitter from the moon light reflecting off the tears on his cheeks.

Mike said, "JC, what in the hell made you say such a thing? My God, I don't even want to go there. You all know how I feel about all of you. And if it were me that left you all, please keep the family together, just as we are." Mike had sat up before he spoke and looked at me as he finished that statement with a frown, but still loving, look to him.

What could I say, so I just told them, "I only meant that as a joke, but I'm not sorry you all took it seriously. I think that maybe we needed to say those things to each other. Now if anything ever happened to me, I want you all to stay the Andersen family, just as you are now. Moreover, treat each other with all the respect you all have earned. As for my rule about no physical love, unless all were present, well that would be hard. More so if one of us was not here for the family any longer. Therefore, I guess that would solve it. As for you, Mike, if anything were to happen to me, I would want you to find someone you could love as much as you have me, and make them as happy as you have made me." I was now fighting back tears, for a joke to turn this serious, was a shock to me.

Out of the mouths of babes comes the truth again. Colt spoke saying, "I love you all, now let's go to sleep before we all start bawling like babies. We need to get into our spooning position guys." He poked me to roll over so he could spoon up behind me, then Matt spooned up behind Colt, and Mike spooned up behind Matt.

Everyone spoke kind of in unison, saying "Good night." Even the horses whinnied.

Colt said, "Even the horses said goodnight."

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