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by Tyler Christopher

Chapter 1

While chewing his chicken that his dad so expertly grilled, Dylan Parker asked, "Mom? Dad? What's a soulmate?"

Melinda Parker stopped laughing at whatever her husband had said, and sweetly told her son, "Dilly Pooh, what have I told you about talking with food in your mouth?"

Dylan swallowed and offered, "Sorry."

Douglas Parker, while slicing into his steamed carrot, asked, "Where have you heard about soulmates, son?"

"I heard Mr. and Mrs. Belodin talking about buying Ashor a plane ticket to meet his soulmate," Dylan answered, curiosity and intrigue heavily lacing his voice.

Mr. and Mrs. Parker shared a look as they both sliced their chicken in deliberation more than anything. It was Mrs. Parker who gave her husband a slight nod of her head as a signal that she was agreeable.

Mr. Parker inhaled deeply as he set his silverware down and began, "Son, a soulmate is someone who will love you very much. They will care for you very deeply, and, in turn, you will care for them just as much. Who is your best friend, son?"

Unsure of where this was going, Dylan replied, "Lyle."

Mr. Parker then asked, "You care for Lyle, don't you?"

With his eyebrows now scrunched in thought, Dylan answered, "I dunno. I guess."

"Of course you do, Dilly," Mrs. Parker said with a warm smile. "If Lyle became really sick or became badly injured, you would worry for him, wouldn't you?"

This caused Dylan's brows to scrunch even more. "Yeah. He's my best friend."

Mr. Parker smiled as he explained, "Well, you will care for your soulmate, whomever he or she is, when you know them."

Filled to the brim with intrigue, Dylan asked, "Well how will I know who my soulmate is?"

"You will feel it," Mrs. Parker said with a smile. "Your heart will flutter. Your chest will swell. Your fingers and toes will tingle like when you feel a hand shake buzzer from the toy shops. The universe made us humans this way. On our fifteenth birthdays, the second we turn fifteen-years-old, we become tethered to our soulmates. If, on your fifteenth birthday, you don't feel it, it means your soulmate either is not born yet or they are not fifteen years of age or older."

"But how will I know who my soulmate is?" Dylan pressed.

Mr. Parker stood from the dinner table and grabbed a pen from a drawer on the china cabinet. He slid the sleeve of his dress shirt up to his elbow and looked to his son. Happy that Dylan was paying attention, Mr. Parker touched the tip of the pen to his wrist and moved the pen. On his wrist was now the letter P.

Mrs. Parker flashed her wrist to Dylan, who gasped. On his mother's wrist was also the letter P. It was identical to his dad's in every way; size, shape, penmanship, colour.

"That's so cool," Dylan whispered. "So my soulmate will become my girlfriend?"

Mrs. Parker responded, "Not necessarily. A soulmate doesn't have to a girl for you. It could be a boy or man. And they don't have to be your girlfriend or boyfriend. You will care tremendously for each other. They could be your brother or sister, your friend, your adoptive parent. Or, if you both want, you can be in a relationship."

"Sooo," Dylan began, deep in thought, "in ten years I could have a soulmate?"

Mrs. Parker replied, "In nine years, four months, and eleven days."

Mrs. Parker cautioned, "But just remember that they may not be of soul age yet."

On the morning of Dylan's fifteenth birthday, Mr. and Mrs. Parker woke at 4:30am from their alarm. Dylan had been born at 4:47am, so they wanted to be awake in case their son was woken by the soul bond.

Worried and apprehensive, Mr. Parker asked his wife, "What do you think?"

Mrs. Parker could see the worry in her husband's eyes. She removed her toothbrush from her mouth and stepped up to her husband. She wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed her lips to his bicep.

"Gross!" Mr. Parker said with a laugh. "You got foam on my shirt! Honey! I sometimes wonder why the universe paired me with such a silly girl."

Mrs. Parker laughed as she tried to place a kiss to her husband's cheek. He just laughed as he backed away.

The pair stood in the kitchen, Mr. Parker leaning his lower back against the island counter and Mrs. Parker leaning against the fridge. Both sipped mugs of coffee in silence.

Mr. Parker checked the time on his cell phone. "Four-forty-five. Head upstairs?"

The couple did. They did so with varying levels of anxiety. They knew the feeling of the adrenaline coursing through your veins when you feel the soul bond completion. The understood logically knowing that your soulmate would love you unconditionally no matter what, but still fearing rejection.

Mrs. Parker quietly opened Dylan's bedroom door. The boy was sound asleep, lying on his stomach and looking so peaceful.

