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Fifty Yard Line

by Victor Thomas

Grant and I have been dating for a little over a month now, one of the best periods of my life. We go out every weekend and sometimes during the week as well. And of course, we fuck every chance we get, but then you probably figured that out. After all, what teenage boy doesn't want to have sex every chance he gets? Let me rephrase that. What human male from age thirteen to one hundred thirteen doesn't want to have sex every chance he gets? Teenage boys are just more horny than older men, or it seems like it anyway. That's one of the advantages of being gay I guess. There's no shortage of guys willing to put out, unlike with girls, or so I've been told anyway. Not around here of course, but in the larger cities.

I had this reputation of being a real ladies man, and I guess I sort of was for a couple of years, but I was never really all the interested in dating girls, let alone fucking them. I told the guys I did and they believed me, or at least they acted like they did. Anyone who's ever been a teen age boy knows how much shit they talk and how much they exaggerate. Hell, if guys got even a tenth of the pussy most of them claimed they did they would not have time to do anything but eat, sleep, and fuck. I was the same way, of course, except I never actually got any pussy, although I had the opportunity more than once. I had no interest in that sort of thing. It was all kind of disgusting to me, but I pretended anyway.

Hell, I even had girls talking about me, and how good I was. I just played along with everything just to keep the peace. The thing is, I was actually a virgin when Grant and I started dating back in early September, right after school started. Hard to believe, I know, but it's true. Grant quickly cured that problem and I took care of him as well.

Since Grant and I are dating, I don't fuck around on him and he doesn't fuck around on me. That's not to say we don't occasionally play with others, because we most certainly do. We just don't consider it cheating if we're both there together.

We've only done it with one guy so far, but if the opportunity is ever there we certainly will take advantage. Jessie Ross has a reputation among the jocks as someone who is willing to help guys out in certain situations, if you know what I mean. I've never actually heard anyone admit they had gone to him, but I know it's true, because he helped me out a couple of times before Grant and I started dating, and Grant admitted he had visited Jessie as well.

I know I told Grant I was a virgin when we went out that first night and technically that was true. All I ever got from Jessie was a blow job, no actual fucking. I might have returned the favor a time or two but I'm not saying. What would you do if you had a hot blond like Jessie ready to go? That's what I thought. Hell, even Bill Clinton says a blow job isn't sex, or at least that's what I read in the history books. It's kind of hard to argue with a former president, isn't it?

Grant and I have been with Jessie twice and we did fuck him on both of those occasions. We've even considered approaching Mason and Kaden to see if they're interested, as well as Connor and Alex and Gage and Brenner, but we haven't yet. We talk to all of them on a regular basis and they know about Grant and me. We're not completely out at school, but we make no real effort to hide it either. Most of our teammates figured it out soon after we got together and most of them didn't seem to care one way or the other. I mean, shit, even our coach is gay, but he has produced winning seasons ever since he took over a few years ago, including leading Chouteau to the state championship a few years back. That's all that matters to most people, a winning football team.

I'll never forget how Grant and I got together back in early September, right after school started. I had finally quit denying to myself that I was gay and decided I wanted a boyfriend for my last year of high school. The problem was, how do you go about finding another gay boy in school. It would be nice if you could just look at someone and know if they were gay or not, but things don't work that way. Sure, some guys are so obvious that a blind man can see they're gay, but the vast majority you would never know unless they are out. Despite how accepting most of the kids in my school are and surprisingly, the people of Chouteau, there are only a few out boys in school. Jessie of course, but he's one of those who are obvious. Don't get me wrong, he's very hot to look at, and has a nice body, but he's definitely not my type as far as dating goes. Sure he gives a nice blow job and I enjoyed sucking his dick as well, but I could never actually date someone like him. Besides, he's a slut. There's no telling how many guys he's been with in his brief time in school. I'm sure it's many.

Gage and Brenner are the only other out boys in school but I knew there had to be more. All I needed to do was ask them, right? Easier said than done. I approached them right before school started back in late August and asked them if they knew anyone.

"Can I ask you guys a question?" I said one day when I saw them walking into the Hornet's Nest .

Gage and Brenner are not jocks and not part of the popular crowd, but they're nice enough guys. They had been classmates of mine since kindergarten although we had never become friends.

"Sure Marty," Gage said. "What's going on?"

"Let's order first and sit in one of the booths in the back and I'll tell you," I said.

