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by Tyler Christopher

Chapter 3

Dylan woke from his alarm blaring at 4:45am. He grabbed his phone off the charger from his bedside table and quickly scrolled through his Instagram feed. After Liking a couple dozen posts, Dylan checked the Notifications tab, seeing that there were forty-nine Likes and eight Comments. His latest post, a video of Rick taken from the side, who was lying on his stomach in bed with textbooks sprawled out in front of him. But Rick had not been studying at that moment, which was why Dylan had taken the video without him knowing.

"So tell me what ya want, what ya really, really, really want! I want it! I-" Rick had sung along, complete with head sways and eyebrow scrunching. But turned to Dylan and the phone and cried "Hey! Stop recording!"

Dylan looked to the top of the screen. The time was 4:48am. He was officially seventeen-years-and-one-minute-old. Excitedly, Dylan quit the Instagram application and opened the Photos. He tapped on a video that Rick had made for him just for this occasion. Already feeling his dick growing in anticipation, and even before pressing the Play button, Dylan slid his free hand into his briefs.

"Happy birthday, my beautiful boy," Rick said to the camera on his phone. "I love you."

Rick backed away from the device, displaying his fully nude body. His rigid nine inch cock throbbed visibly with every heart beat. That was it. Dylan couldn't handle it any longer. He shot out of bed and quickly dressed himself in a pair of maroon sweatpants and a black tee. Down in the kitchen, Dylan scrawled 'At Rick's. I'll be home at 6' on the small whiteboard hanging on the refrigerator.

Dylan grabbed his black leather jacket off the hook and dashed out the door. Dylan drove ten miles faster than the speed limit, he was that excited.

Dylan quietly, quietly entered Rick's apartment. He wanted to surprise his love so badly that he removed his jacket so slowly that a mouse could have came up to him and it would've thought Dylan was a statue.

Walking on his tippy toes into the bedroom fully nude and achingly hard, Dylan gently pried the baby blue sheet off of Rick's body, which the man always used as a blanket because he always ran hot. You could cuddle naked with him and not a single inch of your skin would get cold.

Dylan brought his face to Rick's chest, laying his lips on the bare skin. After three kisses to his mate's pectorals, Dylan kissed Rick's nipple quickly before flicking his tongue on the erect little nub.

"Mmf," Rick moaned slightly, still fast asleep.

Dylan smiled to himself as he laid the lightest of kisses down the ridges and bumps of Rick's well-toned stomach. With his face now above the cotton-covered crotch, Dylan placed firmer kisses to the sizeable bulge. Rick had not been erect in his slumber, but his cock was rapidly growing. Dylan could feel it hardening under his lips. So Dylan allowed his lips to travel a little further down, lightly suckling on the two egg-sized balls.

When Dylan sucked a testicle into his mouth along with the cotton covering it, Rick suddenly moaned, "Uhhh! Fuck!" as he was tossed suddenly from sleep to the waking world.

Dropping the giant testicle from his mouth with a wicked smile, Dylan said, "Morning my love."

Rick watched on as Dylan, whose amazing blue eyes shone with hunger and adoration, pressed his lips to the base of his achingly hard cock and sucked. He sucked fiercely, as if to attempt giving the thick prick a hickey. But it only lasted a second, as Dylan slid his lips further up the steely-hard shaft.

Breathily, Rick groaned, "Ahhh, Dylan. Shit. Happy birthday to meee. Fuck."

Dylan lifted his lips to giggle and say, "It's my birthday, asshole. And this big, thick cock is my birthday present."

Dylan then licked at the three inches sticking out of the waistband of Rick's grey briefs while crawling fully onto the luxurious bed. While lapping at the arrowhead cockhead that was exposed from the foreskin, Dylan slid his fingers under the waistband and tugged the underwear down Rick's muscular legs.

Hearing his heart beating loudly in his ears, Rick said, "Fuck. It- it's been over three years since I've used anything but my hand to- ahhh!"

