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Weekend at the Lake

by Victor Thomas

September 2020


It's Labor Day, the last holiday weekend of the summer, and I'm on my way to Grand Lake with my parents. Dad is pulling his speed boat. My grandparents have a cabin down on the lake, and we come here several times each summer. I've been coming my whole life, as has dad, ever since he was a boy. It's become sort of a family tradition.

I'm Dustin Seeley by the way. You may remember me as being Logan's best friend. He used to come with me a lot, but ever since he started dating Jayden the two of the spend most of their time together. Not that I mind. I like spending time with my girlfriend, Mindi, as well.

School has been going on for about two weeks now, and so far, everything is going okay. We've managed to avoid any Covid-19 cases so far, which is better than some of the other area schools which have had to close after several students had tested positive. I really hope I'm wrong, but I think it's probably inevitable that someone at my school will be exposed as well.

I already mentioned that I have a girlfriend, and I do like girls, boy do I like girls, but… in the last several months I've started become more and more curious about what it would be like to be with a boy. I'd just like to try it once and see what I think. Does that make me bi? Probably, but I still think I like girls more.

I've had sex with Mindi on three different occasions so there's no doubt that I like pussy. And yet…

I remember when Logan first told me he was gay, almost a year ago. I admit that I was a little freaked out at first, but that quickly passed. He's been my best friend forever, and I couldn't let something as minor as that affect everything we had together.

He had asked me at the time if I liked girls and naturally, I had told him yes. At the time I did, and I still do. But things change over time.

I had even asked I if he thought I was cute, and when he said yes, well that kind of made my day. I mean, if a gay boy thinks you're cute than you must be, right? To his credit, Logan has never once tried to hit on me, even though I'm sure he's thought about it.

So, it was in April that school was let out because of the coronavirus. I never thought I'd miss school, but I really did. It just seemed weird being home every day, able to stay up late and sleep late if I wanted. I was lazy for about the first week, blowing off my homework and staying up late and everything, but dad cracked down after that. I'm glad he did actually, but I'll never admit that to him.

Logan has always had problems with algebra and other higher mathematics, so I had suggested that he ask Jayden to help him out. I had also suggested that he ask Jayden out on a date, even though they didn't have many options about things to do since most everything was closed down.

I had also managed to find myself a girlfriend shortly before all this shit started happening, so I considered myself fortunate. It took some doing on my part, but I finally convinced Mindi to give me some pussy. Since I know that you're all gay and don't want to hear about any of that, I'll just skip ahead.

Logan had commented one day about how cute he thought Jayden was and I had to agree with him. That caused him to then ask me if I was sure I didn't like boys, at least a little. That's when I finally told him about being curious and maybe trying it, at least once, to see what I thought.

Which brings us to this weekend.

We left Chouteau around four and arrived in Grove, right on Grand Lake, around five thirty. We drove to the boat ramp and got the boat in the water and then dad and I drove it over to the dock near the cabin, while mom drove the truck and trailer to meet us there. Dad let me drive it, he just sat and insured I didn't do anything crazy. After we got everything secured, we unhooked the trailer put all our stuff inside the cabin, and drove into town to eat supper, before returning to sleep for the night. Tomorrow, Sunday and Monday were going to be three fun filled days on the water.

We usually go to a place called Café Beyond at least once every time we come down here. It's a nice little restaurant, with good food at reasonable prices.

We had just settled into our booth, when a group of six high school boys wondered in and took the big booth in the corner across from us. They were all decent looking, but one boy in particular caught my eye. I could feel something stirring in my nuts that I didn't completely understand. I've never felt anything like this before with a boy. I've felt it plenty of times around girls, so I knew what it meant. Like I mentioned earlier, I know when a guy is good looking, and have even thought about what it would be like to fuck a boy, but I ever actually felt anything like this before.

But, if you saw this boy, you would understand. He was probably around five eight or nine and maybe a hundred twenty-five pounds, if that. He had his brown hair cut short on the sides, but it was longer on the top and had blond highlights in it, with bangs that hung almost in his blue eyes. Jesus!

He was wearing short, baggy gray shorts and had a white American Eagle t-shirt on. And get this. The boy was wearing braces on his teeth, which for some weird reason, I thought I would like to try sucking off as I was kissing him. Where the fuck did that come from? I can't believe what I'm thinking right now!

He was probably sixteen, the same age as me and just very good looking, at least to me. He looked right at me and smiled as he and his friends sat down, him on the outside so he was facing me. As soon as he sat down, he spread his legs open so that I could get a good look at his crotch and I did the same thing in return. I just couldn't seem to help myself.

He looked me right in the eyes as he reached down and adjusted himself, and then smiled at me. I swear to god! Naturally, I had to adjust myself as well after that. What the hell? I've never felt anything like this about another boy before, and I didn't even know this boy. Not even the boys at school, who I did know, had ever gotten a reaction like this.