The three of us walked up to the counter and ordered. I ordered a double cheeseburger, a large French fries, and a large Dr. Pepper. I paid for it, grabbed my drink, and then walked over to a booth and sat down. The waitress would bring my order out shortly.

Brenner and Gage placed their orders as well and joined me at the table. I wasn't sure how to ask them what I wanted to ask so I decided to just say it and hope for the best.

"What's up Marty?" asked Brenner as soon as they had sat down across from me.

I hesitated for a second before I finally said, "I know you guys are gay, but what you don't know is that I am gay as well."

I swear you could have heard a pin drop as they sat there in stunned silence for several seconds. Clearly they weren't expecting something like this from me.

"Okay," Brenner said, a little hesitation in his voice. "So what can we do for you, if you don't mind my asking?"

"Well… I was wondering if either of you know of any other gay boys in school, other than you two or Mason and Kaden. Or Jessie for that matter. Someone who might be looking for a boyfriend but is hesitant to come out because of all the bullshit you have to deal with. I know there have to be at least a few more gay guys in this school. I thought since you two are out that maybe some of the others might have talked to you or something."

"Nobody has said anything to me," Gage said.

"Me either," Brenner said, "but we'll keep our ears open and see what happens."

"I appreciate it guys," I said. "You have no idea how difficult it is to find someone.

"Oh, I think we do," said Brenner laughing. "Gage and I managed to find out about each other, but it wasn't easy for us either."

"Just one thing please," I said. "If someone should happen to ask, please don't tell them who I am, at least right away."

"What do we tell the guy, assuming we find someone, if he asks who you are?"

I hadn't really thought about that. "Well, just arrange a meeting or something and we'll go from there. I just don't want the whole school to know, at least right away."

"Sure," Gage said.

"I know you've heard about Mason and Kaden by now," Brenner said. "Maybe they know someone. I'll ask them whenever I see them."

"Oh yeah, I know all about them," I said. "How could I not after what they did on the fourth of July?"

Jesus, you should have been in the park that day. Both Mason and Kaden had painted the rainbow flag on their chests and walked around for a few hours. They even got into a big shouting match with Mason's father. I don't know the whole story, but from what I could gather, Mason had been caught making out with Kaden by Mason's father and kicked out of his house. That's fucked up I know, but things actually worked out for him. From what they have told us, Kaden's parents not only let him live with them until they graduate, but they actually allow them to sleep together. I mean, how cool is that? I remember when I first saw them how I wanted to just lick that paint off both their chests. They were both pretty hot.

On Monday, a week after school started both Gage and Brenner came up to me right after lunch and asked to talk to me.

"We think we might have found someone for you," Brenner said. "He's very cute and he plays football with you. You already know him, even if you don't know he's gay."

That sounded promising, I thought. "Who is he?" I asked, "and when can I meet him?"

"He's Grant Reyer," Gage said. "Fuck, I wasn't supposed to tell you his name. But now that you know, what do you think?"

"No shit, Grant's gay?" I asked. "You're right, he is hot. I can't wait to talk to him."

"So can we tell him about you then?" Gage asked. "He's just as curious as you were, and anxious to get together with you."

"Sure, go ahead and tell him," I said.

School had just started the previous week but football practice had been going on for almost a month now and our first game was this Friday.

The Thursday before our first game I decided to ask Grant out, but I wanted to surprise him and get his reaction. It had been raining most of the day but practice still went on regardless. We were all wet and muddy as we ran around the field warming up and getting ready for our first game tomorrow night. We weren't in our full uniforms since this was just practice.

Coach Barrett divided us into two teams. I was the quarterback for the team and Grant was on the other team. I stepped up behind the center and reached down and he hiked the ball. I grabbed it and stepped back, looking for a receiver downfield. I didn't spot anyone as I was running around trying to avoid being sacked. I looked up and saw Grant had broken through the blockers and was running toward me. I tried to dodge him but he managed to grab ahold of my shirt and pull me down. I ended up on top of him. As I lay there I could feel that Grant's dick was hard and I could feel myself growing hard as well. I just smiled at him, looked around, and then leaned down and kissed him right on the lips.

"I hear you're looking for a boyfriend," I said. I couldn't believe I had actually had the balls to do what I had just done. "Would you like to go somewhere after practice and talk? Maybe we can take a drive and get something to eat somewhere."

