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Soulbound ‡ feral

by Wes Leigh

Chapter 8

Some werewolves are hairy on the inside.

-- From Danse Macabre by Stephen King

When Connor sniffed the air, the wind brought him the unmistakable scent of Donny. As a wolf, he didn't pause to ask why Donny was here, so far from home. Wolf instincts don't allow time for thinking and planning, only doing. Connor sprang up and dashed forward, closing the gap to Donny in seconds.

Ten feet away, Connor leapt off the ground and flew through the air, striking Donny in the side. Both went rolling in a tumble of fur and snapping jaws and furious snarls. Somehow, Donny ended up on his back with Connor on top of him, Connor's jaws tightly grasping Donny's neck but not clamping down, simply lightly gripping him there. Donny instantly froze and shifted into human form beneath Connor. Connor switched too. Their faces were inches apart, staring at each other.

Connor grinned from ear to ear. "What the hell are you doing out here, Donny?"

"Looking for your shaggy ass!" Donny replied, grinning back.

"Well, you found me." Connor pushed himself up slightly, then added, "Didn't know I was missed."

Donny shoved hard at Connor, throwing him off. "Didn't know? Damn it, Connor! Of course, you were missed!"

Connor, surprised and shocked, shook his head. "I didn't think you guys would care."

Donny's face scrunched up as he struggled to control his emotions. "Of course, we cared. We were becoming a pack with you as our heart. And then you ripped out our heart and left us to find some way to carry on without you! You can't do that, Connor. Not to us. Not to your pack."

Connor stood to his feet and glared down at Donny, suddenly angry. "I didn't ask for a pack, you know. I never wanted to be your alpha. Did you guys ever consider that? Did you ever ask me if I wanted to be your leader? No! You just assumed I would be. Well, I'm not leader material. I'm a feral wolf. We don't make good leaders. We're good at killing. And that's all we're good at."

Donny stood up too and stared Connor down, growling out, "Alpha isn't something you seek. Alpha is what you are."

Connor slowly lowered his eyes. "And what happens if I can't be what you want me to be? What if I fail in the test and get other wolves killed? Just like my parents? I couldn't keep my mouth shut, and I got my parents killed."

"What?" Donny shouted. "Is that what this is all about? About something you couldn't do when you were five years old?"

Then Donny noticed Hota for the first time. Walking slowly up, the enormous man placed a hand on Connor's shoulder and spoke softly and gently. "Did I also fail, Connor? Did I fail my family because I couldn't run faster and stop their slaughter?"

Connor shook his head. "That was different, Hota. You were far away when it happened. You tried to get back. I was THERE, with my mom. I didn't even try to fight. I just cried out because I was scared and got my mom killed, and then I ran in fear." The tears were pouring from his eyes now, and his body was shaking.

Hota gently wrapped Connor in his arms and hugged him. "Would it have changed anything, Connor? Would your parents be alive today if you had fought the ones who killed them?"

Unable to speak, Connor sniffed and shook his head.

Hota squeezed him gently. "No, it would not have saved them. And you would have died also. By running, you saved your own life. And now, you and I will work together to end the evil that is in our land."

Donny, who had been listening carefully to everything, perked up. "You're going after the vampires who killed his family?"

Hota nodded.

"Then I'm going too," Donny stated.

Connor shook his head. "No, Donny. You're not. This is dangerous, what we're doing. But it's something we have to do. You go home to the Pack. Tell them I'm alive, but I've gone feral. Take care of Ethan and your little sisters and play football and go to school. That's your destiny."

Donny shifted into wolf form and slunk forward on his belly. When he reached Connor, he whined and dropped his head down so his snout was resting on top of Connor's feet. Shifting back into a man, Donny turned to look up at Connor. His bright blue eyes were twinkling with tears as he said, "My destiny is to go wherever my alpha goes." He became a wolf again and curled his body around Connor's legs, refusing to move.

Hota chuckled and shook his head slowly from side to side. "Wolves! Always thinking with your heart instead of your brain."

Connor pulled out of Hota's arms and turned his head. "He can't help it, Hota. He's a wolf."

"And so are you," Hota replied, tapping Connor on the nose. "And apparently, you are an alpha wolf."

"I didn't ask to be," Connor replied, grimacing.

Hota smiled. "Donny was right. It isn't something you seek. Alpha is what you are."

"Then you think I should go back too?"

Hota shrugged. "Go back. Stay here. That is your choice to make, not mine. Continue on and hunt rogue vampires… or return to Agony and be a wolfpup. Again. Not my choice, but yours."

"But if I help you hunt the vampires, Donny will want to go with us," Connor objected.

"Try to stop me," Donny muttered, once again a teenager, but now sitting at Connor's feet, listening to the conversation.

