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by Wes Leigh

Chapter 9

The debauchery of these creatures is birthed in their depraved souls. They do not marry or give in marriage but practice a peculiar form of attachment they call 'soulbinding'. They claim it is a deeper connection than the covenant of marriage, but it is nothing more than an excuse to enjoy many unnatural liaisons without the restraint of natural order or supernatural decree.

-- From 'Conclusions on the Nature of Creatures of the Night' by Fr. Ignatius Benedictus

"What do you want to do for your birthday?" Judy asked.

Daniel took another bite of oatmeal and thought as he chewed. "I don't know, Mom. I don't really know the kids here well enough to invite them over for a party." But to himself, Daniel thought, 'I can just see Mom freaking out over the fight that would start if I invited a bunch of vampires and werewolves to my house.'

"A boy only turns fifteen once. We should do something special."

"My birthday is Sunday."


"So, I doubt any of the kids will want to come to a party on a Sunday afternoon. What are we gonna do, Mom? Rent a bouncy house? Jeez."

Judy pursed her lips. "I wasn't suggesting any such thing, Daniel. And why am I getting this attitude from you all of a sudden?"

"Sorry, Mom," Daniel mumbled, taking another bite of oatmeal.

Judy sighed. "If you don't want to have a party, that's fine. Your dad and I will take you out for a nice meal, and we'll open presents when we get home. Does that work for you?"

Daniel nodded.

"Big day comin' up for Big D this weekend," Connor said with a grin as they changed into their athletic gear at the beginning of PE.

"Don't remind me," Daniel groaned. "My mom wants to throw a party."

"Awesome," Connor said. "I'll be there."

"No, you won't," Daniel said, slamming his locker shut. "Because there won't BE any party."

"Why not?"

"Seriously, Connor? How can I have a party? Let me see. I can invite you and Donny and Ethan and Jacob and Joshua and the other guys. And Xavier and Gregor and Regina and their crew can come. We'll have everyone line up on opposite sides of the living room with the sofa between you. Then I'll count to three and everyone can start ripping each other's throats out. Should be the party of the century."

Connor laughed and draped his arm across Daniel's shoulders. "We'll figure out somethin' for the birthday boy. You wait and see."

Xavier kept staring at Daniel during Drama. They were supposed to be rehearsing their lines for the play, but Xavier's gaze kept drifting up from the script to study Daniel as he struggled to follow the play's twisted plot.

Exasperated, Daniel stopped reading and looked up at Xavier. "What is it, Xavier? Do I have boogers hanging out of my nose or something?"

Xavier shook his head, chuckling. "Fifteen," he said, raising his eyebrows suggestively.

Daniel rolled his eyes. "Yeah, I know. I turn fifteen this weekend. So what?"

"Anything special planned?"

Daniel shook his head. "I've already had this conversation with Connor and my mom. No party. No celebration. I'm just turning fifteen and that's all that's gonna happen. Okay?"

Xavier nodded his head. "Sure. Okay."

"I mean it, Xavier. I don't want any parties."

"Okay, Daniel. No parties. Whatever the birthday boy wants."

Friday night. Another home game for the Agony Cougars. Another display of overwhelming defense by Connor and crew. Another amazing halftime performance by the band, this time featuring a brass trio with Xavier playing trumpet alongside a trombone and a saxophone. It was some jazz number Daniel had never heard, but it had the audience on its feet, dancing along.

After the game, Xavier caught up with Daniel and asked him if he had anything planned the next night. Daniel shook his head, admitting he was probably going to be spending a quiet Saturday evening reading a new novel he'd picked up.

Xavier smiled mysteriously and said, "Keep your schedule open all night."

"Why?" Daniel asked.

"You'll see," Xavier said, winking.

Saturday morning, Connor pulled up in front of Daniel's house while Daniel was helping his dad rake and bag leaves.

"Hello, Mr. Anderson," Connor shouted as he climbed out of his truck. "Hey, Big D."

"Dad, this is Connor. He plays linebacker for the Cougars."