So that's how Grant and I got together. It's been over a month now since that day and we have done everything imaginable with each other, things I had always fantasized about. We usually go out on Friday nights after our games and usually hang out on Saturday's as well. We hang out during the week also but don't really go anywhere normally, except to each other's houses where we take advantage of our parents usually being at work.

I think my parents probably suspect that I'm gay, but they never have said anything, at least not directly. They seem to be alright with it though. There have been other gay athletes in this town and I've never heard them say anything negative about them. And they were sympathetic about the victims of last June's mass shooting in the gay nightclub in Orlando. I'm seriously considering coming out to them here in the near future but I haven't made my decision yet.

Grant's parents know about him, but they don't know him and me are dating. He would have told them but since I'm still not out to my parents he didn't want them to find out until I was ready.

He told me the story about how he had accidently outed himself back a few months earlier. It seems he was looking at pictures of naked boys on the internet and his father had caught him. His father was a little upset at first but after they had talked things had settled down and his parents were fine with him being gay. Hopefully my parents will be the same when the time comes.

As I mentioned earlier, my teammates know about Grant and me and they seem pretty cool about it. I expected to get a least some shit from some of them but so far there's been really nothing. There was the expected 'I'm not gay' comments from a few of them, and 'I don't want you looking at my stuff in the shower or locker room' but even that was minor. I do look at the other guys and so does Grant and they know we do, but then I see them checking us and the other guys out as well. All teen boys do it just to see how they measure up. Most of them will never admit it, but they do.

Our coach is openly gay which caused a bit of a storm when he first came out a few years ago, but that gradually died down. It's not like he hangs out in the locker room or anything like that and has never came on to any of his players. Coach Barrett is in his mid-twenties and is actually kind of hot. I wouldn't mind getting together with him but of course I would never say anything.

Grant and I were in my room making out last Saturday while my parents were gone, when my older brother came barging in without warning. Jason was home from college for the weekend from nearby Pittsburg State University.

As soon as he opened the door he saw Grant and me in our boxers and we were both shirtless, rolling around on my bed. He stood there for about two seconds, a look of surprise om his face, before he said, "sorry," and quickly shut the door and headed downstairs.

I quickly jumped up, threw on my jeans and a t-shirt and ran downstairs after him. Grant was right behind me as we walked into the living room to confront Jason. Jason was sitting on the sofa, a big grin on his face.

"Jason, let me explain…" I started to say, but Jason held up his hand to stop me.

"No need to explain, Marty," said Jason. "It's cool. I always thought you might be gay. I guess now I know for sure. Don't worry about it."

"You knew I was gay?" I asked. "How the hell did you know? Shit, I hadn't even admitted it to myself until recently. Do I act gay?"

"I don't know what the fuck that even means," Jason said. "If you mean do you act all faggy and all that shit like they always show on TV and in movies, the answer is no. No one would ever know just by looking at you, or your boyfriend for that matter. How you doing, Grant?"

Grant's face was still red from embarrassment, but he answered, "I'm doing fine, Jason. How's college life?"

"It's a lot different than high school, let me tell you. The classes are harder and more is expected out of you. But it's cool, and nice to be away from home." He looked over at me and then Grant, before asking, "so how long have you two been going together?"

"Since right after school started back up," I said. "About a month now. This doesn't bother you?"

"Oh hell no, Marty. Why should it bother me? You are what you are. You have no control over it, anymore that I have control over the fact that I like girls. Boy, do I like girls, and you wouldn't believe how much easier it is to score than when I was in high school. My roommate is gay and he's blown me a few times when I've been drunk. You may not believe it but guys give better head than girls."

"Well yeah, that makes sense," Grant said. "If a guy is sucking your dick it's because he wants to, not because he feels like he has to. And a guy knows what feels good so naturally he's better at it than a girl who has no idea. The lucky bastard."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Jason asked. "You'd like to suck my dick, wouldn't you?"

Grant was embarrassed as hell by what he had accidentally said, but I knew it was true. He's mentioned a time of two that he thinks my brother is cute.

"Well… yeah, I suppose I would. The truth is Jason, if I wasn't going with your brother I'd drop to my knees in a second. Sorry Marty, but you brother is very cute."

"I'm flattered in a way," Jason said. "And I might let you, but again, since you're going with my brother I'd have to turn you down."

"Don't worry Jason," Grant said. "As long as I'm dating Marty I would never fuck around with someone else."

"We have played with Jessie a couple of times," I said, "but only when we're together. It's not cheating if you're both there."

