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The Quiet Boy

Written by Caleb Wilson

Part 3

Back to School

Billy smiled and signed, "I still don't understand David, what are you trying to say. Could you please repeat it?"

"Okay Billy I think this will make it clear." Once again David lowered his head and brought their lips together, but this time as he did so he felt a hand at the back of his head holding him. David poked his tongue out only to be met with Billy's. The moment their tongues touched, their mouths opened and battle began. Their tongues went from mouth to mouth first stabbing, then caressing, then twirling, with the boys now rolling around on the bed crushing their bodies together and pressing their erections against each other.

David broke the kiss and sat up, panting, saying, "Enough Billy! If we carry on like this I'm going to cum, and I haven't brought any clothes with me."

"Well now I understand what you were trying to say," Billy signed, at the same time his face breaking out in a grin that split his face from cheek to cheek.

Recovered, David lay down beside the silent boy, looking up at the ceiling, "I thought this day would never happen," then turned on his side to gaze at Billy.

Billy frowned and gestured with his hands, "What d'you mean."

"God! I fancied you when you first came to the school! I was not quite thirteen at the time and I saw you in the recreation area during the first break and you were with your friend, Jake. He was talking, and I was watching you and I could tell, by the way you looked at him, that you fancied him."

Billy signed, "Did it really show that much."

"No but I just knew by the way you acted. It was the same as I did when I was with someone I really liked. Anyway after he finished talking, and you signed and he had a hard time understanding you, I felt like coming over and telling him what you said, but thought better of it."

"Why didn't you David?"

"Didn't want Jake telling me to piss off. Anyway as time went by and I saw Jake beginning to read sign I thought I'd never get a chance to get to know you. The way you both used to hang out together I thought I'd never get a look in. That's why I tried going out with Maxine but it didn't work and we split after three months."

David paused for a moment, "Umm, so when did Jake get involved with whatever her name is?"

"Mary Rawlings? Not too sure, but since the holidays started he's only texted me twice on his mobile to meet up with him, and the last time he brought her along with him, so I left them together. He hasn't texted since then. That was two days ago."

"You're not feeling too bad about it are you Billy?"

"I was earlier, but since I met up with you I promise I haven't given Jake a thought. With Jake it was like - I can't explain it, you know, like never having a close friend before then and him coming along it was like my wish coming true. I felt really close to him and didn't want him to sort of leave me alone when we were together."

"Then how do you feel about me?"

Billy moved his hands and felt David's arms and body, and while David frowned wondering what was happening, Billy signed, "Not too skinny but not fat - just about right," and he grinned.

David laughed and grabbed hold of Billy, they wrestled on the bed till David had Billy pinned under his body then looked down at the boy lying quietly looking up at him. He lowered his head and brought their lips together in tender kiss. Then he asked, "Do you love me William Scott?"

Billy looked into David's eyes and slowly nodded his head.

"Holy Shit Billy! Oh man, you're not pissing me about are you?"

Billy got his hands free and signed: "Shut up and kiss me again."

David needed no second invitation. Their lips came together and they were away in a world of their own.

Half an hour later with much kissing and messing around on the bed Billy signed, "Let's go down. I need something to drink! You've sucked my mouth dry."

David grinned and jumped off the bed. "Me suck you dry? Look at my mouth!" he said, opening it and sticking his tongue out, "See! Not a drop of spit on it or in my mouth."

Billy ignored him, and indicated with his head to follow, as he made his way out of the bedroom. Their thirst quenched, they decided to go through to the lounge to watch some telly before going to bed. They entered the room to see his mother sitting reading the Sunday papers. After asking her, they switched on the telly and sat together on the settee.

They watched the Sunday night movie and when it was finished all three of them rose to make their way to bed, saying their goodnights.

In the bedroom Billy signed "I'm going to shower. You coming?"

"Uh umm, what about your mum?"

"She has her own bathroom adjoining her bedroom, so we don't have to worry."

"Okay, God my cock is getting hard, just thinking about getting in the shower with you."

Billy smiled and showed the bulge forming in his trousers. They went through to the bathroom and once inside their bravado seemed to desert them and they stood shyly looking at each other waiting to see who would make the first move to undress.

"So are you just going to stand there staring or are you going to get undressed?"

Billy quickly signed, "I'm kind of shy never been naked with another boy before. Anyway why are you waiting for me to undress first."

