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Soulbound ‡ feral

by Wes Leigh

Chapter 2

Another werewolf thing. Like most animals, we spent a large part of our lives engaged in the three Fs of basic survival. Feeding, fighting and… reproduction.

-- From Stolen by Kelley Armstrong

The lads were running through the forest. Naked, of course. Shifting between their three forms: wolf, boy and wolfboy. Laughing and shouting, they disturbed the wildlife that lived in the forest, now quivering in fear inside their dens.

Connor was at the front of the pack, a dark red blur streaking through the forest with the other boys in hot pursuit. He was in his element, blood racing as he led the hunt. Connor slid to a stop, backtracked, and dropped his nose to the ground, sniffing, tracking. He moved in quick circles, searching the ground. The rest of the boys dashed forward, snouts in the leaves and dirt, sniffing eagerly, trying to pick up whatever scent Connor had found.

Connor stopped, pushed his snout into the dirt and blew out his breath with a snort, then pulled his head back and started digging frantically, throwing dirt all over Caleb and Dillon, who jumped back and shook the debris from their fur. Connor, oblivious to the cloud of dirt he was tossing into the air, kept digging. A foot down, he exposed a narrow tunnel. He paused, shoved his snout inside the tunnel, and took a deep sniff. Then he started digging again.

Jacob and Joshua pressed in against Connor, trying to dig in the same spot, but he snapped at them and they jumped back. Whining softly, they found their own spots to dig, tossing leaves and earth behind them.

Deep in the burrow, a prairie dog scurried through the tunnels for a back exit. With wolves tearing up the front of his home, he knew it was time to make a hasty retreat. He popped his head out carefully, saw the wolves digging busily away, and dashed out, running as fast as his short legs would carry him.

Connor and the pack never saw their prey escape, being so intent on tearing up the earth to get inside the prairie dog's burrow.

Connor paused, panting. He sat back on his haunches and shifted into human form. Sitting naked in the leaves and dirt, he looked around him at the boys he had come to think of as his pack. He laughed. A deep bellow of joy. He hadn't been this happy in a long, long time. Connor shifted into werewolf form and lifted his snout, howling. The other boys joined him in an ear-piercing chorus.

Back at the Lodge, Andreas Finnigan and Sean Allen were sitting at a table on the back porch, sipping coffee.

"How's he getting along?" Sean asked.

Andreas looked over the rail of the porch and peered through the trees. He could just make out the dark red fur of his adopted son, leading the rest of the lads in a frenzied chase after some small creature, no doubt. "He seems to be settling in fine. Gabi dotes on him, and he eats it up. Still not talking, and I don't know if he ever will."

"The other lads seem to have accepted him just fine," Sean noted. "My son Dillon worships the ground he walks on."

Andreas nodded slowly. "They've formed a subpack, with Connor as their alpha."

"Will that be a problem?"

Andreas shook his head. "We had our own subpack growing up, Sean. You and Liam were always arguing about which of you was going to be my beta."

Sean chuckled. "Aye. I remember those fights. Liam still insists he'd have made a better beta."

"I depend on you both. On all the pack, for that matter. We have to stick together, considering the situation here in Agony."

Sean sipped his coffee. "Yes. Those damned Blooded. Why'd they have to come here? Couldn't they have found somewhere else to live?"

"Not a day goes by I don't ask those same questions," Andreas admitted with a sigh. "We were here first, but they probably had no idea this was our land when they came here. Almost a hundred years of petty maneuvering and jockeying for position. I hate dealing with them."

Sean groaned, "Has it really been that long? Three generations of our Pack, putting up with vampires in their territory?"

Andreas nodded. "My grandfather was the first Alpha to face them. I almost wish he'd fought them off, for better or worse. An all-out war would have been better than this ridiculous truce we're in." Turning to Sean, Andreas asked, "I suppose the Blooded are trying to take over the school too?"

Sean shook his head. "Not that I've seen. They're more interested in the town itself. Buying up the businesses. Running the bank."

"Tis their way, everywhere they go. They control the flow of money, and thereby secure their position." Andreas looked up and smiled. "I don't give a damn, as long as they keep out of the hills and away from the Lodge. They can take over the whole damned town for all I care."

Sean put his cup down. "That's what they've done, for the most part. The Chamber of Commerce just elected Minerva Smyth as their head."

Andreas growled deep in his chest at the mention of that name. "One day…"

Sean growled in response. When his alpha was upset, Sean instinctively responded, ready to tear out the throat of anyone challenging his leader and threatening their pack. No matter what the threat might be. Even vampires.

A small herd of deer was upwind from the boys. Crouched low, furry bellies in the dirt, the boys waited for Connor to make his move. He shifted into human form, pointed at Jacob and Joshua Byrne and motioned for them to head west. He turned to Donny and Ethan McCoy and sent them to the east.

