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by Wes Leigh

Chapter 13

You cannot buy the revolution. You cannot make the revolution. You can only be the revolution. It is in your spirit, or it is nowhere.

-- From The Dispossessed, by Ursula K. Le Guin

September 23

I'm finally beginning to understand the new powers that came with my transformation. As crazy as it sounds, I seem to have everything Xavier has as a vampire along with all Connor's werewolf powers too. And I can do some things better. Like the teleporting thing with time travel thrown in as a bonus.

Learning to use my new powers has been a hell of a lot of fun, mostly because it means having either Xavier or Connor working with me.

Closely with me!

Connor is very hands-on with his instruction. And it almost always leads to one of us getting a boner and the other one with a cock up his ass. Connor usually does me, but I've taken him several times now. I have to admit I like both, but shifting into my vaewolf form while I'm humping Connor is the hottest sex I've ever had.

It's different when Xavier trains me. We always start out super serious. Focusing on whatever it is we're practicing. But it never lasts. We can't keep our lips off each other. And eventually we're headed back to the cabin to jump in bed with Connor and attempt a new way to join our bodies that we haven't tried yet. Xavier is incredibly creative. I don't know where he comes up with some of the positions he puts us in. Probably another one of those books in his family library, LOL.

And yet, no matter what new stuff we try, we always seem to end up with both their cocks inside me at the same time. I don't know why. I think it may be part of our soulbinding. I'm the vaewolf. The one who joins us all together, merging vampire and werewolf. And somehow, our souls are happiest when my body is joining the three of us together too.

When I look at this journal, part of me thinks, 'Damn, what a bunch of sex-crazed teenagers.' And I suppose for anyone else looking at how we are, they'd think we're driven by our hormones and just looking for an excuse to get naked and get off.

But it's more than that.

Our souls really are bound together. I cherish Connor and Xavier with every fiber of my being. I don't know what it's like when people get married, but if it's half as intense as the connection the three of us have, I can see why it's such an important part of life. As for us three, no ceremony could join us any closer together. We're mated. For life.

And yet, something in my soul tells me it's not over. That there's more to it. But what?

Daniel looked at what he'd written in his journal and closed it, locking it up. He slid the journal into his desk drawer and lifted his head. His eyes lost focus as he tried to hear his mates wherever they were at that moment.

Connor was eating with his parents at the hunting lodge.

Xavier was sitting in a conference room with the leading vampires of Agony.

Daniel didn't feel much like listening in on either one, but he sent a quick message to them: I cherish you both so much.

Connor chuckled and replied, I cherish you too.

Xavier smiled to himself and thought, As do I, but tell us, Daniel, what brought that on?

I don't know, Daniel replied. I just want you both to know that I love you, no matter where this is taking us.

Connor's parents seemed to notice that he was distracted, but said nothing. Connor thought, I don't much care where it's takin' us as long as I have you fellas at m'side.

Xavier replied, I couldn't agree more, but… ummm, guys, the vampires are proposing some additional restrictions on interaction with humans and I REALLY need to be paying attention here.

Connor chuckled again, causing Gabi to look over at him and frown. Sorry, X, Connor thought.

Me too, Daniel added, deliberately closing off his thoughts to avoid disturbing his lovers any more that night.

He stood up and wandered into the living room. His mother was watching television. "What's for dinner?" he asked.

"Leftovers," Judy replied. "Hope you don't mind. Your father will be here around two tomorrow, and we're planning to grab some burgers on our way to your school game, so I want to clear out the refrigerator and make something special for Saturday. I'm thinking baked salmon. Sound good to you?"

Daniel nodded and walked into the kitchen to see what he could reheat in the microwave. He yelled over his shoulder, "Thanks for taking me to the game."

"Thank your dad when he gets here," Judy yelled back. "He's becoming a real fan of the Cougars. He'd love to see them go undefeated."

"Me too," Daniel shouted. But what he'd really love to do was hug and kiss both his lovers in public without causing his parents to pass out in shock when they discovered their only son is gay and without causing a war in Agony between all the creatures of the night.

And he'd thought getting people to accept him for being gay was a big ask!

The air Friday night had a nasty bite to it. Autumn in North Dakota was promising a chilly winter to come. As Daniel and his parents searched for seats, they noticed that the Cougar side of the stadium was fairly full, even for a home game. Apparently, the Cougars were attracting a lot of fans, with their undefeated record and their reputation for trouncing opponents.

Daniel saw Gabi and Andreas Finnigan, standing in the middle of the werewolf families. He waved at them, but they didn't seem to notice him. They turned away and talked to another couple next to them. Not that it mattered. There weren't any empty seats around them, so Daniel kept looking.