"Umm! I'm sort of shy as well."

"What about Maxine, she's had your dick in her hand."

"Yeah! Only the one time, and that was in the cinema and I only had my zip undone. I wasn't naked, and also it was kinda dark as well."

Billy looked at the fifteen-year-old standing in front of him; they had both seemed to have lost their ardour as there were no decisive bulges in their groin areas.

He smiled at David and started to pull his T-shirt off. As soon as he began so David reacted in the same manner and shortly the two of them stood naked facing each other. Their flaccid members now started to wake and soon two hard uncut penises stood proud. The boys came together their lips made contact as did their rampant members. David's hand slipped between them and grasped the two cocks and started stroking them. The kiss was broken as David started to moan and pant, Billy was in much the same state but it was in a silent manner. Their faces were in such close proximity that they were literally panting into each others mouths.

Billy suddenly clasped David tightly to him buried his head in David's shoulder and silently his mind screamed as his orgasm erupted blasting his spunk between them. With the onset of Billy's orgasm David was not far behind, he let go of the cocks and pulling Billy as tightly as he could into his body he bucked and thrust his hips rubbing his spitting cock against Billy's pulsing cock. As the globs of spunk shot out of his cock he made a long draw out sound, "Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuck Billy, oh God I love you," his knees buckled slightly but he held on to Billy till he was more composed.

When they recovered, Billy signed, "That was wicked I've never cum like that before! At one stage I thought I was going to collapse, it was so intense. I don't think I have the strength to stand in the shower! Shall we have a bath?"

David nodded in agreement. He went over to the bath and turned on the taps. He then went over to the loo and sat down. "Have a seat Billy," and he patted his lap, "While we wait for the bath to fill," at the same time taking some toilet paper and wiping the semen off his body.

The boy walked silently over and instead of sitting with his back against David's chest, he straddled David's legs and sat facing him> Then he leaned forward and brought their lips together.

David broke the kiss, "We're never going to get finished in the bathroom if we carry on like this! My cock's beginning to twitch again."

Billy smiled put his hand between them and started fondling David's semi hard penis.

"Oh God Billy wank me again please> Do it really fast and hard! Go on! Make me shoot again."

Billy complied with David's wishes and within the space of a couple of minutes David was shooting his spunk onto his body again but not half as much as he'd previously discharged.

He let his forehead droop forward onto Billy's shoulder then still panting softly kissed the quiet boy on the chest. Billy stroked the back of David's head for a while; then gently pulling his head back, signed "Bath."

He got off David, went over to the bath and turned off the taps and put his foot in to test the water. Then he opened the hot water tap again till he was satisfied with the water's temperature. He went back to David got some more toilet paper cleaned himself and David flushed the paper down the loo; then they both made their way over to the bath.

David got in first, sitting at the opposite end to the taps. He sat with his legs splayed, saying, "Sit between my legs."

Billy did as he was asked and let his back rest against David's body. As he did so a pair of arms wrapped themselves around his waist and drew him in more firmly.

They lay soaking in the water luxuriating in the feelings of contentment till David brought his mouth to Billy's ear, "If we don't start bathing soon the water's going to get cold and we'll freeze our goolies off."

Billy moved from between David's legs stood in the bath then offered the younger boy a hand to pull David up to stand in front of him. They took it in turns to soap themselves then rinsed off with the hand shower.

Later they lay in bed, both naked, arms and legs wrapped around each other their lips coming together in a goodnight kiss which lasted that little bit longer than it should have.

So their first day together came to an end, as they slowly slipped into unconsciousness.

The remaining two weeks of the holiday seemed to fly by, the boys being in each other's company constantly. During that time Jake did text Billy a couple of times just to enquire how he was, but never asking to meet up. Billy was in no way worried, knowing that Jake was most probably in Mary Rawlings's company, and he himself had found someone who was beginning to play a much more important role in his life. He did however have to teach David how to use and text on the mobile phone so that they could communicate when apart. Which wasn't very often as David now spent most of his time day and night in Billy's presence.

The times they were apart David had to ask his father if he could borrow his mobile to contact Billy, and swore as soon as he had enough money saved up he was going to buy his own cell phone.

Two weeks flew by and a dull September morning saw Billy alighting from the bus and waiting at the top of the road that led to their school. They'd arranged the day before at Billy's house to meet up at the top of the road. He didn't have long to wait before he saw David approaching with that all too familiar gait. They joined up with Billy signing, "Hi beautiful."

