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Tears for Toby

Written by Caleb Wilson

Part 7


As soon as I was out of Mr Findlay's office and in the street I broke into a run. I knew Toby's mother was driving him over to spend the weekend and I wanted to be there when they arrived. Reaching home the first thing I looked around for was to see if there was any sign of Toby in the house. I heard the sound of the TV and walked into the sitting room to see Mum and Paul. Paul was watching cartoons on the box and no sign of Toby.

"You're late Joey," my mum enquired looking at me as I walked in the door, "there are some tea buns in the kitchen if you're hungry."

"Thanks mum," I responded, "Has Toby called at all?"

"Oh yes about ten minutes ago they're on their way. They got stuck in traffic on the ring road because of an accident but they shouldn't be too long in arriving."

"Okay mum, I'll grab something to eat before he arrives." I said making my way to the kitchen.

After I'd had my snack I went into the garage to check our bikes, Toby had left his here knowing that he would be returning this weekend. I checked the tyres and brakes made sure all was right then went back to the sitting room to await Toby's arrival.

The traffic jam must have been worse than Toby's mum had thought because it was another fifteen minutes before they arrived.

The moment I heard the car pull up I was out of my seat in a flash and had the front door opened as they were exiting the car.

Talking to Toby over the phone throughout the weekdays helps but the world outside of my home to me is dull and grey, and not very exciting. Seeing him in the flesh and being able to touch him is next best thing to heaven and brings the colour into my life.

I was down the pathway to the front gate opening it waiting for the two of them to walk through.

Toby's mum greeted me with a big smile and a "Nice to see you again Joey."

I responded to her greeting and then there was Toby he didn't stand on ceremony he just dropped his bag that he was carrying and wrapped his arm around me giving me the tightest of hugs and whispering in my ear "Love you Joey."

While our mothers chatted over a cup of tea and Paul watched his cartoons Toby and I went up to my room to stash his clothes away.

When we'd completed that task the next logical thing to do was to lie on the bed and wrap our arms and legs around each other, which is precisely what we did.

"What made you change your mind about playing for the school team again?" Toby asked when our lips had broken contact.

"The look on Mr Findlay's face, he was really looking down when I said I wouldn't play, and then when I changed my mind and said I would he had a grin as big as you can get them."

"Do you think the rest of the team will hassle you when you appear?"

"Doesn't really worry me Toby, they're not going to influence what I do. If I choose to play then I will, and they can change into their football gear with their backs to the wall if that's what they want it's their problem. But I'm sure Mr Findlay will make it a point to be in the changing room or very close by."

Our conversation ended with my mother calling us down as Toby's mother was ready to return home.

After we had said our goodbyes to Toby's mum we went out and grabbed our bikes from the garage, and telling my mother that we were going out for a ride we left the house to cycle around the neighbourhood.

We returned home and just as we were putting the bikes away dad arrived home from work. We waited for him to park the car after greeting him we accompanied dad into the house. Inside the house dad greeted mum in the kitchen then sitting at the kitchen table he looked at me and said, "I think tomorrow Toby, Paul, and I will come and watch you play and lend you some support. Grangemouth comprehensive school will most probably have a lot of supporters roaring them on so we'll try and do our bit."

"I smiled saying "Thanks dad not sure three voices are going to be heard over a couple of hundred but you never know other supporters might turn up."

At other times the night before an important match I'd lie awake trying to envisage how the game would go, and get quite nervous thinking how things could go wrong till I fell asleep.

With Toby lying beside me there were no such thoughts, my mind was not even on the match actually it couldn't have been further away from it. All I could think of was the boy lying next to me who was my whole world, without whom life had been just a progression from day to day. As we lay naked in bed face to face Toby, his arm wrapped around my body pulled himself even closer into mine so I could feel his erection pressing into me just above my own straining cock.

I leaned forward and brought our lips together which signalled the onset of our love making. Toby rolled over on top of me and for all his size when he started humping his dick against mine he was like a rabbit. He went at it hammer and tongs and within a minute or so was blasting his semen all over us. As I felt him discharging I wrapped my arms around him rolled him over till our positions were reversed and pounded my dick against him till I too erupted spewing my juices to mix with that of Toby's with of course the guttural sounds that escaped our lips.

I was just getting ready to roll of Toby when a voice said, "Will you two stop fighting and making so much noise you woke me up."