Dylan suddenly, without any sort of warning, sucked the tip of Rick's hot dick into his mouth and immediately swirled his tongue around the head. Rick squirmed even more when Dylan grabbed his balls into his hand and gave them gorgeous orbs a gentle yet glorious squeeze.

Rick hissed, "Jesus fuck, you're a tease," with a fond smile.

"Mm," Dylan mumbled in agreement, keeping the prick in his mouth and still swirling his tongue.

Laughing in half frustration and half adoration, Rick groaned, "Would you please just- fuck!"

Dylan was slowly lowering his head further into Rick's groin, impaling his throat with Rick's rigid prick. Soon enough, all of Rick's nine thick inches were lodged completely in Dylan's hungry mouth, and Dylan's cute and sexy nose was pressed against Rick's neatly trimmed bush. Dylan had even tugged on Rick's low-hanging sac and kneaded the giant balls it cradled.

Breathless, Rick said, "You've been practicing," with an appreciative chuckle. "Thank god I bought you that dildo, huh?"

Dylan began lifting his head at a steady pace, enjoying the look of pure ecstasy adorning Rick's handsome face. When just the head of Rick's throbbing cock remained in Dylan's mouth, the younger man swirled his tongue around once and shoved the length down his throat again. Dylan moved a bit too hastily, having gagged a little.

"Fucking Dylan, I love you," Rick said, meaning it completely.

Rick couldn't fight the urge to drive his sturdy fingers through Dylan's gorgeous brown hair as Dylan rapidly bobbed his head. Dylan's stunning blue eyes conveyed so much affection, so much love, that Rick's heart swelled with contentment and adoration.

"Ahh, stopstopstop!" Rick begged. "I'm about to- Ahh, baby, I don't wanna cum yet. I don't wan- Ah! Ffffuck!"

Dylan had backed off just til the dickhead was between his lips and stroked the girthy shaft. The first volley of hot, sweet, salty, thick cum shot so hard. The second shot just as hard. Within a second, and four volleys of cum later, Dylan had to swallow a big mouthful of the delicious nectar. And yet Rick was still shooting more.

"Ahhh," Rick moaned shakily, his body wracking with the aftershocks of the most intense orgasm he's ever had.

Dylan smiled with his lips still wrapped around the oversensitive phallus. Rick was watching him, silently begging for him to cease his actions because the painful pleasure was becoming overbearing.

When Dylan released Rick from his lips but instead traded it for lapping the tip of his tongue at Rick's slit, Rick couldn't take it anymore. He tugged Dylan's hair back, forcing the young man off his aching cock. Rick then slid his hands under Dylan's arms and pulled him up. They both giggled into a passionate kiss.

Between kisses, Rick said, "Happy- birthday- my- sweet- love. Now let me get a--"

"Mm-mm," Dylan protested.

Dylan pushed Rick to remain lying on his back. He then laid his chest on the bed and used Rick's arm as a pillow, as he usually did.

Rick rolled to lie on his side. He stroked his fingers gently through Dylan's hair and said, "But I wanna--"

"Later," Dylan said with a loving smile. "I promise. Let's just nap first. I promise that you'll fuck me, and I'll fuck you, and we'll fuck so much our dicks fall off."

Rick laughed as he laid his forehead on Dylan's shoulder, and asked, "I look forward to it. I am pretty tired now."

Dylan was not yet fully awake, but he could feel a warm and wet something at his ass. He next realized a hand was slowly stroking the tip of his cut cock.

Dylan woke fully quickly. He slid his legs up in the bed, raising his ass high in the air. Rick crawled a little so as to resume using his tongue to attack the pretty pink taut skin that was his hole.

"Best- ahh- fucking way to wake up," Dylan cried in pleasure.

Rick smiled slightly, pleased with himself. He grabbed Dylan's seven inch pole again and tugged at it teasingly slow as his tongue begged for entrance.