"That's true, I guess," Jason said. "You're talking about Jessie Ross, right? I just hope you used protection."

"Yeah. How'd you know? Of course we used protection. The boy's a slut after all."

"Jesus, Marty, I'm only a year older than you. You don't think I didn't use Jessie a few times myself. Hell, I could never get my girlfriend at the time to put out, at least not very often. Jessie was always willing. Most of the guys on the team probably utilized his services a time or two. Most of them would never have admitted it, but yeah we did. I assume it's probably the same now, and will be until he graduates next year with you guys."

"Okay, we need to change the subject," I said. "I'm not comfortable talking about gay sex with my straight brother. So, do you think mom and dad know about me?"

"I'm pretty sure they do, Marty, or at least they suspect. Dad asked me once point blank if I thought you might be gay. I told him I thought you probably were, but couldn't be certain. You know better than me how hard it is to tell about most gay guys. Most gays aren't all effeminate acting and all that shit, despite what a lot of ignorant bigots like to think. But yes, I think mom and dad think you are."

"But how?" I asked. "I've dated girls since I was a sophomore. I've even introduced them to mom and dad. Christ, you had to have heard about my reputation when you were in high school."

"Yeah, I heard all about you," Jason said. "And I believed it for a while. And, to be honest, I really envied you. My younger brother getting all the girls, a real ladies man. I had my share of girls as well, but I never developed the reputation you did. You were the envy of most of the guys, although you'll never get them to admit it."

"So how did you figure it out then, Jason?" I asked. "I mean shit; it took me until just recently to even come out to myself. I always knew but could never bring myself to admit it."

"Several little clues, Marty," Jason answered. "Yeah, you were always dating a girl, but the two of you never seemed to stay together all that long. Girls talk about shit just like guys do, but they're much more subtle about it. I overheard a couple of your former girlfriend's talking about you one day. They both talked about you never wanting to do anything other than make out, and even then you would hesitate for just a second. They said you always found an excuse if you tried to go any further. They weren't upset, they just wondered about you. Most guys will do anything to get into a girls pants but you seemed to avoid it whenever the opportunity presented itself. And they said you always broke up shortly after that."

"Yeah, that's true," I said. "I guess I just never thought they would notice I suppose."

"They didn't until they started talking to each other and comparing notes. That's when it all started to make sense to them. Even then they weren't sure. But Janice cornered me one day and just asked me straight out if you were gay, and told me what made her think you might be."

Janice was one of my former girlfriends that I had dated for about three month's last year.

"Up until then," Jason continued, "I had never really even thought about it. The whole idea seemed crazy. My brother was not, could not possibly be gay. But I decided to do some checking just to satisfy my own curiosity. I went onto the internet at home and started to type the word gay into the computer search engine. When I did several sites popped up in the history before I could even finish, including several porn sites I might add."

"Yeah, that was me," I admitted. "I couldn't help myself when I found all that shit. Hell, I know you've visited porn sites yourself on more than one occasion."

"Fuck yeah I have," Jason laughed. "I still do on occasion. I may be getting more pussy in college but that doesn't mean I don't like to look as well."

"I do as well," Grant admitted. "I think every teenage boy in North America probably looks at porn on the internet. The guys on there are so hot. I can't seem to help myself sometimes. I don't do it nearly as much now that I'm getting the real thing, but I still like to look."

"It's not just here," I said. "I'm sure teenage boys all over the world look at porn. The guys are hot, no doubt, but you can walk through any high school or college campus in the country and find guys as hot or hotter. I mean Jesus, where do you think they find those guys. A lot of them are college students earning money to pay for school. Shit, it's got to be more fun than flipping burgers a Burger King for minimum wage. Christ, can you imagine fucking hot guys and getting paid to do it?"

I looked over at Jason who looked kind of embarrassed about Grant and me talking about hot guys and gay porn. I looked at him and grinned. "Sorry Jason, but you know what we're saying. It's the same with straight porn I'm sure."

"Yeah, it is, Marty."

"Damn, we got off the subject again," I said. "We were talking about mom and dad knowing. What do you think their reaction will be when they find out for sure?"

I had heard and read stories about parents kicking their kids out onto the street when they found out they were gay. That's what had happened to Mason back in June, although that seemed to have actually worked out for the best as far as he was concerned. Mom and dad weren't religious at all, in fact I can't remember the last time I ever went to church, and I didn't really think they would actually go so far as to throw me out, but I didn't think they would be real happy, especially dad. He was proud of both of his sons. Jason was a college football player and I was the quarterback of my high school team. Dad had played football when he was in high school and college as well, and he had never been prouder than when I had actually become the quarterback in my junior year. I feared things might change when he found out.