Maybe it was because I didn't know this kid, and if anything should actually happen, which is doubtful, no one at school would ever know, especially Mindi. There's no doubt I'll tell Logan about all this. He is my best friend after all, but no one else. Well, maybe Jayden, but that's it.

Just then, our waiter came around with our drinks and then took our order. He was a high school kid as well and seemed to know the group of boys at the other table. Everyone ordered fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans. After Blake took our orders, he told everyone that we could visit the salad bar as well.

During all this, the boy in the gray shorts kept opening and closing his legs, rubbing his crotch occasionally licking his lips and just generally kept flirting with me. I couldn't help it. I was getting seriously aroused as I flirted back. It's a good thing I was wearing loose fitting shorts myself, otherwise I would have been seriously embarrassed when I stood up to get a salad.

As I walked by his table, I looked him right in the eyes and made a motion with my head for him to follow me. I can't believe I had the balls to do something like that. I knew we couldn't talk inside, I didn't want to take a chance on being overheard, so I quickly went out the door to the parking lot. He followed me.

"I can't believe I've got the balls to do something like this," I said, "but I noticed you as soon as you walked in. I'm Dustin Seeley, by the way."

"I'm Dillon Wyatt," he said. "I noticed you as well, Dustin. Something about you caught my eye. I've never done anything like this myself, but I thought, what the hell. I've never seen you in school so I figured you weren't from around here, so I said screw it."

"You live here in Grove?" I asked.

"Born and raised," he said. "What about you?"

"I live in a little town called Chouteau, up in Kansas. Maybe fifty or sixty miles from here. My parents and I are here for the long weekend. My grandparents have a little cabin on the lake."

"I think I know where you're talking about," he said. "At least I think I've heard of it."

"There's not much there," I said. "It's a nice enough place I suppose, but I can't wait to get away from it."

We talked for about two more minutes before I finally said, "I'd like to continue talking, Dillon, but mom and dad are probably wondering where the hell I disappeared to. But let me get your phone number and maybe we can talk more later tonight."

We quickly exchanged numbers and I turned to head back inside.

"Just one more thing, Dustin," he said. "I know we just met, but you're very hot. Do you think you might be interested in…"? He didn't finish the sentence, just grinned and raised his eyebrows a couple of times.

"I think I would be, Dillon," I said. "I've never done anything like this before, but we'll talk later. But I really do need to get back inside before mom and dad notice. Not that they'd care but I just don't want a lot of questions. You understand?"

"Yeah," he said. "I'll talk to you later then."

I turned and walked back inside and quickly made myself a salad, and then walked back over to the table. Holy shit! I could have found myself a fuck buddy for the night, or maybe the whole weekend.

"Where did you disappear to?" mom asked me, when I sat down.

"Oh, I was just talking to my friend, Dillon," I said. "Logan and I met him earlier this year and we just happened to run into each other tonight." I was lying out my ass, but I had to come up with something. "He was wondering if I could hang out with him later for a little while. I told him I'd have to ask you first."

"I suppose you can," dad said. "Just don't be drinking, or getting into any kind of trouble. Just be back at a reasonable time."

"Thanks, dad," I said. "Don't worry, I won't do anything crazy. We're probably just gonna drive around for a while and he's going to show me some other areas around the lake."

Not really, I thought, but I wasn't about to tell them what I hoped would really happen. Some things parents just don't need to know about.

I quickly texted Dillon to let him know that we could get together as soon as we were finished eating, and asked if he had a car.

He replied back and said we could meet in about an hour, not wanting to rush our meal. He looked over at me and smiled, then rubbed his crotch, like he was ready to go, right now. I know I was, but I also wanted to finish eating, and didn't want to appear to be in a big hurry. I didn't want mom and dad to get to suspicious.

Dillon continued flirting with me for the next hour while we finished our meal. Him and his friends were also talking and carrying on.

We finally finished and dad went up to pay the bill while mom and I headed toward the door. Dillon stood up and followed us out a few seconds later and walked up to us, just as dad arrived.

"Mom, dad, this is my friend, Dillon," I said, introducing them. "Dillon is the guy I told you about earlier, the friend I made a few months ago. Dillon, this is my mom and dad."

"It's nice to meet you, Dillon," mom said. "What are you boys gonna do tonight?"

"I thought Dustin and me would drive around for a while, so I can show him some of the sights, such as they are," he said. "After that, we might go to my house and play some video games, or maybe watch a little TV."

"Just have fun, son" dad said, "and remember what I told you. Just be home at a reasonable hour, or at least call if you decide to stay over."

"Thanks, dad," I said. "I promise I won't do anything bad, and I'll let you and mom know something, one way or the other."

"Have fun, dear," mom said.

Dillon and I walked over to his car and climbed in.

"My parents are gone for the weekend," he said, grinning. "My brother is with his girlfriend, so I have the whole house to myself. Any ideas what you might want to do?"

