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Grant and Marty

by Victor Thomas

Football practice had started earlier this week in preparation for the upcoming season. School would start in another three weeks and our first game was scheduled for early September.

I'm Grant Reyer and I'm a sophomore in high school, in a little town in southeast Kansas called Choteau. Oh, and I'm gay, not that it's a big deal anymore here in my school. I'm not out, but not because I'm scared of what might happen to me, but because I have just never seen the need to make a big deal out of it.

I know it sounds surprising that my school is mostly accepting of gay people, considering we're a small school in rural Kansas, but let me explain. About five years ago when I was just starting Junior High, two boys were outed. Needless to say that didn't go over very well, as you might expect. Nikolas and Corey had just moved to town over the summer after their father's had retired from the navy. I don't know the whole story because they were several years older than me, but I remember hearing about some of the things that were going on at the time.

Neither boy was part of what you would call the popular crowd; in fact they were just the opposite, which meant they were the targets of the bullies and the jocks. Guys like me basically. The jock part that is, not the bully part. You know what I'm talking about. But the thing is, they fought back and usually came out on top because they were smart, knew how to fight, and knew how to use the system. Naturally, they managed to piss off a lot of people, including several teachers and the principal in the process.

Both boys were ganged up on and beaten, almost killed actually, but they didn't back down which pissed off people even more. They even forced the school to allow them to attend a school dance together as a couple, obtaining a court order after the principal threatened to cancel the whole thing. They also organized the school's gay straight alliance support group, again fighting the system and getting the ACLU and the Human Rights Campaign involved.

Both boys became local celebrities and even made appearances on the local TV news, which was picked up by Good Morning America and the Today Show , as well as CNN, MSNBC and Fox .

It wasn't long after that that several other students came out as well, including four jocks, members of the football team.

At first that set off a lot of people, but things eventually calmed down, at least initially. Bullying still went on, of course, but with them fighting back, and winning, it became apparent that they weren't going to go away, and now they had some popular athletes on their side.

The football coach at the time was very homophobic and had initially tried to kick the four players off the team. Choteau High is not a very big school and had less than twenty boys on their team, and these four were some of the best. One of them was the quarterback who had a winning record and the team was poised to make the playoffs and maybe even go to the state championship.

If there's one thing about small town America that's more important than anything else, it's high school football. In some ways it's even more important than church. It is religion to a lot of people. The local boosters may not have been happy about it, but they were not going to destroy the chance of going to state just because some of the players were gay.

A year later our team ended up as state champions for our school size, something that had never happened before and hasn't happened since.

I guess my point in all this is that those guys paved the way for gay students and athletes in Choteau High School. Things are still not perfect, of course, but they are a lot better because of those boys.

I am out to my parents, however. My dad had caught me looking at pictures of boys on the internet and had asked me point blank if I was gay. I'll never forget that night. It wasn't the best way to come out to my parents, but at least I'm finally out and they seem perfectly okay with it.

"What the hell are you looking at?" dad said to me, standing there looking at my computer screen. I tried to minimize it but it was already too late. "Are those pictures of boys you're looking at? Naked boys? Jesus Christ, are you a fucking fag or something?"

Dad turned around and walked out of my room before I had a chance to say anything to him. I don't know what I would have said anyway but I knew I had to tell both my mom and dad so I quickly ran downstairs and said, "mom, dad, I think we need to talk."

We sat down in the living room and talked for over an hour. I wasn't sure what to expect, but one thing I knew for a fact was that I wouldn't be beaten or kicked out of my house. My parents may be strict at times, but they had never done anything bad to me, and I knew they loved me and I loved them.

Of course my father wasn't very happy when I told him I was gay and he ranted for several minutes before finally calming down and then coming over and hugging me. My mother then kissed and hugged me as well. She wasn't very happy either, but she had remained mostly calm.

I'm fifteen years old and here lately I've been thinking about trying to find myself a boyfriend. Like all teenage boys, I'm horny as hell all the fucking time and I need someone, if for no other reason than just sex, although I'm looking for more than just a fuck buddy. I'm tired of jerking off two and three times a day.

I knew there had to be other gay boys in my high school. There's only about a hundred fifty students total and if the statistics are right there should be around fifteen gay kids. You've got to figure maybe half of them are girls which still means possibly five to seven gay boys. If I could only find someone.

