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Logan's Living

Chapter 10

By Wayne Telfer

Phillip led them to the room below the stage. Reed climbed up the ladder below the trap door and waited. When the green light began flashing, Phillip shut off the lights in the room and Reed lifted the hatch quietly to complete darkness above. He slipped out and gently closed the hatch. He took the two steps he knew would take him to the edge and sat cross-legged on the stage. He took one deep breath to calm his nerves.

"Why me?" he said into the darkness.

That was when one soft blue light came up directly overhead and illuminated him...and just him.

There was complete silence and nothing happened for several moments. And then, slowly, one tear appeared and began to slowly trickle down his cheek. At the same time, the light that illuminated him slowly faded into green. A few more moments passed and that single tear was joined by a second, this time from the other eye.

"Why...why?" he choked slightly. The light continued to fade, now moving into yellow.

More tears joined the first, and now Reed was weeping softly, the light illuminating him hovering between yellow and orange, slowly fading back and forth between the two as he simply hung his head and allowed the tears to flow.

Then out of the darkness came the sound of a door opening and closing, then more silence with only the gentle weeping.

After nearly a minute of this, a new sound entered, the sound of hesitant, gentle footsteps moving across the stage. They moved nearer and nearer until a tall figure, defined only by shape in the surrounding darkness, stood and seemed to peer down at the weeping boy. It was obvious from the hesitation that the new person was unsure how to confront this situation.

After a minute of this, the new figure finally moved and sat near the weeping boy; close enough that he could reach out and touch the boy's shoulder if necessary, but no closer. He kept his hands to himself, however. The figure simply sat down in the same cross-legged fashion.

A blue light slowly faded up to illuminate the second person. There sat Phillip, simply staring out, over the heads of the audience, taking no apparent notice of the weeping child beside him.

Oscar was standing in the back of the hall. He'd come, not to participate, but simply to enjoy a performance that he'd been told would be unlike anything he'd ever seen in this hall. But he was not expecting this! As Phillip became visible, Oscar knew immediately what he was witnessing and he became genuinely concerned. This could be very good...or very bad. He could only stand and pray that these three people he loved knew the Pandora's Box they were likely to open.

There were several more moments of silence; time in which the only action was the shifting light on Reed and the steady one on Phillip. Finally, though, the silence was broken.

"What...what do you...want?" asked Reed as his light settled finally into a steady cautious yellow.

Phillip never stirred. He didn't look at the boy beside him, didn't jump at the sudden cessation of silence.

"I only want to help you...if you'll let me," answered Phillip slowly. "You look like you've had it pretty rough. I thought perhaps you could use a friend."

"What do you know about it!!" yelled Reed as the light on him immediately flashed into an angry red. "You don't know anything!!"

Phillip continued to sit calmly...silently...for another couple of moments, the blue light on him never wavering.

"I was fourteen," he said, insinuating the sound of his voice into the silence. "A family friend had seen me in the park earlier in the day and had told my parents what they'd seen. I'd gone there with a school friend and we'd found a place we thought would hide us from everyone. We had gone there to give each other a blow job, something we'd been doing with each other for several months."

"I hadn't realized we'd been observed until I got home. The minute I walked into the house my father was all over me. He hit me over and over again, calling me a faggot and cock sucker. When I couldn't stand anymore, he picked me up by my clothes and threw me in the back seat of the car and drove. I didn't have any idea where we were going. I didn't even really care; I was hurting so bad."

"I don't know how long we drove or where we were, but finally the car stopped. He then pulled me out of the car and threw me on the ground yelling that if he ever saw me again he'd kill me. Then he drove away."

Phillip simply let silence reign for several moments; moments where the light on Reed slowly faded into orange, then into yellow, finally settling on a pale green.

"I lay there hurting and crying for a very long time. But finally I started to realize that I couldn't stay where I was. I needed help. So I got up and began walking. It turned out that daddy had driven me outside of town and simply dumped me. So I walked...and walked...and walked, back toward town. It was the hardest walk of my life, knowing I was alone, abandoned...unloved."

In the moment or two of silence that followed, Reed moved cautiously closer to the man beside him.

"I really don't know where I was when I finally collapsed and began crying again. I'd made it to town, I knew that much. It was dark by this time and I was getting cold, but I didn't have anywhere to go, so I simply lay there and cried."

"That was when someone gently touched my foot and I sat up immediately and scooted back until I was against something hard. The man that I looked up at simply sat there and watched me. The thing that got my attention finally was the sadness in his eyes. He was actually weeping."

"He simply stared at me for several minutes. But finally he asked, 'Can I help you, son?'. The sympathy in his voice took my breath away. After what my dad had done to me, what he'd said, I never expected to hear another kind word the rest of my life. 'I won't harm you, son', he said, 'I simply want to help'."

Phillip went completely silent and allowed the silence to linger until the silence itself seemed to cry out for it to be broken.

"What did you do?" asked Reed finally.

"I let him help me. I took a chance."

"What'd he do?"

"That amazing man took me home with him. He fed me, tended my cuts and bruises, let me shower and then took me to a room and put me to bed."

"I bet," said Reed.

"He never laid a hand on me," said Phillip in such a way that said he knew what the boy meant. "Oh, we ended up loving one another eventually, but that was many weeks later and I had to make the first moves. Initially, he simply did what he said he would...he helped me."

Reed moved closer so that they were nearly touching. Then, for the first time since Phillip had sat down, Reed looked up and stared into his eyes. "Wou...would...would you help me? Please?"

Phillip lifted his near arm and placed it over Reed's shoulder and pulled him close. The lights above them blended and became a steady blue. "Yes, I will." Reed collapsed into the hug and wept as Phillip held him and wept for this damaged, frightened boy.

"My dad came home early from work today and caught me and Billy in my bedroom," said Reed slowly. "Billy was fu...he was inside me. Dad went postal, ran Billy out of the house and then started hitting me." He cried for a moment in silence. "I managed to get by him, grabbing my pants and shirt somehow, and I ran."

It was a hard moment for them both, reliving the events of that night. But it was also somehow very therapeutic, sharing their stories in this way, with people that didn't have a clue that there was any truth to what they were watching.

The light slowly faded until darkness once again reigned in the theater. Immediately there was a soft purring of electronics as the stage adjusted itself for the next act. Soft music began to play.

In the darkness Phillip and Reed pulled apart and stood. Phillip reached up and felt his way to Reed's face and used his thumbs to wipe away the tears. He felt Reed nod, saying without words that he was all right. Before they moved apart they hugged and quickly kissed in the darkness.

Phillip disengaged himself and moved to the center of the stage until his legs bumped against the bed that had risen from the floor. He quickly undressed down to his underwear, the sound of his actions masked by the music that still played. He then crawled up into the middle of the bed and laid down, as if sleeping. He then reached over the edge of the bed and found the button that would alert the booth that he was in position.

Slowly lights came up. They were soft white lights that revealed Phillip's 'sleeping' form on top of the black sheets. The contrast of his nearly naked body against the black sheets was striking. Every detail of his body stood out. Here was the body of a young man that took great pride in his body. The muscle tone was remarkable; the abs clearly defined. This was a male body in the full flower of manhood; proud and strong.

