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Written by Caleb Wilson

Part 3

The boy rose from the bed and made for the door.

"Lucas," Dylan called.

He turned to see the man still sitting up in the bed.


"I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that, come back here and we'll talk."

"What's to fucking talk about?" the boy asked angrily. "You told me to piss off, so I'm doing it."

"Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get back here,

"Bollocks! I'm not feeling sorry for myself."

"Oh, Christ! I've got a temperamental bloody teenager on my hands. Will you get back here or do I have to drag you back?"

"You couldn't drag yourself back, let alone me."

"Oh, come on Lucas, do you want me to have to beg?"

"Just shut it, will you," the boy said, "I'm going to the loo to have a bloody piss, then I'll be back to change - and no peeking when I do."

Dylan fell back on the bed laughing, relieved that the boy had not taken his outburst to heart.

The boy returned, stripped, and proceeded to put his shorts on, then saw Dylan watching him.

"What you looking at?"

"You, you're skin and bone. You must have been bloody useless at hand jobs if you couldn't get enough to feed yourself."

"We didn't have men queuing up to be serviced, and what money I earned had to feed my mate as well."

"Where is he?"

"He decided to go home; he couldn't hack it anymore living in squats," Lucas put his and Dylan's clothes on the chair, put the light out, then crawled into the bed next to the man.

When the boy was settled beside him Dylan put an arm out and ruffled the boy's hair, asking, "You're not mad at me for telling you to piss off?"

"No, it's your loss, you don't know what you're missing."

"Oh shit Lucas, you're bloody persistent, aren't you?"

"Well, you tell me. Have you ever fucked a girl without being drunk or at least a bit pissed?"

"Umm, yeah, when I was younger."

"And how long ago was that?"

"Umm, can't really remember."

"You see what I mean? Now why don't you just lower your shorts, lie back, shut your eyes and think it's a woman playing with you, and if you don't like it, I'll stop the moment you say so."

"Oh Shit!" He looked at the boy's face which he could just make out in the dim light, he muttered softly to himself, and lowered his shorts under the sheet then closed his eyes saying, "Okay Lucas, but if I feel weird you'll have to stop."

"I promise I will."

He lay in anticipation, wondering what the Hell was he doing allowing a teenager to talk him into letting himself be wanked.

He felt the sheet move in the region of his loins, then it was pulled back exposing his flaccid cock that lay along his thigh. He then felt the faintest of touches on his scrotum, the fingers gently fondled his balls, and at once his cock sprang to a full state of arousal, twitching in expectancy. The fingers continued to gently massage his testicles, then at times just tickle over them, bringing moans of pleasure from him. Now he was in such a state of arousal he wanted the hand to grasp his cock and start pumping, but every time it came near the base of his shaft it would go back to his scrotum, massaging and tickling till, when he was on the point of asking the boy to wank him, the hand suddenly moved up and grasped his cock and slowly started to stroke it, bringing more moans of pleasure from his lips.

His hips lifted to pump into the hand that held his cock, but after a few strokes it was released and the hand was back at his balls.

"Oh God!" He moaned in frustration as he tried to move his hips so that the hand would be positioned on his cock again, but to no avail. It continued to play with his scrotum, then his unspoken request was answered and the hand was back pumping his shaft, and then even more delight as the other hand fondled his balls while he was wanked.

"Oh, God, Lucas, faster please, faster, I want to cum really bad, faster for fuck sakes, faster."

Lucas obliged and as he felt the man tense up ready to shoot his load, he grasped the cock really tightly at the same time fondling the balls with the other hand.

Dylan's hips rose off the bed he yelled, "Oh Fuck! Here it comes. Oh God! Oh Fucking Hell! Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," and as the semen travelled up the man's cock, Lucas, for a split second, stopped the flow of semen with his hand, then eased his grip on the throbbing shaft, letting the spunk fly out to hit the pillow over Dylan's left shoulder as his hips pumped uncontrollably, then more blasts, and, as they lessened in intensity, left a trail of spunk down his body till it dribbled over the boy's hand.

Dylan sank back on the bed completely spent, eyes shut, panting. He felt the weight of the boy on his body and, opening his eyes, he saw a face above his and a pair of eyes staring into his.

The boy spoke, "Was it okay?"

"Okay? It was bloody wicked! I haven't had a cum like that for God knows how long." He reached for a pack of tissues to clean himself and the pillow before turning it over, then gave the boy some tissues to clean his hand.

After cleaning his hand Lucas eased himself off the man to lie on his own side of the bed, smiling to himself, glad that the man had enjoyed the experience.

Dylan turned on his side to face the boy.



"I'm sorry for doubting you."

"Stop yapping and go to sleep."

"Okay. Thanks," Dylan said and turned away from the boy to lie with his back to him.

He lay dreaming of the exquisite pleasure the boy had given him, and as his awareness sank lower towards a state of unconsciousness, he felt an intrusion under his arm, a hand worming itself underneath, then an arm wrapping itself around his waist and, as the arm exerted a little pressure, a body spooning itself against his back.