"Honestly Marty," Jason said, "I don't think it will be that bad. Since mom and dad already suspect anyway and haven't reacted negatively I think they're pretty much okay with it. Dad might be a little bit pissed at first, but he'd get over it quickly. They're not like a lot of these ignorant rednecks around here. Dad spent some time in the navy so he's been all over the world and seen different people and cultures."

"So you think I should tell them?" I asked.

"I personally think you should, yes," Jason said. "I think you should sit down with them one night and just talk and see how things go. If you want to do it while I'm here on weekends to support you than just let me know. But I seriously doubt you'll have any problems."

"I think I will Jason," I said. "Let me think about it and talk it over with Grant, but I think the time is right. Hell, if I can't be honest with my own parents than what the fuck."

"I think you should Marty," Grant said. "I think the time is right. I feared the same reaction when I came out to my parents but nothing happened, nothing bad I mean. I was so relieved when I had finally told them the truth. I don't know your parents that well, but from what you've told me and from what Jason says, I think things will be okay."

"I think I will," I said. "Let me see what kind of mood dad is in when he gets home and I'll go from there. If he reacts badly then I'll figure something out."

"Well, I'll be up in my room if you need my support," Jason said. "But I think you'll be okay."

"So that's settled then," I said. "I think I'll sit mom and dad down after supper. I'll call you after it's over and let you know what happened. So what's this about your roommate? You say he's gay? You think he'd like to meet a couple of hot high school seniors?"

"Yeah, maybe we could have a three-way," Grant said. "Is he good looking, Jason?"

"His name is Gavin Carter." Jason said, laughing. "I guess you could say he's reasonably good looking. He seems to have no shortage of guys chasing after him anyway. I can introduce you if you want. Just come over to Pittsburg some weekend and see what happens. I'll ask him first if he might be interested and let you know."

The more I thought about it, the more I decided I needed to tell my parents about myself. Jason seemed to be cool with me being gay and having a boyfriend which made me happy. How bad could it actually be?

"Mom, dad, I need to talk to you after supper," I said as the four of us were sitting at the dinner table. "I have something I need to tell you something important about myself. Jason and I were talking earlier today and he convinced me that everything would be alright and that I needed to tell you."

I looked over at Jason who just smiled back at me and gave me a thumbs up before excusing himself and going up to his room.

"What in the world is so important that Jason has to convince you to tell us?" mom asked.

I hesitated for a couple of seconds before I started speaking. "I don't know how to tell you this mom and dad without just saying it, so here goes. I'm gay. There I said it. I'm gay dad. I like boys, not girls."

"I see," said dad. "And when did you decide this?"

"I didn't decide anything, dad," I told him. "It's just the way I am. I was born this way. I guess I started figuring it out about three years ago but I wasn't sure what it all meant. It was only within the last six months that I finally admitted it to myself. For the longest time I've tried to deny it, but I couldn't. I tried dating girls as you know, and while I liked it okay, it just meant nothing to me. I finally had to be honest with myself and now I want to be honest with you as well."

"Are you sure, Marty?" mom asked. "Maybe it's just a phase you're going through. Maybe you can change if you try."

"I tried, mom, believe me I tried, but I can't change. I'm gay, that's all."

"Well, god damnit," dad yelled. "Shit, I kind of suspected you might be, but Jesus Christ, are you sure Marty. Maybe you should try fucking a girl and see if you can change."

"David, watch your language," mom said to dad, a shocked look on her face. Dad very rarely ever used that kind of language, especially around my mother, and it kind of surprised me as well.

I was embarrassed as hell now, but I was determined to continue. "I tried that, dad. Well, let me rephrase that. I've had the opportunity on a couple of occasions but I just couldn't… couldn't do it. Girls do nothing for me. They never have."

"Okay, I don't want to hear any details," mom said. "So you're gay. Like your father said we both sort of thought you might be, but we also hoped we were wrong."

"We still love you son," dad said. "That will never change. So, is Grant your boyfriend? I notice you guys seem close, these last few weeks."

"Yes, actually he is dad. We've both been dating since school started at the first of September. It's been almost a month now and things couldn't be better."