They allowed the audience a few moments to absorb the scene as the stage began to slowly rotate.

There was the sound of a door quietly opening and closing. Then Reed slowly moved into the light at the end of the bed. He was clothed only in his black briefs, a stark contrast to the white ones being worn by Phillip. Reed stopped at the foot of the bed and simply stood there for several moments, admiring the sleeping form, as if trying to make a decision.

Finally, he crawled up onto the bed and worked his way up until he was laying at Phillip's back. He hesitated a moment, then reached up and draped one arm over Phillips body and placed a hand on his chest. They lay like that for a couple of moments; a living still life of repose, wonder, and love.

Phillip finally moved his hand and placed it over Reed's. "Reed, why are you here?" he asked without opening his eyes.

"It's been two months since you rescued me, Phillip. And I'm your brother, now that dad has adopted me too." He grew silent for a moment. "I love you, Phillip. You're the best brother. I want to love my brother closer, though."

Phillip simply continued to rub the hand on his chest as if considering his options. After a couple of moments he seemed to come to a decision and rolled over so that they faced one another. "If my brother would like to love me like a brother, then I'd like that, Reed...I'd like that very much."

Reed had immediately understood, both then and now, that if they joined, it would be out of love, yes, but not because they were 'in love'.

They simply gazed into each other's eyes for the longest time. Each of them lost themselves for just a moment in the memories of that night that at once seemed so long ago and yet was only yesterday too. Then Reed inched closer until their lips met.

Gently, hesitantly at first, they met and felt for the first time their bodies meet in something that was more than just friendly, brotherly affection. This had been, for Reed, the first time he'd touched another male since that fateful day he'd been beaten. But immediately it was more than it had ever been with Billy.

It'd never been about affection with him, just about the sex. Reed knew he had been an object to Billy. Reed had been the willing vessel for his sexual release. But there'd never been any affection. But he'd been willing because he enjoyed the sex.

In the first moments of this kiss it was already so much more than it had ever been with Billy. So much more than he ever imagined it could be with anyone. This was tenderness. This was a joining of hearts, not of bodies. He reached up one hand and caressed Phillip's cheek. It was only a gesture, but one that was profound, despite the simplicity of it. Because with the caress he felt an increase in the pressure of the kiss; an indication of enjoyment, of longing.

Yes, the pressure increased, but there was no sense of rushing to another stage. He simply felt more connected. There was a sense of blending as they kissed. They began to mold from two into a single whole. With Billy it had always been two bodies touching, but never 'connected'. Physically attached to one another, but never emotionally.

As their kiss became more passionate, they both seemed to realize that this moment was rapidly becoming so much more than it had been nearly three years earlier. Then, it had been about healing a damage boy's heart; about giving him back his sense of self-worth. But already they were past that.

They'd never physically loved one another after that night. They'd simply become the closest of brothers. Supporting one another as only brothers could. But the love between them had grown in ways that neither of them could ever comprehend. They were soon confiding everything to one another.

It was like a flash of lightning as they seemed to comprehend at exactly the same moment that they loved one another so deeply that there'd never been any words that could properly express it. No, they were not 'in love' as Reed and Logan were, but they loved each other far more closely than any brothers probably ever had. It was with that revelation that they comprehended that this was their moment to express their love, their affection, their connection. It was possible to express their long connection to one another in a way that would mean so much more than words could ever say.

In that instant it was no longer about a performance. It wasn't about how much money they'd bring in. It wasn't about satisfying the voyeuristic needs of their audience. It was solely and completely about expressing what they felt for one another.

With lips still connected, Reed pushed Phillip onto his back and surrendered himself to the moment. Their kiss went instantly from gentle, tender love, to expressing years of love. Their mouths opened and their tongues met. Their fluids mixed as their tongues slid over and around each other. They began to become one physically, as they'd always been emotionally.

No one in the room would understand. But that was unimportant. They understood and welcomed this. No one would comprehend the love between these two. No one...except one. Oscar openly wept at what he sensed was happening. He knew these two as no one else did. He knew...he knew...and he rejoiced in the knowing.

The passion they let loose was extraordinary. Each tried to out do the other in the expression of their brotherly love for one another. Years of confidences flowed between them in this moment. Years of soul wrenching tears were remembered and cherished because they'd been tears shared, understood, eased. Despite the ten years separating them in life, they were equal at this moment in the comfort they'd received from the other.

The kiss continued as they remembered the little looks of understanding, the slight quirk of a smile at some private jest between them. So many little gestures, all unconscious, all profound in their effect. Warmth always flowed between them no matter the circumstances. Even on those rare occasions when they argued, there was never any doubt about the other's love.

They were perspiring when they finally broke their kiss. There bodies were hot, their groins straining, their nerves tingling with the anticipation of what might be.

"I was a broken boy when you found me, Phillip."

Reed had never really said these words to his brother; there'd never been a proper moment to do so. This...this was that moment. Their meeting in Phillip's bed three years earlier had been about the sex, about restoring a young boy's confidence in the choices he'd made in his short life. But even then the words had lingered in the background, unspoken. Now was the moment to acknowledge their unique connection to one another...openly. Now was the moment to add the verbal component to all those looks and touches over the years.

"I knew my life was over that night," he continued. "No one loved me. No one should love me, or so I believed." He reached up and gently caressed Phillip's face as he saw his brother begin to tear up again. "But there you came, my savior, my hero. You showed me that I wasn't the only boy to ever experience the rejection of family. I love you, Phillip."

Reed then began kissing Phillip's neck, slowly working from one side to the other, marveling at the emotions he could feel in the quivering flesh. Phillip, who'd always been so strong, so confident, so self-assured; he was putty at this moment.

Until this moment, Phillip had never felt so free to simply let go with Reed. He'd known all these years that if he allowed his younger brother to feel the depth of his love for him that he'd have fallen in love with Phillip. It was not something that Phillip could allow, for though he loved his brother, he'd never felt the slightest inclination to be 'in love' with him.

But now that Reed had found his life partner, Phillip was finally able to let Reed experience the strength of his older brother's love for him. As Reed kissed his body, Phillip reached up and began caressing his back and head trying in those touches to convey his love, his admiration for his brother's strength, and his pride in his accomplishments of late.

Reed began moving slowly down Phillip's body. He stopped when he reached the first nipple and massaged it carefully and fully, knowing that Phillip was particularly sensitive here. He nibbled, sucked, and licked until it threatened to explode. Then he moved over to the other nipple, performing all the same actions.

Phillip was breathing much harder as Reed began to move further down his body, all the time using his fingers to ensure that those erect little nubs on Phillip's chest remained fully aroused. He paused again when he reached Phillip's navel. He teased around its edges as Phillip's stomach rapidly rose and fell. And when he drove his tongue into the depression, Phillip stiffened slightly and moaned.

Reed could feel his brother's cock poking at his chin, knew it was stretching the fabric of his briefs as it attempted to free itself from its cotton prison. The well lubricated sliding of that cock across his chin gave ample evidence of the copious amounts of precum that were leaking through the briefs.