"Nice to meet you, Connor," Mike Anderson said. "I hear the Cougars are doing great this year."

"Yes, sir," Connor agreed. "Undefeated so far."

"Excellent. Good luck with the rest of the season."

"Thank you, sir. Mr. Anderson, I was wonderin' if I could take Daniel campin' today. Sort of an early birthday present."

"Camping out?" Mike asked. "Are you sure that's wise, Connor. They're saying a nasty storm is headed our way."

Connor nodded. "Yes, sir. I know about the storm. We won't be out in it, though. We're stayin' in one of the lodge cabins, so we should be fine."

Mike pursed his lips. "Well, then it's okay with me."

Daniel held up his hand. "One second, Dad. Connor, can I talk to you?" Daniel took Connor's arm and led him back down to Connor's truck. "What's this about, Connor?"

"Just a little campout, Big D. I promised the birthday boy I'd do somethin' special for him, and that's what I'm a'plannin' to do."

"Okay, but… ummm… I sort of promised Xavier I'd keep my night free. He wouldn't tell me what it was for, but he asked me first."

"I know," Connor said with a grin. "We're meetin' up with Xavier later."

"To do what?"

"It's a surprise, birthday boy. You enjoy surprises, don't you?"

Daniel rolled his eyes. "Fine. I'll get my coat and my sleeping bag."

"Just your coat, Big D. We've got everything else covered."

Daniel squinted as he studied Connor, but the muscular youth didn't say another word, gently pushing Daniel toward the house. "Get your gear, Big D. Hurry up. Let's get this party started."

Daniel turned to face Connor as he walked backward up the sidewalk. "I don't want a party, Connor. I mean it!"

"There won't be a party, Big D. I promise. That was a bad choice of words on my part," Connor said, grinning. "Get your stuff. Let's go."

Connor drove Daniel past the hunting lodge and up a winding dirt road to a small hill overlooking the Missouri River. Perched on the top of the hill was a small cabin. Connor parked the truck and turned to look at Daniel. "This is the cabin I helped my Pa fix up last weekend. We haven't opened it up for renters yet, so I asked Pa if I could use it tonight. Me and a couple of friends."

Daniel raised an eyebrow upon hearing that. "A couple of friends?"

Connor nodded. "I promised you… no party. Just you and one other guy." Connor nodded at the cabin.

Daniel looked and saw the door open. Xavier came out and stood just outside the door, waiting patiently. Daniel asked, "What's going on, Connor?"

"You'll see, Big D. Let's head inside." Connor paused and stared outside the pickup. "Man, would you look at that? Looks like it's starting to snow."

Daniel looked around and saw Connor was right. The wind was picking up, blowing white specks past the windows. Some struck the windshield and immediately melted, with more coming down right behind them.

"It never snows this early in the year, so it won't last long. You don't have to worry, Big D. We'll be snug as can be inside the cabin all night." Connor winked at Daniel as he said that.

Daniel chuckled and climbed out of the truck, waving at Xavier.

Xavier walked forward and took Daniel in his arms, giving him a gentle hug. "Happy Birthday, Daniel," Xavier said, leaning down to kiss Daniel on the lips.

Connor walked by, slapping Daniel on the butt. "Save it for the cabin, boys."

The night began with a delicious meal of thick steaks, baked potatoes, and corn on the cob. Followed by one of Gabi Finnigan's world famous peach cobblers.

Then Connor pulled out a deck of cards and challenged Xavier to a game of strip poker.

Xavier snorted. "No vampire would ever allow a hairy werewolf to see his pale white ass."

Daniel choked on his drink, hearing that, and both of the older teens turned to Daniel and smiled wickedly, asking him if he wanted to play. How could he refuse?

They pulled up a chest to use as a table and placed chairs in a circle around it. Connor shuffled and dealt the first hand, and the game was on.

