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Logan's Living

Chapter 1

By Wayne Telfer

Logan didn't hate his job, but it certainly wasn't something to make a career of. Being the night janitor at one of the local hotels was simply a way to make the payments on his car and have a bit of cash to party with. But at sixteen, he knew that he really needed to start thinking about where he wanted to go with his life.

Not that he was really much of a party animal. How could he be? He worked five nights a week from eleven in the evening to seven-thirty in the morning. To top that off, his days off were in the middle of the week. Not much chance to party there.

No, Logan's life consisted of working with Woody while his friends were out partying. If the lack of partying wasn't enough, he was forced to work with Woodrow Nash, a forty-five year old has-been whose only big claim in life was that he was God's gift to women. He must be from all the stories he told of the sex he'd experienced during his life. Hell, if the man did half the sex he claimed, his dick would have fallen off years ago. But at least the man was consistent, his stories were always the same no matter how many times he repeated them.

Of course, Logan knew the man to be a fraud. He'd met the man's wife once, and had gotten no pleasure from the meeting. She was a fat, overbearing, shrill woman. In actuality, Woody was hen pecked and dominated by the woman. Logan felt pity for the man, so he simply endured all the outlandish stories; no matter how many times he heard them.

The advantage to Logan's job was that because of the hours he had plenty of opportunity to ogle the cocks of many a drunk man. You see, the night janitors were responsible for breaking down, cleaning and then resetting the three banquet rooms for the following day's events. And since those banquet rooms were in the same part of the hotel as the one bar, well, Logan found he usually had to pee quite a bit during the night.

Many of the men that he caught in the restroom were drunk off their ass and swaying as they pissed and that made it so easy for the boy to take in the view from the next urinal.

But most fun of all for him was that he got to display himself for the men, drunk or sober. That was Logan's passion; displaying himself. He was, quite simply an exhibitionist. It even garnered him a grope from some of the men as they admired his eight and a half inch, circumcised beauty. Besides the size of his cock, Logan also had the advantage of being a red head, which most men found irresistible for some reason.

Logan let his hair grow to just below his ears and he was obsessive about making it always look the best it could. Of course, he helped that along a bit by having blond highlights added to his bright red hair, something that took his hair from unusual to positively exotic. And looking exotic was always an advantage if you were trying to attract men to your bed.

Oh yes, Logan was gay. Happily gay. Not effeminate in the slightest. In fact, the only people who knew that he was gay were those he specifically told, or the men he'd managed to coax into the occasional liaison, most of whom were out of town visitors.

He'd never felt the need or desire to make the gay side of his nature into some sort of social statement. He was the only one that had to live with it, so why advertise? It wasn't that he was afraid of being picked on or abused. Besides being gay isn't all that he was. He was intelligent, sociable, an avid reader, a fair cook, and, oh yes, Logan was a fighter. Not as in competition or boxing. He just wouldn't put up with any crap. He'd made a reputation in school as a warrior for right. He didn't bully anyone and he abhorred seeing others being bullied. He regularly defended the defenseless, whether they knew him or not.

The bullies soon learned that if they wanted to get away with their abusive natures they'd best do it where Logan couldn't intercede on behalf of their victims.

Logan was obsessive about one other part of his appearance and that was his body. He worked out every day in the school weight room and was a regular at the local pool. His was an athletic build. But it was through hard work, not by nature. His five foot, ten inch, one hundred seventy-five pound body was everything he'd made it. Slim, but not skinny. He had a fine set of abs, just a bit of defined pecs and just enough muscle in his arms and legs to make it clear that he had a well sculpted body.

So, here he was, another Saturday night at work. It was nearly closing time for the bar. He had to piss; this time for real, so he headed for the nearest restroom. There were three urinals and he chose the middle one, like he always did. Kind of hard to hide yourself from an inquisitive teenager when you couldn't be separated by an empty station. When he stepped up, he exposed himself like he always did. He unzipped and unbuttoned his pants, spread the opening wide and pulled down the front of his boxers, letting his pubes, cock and balls fly free. It was just habit anymore.

He'd just gotten started when a middle age man came in and took the empty stall next to him. He looked to be in his mid thirties, or so. He was only about three inches taller than Logan, but he was absolutely more muscular. He had that definite look of business man. Well groomed, dark brown hair; clean, fashionable clothing and a pleasant odor, with just a hint of cologne.

He unzipped and pulled out the business end and let fly.

"Way too many beers tonight, I think," he sighed. He then glanced over at Logan. "Kind of young to be out so late, aren't you?" he asked with a smile.

"Employee," smiled Logan right back. "Graveyard janitor."

"Ah, waiting for all the drunks to go home."

"Only remotely. We've still got one banquet room to finish setting up for tomorrow...or rather, today." He laughed, and the man laughed right along with him. He didn't seem drunk.

As was his wont, Logan wasn't standing up close to the urinal. He never did, actually; regardless of where he was or who was there. He watched as the man glanced down at Logan's endowment.

"My goodness," he said. "Oh, I'm sorry, I should probably keep my comments to myself."

"No," smiled Logan, "That's all right. I don't mind." As his stream began to dwindle, he could feel his cock begin to harden. It always did when he knew someone was looking at him in that region.

The man chuckled. "Hmm, I'd say that you more than 'don't mind'. Quite a responsive creature, isn't it?"

Well, this was a pleasant surprise. The man was handsome and seemed interested.

"Happens all the time when handsome guys take an interest." There it was, out in the open. Now, would he be offended or interested?

"Thank you, young man," said the man. "My name is Morgan. Thought you might like to know who was admiring your beauty."

"I'm Logan, Morgan."

"So, now I have a question for you," he said as they continued to stand there, their individual reliefs completed, yet not in any hurry to cover up. "You interested in more than just a bit of a look?"

Logan now looked down very deliberately and saw a fine looking uncut cock, also stiffening, about seven and a half inches long, and nicely thick without being huge.

"Actually, yes, but I have too much work to do to have any time for it."

Morgan laughed at this. "Good, a young man who takes his work responsibilities seriously. Actually, Logan, I'm a bit too tipsy right now anyway. When do you get off work?"


Morgan glanced at his watch. "Well, that would give me a chance for a six hour nap. Would you be up to a bit of fun after you get off? Off work, that is." He laughed at his own jest.

