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A Second Chance, Part IV --A New Beginning
By: Radio Rancher
(Copyright 2007 by the author and creator, Tickie)
Editor: The Story Lover

Chapter 4

This is a story of love between men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

The author retains all rights. No reproductions are allowed without the author's consent. Comments are appreciated at

Colt screamed. "Doctor!!!!! He's not breathing!!!!!! Do something!!!!!!!"

The triage team rushed over to the boy and began to administer CPR.

Matt and Colt were just getting up after giving a unit of blood each.

"Doctor, I hope he's going to be alright!" Colt said, in a trembling voice.

"Here drink this, and sit here for a little while." He handed Matt and Colt each a fortified juice drink, to help them recover from the blood loss.

"Normally we wouldn't think of taking more blood so soon from someone that had already donated, but in this case, I had to take the chance. He had lost so much blood that I doubt if we could have saved him without your help. You two having his blood type is rare enough, but the fact that you were available and willing and in fact on the scene, is just plain miraculous."

" Doctor, believe me when I tell you that I am sure there was a guardian angel looking in on the situation and taking the appropriate steps to make sure he survived." Colt answered.

"He's beginning to come around!" One of the men giving CPR shouted.

The boy opened his eyes and slowly looked around.

"Where am I? What happened to 'Father' did Garth let him ride away?"

" Easy, son, let's get some things taken care of here. I'm Doctor Lomer." He reached out and gently rubbed the boy's cheek. "Garth had your father held down and was keeping him from getting to the whip. The police took him in custody, so you don't have to worry about him hurting you or anyone else any more. These folks are from the Lazy L Ranch and they came to The Long Rod Ranch to find out what made June run away." He gestured over to Colt and Matt. "They found her lying in their pasture bleeding, and helped her have her baby. She and her little son, Little Bit, are doing just fine. You are going to be fine too, as soon as you have a little time to rest and heal up some of those bruises, and that broken rib."

Just as the Doctor had finished, Andy rushed in, carrying what looked like a ream of paperwork. "I have his case notes here. This is not the first time that he has been hurt by that reprobate. I, as an officer of Child Protective services, hereby, revoke any and all custody from said reprobate, and, if you are willing," He turned to look at Matt and Colt, "I will surrender him into your care."

Matt and Colt just smiled and in unison said, "Where do we sign?"

Andy sat down at the small table that was in one corner of the room. He spread out what seemed to be an unending pile of forms which needed to be filled out.

"This boy has been through Hell and back, and I honestly don't know why we didn't take action sooner..."


While Dr. Lomer was talking to the boy lying in the hospital bed, two munchkins had surrounded and flanked him and were peering over the edge of the bed. They listened to Dr. Lomer telling the boy what had happened. The doctor was so preoccupied with talking to the boy, that he hadn't even noticed the twins on either side of him. Finally, Mark had waited long enough and reached up and tugged on the doctor's lab coat, and said, "Dr. Lomer, can we get up there and talk to him, please?" Doctor Lomer looked at the twins, seeing the concern on their faces and lifted each of them onto the bed next to the nervous little bundle of nerves lying on the bed.

"Hi," Mark said, followed almost immediately by Luke saying "hey" Mark looked into the boy's eyes and there was immediate communication. "It's okay, that mean old man is not here and Daddy Colt told me he's not coming back. My name's Mark. Remember, I talked to you while you were still in the barn, and this is my twin brother Luke, What's your name?"

"Johnny." the boy croaked, in a trembling voice. "My father says I'm a sissy. I don't even know what it means, but he kept hitting me. He said I had to stop hugging people and animals. I love my horses, and they love it when I hug them and groom them. I can feel it. My friend Joe Kendell used to hold me and hug me, when I got scared, but he ran off when father yelled at him."

" I think he came back," Doctor Lomer said, "if he is the guy I think he is. He was arguing with your father about something. I don't know what, cause by the time I got out there he and your father had both been taken into custody. I don't know what Kendell was charged with, but I don't think it was serious. When I first got there Rex was holding Kendell down, and Garth had your father held down real good and had his other foot on the horse whip. He didn't let him up till the cops told him they would take your father away."

" Wow, I knew Garth was a good horse." Then Johnny looked around again. "Wait, how did you find me? Father had me locked up in that back room of the barn. No one ever goes in there."

" I heard you crying." Said Mark.

"You couldn't have, I was way in the back and that door is real thick. I had been screaming for a long time and no one heard me, finally, I was just laying there and I asked God if he would help me, but he didn't answer, then I just lay there and cried and waited to die. I don't know how long I was there crying to myself, but then I heard the door slam open, and I figured it was father again. I remember you now. Thanks for finding me."