Hota glanced down at Donny. "If he follows us, that is his choice, not yours. You worry too much about the choices others make when the only duty you have is to choose for yourself. Maybe that is why you struggle to decide who you are."

Connor squinted at Hota. "I'm Red Wolf. Shunkmanitu Tanka Shah. That's what you called me, right? Red Wolf, feral werewolf and killer of rogue vampires. That's who I am now."

Donny jumped to his feet. "Cool name, bro. Can I have a Lakota name too?"

Connor rolled his eyes, but turned to Hota. "Well? Do you have a Lakota name for Donny?"

"He is your kola?" Hota asked.

Connor and Donny looked at each other. "My kola?" Connor asked.

"Yes. Kola. Male friend."

"You mean… ummm… my boyfriend?" Connor asked, blushing.

Hota shook his head and chuckled. "No. Your kola. Your friend. Why do you wolves make everything about sex?"

Donny moved in front of Connor. "Yes, I'm his male friend, his kola. I left the Pack to follow him, and now I may be feral too. I don't think I can go back. They probably kicked me out for coming here, against the Alpha's orders, so I want a cool Lakota name like Connor's. Something about being a mighty hunter."

Hota grunted, "What am I now? Name-giver to lost wolfboys?"

Connor and Donny grinned at each other. "Yep," Connor said. "That's what we are. Lost wolfboys. Red Wolf and his kola. But he still needs a Lakota name, Hota."

Hota sighed. "Fine. We'll call him Sunka Zi."

Donny laughed. "Hey, I like it. Sunka Zi. What's it mean?"

"Yellow Dog," Hota replied.

Donny's face fell. "Yellow Dog. But… I want a cool name like Connor."

Connor laughed and slapped Donny on the back. "Red Wolf and Yellow Dog. I love it!"

Hota frowned. "Why are you upset over the name, wolfling? You are yellow." Hota reached out and pointed at Donny's blonde hair. "He is your leader, right?"

Donny nodded and admitted, "Yeah, but I don't want to be a dog."

Hota shook his head. "He is your leader. Your wolf. You follow him. You are fierce, but also loyal, like a good dog should be. Still savage. Still powerful. Following wherever he goes. His Sunka Zi."

Connor hugged Donny. "We'll only call you Sunka Zi. That sounds better than Yellow Dog, right?"

Donny nodded, struggling not to smile.

Connor shifted into wolf form and snarled at Donny, challenging him.

Donny dropped to all fours and became a large brown wolf with a golden band of fur on his neck and head. He snarled back.

The two leapt at each other, snapping their jaws within inches of the other's face, snarling and growling and leaping in circles. They were almost equally matched in size, with Connor just slightly larger, and their game sounded like a battle to the death, with fangs flashing as they snarled and snapped. Then suddenly, Donny crouched down with his butt lifted in the air and his tail curled to one side, offering himself in submission to Connor. Connor jumped on top of Donny and gently bit down on the back of Donny's neck. Then Connor began humping Donny, sliding his now hard cock against Donny's butt.

Both boys morphed back into teenagers, Connor now draped across Donny's back, his erect cock still pressed into Donny's butt crack. They laughed as Connor wrapped Donny in his arms and said, "I really missed you guys. I'm glad you're here, Donny."

Then they both noticed Hota watching them and hurried to untangle themselves, Connor covering his boner with both hands.

Hota shook his head and turned to walk away. "Wolves!" he said, laughing. "When you two finish playing, we need to make camp. It's going to be dark soon."

Donny leaned back into Connor and sighed. It felt good and right to be held in Connor's arms. One day, Donny fully planned to mate with one of the bitches in the Pack, and that part of his wolf-brain looked forward to the thrill of taking a mate and bonding with her, body and teeth. Cock firmly planted inside her, thrusting and spewing to create new life within her. Fangs gently gripping her on the neck, marking her as his own, biting down to lovingly rip her flesh as his body filled hers with his seed. Yes, one day he would mate and fulfill his place in the pack as a father and a mate.

But tonight, a different part of his wolf-brain was engaged. He was beta, second only to Connor, and his alpha held him secure, with strong arms wrapped around him and warm body pressed against him from behind. Even Connor's hard cock pushing against Donny's butt felt right. No one else would be allowed to take such liberties with Donny's body. Only the Alpha. And Donny wanted Connor to show his dominance, needed Connor to dominate him.

Donny wriggled his butt slightly, rubbing against Connor's hard shaft, telling Connor what he wanted.

Connor giggled in Donny's ear. "What are you doing, Donny?"

Donny moved his butt more, sliding Connor's boner slowly inside the cleft between his cheeks. "I'm asking you to mark me as your beta, Connor. No more games. No more questions. Mark me, Connor."

Connor pulled Donny back against his chest and nibbled Donny's neck. "Are you sure, Donny?"