Xavier trotted up the bleacher steps in his crisply creased band uniform, bumped fists with Daniel, and shook hands with Mike and Judy. "I can't stay. The band is getting ready to play the fight song, but I wanted to say hello and let you know we have a special performance planned for halftime. I hope you enjoy it."

"I'm sure we will," Judy replied.

"See you later, Daniel," Xavier said as he weaved his way back to his seat in the trumpet section. Look at the vampires, Xavier thought to Daniel.

Daniel turned his head and saw both Minerva Smyth and Edward Finton as well as almost all the adult vampires in town. That was surprising. They were out in numbers tonight. Edward Finton never came to the games.

Why are they all here? Daniel asked Xavier.

Xavier turned and shrugged. I don't know. But suddenly the entire adult vampire population has taken an interest in high school athletics.

They both heard Connor from inside the field house. Then I better give 'em a good show tonight. Xavier and Daniel could almost hear the laughter in Connor's thoughts. Connor added, But I want the two of you to know that I'm doin' this tonight for my soulmates.

Have a great game, Connor, Xavier thought.

Yeah, big guy. Kill 'em out there, Daniel added. Out loud, he shouted, "There's a few empty seats. Come on, Mom. Dad. Before someone grabs 'em."

Connor killed them. Maimed them. Crushed them. Daniel soon ran out words to describe what his lover was doing to the opposing team. With halftime approaching, the Cougar coach was substituting freely, giving second- and third-string players time on the field.

Just before the second quarter ended, Connor was given a breather, not that he needed it. He sat on the bench, took off his helmet, and sipped water. He turned around and saw Daniel watching from the stands. Connor winked and thought, Havin' a good time, Big D?

Daniel smiled. Actually, I have a very painful erection right now.

Oh? Why's that? Connor asked.

Daniel smirked. Football players make me horny.

Connor started laughing and tugged at his groin. Any football player in particular? he asked.

Daniel stood up and pretended to look around. There was one guy. Big dude. Really powerful. I could just imagine him mounting me right out in the middle of the field while everybody cheers us on.

We can put on a halftime show the town will never forget, Connor said, dropping his helmet in his lap to cover his growing erection.

Maybe the two of you would like the band to play a song while you entertain the fans? Xavier asked, interrupting their banter.

That would work, Connor said, if Daniel could find a trumpet player to blow on his horn!

Daniel began laughing uncontrollably, making his parents look at him with curiosity.

"What's so funny, kiddo?" his dad asked.

Daniel shook his head, stifling his laughter. "Just thinking about something one of my friends said."

His mother shook her head and looked at her husband. It would be nice when their boy outgrew these strange moods of his.

The halftime show was stunning. The band wove its way around the field in complex patterns while playing Bette Midler's classic song, 'The Rose'. Xavier stood in the middle of the field, warbling the melody on his trumpet, while the school choir stood to one side, singing into microphones.

"When the night has been too lonely
And the road has been too long,
And you think that love is only,
For the lucky and the strong,
>Just remember in the winter,
Far beneath the bitter snow,
Lies the seed that in the sun's love
In the Spring becomes the rose."

As Xavier's trumpet serenaded the night sky with the final poignant notes, the band knelt in arcing lines all across the field, forming the petals of a blooming rose.

The fans rose to their feet, clapping enthusiastically.

Xavier lowered his trumpet and sent out a memory of Connor and Daniel standing next to each other in the snow, naked and laughing. That was for you. My winter lovers.

Daniel wiped a tear from his eyes. And in his soul, he felt the emotional response of Connor's heart to Xavier's proclamation.

Xavier stopped by their seats during at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

"Your solo had me spellbound, Xavier," Judy Anderson said. "Absolutely breathtaking."

"Thanks, Mrs. Anderson."

"You have amazing talent, son," Mike Anderson added.

"You're too kind," Xavier replied politely. "Would you mind if I took Daniel off for a second to talk to him about the school play?"

"Not at all," Mike replied. Judy made shooing motions with her hands, smiling. She was beginning to wonder where she got the notion that it might be bad for Daniel to hang out with Xavier. The dark-haired youth was so polite and respectful.

Xavier urged Daniel to follow him up the steps to the tunnel leading down to the parking lot. When they were alone underneath the stadium, Xavier stood inches away from Daniel and draped his arms around Daniel's neck in a loose hug. For anyone stumbling upon them, it would be hard to misinterpret their closeness as anything but two lovers preparing to kiss. "How did you like the halftime show?" Xavier whispered.

"It was beautiful," Daniel whispered back.

Xavier leaned down and kissed Daniel gently on the lips. "So are you."

Guys, Connor interrupted. Head's up! Xavier's parents left their seats and followed you.