David didn't reply instead signed, "Is that all you can say Hi beautiful? wWhat about 'You Hunk of Gorgeous flesh! I could devour you'?"

"Hunk of Gorgeous Flesh? Christ, David, you're 5ft 6ins, the same height as me."

"Yeah well I'm heavier than you, with a bit more muscle,"

"Big deal! You're about ten pounds heavier, but okay, if you want it, 'Hi you hunk of gorgeous flesh'."

David grinned, this time making sure that no one was within earshot before saying, "Love you Billy Boy," and they made their way to school, and for once William Scott was not looking around for Jake.

Once inside the main building they separated but before doing so arranged to meet during the morning break. Billy made his way to his locker; stashed what he had to; then went to his first class and took his seat by the window. Jake came into the class shortly after him with Mary Rawlings, when he took his seat next to Billy and they both greeted each other.

"How have you been Billy?"

"Okay Jake! You and Mary doing okay are you?"

Jake blushed! "Yeah we're going steady. We've been seeing each other every day."

"I'm happy for you Jake." Billy signed. Then the boys stopped their communication as Mr Jennings entered the room and the chatter from the other students ceased as well.

As soon as the bell went for the first break, Billy was out of his seat and heading for his locker and then to the recreation area. He stood sipping his drink and looking for David till he saw him come out of the main building. He waved to attract his attention, which was acknowledged by a wave from David who made his way over and shortly stood by Billy's side.

Billy signed, "So how did the first period go?"

David didn't answer him verbally instead signed, "Not bad, can't we talk about something else instead of school."

"Okay but why are you signing instead of speaking?"

"So I can say nice things about you and don't have to worry about someone overhearing me."

"Such as."

"Such as, I love you Billy Boy and really fancy putting my lips to yours but if I did, all these plonkers here would have kittens."

Billy silently laughed, then signed, "David Spencer you're the cutest boy in the school, and I can see quite a few girls literally drooling in their knickers when they look at you, wonder what they'd say if I told them that we've been sleeping in my bed, naked and making love for the last two weeks!"

David was just about to sign his response when he saw Jake with a girl beside him walking towards them.

When they reached the two boys Billy at once signed a greeting to Jake and Mary.

"Hi Billy, who's your friend haven't seen him around before?"

"Oh sorry Jake, this is David we met during the holidays."

"Hi David," and David responded with a nod of his head.

"That's good you met up Billy! I see he can sign very well. I saw him from across the other side but he was signing too fast for me to understand what he was saying. Can he hear like you as well Billy?"

Before Billy could answer David replied, "There's nothing wrong with me. I can hear and talk. It's just that I know sign language because of my cousins."

"Okay! Well we'll see you both around." and he and Mary Rawlings departed.

Billy was watching David scowling as Jake walked away, he tapped him on the arm to get his attention then signed, "What's wrong why the look on the face."

"Dunno, just not too sure about Jake, if he's so taken with his bit of skirt why's he got time to watch us."

"Maybe he just wants to make sure I'm okay."

"Yeah maybe but I'm not convinced. I think he's a bit jealous. He didn't expect you to find someone who could replace him when he pissed off with his bird."

Just then the bell sounded for the resumption of classes, "See you at meal break Billy, outside the canteen."

"Okay you Gorgeous Hunk of Flesh!" Billy signed, at the same time silently laughing as they parted and went their separate ways to their classes.

When he reached his class Jake at once asked, "So which class is David in?"

"I've no idea Jake. He's one year behind us."

"I was wondering why I hadn't seen him in any of our classes I thought he was a new kid at first."

"No he's been coming to this school since he was twelve," "So it seems you won't need me around now that you've got David," Billy frowned and before he could answer, their conversation was brought to a halt as the teacher came into the classroom calling out "Silence."

As soon as the lesson was over Billy didn't wait to respond to Jake's earlier question but headed out of the class to meet with David outside the canteen. He stood, deep in thought, thinking about Jake's remark about not wanting him around, when a familiar voice broke his thoughts, "Hi Billy, what's the problem," and Billy signed telling him what Jake had said earlier in the class.

"I think I know what his problem is Billy we'll discuss it after school at your place, meantime you ready for some poison."

Billy smiled nodded his head, and the boys went into the canteen to eat.

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