"Oh God...Oh Jesus...Reed!" Those words were forced through clenched teeth. Little brother had learned a thing or two in the past three years. Phillip hadn't gotten this excited in quite some time.

Reed lifted his head just long enough to take a bead on his next objective. He stabbed at the head of Phillip's trapped manhood and sucked the head into his mouth, fabric and all, and lapped at the wet stain. He wanted...really, really wanted as much of Phillip as he could have. But this was a performance, after all. He couldn't take Phillip's release, but he could definitely have this.

He sucked on that knob until he'd cleared out all the existing fluids and then he reached under the waistband and pulled the front of his briefs down and simply allowed the head of that beautiful cock to slide into his mouth without the intervening fabric. As the briefs moved further down, Reed simply followed their path, taking inch after inch of that flesh into himself, until he had the entire seven inches and his nose was buried in sweaty pubes.

"Aarrgghh!" cried Phillip as he stiffened again.

Reed bobbed a couple of times on that hardened shaft as he pushed those briefs all the way down and off. The moment the briefs were gone, Phillip spread his legs so that Reed could gain full access to all the glorious riches that nestled in that cleft where legs met torso.

After three or four strokes, Reed released his brother's cock. There was a disappointed groan at this. But that was immediately replaced with a gasp of delight as Reed drove his face into the crease between leg and scrotum. If Phillip's nipples were sensitive, this was his ultimate g-spot. Reed remembered. It'd been three years, but he remembered.

He licked and sucked in that region for a full minute before working under the nut sack and beginning again on the other side. Through it all, Reed was overjoyed to watch Phillip's cock stiffen and relax, stiffen and relax as he drove the older boy into a frenzy of gyrations. He was grabbing at the sheet, his head rolling from side to side as he moaned and groaned out his pleasure.

In a fit of inspiration, Reed did something that he'd never done that night so long ago. He grabbed under Phillip's thighs and forced his legs up just enough, doing it quickly so that there would be no real warning. Then he dove down and stabbed his tongue at Phillip's asshole.

The reaction was immediate and unrestrained...Phillip yelled. "Oh god damn, yes!"

There was no getting past that clinched sphincter. But then, that wasn't really his intention. But Phillip's inability to relax was ample evidence of his ecstasy. His ass was clinched shut simply in response to the fact that his cock was standing ramrod straight, leaking precum in such quantities that they were oozing down the sides. It was time.

Reed released Phillip's legs and dove onto the throbbing piece of meat as he reached up with one hand and began rolling one nipple in it, the other rolling Phillip's nuts as best he could as they began to pull up tighter and tighter into his groin.

Reed got three, maybe four strokes on that shaft before he felt the head flare, the shaft stiffen to rock hard proportions, and Phillip's back arched. He purposely took the first burst into this mouth and then quickly let go and grabbed that pulsing cock with his hand and pumped madly at it as the rest of Phillip's seed flew into the air and landed on his stomach.

Reed hadn't tasted his brother in so long that he didn't swallow immediately. He made quite a show of swirling that cum around in his mouth, pulling every nuance of flavor from it before throwing his head back so that everyone could see his throat working to consume its reward.

Phillip thrust his pelvis into that hand, over and over again, until finally he collapsed, sucking huge gasps of air into his lungs. Reed continued to milk that unyielding cock, occasionally leaning forward and licking at the head, otherwise simply letting the remaining cum roll out and over his stroking hand.

When he was convinced that Phillip was sufficiently recovered, Reed moved to lay on top of his brother. But Phillip was having none of that. He grabbed Reed by the waist and pulled him up so that he was forced to kneel over Phillip's chest, at which time big brother wrapped his arms around Reed's waist and swallowed all eight inches of his little brother's dripping tool.

This was a moment that Phillip had dreamed of for several years. He'd always wanted to be able to convey the depth of his love for Reed. But he'd known that Reed would immediately interpret it as the beginnings of a relationship, and that wasn't fair to him. Reed needed someone more his own age. He had to have Phillip as an older brother and not a lover. So Phillip had resisted all temptations and refused all of Reed's attempts at further sexual contact with him.

But now that Logan had entered the picture and they'd connected so completely, Phillip was free to express the full measure of his love for his younger brother. He was confident that Reed would understand.

Phillip began by slowly stroking the full length of Reed's impressive manhood, savoring the taste of the precum that already coated the head and shaft. Phillip was careful to keep his motions slow and light. He did not want to bring Reed off too quickly.

When he'd satisfied himself at that task, Phillip relinquished his attention there and pulled Reed further up so that he could work for a time on Reed's nuts and all that sensitive skin around them. He worked with his mouth, his tongue, and his lips. He'd work one nut for a time then move to the crease, then he'd move back and worked on the other nut.

There was a time factor, otherwise he might have gone on for a lot longer trying to drive every nerve of Reed's body wild. But he was sure that he'd made his point to his brother. It had to be obvious that he'd put much more of himself into this than he had three years earlier.

Reed, for his part, sensed what was happening between them. The intensity of Phillip's attentions was degrees higher than they'd been the last time. The hands that caressed his body brought with them the message of his older brother's absolute devotion to their brotherly relationship. Oh how he wanted to prolong this moment. But, like Phillip, he knew that time was their enemy. So he didn't even attempt to hold back his reactions.

The moment Phillip released his nut for the final time and quickly swallowed his cock, Reed was helpless to stop the inevitable. "Oh God I love you," he groaned as he came. He came with a ferocity that surprised him. Like Reed, Phillip had taken the first blast and then immediately released that glorious cock and allowed it to spill its contents all over his face, neck, and hair.

While Reed's cock was still dripping out the last of its contents, Phillip pushed him down so that Reed could lay on top of him. They waited a few moments as they relished the feel of the last remaining pulses of Reed's cock between their bodies.

"I love you, Reed."

"Oh God, I love my big brother," answered Reed.

The lights began to fade and the bed began to lower into the floor as the music began again. The applause was spirited and all Phillip and Reed could do was chuckle to one another.

The crowd of men were a bit perplexed when the house lights didn't immediately come up so that they could find their way to the lobby; until a quiet voice spoke.

"Please remain seated, gentlemen," was all the voice said as the music continued to play.

The room remained pitch black for several minutes. The audience was beginning to get restless and there was whispering as they tried to understand what was happening. Then, without any warning, a white light stabbed down into the darkness, startling everyone into utter silence.

The bed was once again up, and there were two bodies on it. One was immediately recognized as Phillip. But the other was a surprise, because it wasn't Reed. This was a new boy, one with bright red hair. Phillip was stretched out, holding the newcomer tightly to him, while the red head was curled up into a fetal ball, huddled against Phillip's chest. Phillip was wearing briefs, while the boy was naked. The quiet tableau lasted for several moments as the stage continued to turn.

Then came the sound of running feet from the back of the auditorium toward the stage and suddenly Reed rushed up and stood next to the bed, fully clothed.

"What happened, Phillip?" Reed stage whispered.

"His client tried to rape him, Reed."

There was a noticeable gasp from the crowd. Everyone in attendance had been given all the details of the most recent incident of abuse toward one of the performers. They'd been required to view the videos of the results in order to continue using the services the company provided. But none of them had been told who the victim was. But everyone sensed that this was not some reenactment by unconcerned actors. These boys had lived the experience.