Teary-eyes, Mrs. Parker whispered, "He grew up way too fast, Doug."

Mr. Parker planted a kiss to his wife's temple as he gently rubbed her shoulder.

"Huh!" Dylan said loudly, in fright and shock, immediately turning to his back.

Mr. and Mrs. Parker instantly joined their son at his bed and sat down. Dylan sat up and pulled his parents into a hug, breathing heavily.

Dylan whispered, more to himself, "I guess they're of age."

Mrs. Parker kissed Dylan's cheek before asking, "Would you- would you like a pen, sweetie?"

"I- I-" Dylan wasn't sure. "D'think they're awake?"

Mr. Parker gently said, "If they weren't before, they certainly are now."

Dylan was about to asked his mom to hand him his backpack so he could grab a pen from it, but he felt a very slight feather-like tingle on his left arm.

Teary with nerves and excitement, Dylan exclaimed, "Ohmygod! They're writing!"

'Hi' the soulmate had written.

Dylan hastily accepted the black pen his mom had grabbed from his backpack. Below his soulmates script, Dylan wrote, 'Hi'

'Can't believe I have a soulmate'

Crying happy tears, Dylan said to his parents, "I have a soulmate! Mom, dad, I have a soulmate."

Wiping away her own happy tears, tears caused by the sight of her own son so genuinely gleeful, Mrs. Parker said, "My Dilly Pooh is growing up so fast."

Dylan wrote, 'Me too. Been looking forward to this for 10 years'

A few seconds later, the two lines that the soulmate had written disappeared. Of course Dylan knew that this meant that the soulmate had washed off their own writing. So Dylan took a Kleenex moist towelette from the packet that his dad had grabbed earlier, and wiped his arm of his own markings.

My name is Rick Berry

Still giddy beyond measure, Dylan said to his parents, "Look! His name is Rick Berry!"

Dylan Parker. Mind if I look you up on FaceBook?

Add me. I'm 19, dark hair, freckly face, from Reno

Dylan, upon reading Rick's note, unhooked his cell phone from the charger on the night stand and opened the FaceBook application.

"Holy fuck he's hot!" Dylan said loudly, despite himself.

Unimpressed, Mrs. Parker slapped her son's leg and told him, "Watch your language."

After hitting the 'Friend Request' button, Dylan turned his phone to his mom and said, "Look! He is hot as f- hell."

Studying Rick's profile photo, Mrs. Parker said, "That's true. Regardless, no cussing."

"Ohmygodheacceptedmyfriendrequest!" Dylan exclaimed.

Dylan's typed a FaceBook message, 'I'm in New Haven :('

Mind if I call? I really wanna hear your voice

My cell is 203-233-$$$$

Hugging his phone to his chest in complete anxiety, Dylan moaned, "God, I just gave him my number. He's--"

Dylan was interrupted by the sound of his cell phone vibrating. The screen told him that it was a Reno, Nevada number.

Mrs. Parker soothingly rubbed her palm on Dylan's shin and told him, "It'll be okay, son. Come down when you're done. I'll make French toast and sausages."

Dylan's waited until his parents had closed his bedroom door behind them to answer the phone. "H-hello."

Rick laughed, a deep-sounding voice, "Even when you're a nervous wreck you sound like home."

Dylan giggled in disbelief, at both Rick's words and the fact that they eased his tension. "Home?"

"Not actually my home. I've heard soulmates describe each other like that. They make you feel like you're home. Like you belong. You're mine. Oh, God. I didn't mean it like that. I meant, like--"

Dylan laughed and said, "Relax there, soulmate. I know what you meant. I could be your best friend. Like, the bestest best friend you've ever had. I feel the same about you. You're mine."

"I waited four years, one month, and three days for you to come of age. I felt like it was never going to happy. You have no idea how happy I am to know you're alive."

Grinning, Dylan replied quietly, meaningfully, "I'm happy, too. So tell me about yourself."

"Hmm, let's see. I am the oldest of three kids. I have two younger sisters named Maddy- well, Madison, and Taylor. I'm taking general studies at the moment at UNR. And I'm gay. What else do ya wanna know?"

Dylan and Rick talked on the phone for over an hour. They got to know each other, asking a hundred questions. They laughed together, cried together, shared so many memories. Dylan loved the sound of Rick's voice. He'd heard that the voice of your soulmate would be the most soothing sound you would ever hear. But it still did not prepare him to be completely eased by it.

"Listen, Dylan," Rick said apologetically, "I gotta go. My first class starts in half an hour. But I wanna swing something by you. By all means, say no and I'll completely understand."