Earlier this spring I remember hearing a rumor about a boy named Jeremy. The story was that he had dumped his girlfriend because he was gay. I never did hear anything definite about him, just the rumors, and you know how rumors can spread. There must have been at least some element of truth to it however, because I happened to be sitting in the Hornet's Nest one day when they were there eating some ice cream and they got into a small argument. I remember hearing her yell at him, and then the next thing I knew she had dumped her chocolate sundae on his head and ran out the door crying.

People talked about that for several days but eventually something else came along for people to talk about. Couples are always getting together or breaking up, or someone is fucking around on their boyfriend or girlfriend. Typical high school bullshit.

Jeremy finally graduated and again I heard through the rumor mill that he had caused a big incident in his church and just disappeared without a trace. No one seems to know what happened to him, but again that's old news by now. Everyone soon forgot about it.

There were two gay boys who were out and dating each other, Gage, a very cute redhead, and Brenner, a brown haired boy. Neither one of them were athletes, but they weren't part of the looser crowd either. They were in the middle I guess you could say.

I thought about it for a couple of days before deciding to approach them. I figured that since they were out they might know of another boy that I could date.

It turned out they did know a couple of guys. At first they had hesitated to tell me, feeling it wasn't their place to out someone. I understood that. I can't know another person's circumstances so I don't feel like I have the right to out someone, if I knew someone that is.

Finally, three days later between first and second period, they approached me and told me they had talked to the other boys and that it was okay to tell me who they were.

"Grant, can we talk to you for a few minutes during lunch?" Gage asked me.

"Sure Gage, what's up?"

"It's about what you asked us the other day," Brenner said. "We need to talk somewhere privately for a few minutes."

"Sure guys. I tell you what, I'll eat real quickly and meet you outside and we can talk there. I hope this is good news."

"Oh, I think you'll be happy," Gage said, smiling.

I had a hard time concentrating during the rest of my morning classes as you might imagine. I just wondered who it was that they were talking about. Hopefully it was someone nice looking and who wasn't an asshole.

As soon as the bell rang for lunch I ran straight to the cafeteria and got my food. I sat down and ate as fast as I could, barely chewing anything, just swallowing as quickly as I could. I was eager to find out who Gage and Brenner were talking about.

My friends and teammates notice how I was eating and how nervous I seemed to be and finally Alan said, "Grant, what the fuck is up with you. You got a hot date or something? You haven't said a word during lunch and you're practically swallowing your food whole."

"Yeah dude, what's going on with you?" Jason said.

I noticed Marty looking at me and smiling, but I thought nothing of it at the time.

"Nothing is going on guys," I said. "It's just that I'm meeting someone after I eat, that's all. I just can't talk about it, okay."

"Okay," everyone said.

I quickly finished eating, jumped up and dumped my tray and headed for the back door leading outside behind the school.

About five minutes later Gage and Brenner showed up and walked over to me.

"So who is it," I asked without even saying hello or anything. I was anxious to find out who else might be gay so I could figure out if I was interested in approaching him.

"Let's sit down and talk," Brenner said, motioning toward one of the picnic tables scattered around the small area.

We quickly sat down and then Gage said, "Okay, we talked to both boys and they both agreed that we could tell you about them. They're not out yet, although one of them is obviously gay so you probably won't be all that surprised. That's Jessie, of course."

"Well yeah, that's no surprise. Jessie is so gay a blind man can see it. He is cute, I'll say that, but I really have no interest in him, other than maybe just a quick fuck that is. Who else is there? You said there were two of them."

"You're right," Brenner said. "The other boy is someone who you would least expect. He has quite the reputation around the school as a real ladies man. He's dated several different girls and is on the football team. I think you'll be very happy when we tell you."

"So who is it already," I yelled. "Fuck, you got my hopes up. I hope you're not just fucking with my head."

They both smiled and let out a little laugh.

"Okay, Grant. Jesus! It's Marty Doan."

"Get the fuck out of here," I said. "There's no way that Marty is gay. Christ, he's fucked more girls than anyone in this school. Now come on, who is it really?"

"It really is Marty," Gage said. "We wouldn't bullshit you on something like this."