Reed's hands immediately clinched into fists at his side and his eyes watered instantly. He had to take several deep breaths to calm himself.

It was astounding to him. He instantly felt the hatred for that man that he'd felt the first time he'd heard what had happened to Logan. All that anger welled up inside him and there wasn't a soul in that room that didn't recognize the genuine anguish in his face.

After three deep breaths, Reed slowly lowered himself onto the bed and eased in toward Logan.

"Logan?" he whispered.

The response was instantaneous. Logan spun over and pulled Reed into a feverish embrace. There were genuine tears rolling down his face as he too relived the experience. Logan had thought himself fully recovered from that incident. But suddenly, as he tried to force some reaction so that the performance would have some semblance of believability, he'd become lost in the memories. He vividly remembered those grasping hands, the feel of the man's cock pushing against his body.

"Oh, Reed!" Logan wailed. At this moment he let it all out. He stopped being brave, being adult, being manly. He let the hurt, the anger, the fear, and the shame all come out at last, while Reed simply held him and allowed his own tears to fall. Phillip, on the other hand, got up from the bed and left the stage, leaving behind his piled clothes.

It really didn't take Logan but a few moments to regain some composure. It was enough to be able to indulge for just a bit in the anguished crying.

"Oh, Reed, I was so scared."

"I can only imagine what it was like for you, Love." He hadn't really meant to use that word, but now that he had, he wouldn't take it back for anything. Yes, they'd professed their love to a few friends and their families, but this felt so liberating to say it before all these strangers. The men present were unlikely to say anything publicly about it because it would require them to reveal where they'd heard it, so their love would still be private. But still, to admit this to a group of strangers?

That single word, spoken in this venue startled Logan. Startled him enough that he pushed away slightly and decided to play this to the hilt. Like Reed, he hadn't really intended to get into this aspect of their relationship like this, but he felt oddly energized by the public admission.

"What did you call me?" whispered Logan.

"I'm sor..."

"What did you call me?" he repeated a bit louder.

Reed sighed, trying to express regret at having revealed his true feelings. "I called you my Love."

Logan smiled sweetly. "I thought we weren't going to fall in love, Reed?"

"I know," he sighed again. "But I can't help the way I feel, Logan. You are the most beautiful creature I've ever encountered and you are so easy to love. I couldn't help myself."

Logan leaned in and gave Reed a quick kiss to show he wasn't upset. "It's all right, Reed. I've fallen in love with you too."

Reed put on his best look of shock. "Really?"

"Yes, Reed, really. I've tried to just be friends, but it's not working. We're made for each other. I'm never happier than when I'm with you."

Reed pulled Logan into him. "And now this has to happen to ruin everything."

"No, Reed, nothing's ruined. I was just scared. That ass never got to do more than try. He never actually did anything to me."


"All he managed to do was grab me. My body guard was there instantly and took care of things."

They simply looked into each others' eyes for a few moments.

"Love me, Reed."

"Oh, Logan, it's too soon for you."

"No, Reed. I need to be loved by I need to replace the memory of what happened with something positive. Love me. Show me that life is good, lover. Make me believe that I'm still worthy of being loved. Come on, Reed, take your clothes off and lay here with me and let's go ahead and let this love thing happen."

Phillip had left the stage and walked to the back of the auditorium and stood beside his father. Oscar simply put an arm around his waist and pulled him close, saying in that gesture that he was awed by what the three of them were doing. And then the two of them looked around the room at the audience. The stunned audience...and they smiled. This was the reaction they'd been hoping for. This would be the show of all shows; the audience realized that now. There was the dawning realization that this was why the fee had been so much more than usual.

Reed didn't rip his clothes off. He simply stood and slowly removed everything and then crawled equally slowly back onto the bed as if afraid that Logan would change his mind.

But Logan made it obvious that there was no going back, no changing of minds. He never hesitated, the moment Reed got in reach, he pulled him down and pressed their naked bodies together.

"Oh, God, Logan, I've wanted this for so long."

"So have I."

They kissed. They kissed long and hard. They battled at that point of union as they rolled back and forth atop each other. They caressed each other as they ground their bodies together, feeling the growing passions echoed in their growing cocks; for though Reed had just recently cum, he found that he could easily respond to this angel that was his.

When they finally broke their minute's long kiss, Logan was on top and he immediately turned his body so that they could love each other orally for as long as they could last. Each of them took the other fully into their mouths. They worshipped each others' cock for several minutes.

Then Logan released Reed and reached out to pull his legs up and back so that all of his lover's best parts were easily accessible while still keeping his own parts in easy reach for whatever Reed could think to do.

They both wound up their imaginations at this point and wrapped themselves in the experience. They licked and sucked at each others' nuts. They washed each others' crotch, around and under the nuts with their tongues. They explored each others' crack and anus. They lost themselves in the feelings, the smells, and the heat. And they moaned and groaned through it all. They had no need to break out any acting skills for this, because this was hot, Hot, HOT. This was unbridled lust and passion, each trying to outdo the other, each hoping, secretly, that the other would win, and yet driving to ensure they didn't.

But as much as Reed wanted to taste Logan, he desperately wanted something more, something he'd never asked from Logan. Now, however, he wanted it...wanted it desperately.

"Oh, Logan," he gasped finally. "I need you inside me."

That stopped Logan immediately. He turned himself around so that he hovered over Reed. "Are you sure? We've never done this before." And it was absolute truth. In all the loving they'd done to date, they'd never consummated their relationship in this way."

"I have to have you, Logan. I want this to be completely and totally real. It's been years since I've let anyone inside me like this. And it's always been with protection. I've wanted to save this for my man." He pulled Logan's head down so that they were nose to nose. "You are that man, Logan. You are my one true love. I want your love inside me. I want to feel you fill me, like no one's ever been allowed to."

Logan was shocked. This was not where they'd discussed going with this performance. But Reed's desire was real. And...if truth be was Logan's. He nodded his head. It's all he could manage, because he knew that if he tried to speak, his emotions would get the better of him. He quickly got off the bed and reached under where he knew the necessary supplies were always kept. He pulled out the box, opened it and pulled out the bottle of lubrication, ignoring the condoms that were present.

He crawled up between Reed's legs and hesitated as he looked down at the opening to his lover's soul.

"What's the matter, Logan?"

"I...I've never done this, Reed. I don't want to hurt you." And it was absolutely true. He'd never had anal sex with anyone, giving or receiving. Oh, he'd used toys on himself and others...most recently Reed. But he'd never taken that final step. He'd been meaning to broach the subject with Reed, but hadn't as yet. He wanted to do this...really wanted to. But now that the moment was here, he realized that his inexperience could ruin it for them.

Reed sat up and looked into Logan's eyes. "You can't hurt me, Logan. You love me and I love you. Just don't rush. Take all the time you need, just like you do with everything else we've shared. I won't deny that there will be a momentary pain, it's inevitable; not much though. But then will come the pleasure, the ecstasy, the love." He caressed Logan's cheek. "Just love me, Logan." To which Logan nodded.