"I'm glad to hear that, son," dad said. "You know when I was your age I experimented a time or two with one of my friends. I enjoyed it and all but it wasn't for me. I liked girls too much."

Oh my fucking god, I thought. My dad had actually experimented with another boy. That's kind of cool but also kind of gross. I mean, who wants to think about their parents having sex.

"Really?" I asked. "That's hard to believe."

"Yes it is," mom said, clearly as shocked as I was.

"I think most boys probably think about it," dad said. "Most never act on it, but I think most are probably a little curious. I was and I did and I'm not sorry, but it clearly was not my thing."

The three of us continued talking for almost an hour before I finally got up and walked up to my room. I wanted to tell Jason what had happened and then call Grant and let him know as well. Things had gone a lot better than I thought they might. I felt like a huge burden had been lifted off my back. Mom and dad knew and were okay with it. More than okay. They were happy for me.

I stopped at my brother's room before going to my own room. I wanted to let Jason know that things had gone better than expected.

"Come in," Jason said as soon as I knocked on his door. "How'd it go, Marty?" he asked as soon as he saw it was me.

"Better than I thought it might," I told him. "I don't need to tell you that it was very nerve wracking, at least at first. By the time it was over everything was good. Dad was a little upset at first, but not nearly as much as I thought he might be. You were right, Jason. They had pretty much figured things out before so it didn't come as a total surprise to them."

I thought about telling Jason about what dad had told me, but I didn't. That had been told to me in confidence and I didn't feel like it was my place to say anything. I guess all the Doan men had experimented at one time or another.

"I told you," he said. "So they were okay with you being gay then?"

"More or less," I said. "I think dad would probably be happier if I wasn't, but he didn't go ape shit on me or anything like that. He actually told me I should try fucking a girl to make sure I was actually gay. After he said that he calmed down considerably and we were able to talk. Mom didn't say much but I could tell she was okay as well. She said something about grandkids, but I reminded her that you were straight and that seemed to make her happier. Plus, I told her I could always adopt kids someday or whatever. Now days gay men have all kinds of options that they didn't have back in their day."

"If she wants grandkids from me she's going to have to wait for several more years. I'm having too much fun right now to settle down and have a family."

"Yeah, no shit," I said. "Not until I at least graduate from college and have a job. Then we'll see what happens."

Jason and I talked for about ten more minutes before I finally told him I wanted to call Grant and give him the good news. I left Jason's room and walked across the hall to my room, got undressed, picked up my phone and hit Grant's number. He answered on the third ring.

"So how'd it go?" he asked as soon as he answered.

"So much better than I could have ever hoped for. Dad didn't yell and scream or cuss me out or anything like that. He was actually quiet calm during the whole talk. And mom wasn't upset either. I think they were probably a little unhappy but they didn't react negatively. All we want is for you to be happy son, is what he said. If Grant makes you happy then we're happy for you."

"I'm happy to hear that Marty. It sounds like you have very cool parents. Mine reacted similarly when I first came out to them. Dad yelled and screamed for about ten minutes before he finally calmed down and mom started crying. He didn't hit me or anything like that. At the time we weren't dating yet so I didn't have to worry about that at least. Once they finally settled down we had a nice long talk.

"Yeah, I remember you told me all that. How do they feel now that you're dating me?"

"I talked to them again and told them about you. Now that they have accepted me as being gay they were actually happy for me. They actually told me to invite you over for supper some night so they could get to know you better. They don't really approve but they are trying. That's all I can ask I guess."

"Give them time," I said. "Once they see you and me together I think they'll be happy for you. I want to invite you over as well and introduce you. My parents know you of course, but now I want to introduce you as my boyfriend."

Grant and I talked for about another hour about various stuff. Football season was well underway so we talked about our upcoming games. We talked about school in general and various cute guys we knew. Before we knew it we were having phone sex. I stripped naked when Grant started describing what he wanted to do to me at our next opportunity. We talked like that for about twenty minutes before I finally busted my nut. I knew Grant was doing the same on his end. Once we had both gotten off we said goodbye and hung up. I went into the bathroom to clean myself up and then went to work on my homework before finally going to bed.

Monday morning and it's back to school. School is school, the same more or less everywhere so I won't bore you with all the details. I went to class, ate lunch with my teammates and friends, went to more classes after lunch, then football practice after school was out.

My teammates figured out that Grant and I were dating shortly after school started. They didn't seem to mind two gay boys sharing the same locker room and showers with them, or at least none of them raised any objections.