Logan simply smiled. This was quite a nice change. Normally guys he met during working hours wanted their fun right then and lost interest if Logan didn't have the time right then. "That would be a nice way to end my work day."

Morgan reached over tentatively. "May I have a touch before you put it away?"

"Only if I can return the favor."

They turned toward one another and reached out and gently grasped each others' hard cocks, stroking them slowly a couple of times, then letting go. Then Morgan struggled for a few moments trying to get his erect penis back inside the fly of his briefs, while Logan simply pulled his boxers up and closed up his pants.

Logan went to the sinks and washed up while Morgan got himself put back together.

"I guess I should mention, Morgan, I'm only sixteen. Some guys can't deal with that."

"Well, it's not a problem for me," he answered as he too washed. "I wasn't planning on telling the world."

Logan laughed. "Me either."

"Good." When his hands were dry, Morgan pulled out a small appointment book and pen and wrote down his room number and handed the paper to Logan. Then he reached down and gently caressed the front of Logan's pants. "No fair playing with this between now and then, young man."

"You keep that up much longer and I won't have to," laughed Logan.

Morgan laughed as he exited the restroom.

Logan hadn't really exaggerated either. It'd been some time since he'd had any sexual satisfaction from another guy, so he was horny as hell. And Morgan's touch had felt exquisite. There was a quality to it that said he'd be a good partner. At least he was willing to wait, and that said something.

It was hard to concentrate the rest of the morning. But then, the work didn't really require a lot of thought. There was certainly no rocket science involved. Running a vacuum and setting up tables and chairs was fairly simple work.

When seven o'clock rolled around, they were done and simply putting their supplies away for another day. Logan took a moment and walked out to his car and grabbed the clean clothes he always had there and his over night bag. He'd gotten in the habit of having both because he never really knew if he'd suddenly have to run errands after work. There had also been the rare occasion when he'd met someone and they'd wanted to go off somewhere. He'd been without supplies on the last occasion and had sworn he would never let that happen again. He had put together a small athletic bag with his portable CD player and a dildo or two and the necessary condoms and lube, and he now left it in his trunk. This would be the first chance he'd had to actually use it. The clothes were simply because he hated wearing his uniform away from work.

When seven-thirty rolled around, Logan was changed and ready to punch out for the day. He took his uniform out to his car and then headed for the lobby of the hotel. He decided it'd be a good idea to call first and ensure that he was still invited. Morgan hadn't seemed drunk, but it was hard to tell with some people.

The phone rang only once before it was answered.


"Hi Morgan, it's Logan."

"Good morning, Logan. Why are you calling? Changed your mind?"

"No, sir, but I wanted to be sure you hadn't."

"That is very sweet, Logan. No I haven't changed my mind. I'd still like to spend some time with you."

"Great. Then I'll be up in a just a few minutes."

"Looking forward to it."

It took less than five minutes to ride the elevator to the fourth floor and find Morgan's room. When he arrived, he found the door slightly ajar, and so he simply walked in and closed the door behind him. When he turned from closing the door, he found Morgan standing at the end of the small entrance hall wearing a knee length white robe.

"You look marvelous, Logan." He was clearly surprised to see Logan in something other than his uniform.

Logan entered the main room as Morgan backed up. He set down his bag and held out his arms. "You like?"

"Very much. You're a sharp dresser, young man."

And he was. Logan took considerable care with his clothing. He tended to avoid the current trends. He really hated the saggy, baggy look. He'd worked very hard to develop his body and he insisted that his clothing should accentuate that development. It wasn't form-fitting, that would have been just a bit too obvious, but it definitely conformed to his contours just enough to make him proud.

Morgan was more than just a little impressed. Here was a young man that was anything but typical of the current youth. There was a self-assuredness about him; a confidence that belied his youth. He was not out to shock the public. He was not, it seemed, inclined to succumb to the pressures of his contemporaries in the areas of personal grooming and style. The organization could certainly use someone like that.

"So, Morgan, I don't want to seem too forward, but what did you have in mind exactly?"

Morgan smiled. Definitely self-assured. "Well, Logan, that will depend on two things. First would be how much time you have to spare, and second would be, how much experience you have and what you're willing to do."

Logan couldn't help himself, he simply stepped up and gave Morgan a quick hug.

"What was that for?" asked Morgan.

"For being considerate of my desires and needs, Morgan. It's very unusual. I usually have to take what I can get in a quick wham-bam-thank you man sort of encounter." Logan was all smiles. This was going to be something different, he didn't doubt that. "So, in answer to your questions, one; I have all the hours of the day. It's summer, so no school. I have the next two days off, and I've already told my parents that I would probably be away most of the weekend visiting friends. To answer your second question, I have considerable experience. I really don't know how to say this without sounding crude, so I'll just say it. I've sucked my share, never fucked and been fucked, I love to kiss, and enjoy a good cuddle afterwards."

Morgan laughed hard at that salvo. "Well, that's clear enough," he said after he'd recovered.

"But I'd really like a shower first, Morgan. You shouldn't have to put up with my aromatic body after eight hours of lifting barges and toting bales."

Morgan loved this boy. He was well spoken and had a very lively sense of humor. And...he was considerate and clean. The more he learned, the more he knew he had to try to recruit this boy.

"Well, Logan, you can certainly have your shower. But how would you feel about letting me watch you undress?"

Logan grew silent as he contemplated this handsome man. He seemed like an awful lot of fun. His enjoyment of Logan's sense of humor seemed genuine. He seemed patient; he hadn't made one move at Logan so far. He really seemed to want something more meaningful than a quick fifteen minutes of sex. Maybe Logan could make this into something special for himself as well.

"Ok," he said and bent down to rummage through his bag. "Have a seat on the chair over there." He pulled out his CD player, the AC adapter, and the external speakers he'd bought special for moments like this. He set all of this on the night stand and checked to make sure his favorite song was cued up. Then he hit play.

Morgan was intrigued by all of this. What did this boy have in mind? And then he got a further surprise, because he'd expected some rap or hip hop music; not the strains of Moody Blues, The Other Side of Life. His attention to the music lasted for only a moment until it became totally irrelevant except as background for what was happening before his eyes.