"Hey, you can ask me anything."

Rick exhaled loudly over the phone, obviously trying to ease his nerves. "W-would you mind if I- if I flew out to visit you? It-it's important for soul bonds to be established physically. But take your time del--"

"I'd love for you to come. Visit as often as you want, whenever you want. I've been talking to my parents about soulmates and soul bonds since I was five. They understand. And there's that pesky rule that prevents our bodies from becoming- uhh- aroused by each other."

Dylan could practically hear the smile forming on other end of the phone as Rick replied, "Whoa there. We don't even know if we're that kind of soulmate yet. And it's just a couple more years til you're seventeen. Then we can do whatever we want if we feel like it. So I was thinking to fly in on Friday evening, two days from now. I'll look into flights and hotels."

"Just hang on a sec. Hold that thought." Dylan covered the microphone before shouting, "Mom! Dad! Rick wants to fly in on Friday! Can he stay here?!"

Mr. Parker shouted back, "No problem, son! We can pick him up from the airport!"

Mrs. Parker shouted, "I'll prep the guest room for him!"

Dylan replaced his phone to his ear and told Rick, "My parents said you could stay here at our house. It's such a waste of money to stay at a hotel."

"Aw, dude! Sweet! I'll text you my flight info. I love you, Dylan."

Becoming emotional, Dylan replied, "I love you, too. I'll call tomorrow."

On Friday evening at 6:30pm, Dylan and his parents stood by the arrivals section of the Regional Airport. Dylan, impatient and anxious, stood with his arms crossed over his chest and checking his phone every twenty seconds.


The boy recognized that voice. The voice of his soulmate. Deep and smooth, velvety. The reverberations licked at his skin, coaxing him in.

Dylan strode, his legs taking large steps. He walked with purpose, and meaning. And so did Rick. However, they stopped about a foot from each other. Their eyes connected and remaining, transfixed. The soul bond took over their minds and bodies. Their right hands raised to the other's chest, lying near the middle, right above their hearts. A second later, both boys fell to their knees, otherwise unmoving.

Mr. and Mrs. Parker watched the scene before them with rapt fascination and admiration. They found beauty in this moment, this moment that their son shared with his soulmate.

Some young woman could be heard saying, "Aww, a heart union!"

Neither boy could hear anything. They saw nothing but each other. Dylan gazed deeply into Rick's brilliant brown eyes. He thought that they were the most beautiful eyes that anyone had ever seen. He could feel the steady, strong heart beating under his palm.

Smiling slightly when the union was complete, Dylan said quietly, "Whoa."

Rick, eyes searching for some form of protest, slowly leaned down. He stopped a mere centimetre from Dylan's lips, their breaths hot on each other. And then their lips met. At first the kiss was slow, uncertain. Neither boy moved for a second. But they did eventually. Their lips danced, and smacked, and swayed. Their tongues duelled hotly for a moment.

Smiling, excited, Dylan let out a shaky breath.

"Rick," Mrs. Parker said pleasantly enough. "So wonderful to meet you."

"You too, Mrs. Parker," Rick responded with a very welcoming smile as he shook the woman's hand. "Mr. Parker."

Shanking hands, Mr. Parker asked Rick, "How was the flight?"

"It was long, sir," Rick answered with a smile. "Especially because I couldn't wait to see this fluffy li'l bunny."

Dylan tried to escape Rick's one-armed embrace around his shoulders, though, he was fighting off a grin. And what a height difference. Everybody knew there would be a height difference. But it's so much different to see it. Rick stood at six-foot-one, about eleven inches taller than Dylan. Was Dylan was only fifteen-years-old, he had more growing to do.

After pulling Dylan flush against his side, Rick said, "I- I wasn't- planning on having this type of relationship with Dylan this soon. If it makes you uncomfortable to concerned, I can stay at--"

Mr. Parker was quick to say, "No, son, don't worry about it."

"You can't really get in the way of nature," Mrs. Parker said easily. "You two share a heart Union. Nobody can stop that. I certainly don't want to. Now let's go."

Rick had packed a small duffle and his backpack because it was only a weekend trip, so they didn't have to go to back age claim. Following the parents out to the car, Rick walked with his arm around Dylan's shoulders, occasionally planting kisses to the top of Dylan's head.

From up ahead, Mrs. Parker asked, "You hungry, Rick? Whattaya want? Pho? KFC? Chinese? Pizza?"

Rick was about to answer, but Dylan gave his middle a gentle squeeze and told him, "And don't say whatever, you're the guest of honour."

