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Cobey Hodson

Written by Caleb Wilson

Part 6

I was so nervous at first I wanted to jump up and run, but I resisted the urge and the longer I sat resting my back against Mitch's body the more comfortable I became. I closed my eyes, and tried to imagine that it was my father once again holding me in his arms, but it was not to be. Mitch's embrace stirred totally different feelings, to the ones I had when my father held me.

I heard a click, and opened my eyes in time to see a panel slide to one side, to reveal a huge screen. Suddenly it lit up and I recognised the red and white shirts of the Arsenal football club that the players were wearing.

"Arsenal, are playing Aston Villa," Mitch whispered in my ear.

I watched the team my father had supported play for the first time in four years. The memories came flooding back. But unlike the last time I'd tried to watch a game on the box, the tears did not cascade down my cheeks, lying in Mitch's arms made me feel a lot more comfortable, and gave me the male comfort that I needed.

I was suddenly released as Arsenal scored, and a, "YEAH!" blasted my ear drums as Mitch threw his arms upwards in appreciation of the goal. But I was also yelling in exhilaration, I swivelled in my seat to face him with a grin a mile wide on my face, he once again grabbed hold of me and pulled me into a hug. My face got buried in his shoulder and then I felt the hardness between his legs. I wasn't sure what to do, then decided to make light of it saying, "Let me up I can't see the match with my face buried in your bloody shoulder and that thing poking my thigh."

It was comical to see as Mitch lifted me off him and deposited me by his side on the settee saying, "Oh God! Cobey I'm sorry really sorry."

Not wanting to embarrass Mitch further I said, "No problem. Now can we carry on watching the match?" I rose from sitting beside him got between his legs and sat down, at the same time grabbing his arms and wrapping them around me, as I once again lay back against his body to watch the game, "Now try and control that thing between your legs while we watch the match," I said

"How the Hell do you expect me to control it with your arse pressed against it."

"Well sit straighter, and make a gap, so it's not pressing against me."

"Bollocks, I'm sitting like this, if you don't like it sit on your own."

He couldn't see my face as I grinned to myself. He'd got over his embarrassment and was actually arguing his case for having an erection. "Okay just shut up and watch the box." I said feigning annoyance.

"Cobey," he softly called,


"You're not pissed off at me."

"If I was pissed off at you would I still be sitting here. Now can we watch the game? OH FUCK! OH SHIT!" I yelled, Villa had equalised. I swivelled and looked at him, "You see what happens when you talk too much?"

He started laughing, as I continued to glare at him, "How can you blame me," he said still laughing.

"Yeah well I have to blame someone, and there's no one else to yell at except those morons on the box, and they can't hear me."

He pulled me forward and kissed me on the end of the nose. Startled I yelped and pulled my head back.

We sat staring at each other.

"What?" Mitch asked.

"What's with the kissing me on the nose."

"Because I wanted to. Now, are you going to argue about it, or carry on watching the game?"

I reverted back to my previous position not saying a word, but a bit confused over Mitch's actions. The match only lasted another twenty minutes and although Villa pressed hard for a winning goal, Arsenal managed to hold on for the draw.

The game over I made to stand but Mitch's arms around me wouldn't let me rise. I swivelled my head to look at him to see a big grin on his face.

"What's so funny?" I said frowning.

"You, I've never seen anyone cringe, or squirm, so much when their team is being run ragged."

"Okay you've had your fun now let me up."

"Why, he said still grinning, "It's really cosy like this."

"You're enjoying this aren't you?"


I looked at Mitch's face trying to gauge the reason for his holding me, but couldn't make out a thing because of that stupid grin.

"Come on Mitch let me up will you."


"The match is over that's why."

"So you only want to make use of me," he said frowning, "You're alright sitting here with me while the game is on but as soon as it's over its bye, bye."

"No it's not like that its, umm you don't usually have your friend's arms around you when you're sitting talking."

He took his arms from around me saying, "Okay sit where you want."

His tone of voice told me he wasn't very pleased with what I'd just said. But come to think about it he was right. I had in a way made use of his presence to watch the game. Maybe I might have been okay sitting by myself when the match came on, as it had been four years since last watching a game. But sitting with Mitch had made it so much easier. I didn't move when he released me instead I faced the front again and lay back resting against him. His arms encircled me, and pulled me tighter into his body.

I could feel his hardness as he pressed it harder against me, "Mitch," I croaked, as I was getting emotionally concerned as to what was happening.

"Yes" he responded his breath blowing on my ear as he leaned forward to bring his face close to mine.

"I, umm," I swivelled my head looking at him his face nearly touching mine, "What are you doing?"

He'd let his feelings take control of his actions and suddenly realising what had happened he jumped from the chair lifting me as well. From the happy cheerful Mitch, suddenly his face looked drawn and he wouldn't look me in the eye, "I think I'd better take you home," he said, his voice barely above a whisper.

"Why?" I blurted out. And he quickly looked at me enquiringly.

"Because of what happened on the settee," that's why.

I knew I had to say something to get Mitch to stop feeling guilty at what had taken place. "You got an erection and pressed it against my arse. Big deal, anyway you were rousing a few feelings inside of me as well."