Jessie Ross was hardly a surprise. He was a cute blond haired, blue eyed boy, but he was gay as a motherfucker. He fit all the stereotypes of gays, effeminate, talked with a lisp, swishy, limp wristed, flounced around all over the place, all that shit. He was cute as hell, no doubt, and had a nice body, and I would fuck him in a heartbeat, but he wasn't someone I wanted to date.

I was looking more for someone like me. He didn't necessarily have to be a jock, although that would be a plus, but I wanted someone more masculine. I know that makes me seem shallow, but I'm a high school kid who has a certain image to uphold, so give me a fucking break.

I was shocked when Gage and Brenner told me about Marty. David Martin Doan, or Marty as everyone called him, was not only a jock; he was the star quarterback of our football team. Jesus, how fucking hot was that? Marty was about as hot as they come, black hair, green eyes, built like a brick shithouse. In other words, a walking, talking wet dream.

He didn't know about me yet, but I intended to talk to him the next chance I got and see what happened. My chance happened to be that very afternoon, during football practice. It had been raining most of the day but that didn't mean practice would be canceled. Coach Barrett wouldn't let a little thing like rain and mud stop us.

School had just started a week earlier and our first game was scheduled for this Friday. It would be our home opener.

We had been practicing for almost a month already, every day, first thing in the morning, before school had started back and every day after school now and we were starting to come together as a team finally.

I wanted to approach Marty and see if he was interested in going out with me, but I kept hesitating for some reason. I still had a hard time believing he was gay. Marty was currently dating one of the cheerleaders and had dated several girls in the past. He had a reputation as being quite the ladies' man and he never failed to let everyone know how much pussy he was getting. All teenage boys brag about that however, and most of it is total bullshit. If those guys got even ten percent of the pussy they claimed they got they wouldn't have time for anything else other than eating and sleeping. I guarantee most of them are still virgins, but you would never know by all the talk.

I finally made up my mind to at least ask Marty out and see what happened. I was sort of scared but I had to try. I didn't want to look back years from now and wonder what might have been.

I mentioned previously that the school was mostly accepting of gay students, but there were still a few assholes out there. Homophobia wasn't tolerated, but that wouldn't stop me from getting beat up if I wasn't careful.

I decided to approach Marty right after practice on Thursday, the day before our first game. I thought I'd wait until everyone was through and leaving and catch him alone, but things didn't quite work out that way.

Since tomorrow was our first game, Coach Barrett was taking it a little easier on us today. Practices are normally brutal, running around the track to warm up, then full uniform, including pads and helmets, but today it was just our uniforms.

It had been raining most of the day today and the football field was a muddy mess, but that didn't matter. Unlike other sports, football games were played in the rain, and even snow on occasion, so we practiced that way as well.

After our usual running drills, Coach Barrett divided us into two teams and we were going to play a game so he could see if there were going to be any problems before tomorrow. I was on one team and Marty was on the other.

Everyone was soaking wet and muddy from playing and rolling around on the field. Marty was looking exceptionally hot, with dirt on his face and his arms, and the way his shirt clung to his hot body. Jesus! I was in desperate need to go somewhere and take care of some personal business, if you know what I mean, but obviously I couldn't leave the game. Football pants are rather tight so I just hope someone didn't notice my boner.

Marty's team had the ball. The center hiked the ball and Marty dropped back to throw a pass but I broke through the line and ran toward him.

Marty saw me coming toward him and dodged me several times while he looked for a receiver downfield. I finally managed to grab him before he threw the ball and we both fell to the ground, him landing on top of me. We weren't supposed to actually tackle each other because we weren't in full uniform, but we both slipped in the mud.

I still can't believe what happened next. Marty was laying right on top of me and I'm sure he could feel my hardon. He just smiled at me, looked around and then leaned down and kissed me, right on the lips. Oh my fucking god, Marty had kissed me. My first kiss ever and it came from one of the hottest guys in school. It was like my birthday, Christmas and the fourth of July all in one. Fireworks went off in my crotch, at least that's what it felt like. I had never been so excited in my life. I was completely shocked and didn't know how to react.

"I hear you're looking for a boyfriend," he said, a shit eating grin on his face. "Would you like to go somewhere and talk after practice? Maybe we can take a drive and get a bite to eat somewhere."

I looked at him for what seemed like an eternity, but probably not more than three seconds, too shocked to say anything. Finally, I stuttered briefly as I replied. "Ssssurre Marty. We can go to the Hornet's Nest or somewhere else if you want.