Dylan reached his hand back and pushed Rick's head harder toward his ass and said, "Damn, this feels better when you're able to get hard. Wet your hand please."

Rick obliged. He removed his tongue from Dylan's pucker just long enough to spit a wad of saliva into his palm.

"Ah fuck, Ricky," Dylan moaned hoarsely.

This served to fuel Rick's fervour. His tongue attacked Dylan's hole with an unrivalled hunger, and he tightened his grip on Dylan's prick slightly. Dylan's moans and groans filled Rick's chest its pride and love.

Rick, continuing to stroke Dylan, took his tongue off of the taut skin of the entrance and instead lapped at the bouncing balls just below. Finding encouragement from Dylan's moans going louder, Rick gently suckled on them one at a time.

"I- I'm gonna cum," Dylan said breathlessly. "Ow! What the fuck?"

With his pinky finger strangling the tip of Dylan's dick, Rick replied, "I don't want you to cum yet."

Frustrated, Dylan dropped his head down into the plush bed and groaned, "Why not? Puh-leeeeeze!"

Rick didn't reply in favour of his mate. He remained holding the head of Dylan's mushroom head in his pinky tightly, but he brought his tongue back to his anus.

Laughing now, Dylan begged, "Please? It's my birthday."

Smirking while still tonguing at the puckered hole in front of him, Rick loosened his grip on the mushroom head. Dylan was about to smile in victory, but Rick had completely released his cock. He whined, though half heartedly, because he was still in heaven having being eaten out.

Without warning, Rick wrapped his fist around Dylan's shaft and twisted up and down. Within seconds of quiet moaning, Dylan said he was gonna cum. So Rick, still sucking and licking at Dylan and jerking him off, cupped his free hand under Dylan's prick. Seconds later, the first volley of cum shot into the cupped hand, and then a second. And then a third. Dylan had gripped the sheets in his euphoria.

Even after Dylan had finished cumming, Rick continued to slowly milk his dick. Dylan begged for him to stop, his cock way too sensitive.

Finally, Rick did stop. His other hand, cupped, was filled with so much white watery cum that some dripped through his fingers down onto the bedsheets. He brought the hand to mouth and poured the sweet honey in.

After smacking his lips for good measure, Rick said, "If I could live on nothing but your cum I'd die a happy man."

Dylan laughed quietly, both sated and starving for more, as Rick laid on his back beside him.

Rick leaned into Dylan and pressed his forehead to Dylan's shoulder, saying, "Whatever our souls are made of..."

Smiling with misty eyes, Dylan finished the statement, "Yours and mine are the same."

Dylan laid down flat on his stomach, to which Rick sidled up to his side. Rick looked to Dylan's back, at the beautiful fair skin littered with small black moles. Rick brought his hand to expanse of light skin, tracing imaginary lines connecting the dozen or so black dots.

"I hate my moles," Dylan commented, though he did love the attention. "Why do you like them so much?"

Continuing to use his finger to lightly touch the skin, Rick answered, "I do not like your moles. I love them. They are a part of you. They are beautiful. They are all over your body. Your back, your arms, your face. All stunning on their own, but made more gorgeous by these marks. You wanna know which one is my favourite?"

Seeing Rick sit up, Dylan smiled and responded, "No, but you'll show me anyway."

Rick bent over Dylan's back and said, "It's this one on your jaw. It distracts me all the fucking time. But I don't mind. It gives me an excuse to kiss you there."

Dylan snorted and replied, "You don't need an excuse to kiss me any time, anywhere."

Lying back down, Rick said, "I know. But it's still my favourite mole."

"Mm," Dylan said with a loving smile. "You know what's my favourite part of you? Your eyebrows."

Gazing intently as Dylan raised his hand and stroked his thumb over his eyebrow, Rick asked, "My eyebrows?"

"They are natural and perfect. They are strong. And when I can't get a read of your gorgeous eyes, your eyebrows express whatever emotion your feeling or tells me what you're thinking."