Donny nodded. "It needs to be settled, once and for all, in both our heads. I'm yours. Our hearts know it. Now our bodies need to show it."

"Have you ever done this before?"

"Of course not."

"It's gonna hurt."

"I don't care." Donny reached behind him and grabbed Connor's boner in his hand, moving it down and rubbing the tip around until he found his pucker. Pushing back, Donny felt Connor's enormous cock spreading his hole open wider and wider until he thought he might break in two. "SHIT! You're fucking huge, Connor!"

"We don't have to do this, Donny."

"Yes, we do. Now push it in."

Connor grabbed Donny's hips and pulled him back, firmly sliding his cock a few inches inside.

Donny yelped and clinched his teeth, fighting against the pain. "Damn!"

"Sorry," Connor whispered.

"Is that your cock or your arm?" Donny hissed.

Connor chuckled. "You're the one who wanted this."

"Yeah. But I also wanted to be able to take a shit tomorrow. Fuck, Connor!"

"Oh? So, now you want me to fuck you?"

Donny laughed as he gasped. "Just do it, bro. Go ahead and mount me."

Connor slowly slid his cock in a few more inches, then waited patiently for Donny to stop panting. When Donny relaxed and stop clinching his ass on Connor's cock, Connor pulled out slightly and pushed back in slowly. In and out. With gentle care, he eased his cock deeper on each thrust.

Donny felt each lunge of Connor's thick cock, but he felt something else building up inside him. A powerful tingling, deeper than any orgasm he'd ever felt before, like a wave of pleasure rolling through his guts each time Connor slid up inside him. Building. Climbing. Overwhelming. Taking over his body until he was shoving back against Connor's thrusts, meeting them with passion, impaling his body on Connor and attempting to force him deeper inside.

Connor felt Donny's body accepting him, needing him, desiring him. His hips slapped against Donny's butt. Whap. Whap. Whap. His cock was harder than ever, not with passion but with power, with dominance, taking new ground, marking his territory. He shoved himself fully into Donny and exploded, filling Donny's body with his seed. He tilted his head down and bit into the back of Donny's neck, tasting the coppery tang of blood.

Donny howled and clamped down with his ass, holding Connor inside while Donny's body shook and his cock launched string after string of cum onto the blankets beneath him. He closed his eyes and held his breath. I'm his now, his wolf-brain whined.

Connor wrapped his arms around Donny and held him tight. It was odd. He was hugging Donny, but Donny's ass was squeezing him just as tight. Who was holding whom? Did it matter? He's mine now, Connor's wolf-brain howled.

Hota rolled over and glanced at the two wolfboys on the other side of the fire. Finally. Maybe now that they'd settled the matter, the three of them could get down to the dangerous business of hunting rogue vampires.

The rogue vampires had a good thing going. The four of them were now living in a small hunting lodge in a secluded valley, well out of the way. They had a dozen or so human slaves to keep things neat and tidy and provide a bit of sexual pleasure and an emotional meal from time to time. The vampires were now abstaining from blood feeding. They didn't want to use up their slaves that way. So instead, they instigated sexual orgies and dined on the passions of their servants.

It hadn't been easy to convince the other three to give up sucking blood, but the leader was a powerful vampire, ancient and filled with centuries of malice. He enjoyed their little hide-away in the hill country, and he wasn't about to lose the convenience it offered. He knew what would happen if one of the vampire Covenants discovered them. As mighty as he was, he couldn't stand against the combined attack of a full Covenant. It would be just as bad if one of the local lycan Packs discovered their location and hunted them down. No, he wanted to keep things as they were. And the other three would have to do what he said if they wanted to continue their undead existence.

He shoved the semi-conscious female human away and stood up. He was done feeding, though his companions were still in the thrall of eating the passion emitted by the humans when they orgasmed over and over, fully under the mental control of their vampire masters. Feeding on emotions was enough to keep a vampire alive, but it grew old quickly. He desired something more, something bloodier.

He strolled out of the lodge and stood outside in the moonlight. His hair cascaded down his back in long silver locks. His face was serene and beautiful, masking the ugly depths of his soul. His naked body was powerfully muscled, chiseled like a statue of a god, with pale skin like white marble. He looked around the valley and his eyes glowed blood red. Perhaps he'd make a quick jump to a nearby town and feed upon what he truly craved. The others wouldn't miss him. They wouldn't even notice he was gone.

"Ignatius, come taste this one," a voice called from inside the cabin.

Ignatius turned his head and snarled, "Leave me be. I'm sated." But he wasn't.

He made his decision and closed the door behind him, then disappeared.

From high up on a mountain ridge, three shadowy figures—a bear and two wolves—knelt side by side, peering down into the valley, sniffing the winds and knowing that wicked danger resided below.

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