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A Second Chance, Part IV --A New Beginning
By: Radio Rancher
(Copyright 2007 by the author and creator, Tickie)
Editor: The Story Lover

Chapter 6

This is a story of love between men. As such, there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you. There are also some minor children in this story but there is no graphic sex between them and no sex between children and adults.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious, and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. If you are not, at least 18 years old, please do not read any further down in this story.

The author retains all rights. No reproductions are allowed without the author's consent. Comments are appreciated at

Things have moved along pretty smoothly and the Lazy L and Johnny has made significant progress in his road to recovery from the terrible traumatic life he had been leading. All of his new family love him unconditionally, and He has become one of the boys. The Twins simply adore him and he and they are simply inseparable. It is so heartwarming to watch them looking after each other.

As the new year is coming up soon, Colt, Matt, Mike, and Andrew have begun setting up plans for the trip to the Canadian outpost so to speak. All the arrangements were in place to land at the nearest airport and then transport everyone to the Lodge. The adults had been careful not to talk about the trip in front of any of the boys since they wanted to make it a surprise for them.

Johnny's adoption paperwork had been signed by Judge Franklin... and the entire family was present in the judge's chambers to hear the adoption read and Johnny got his new name. John C. M. Andersen, he just wanted the initials of his two new dads instead of a middle name.

Colt and Matt signed the papers and now have a third son in their lives.

For the New Years Holiday, Colt and Matt decided that the entire ranch would be closed in so far as any dealings with the public were concerned. All hands were to be given time off and shifts were arranged so that no one would have to work more than eight hours during the holidays.

Julie and Jo decided to go up to the lodge too, since neither of them had seen the lodge and everyone insisted that after all, they are part of the family and it wouldn't be a family trip without them. The hands all agreed that the two ladies deserved a vacation, and they both agreed that they would go.

By the time everything was loaded into Cowboy, he looked like he had been filled for an international flight and the airport. Of course, once everyone that was going had put all the things they wanted to take, It was decided that it didn't matter anyway so they just filled the cargo hold and went with the flow.

The flight was actually pretty uneventful. Kevin and Jerry were both quite interested in flying and spent quite a bit of time on the flight deck. Colt and Matt gave them a thorough flight lesson. Each of them, in turn took the co pilot's position and Colt and Matt took turns instructing the two would be pilots. Kevin and Jerry both seemed to take to flying almost as quickly as Matt and Colt had, and Kevin and Jerry asked if it would be possible for them to get formal training.

"I think that's a great idea," Colt answered, "That way if any of you have any need to fly down, you will have a pilot available on a moment's notice."

Matt added, "Seems to me that the more anyone learns, the better off he is. I'm really glad you guys want to learn to fly."

The trip was over almost before anyone noticed, and as soon as they landed, the cargo hold was empties and the contents were transferred to the bus and everyone soon settled in for the ride to the lodge.

Once they arrived at the lodge, everyone got acquainted with the staff, and got settled into their rooms. Colt and Matt got busy checking on the progress that had been made and everything seemed to be going pretty smoothly. Business was going quite well, and Matt and Colt decided to give all the employees a good sized bonus for a job well done.

Joel and Aaron both settled back into the routine of the lodge and they planned another one of their exiting evenings of fun for all the special guests. New Years Eve was a very special night. The three youngsters had taken the opportunity to get a few hours of sleep and were not in the least tired, so they made sure that everyone knew that they were going to stay up and help ring in the new year. The evening brought a wonderful meal in the huge dining room with candles on the tables to encourage the romantic mood and everyone had a wonderful time. In the special suite, the bar tenders performed double duty like they did at the last party and gave everyone that wanted them the special massages that were so wonderful.

As soon as midnight arrived and everyone drank a toast to the new year and all the great plans for the future, the twins and Johnny decided that it was time for bed. Of course James and I might have had a little bit to do with their decision, in that we sort of gently sent them the suggestion that they were all very tired and that there would be a lot to do in the morning.