Awestruck, Rick asked, "How is it possible for a simple human body not to explode with so much love?"

Smirking, Dylan replied, "I think the answer to that is 'cumming'."

Feeling Dylan's fingers now gently ghosting over his half-hard dick, Rick said, "Mm. I think I agree."

Rick's cock was rapidly being engorged with blood, growing. Dylan wrapped his fist around the foreskin and gently slid it up, hiding the head for a moment. Pressing their lips together, Dylan stroked the thick phallus until it was throbbingly hard.

Moving his lips to plant sweet kisses to Rick's chiseled jaw, Dylan said in a seductive voice, "I am gonna ride your cock bareback. Do you have a problem with that?"

"Fuck," Rick said with a hitched voice as he squirmed in a newfound excitement. "Definitely not."

Now kissing Rick's neck, Dylan slid his leg over Rick's body and straddled his stomach. He then reached into the drawer of the bedside table and pulled out a bottle of lube. Dylan then replanted his lips to Rick's neck and suckled gently, creating a hickey.

Shivering with sexual excitement, Rick moaned, "Ohhh God. I love you, Dylan."

Smiling, Dylan moved to the other side of Rick's neck. He laid his sinful lips on the collarbone and made another hickey there. Satisfied with that, he lowered his mouth and bit on the top of the pectoral, just hard enough to cause Rick to hiss. It wasn't painful to Rick, he loved it when Dylan marked him.

Dylan sat upright and flipped the cap of the lube. After pouring a generous amount of the slippery liquid into his palm, Dylan reached behind him and slathered it all onto Rick's big uncut cock. Satisfied that all nine inches were sufficiently coated, Dylan poured a bit of lube to his fingers and smeared it at his entrance.

Breathless, Rick asked, "Want me to prep you befo--"

"No," Dylan was quick to answer. "I wanna be so fucking tight for our first time."

After recapping the lube and tossing the bottle to the bed, Dylan reached back again. With their eyes deeply connected and gazing at each other, Dylan guided the head to his hole and backed into it.

Rick, whose hands were gently rubbing Dylan's thighs, gasped. The tip of his dick was granted passage, and Dylan's gorgeous face had contorted to display the painful pleasure of being breached. This did not deter Dylan. Rather, it only served to further fuel his excitement. He continue to slowly impale himself on Rick.

"Jesus, you're so thick," Dylan groaned in awe and pleasure. "You feel so good."

Gazing deeply into Dylan's bright blue eyes, Rick responded, "You're so fucking tight."

When Dylan felt his ass cheeks sitting firmly on Rick's lap, he sat still for a moment, feeling deep love radiating from Rick's brilliant brown eyes.

Dylan slid his shins up and planted his feet down on the bed. He leaned his body backward until his hands landed on the soft bed. Satisfied, Dylan lifted his hips slowly, lifting about six inches high. He revelled in the look of pleasure displayed on Rick's handsome face for a moment before slamming his hips back down.

Rick moaned loudly, "Ahhh! Holy fuck. Faster."

Slowly lifting his hips again, Dylan smirked and replied, "But you already look like you're enjoying it too much."

Dylan slammed his hips back down, smiling upon hearing Rick groan in pleasure. So he then fucked himself on Rick's thick cock, unable to stop his own moans from eliciting.

Rick, his breath escaping his lungs with the intense feelings, watched Dylan's seven-inch dick bob and flail as he fucked rode in a jackhammer fashion. So Rick removed his right hand from Dylan's hip and moved it to the younger man's hot, throbbing cock.

Rick had been jacking Dylan's dick for just a few moments as he rode him when Dylan suddenly cried, "Oh fuck. I'm gonna cum already."

"Yeah?" Rick asked breathlessly, still stroking Dylan. "Yeah? You gonna cum for me, baby?"

Dylan couldn't answer. He was moaning louder, and white, hot cum exploded from his cock. The first shot flew high into the air, followed by a second shot a moment later. The third and fourth flew up to his neck and chest.