Connor, being the unluckiest at cards that night, was the first to lose all his clothes. He stripped off his underwear without a care in the world, sitting back down with his thick, uncircumcised cock flopping out over his hairy balls. It wasn't the first time Daniel had seen the older teen naked, but it was the first time Xavier had been around. Xavier didn't stare, but did make a snide comment about hairy wolf asses. Connor laughed and stood up, turning around and poking his butt out to show it wasn't at all hairy. Xavier reached over and ran his hand across Connor's muscular butt, then slapped him, leaving a handprint as Connor yelped and Daniel chortled.

In the next hand, Xavier lost his underwear too. As he had with every other item of clothing, he stood up and turned it into a strip tease act. He worked his boxer briefs slowly down, a fraction of an inch at a time, wriggling his hips from side to side. Finally, he exposed his dark, trimmed pubes and the very top of a pale white shaft. Then he pulled his shorts up again and started all over. Connor grunted, reached across and grabbed the legs of Xavier's briefs, yanking them down and exposing a slender circumcised cock. Of course, Xavier objected, but not all that strenuously. He stood there, showing Daniel his body unashamedly for the first time. Daniel reached out and took Xavier's cock in his hand, gently squeezing it, watching as it swelled up and filled out, a healthy six inches long and nicely thick.

Connor moved over next to Daniel, taking his other hand and placing it on his own cock, which was also beginning to fill up. Daniel stroked them both, enjoying the different feeling of his friends and the trust they were showing him. Connor's was thick and long, a full eight inches with the foreskin pulling back and tucking away behind a deep purple cap. His pubic hair was dark red and spread up his belly to his chest and down his legs. Xavier, on the other hand, had little hair on his legs, none on his chest, and a neatly trimmed patch above his slender cock, which had a gentle curve that caused it to point back at his stomach slightly.

The two stood quietly, giving Daniel as much time to explore as he wanted. Then they each took a hand and pulled him to his feet. He still had on his underwear and jeans, having won most of the hands, though he now suspected they might have thrown a few deliberately. When Daniel was on his feet, they knelt side by side in front of him and worked together to unbutton his jeans and slide them off. Then Xavier pulled on the bottom of Daniel's boxers while Connor slid his hand inside cupping Daniel's now hard cock so that the waistband of the boxers slid down without interference. With Daniel now naked as well, Connor removed his hand, exposing Daniel to their eager eyes. Daniel didn't feel embarrassed, though his cock was easily the smallest of the group at just over five inches. He was the youngest, so why shouldn't he also be the smallest? But that wasn't the real reason he didn't feel awkward standing there before the two of them, vulnerable and uncovered. The real reason was he felt loved. Cherished and adored.

And they made it even more clear when they stood up and pulled him into a hug, slowly caressing his back and sides, gently squeezing his butt, kissing his neck and face and lips. Their hands joined together on his cock, slowly stroking him for a minute, before moving closer and placing their own hard cocks against his own. Surrounding all three hard shafts with their fists, they rubbed them slowly together. Their kisses grew more passionate and their cocks became slippery as precum oozed out and dripped down. Daniel moaned as he felt two tongues fighting to enter his mouth and two hands squeezing his butt and two more hands sliding up and down his cock. He didn't want it to end, but he couldn't stop the powerful spasms that started deep in his gut, making his cock swell even more and his balls dance as white creamy liquid shot out and coated their joined shafts. Xavier came next, with Connor right behind, launching heavy shots as high as their chests.

Connor lifted his hand, his fingers dripping, and offered it to Daniel and Xavier, who licked a finger each. Connor leaned in and licked the back of his hand, smiling as he tasted unfamiliar cum in the mix. They giggled as they licked around each of Connor's fingers.

Xavier offered his sticky fingers next. When they finished Xavier's clean up, they stepped back, looking down at their shining cocks, now drooping down a bit and dripping cum onto the chest they'd been using as a table during the poker game. The cards were splotched with creamy drops and the chest was splattered.

"Quite a mess we made," Connor observed.