He smiled, "Making yourself comfy, Lucas?"

"Uh huh," the boy wriggled himself to get even more comfortable, lay still and then slept, and shortly after the man joined him in slumber.

Dylan opened his eyes to see that the space next to him was vacant, 'Oh shit,' he thought, 'now where the hell has he got to?'and his thoughts were answered by the sight of the boy walking into the room.

"Where've you been?"

"Christ, can't a person go for a piss without being questioned?"

"Umm, sorry, I think I should have one as well." Dylan got out of the bed with his erection making a significant tent in his shorts, causing the boy to laugh.

"What's so bloody funny?"

"You, one minute you were all uptight about being wanked by me and the next you're walking around with your cock sticking out like a tent pole waiting for me to service it again."

"God, you're so full of yourself," he said making his way to the bathroom. As he passed Lucas, the boy reached out and grabbed at the protrusion in Dylan's shorts, startling the man and causing him to yell, "Get off! I need to piss real bad," pushing the boy's hand away to make his escape to the loo.

Returning to the bedroom, Dylan saw the boy lying across the bed. He made his way over to him and stood looking down at the boy. If he didn't now know better, the boy looked so innocent that you'd think butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. As he gazed at Lucas, and memories of what had happened last night flooded into his mind, his loins reacted to his thoughts and so, once more, his shorts began to tent out.

Lucas smiled up at the man, "I see you're thinking about last night."

Dylan lowered himself to the bed to lie beside the boy, "Yeah, any chance of another one?"

"No," the boy responded emphatically, "not unless I get some action as well, so get yourself naked."

"What've you got planned?" Dylan enquired nervously.

"Just do it and stop asking questions."

As he complied with the boy's wishes, he noticed that Lucas was stripping off as well. When he had finished disrobing and lying on the bed, Lucas asked him to close his eyes. With his eyes closed, Dylan lay in some trepidation as to what was about to happen, but after what he had experienced last night he was well prepared to take the chance. He felt the bed move beside him then felt the boy's body lower gently on top of his; it was in the same state as his, totally naked. He felt the boy's erection press against his own rampant member, and then gasped at the exquisite pleasure when the boy started to slowly gyrate his hips. Before he could come to terms with what was happening, he felt Lucas's lips press against his. He was at first tempted to push the boy's head away, but on feeling the tongue slip between his lips he was lost and gave in to the pleasures the boy was bestowing on his being.

Now the boy broke the kiss and whispered in his ear, "Open your legs slightly Dylan, I want to lie between them.

He did what Lucas requested, then felt the boy start to pump his hips in a fucking motion, the boy's cock grinding against his own. He wrapped his arms ever tighter around the boy and started pummelling his own hips in time with Lucas's. Soon he began to feel that sensation that would lead to him to obtaining that most exquisite of feelings. He couldn't help himself. He grabbed the boy even tighter, rolled him over till Lucas was underneath him, and started pounding his cock into the boys groin. Lucas wrapped his legs around Dylan's waist when he was turned over and let the man do as he pleased, just holding on tight like a leech.

Before Dylan could explode, the boy inserted his hand between them, grabbing their cocks in his hand and wanking at a furious pace. The boy suddenly let go, digging his nails into Dylan's back, and yelled, "Oohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck! I'm going to splash my cum all over us," then his semen blasted out of his cock.

Dylan didn't hear what the boy was saying; he was too busy making his own guttural sounds as the spunk flew out of his cock and his hips thrust and bucked as his orgasm took him on a ride of ecstasy. His spunk, more copious than the boy's, splashed between them.

He lay gasping till a voice whispered, "Dylan, you're getting a bit heavy. Can you move your fucking body?"

He looked down at the face that was asking him to move, he grinned and eased his weight off the boy with his arms but not moving his body. Instead, he lowered his face to the one below his and brought their lips together. After the kiss he still looked down at the boy, "Lucas Briggs what have you done to me?"

"I don't know, but I know what you've done to me."


"You've made me cum."

Dylan rolled off the boy and lay beside him, "I'm a bit scared Lucas, you've experienced this type of thing before but I haven't. I been searching for a woman that I hoped I'd find and spend the rest of my life with, instead I found you."

"Do you feel bad about it?"

"No, but I'm not sure about you, you might get fed up with me after a time and move on. Then what do I do?"

"Fuck off! What's wrong with you?" the boy asked indignantly, sitting up in the bed looking at the man. "It should be the other way round; when I get older you might want a younger boy again."

"Balls, I might have had all different bits of skirt here, but they were just for getting my rocks off. I was waiting to find the right person, then my messing around would stop, but I never dreamt it to be a skinny sixteen year-old boy, whom I seem to be getting fonder of by the minute, even with all the insults he throws at me while sharing my bed."

Lucas leaned over and brushed their lips together mumbling at the same time, "Sorry, fuck face, I didn't mean to insult you, honest."

Dylan burst out laughing.

"What's so fucking funny?" exclaimed Lucas, annoyed at the laughter.