Dylan stopped riding Rick, sitting firmly on his crotch, groaning, "Ahh fuck."

Rick sat up long enough to pull Dylan's chest to his own. Upon doing so, Rick laid back down, pulling Dylan down with him. Rick then placed his hands on each of Dylan's plump cheek, pulling them apart. He then bent his knees and dug his heels into the bed.

As Rick fuck his ass with abandon, Dylan moaned into his neck and gently bit on his skin.

"Your ass is so hot," Rick moaned breathlessly over the sound of his giant, heavy balls slapping against Dylan's ass.

"Uh! Uh!" Dylan moaned. "I- I love you."

Rick halted all movement. He breathed heavily through his nose as he suckled on Dylan's neck for a moment. He then rolled them over, his rock hard cock still deep inside Dylan.

Beginning to slowly fuck, make love to Dylan, Rick replied, "I love you more."

The two kissed passionately and their hands explored each other's bodies as Rick gently rocked back and forth. Their breathing shallow, lips on necks, and hearts as one, their connection deepened.

"I-" Ricky moaned as he laid his forehead to Dylan's. "I'm gonna- I'm gonna cum."

"In- inside me."

Rick grunted hoarsely, now unmoving with his cock lodged in Dylan's tight hole. Rope upon rope of thick cum painted the walls of Dylan's anus.

Rick chuckled a little, still breathless, before saying, "I was the happiest man on Earth before, having such a beautiful guy love me. But now I think I'm the happiest man in the entire universe."

"Oh, God," Dylan said before planting a chaste kiss to Rick's lips. "I love you so much, Rick."

Rick placed a billion (or six) pepper kisses to Dylan's face before saying, "Let's take a bath."

As the large bathtub filled, Rick and Dylan brushed their teeth. In the hot water, Rick didn't lean his back against the other side of the porcelain, but rather laid against Dylan. They relaxed in the luxurious water mostly silent and still, Dylan occasionally turning his head slightly to kiss Rick's cheek.

Twenty minutes later the two young men shampooed their hair and soaped their bodies. After drying off, they walked back into the bedroom nude and climbed back into bed. Rick laid on his back and pulled Dylan to lay fully on top of him. With Dylan's head nestled on his chest, Rick wrapped his arms around Dylan's arms and back. That's how they fell asleep; safe in each other's embrace and their hearts beating against the other's chest.

Rick woke immediately. But he did not move. He woke feeling a big but comfortable weight on him. Dylan.

Rick reached to his bedside table and grabbed his phone. The time was 5:32pm.

"Dilly Pooh," Rick said groggily. "Dylan, if you don't wake up right now I'll push you off of me and off the bed."

"Uhhh," Dylan protested, otherwise unmoving. "Why're you so bitchy?"

"Because it's 5:33pm now. We have to get to your parents before the party. Let's go."

Dylan, having picked up iced lattes from the Starbucks drive-thru on the way, drove home with Rick in the passenger seat.

"All my friends are heathens take it slow," Dylan sang along to the song playing through the Bluetooth connection. "Wait for them to ask you who you know. Please don't--"

"Julie agreed to take my shift tomorrow if I take her Monday shift," Rick told Dylan happily. "So we can spend an entire Sunday snuggled up together."

Dylan smiled as he kissed the back of Rick's hand.

As he opened the front door, Dylan called, "Mom! Dad! I'm home!"

Mrs. Parker's voice rang, "In the kitchen!"

"Hey," Dylan greeted as grabbed a bottle of water from the refrigerator.

Mrs. Parker put the wooden spoon down in the bowl of potato salad and said, "Happy bir- oh. That's a lotta love marks. You had a good birthday, then. Happy birthday, sweetie."

Hugging his mom back, Dylan replied, "Thanks, mom."

Mr. Parker hugged the boy- man now, as well and told him, "I love you, son. Your gift is on the kitchen table."