Colt looked in on them to tuck them in. They were all huddled together in the huge king sized bed in their room, arms and legs all in a tangle, sound asleep.

When Colt returned to the party, things were getting pretty lively. Julie and Jo had adjourned to their room since they had had a pretty busy day, and they were both pretty tired. That left the men all together and ready for some fun. The partners took the opportunity to take care of each other in that special way that only those truly in love can do for each other. Clothes were soon laying on various chairs and tables and people were getting very close. The fire was warm and beautiful and very romantic. Colt, Matt, Mike and Andrew shared their bodies together in several different combinations.

Jerry and Kevin were very eager to please each other and after receiving their Massages they found a quiet spot and began to make passionate love together.

Earl and Jack were still a little nervous about making out in front of other people, but Colt and Matt encouraged them.

Colt chuckled, "Earl, Jack, You guys need to loosen up a bit. No one here is going to get upset if you guys have some fun. This suite is set aside for parties like this and we are all a big family, so just go ahead and have fun."

Matt got up and left his lovers and went over to Jack and Earl. "Guys, if you don't want to do this in here with us, we will understand and you can feel free to head to your room and have a good time, but remember, we are all family here, so please try not to be nervous around us." He gave each of them a warm hug and went back to his brother and their lovers. James and I sent them soothing love and energy. After we sent them our love, Earl and Jack relaxed enough to start pleasing each other like everyone else.

Yeah, I almost forgot; Aaron and Joel had found a couch and were busy playing hide the sausage.

The party lasted late into the night, or I should probably say early in the morning. James and I gave everyone plenty of energy to keep them going without tiring.

After only a few hours of sleep, everyone found that they were refreshed and ready to get up. And boy did they get up. The morning showers were filled with as much merry making as everyone had been doing the night before.

The twins and Johnny were up pretty early; they showered and made their way to their daddies' room just as Colt Matt, Mike and Andrew left the shower.

Colt smiled broadly at the three Munchkins. "Why do I get the feeling that someone is hungry?"

"Cause we are!" They chorused, "Come on, Dads, Let's go eat!" Everyone met in the dining room and found a huge feast waiting for them. The breakfast was fantastic and nearly rivaled some that Julie and Jo made.

Once everyone had found a seat and started eating, Colt spoke up, "First of all, I want to thank everyone here for giving us such a wonderful time last night, If you treat our paying guests half as well as you treated us, then I am sure you will never have a time without customers, I have also been thinking about something, and I want to see what all of you think of my idea. I want us to purchase the Long Rod Ranch. I know that ass hole was way behind in his taxes. I suspect we can get the place by paying the taxes due. If you think it's a good idea, we can get everything taken care of when we get back. We can set it up as a cattle ranch and probably make it into a very profitable concern."

Matt, grinned. "Damn, Colt, I was going to mention that myself. I think it's a great idea. We can hire a good number of the hands that were working there." He smiled and looked at Johnny, "Johnny, I'd like your help on deciding who we should hire and who we should just let go. If there is anyone there that you think deserves to continue working there, please tell us and we will be sure to keep them, and be sure to let us know if there is anyone that you particularly dislike, and we will make sure that they aren't working for us."

"Daddy, Matt, most of the guys there are pretty good guys. The only thing was that that ass hole, oh I mean, stepfather of mine, was so mean that he had them all scared to death."

"Son," Colt giggled, "You were right the first time. He is not fit to be considered a stepfather."

"I'll second that," Matt chuckled. "Johnny, I love you so much, and I'm proud of you for your restraint with your language, but in this case, I think your first assessment was right on the mark. I hesitate to even think of him as a man let alone a father figure." Matt patted Johnny on the knee and continued, "I promise you, Son, that he will never get a chance to hurt you again. He is in custody right now and for some time to come. Believe me when I tell you that your suffering is pale in comparison to the treatment that he is dealing with where he is. There is one thing that really upsets most prisoners, and that is when they find out that a guy hurt a kid. Believe me they won't treat him very kindly."