Reed lay back down.

Logan began by lubing up his cock and then he reached down with his lubed fingers and began massaging Reed's pucker. He worked around and over it, unsure precisely how to proceed. But then the most amazing thing happened, he could feel Reed's relaxation. He knew instantly that this was the moment. He gently pushed his middle finger against Reed's sphincter and it slid effortlessly inside.

"Oh yes," breathed Reed.

Well that was all the encouragement Logan needed. He pushed until there was no more to give and then he slowly pulled back again, marveling at the heat inside there. He'd expected to be a bit grossed out by where his finger was going. But there was none of that. All he could think about was that he was inside his lover. He was just that much closer to his love's heart. He stroked like that for several moments.

"Another, Logan," breathed Reed. "Put a second finger inside."

Although he worried, Logan complied. He left just the tip of his middle finger inside and tried to gently push his index finger in beside it. It seemed impossible that it could fit. But then he remembered the toys they'd been using on one another and simply pushed a little harder...and in it went. Reed winced a little, but quickly smiled down at Logan.

"Whew, that feels good, lover."

Encouraged, Logan began to slowly push in. When he was in as far as he could go, he slowly rotated his hand, just as Reed had taught him with their toys. As the pressure on his fingers began to ease, he started to fuck that marvelous ass again. Slowly, lovingly, until he could sense that Reed was as relaxed as he could be. It was then that he took the initiative and set a third finger at the opening and pushed.

He remembered that Reed had told him there'd be resistance to that third finger, so he pushed all the harder until finally it slipped in to the first knuckle. Reed grunted at this invasion, so Logan stopped dead and allowed his lover to relax. And it didn't take long at all before he felt the pressure ease and he began to push. It wasn't long before Reed nodded his head.

Logan slowly pulled his fingers out and reached behind Reed's knees and pushed his legs back so that Logan could better see where he was aiming. But Reed had other ideas. He reached up and pulled Logan's hands off his legs and pulled them forward, forcing Logan to kneel forward as Reed's ass came into the air. This forced them to look into each others' eyes as Reed reached down between them and grabbed Logan's throbbing tool and guided it to its target. There was a moment of adjustment as Reed positioned it for easiest access.

"Now, my love," said Reed. "Be my man. Love me like no other ever has." He then grabbed Logan's ass and pulled him. He knew that Logan would hesitate, because this was going to hurt. It had to. Logan was such a large boy and it'd been so long that there was no way he could avoid the pain. But Logan would hesitate and that would only make it worse. So he pulled and pulled.

"Oh, Reed," cried Logan as he saw the tears of pain on his face.

"Shh, shh. It only lasts for a moment, love. Don't fight me."

So Logan relaxed and simply allowed Reed to have complete control. And then it happened...the head of his cock popped inside. Reed stopped pulling and simply lay there, allowing his tortured ass to relax into this.

"Damn, Logan, you're huge." But he was smiling up at Logan. It really didn't take long for Reed's body to remember what would come after the pain and it quickly relaxed. Then Reed moved his hands and laced them together behind Logan's neck. "Now, my lover."

Logan knew from their play with toys that you took your time from this point. In a bit, then pull out to the base of his mushroom. In again, a little further...back out. Inch by inch they worked together, always looking into each others' eyes. And finally they got there. Logan was buried to the hilt, Reed's nuts nestled tightly against Logan's pubes.

"Oh, God, Reed, it's like a furnace in there." He never expected it to feel like this. His cock was wrapped in Reed's flesh and he was so hot inside.

"Logan, love me," begged Reed. "Make me yours and only yours."

Slowly he began, out and then back in. He gently built up speed as he felt Reed push back at him with desire for more. It didn't take long at all before Logan was pounding Reed's ass with real intent. And not surprisingly, Logan reached his apex quickly.


"Yes, Logan, fill me. Don't stop."

Not that it mattered, Logan was incapable of stopping what was going to happen. He'd intended to pulse once inside Reed and then pull out, but Reed prevented this as Logan slammed home for the final time. He wrapped his legs around Logan and squeezed tightly.

"I want it all," he called out as he felt Logan unload inside him. "This one's for us!"

Logan wasn't the least inclined to object. Despite the audience, this was their moment. This was their statement of their devotion to one another. He unloaded happily. He unloaded completely. He began to think his balls would soon be joining all that fluid; it lasted so long and was so very intense. It wasn't until his cock had deflated completely and popped out on its own that Reed released his legs and allowed his own body to fall to the bed.

Despite his exhaustion, Logan scooted up onto Reed and reached behind him and grabbed Reed's cock and positioned it at his own ass.

"No, Logan," protested Reed, "You're not ready."

"I'm ready, lover. You can't deny me my moment of completion. I want you as badly as you wanted me."

Well, there was not adequate denial for that statement.

"Sit up, Logan, and turn around." Reed positioned Logan on his thighs and pushed at his back to force Logan to lean over onto his hands and knees. He lubed up his cock first, and then proceeded to prepare Logan just as Logan had done to him. First one finger. That didn't last long because Logan was so relaxed and open that there wasn't the slightest resistance. So Reed added a second finger almost immediately. There was resistance, yes, but not nearly as much as he'd expected. He could only conclude that Logan had been practicing on his own and was much more ready for this than Reed had realized.

The third finger brought a gasp from Logan, so Reed paused and waited for the inevitable relaxation. When it happened he worked those three fingers until he was certain that Logan was as loose as he was likely to get.

When the fingers finally left his tortured ass, Logan sat up and turned around and positioned himself over Reed's cock. He wanted to watch Reed's face as they completed the final step in this consummation of their love.

He lowered himself slowly, hesitantly. He wanted this, but God, he knew it was going to hurt. Still, determined, he got himself positioned and pushed down, not hesitating. His thought was to get the pain over with as quickly as possible. Well, he accomplished the quickly part right enough. But try as he might, we was not prepared for the pain of that initial entry. He cried out involuntarily as he stopped with the head of that enormous invader just inside. He couldn't control the tears that sprang to his eyes and rolled down his cheeks. But despite all the pain, he smiled.

Reed wanted desperately to pull out, to protest this pain Logan was enduring. But he didn't. This was Logan's choice. And truth be told, Reed wanted this too. He just wished it didn't have to start with all this agony.

It was a full minute before Reed felt Logan's ass begin to relax. As it did, Logan began rotating his hips slightly.

"God, Reed, it never seemed that big," said Logan. And with that incredible statement, Logan began to push down and pull up, taking inch by inch, more and more of that marvelous monster that was both torturing and pleasuring his ass.

When he'd finally bottomed out he realized that his legs were tired. Exhausted really. "I can't keep this up, Reed."

And Reed knew exactly what he meant because he could see and feel the quivering of Logan's legs. If he tried to continue, he'd cramp. It'd happened to Reed once. So Reed lifted his ass off the bed slightly, holding down on Logan's thighs to prevent him from pulling off. Then he pulled his feet up under his own ass.

"Lean back, Logan," he said, tightening his grip on Logan's neck.