Logan locked eyes with Morgan and held him spellbound. For his part, Logan was a bit nervous. He'd never done this for anyone before, only for himself in his bedroom. But something in this man's gentle, patient nature prompted him to want to share. Logan danced. He danced slow and seductively. When he was certain that he had Morgan's undivided attention, he began to lose himself in the music.

Morgan was indeed spellbound. This was completely enchanting, and very, very sensual. The boy danced with himself gracefully. His every move was deliciously well balanced. His hands danced over his upper body gently, simple gestures that brought the watcher's eyes to all the essential parts. They weren't meant to turn the boy on, but to drive the watcher mad with desire.

Logan had spent hours in front of his mirror perfecting this dance. He'd always wanted to perform it for someone, but had never found anyone that seemed to have the patience. His movements were designed to smooth the fabric of his clothes over his body to tease his watcher with what was contained beneath. But this was a new experience for Logan. He was seeing the reaction of an audience. An attentive audience. The slight smile on Morgan's face, the relaxed posture of his body all said that he was going to sit there for an eternity if that is what was required to fully enjoy this.

Logan danced like this for two or three minutes before he began to slowly unbutton his shirt, slowly peeling it back. Since he was not wearing a t-shirt, he was able to slowly reveal his chest, then his nipples, which he teased quickly to firmness. Morgan's eyes locked onto those hard nipples and his mouth opened ever so slightly and he moaned in delight.

As much as he would have liked to tease Morgan longer, Logan had to keep up with the music so that the song and the striptease ended simultaneously.

The shirt was soon opened fully, revealing the truly spectacular body that'd been hidden. Morgan was deliriously pleased with what he saw. Just enough definition to please without being grotesque with too much muscle. It was obvious that the boy sun bathed, because he had just a touch of tan. But his skin appeared soft and smooth. Not a blemish anywhere to mar the magnificence of his youth. The shirt was soon pooled on the floor along with the loafers that Logan had kicked off.

Now, Morgan had already seen this beautiful boy's marvelous manhood, but there was a desire to see it revealed slowly like this. There was something that was just so sensual, and yes, sexual, about the slow peeling away of the layers of society's required coverings. It was as if Logan was stripping away the prejudices and phobias of the world as he undid his pants and slowly unzipped them, revealing a rather sexy pair of baby blue bikini briefs.

Well, Morgan couldn't help himself. His body began to react to this remarkable display. Logan smirked briefly as he saw the telltale sign of his audience's growing manhood beneath his robe. It was so gratifying to see that his performance was as good as he'd hoped.

His pants slipped down his legs until he was able to gently kick them off and away. He had another minute or so before the song was due to end, so Logan simply danced, moving slowly and inexorably toward Morgan whose eyes were taking in every delicious detail of his body. They roamed everywhere, not locking onto any one part.

Finally, the time arrived and Logan began inching his briefs down as the song reached for the final crescendo. And just as the final note hung there, fading into the distant silence, Logan stopped. For such a slow, unstrenuous dance, it was amazing how heavily he was breathing.

It took a moment for Morgan to regain his senses, which had been totally overloaded by the dance. But when he did, he applauded slowly. "That was unbelievable, Logan. Spectacular, really. God, if you could bottle that, you'd make a fortune."

Logan blushed.

Morgan couldn't help but see the blush, since it easily reached from his head to his toes. He knew instantly what that meant.

"You've never done that for anyone, have you?"

Logan could only shake his head no.

"Well, Logan, I am honored, truly," he said softly. "That took a lot of courage. I assure you that I've never seen anything like it."

"Thank you." What else could he say. He suddenly felt like a little kid.

Morgan rose and gently took the boy by the shoulders and kissed his forehead and then turned him toward the bathroom. "Why don't you go ahead and take your shower. That'll give me a chance to calm down." He pointed down to his still tented robe.

Logan laughed lightly. "Okay. No playing with it, though."

Morgan gently shoved him toward the bathroom. "No, I'll save it for you. After that performance you deserve your wish."

Well, that had gone far better than he'd expected. Logan had wanted to do that for so long. To have it received so positively was thrilling. He didn't waste any time in the shower. He washed thoroughly and quickly dried himself.

When he exited he found Morgan waiting just outside the bathroom. The man gently wrapped him in his arms. "Thank you for that, Logan."

"You're welcome. I've wanted to do that for someone for a long time." Then he pushed himself away slightly. "But this isn't fair." With that he reached down, untied the robe, opened it up and pushed it off Morgan's shoulders where it slid down and fell to the floor. "Much better." Then he pulled their bodies together. "Oh yes, that feels much better."

Morgan's cock had been mostly soft, but it soon was pressing up under Logan's nut sack with growing urgency.

"Well, so much for my self-control," chuckled Morgan. "You are a hot young man, Logan." Then he leaned back slightly and looked down into the boy's blue eyes. "Now, I'd like to show you my appreciation for your earlier performance."

Logan got wide eyed at this. Never had any of his partners suggested something like this. It was always him that had to take the initiative.

Morgan recognized the amazement on the boy's face. He disengaged himself and gently pulled the boy toward the bed where he turned them around and pushed Logan slowly onto it. He pressed his hand against the boy's chest, forcing him to lay back. Then he knelt and pushed the boy's legs apart and leaned in. He didn't go for the goods right away, but paused and simply inhaled the aroma of clean, teenage male testosterone; such a heavenly elixir. Oh yes, a man could get truly intoxicated with too much of that.

He sat back onto his legs and let his head rest on Logan's thigh, then reached up and began to gently fondle the boy's ample nuts, rolling them slowly between his fingers, relishing the feel of their hairy fullness. There was nothing quite like the feel of young male genitals. There was, if it was possible, an innocence in how they felt.

"Ooh," moaned Logan as he reached down and placed his hand on this marvelous man's head and began to run his fingers through his ample hair. This was a new and wonderful experience. 'Suck my cock, boy' was all he normally heard at times like this. Occasionally one of them would even return the favor. But it was a true novelty to be given first consideration.

Oh, this boy was hot. Morgan was entranced by the bouncing of the boy's cock to the rapidly increasing beat of his heart. He was also amazed at Logan's control. He wasn't pressing to have his cock sucked. He was simply showing his enjoyment by caressing Morgan's head. He was willing to let himself be worshipped, which was precisely what Morgan wanted. This wasn't just about sex; it was about adoration of a superb teenage body. It didn't hurt one bit that Logan was a red head, Morgan's favorite flavor.