" You're welcome! You are coming home with us as soon as the doctor says you can. I heard Andy sat that Daddy Colt and Daddy Matt will be your daddies too, so we will be brothers. I hope you will like living with us, cause we really like you.

"Really, you mean I won't have to go back there and be hurt anymore?"

" That's right." Colt replied, having heard the twins talking to Johnny. "Matt and I will be your new dads. You will live with us and, if you and the twins want, you can share a room, or if you would rather have your own room, you can have a room by yourself. We will let you guys decide what you want to do, but whatever you guys want that is what you will have."

" Can I really share a room with you guys? I promise I won't snore."

" Oh Johnny, It will be great having a new brother sleeping in our room. It will be our room, all of us. Not just Luke and My room, but our room. I think we all need each other. I'm glad we found you. Sometimes bad things happen so good things can."

Suddenly there was a loud growling sound throughout the room. Everyone jumped in surprise for a second, then everyone broke out in laughter, even Johnny. He quickly stifled his laughing though, when his ribs began to hurt.

"I think that was me." Johnny said, sheepishly, I'm really hungry. I haven't had anything since yesterday."

Colt spoke up, "Doctor Lomer, is there any reason that Johnny can't have what he wants to eat, I mean any medical reason?"

" No, Colt, The only thing wrong with Johnny is that his arm is broken and his ribs are sore. Of course there is that one broken rib, but we have already secured that, so it will heal. I am sure that any kind of food would be just fine."

Okay, Guys, I need a vote here. What should we order for food here? I will take any suggestions."

There was a loud chorus of "PIZZA!!! From every kid on the planet, or at least it was loud enough for it to have been every kid on the planet.

"Oh darn, It's too bad that they can't agree on what to have, isn't it, Matt?" Colt managed to say before he was hit with several pillows, as the boys all screamed, "We said PIZZA, Daddy Colt." Even Johnny had joined in the chorus. It was obvious that the boys had become close friends, as well as new brothers. There was not going to be a problem with them getting along.

Colt pulled out his cell phone and called the nearest pizza parlor.

"Hello, Aurelio's Pizza, how can I help you?" came over the phone.

"This is Colt Andersen calling, we are at the hospital and we need six large Pizzas delivered here as quickly as possible."

" What kind of crust and what would you like on the pizzas?" asked the friendly sounding guy on the phone.

"Hold on, I will ask them. Guys, he wants to know what kind of crust and what you want on the pizzas."

" Sausage, Pepperoni, Bacon, Green Peppers, Onions," all came blasting from the boys at the same time.

"Okay, I think I have it. All the meats you have and make half of them thin crust and half thick crust. I think we will be able to eat all of it in one way or another. For some reason that I simply can't understand, no one here seems to want to eat hospital food, so please hurry if you can. Oh and bring us a case of assorted sodas as well. Thanks, just bring it to the main lobby, and they will come get one of us to bring it back to the room. Thanks again, half an hour should be okay. I don't think anyone will have starved to death by then." Colt closed his phone and put it away. "He seemed very nice."

In less than a half hour an orderly came to the door and said there was a food order that the main desk. Colt went with the orderly and paid the young man. Colt recognized his voice. "You are the young man I spoke to on the phone, aren't you?"

" Yes sir, I'm Peter Jones; I talked my boss into letting me deliver this order. I wanted to meet this huge crowd of people that needed all this pizza. The funny thing is, I actually have no idea what made me feel so compelled to come; I have never had this happen before. Somehow I just knew that I had to come. I actually brought you four orders of Mozzarella sticks and a dessert pizza. It's on me."

"Well then it seems to me that you should join us and help us eat all this. Would you like to join us and share in the meal?"

" Actually, I really would. I was hoping you would ask. Those kids sounded so totally happy. I really want to meet them."

" Well then, I guess you need to follow me. If you want to carry some of this, then maybe we can make it in one trip." The two guys managed to bring the enormous meal back to Johnny's room. "Okay everyone, this is Peter Jones, he was the one I talked to on the phone, and he said he would really like to meet you so I asked him to join us. He also brought us some extras, so we need to thank him for going out of his way for us." Colt made the introductions and Peter fit right in. Then everyone got busy and set up a serving area. Peter had even brought some paper plates and extra napkins. It was quite a spread. James and I were amazed at how quickly all that food disappeared. It still amazes me how quickly boys can ravage any food in sight.

Doctor Lomer watched as Johnny and the other boys managed to eat their way through the entire meal. The adults each managed to grab one or two pieces of pizza but there was nothing left of the Mozzarella sticks or the dessert pizza.