Xavier and Daniel pulled apart just as Minerva Smyth and Edward Finton entered the tunnel and headed down to where Xavier and Daniel stood.

Minerva smiled unpleasantly as she strode down the ramp and stopped near the two teens. "The game seems to be ending as all the others have, Xavier. Your father and I have decided to head home. We'll see you after the game is over."

"Yes, Mother," Xavier replied with a nod.

Minerva stared at Daniel. "Are you settling into your new school, Daniel?"

Daniel nodded. "Yes, ma'am. I've made several good friends."

"Ah, well, it is good to establish friendships wherever you go." Minerva continued to stare at Daniel. Her eyes began to glow and Daniel felt stabbing pain in his forehead.

He gasped and put his hand to his head.

Minerva tilted her head slightly. "Is something wrong, child?"

"No," Daniel replied. "I think the cold air is screwing with my sinuses. Giving me a headache."

"You should see a doctor," Edward said. "Sinus infections can be quite unpleasant." His eyes also began to glow.

They're trying to control your mind, Daniel, Xavier warned.

What do I do? Daniel asked.

Don't let them in! Xavier replied. They can't know about you.

Daniel's lips twisted and he felt a growl rumbling up through his chest. 'GET OUT!' he shouted in his mind.

Minerva and Edward stepped back, and the red glow disappeared from their eyes. They looked at each other, then looked back at Daniel. Minerva's lips curled slightly as she said, "I quite agree. You should see a doctor soon." She turned to Edward. "Shall we go, dear?"

Edward nodded at Minerva as he continued to stare at Daniel. "I'm sure we'll be seeing much, much more of you, young man."

Minerva turned to Xavier. "May I speak to you briefly, Xavier? Before you return to your place with the band."

Xavier gave Daniel a worried smile, then followed his parents out to their car.

Minerva was speaking quietly with Edward as they walked, not caring that Xavier overheard. "There is lycan in him," she said.

"It would seem so," Edward replied. "Which would explain how he was able to resist us."

Minerva glanced back at Xavier. "You will, of course, discontinue any association with him."

"That will be difficult, Mother," Xavier replied. "We have classes together. We're both in a play."

Minerva stopped and turned. She smiled at Xavier. A cold and threatening smile. "Need I remind you of your position within the Covenant and the responsibilities incumbent?"

Xavier shook his head. "Of course not."

She turned and took Edward's arm, and they walked away.

Well, guys, Xavier thought, what do you think about that?

Creepy, Daniel thought.

Dangerous, Connor added.

We have to be even more careful, Xavier concluded.

Daniel couldn't put it off any longer. The game was almost over, and he had yet to greet Connor's parents. It would be rude to ignore them, so he worked his way into the werewolf section of the stadium and finally caught their attention.

During a lull between roars by the Cougar fans, Daniel said, "I really enjoyed the cobbler you made for my birthday, Mrs. Finnigan."

Gabi replied, "You're quite welcome."

Daniel turned to Andreas. "And I appreciate you letting Connor use the cabin, Mr. Finnigan. It was an awesome weekend. I'm starting to enjoy spending time in the outdoors."

Andreas nodded. "Good to hear, lad. We might even teach you to hunt one day. Truly make you one of us."

"I'd like that," Daniel replied. "Well, I just wanted to thank you both. I'd better get back to my parents now."

They watched Daniel go and turned to look at each other. Gabi sighed and shook her head. Andreas' eyes flicked over to watch as Daniel made his way across the stadium. "You smell it too?" he asked his wife.

"Yes," she replied, puzzled. "Has Connor bitten him?"

"Appears to be that way," Andreas growled.

"Without your permission? Without talkin' to the pack first?"

Andreas nodded. "I thought I knew our boy better. I never thought he'd go rogue, but we can't ignore what we're smellin'. There's wolf in the Anderson boy now."

Gabi nodded. "And somethin' more."

"Yes…" Andreas growled.

"What do you think it is?"

"I don't know," Andreas replied, "but I will find out."

That night, as the three of them rested in their own beds, they shared their memories of the night and their concerns about discovery and their plans to keep each other safe. As they drifted off to sleep, they stopped sharing conscious thoughts and sent gentle affirmations of love. Even in their sleep, they were joined. Whether in the same bed or miles apart, the connection between their souls seemed to be growing stronger with each passing day.

Daniel felt a hand on his shoulder, spinning him around in the school hallway. He found himself standing face to face with Gregor.

Gregor crossed his arms over his chest. "I want to have a word with you."

Daniel was several inches shorter than Gregor, but he looked up at the taller youth without fear. "So speak." Daniel allowed a touch of vaewolf growl to undercut his words.

Gregor swallowed, suddenly nervous, but determined to press on. "You're putting Xavier at risk. You need to stay away from him."