When Morgan finally did lean forward for a taste, he first attacked the crease between thigh and balls, which drove Logan wild. He began thrashing about. No one had ever touched him there, so he was not prepared for the feelings. His cock jumped to full mast and stayed there, pushing nearly straight up toward the ceiling.

When Morgan looked up while he was licking, he was astounded at the rigidness before his eyes. And the quantities of precum were amazing. The glans was fully wet and it was beginning to drool down the length of that marvelous tool. He simply reached up and wrapped his hand around it and began to stroke that well lubricated piece of boyhood. That head flared and Logan's back arched slightly and Morgan knew that this wasn't going to last very long and chose not to prolong the agony. This boy needed an initial release.

"Oh...oh...god...sorry, can't hold it..." groaned Logan.

"Go, boy, let's see what you got," encouraged Morgan.

And that is precisely what Logan did. It was simultaneously an excruciating and exquisite pain. This was like no orgasm he'd ever had. That first blast shot like a bullet from the muzzle of a gun. It landed squarely between his nipples with an audible splash. And then again, and again, and again; it never seemed to end.

But end it finally must and Logan collapsed and began to suck air in great huge gasps.

Morgan got up from his knees and headed for the bathroom and retrieved a warm, damp cloth and then returned. He gently washed the evidence of this fine boy's orgasm from his body. He grew a little concerned when he tried to wash Logan's nuts and the boy shied away from him.

"Oh please, Morgan," he whimpered, "they hurt real bad."

"They shouldn't be hurting, Logan."

Logan actually laughed. "I'm surprised they're there at all. I've never cum like that before, Morgan."

"Hmm, I've never heard of someone cumming too hard, mister."

That caused Logan to laugh harder, and then quickly sober. "Oh please, Morgan, don't make me laugh."

Morgan got up and sat on the edge of the bed and gently caressed his face. "I'm sorry, Logan. I didn't mean to hurt you."

Logan reached up and held this marvelous man's hand and smiled. "It's alright, I'm sure. I've just never cum that hard before. I wouldn't have missed it for the world."

"Well, all right. But I'm going to go draw you a hot bath. As soon as you can get up you come in there. A nice soak might relieve your pain." Then he had a thought. "Actually, I'm going to call a friend. Let's look after you properly."

It didn't take but a moment. "Morning, Oscar...Yes I'm fine, but I have a young man here that's having a bit of discomfort...sore testicles after his orgasm...yeah, that's what I thought, but I wanted to be, I don't think so, but if it continues I'll call...thanks Oscar...yeah, as soon as I'm free."

"Who was that?"

Morgan smiled down at him. "A doctor friend. He's got some experience with this sort of thing. He said it's nothing serious and that a soak should do the trick. He also suggested that you start masturbating a bit more often." Morgan laughed at the boy's blush. "Sorry, I shouldn't tease you, but that is what he said."

"It's just been such a busy week." Logan could still feel the blush on his face.

"Come on, let's relieve your discomfort."

Morgan walked briskly to the bathroom while Logan moved a bit more cautiously, trying not to allow his balls to bounce against his leg. He finally resorted to holding them gently away from his body. There was about an inch of water in the tub by the time he arrived.

"Here, let me help you get in," said Morgan as he took Logan's free hand and supported him. "Oscar said to get the water as hot as you could stand and then simply lay there until it becomes luke warm."

"Damn, Morgan, that's going to take a while. That's not fair to you."

Morgan gently rubbed the top of Logan's head. "That's sweet, Logan, really. But I'm not disappointed in the least. You put on quite a show this morning and I very much enjoyed it. So don't you worry about it, please."

Logan spent the next ten minutes slowly reducing the flow of cold water until the temperature was as hot as he could stand. He could tell already that he was going to be very red and par boiled when he finished, but the soak was already starting to have some effect.

"Oh gees, that's starting to feel better already."

Morgan smiled. "That's good. I won't have to call Oscar away from his morning paper then. Now you just lay there and soak. I'm going to call down for some breakfast. You want eggs or pancakes?"

"Morgan, you don't have to..."

"Shh, I want to. Now what'll it be?"

Logan asked for bacon and eggs and then leaned back into the water. The next thing he knows Morgan is gently shaking him.

"Time to get out, Logan, the water's cool enough I think. Besides, breakfast has arrived." He laughed at the boy's look of horror. "Not a word, Logan. You've worked a full night and then cum like the Fourth of July. You're bound to be exhausted. But if you don't get out of that water you're going to take a chill."

It was true, too. The water was definitely turning towards the cool side. So Logan got up and accepted the towel Morgan held out to him. He toweled himself dry without much thought until he reached his crotch and discovered that the pain had disappeared. Well, between that revelation and the short nap, Logan felt rejuvenated as he exited the bathroom, only to stop in shock as he got a sight of the food laden table.

"Well, come on, boy, get over here and dig in. And not a word. I enjoy sharing."

Logan sat before his plate of bacon and eggs with hash browns and simply stared at the many side dishes that filled the rest of the table. Sausages, pancakes, several different syrups, more hash browns, coffee, a pitcher of orange juice, another of milk, and a platter of fresh fruits.

Once he'd had a good look at all there was to offer, Morgan began placing warming lids back over the sides. "Now that you've seen all there is we'll just cover them so they'll stay hot."

Well, what the hell, he was hungry, so Logan dug into his plate as Morgan did the same. They ate in silence for several minutes. Relative silence, anyway. There was the clatter of silverware and the moans of delight...and there was Moody Blues still playing softly in the background.

Morgan waited until they'd both managed to satisfy their immediate hungers. "So, Logan, you've really never performed your dance for anyone else?"

Logan finished chewing and then swallowed. "No, sir. Just practiced in front of the mirror."

"So, why me?"

"No one's ever wanted to watch me undress before. All they wanted was to get it over with."

"Why were you so surprised when I wanted to get you off?"

Logan blushed at this. "I don't always get my satisfaction. And when I do, it's never first."

"Then why do you do it?"

"Because I enjoy the sex."

"Well, it's not fair, Logan. You're a gorgeous boy and very talented. You shouldn't be left wanting after you've satisfied your man."