"I hope somehow he figures out that other people have rights and feelings too. He always treated me like dirt, but then, he treated everyone that way." as he spoke, tears were beginning to trickle down his cheeks. "I think the reason he was so mean to me was that he thought I was small enough that I couldn't fight back. He enjoyed making me hurt. I could feel it whenever he hit me it wasn't like he was punishing me for doing something wrong, he'd get a hard on and his dick would jump every time he hit me. I saw him squirt in his pants a few times while he was beating me. I know that God says we are supposed to forgive people, but I just don't know if I am going to ever be able to do it. I hope God will forgive me."

Colt reached over and pulled Johnny to him and gave him a huge hug, holding the him and kissing him, as the boy began to cry.

"Johnny, I know God will forgive you. In fact, I am certain that he already has forgiven you. Your Guardian Angels are still looking after you and I don't think they would if you were in any sort of trouble from the lord. He knows how hard your life has been, and I am sure he understands." Colt kissed Johnny once more.

James and I each kissed Johnny on his cheek and gave him a warm hug and sent him love and energy.

Johnny reached up and touched me on the face and said, "Thanks Grandpa Charlie and Grandpa James. I love you so much."

"Sweetheart, we love you too. I have a confession to make to you. I haven't forgiven him either, and it's my job to forgive, so I can easily understand how you feel. You don't need to worry at all, I promise."

He sniffed and choked back his tears. "Thanks again. I'm alright now; I just needed to let that all out."

"Colt looked at Johnny and smiled. I guess he told you didn't he? I knew they were here. I can always feel them. Thanks Grandpa Charlie and Grandpa James."

Just then, Mark and Luke got up and went over to Johnny. "We love you too," they both said in unison, and they each hugged him. He leaned over and kissed them both on the top of their heads.

"I love you guys too," He said.

James and I both kissed them all on the cheek. "We Love you too, Grandpa Charlie and Grandpa James," the twins chorused.

James and I both said in unison, "Boys, we will always love you and we will be here for you till the end of time."

"I heard them talking to us, and I felt them kiss us," Johnny said, grinning. "I can feel the love they are sending us."

"It's somethin' strange, and I don't know why, but just us kids can hear 'em most of the time. I think the old people forget how to listen with their hearts, sometimes. I always feel them looking after us, and I know they love us. I think our dads feel that part too, but they can't see or hear them anymore. Luke explained.

Mark spoke up, "Luke, remember, Grandpa Charlie splained it to us. He said, when we get old like our dads, we prolly won't see our angels anymore either. He said adults lose the bility to do stuff they're not spoze to be able to do. He said as long as we have a magination, what ever that is, we will be able to talk to them and stuff."

"Yeah," Luke agreed, "I remember, and he said that adults get stuck in some kind of rut or something like that, and forget to listen with their hearts."

Breakfast had just about been decimated, by then, and it looked like vultures had descended on it. Everyone began to stir and get ready for the day's activities.

The three boys turned on the puppy dog expressions and Mark asked, "Can we go play with the horses, now?"

Joel's mouth dropped open and he asked, "How in the wold did you know there were horses here?"

"We heard them calling," Luke giggled.

"I heard 'em too," Johnny smiled, "but I thought I was just imagining it, till you said that. Now I'm sure I heard them."

Mark giggled, "Oh yeah, remember you heard our horses too. You talked to June, remember?"

"Yeah, She sure was glad to see me."

"We've always talked to them, ever since we got to the ranch. I wonder if it is like talking to Grandpa Charlie and Grandpa James?" Luke asked.

"No son," Colt spoke up, "On the night we met you, they told us that we wouldn't see or hear from our Guardian Angels again, except for very special occasions, which they didn't explain what those were, but they said that they would always be there to watch over us and help us, but Matt, Jack, Earl and I can all talk to the horses, just like you guys can. In some cases, it seems to have something to do with blood, but I don't know why." He hugged all three boys and grinned. "Let's get our coats and stuff on and go see the horses, here."