"I umm, are you, umm, homosexual as well." He managed to get out hesitantly.

"Haven't really thought about sex," I said, I've had my head buried in my studies for the last two and a half years. And yeah before you ask I have had wanks but not all that many, mostly wet dreams."

"So you're not pissed off at what happened."

"Are you stupid or something. If I was angry I wouldn't still be standing here yapping to you I'd be halfway home by now."

The grin was back on his face again as he said, "You have such a nice way of putting things."

"Yeah whatever. I hesitated a moment then taking the bull by the horns said, "I need to talk to you Mitch, about myself."

The moment I said it he was all concerned, "What's wrong you can tell me anything."

"There's nothing wrong idiot. Its about the feelings I had when we were sitting together. I enjoyed it and like you I got aroused."

He took my arm led me over to the settee again sat down again placing me between his legs.

"Don't worry," he said reassuringly as he placed his arms around me, and pulled me back to rest against his body. "I've got my emotions under control as long as you don't start squirming around and rubbing your arse on my dick."

"What," I swivelled my head to look at him.

"I'm joking," he laughed. Then becoming more serious asked, "So what do you want to talk about?"

Turning my head forward so he couldn't see my embarrassment and resting it on his shoulder stuttering I began, "Umm, uh, you see I don't know a lot about sex and all that stuff. Yeah I've read a bit about it on the internet and had those stupid sex lessons at school. Where everybody sat around giggling and knew more than what the teacher did, except me. Unlike the other kids I'd never had any practical experience with another person. I don't know if I'm a homo, or hetero. Or anything else you can think of."

Mitch interrupted me asking, "You've not experienced anything at all with a girl, or boy."

"Nothing, I just said so, that's why I need to talk you, I've looked at pics of both boys and girls on the net when I need to get off, but recently it's been more boys than girls." I paused for a bit, nervous about what I was going to say next, then plucked up courage and continued, "Last night when I had a wet dream it was you that caused the discharge."

I turned and face Mitch again blushing slightly.

Her leaned forward and like before he kissed me on the nose, "That doesn't mean a thing Cobey. People have all sorts of weird dreams when they're fantasizing about sex. You'll only truly know about your sexual orientation when you actually experience it. Yes you might now be attracted to boys."

"Not boys," I interrupted him, "Just one boy."

His eyes roved over my face noting my seriousness, "Okay one boy. What about girls?"

"Umm I don't know, I've never experienced anything with a girl, I haven't really had any contact with either sex, except for you in the last four years."

"Would you like to try going out with a girl."

"Wouldn't know what to do, or how to chat her up, or even kiss her."

"Oh Christ! He exclaimed. "Okay would you want to learn how to kiss."

"With you." I asked incredulously

"Do you see anybody else in the room?"

"Umm," I hesitated then deciding to go for it said, "Okay what do I do?"

"First of all let's stand up. That's the normally the first position you're likely to be in when kissing someone for the first time, but nowadays anything goes."

We stood facing each other then Mitch, who was about ten inches taller than me said, "First of all when going to kiss someone you don't want your noses to collide."

I giggled a bit at that, and he gave me a withering look. "You want to learn how to kiss or not?"

I kept quiet and nodded my head.

"Okay now to carry on until someone started giggling like a girl. So if he or she tilts their head to the right then you also tilt your head to the right. Then open your mouth slightly and bring your lips together. You can if you want on a first kiss slowly insert your tongue into the other person's mouth. If she or he doesn't object, then gently stroke her tongue with yours. Don't waggle it around like a dog's tail, like some people do thinking it's the height of eroticism."

Seeing the look of puzzlement on my face Mitch stopped for a while then said, "Give me your hand."

I did and he started to rub it quite quickly for a few seconds then stopped and then gently stroked it. "Which of the two actions did you think was the more sensual?" He asked.

"When you stroked my hand."

"Good you've felt the difference remember it."

But how long does it take to learn how to kiss properly."

"Well we'll try it now and see how you do, then I can gauge your abilities."

"Umm, are we actually going to kiss, you and I?" I asked nervously

"Jeez I'm sure there's no one else in here but I'd better check again," Mitch replied emphasising the point by exaggeratedly looking all around the room

"Okay, you don't have to be sarky." I exclaimed.

Mitch came closer so are bodies were touching, he put his arms around me, and I stopped him by saying, "What do I do with my hands?"

"The same as I'm going to do with mine, when you've got your arms around the person and you start to kiss you can keep your hands motionless or use them to gently massage the other person's body. Or when you get more intimate you can fondle the more private areas. But for now we'll just stick with the kissing."

Once again he wrapped his arms around me, bent his head tilting it slightly to the right. I lifted my face upwards to meet with his, and did as he had instructed me.

The third most important change to my life came in that next moment, and one that will stay with me forever.

The instant our lips met I had the most wonderful sensation pass through my being. I thought it couldn't get better till Mitch's tongue penetrated my mouth and gently caressed my own. I was in Heaven. I closed my eyes and let Mitch's arms support me as I seemed to drift away and revel in feelings of pure ecstasy

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