Logan shrugged. "I don't get many opportunities, Morgan. I'm not out. I don't dare approach anyone my age; I don't trust my gaydar. So all I have is what I can get occasionally from adults."

"Well, it's a shame. You could make a great deal of money and walk away satisfied." Morgan then went back to his breakfast.

This was always the moment of truth. It was the point in any recruitment where he'd learn the most about the young man. After all, it took a particular sort of boy for this sort of thing. Logan had certainly shown all the initial signs of a good prospect in the restroom. But that dance had really shocked Morgan. It had been so sensual without being the least bit 'dirty'.

They ate in silence for several minutes, but he could see the wheels turning in Logan's eyes as he glanced several times at him.

"What did you mean when you said I could make a great deal of money? You mean like being a prostitute?"

"No, Logan, not a prostitute. A performer."

"Oh, you mean like an exotic dancer." He frowned in confusion. "But Morgan, I'm too young to be performing in clubs."

"Yes you are. But there are men out there that will pay handsomely to watch a hot teenager do what you did for me this morning. And most of them would only be interested in watching you dance then masturbate in front of them."

"You're kidding."

"No, sir. I promise you it's true."

Logan went back to his breakfast. He finished off his plate and then went for two pancakes and some sausages. He finished those before he spoke again.

"All right, Morgan. I may be only sixteen, but it's obvious that you have something in mind. I'm interested in hearing more about this."

Morgan did not answer immediately. "I'm going to have to count on your discretion, Logan."

Logan actually laughed. "Oh come on, Morgan. If you were worried about my discretion, you wouldn't have invited me up to your room this morning."

That shook a laugh from Morgan. "All right, smart boy. You're right. Okay, Logan, I'm part of an organization of men who enjoy watching teenage boys getting off. We have boys like yourself all over the country. All of our clients are business men of means. They pay to spend an hour watching a young guy like yourself masturbate. They pay even more if there are two of you and you're willing to engage in sex with each other."

Logan leaned back in his chair and sipped from his juice. "Just performing. I wouldn't be expected to have sex with them?"

"There may be sex involved. But only if it is your choice. Some of the men may ask you to engage in sex with them, but they know that anything beyond the performance costs additional. They also know that if the performer refuses, then that's it. No sex. You would have full control of that aspect."

"You trust these men that much?"

"Oh yes, Logan. You see, these men pay a substantial membership fee to be a part of this organization. They are required to undergo a complete background check. There's also a substantial penalty for violating the rules. Each man is required to undergo a complete physical quarterly as well."

"Wow. What about me, if I decide to do this? What will it cost me?"

Morgan laughed. "Not a thing, Logan. We only require our performers to undergo a complete physical every our expense."

Logan put down his glass and slowly got up and went to his bag and rummaged through the CD's. He'd had quite enough of Moody Blues. He found his Garth Brooks album and went and changed out the CD's. "And just how much money are we talking about, Morgan?" he asked as he replaced the Moody Blues CD in its case and put in his bag.

Morgan was prepared for that question. He lifted his plate and pulled out a hand full of bills, counted out three and handed them to Logan as he returned to his seat.

Logan's mouth fell open as he stared at the three fifty dollar bills in his hand.

"Our performers usually get seventy-five dollars for a simple masturbation session. Your dance was so much more than that. You can expect to get that amount every time you dance for someone. That is, by the way, one hundred and fifty dollars for each person present." Morgan then counted out another three bills and handed them to the stunned boy. "And that is for allowing me to get you off."

He now held two hundred and twenty-five dollars in his hand. His hands began to shake as he looked up into Morgan's eyes. Christ, the man was serious.

"If at any time a client touches you, we consider that sex. No one, and I mean no one, may violate your personal space without your consent."

Logan reached out to return the money.

"No, Logan. That is yours. I know you didn't come up here for the purpose of charging me, and I liked that about you. But you've earned every bit of it. Whether you accept this offer or not, that money is yours. It's not a bribe, I assure you. You owe me nothing. If you decide to reject my offer, then we will part company as friends."

Logan put the money beside his plate and considered this opportunity. He could make a significant amount of money in a very short time. But that could get him into trouble if anyone checked his bank balance, which his parents were entitled to do. He then thought of another problem.

"I'm pretty well known in town, Morgan. I've lived here all my life. It'll be hard to remain inconspicuous if I'm constantly going in and out of hotels."

"Good boy. I thought you were a bit smarter than the average teenager. We handle that part of it by having a cottage out in the middle of nowhere. All your meetings will occur there. The clients are driven to the location in blind folds. The driver remains and then drives them back again. The driver is also your body guard, Logan. He never enters the cottage unless you yell for help."

"My goodness."

"Our performers' safety is our primary concern, Logan."

"Have any of the boys been hurt?"

"Once or twice, yes. But they were minor injuries precisely because the driver was alert. And I assure you, the client was taught the error of his ways. Nothing like that has happened in a couple of years now. We make sure all our clients see the consequences of violating our rules."

Logan shivered at the venom in Morgan's voice. "I don't think I want to know."

"Probably not. But, Logan, it's a measure of our dedication to the well being of our performers. This is all meant to be enjoyable for all concerned. We do everything we can to ensure that."

"All right, how about the money? I can't suddenly be depositing large amounts of cash into my savings without my parents getting suspicious."

Morgan smiled. This was one of the sharper boys he'd ever tried to recruit. He was quickly fathoming all the stumbling blocks and seeking reassurances. "Your handler will set up a separate savings for your earnings."


"That's what we call the man who will be looking after your interests. He is the one that will set up appointments, arrange delivery of clients, ensure proper payments are made, and generally make sure you're having fun and being well treated."

"And where will this account be set up? Won't anything in my name eventually come to the attention of my parents?"

"If we were to set it up in the normal fashion, yes. But your account will be in an off shore bank. It will be set up so that deposits can be made by your handler, but only you can withdraw any."

"Okay, I give up, I don't have any more questions," laughed Logan. "Well, I guess I do have one more. How will we get around the fact that I live at home? I can't suddenly be leaving the house any time a client shows up and wants a show."

"You'll be offered new employment, Logan. We'll find something that fits in with your interests and experience. Somewhere that is run by one our clients. You'll be hired on the proviso that you be able to leave during your normal working hours to attend to clients. When it gets closer to your school year beginning, your employer will suggest to your parents that he can't do without you and that he'd be willing to pay for a private tutor and home schooling so that you can continue working and not lose any education."