It was amazing, it actually worked. As Logan leaned back, Reed came off the bed. When Logan was halfway over, Reed released his neck and reached down and grabbed Logan's knees. As they completed the maneuver, Reed pushed at Logan's knees, forcing the younger boy's ass off the bed, ensuring that their connection wasn't broken.

They were both so hot for this by now that Reed didn't hesitate. The longing in Logan's eyes was all the permission he needed. He began slowly, of course. But Logan was soon giving all the signals of deep desire and longing. It took a surprisingly short time before Reed was giving him full strokes, increasing his speed.

What surprised Reed was how quickly he reached this second peak of release. It hadn't been that long since his last orgasm, and yet he was ready. This would be the final step in their declaration of devotion. So he didn't delay it, he let it happen. He slammed one final time, arched his back and let fly. He felt Logan's legs wrap themselves around him just as he'd done.

He felt the sudden growth of Reed's cock and knew it was time. He closed his eyes and lost himself in the moment. Logan was amazed that he could feel that release of those fluids inside him. Never had he expected it to be this glorious. That initial pain had been excruciating. But the pain had disappeared quickly enough as he basked in the realization that he was really and truly connected to his one true love. This was the ultimate expression of love between two men and it was all the more intense for being so public.

Reed didn't even attempt to pull out once he was spent. He just knew that Logan would want this connection to last as long as it possibly could. Reed certainly did. When he finally popped out, Logan released his legs and allowed Reed to collapse on top of him. They simply lay there for several moments, basking in this ultimate moment between them.

But they had to continue before the crowd responded, thinking that things were complete.

"Hey Reed," said Logan, "How much do they charge for a double anyway?"

"Depends on the quality of the performance, why?"

At that instant a light came on just behind the audience. There stood Phillip who'd clearly been weeping, still dressed only in his briefs.

"Because we've had an audience and I was wondering how much we could soak him for."

They both laughed, remembering that morning when they'd said these same words. They both looked over at the illuminated figure.

"God, Phillip," laughed Reed, "You are such a pervert."

"I'm sor..."

"Oh, shut up," laughed Logan. "Come over here and give us a hug."

Phillip jogged up onto the stage and would have laid down beside Logan, except that the boys separated at the last moment and pulled him down between them. Logan simply hoped that the booth was paying attention, because he and Reed had whispered between them as Phillip had been coming up on the stage. They were suppose to share a kiss and that would conclude the performance, but the boys wanted to give everyone a bit of a surprise, not the least of which was Phillip.

So, instead of leaning in to kiss his lips, the boys leaned in and each sucked one of Phillip's nipples into their mouth. They also both reached down and began to massage his crotch. That elicited an involuntary hiss from Phillip.

This, however, was not going to be a drawn out affair. The minute Phillip's cock was fully hard and straining at the fabric of his briefs, Logan released the nipple he had and jumped down and pulled the briefs down to Phillip's knees and then dove onto his cock. He massaged those nuts as Reed continued to work the nipples. Logan bounced up and down on their brother's cock with real intent. He and Reed were intent on getting older brother off as quickly as they possibly could.

Phillip was helpless against the onslaught. He'd come up on stage having just barely managed to get his cock to relax after what he'd witnessed between these two. And here they were torturing him. Well, maybe not torture. But there was absolutely no way he could control the responses of his body. The two of them were hitting every hot spot.

"Argh!" he cried.

That was just enough warning for Logan to take one pulse into his mouth and then, just as Reed had done, he pulled off and pumped Phillip's cock so that the audience could watch as the older boy gave up a load that was at least as big as his original one had been.

When he was finally spent, Logan and Reed lay down on either side of him.

"We love you, Phillip," said Reed.

Both boys leaned in and kissed Phillip's cheeks.

The lights all went out and the bed immediately began falling into the floor of the stage. There was no reaction from the audience immediately. This had been nothing like they'd been expecting. It wasn't until the booth began to slowly turn up the periphery lighting that they realized that the performance was finally complete.

It sounded like thunder as the bed was slowly lowered into its cradle below the stage. Men were clapping, yelling, stomping their feet, and even whistling. And the boys only heard it remotely, as if it were coming from a far distant room and had no real relevance to them; still wrapped as they were in the euphoria of what they'd accomplished for one another. They remained wrapped in their embrace, the tears slowly flowing down their faces for quite some time.

It wasn't until they felt someone sit upon the bed that they came back to the real world and the uproar in the room above registered with them. When it did, they simply looked at one another and smiled; huge smiles that acknowledged the new peace inside themselves. Smiles that recognized the new closeness they now shared. And yes, smiles that said, 'We did it. We gave them the performance of a lifetime'.

Without looking, they knew who was in the room with them. They could feel the presence of 'Dad'. So, when they looked over at him, there was no surprise to see him sitting there, tears streaming down his cheeks. If there was one person in the world that understood the real significance of this afternoon, it was him.

"That was the bravest thing I've ever witnessed," said Oscar. That simple statement was the only acknowledgement they ever gave to the events of that afternoon. It was simply a new part of themselves from that day forward; a part that they would refer to from time to time by a simple look or gesture for the rest of their lives.

Oscar then smiled impishly. "It's a good thing that we've recorded this. I can't ever imagine you being able to reproduce it again. Now, I think you three need to get cleaned up and come upstairs." He leaned over and kissed all three boys. Then he stood. "Come on, boys, your admirers await you above."

That got all three of them laughing as they disengaged themselves and made their way to the performers' room and their long overdue showers. They showered together, always touching. They dressed quickly afterwards, but with an eye for the details. They remembered to drink Oscar's restorative before they left. When they exited the room, they looked immaculate.

Their escorts joined them in the hall just outside the lobby. Brad, Jackson and McKenzie simply stood there smiling. Nothing had to be said, their looks were enough. The lobby was designed so that the hall from the back exited onto a slightly raised platform so that the performers entrance would be noticed. McKenzie simply held back the curtain that separated the hall from the lobby and allowed the boys to step out.

They had no choice but to stop dead in their tracks. The room exploded with sound immediately. The ovation was like a wave of sound crashing into them. It was impossible for them not to blush at this spontaneous accolade.

As they looked out at the smiling faces of their audience they saw many faces they recognized, either from performances they'd given in private or from some other casual meeting. Many of them were familiar. Ralph was present, which was no surprise. Logan saw the older gentleman he'd performed for immediately after the attempted rape. Reed and Phillip saw many of their clients as well. But what shocked all three of them was that standing in the middle of the crowd was Arthur. A simple slight shake of his head told them that the men in the room had no idea who he truly was. But still, it was a touching moment as their eyes met and they could see that Arthur, at least, understood some of what had happened on that stage.

The applause continued until the boys finally forced themselves to move forward, each taking a slightly different direction. They knew that they didn't have a lot of time before this gathering needed to break up, so they had to cover as much ground as possible in the shortest time. The men had to be allowed the chance to interact with at least one of the performers before they departed.

It was nearly impossible to move at first. Everyone wanted to have a word and shake a hand. It finally eased up, thank goodness, when someone's voice came over the announcing system.

"Gentlemen, please, relax," laughed the voice. "The boys aren't going anywhere right away. You will all have an opportunity to have a word with them, but only if you give them the space to mingle."