Daniel laughed and reached down to grab Connor's slimy shaft. He slid his hand down the wet skin, stripping off more cum, and held it up for Connor and Xavier to lick off.

A fire crackled in the fireplace, sending sparks up the chimney every now and then. There was no other heat or light inside the cabin, but none was needed. Daniel was wrapped in the arms of Connor and Xavier, with a heavy quilt covering their naked bodies. Connor and Xavier didn't need the blanket, but they knew Daniel would be more comfortable that way.

The three boys rested, snuggled together, talking.

"This has been so nice," Daniel whispered.

"Glad you liked it, Big D."

"Whose idea was it?" Daniel asked.

Xavier kissed Daniel's cheek. "Both of ours. We wanted to do something special for you, as a way of making up for the pain we've put you through."

"And we knew you didn't want a party," Connor added, "so we planned a small celebration, just the three of us, out here where no one can bother us."

Daniel turned and kissed Xavier on the nose, then rolled toward Connor and pecked him on the cheek. "It's been wonderful, guys. And I want you to know that I've decided what I want to do."

Connor and Xavier waited, silently, giving Daniel the courtesy to share his decision without pressure or interruption.

Daniel glanced at each of them and said, "I've decided … that I'm not going to decide. I won't choose between you. I want you both. I want to be with you both."

When neither one responded, Daniel looked first at Xavier. "You understand what I'm saying, don't you? I want to be a vampire." Then he turned to Connor. "And I want to be your mate, sharing your wolf blood. But I won't choose one of you over the other, because I want you both."

Connor smiled and whispered, "You can't have it both ways, m'love."

"Why not?" Daniel asked.

Connor pointed at his neck. "You see the bite marks on m'neck?"

Daniel turned his head so he could see better. Connor's skin looked flawless. "No. I don't see anything."

Connor nodded. "That's because my werewolf blood heals me completely. Xavier has bitten me dozens of times, but my lycan body rejects a vampire's bite, ejects his serum, and heals me right up."

Xavier placed his hand on Daniel's chest and rubbed him gently. "And I can never contract lycanthropy, Daniel. Connor could bite me hundreds of times, but I'm immune to the bacteria in his bite."

"So if you want to stay a human, that's what we'll do," Connor added. "We'll all be soulbound to each other, and our lovemaking will be special because of our connection."

"But there is one thing you should know," Xavier said. "If you decided to become a vampire, the soulbond between you and me would become even more powerful and intense."

"And if I choose to become a werewolf?" Daniel asked.

Connor smiled. "Then you and I would have the more powerful bond. We'd have intimacy beyond your wildest dreams. Both of us would still love Xavier and it would be passionate, physical, and satisfying … for after all, we are soulbound. But it would be nothing like what you and I would share if we were a mated pair … and nothing like what you and Xavier would share, if he changed you into a vampire."

Xavier hugged Daniel. "It's true, Daniel. You can't have it both ways, but if you choose Connor, I'll still love you. And him. And I won't stand in the way of your mating."

Connor drew them both into a warm hug. "The same goes for me, Big D. I'll not resent you if you choose Xavier, for he's become like a brother to me. I'd love you both and support you with my life's blood."

Daniel closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep, whispering, "I want you both."

Connor woke the next morning to a dreadfully chilly cabin. The fire had burned down to flickering embers which put off very little heat. Connor slid out into the cold air of the cabin and added several logs to the fire, stirring it up to start the flames licking at the fresh pieces of wood. When he turned back to face the bed, he glanced out the window and smiled. Leaning down over his soulmates, he gently shook them awake and pointed out the window.

Xavier and Daniel turned and looked where Connor was pointing. Outside the cabin, snow clung to the trees and piled up in drifts on the ground.

"I guess I was wrong about the snowfall, m'loves," Connor said, grinning. "Looks like the storm dumped a few feet on us overnight. Gotta be an all-time record, I'm sure. Never seen it snow like this in September before."

"Wow," Daniel said, rubbing his eyes to wake up.

"Hope your heart wasn't set on headin' home today, Big D. I doubt I can get m'truck back to the highway through all that."