"We'll talk more after practice," he said.

He stood up and then reached down and pulled me up. I had a hard time concentrating the rest of practice and Coach Barrett yelled at me several times.

"Reyer, you need to get to get your fucking head out of your ass and focus. God damn it Grant, concentrate. Jesus Christ, what the hell are you doing?"

You get the idea. I was so excited about meeting up with Marty after practice my head wasn't in the game. Thank god it was only practice or I would have been pulled by now.

By the time practice was over I was a nervous wreck. I wondered if Marty was the same way. I noticed he had fucked up a few plays as well and Coach Barrett had yelled at him also. He was the starting quarterback in tomorrow's game so I hoped he got it together before then. Maybe our talk later will settle us both down.

I was so god damned horny after practice that I almost didn't take a shower, but I also didn't want to smell like a pig and I was covered in mud so I finally decided I had to. I didn't want the other guys to see my boner and think I was thinking about them. I normally was, but tonight I was thinking only about Marty, but they didn't need to know about that. I managed to calm down enough to make it to the shower but the sight of all that hot, naked, male flesh caused me to start getting hard again. I quickly turned on the cold water to help me lose my hardon. It had the desired effect, but I knew it wouldn't last for long so I hurried up and finished so I could get dressed before anyone noticed.

Everyone else finished and got dressed and Marty came up to me and said, "meet me at my car in two minutes and we'll go somewhere and talk."

As soon as I got to the car Marty asked me, "so where do you want to go?"

"Well, we could go to the Hornet's Nest ," I said.

The Hornet's Nest was a local restaurant where a lot of the students hung out. It was named after our school mascot, the Green Hornet's .

"Probably not a good idea," Marty said. "Most of the guys are probably headed there and we need somewhere where we won't be disturbed. How about we head over to Joplin? We can talk on the way."

"That's fine," I said, pulling out my phone. "Just let me call home and let my parents know I won't be home right away."

"Good idea," Marty said as he pulled out his own phone.

After we both talked to our parents we drove out of the football field parking lot and started driving toward Joplin Missouri, the nearest city, about forty five minutes away.

"So how did you know?" I asked. "I mean that I was gay and looking for a boyfriend."

"Gage and Brenner told me. I don't think they meant to, it just sort of slipped out when they were asking me if it was alright to tell you about me. As soon as I heard your name I immediately said yes. You're a very hot guy, Grant. I've fantasized about you on more than one occasion, let me tell you."

"Thanks, Marty. You're very hot as well. I've also fantasized about you on more than one occasion. In fact, after you kissed me after that tackle that's all I could do. I'm sure you noticed I kept fucking up during practice. My mind just wasn't on the game."

"I fucked up a few times as well, Grant, as you no doubt noticed."

"Yeah, I noticed. You know, the funny thing is, I intended to talk to you after practice, but you beat me to the punch, so to speak."

"Probably not a smart thing to do but I couldn't resist. I'm just glad none of the guys apparently noticed or we both would have been in trouble. Most of the guys are probably cool about gays, but to have it thrown in their face abruptly like that would probably have upset most of them."

"No doubt," I said. "But I am curious, Marty. I mean you're dating Laura, one of the prettiest girls in school and you've dated several girls in the past. You have quite the reputation and you yourself are always bragging about all the girls you've fucked. Are you gay or are you bi or what the fuck?"

"You want the truth, Grant? I'm almost positive I'm gay. You're right, I have dated a few girls in the last year, and I know I have a reputation, but it's all bullshit. The truth is, I'm still a virgin. Everyone thinks I've fucked all these girls and I play along with that and help it along by bragging about it. It helps keep my secret and the girls can tell their friends that they've slept with me. Everyone wins."

"Damn, no shit? You're really a virgin? I know how that is. I suffer from the same problem but I'm hoping to cure it soon."

Hopefully Marty will help me out in that area, but I'm not ready to tell him that just yet. Maybe after we've been out a couple of times.

"Yeah, no shit, Grant. I've had plenty of opportunities but I just never have followed through. Girls are just as horny as boys after all and I'm sure they talk about us like we talk about them. As you said, I've dated several girls in the last year. Whenever they started getting too aggressive I always break it off with them. And believe me, I intend to help you cure your case of virginity and you can help me out as well. Hopefully real soon."