That actually got everyone to laughing and forced them to calm down and move off a bit. As soon as they did, three waiters insinuated themselves through the crowd and took positions beside each boy. The tray each carried contained numerous small sandwiches and a Champagne flute with, it turned out, nothing more sinister than sparkling cider.

Surprisingly, everyone in the vicinity allowed each boy a few moments to consume a couple of the sandwiches before stepping up to begin the long line of congratulations and thank you's. Fortunately, this whole process was as well orchestrated as everything else had been, so the mingling was only allowed to go on for half an hour before the guests were all hustled in small groups toward the elevator.

Once everyone was gone that needed to be, Logan was finally able to ask the question that had been plaguing him since he noticed the medium sized planter in the middle of the lobby. It was two feet in diameter and three feet tall. Oh, and it was full of money.

"Ok, I give up," said Logan, pointing at the bowl.

Phillip smiled as he walked over and reached in and pulled out two hands full of bills. "These, my brothers, are our tips." But though he said it casually, it was obvious that he too was amazed.

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Reed.

Oscar walked over at just that moment. "We had to change out the container three times before you boys even got here. That's normally a fish bowl on a pedestal. We finally had to resort to pulling one of the artificial trees out of its container and using the planter." He pointed over to where they all saw an artificial Ficus tree leaning against the wall in one of the corners.

"Ok, boys, we have to get out of here. But come over here quickly and let's have a picture of the three of you around your bowl. This is altogether unprecedented and needs to be recorded for posterity."

Phillip drove his brothers to their cars which had been moved to a Park and Ride on the route home. "Can't have us all arriving in the same car," explained Phillip. "Your mother and Benjamin will probably be there and we don't want to have to explain how we all ended up in the same car when you two are supposed to be at work." He laughed for a moment and then grew serious. "That was an awesome ending, brothers. When did you plan that?"

"As you were walking up onto the stage," answered Reed.

"Since we didn't give them the pleasure of watching us cum, we decided that we'd finish off their afternoon by watching us get you off," said Logan.

"Besides," added Reed, "You deserved it."

Phillip simply shook his head. "I don't think anyone gave a moment's thought to being denied something. But it was a glorious way to end."

Logan and Reed stopped by Reed's new office space and were very pleased with the progress being made on the painting. As it happened, Lucius was still there taking a look over the work for the day.

"Good afternoon, boys! I hadn't expected to see you today. I thought you said you'd be otherwise engaged."

"We were, Lucius," answered Reed. Then he got a wicked little twinkle in his eye. "But our engagement is finished so we thought we'd stop by and see how the world's greatest interior designer was progressing."

"'s greatest interior designer...I think I like the sound of that." Then he looked at the boys more closely, sensing something. Something subtle, yet profound. And then it hit him... 'our engagement is finished'. There was more than one meaning in that statement. He could sense a new closeness between them, a new connection.

The boys watched as Lucius processed the information and they could see when he thought he'd figured it out. His eyes teared up slightly and he simply stared at them for several moments before walking over and giving them a group hug. "Oh damn, I adore young love."

"So, how much is left before you let Charles back in?" asked Reed when Lucius had regained his composure.

"Tomorrow we'll be painting all the accents. Charles will have his boys in here on Monday."

"On a Sunday?" asked Logan.

Lucius shrugged. "The men that do the accents prefer to work when there's no chance of traffic."

When they arrived at the residence, mother and Ben were indeed present.

"Busy day today, dear?" asked Margaret as she got her hug.

"Oh, you know, typical Parents Day mayhem." They all laughed at this.

"So, Peter, how'd your physical go?" asked Reed as he gave the boy a hug in greeting.

Peter was really coming to love all this hugging and closeness. His mom had been in the hospital for a couple of months and he'd missed all of her attention. "I guess it went okay."

"It went just fine," said Margaret. "The doctor declared him in fine shape; a few bruises that are healing, but otherwise just fine."

"Well then," said Oscar, "Why don't we celebrate the success of Parents Day and Peter's clean bill of health with a fine dinner out?"

They were all gathered in the parlor by this time, enjoying an after activity refreshment.

"That sounds like a fine idea," said a new voice from the door.

"Uncle Arthur!" yelled the three middle boys as they rushed to envelope him in a family greeting.

After a moment of this, at which time Arthur looked a bit stunned, he smiled. "You know, this having an extended family is going to be pretty terrific if I keep getting greeted like this. Hello Margaret, Oscar and Phillip."

"Hello, Arthur," said Margaret. "Now, just what in the blazes are you doing here?"

He answered as the boys led him into the room and to a place beside Margaret. "I had some business in the Capital earlier today. The state FBI office wanted some answers concerning the organization we helped take down. So, since I was in the neighborhood I thought I'd stop in and visit family."

"In the neighborhood...Arthur, that's more than five hundred miles away. That's hardly 'in the neighborhood," said Oscar.

"Sure it is, Oscar. It only took me a bit more than an hour to get here. Surely that constitutes in the neighborhood."

"Of course," piped in Ben, "What he doesn't mention is that he was doing his commute by jet and fast moving escort."

Everyone laughed at this. Everyone but Arthur, that is. His was the face of uncertainty. It was Logan that noticed and realized what it was.

"Oscar, stop teasing Uncle Arthur," he said as he walked across the room and stood in front of his uncle. "And you need to stop looking so concerned. This is what families do...they tease each other and act terribly put out at being imposed upon by the unannounced arrival of distant relations." He leaned down and hugged Arthur...hard. "But that's all it is...teasing. We're thrilled that you just happen to be in the neighborhood." He then stood up. "Tell you what, Uncle Arthur, if Oscar doesn't have the room for you, I'll give up my room for the night and sleep with my little brother if he'll have me."

"Sure, Logan, anything for Uncle Arthur," answered Ben.

That brought just a hint of moisture to Arthur's eyes.

"In fact," said Margaret, "I have a better idea. Why don't you spend the night with Reed, dear, and Benjamin and I will host Arthur. It will give him a chance to see how the other half lives and give your little brother the chance to show off his new computer skills to his uncle." She then smirked at the two boys as Logan took his seat next to Reed. "That is, of course, if you want."

"Yes mom," answered Reed. "We'd like that."

"Good," said Oscar. "Now that that's settled, why don't we go have some dinner? And no, Arthur, you may not treat."

"No he may not," agreed Margaret. "Oscar and I will treat."

"No you won't," said Reed and Logan together. Well that surprised everyone enough that there was total silence.

"Logan and I have been the recipients of an awful lot of love and support the last few weeks by all of you. So tonight will be our demonstrate our gratitude and love to those who are allowing us to spread our wings."

"Here, here," added Logan.

Oscar and Margaret exchanged a look and a shrug. It wasn't like the boys couldn't afford it.

"All right, boys," said Oscar.

"Cool," said Logan. "Now, where's the nearest McDonalds?"

That released all the tension as everyone broke into peals of laughter. Everyone but Peter that is. This was all a bit over his head. It was Ben that noticed this. He stepped over and took Peter's hand and led him over to Arthur.