Daniel sat up and searched around the room.

"What are you looking for, Daniel?" Xavier asked.

"My phone." Xavier rolled over and grabbed Daniel's phone off a nearby table and handed it to him. Daniel punched a contact and waited for an answer. "Hi, Mom … fine, slept good … yeah, we're still at the cabin … a lot up here. It's piled up all around the cabin. Connor doesn't think he can drive out yet … okay, Mom, we'll stay put … yeah, we have plenty of food and wood … okay … I'll call you tonight." Daniel ended the call and gave Connor and Xavier a sad frown. "I can't believe this. I'm stuck up here with you guys until the snow melts. Talk about a sucky way to have to spend my birthday, stuck here with you two stinky jerks."

Connor grinned and shoved his hands underneath the blanket, pressing his cold fingers against Daniel's warm belly, making him screech and try to wiggle away. Connor was far too strong, so Daniel cried out, "Help, Xavier!"

" 'Help,' he says," Xavier repeated with a grin. "Very well." Xavier tossed the quilt aside, exposing their naked bodies to the cold air, and wrapped Daniel in his arms, holding him against his chest so that Daniel couldn't move or escape Connor's grasping fingers. Connor moved in, taking advantage of Daniel's vulnerable condition, and began tickling him mercilessly.

Daniel screamed and twisted in Xavier's arms, using his feet to hold Connor at bay, but Connor simply changed tactics and fell on top of Daniel's legs, holding them in place so he could tickle Daniel's feet and knees.

"You bastards!" Daniel screamed, laughing.

"Do you still say we stink?" Connor asked, pausing in his assault.

Daniel giggled and grinned. "A little, but I like the way you smell."

Connor laughed and began kissing his way up Daniel's body, starting with his thighs, then his hip, his stomach, his chest, pausing to nibble on Daniel's left nipple. Daniel sighed and leaned back into Xavier, tilting his head slightly so that Xavier could suck gently on Daniel's neck. Xavier moved from Daniel's neck to his ear, his cheek and finally his lips.

Daniel moaned and rolled over to face Xavier, drawing him in for a passionate kiss.

Connor scooted up the bed and stretched out behind Daniel, kissing his shoulder, his back, his neck.

Daniel pushed back against Connor, arching his back so his ass pressed against Connor's groin. Daniel reached behind him and searched until he found Connor's cock, already swelling up. Daniel positioned Connor's cock against his ass and began working the thick tip inside his crack, groaning each time it touched his pucker.

Connor began breathing hard as he took over from Daniel, grasping his own cock and sliding the now slippery tip up Daniel's crack and back down, thrusting between Daniel's thighs along his taint, and pulling back out again. He worked just the tip of his cock around Daniel's soft puckered hole, pushing in slowly but stopping before pushing inside.

Daniel moaned and pulled away from Xavier's kiss just long enough to beg, "Please, Connor. I want this."

"Are you sure, D? I'm kinda big."

"I'm sure, Connor. It's my birthday. I want this. Put it in me."

Xavier started to kiss Daniel again, but Daniel put his hand between them and pushed Xavier back. "I want us to suck each other, Xavier."

Xavier smiled and nodded, sitting up and laying back down with his face inches from Daniel's cock. He pulled Daniel's hard shaft out and slid it inside his mouth, burying his nose in Daniel's ball sack. Daniel's cock tickled the back of his throat but wasn't quite long enough to make him gag. He pushed down hard, forcing his nose against Daniel's soft, warm balls, breathing in through his nose and smelling the musk of their now fifteen-year-old lover.

Daniel pulled Xavier's hips toward his face and slid Xavier's slender cock into his mouth. The end glistened with precum, so Daniel sucked just the tip, cleaning off the clear, sweet juices oozing out, then sliding Xavier in deeper, deeper, until he felt the soft tip poking the back of his throat. He pulled back off, caressing Xavier's slender shaft with his tongue, sucking the tip again and feeling a squirt of juice onto his tongue, greedily swallowing it before plunging back down.