Daniel stared into Gregor's eyes. "I don't see what business that is of yours."

Gregor snarled. "I'm not going to warn you again. Stay away from Xavier."

Jacob and Joshua Byrne came around the corner and saw Daniel and Gregor squared up in the middle of the hallway. They walked up and stood side by side behind Daniel. "He givin' you trouble, Daniel?" asked Joshua.

Gregor looked from one twin to the other and smiled. "You two really don't want to involve yourselves in this conversation." Regina and several other vampire youths walked up and spread out across the hallway, glaring at the Byrne twins and Daniel.

Connor, Ethan, and Donny came trotting around the corner.

Xavier appeared suddenly and walked forward to step in front of Gregor.

Daniel sent a quick thank you to Connor and Xavier for coming so quickly when he'd called for them.

The other kids moved away, making room for Xavier and Connor to face each other in the middle of the hallway. Daniel stood to one side, looking up at his two lovers, who were now only inches away from each other.

Gregor whispered to Xavier, "Teach the bastard his place, cousin. Make him bow before you."

Regina cackled. "Do it, Xavier. Do it!"

Donny clinched his fists. "We're with you all the way, Connor. Do what you gotta do."

Xavier stared at Connor and silently asked, What do we do now, Connor?

I don't know, m'love. But it can't continue like this, Connor replied.

Daniel swallowed hard and spoke out. "Hey, ummm, everyone, you all know that I'm the new kid on the block. When I moved here, I didn't know I was supposed to hate everyone else." The other kids stared at Daniel, surprised by his candid acknowledgment. A few of them chuckled. Daniel continued, "Being ignorant of the Agony customs, I made the foolish mistake of becoming friends with both of these two guys." Daniel reached up to grip Connor and Xavier by their arms. "I found out Connor is loyal, dedicated, strong and protective. Xavier impressed me with his wisdom, his determination, and his incredible trumpet playing." There were nods now from the other students. Daniel smiled as he looked at Connor and Xavier. "Whenever I was with either one of them, I had a great time. They were fun and easy to get along with."

Daniel looked at the others and said, "I'm tired of being told I can't be friends with both of them, because of who they are."

Xavier turned to face Daniel. You're right, Daniel. Now it's time for all of us to follow your example.

Xavier turned his back on Connor and faced Gregor, Regina, and the other vampires. "Why are we at each other's throats every day?" he asked. "Because our parents demand it? Because of tradition? Why?" He turned and pointed at Connor and the other werewolves. "What have they done to us? I'm not talking about their families. I don't care about ancient history. I want to know what these kids standing right here in this hallway have done to harm you! We're in school together every day. We've known each other for years." Xavier turned back and took Connor's arm and pulled him forward. "This is Connor Finnigan. You all know him. Tell me what Connor has done to ever hurt any of you. Has he ever attacked you?" Xavier released Connor and pointed at Donny and then Jacob. "Has he? Has he?"

My turn, Connor silently said to Xavier.

Connor turned to face his wolf-brothers. "We've always been taught that they're the enemy. Have you ever asked yourself why? Have you ever wondered what makes them deserve our undyin' hatred? Where did that loathing come from? From your heart? From your head? Or from someone else's mouth?"

The other kids were silent now, listening, puzzled to be hearing Connor and Xavier talking this way. But the tension in the hall was fading now, as they listened respectfully.

Xavier spread his hands out. "I've had enough of rules and regulations, dictating to me who I can associate with. I've had enough of people skulking in the corners, watching my every move, telling me who I can be around." Xavier turned back to Daniel and put his hand on Daniel's right shoulder. Connor saw this and did the same from the other side.

Then Connor looked back at Donny. "If I choose to hunt with you, but not Jacob and Joshua, do they ever complain? No. They know another night will be their turn." Connor turned and faced Xavier. He clasped forearms with Xavier. "Today, I choose to hunt with this man."

Daniel wrapped both his hands around Connor's and Xavier's clasped arms.

And they waited.

Gregor walked up slowly and looked down at their joined hands. He placed his hand on top of theirs and whispered, "I'm sorry for being an ass. I was jealous of what the three of you have."

Ethan walked forward and placed his hand over Gregor's, squeezing his hand. "Whatever you boys are plannin', I'm with you."

Regina came up and placed her hand on top of Ethan's. Her smile was hesitant, but she nodded her head as she joined them.

Jacob, Donny, and Joshua moved forward and wrapped their arms around everyone, laughing and slapping each other on the back. The rest of the kids shifted in and joined them, everyone huddling together in the middle of the hall.

Xavier and Connor looked around, smiling.

Connor laughed and asked, "What have we done, fellas?"

Daniel smiled. "Started a revolution, I suspect."

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