Crawling on their bellies, the four stole off through the trees. Connor watched their progress and waved his hand when they were far enough away. Then he tilted his head back and mimicked a wolf, baying at the sky.

Joshua and Jacob nodded their heads, understanding what Connor wanted. They lifted their snouts and tore the still morning air with piercing wolf howls. From the other side of the clearing, Ethan and Donny did the same.

The deer immediately froze, eyes darting to the left and right, where the howls of wolves were too close for safety. Half the herd dashed to the north, seeking safety in the thick underbrush. The rest darted to the south, eyes wide in panic. It was an unfortunate choice for one buck, who leapt over a fallen log and was knocked to the ground by a dark red bundle of ravenous fury. Connor latched his fangs around the buck's throat, sinking deep and strangling the deer's breath as he snapped its neck and brought it the ground. It suffered only a moment before giving up its life to the young predators.

The other lads jumped in, locking their jaws on the buck's flesh, snarling and tearing. Connor waited, his teeth still clamped on the buck's neck to ensure it was dead.

The McCoy brothers loped up with the Byrne twins close behind. They rushed for the deer's carcass to join in the feasting. Dillon and Caleb were shoved roughly aside by the larger wolves. With fangs dripping blood, the two smaller wolves rushed back in, snapping and snarling. Joshua jumped at Caleb, growled and knocked the younger wolf onto his back.

From behind a tree nearby, Andreas and Sean watched as a nasty fight broke out among the wolflings.

Sean began to move forward to break it up, but Andreas put an arm in front of Sean, holding him back. "Leave it for now. Let's see how it plays out," Andreas whispered.

Joshua had his fangs at Caleb's throat. The blood lust clouded his judgement, and all he knew in that moment was that a foe was trying to steal his kill. He lifted his head, snarled, and tensed his body, ready to strike Caleb's defenseless neck.

Hurtling in from the side, Connor smashed into Joshua, knocking him off Caleb and sending Joshua rolling across the ground.

Joshua leapt to his feet, snarling, eyes flashing.

Standing guard over Caleb, Connor growled deep in his chest. His lips curled up and his fangs, still bloody from the kill, dripped onto the ground.

Joshua stopped snarling. His lips curled back into an apologetic scowl. He whimpered and fell to his stomach, his head stretched out on the dirt in front of him.

Connor looked down at Caleb, who remained frozen on his back. Connor licked Caleb's face, then nuzzled Caleb gently with his snout.

Caleb rolled over and wagged his tail. He licked Connor's snout, shaking with puppyish excitement.

Connor nudged Caleb in the direction of Joshua.

Caleb turned toward Joshua and crawled on his belly until he was right next to Joshua, rolling on his side in submission.

Joshua sat up, keeping Connor in sight. Joshua's body was tense, ready to spring into action.

Caleb, tail wagging, licked Joshua's snout.

Joshua sat quietly, accepting Caleb's licks, his body gradually relaxing.

Connor, satisfied that the brief spat was over, turned back to the deer carcass. He found an open spot around the body and began tearing into the flesh, enjoying the hot blood that seeped down his throat, feeding his wolf soul.

Sean and Andreas shifted into wolf form and silently slipped through the trees, content to see that the boys were safe and working out the hierarchy of their newly formed pack.

Gabi brought out two large bowls of stew and a set them in front of Andreas and Sean where they sat at a table on the back porch.

Andreas pinched Gabi's rear, grinning impishly at her.

She swatted his hand away and said, "I've a new loaf of bread cooling on the counter. I'll bring you a slice, if you behave yourselves."

Sean smiled. "I'll take two slices. And another mug of beer."

Gabi slapped Sean on the back of the head. "I'll bring the whole loaf of bread and you can cut off all you want. But you can get your own beer. You know where the keg is."

The men laughed as she walked back inside the Lodge to get the bread. Stopping at the door, she turned and asked, "Will you call those ruffians up to eat? They must be hungry, running about all morning like they have."

Andreas and Sean looked at each other, sharing a knowing smile. "I don't think they're hungry, Gabi," Andreas said.

She sighed and continued on her way, muttering, "Why I bother to fix a good meal for 'em, I'll never know."

The boys were stretched out in the shade of a copse of cottonwoods next to the river. They'd eaten their fill, washed the blood off in the river, and were now dozing off. Caleb was curled up against Joshua, who held the smaller boy in his arms, their fight completely forgiven and forgotten. Ethan, Jacob and Dillon were in a tangle of naked limbs, using each other for a pillow.

Donny lay next to Connor, surreptitiously glancing over at the powerful teen, admiring his tight, ripped abdominal muscles, his taut biceps, his thick thighs. Connor had a nice patch of hair growing from his groin up his belly, ending in a rusty red patch in the center of his chest.