"Okay, so you've done this before."

"We have. It's worth it to us to have someone of your caliber available."

"I must be out of my mind, but, okay, I'm in. I'd really like to do this." This was unbelievable, but exciting. A chance to make real money and having fun doing it.

"You don't want to take some time to think about it?"

"Why? You've answered all my questions. I think you really mean to protect me and it sounds like fun. Of course, the money making potential doesn't hurt either."

They laughed together.

"Well then, Logan, there's a bunch of preliminary things we'd need to do. You said you were free for the next couple of days, so how would you like to try and get them all settled?"

"No time like the present."

"All right. I've got to make some calls and make some arrangements. Why don't you go and lie down and take a nap. You've had a long night and you're tired. I'll wake you when it's time to begin." Morgan indicated the unused bed.

At just that moment Logan let loose with a huge yawn. "You're right, I'm tired." He got up and turned toward the bed.

"Uh, Logan," said Morgan. Logan turned back. "Don't you think you should put that away somewhere?" He indicated the small pile of bills by Logan's plate.

After putting the money in his wallet, Logan went and laid down and instantly fell fast asleep, despite the way his head was spinning with all of this.

He was awakened some time later to Morgan gently shaking his foot. "Come on, sleepy head. You've got an appointment. It's one o'clock, if you're wondering."

Well four hours wasn't much sleep, but Logan certainly felt better for the nap. "Do I have time for a shower?"

Morgan smiled. "Already running for you. Just make it a quick one, please."

Fifteen minutes later, Logan was washed, dried, dressed, and heading out the door.

"If you don't mind, I'll drive," said Morgan as they stepped out into the warm summer afternoon. "No sense both of us using up gas."

Morgan drove to the ritzier part of town and pulled up to one of the nicer mansions. It was a sprawling estate with the two story home being the focal point of it all. Very elaborate columns graced the front. It was like something out of a movie set. Logan was awed by it. He'd never imagined being invited to someplace like this.

The man that greeted them at the front door looked to Logan to be in his mid twenties.

"Mister Wheeler! How wonderful to see you again. Oscar said you'd called this morning. And who is this gorgeous creature?"

Morgan laughed. "Be careful of this one, Logan. He'll have you in his bed before you can blink if he gets his way."

The young man seemed to take exception. "Not so, you naughty man. Telling tales like that. It would take at least two blinks."

"You must be getting old then, Phillip." Morgan then placed a protective hand on Logan's shoulder. "Logan, meet Phillip. He is Oscar's...just what are you these days, boy?"

"We haven't actually come up with a title. Hmm, let's see. I wait on his every need. I wait to run his errands. It seems I do a lot of waiting. So I guess I'm Oscar's man in waiting."

They all laughed. Logan began to relax.

"All right, Phillip," called a voice from a nearby side room. "Stop frightening the boy. You know perfectly well that the only waiting going on here is me waiting for you to grow up." Then a very distinguished older man stepped out into the foyer and walked toward them. "I don't know why I put up with you, honestly."

"Because I'm adorable and you can't live without me, you handsome devil."

They kissed one another. "True." Then the older man looked at Logan. "Logan, don't let his flighty ways put you off. Phillip was a performer for a time with us. I just had the bad fortune to go and fall in love with the rascal. Now I can't seem to get him to go away." He smiled, belying the accusation. "Okay, Phillip, pull in your predatory claws and act the proper host. Take Logan into the parlor and 'properly' entertain him while Morgan and I finish up the last of the papers we need. You might try answering the boy's questions since he's agreed to be a performer."

Phillip suddenly became an entirely different person. He shed his feminine charade and held out his hand. "Welcome, Logan. Come on, let's let these two old lechers go about their business and we'll go raid the kitchen and then we can talk."

Logan shook the proffered hand. It was a solid, firm grip. Not the limp thing he'd been expecting. He pulled Logan away from the older men. "It's an act, Logan. Morgan loves my prissy demeanor. It's a game we play whenever he visits."

"Oh," chuckled Logan. "It's a good act."

"I've had a few years to work on it." He shuddered. "Oh, I'm glad Morgan's the only one that enjoys it."

"So, you still perform a bit, just not for the clients."

Phillip laughed heartily. "Good one, Logan. Good one." They entered the kitchen. Phillip immediately gathered together the ingredients to make a fine snack, with cold tea, cake, cookies and some finger sandwiches.

They were soon seated in a finely appointed den. It was all dark woods and books as far as the eye could see. They ate for a few minutes before either of them finally spoke.

"So, Logan, I'm sure you're full of questions. Ask away."

"Is it as good as Morgan made it sound?"

"Logan, Morgan is one of the finest recruiters they have. He doesn't pull any punches. He doesn't sugar coat anything. He tells you straight. I know, he's the one that recruited me."

"But Phillip, a hundred and fifty dollars for a performance?"

"Whoa! You must be pretty special, Logan. That is a bit above the norm. But if that's what Morgan quoted you, then you can take it to the bank."

"I'm sorry, maybe I shouldn't have said anything."

Phillip chuckled. "No, Logan, it's all right, really. I was just surprised. Normally the performers get a hundred a show. So, what d'ya have that makes you worth an extra fifty?"

"I dance."


"Well, I dance and strip." He blushed.

"Yes, that would be a novelty. You must be pretty good. Morgan's seen lots of boys over the years. He's not easily impressed. Did he get hard?"

Logan nodded.

Phillip laughed. "Well, there you have it. Morgan's so jaded by all of this that it takes quite a bit to get him excited during an audition." He leaned forward and patted Logan's knee. "Good for you, Logan. Does him good to be surprised now and again." He then leaned back in his chair. "So, come on, mister, ask away."

"Ok. Are they really that good at protecting us?"

"Oh most definitely. Did Morgan mention that it's necessary sometimes?" Logan nodded. "Well, I was the last boy that had a problem. This middle aged man got pissed off that I wouldn't give him a blow job and slapped me. I immediately yelled out and my body guard came storming in. Broke the door off the hinges, he did. What he did to that guy doesn't bear repeating. Morgan arrived shortly after and took hundreds of pictures and video of the scene. They show all of that to any prospective members." He paused and his eyes took on a far away look. "There was blood everywhere by the time Billy got through with that guy. Then you know what that big brute Billy did? He ripped off his blood stained shirt and picked me up and carried me outside and simply held me while I cried."