Rick bent skillfully to give Dylan a real kiss before answering, "Okay. Chinese then. I loves me some egg rolls and chicken chow mein."

Mr. Parker went and fetched the car while everyone else waited on the sidewalk. Rick and Dylan stood together, being all cuddly and cute, while Mrs. Parker called in a dinner order.

While driving, Mr. Parker asked, "So, Rick, Dylan tells us that you want to be a gynaecologist?"

"An OBGYN, actually," Rick clarified with a kind smile. "Helps more, pays more. Actually, I submitted applications today requesting a transfer from UNR to Yale for August."

"Really?!" Dylan asked, happily, giddily surprised.

"Yeah," Rick replied before kissing Dylan chastely on the lips. "May I ask what you two do?"

"I'm an accountant," Mr. Parker answered. "Partner of Grace Falls Group. Melinda is a therapist."

Mrs. Parker chimed in, almost distracted with some game on her cell phone, "I deal mostly with trauma patients. I have two clients who suffer from mental disorders."

Throughout the evening, Mr. and Mrs. Parker got to know Dylan's soulmate. They shared many a story. They laughed freely, unadultered laughter.

"Don't stay up too late, boys," Mrs. Parker admonished as she and her husband went upstairs to bed. "Remember I'm making apple cinnamon pancakes and bacon tomorrow so wake up on time."

After changing into a charcoal grey tank and red gym shorts, Dylan padded his feet toward the guest bedroom. He knocked softly and entered when beckoned to do so.

Holy shit.

There Rick stood. His backward Dylan, wearing nothing but a pair of purple briefs that hugged his sinfully pert ass. He bent forward and pulled something out of his duffle. He then turned back to face Dylan. Rick's chest was broad and looked so firm, sporting a pair of pink nipples that looked like they begged to be nibbled on.

Dylan was brought out of his trance by Rick asking, "You brought your laptop?"

"I- yeah. Thought we'd Netflix a bit. Maybe cuddle a lot, too. Fuck, you're hot. I guess it's a good thing that I can't get a woody from you for another two years. That would be embarrassing right now."

Rick chuckled slightly as he dressed in a green tank and blue gym shorts. After doing so, he laid on his back on the plush queen-sized bed and opened one arm wide. Dylan smiled as he laid down beside Rick, resting one arm and his chin on his chest.

While scrolling through Netflix, Dylan asked, "Ghost starring Swayze and Demi Moore okay?"

Rick placed a kiss to Dylan's temple, allowing his lips to be pressed against the skin for a few moments longer. "Yeah, Ghost is a good movie."

In the beginning of the movie Rick and Dylan didn't watch much. Dylan spent a majority of the time straddling Rick's hips and participating in a very heavy make out session. By the time the subway ghost had attacked Swayze, Rick's neck was littered with hickeys. Dylan's shoulders were much the same, though, he'd be able to hide them under his shirts.

"It's kind of weird not to have a boner when making out," Dylan commented after coming up for air. "Maybe that says a lot about your kissing skills."

Smirking, yet hungry for more, Rick responded, "Just shut up and kiss me, Robin."

Dylan abruptly pushed Rick back down and asked, "Robin? Hold on. No, no. I'm Batman, you're Robin."

"Batman is tall, dark, and scary," Rick playfully protested. "So I'm obviously Batman. I've got, like, a foot on you. Maybe even down there as well."

"Okay, the second I turn seventeen, I am fucking your ass to death so hard- it's gonna die."

"You're so cute when you try to be intimidating!"

Dylan ended up snuggled up to Rick's side again. His head laid on Rick's warm and firm chest, his arm draped over Rick's stomach, and his leg hiked up to Rick's thighs. And that's how they fell asleep. Even in his deepest and contentest of slumbers, Rick would occasionally land gentle kisses to the top of Dylan's brown hair.

And that is how Mrs. Parker found the two young men the next morning. A tangle of limbs, with Dylan's head using Rick's chest as a pillow, whose green tank may or may not have a small drool stain. But Rick doesn't care. He was just incredibly thankful to have such a beautiful creature snuggled up to him for eleven glorious hours.

Dylan, main character

Rick, soulmate of Dylan

Author's Notes

I got so drawn to the idea of soulmates because of a Sterek piece I read.

So at 15-years-old you're able to detect your soulmate if they're of age. At 17 your body is now allowed to perfect sexual acts with your soulmate. You can have sex with others who are not your soulmate any time, but it dampens your connection with your soulmate.

In this universe, 17 years is the age of adulthood decided by nature or gods or whatever you wanna believe.

Hope you enjoy this sweet and fluffy three chapter story.

Tyler Christopher

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