It's October now and football season is about half over. So far we have a winning record with four wins and one loss, and four games left. Unless we really fuckup badly it looks like we may make the playoffs again this year. It's been a couple of years since Chouteau made the playoffs. We actually won the state championship back in 2012, led by another gay quarterback named Nate. How cool is that?

Friday night we were playing the Oswego Indians at home. The Hornets were ahead 28-7 in the fourth quarter. There was no stopping us. The Indians managed to score one more touchdown before the game ended but they could not catch us. This win put us one step closer to the playoffs.

As soon as the final play was over both teams walked out onto the middle of the field to shake hands. The Indian players congratulated us for our win. One of their players, Max Slade, pulled me aside so he could talk to me for a second before he headed for the locker room.

"Hey, Doan, can I talk to you for a minute?" he asked as he pulled me aside.

"What's up Slade?" I asked.

He hesitated for a few seconds before he finally started to speak. "I hear this rumor that you're gay and that you and Reyer are boyfriends. Is that true?"

My guard was up now. I didn't want any trouble with this guy but I wasn't going to take any shit from him either.

"So what if I am?" I hissed. "It's really none of your fucking business is it?"

"Hold on a second," Slade said, putting his hands up. "I'm not here to cause any problems or gay bash you or anything. And I'm Max by the way. The reason I asked was because I wanted to see if you guys ever played around. I'm gay as well and I'm looking for someone to play with once in a while, if you know what I mean."

I knew exactly what he meant. As I mentioned earlier, Grant and I have messed around with Jessie twice already and had always talked about doing it with someone else if the opportunity ever presented itself. Well, the opportunity was here. I thought about it for about two seconds before I gave Max an answer. I knew there was the possibility this could be a trick to get us alone but I really didn't think it was. Max was really cute and I was thinking with my dick rather than my brain, but I couldn't help myself.

"Can you stay after your shower or do you have to ride the bus back to Oswego?" I asked.

"I'm supposed to ride the bus home but I can get out of that," Max said. "I'll just tell the guys I'm meeting a friend. They'll cover for me. But you'll have to take me home later."

"That won't be a problem," I said. Oswego is only about ten miles north of Chouteau. "Okay, you go take your shower and Grant and me will meet you outside the locker room in about thirty minutes. We'll go from there. See that truck over there?" I pointed to my truck sitting on the other side of the parking lot. "We'll be waiting for you there. As soon as you're through just come over there."

"Okay, sounds good," Max said.

I quickly caught up with Grant, who was walking toward the locker room. The two of us normally went out after a game but tonight would be more fun than usual.

"I know we usually go out and eat after a game," I said. "But tonight I have something different in mind. If you want to that is."

I knew I had a big shit eating grin on my face, which told Grant I was up to something.

"What do you have in mind?" he asked.

"You're not going to believe this shit, but I found us a playmate for tonight. Interested?"

"No shit?" Of course I'm interested. Who is it?"

I quickly told Grant the whole situation with Max. The two of us quickly walked into the locker room to shower all the dirt and sweat from tonight's game off our bodies. I admired all my other teammates that surrounded me but I didn't linger like I usually did. I soaped up quickly, shampooed my hair and got out. I quickly dried off, got dressed and left, all in record time. Grant was right behind me.

Our teammates noticed how big a hurry we seemed to be in and Phillip asked, "you guys got a hot date or something?"

Everyone on the football team knew we were gay and dating, but no one seemed to give a shit. A couple of the guys even seemed to enjoy it when we looked at them, even posing briefly on occasion. I strongly suspected they were gay as well but just hadn't come out yet. No matter. I didn't mind looking if they didn't care.

"Or something," Grant said. "We're hooking up with someone here in a few minutes."

"Oh my god, spare us the details," Matt said. "Nobody here wants to hear about you guys having sex. You lucky fuckers. I wish I could get my girl to put out more often. You gay boys are so lucky. Christ, maybe I should give it a try. Maybe I could get laid more often."

"Maybe you should," I said. "Grant and I would consider it if you asked."

I knew Matt was only joking and I was joking back. He was one of the straightest guys I knew and had a girlfriend. I knew he was getting it more than he let on. But it was good that we could joke around like that with our teammates.

"As tempting as that offer is, I think I'll have to pass," Matt said. "I like pussy too much and Jennifer has promised me some tonight so I'll be occupied.

"Suit yourself," Grant said, "but you don't know what you're missing out on."