"Bloody Hell Lucas! In one breath you're calling me 'fuck face' and the next you're saying 'sorry' for insulting me."

"Uh umm, uh shit, umm, I love you. Is that alright?"

Dylan grabbed the boy and pulled him onto his body, "Yes, that's great. Oh Shit! You've got cum all over your body and now it's all over me."

"What the Hell are you moaning about?" Lucas asked indignantly. "It's mostly your bloody gunge, you cum like a bloody fountain when you shoot."

Dylan rose from the bed and lifted the boy into his arms and made for the bathroom. Inside he deposited the boy under the shower, got in with him, and turned on the shower, making sure that he was out of range of the water when it first came out.

"Ahhhhhhhhh! Oh Fuck! You lousy fucking bastard, you did that on purpose!" Lucas yelled as the cold water splattered over his body.

Dylan, laughing, grabbed the boy, pulling him away from the water, and hugged him to his body. The boy turned so that they were facing each other and gazed into the man's eyes. At that moment, as he saw the eyes that looked back at him, he knew that he would stay with this man for as long as they both wanted. He laid the side of his face on the man's chest, wrapped his arms around his waist, and squeezed firmly but gently till he felt a hand moving his head. He looked up and saw a face descend and a pair of lips come in contact with his.

Dressed and on the sofa, absorbing the feelings of contentment that flowed through them, which sitting together with their bodies in close contact brought, Dylan moved the boys head off his chest. "Lucas?" he asked, looking at the boy.


"If I can arrange it with my father, would you like to come and work at our factory?"


"Why not?"

"I'm not really into working in a factory, Dylan. I'd rather fill shelves in a supermarket or work in some kind of a shop or, if not, just stay at home. I can keep it clean and do all the jobs that need doing, and if you don't have enough money to keep the two of us, I could always earn some on the side by giving wanks."

"If you do, I'll cut your fucking hands off, and I'll even do it if you even think about it," Dylan said angrily. "In future, the only person those hands touch is me." Softening his tone, he continued "I only asked you to come to work at the factory thinking you might want to get a job, but if you don't mind staying at home, I'm all for it."

"I still need to do some kind of work, Dylan. I need to be able to buy my own ciggies and clothes."

"I tell you what, I'll pay you £200 a week for doing all the cooking and housework, out of that you have to pay for rent and food, which will leave you £100 for yourself. Is that acceptable?"

"Yeah, but can you afford it?"

"Sure I can, I spend more than that a week eating out and on booze. This way I'll save a bit and it will insure you keeping your hands off other men's dicks."

The boy lay his head back on the man's chest and smiled to himself, thinking how he'd been threatened if he even thought about touching another person. His instincts about the man had been confirmed when he had first felt his hands brush through his hair when they had crossed paths in the mini-market. Now he had to make sure no woman could replace him in the man's affections. It might be hard, as Dylan had always been in to having a pair of boobs to hang onto as he fucked, but he was sure he could overcome that obstacle. Hadn't he already said that was the best cum he'd had in ages when he wanked him last night?

His thoughts were broken by Dylan asking, "What are you thinking about?"


"What about us?"


"Okay, but I've got something to ask."


"Your mate," Dylan asked, "the one that went back home."

"Yeah, what about him?"

"Well, were you and him like, you know… ?" the man asked nervously.

Lucas started laughing, then stopped when seeing the seriousness on Dylan's face. "Uh, sorry, I was laughing because he only left home because he got a cousin of his pregnant. Not a close cousin, but his dad was really pissed off at what had happened, and kept on about it all the time and only let up when she had an abortion. He was so mad with everyone when that happened that he just walked out and I met up with him when he was sitting in a bus shelter at 1.00 a.m. in the morning. I took him back to where I was squatting and he stayed there till he went back home. I used to help feed him as he was younger than me, not quite fifteen, but a whole heap bigger. I just helped him out till he decided to go back home, but there was no chance that he and I were anything but friends, I didn't even tell him how I earned the money in case he flipped."

Dylan wrapped an arm around the boy and pulled him into his body then brought their lips together. When he'd finished showing his affection for the boy he looked him in the eye and said, "I'm sorry for thinking that you and he were together, Lucas."

"Don't be sorry, I'm no fucking angel, but I've never shacked up with anyone else before now, and why I chose you, fuck knows, but there's something about you that makes my dick twitch, so I guess you're stuck with me till you decide to kick me out."

"God, you're such a romantic! Can't stand to hear all those sickly loving phrases rolling off your tongue."

"Bollocks," the boy said, "and stop being sarky. As I said, if you don't like it, kick me out, or you're stuck with me."

He took the slender boy into his arms and just squeezed.

"Lay off, you're crushing my bloody bones!"

"Stop complaining, you know you like all the attention I give you."

The boy grinned, hiding his face in the man's chest and mumbled, "Yeah."

"What was that?" Dylan enquired.

"Shut it, and keep holding me," Lucas said as he snuggled his body into that of his companion.

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