"After seeing how well Johnny is doing, I can't think of any reason that he needs to stay here over night." Doctor Lomer chuckled. "I will get the proper papers ready for you to sign and you can take him home when ever you are ready. Just make sure to keep him as quiet as possible for the next week or so, and don't let that cast get wet. It is plastic and It can be removed to wash him, or if it starts to itch too much. He won't need it very long, because the arm was not completely broken; it was just a hairline crack. The same is true for his rib that fractured. He just needs to keep them as immobile as he can for about two weeks. I have the feeling that he will have all the love and help he could possibly want, though, so I am not going to worry at all."

Peter was sitting on the bed, talking the boys. "So, you guys live on a real ranch? I always wanted to live on a ranch. I used to go to the rodeo with my dad when I was your age, but I was only thirteen when he died, and my mom was too busy working to take me anywhere, after that. Once I got out of High School, I had to get a job so I could afford to go to college. This is my last year. I will graduate in June, and I want to be guidance councilor. I love children and I want to help them be the best they possibly can."

Matt walked over to Peter and spoke up, "I didn't mean to listen in, but I couldn't help notice your interest in the ranch. If you would like, feel free to come visit us whenever you get a chance. I'm sure the boys would really enjoy seeing you again. They seem to have really taken a liking to you, and you seem to get along really well with them too." Matt pulled a card out and handed it to Peter. "Here is our address and phone number. If you ever need anything, don't be afraid to ask."

"I am so glad I came here today. I knew there was a reason for me to meet you guys. I still don't understand it, but I know that somehow I was meant to be here. I will get in touch with you and I am definitely going to come visit you very soon. Somehow I am sure there is something very important we are going to do together; I just don't know what it is yet. He got up and started toward the door.

"Don't forget your pizza warmers." Matt grabbed the bags and handed them to Peter.

"Thanks, my boss would really be upset if I came back without them. I'll see you this weekend sometime."

James and I watched him leave. I smiled at James. 'He is going to be important in all their lives. I feel it, and I know we mustn't interfere. He has to do it himself. It is very important to him to do it himself.

Everyone got busy and cleaned up the trash and placed it in the trash can in the hall. Colt helped Johnny into the wheel chair and everyone headed to the nurses station to check Johnny out. Doctor Lomer gave Matt a prescription to make sure that if Johnny started feeling too much pain that he could get some relief. "I'd rather not have him on any pain meds if we can avoid it, but if it really hurts bad, then go ahead and take these. I think the excitement and all the love he has had today will relax him enough to get right to sleep, so I don't think it will be a problem." Then Doctor Lomer knelt down and looked back and forth between Mark and Luke. "Boys, I would like it very much if you two took extra special care of Johnny for me. He is going to need all the love and support you can give him. If there is room, maybe he can sleep with you tonight. I don't want him to move around too much for a few days, and if you two sleep on either side of him, that will make it easier for him to lie still. Feel free to cuddle him if you like, but don't squeeze him to hard. You don't want to injure his arm or his ribs. Just be careful, and above all make sure you love him. That is my most effective prescription that I ever give; lots and lots of love.

Once everyone got to the ranch, and everyone got to meet Johnny, He seemed to be one of the happiest people I had ever seen. Julie just fell all over him, bringing him a cup of hot chocolate, and making sure he was comfortable, before she went back out to the kitchen and brought in mugs for the twins. "I'm sorry guys, I wasn't going to leave you out, I just had to let Johnny know how much we all love him."

Johnny was just beaming, and Luke and Mark were enjoying having their new brother being there as much as he was. They were not in the least jealous. It was just beautiful.

Once all the boys were tucked in and drifting off to sleep, the adults decided it was time to have a little fun. It had been a while since they had been able to have a good time together as couples and as a group. Colt, Matt, Mike, and Andrew all joined each other in the hot tub and gave each other pleasure that couldn't be beat. Well they could beat each other, but that would obviously lead to something more interesting. Before long, there was quite a lot of hot liquid being exchanged and it wasn't water. Each group of partners had taken the opportunity to enjoy each other's company and everyone had a wonderful time. James and I had sent everyone healing energy and lots of extra stamina for the fun at hand, so to speak but eventually, they all ran out of steam and one by one they all began to tire.

It was late into the night before everyone was totally spent, and ready for a good night's sleep.

No one was going to be awake when the sun came up in the morning.

Note from Tickie: Nice chapter RR, you have done a nice job of saving the boy, and I hope the Andersen family's new boy does well.
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