Grant and I finished dressing and walked out of the locker room. We both looked over toward the Oswego team bus and noticed their players were slowly coming out of their locker room and heading toward the bus. I looked for Max but didn't see him anywhere. Finally the last of their players stepped onto the bus and the driver closed the door and headed out.

Grant and I walked over to my truck and sat inside while we waited to see what happened. Our own players began getting into their cars as well and soon we were the only ones left in the lot. It was then that we saw Max step out of the locker room and head toward us.

It was October and the night air was cool, but it was still warm enough to enjoy. Max was wearing a tight pair of green short shorts with a white stripe down the legs, and a blue t-shirt, with a pair of sandals on his feet. He was carrying a bag as well, probably with his regular clothes in them. God, he was looking hot.

"Jesus, can that boy be any more obvious?" Grant asked. "He must have come prepared for tonight. He's ready to fuck, no doubt about that."

"Oh yeah, he's ready to go," I said. "It takes balls to do what he did earlier, asking someone if they want to hook up like that. I can't wait to check him out."

Max walked over to the truck and leaned up against the door as Grant rolled down his window. He then leaned in and smiled. He was a little nervous, but who could blame him for that. He was also very eager to go. He introduced himself to Grant and then said hi to me again.

"Hi. I'm Max," he said as he reached in and shook hands. "And you must be Grant."

That's me," Grant said. "So what exactly do you have in mind, if you don't mind my asking?"

"I'm willing to do anything you guys want," Max said. "I'm not a virgin, but I don't currently have a boyfriend and I just want to hook up with someone for fun, no strings attached fucking. You guys up for that?"

"Oh hell yes," I said. "We can find someplace to go."

"Why not right here?" Max said. "I've always had this fantasy of fucking on the fifty yard line. Don't ask me why, but I just always wanted to do something like that."

The Chouteau football field is on the edge of town and set back off the road so we weren't likely to be seen by anyone driving by.

"Sounds hot," I said. "I wish Grant and I had thought of this ourselves. What do you think, Grant."

"What are we waiting for," Grant said.

He reached through the window and put his hand down. I couldn't see what he was doing but I could tell by the look on Max's face that Grant was probably playing with him right there. That got me instantly hard.

"Let's go," I said, quickly opening my door and climbing out. I ran around to the other side of the truck and sure enough, Grant had his hand up the leg of Max's shorts, playing with him. I quickly put my hand on his ass and started rubbing and squeezing. I was so hard right now I thought I might end up cumming in my pants if I wasn't careful.

Grant climbed out of the truck and then leaned in and kissed me, and then kissed Max as well. The three of us stood there making out for several minutes, our hands roving over each other's bodies. I was so worked up by this point that I was afraid I might have an accident if I wasn't careful. I had a feeling that Grand and Max were in a similar condition. I knew they were both hard just from when I touched them.

Finally I couldn't take it anymore and suggested that we go out onto the field and do what we all wanted and needed. As soon as we started walking toward the middle of the field Max took his shirt off and Grant and I pulled ours off as well. Max has a nice upper body which I already knew from rubbing and playing with him earlier and I knew he had a nice size cock as well, also from playing with him earlier. I couldn't wait to get him completely naked out on the fifty yard line and drop to my knees and I knew he was just as eager to do the same to both of us.

When we finally reached the middle of the field we didn't waste any time talking or making out. The three of us quickly stripped and Max dropped to his knees and took both of us at once.

Grant and I of course returned the favor and the three of us lay there on the middle of the field for a couple of hours before we finally just couldn't perform any more. We had all gotten off multiple times and were just too tired to continue.

We lay there for about twenty minutes while we recovered and then got dressed and headed back to the truck. It was time to take Max home and then Grant and I needed to head for home ourselves. It was nearing midnight and while I didn't have a curfew as such, I didn't want to abuse mom and dad's trust by getting home too late.

We dropped Max off at his house and the three of us promised that we would definitely hook up again at the first opportunity. Grant and I intended to keep our ears open for further hookups as often as we could. There were several out gay boys in Chouteau and I was sure that at least some of them would probably be interested. There was Mason and Kaden, Gage and Brenner, Connor and Alex, and of course there was always Jessie. I had the feeling that we would be hooking up on a regular basis for the remainder of our time in high school and probably college as well. Whether we would still be together after leaving high school was doubtful but who knows what may happen in the future. I intended to have as much fun in the present as I could and see how things worked out. That's all I could do I guess.


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