I froze and very nearly pooped myself at the same time putting a hand over Toby's mouth to stifle his giggling. I looked across at my brother's bed, and although the room was dark there was just enough light for me to make out his silhouette as he sat up in bed with the covers rapped around him,

"Sorry Paul," I whispered, "we'll stop fighting and we're going to sleep now as well," with a sigh from Paul, I saw him lie down again.

I softly called his name again after a minute or so but there was no response from my younger brother he was fast asleep again.

Toby was still giggling but by now the giggles were being stifled as he had his face buried in my shoulder. Eventually we regained our composures and with a gentle good night kiss that seemed to last for an extraordinarily long time, we drifted into slumber land.

I awoke to find no Toby beside me and rolled over to look at the clock at my bedside table, through bleary eyes I could just discern that it was 8.00am. I looked across at Paul's bed saw that it was empty and sighed with relief as I realized that Toby was up giving his adopted brother his breakfast. I rolled over again closed my eyes and was just heading for la la land when something landed on my side startling me. I immediately rolled over as the weight now shifted onto my stomach and looked into the face of my brother.

"Paul the next time you do that I'm going to kill you." I said angrily, having been startled out of my skin by him.

"Huh and how are you going to do that when you can't even beat Toby in a fight and he's smaller than you?"

Realising that Paul was talking about last night I played along saying, "Yeah well Toby has some tricky moves."

"What kind of moves?"

"This," I said stretching my arms out grabbing Paul and starting to tickle him.

"He started laughing and squirming away from me till he eventually rolled off the bed onto the floor. As he lay on the floor and his laughter subsided he said, "That's not a move that's tickling anyone can do that."

"Yeah well that's how he beat me," then saw Toby standing in the doorway looking at us.

"So did you feed him Toby?"

"Sort of," Toby said smiling, "We had a big bowl of flakes between us and he was shovelling spoonfuls down my throat."

"Paul why don't you go and watch your cartoons if you've had your breakfast," I said in the hope that he would leave the two of us alone for a while.

"Okay," he said getting up off the floor and heading out of the room.

The moment we heard his footsteps descending the stairs Toby was across the room pulled the covers up slid under and we were enveloped in each others arms and legs. No words were spoken just the coming together of our lips as we revelled in the sensations that coursed through our bodies.

By 9.30am we were dressed and finished our breakfasts telling my mother that I was taking Toby out we left the house. Once outside Toby asked, "Are we going on our bikes?"

"No its' not far where we're going," I said only a five minute walk or so."

We walked chatting glad to be in each others company and not have to mind what we said as there was no Paul in earshot. A little over five minutes we arrived at our destination the reason being Toby's legs are a lot shorter than mine. He gave me a quizzical look as he followed me as I opened the gate to 32 Green Park Avenue and strode to the front door and ringing the bell.

A few seconds later the door opened and Noah was standing in the doorway.

Smiling I said, "Hi Noah, I told you I'd bring him around the next time he comes over." Turning to Toby and putting my hand on his shoulder I introduced the two of them to each other.

Noah opened the door wide saying, "Come on in," then closing it behind us when we were. Taking the lead he took us into his sitting room where his parents were and introduced us to them and his younger sister. With the introductions over he excused us and took us upstairs to his room. Inside he flung himself onto his bed saying make yourselves comfortable. Toby and I sat at the foot of his bed ignoring the chairs.

"So this I presume is your boyfriend," Noah said grinning.

"Yes, I told you I'd introduce you to him."

Noah stared at Toby for a few seconds before saying, "Joey how the Hell were you able to hook such a good looking guy. Christ if he were a girl I'd fall for him myself."

Toby and I were both laughing as I said, "Sheer sex appeal." At which Noah blew me a raspberry, which sent us into more fits of laughter.

Noah was the perfect host he didn't ask any awkward questions like most kids would, wanting to know about various aspects of our lives mainly of course those relating to sex. We chatted about everything even to the rough time I had at school. He was even man enough to admit to Toby how he had reacted when the first rumours of my homosexuality were being spread, and felt really bad seeing the way I was treated.

By 11.00am I told Noah we had to go as I had to get ready for the match with Grangemouth.

"Okay you go," Noah said smiling "leave Toby here."

"What" I said in mock horror, "leave my innocent friend in the company of a wolf like you."