Donny was just a bit jealous that Connor was already so hairy. Donny glanced down at his own belly. There was just a hint of a fuzzy line leading from his belly button down to the curly patch of blonde hair above his cock. Until Connor had come along, Donny had been the biggest, hairiest wolfling in the pack. Now Connor was here, and Donny felt his position of leadership fading. And yet, somehow, it didn't bother him. If anything, he felt more secure, knowing a bigger, stronger wolf was leading him and the other lads.

Jacob Byrne sat up and grunted, "I'm horny." He grabbed his cock and started stroking it slowly.

Caleb stirred and poked out his hips, his four-inch boner jutting out for all to see. "Me too."

Joshua hugged Caleb to his chest and reached down to start fondling the younger boy's dick. "You're always horny," Joshua mumbled.

Caleb leaned back against Joshua and relaxed in his arms, enjoying the feeling of the older boy's hands stroking him down there.

Connor looked on as the other boys began boning up and pairing off. Ethan with Dillon. Jacob and Dennis. They seemed quite comfortable with what they were doing. Rubbing each other, stroking erections, squeezing butt cheeks.

The only one who wasn't paired up with anyone was Donny. He sat quietly next to Connor, waiting to see what Connor wanted to do. Donny was half-boned up, not bothering to hide his excitement. He glanced down at Connor's cock, which was rising slowly. In his non-wolf state, Connor's cock was still impressive, a thick, powerful, seven-inch-long shaft with skin half hiding the dark purple cap.

"We take care of each other," Donny said, blushing. "The adults won't let us play with the girls. They don't want a bunch of pups running around under foot."

Connor tilted his head sideways, frowning in confusion.

"You know…" Donny said. He formed a circle with his thumb and finger and slid another finger in and out. "Fucking. Making babies."

Connor shrugged.

"I guess you wouldn't know about that, growing up alone like you did," Donny said. "If a guy fucks a girl and puts his sperm inside her, she gets pregnant and has pups."

Connor stared uncomprehending at Donny.

Donny chuckled. "Forget it. It don't matter anyway. The oldies aren't letting this bunch of randy dogs near the young bitches, so we take care of each other the best way we know how."

Donny turned to Caleb and said, "Hey, Caleb. Come show Connor how you keep me happy."

Caleb jumped up and scurried over on hands and knees until he was in front of Donny. Bending over, Caleb pulled Donny's cock away from his body and started licking it all over. Donny leaned back, groaned with pleasure, and put his hands on each side of Caleb's head, urging him to slide his mouth over Donny's six-inch cock.

Connor watched, amazed, as Caleb gradually swallowed Donny's cock. Donny was obviously enjoying it, stretching out and thrusting his hips up into Caleb's face. Caleb didn't seem to mind. He seemed eager to please the older boy and was trying his best to get every inch of the large cock down his throat.

Donny turned to Connor and saw Connor's cock was throbbing now. "You want to try it too, Connor?"

Connor blinked. He wasn't sure what they were doing, but they seemed to be having a good time.

Donny turned his head and said, "Ethan. Come show Connor how good you do this."

Ethan grumbled, "Why me? Why not Dillon or Dennis?"

"Because they don't do it as good as you. Connor's first blowjob should be a good one."

"Alright," Ethan grumbled. He reluctantly released Dillon's boner and scooted over next to Connor. "Damn. It's huge!"

Donny chuckled. "Just a little bigger than mine. You can do it."

Ethan sighed and leaned over, licking all around the tip of Connor's cock, then slid it into his mouth an inch or two before bobbing up and down.

Connor gasped. He opened his eyes wide, amazed at the sensations building in his balls. He couldn't help himself. Instinct kicked in and he began humping Ethan's face, shoving his cock deeper and deeper with each stroke, making Ethan gag when Connor's cock entered Ethan's throat.

Ethan pulled off and said, "Not so deep, Connor. You'll make me choke."

Connor frowned, suddenly self-conscious and nervous.

Ethan patted Connor's furry belly. "It's okay, Connor. Just hold still and let me do all the work."

Connor leaned back and relaxed his body as best he could, trembling with pleasure as Ethan went to work.

Ethan's mouth was warm, wrapping Connor in wet comfort. With quick darting motions, Ethan's tongue danced all around, sliding underneath Connor's foreskin, then tickling inside his piss slit. Ethan's lips gripped Connor's shaft as they slid down, down all the way to the base, brushing the furry patch of fur on his belly. Ethan's throat opened up, accepting the end of Connor's cock and gently squeezing it as Ethan struggled to control his gagging.

Connor concentrated on keeping his hips still. His hands gripped the soil underneath him, digging in, curling up in intense pleasure. His balls pulled up even tighter against his body and danced inside their sack. Then, despite his efforts to hold back, Connor arched his back and grunted as his body shook in the throes of an orgasm.

Ethan tried to swallow it all, but it gushed out and kept flowing, filling his mouth and oozing out past his lips, covering his chin and Connor's legs with white, sticky cream.

Donny looked on, not surprised at all to see that Connor's balls were just as impressive as Connor's cock. Definitely their alpha.

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