"Uncle Arthur, this is Peter Cramer. He's a house guest of Oscar's for the next week or so. Peter, this is our Uncle Arthur Puckett." He leaned over as if to whisper, but spoke loud enough for all to hear. "He's filthy rich and he's the best uncle in the world."

"Hello, Mr. Cramer," said Arthur as he held out his hand.

That got a bit of a laugh out of Peter. "Hello, Mr. Puckett. It's very nice to meet you."

"And it's a pleasure to meet you, Peter, especially after what I saw on the television news last night. You're a pretty special little boy."

Peter blushed at this. "You saw that?"

"I certainly did. I'm always watching news items about special boys and girls. Of course, it didn't hurt that Reed was there too. I'm always interested in anything that concerns my nephews."

"I was just helping Reed. It was fun."

"Well, if that's the way you want to tell it. But, Peter, the news people don't just take up their news time telling stories of little boys out having fun. They do, however, take special notice of people that go out of their way to spread a little cheer and love to strangers the way you did. It was a truly marvelous thing you did, my boy. You have a right to be proud of what you accomplished."

Peter stood just a touch taller. "Thank you, sir."

As it turned out, Oscar had secured reservations at their favorite Italian restaurant. Dinner was a very pleasant 'family' affair.

The following day, Arthur woke in Logan's bed and had to smile. This having a family was a fine thing indeed. He had a simple breakfast with Margaret and Ben and then retired to the boy's bedroom and watched some of his previous creations and then sat enthralled as Ben created something from scratch.

"You really do have a flair for this, Benjamin. I'm really quite impressed."

"Thanks, Uncle Arthur. But Uncle, my family all call me Benny in private. Didn't you know?"

"I did not. Then Benny it is."

Reed and Logan had quite a restful without sex. In fact, they had to consult with Oscar because Logan finally admitted that he may have rushed things just a bit and he was sore. But after a careful examination, Oscar declared that he done himself no damage. He'd just abused his muscles. Nothing a bit of ointment and more care wouldn't remedy in no time.

Reed remembered that he'd promised their school friends that he'd arrange for a gathering, so he consulted his dad and the kitchen staff and they agreed that Wednesday would work out. So he and Logan made the calls.

Oscar gathered the three older boys in his office after lunch and closed the door.

"Well, boys, I have to tell you that you've made quite a splash with that spectacle you put on yesterday."

The boys simply smiled back at him.

"Yes, I know, that's what you intended. But you may have opened a can of worms with this. I've gotten calls from the five remaining board members and Arthur made his opinion quite clear last night before he went off to Margaret's. They have been inundated with calls and emails singing your praise."

"And?" asked Phillip into the silence.

"They are begging me to convince you to do more of them. Many more."

"Define many, Oscar," said Logan.

"Twice a month. They want to fly in your audiences from all over the country."

Reed and Logan smiled at one another. This was their opportunity.

"And just what is that smile about?" asked Oscar.

"Dad," said Reed, "We love each other."

"Yes, I know...oh."

"We're more than willing to do the twice monthly performances," said Reed calmly. "But we don't want to do the private shows anymore."

Oscar was silent for a few moments, simply looking from one to the other of them. "Ok, go on, you've obviously thought about this."

"Yes, sir." Logan simply let Reed take the lead. Oscar was his father after all. "The private shows feel like cheating on each other. Plus we've both started having careers and then there's our schooling to finish. If you add in the private shows and the twice monthly doubles...well, that's going to be too much. School and our careers have to come first, Dad. Something has to give. That something needs to be the private shows."

Oscar then looked over at Phillip. "And your feelings?"

"Well, they hadn't talked to me about this, but I have to agree with them. It is too much. I can't imagine Morgan would have all that much trouble finding us one or two new boys. And even if he couldn't, we could make this the location for something unique, if the board is that interested."

"You willing to go back to performing?" asked Oscar.

"Not regularly, no. But if my brothers want to include me once every couple of months, I wouldn't mind." He smiled at Reed and Logan. "They're pretty hot in bed." That got a chuckle from the two boys.

"You're the handler, Phillip. If you don't have a problem with this, then I certainly don't. I like that the boys want to concentrate on their schooling and careers. I'll tell the board and they can just live with it. I'll give Morgan a call and tell him we're in the market for a replacement or two." He then smiled at Reed and Logan. "As of now, you are off the private shows."

"Thank you, Dad," they said in unison.

"All right, that was the sticky news. Now, would you be interested in knowing what you earned for yourselves with yesterday's little spectacle?"

"Oh, I think that would be a grand thing to hear," said Logan.

Phillip opened the day planner he'd brought with him. "Here we go then. First off, we charged every attendee three thousand dollars for that show. Of that the performers get to split forty percent. So, fifty men in the audience at three thousand each comes to one hundred and fifty thousand. Forty percent of that is sixty thousand. We split that three ways, that's twenty thousand each."

Reed and Logan were wide eyed at the figures. "Holy shit," whispered Reed.

"Oh, that's not all. Now we come to the money in the planter. The final count on its contents was thirty-seven thousand, two hundred dollars. Split three ways, that comes to twelve thousand, four hundred each. So, for one hour's pleasure in front of an audience, we each get thirty-two thousand, four hundred dollars."

"," said Logan.

Phillip closed his day planner. "It's not likely that the board will bitch too much about the new arrangements. They garnered ninety thousand dollars from that little play. If they can continue to make that kind of money off the two of you for just two performances a month, they'll think they're getting a bargain."

"Besides," said Oscar, "I know that Arthur will get behind this. He'll be pretty pleased that you're both wanting to focus more on your education and careers."

It was Logan that regained his senses first. "All right, Phillip, those are pretty impressive numbers. Now, what do you think we'll be able to make, doing just two shows a month, with just me and Reed in most of them."

"I'd charge two thousand for each double and three for those shows I participate in. You can probably count on the tips falling off a bit now that the novelty is gone. So, if we assume a full house for each performance, that still gives you each twenty thousand off the door receipts. Let's assume maybe ten thousand in total tips each show. That will still make you roughly twenty-five thousand a show. So, fifty thousand a month; give or take."

"Dad, could we get away with being obligated to this for a year?" asked Reed. "We could then sit down and reevaluate. I'm just not sure I want to do this much longer than that."

"I have to agree with Reed, Oscar," said Logan.

"I don't see that as any problem, boys. We've never forced any boy to perform beyond what they wanted. I'd suggest that you only obligate to six months, then we'll look at it again." Both boys smiled at this prospect. "I'd just as soon see my three boys get out of this as soon as they can. I won't force you either way, but I'll tell you that I'm not the least bit disappointed in your attitude."

"We like it, Oscar," said Logan after looking over and getting a nod from Reed. "Now I'd like to address the schooling. Can we start it soon...and include Benny?"

"The answer to both is yes, if you want. But I was thinking about waiting until the normal school year began so that Reed could get his business feet wet before he started having to deal with that."

"Oh, yeah, I suppose that would be a good idea," said Logan. "All right, I withdraw the early school start. But I'd still like to have Benny included."

"Actually, I'd already talked to your mother about it and we'd planned to ask if you'd mind including him."

"Great!" said Logan as he stood, chuckling. "Come on Reed, let's go rescue Uncle Arthur from Benny."

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