Noah laughed, "Okay get out of here you two," as he led us downstairs to the front door. Opening it and letting us out we made our goodbyes. As we walked down the street Noah yelled from his front door, "Good luck with the game Joey, have a good one,"

I turned and waving my hand yelled back, "Thanks Noah,"

At ten minutes after noon, dad had the three of us in the car ready to drive me to the school to meet up with the rest of the team.

I sat in the back with Toby, and Paul couldn't believe it that he was being allowed to sit up front with dad. When we arrived at the school we saw the team coach parked outside the school gates, I said goodbye to dad and Paul and grabbing my kit got out of the car with Toby accompanying me. At the coach door I turned to Toby saying, "See you at the match." Toby stepped forward wrapped his arms around and squeezed me real tight saying, "Good luck Joey, love you."

I couldn't care less who was watching I hugged Toby back, "Love you to Toby always will." I said before getting onto the coach.

I saw Mr Findlay in the seat by the door and Christopher Kiel sitting next to him, they smiled at me and as I made my way to the back of the coach. As I passed the rest of the team there were looks of surprise on their faces as they hadn't expected me to be playing.

I took my seat and had just stashed my kit in the overhead rack when Nick Price jumped on the coach. As he was the last team member to arrive we were ready to leave and within seconds were rolling down the road followed by dad in his car, on our way to keep our rendezvous with the Grangemouth under 15 team.

We arrived at the Grangemouth pitch twenty five minutes before kick-off and after alighting from the coach made our way to the changing rooms led by Coach Findlay and Chris Kiel. The moment we were inside Coach called for quiet then proceeded to lecture us.

"Last week," he began, "we were beaten by a team that were ten places below us in the league, because as a team you didn't give a member of this team the respect he deserves. Maybe only one person made the remark but you all thought it very funny and took pleasure in the humiliation of one of your fellow team member. He walked out on you and subsequently you were beaten by a mediocre team." Looking around the changing room eyeing each team member he the continued, "Who here thinks they're a better player than Burton and we can win this match without him." The Coach stopped talking and waited for someone to respond but no one did making me feel very smug.

"That's right Coach Findlay said you rely on Burton to help you win and without him your chances of winning are limited." I was really feeling elated until he turned on me. "Burton what do you think you'll win against eleven men on your own?"

"Nothing sir," I mumbled.

"Precisely you need them as much as they need you, as a team you work and play together and respect each others feelings if you can't work as a team you'll achieve nothing. Now get changed and win that game."

Before I could start to change Nick Price came up to me and hugged me saying, "Sorry Joey I never meant to hurt your feelings."

One by one the rest of the team came over and apologized, even Jimmy Glover made his apologies. As the team started to change I said,

"Listen up everyone," and all heads turned to me, "You don't have to keep your backs to the wall when you change you're all too ugly for my liking, and if you were to expose yourselves to me my dick would most probably shrivel up and drop off."

There were roars of laughter then I was spun around and Chris Kiel was glaring at me, "Less of the ugly" then smiling he said, "I'll have you know that many a person has swooned over the face you're looking at."

"Okay your not ugly" I said laughing, "but you can't match up to Toby."

"Yeah well I'd like to meet up with this Toby."

"You can he's come to watch me play with my dad and younger brother." And I started to change.

The whole team trooped out to take the field and Chris who was just ahead of me suddenly stopped and stared. I followed his gaze and saw it was focused on Toby. Coming up beside him I said, "I told you Chris, he's something special."

"Joey," Chris said not taking his eyes of Toby, "you are one very lucky boy, what you've got there is better than winning the lottery.

"I know," I said as I ran to join the rest of the team.

As we kicked the ball around waiting for the ref to start the match Chris strolled onto the field and called us all together. When we were grouped around him he said, "Listen up, this team is in pole position and if you want it you've got to grab it and snatch it out of their hands because they're not going to let go easy. Now go get it." We broke away formed up and the ref blew his whistle for the game to start.

I won't go into the details of the match suffice to say we won 2-0 and were league champions. After the final whistle the team with Coach Findlay, Chris Kiel and the subs, met in the centre circle. We formed a ring with are arms around each other then went into a huddle Coach Findlay said a few words to us paused for a moment then looking all round said, "On three, One, Two, Three,"

We leapt into the air our arms stretched upwards and hands reaching for the sky then a mighty roar erupted from our throats, "YEAH."

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