He looked at me and grinned, like he knew exactly what he wanted to do, and was hoping I would as well.

"I have something I have been wanting to try for several months now," I told him. "But first, I need to tell you something about myself. But first off, can I assume that you're gay?"

"I'm as gay as a person can be," he said. "I like sucking cock, eating ass, and fucking and getting fucked."

I smiled as I said, "I'm glad to hear that."

"I've never actually done any of that," he admitted, "but I've wanted to for the last two years. I'm sure I'll like it."

"I'm sure you will. But I need to tell you straight up that I'm not gay, Dillon. I like girls and I have a girlfriend at home, and her and I have fucked a few times."

"Oh," he said, a look of disappointment on his face. "I was so looking forward to you and me…"

"We still can," I said. "That's why I got together with you. I think I might be bi. My best friend is gay, and he has a boyfriend. For the last several months, I've kind of thought I might like to try being with another boy, just to see what I'm missing out on. I'm curious, and when you started flirting with me, I thought maybe this was the opportunity I've been waiting for. Nobody knows me here, and there's no chance of Mindi finding out."

"What are we waiting for. We can go to my house and straight to my bedroom, if you want. I'm anxious to try something, anything."

"As am I."

He quickly started his car, pulled out of the parking lot and drove toward his house, speeding a little bit, I'm sure. We arrived about ten minutes later and quickly walked inside, into the living room.

I don't know what came over me, but I quickly grabbed him and pulled him in for a kiss. He was surprised that I moved so fast, as was I, but he quickly kissed me back, and the two of us stood there for several minutes making out. I could feel my dick getting hard, and I could feel that he was the same as well.

Kissing another boy was actually hotter than I had thought it might be. I enjoyed making out with Mindi, but this was something different, and actually a lot of fun. Not what I expected.

He then reached over and pulled his t-shirt over his head, and then reached for mine as well. Soon, we were standing bare chest to bare chest, rubbing each other's chest's and stomachs. Before I knew what was happening, Dillon was licking and sucking on my nipples, going from one to the other, and then kissing and licking my stomach. The boy clearly knew what he wanted.

I reached down and groped him, and I could feel his body shudder as he shot a load into his pants. This caused the same reaction from me.

"Let's go to my bedroom," he said, grabbing me by the hand and pulling me up the stairs.

We had no sooner entered his room, and he closed and locked the door, when he pushed me back onto his bed, kicked his shoes off, then unbuttoned and pulled his shorts off as well, standing there in his underwear. I could see a dark spot in front that he had made a few minutes earlier. Jesus, how hot it that?

He then proceeded to pull my shoes off, then jerked my shorts down and tossed the on the floor. By now, I was already hard again, as was he. The boy didn't waste any time going for what he wanted.

He quickly dropped to his knees, pulled my boxers off and put my dick in his mouth. He moved so fast I didn't even have time to react. For someone who has never done anything like this before, he really seemed to be getting into it. I enjoyed the hell out of it, and didn't last more than a minute at the most.

I've heard that gay guys give better head than girls, and I think there's some truth to that. Mindi has only sucked me like three times, somewhat reluctantly, and while it's always good, there's no comparison to what Dillon was doing, and this was his first time. The boy was really getting into it, and seemed to enjoy it. I can imagine what it will be like as he gets more practice.

I hesitated for several seconds before I finally said, fuck it, and went for it. I've been wanting to try it, and now was my chance. I quickly reached over, grabbed his cock, and before I could chicken out, I pulled it into my mouth. I don't know what I expected, but surprisingly, I kind of enjoyed doing it. Weird, right?

The two of us continued making out more, and we even sucked each other off again, but that was as far as we went tonight. Finally, we took a shower together, and I let him play with my butt for a few minutes. He even buried his face in my ass and licked my hole. That seems kind of gross, but it felt really, really good. I couldn't bring myself to do something like that, but I did finger him a little bit, which was kind of fun.

Finally, around midnight, he took me back to the cabin and we promised to get together again before I went home on Monday afternoon.

And we did, both Saturday and Sunday night, and let's just say that by the time I left on Monday afternoon, Dillon was no longer a virgin. I couldn't bring myself to allow him to do the same to me, but who knows, maybe next time I will. And there will be a next time. I'm sure we'll be back down here to the lake at least one or two ore times before it gets too cold, and I suppose I can always drive down on my own if I want to.

So, that's how I spent my Labor Day weekend at the lake. It's been a strange year, with the coronavirus, finding out that my best friend is gay, figuring out that I'm bi, and actually getting with another boy, all the closings, and all the other crap, but it turned out to be pretty good as well, at least for me.

There's no doubt that I like pussy, and having a girlfriend is great, but having a boy I can get with occasionally is also something to look forward to. And Mindi never has to know anything. I can't wait to tell Logan when I get back home. I just want to see the reaction on his face. It'll be priceless.

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