Everyone, including Joel and Aaron got their coats on and headed out to the stables. There was a small fridge in the stable, filled with baby carrots and some fruit, for the horses. Joel showed the boys the fridge and told them that the treats were to be given sparingly so as not to make the horses sick.

There were indeed some beautiful horses in the stalls. They all greeted the boys, nickering softly, with their own version of the puppy dog eyes. Joel handed each of them a small bag of carrots and told them to go ahead and get acquainted with their new friends, and he stood there and watched as the three young boys made some new friends, and Colt and Matt got reacquainted with a couple of their favorite horses from the last time there were there. The horses were very glad to see the boys and talk to them. And the two horses that Colt and Matt talked to remembered them and were very happy to see them again.

There were three fairly young foals among the herd and they quickly made there way to the youngsters, asking if they could give the boys a ride. Of course none of the boys had any intention of disappointing their new friends, so they quickly agreed.

"Do we need saddles, Uncle Joel?" Mark asked after getting Joel's attention.

"Not if your horses will let you ride them bareback. You will get a better feel for the way they run if you are right on their backs, so if they are willing to let you ride them, just put the bridals on them and climb on their backs."

Each boy found a horse that seemed to match his personality and they all got bridals from the tack room and got ready to ride. Colt and Matt each saddled their horse and joined the youngsters on a ride around the corral. Jack and Earl decided to join their family and befriended a couple of good looking horses, saddled them and followed their family's example. Julie decided to ride too, but her stamina on a horse had been diminished from her lack of practice. It had been quite a while since been out riding, although once she was riding, she really did enjoy herself enormously.

There wasn't much snow, left and all the paths had been cleared, so everyone wanted to get a chance to ride the trail.

Julie only road for about half an hour before she became a bit tired and decided to call it quits for the day. She road back and took care of her horse and groomed her beautifully.

The guys rode for about an hour more, and did a pretty good job of examining the grounds around the lodge.

When they finally came back to the stable, they each took time to cool off their horses, groomed them till their coats shown like silk, then fed and watered them. The horses thanked their new riders for being so good to them.

Johnny expressed the question on all three of the boys' minds, when he asked, "Dads, can we do this again?"

The adults all laughed, and Colt answered them, "I can't imagine why not, as long as your horse is happy with you riding him, I don't see any reason why not. I doubt that we old people will be riding as often as you guys will. After all we have some planning and quite a bit of paper work to take care of and a lot of decisions to make, but that doesn't mean you guys can't have all the fun you want."

They all had a wonderful time, even the adults, who had tons of work to do, still managed to find time to have quite a bit of fun, in more ways than just riding horses, although riding was indeed very important to everyone there.

By the time it was time to go back to the Lazy L, everyone had managed to get in a lot of exorcise.

Author's Notes:

There are a couple of things I need to say here.

First of all, I want to apologize for the long delay in bringing you a new chapter. I promise that I will be bringing you new chapters more often than I have been doing lately. I have promised Tickie that I will bring you a new chapter at least once a month. I have the next chapter planned and I should not be nearly as long getting it out to you.

I want to take the opportunity to thank Chester, one of our readers, for several ideas he gave us. I had actually thought of at least one of them, and had already written something along that line, but there are actually several ideas that are really interesting and I will try to incorporate as many as I can in upcoming chapters. Thank you for your help.

The story will be taking a jump in time in the next chapter or two, so be prepared to move along pretty quickly. I have decided that if there is any individual plot point that I somehow miss as I move forward, I can always go back and mention it later and do a chapter about it.

I want to thank each and every one of you that have written me, telling me you like the story. I really love this story, and all the characters, well almost all of them, if you know what I mean. Feel free to write to me and I promise I will do my best to respond to your mail.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher

Tickie's note:

Another great chapter Darryl, good you are getting more time to write again, I thought for a while there I was going to have to continue the story, hehe!! But you always come through for us.

Nice to see Johnny is now a full member of the Andersen family, what else is coming up in the next exciting chapter?

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