Dylan excitedly unwrapped the paper from off the flat box. Sitting before him was a brand new MacBook Pro.

"Aww, thank, guys!" Dylan gushed. "But mine is just two years old. What'll I do with it?"

Shrugging and mixing the potato salad, Mrs. Parker answered, "Sell it. Give it away. Donate. Whatever you want, sweetie."

Rick went over to the pantry and pulled out his gift, telling his mate, "Your parents and I coordinated."

Rick's gift was a red polycarbonate laptop she'll and two $100 iTunes gift cards. So Dylan set up his new laptop as he waited for 7:00 for his party guests to arrive. He transferred the data from his old laptop to his new one through the wireless internet network and left them on the coffee table in the living room to finish.

Over an hour later, Mr. Parker manned the grill, cooking hamburgers, veggie burgers, hotdogs, barbecue ribs, and kebabs. All of Dylan's friends ate and mingled and shared laughs.

Dylan laughed and said, "She did not! What a bitch!"

Amber laughed as well and replied, "Bianca totally did! She called me a 'boyfriend-stealing whore'! Cunt left me no choice but to grab her fucking fake-ass hair and-"

Amber's green eyes widened and her red plastic cup fell to the floor. The cup tumbled and Sprite soda sprayed about.

Concerned, Dylan asked, "Amber? You okay?"

"Amber?" Natalie asked.

Amber looked to both her friends, looking unsure, and told them, "I think- I think my soulmate has reached age. I felt it."

Dylan's blue eyes shone with excitement for a second before he pulled a pen out of the drawer and handed it to his friend.

Beaming to the brim with excitement, Amber cried, "They wrote back! Ohmygod! I- I have a soulmate! Her name is Sepideh. What- what is that, Syrian?"

Dylan, with a smile, placed his hand on Ambers wrist and told her, "You can use my bedroom for privacy."

After the girl had run upstairs, Will walked up to them and asked, "Did Amber just become bonded?"

Beaming for their friend, Cody answered, "With a girl from the Middle East I think."

Rick went up Dylan and gave him a sweet peck on the lips. "I just spent the last twenty minutes listening to Mrs. Galahan drone on and on about what flowers gave her the worst allergic reactions. The torture!"

An hour later Amber came back downstairs. Her green eyes were bright with happiness. "She's from Hamadan, Iran. She just turned 15, and my parents will take me to meet her in a couple of weeks."

Dylan kissed the girls temple and said, "That's awesome! Any guess on what type of bond it is?"

Shaking her head and in deep thought, Amber answered, "No fucking clue. But..."

Dylan smiled at his friend and said, "But you feel pieces of your life filling holes you didn't know existed?"

Smiling appreciatively, Amber replied, "Yeah. That exactly. So, have you decided what you'll major in?"

Dylan sighed as he shook his head softly, "No. I'm stuck between microbiology and economics."

Thomas scoffed and stated, "Those are two completely different fields."

"Which is why I'm currently in general studies," Dylan said with another sigh. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go see if I can sneak Rick into the pantry for a quick blowjob."

Dylan found his man in the basement where sweet music was playing and a few couples were sharing slow dances. On the sofas were a few of his friends playing Call of Duty.

Rick greeted Dylan with a chaste kiss and pulled him into his body. Swaying in time with the music, Dylan pressed his forehead to Rick's collarbone.

Since meeting Dylan two years prior, Dylan had grown four inches, yet remained comfortable to cuddle and hold.

"Having a good birthday, my love?" Rick asked.

Dylan kissed Rick again and answered, "Every day that I am with you is amazing. But this is easily the best day of my life."

Rick gazed deeply into Dylan's blue eyes and said, "I don't know what our souls are made of..."

"Yours and mine are the same."

The End

So this chapter was filled with love and affection, as per usual with this series, but it is also filled with smut. Seeing that Dylan has reached adulthood, he and Rick are now able to arouse each other physically. So I took advantage of that.

Hope you enjoyed ;)

Tyler Christopher

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