"I'm sorry, Phillip, I didn't mean for you to have to relive that."

"Huh?" he said, shaking himself. "Oh, no, sorry. It was just so brutal. I'm surprised Billy didn't kill the guy. But believe me, Logan, they are very, very serious about the protection. They even forced the guy to pay me a ten thousand dollar bonus as compensation."


"Yeah. All you have to do is remember that your body guard is right outside. One peep out of you and he'll spring into action. The organization hires only the best for that job. Some of them are even past performers. They're the ones that are the best, really. They've been there and they remember."

"Ok, so how about the money? Never any problems with getting yours?"

"Not once. They're even more fanatical about protecting your earnings. Those accounts are set up very carefully, with very detailed instructions about who can do what and when. When the time comes for you to set it up, it will be just you and the banker talking over the internet. Very secure. He'll ask you all sorts of personal questions that only you could know the answer to. Thumb prints and retina scans too."

"Gees. You're kidding."

"Not a bit. Look, Logan," and Phillip leaned forward and rested his elbows on his knees, "these men have a bit of fetish for young guys like us. The majority of them simply want to watch us doing it live instead of on a video. They want to smell the sweat and the sex. Most of them are the sweetest men you'll ever meet; and the most generous. But don't doubt for a moment that this is a business. The men that run it are the best. They treat us really good. They make good money because of what we do for them. They know that and they go out of their way to ensure your safety and your earnings. You'll have the best medical treatment you could ever imagine, too."

"What's it like?"

"For me it was a great time. I've always loved showing off my bod. When I circle jerked with my friends in junior high the best part was knowing they were watching. So this was just an extension of that, only now I got paid for it. Can you imagine getting paid for something you just love doing? But unlike my buddies in school, these men really appreciated what I did. It was a rare occasion that I didn't get a tip."

"Did you ever have sex with any of them? ....Oh hell, I'm sorry, that's a personal question."

"No, no, Logan. It's a good question. You'll be asked to on occasion. Just don't feel like you have to. That's not part of what this organization guarantees. But yes, I did a few times. They were each very nice men, and we had a ball. But don't ever give it away, Logan. As long as you're in that cottage you're conducting business. Whether you enjoy it or not, you are there to perform a service for money."

Logan frowned.

"I know, it sounds like prostitution," said Phillip. "But I never thought of it like that. It was always about fulfilling a fantasy for them. Their perfect teenage lover. Something they can't get anywhere else." He laughed. "You ever see that old show Fantasy Island?" Logan nodded. "That's how I thought of what I did. Men paid to get a fantasy fulfilled. They just paid me instead of Mr. Roark."

"Have they ever had trouble with the law?"

"Not that I've ever heard. They're very careful from beginning to end. It's like a carefully choreographed ballet. Every move perfect in its execution."

"My God! Phillip, you're becoming a poet," said Morgan as he and Oscar entered.

"Yep, after all these years he's finally contaminated me. Haven't you, lover?"

"I've certainly tried," answered Oscar as he leaned over Phillip and kissed him. "So, Logan," he continued as he stood back up, "Still willing to go through with this?"

"Yes, sir. We had a nice talk about it."

"That's why I always let Phillip have the first chat with recruits. He's been on the performing end and knows it better than anyone else."

Logan laughed and looked at Phillip. "Just like a ballet, eh?" But he didn't feel abused. He really felt like Phillip had been honest with him, and it did help to dispel some of this concern. He got up and stepped over and kissed Phillip briefly on the lips.

"Hey, little man, my boy friend's the jealous type," laughed Phillip.

"Well, he can just get over it. Thanks Phillip."

Phillip pecked him back. "You're welcome. We can talk any time you like, remember that."

"So, Logan," said Oscar, "You ready to undergo some scrutiny?"

"I suppose," he smirked, "but I draw the line at slicing off bits to be looked at under a microscope."

Phillip broke up at that. "Good one, Logan! Got you there, lover!"

Oscar swatted Phillip on the back of the head. "Come on then, Logan. This won't take long."

And it didn't. It turned out that Oscar was a retired pediatric doctor and knew his business. His questions were very personal, but that was to be expected. "Have you ever had anal sex, Logan?" he asked as he was examining that portion of his body.

"No, sir." He blushed. "Just some toys I use once in a while."

"Well, I'd suggest you use a bit more lubrication, Okay? Your toys may be just a touch too big for you right now. If you're willing, I can provide you with some that would be better suited to your size."


"Yes, Logan. Boys are going to experiment with themselves. That's just part of nature. My job as your new doctor is to ensure you don't hurt yourself in the process. Now I'm going to be frank with you Logan. I don't ever want you engaging in anal sex with any of your clients. If you do, I'll have to terminate your employment. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, sir," he answered meekly.

"Look, Logan, it's for your protection. You're nowhere near ready for that sort of thing. Your clients won't take that into consideration. You can fuck them if that's their wish, but no reciprocation."

"I understand, doctor."

"My name is Oscar, Logan, and I'd like you to use it. We're going to be working very closely together for the foreseeable future. I want us to be friends."

"Thanks...Oscar. I'm just not use to talking about this stuff like this."

"I know that, Logan. But the only way to get over that is to just be blunt. We're going to be doing this once a month for the duration, so you might as well loosen up and just say it like it is."

"I've never considered getting fucked, Oscar. It's something I want to save for mister right, if there ever is one."

"Good boy. And Logan, there will be one some day. Just don't be in a hurry. Enjoy this time in your life. Talk to Phillip about it. He had much the same attitude. So, why don't you go ahead and get dressed."

As he was doing so, Oscar kept up a casual conversation. "So, Morgan tells me you have a unique way of undressing."

"He seemed to enjoy it," answered Logan with a smirk.

"Logan, he more than enjoyed it. He said he'd be willing to pay to see it again."

Logan simply stood up and faced Oscar, a smile playing at the edges of his face. "And?"

"And...we were wondering if you'd like to make a bit and do it again. You see, I usually have the new boys masturbate for here. But if you're willing to do a performance, I can observe clinically while I enjoy it aesthetically."

"For all three of you?"