Cold, slippery fingers touched Daniel's pucker, sliding around before slipping inside, coating him with lube. The fingers pulled out and were replaced by a thick, spongy flesh. Sharp pain shot through Daniel's body as Connor penetrated him from behind. Daniel's body tensed, as Connor waited patiently, and when Daniel began to relax again, Connor pushed slowly in, sliding his thick cock up inside Daniel. It was warm and tight, peeling his foreskin back as he eased his way in. Slowly he pulled out, then pushed back in, gradually increasing his speed as he nibbled on Daniel's shoulder. Daniel's body slowly opened up, allowing Connor to pick up speed, thrusting harder and deeper with each lunge of his hips.

As Xavier sucked Daniel's cock, he felt the world around him beginning to turn red. Each time he pulled Daniel into his mouth, the rigid cock pressed against the roof of Xavier's mouth, pressing against the glands that held his supply of serum vampyrus. Each touch caused Xavier to lose a bit of control, until finally, unaware of what he was doing, his fangs extended and, with a snarl, he bit down, sending his fangs into the flesh on each side of Daniel's glans.

Daniel's eyes flew open in shock and he reacted to the sudden pain by biting down on Xavier's cock. Daniel arched his back, thrusting his own hips forward, embedding Xavier's fangs even deeper into the sides of his cock. His balls clenched and launched semen directly against the roof of Xavier's mouth.

Xavier eyes flashed red. His cock throbbed in pain from Daniel's unexpected bite. And Xavier's mouth convulsed as he tasted Daniel's fresh, hot cum. Without conscious thought, his jaws flexed and he injected serum directly into Daniel's cock.

Instantly, Daniel's pain disappeared and was replaced with a wave of soothing cold that flowed into his cock and through his groin and into his legs and stomach. The serum quickly spread, transforming the blood first and sending it rushing back to his heart, to spread throughout the body and modify each cell that received the altered vampiric blood.

Daniel squeezed down, forcing more semen to ooze out into Xavier's mouth, while clinching his butt and clasping Connor's cock in a powerful grip.

Connor felt Daniel's body grasping his shaft, holding it tight and squeezing down all along his length. The orgasm that had been building boiled to the surface and his mind chanted, 'Soulmate, soulmate, soulmate,' with each beat of his heart. As the semen launched from his cock, he felt the beast inside taking over, transforming him. His legs lengthened. His muscles swelled. Hair sprouted all over his body. And inside Daniel, Connor's cock swelled and grew longer and thicker, penetrating deeper still. Connor's face transformed into a wolf's snout, with long fangs dripping onto the warm shoulder beneath him. Before he could wrest control back from the beast, Connor bit into Daniel's flesh in the mating bite, sinking his fangs in and feeling the blood gush out.

The flesh in Daniel's shoulder quickly absorbed the lycan bacteria, passing it from cell to cell at lightning speed, sending it down Daniel's arm and across his back, into his chest, his lungs, his heart. There, in the muscles of the heart, the lycanthropy met an unexpected foe, vampiric cells that fought back, standing their ground and refusing passage to their supernatural enemy. Throughout Daniel's body, skirmishes were fought as cells and organs and entire systems within his body were claimed by the opposing forces.

Xavier, his vision finally returning to normal, looked down and saw Daniel's cock, angry puncture wounds on each side, the shaft now hard and pale blue, the entire organ throbbing and oozing silver cum. He gasped and retracted his fangs, suddenly understanding the horrible crime he'd just committed.

Connor shook his head and forced the beast back down, taking control again and reverting to human form. His mouth tasted of salt, and when he licked his lips, he detected the coppery tang of blood. He looked at Daniel and saw his mangled shoulder. He looked across Daniel at Xavier, and seeing the shock on Xavier's face, understood instantly what had happened. "By all that's holy, Xavier … what have we done?"

Daniel's head flew back. His teeth clinched. His body began shaking and jerking.

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