"Yeah, no shit. So who else knows, other than Gage and Brenner and now me, of course?"

"Only my best friend since kindergarten, Adam. I told him a couple of months ago. He was shocked and a little pissed off at first, but he came around a few days later and we're still best friends. I don't know what I'd do without him. He's been really cool about all this."

"What about your parents?" I asked.

"Oh hell no," Marty said. "While I don't think they would beat me or throw me out on the street, my dad would be pissed. He was a big football player when he went to this high school and I think he's reliving a lot of memories through me. He's not the type that could accept having a gay son, or at least that's what I've always assumed. My mom would probably accept me for the most part; at least I think she would. She would probably be upset at first, but I think she would come around quickly enough. What about you?"

"Well, my best friend Alvaro knows. He figured it out several months ago."

"Yeah, he's that cute Mexican kid isn't he? How did he figure it out?"

"Actually, he's not Mexican. His parents were, but Alvaro was born in the U.S. so he's American just like me and you. His parents are citizens too, as far as I know. But to answer your question, he figured it out because he noticed that I rarely talked about girls and never had a girlfriend or even acted like I wanted one. He had offered to set me up a time or two but I always found an excuse to stop him. He didn't straight up ask if I was gay, but just kind of talked about gays in general and said he would be cool having a gay friend. I still hesitated at first, but finally told him. And he was cool about it, even offering to keep his eyes and ears open for a potential boyfriend. I can't wait until I can tell him I found a boyfriend. Oh, shit, I think I'm jumping the gun a little. Me and you aren't boyfriends yet, but I think I might like to be."

"I think I would like that too," Marty said. "But let's just see what happens first. Maybe we can go out on Saturday night and see a movie or something and go from there. Okay?"

"Okay," I replied.

"You know, a part of me just wants to go somewhere right now and make out with you."

Marty's face was turning red from embarrassment.

"Don't be embarrassed Marty," I said. "I'm thinking the same thing right now. Fuck going to Joplin. Just find some country road so we can pull into a field and make out."

Shit, I was ready to do more than make out right now, but I didn't tell Marty that. Christ, I was ready to suck his dick right now, or any number of other things. I wanted to fuck someone and maybe get fucked, although I wasn't sure about that. I mean, it had to hurt like hell, didn't it. When the time came I wondered who would get fucked and who would do the fucking. From what I had read it was usually only one way, but I think I would want to switch back and forth. I know I'm getting ahead of myself, this was my first time ever even going somewhere with another gay boy and I was already thinking about sex. Give me a fucking break already, I'm a horny teenage boy.

"I'm so fucking horny right now," Marty said as he turned off the highway. "I'd love to suck your dick right now. That's something I've fantasized about for over a year now."

"Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing you know. I've fantasized about sucking dick for almost a year now, ever since I finally was able to admit to myself that I was indeed gay. Just find somewhere to park and let's see what happens."

Marty quickly turned onto one of the dirt roads and soon he found a spot that turned into a corn field. He pulled behind a row of trees that ran along the road and quickly turned off the car engine.

The night was still warm so we got out of the car and Marty opened the trunk and pulled out a blanket. He had come prepare for this it seemed.

We both quickly spread the blanket on the ground and then we were standing there kissing and making out like crazy. By now I was so horny and so hard that I knew I wouldn't last long. I had fantasized about this but had never actually kissed anyone before.

I could feel that Marty was as hard as I was but he had made out with girls before so he probably wasn't quite as excited as I was. We were kissing and groping each other and all of a sudden I reached the point of no return. I felt my whole body shudder and I could feel myself cumming in my pants. Marty felt it as well because he just smiled and the next thing I knew he was having a similar reaction.

We were both able to recover quickly and the next thing I knew Marty was lifting my shirt and pulling it over my head. I let him and did the same with his shirt. We then lay there making out shirtless, our bodies rubbing against each other, and I could feel his cock getting hard again, as was mine.

We continued to make out for another hour or so but that was as far as we went that night. We both wanted to go further but decided to hold off for now. We wanted to get to know each other a little better before doing that. I have no doubt that we will do anything and everything eventually, and will most likely take the next step on Saturday night when we go out.

Our first game of the season is tomorrow night and we both wanted to be at full strength and fully prepared for that.

So, that's how I Marty and I got together and so far things are going great. Things can only get better, or so I've been told, so we'll see what happens.

The End


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