"If that'd be all right with you. Morgan's already seen it, I need to see you perform once so that I can be certain you aren't going to hurt yourself with your technique, and since Phillip is going to be your handler, he'll be better able to match you with clients if he knows what he's marketing."

Logan laughed at all the qualifications. "I don't mind, Oscar. I need to get use to doing this in front of people, so I might as well start with friends."

"Good boy. Let's go up. Phillip and Morgan were going to set up the room in case you agreed."

"Well choreographed ballet..." laughed Logan.

There was a room in the basement that was set up exactly like the cottage. It gave him the chance to try out the room in advance. Logan's performance for this audience was one in which he put everything he had into it. He was bound and determined to give them the best he could. This would determine his place in their little organization.

Logan watched his audience carefully as he was stripping. Phillip popped a woody almost immediately. Oscar was next to succumb. Morgan was able to hold out longer, but he'd seen the performance before. This time, however, Logan allowed himself the luxury of getting hard during the striptease. If he was going to jack off once he was naked, he might as well be primed for it.

Actually, this would be a new experience for Logan. He'd never jacked off during one of his practices. He'd always done that first and then practiced. He didn't want to get caught by his parents if they happened to walk in. But now he was able to let his hormones have a free hand. His erection was as hard as it'd ever been...maybe harder.

He didn't rush it however. He stroked slowly. He did it while standing, on his knees, on his back, even on his hands and knees. He fingered his ass through part of it, his nipples for the rest. He moaned and groaned as Moody Blues played on in the background. He watched himself, then he'd watch his audience for a time. Back and forth it went.

Before he was done, all three of them had their pants down and they were madly stroking themselves. When he could finally not prolong the performance any longer he let it fly, and they joined him almost as if he'd been the trigger to their individual guns. When he finally let loose, he was kneeling only a foot from his audience. He was leaned back as far as he could go so that when juices began to fly, they landed on his chest and stomach.

The only sound for some time were the strains of Moody Blues and heavy breathing.

"My God, Morgan!" said Phillip. "You call that a little striptease?!" He then looked right at Logan. "Boy, I've seen professional strippers that should take lessons from you. That was awesome, dude...just awesome!"

Logan blushed at the praise.

"He's right, Logan," said Oscar as he began to pull himself back together. "That was a masterful performance. And I didn't see a thing you should be doing differently. Well done, son, well done."

"I'll tell you something else, Logan," said Phillip as he zipped up his pants and then knelt beside him. "I may have to start you at a hundred and fifty a performance, but if you can keep up that technique and prolong the experience like you just did, then you'll be getting a raise in short order."

"What do you mean prolong?"

"Logan, you just did a forty-five minute strip and jack-off."

Logan got wide eyed.

"I agree with Phillip," said Morgan as he gave himself a final adjustment. "I thought you were good at the hotel, but, boy, you were spectacular just now."

"A three way split of a thousand?" asked Oscar to the other two.

They both nodded. To which Logan could only stare dumbfounded.

Phillip patted his cheek. "I told you earlier that the men you'll be performing for are a generous lot, Logan. Consider this typical of what you can expect." He then helped the boy up from the floor and put an arm over his shoulders as he led him out of the room. "Time to clean up and relax, Mister Fantastic. I'll wash your back if you'll allow it."

Logan was suddenly exhausted, so all he could do was nod.

"Yeah, the great performances really take it out of you. That's why I'm going to stay with you while you shower. I'm not going to have you collapsing in exhaustion or drowning because you fall asleep. Let's do this quickly, and then I'll show you where you can crash for a bit."

It was dark when he woke. He was mildly confused. He didn't remember crawling into bed. He thought for a few moments trying to put the pieces together. He'd tried to shower on his own, but Phillip had finally stripped naked and joined him, helping to support him, nothing more. Phillip had sat him on the toilet and dried him...and that was all he remembered.

He was startled by a light knock on the door. "Yes."

The door opened and Oscar entered. "Ah, finally back among the living." He sat on the edge of the bed. "You hadn't eaten anything but breakfast, Morgan tells me. You will have to make sure you eat properly from here on, Logan. For performances like you put out, you need all the energy you can get. I'll put together a proper diet that you'll need to follow if you want to continue doing this." He paused and gently stroked Logan's hair. "That was spectacular, Logan. You're going to go far in this, but only if you'll let me help you survive it."

"Okay, Oscar. What happened? The last thing I remember was Phillip drying me."

"You passed out, Logan. Not enough nourishment, and the wrong sorts of fluids just before a performance. Phillip nearly had a litter of kittens when you passed out on him. We took you to the clinic and I administered some intravenous electrolytes and then Phillip carried you up here and tucked you in."

"What time is it?"

"Just six o'clock."

"I should call home and check in. My parents worry if I don't call."

"The phone's right there. When you're through get dressed and come downstairs. Supper is about to be served."

Phillip was awaiting him as he descended the stairs. "Don't you ever do that to me again!"

"I'm sorry, Phillip, I didn't know. I've never done anything like this before."

Phillip hugged him. "All right, you're forgiven. But if you ever...I swear I'll beat you."

"Promises, promises." They laughed.

"Come on, supper is this way."

After supper, they gathered in the den.

"Oscar, would it be an inconvenience for me to stay the night? I don't think I'm up to driving home."

"Good boy. It's no inconvenience at all."

"I already told my parents I'd be staying with friends tonight."

"Well, Logan," said Morgan, "You've had a taste of what this is all about. What's your opinion?"

"I'm real please, Morgan. First off it's fun. But best of all is you all looked after me when I fell on my face. And you've already presented me with ways to prevent that from happening again." He smiled. "This is awesome, really. I think I'm really going to enjoy this."

"Excellent," said Oscar. "Then tomorrow Phillip and I will scour our resources and find you a new job that will allow you the freedom to pursue this. We'll get your new bank account set up and take you shopping for some new clothes that'll be just for 'work'."

"Then you and I will sit down," continued Phillip, "and discuss the best way to handle your finances. You're going to be making a lot of money very quickly, Logan, and the temptation is going to be for you to want to spend it. I'll give you some ideas that will prevent you from getting discovered because of new spending habits."

"Hmm, hadn't though of that."

"Well, don't worry at it now. We'll discuss your options tomorrow."

With that, they all retired for the night.

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