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The Thief of Hearts

Written by Caleb Wilson

Part 3

He rose from the bed, grabbing his robe he put it on then turned to Luke.

"You better put your underwear on and stay here I'll get us each a cup of tea and bring it up."

He made his way downstairs to see his father standing at the bottom of the stairs with a couple of bags in his hands.

"Morning dad."

"Morning son, or should I say afternoon it's nearly midday."

"Sorry dad we were up talking till quite late last night."

"Yes and if pigs had wings they could fly."

"Umm uh I'm uh."

"Oh stop oohing and ahhing Micah I wasn't born yesterday, take these to Luke so that he can accompany you downstairs when he's ready. I went out this morning and got him some clothes seeing that he's going to be here till Monday.

"Uh dad, you're not mad about you know umm Luke and umm....."

"Micah if I was against your relationship with Luke I wouldn't have bought him these clothes I most probably would have kicked you and him out of the house. Micah you are the fruit of your mother's and my loins and we're not about to turn are backs on the one person who means more than life itself to us. Now your mother and I are going out and we'll be back around five and try to behave yourselves while we're out." and Mr Anderson handed his son the bags.

"Thanks dad Love you heaps," and Micah returned to his room with the clothes, inside Luke was just returning from the toilet and was surprised to see Micah return so soon.

"So where's the tea."

"You'll have to come down and get your own," handing Luke the bags, "Here's some clothes look through them and put something on."

Luke emptied the bags onto the bed and his eyes widened at what he saw, he first put on a pair of boxers then wrapped a Japanese style robe around himself turned to Micah, "Okay I'm ready to go for a cuppa."

Micah instead went over to the bed and sat down and put his head in his hands.

"What's the matter Micah?"

The older boy looked up, "My dad guessed what we were doing last night."

Luke sat down beside him, "So what did he have to say."

"That he and my mum loved me, but I'm not too sure how he feels inside about it."

"You mad with me for what happened."

Micah wrapped an arm around the younger boy and drew him into his body, "Why the Hell should I be mad with you, I was just worried that although he didn't say anything about my being involved with another boy that he might be ashamed of me."

"I don't think so Micah especially when he's been out while we were asleep and bought another queer some clothes."

"If you use that term to refer to yourself again I'm going to kick your arse."

"Yeah and what the fuck do you suggest I call myself?"

Micah stood up, "If that's the way you like to think of yourself then Fuck You," and he made his way out of the room and downstairs to get a cup of tea.

Luke was a bit startled at Micah's use of swear words and the harsh manner they were spoken in. He didn't say a word as Micah stormed out of the bedroom.

In the kitchen Micah switched on the kettle which boiled more or less straight away made his tea and took it over to the table to sit and drink it. After a couple of minutes when Luke hadn't appeared he got up and made his way back upstairs to his room. Inside he saw Luke fully dressed in his own clothes pulling on his trainers.

"What are you doing?"

"What the fuck does it look like I'm getting dressed and pissing off."


"Because you don't seem to like the truth, I know what I am, I'm a queer, a fucking homo, a poofter, a fairy, and any other fucking name you can think of only thing is you don't seem to like the names well that's your fucking problem."

Micah turned his back on the boy walked back downstairs to continue with his tea.

Shortly afterwards Luke appeared in the doorway. "Thank your dad for the clothes tell him I'm sorry he wasted his money. Bye, see you around."

"I don't think so."

Luke burst into tears, "You're a right fucking arsehole," he shouted through his tears, I hope I never fucking see you again you cunt," he turned and made his way to the front door, as his hand reached to open it he was grabbed from behind lifted and carried upstairs.

He didn't struggle knowing who it was that was carrying him instead he buried his face into Micah's chest knowing his gentle nature that no harm would come to him and content to let the older boy decide what was about to happen.

Micah carried the silent burden into the bedroom then before laying him on the bed kissed him on the lips.

Lying on his back Luke looked up the boy he'd fallen in love with, he was about to speak when a finger on his lips silenced him. The hand belonging to the finger along with the other started to undress him till he lay naked on the bed. Then Micah removed his robe and night shorts and lay down beside the small form. Wrapping his arms around the boy he drew him towards his body and brought their lips to unite in a passionate kiss, they ground their bodies together in a frenzy their hips bucking and thrusting as if they couldn't get enough of each other. Micah broke the kiss and squeezed Luke even tighter to him then his orgasm erupted as his hips jerked uncontrollably spewing his semen over the small form that was crushed in his arms then he was still. His arms relaxed and he lay spent on the bed,

Luke now free stroked Micah's head and placed little kisses over his face and mouth.

The first words were spoken by the older boy now partially recovered from his orgasm.

"I'm sorry Luke I never want you to ever go away I .............."

He was cut short in mid sentence, "Micah will you fucking stop it please, you're for ever saying fucking sorry and if anybody should be saying it, it should be me. I should know how you feel inside and that you hate me calling myself names."

"No Luke it wasn't that, I felt ashamed that those same names applied to me and I was not willing to accept what I really was."

"You're not a queer, or poofter, or fairy, or anything else you're you, and now I see what you mean about using those names to describe yourself, I'm Luke Harrison and I'm in love with Micah Anderson and if the world don't like it, it can go fuck itself."

Micah burst into laughter he grabbed the small form that was leaning over him and hugged him to his body.

"Umph, fucking ease up Micah I can hardly breath."

"Oops sorry, as he released the pressure on Luke, "You okay."

"No," taking Micah's hand he lowered it to his groin, "I need a bit of help with this."

Micah smiled then slid down the bed to bring his face level with Luke's groin. He wrapped a hand around the smaller boy's manhood then started to slowly stroke it.

"Do it faster Micah, the boy cried."

"No, you have to wait a bit I want to try something, then bringing his face forward to Luke's groin he let his mouth envelope the head of the younger boy's erection while his hand stroked the base of the shaft."

"Oh God Micah that's fucking awesome as the older boy sucked and stroked his cock, Oh God, Oh shit, Oh fuck, Micah I'm going to blow my load Oh God Micah I fucking love you." Micah took his mouth away from the head of Luke's cock just in time as his hips started jerking into his hand, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Oh Fuck Oh Shit! it's fucking wicked and spunk spurted from the end of Luke's cock splattering onto his stomach.

Micah moved up to bring his face level with the boy who was still recovering from one of the most intense orgasms he'd ever had.

"Did I do alright Luke?"

Luke still trying to get his breathing back to normal smiled, "You did more than alright that was one, phew, I'll remember for a long, long time, but what made you use your mouth Micah,"

"I wanted to show you I love you, and that was like showing you wasn't it?"

Hearing his friend asking him for reassurance that his actions were acts of love brought tears of happiness to Luke's eyes.

"What's wrong Luke what did I do come on tell me I'm sorry."

"Oh God, there you go again with your bloody sorry, you didn't do anything wrong Micah you did everything fuc um, right. I was crying because I've never been happier in all my life and you actually said you loved me."

"Umm yes I did didn't I, and I feel really good about it, but I thought you were supposed to be really tough and don't cry unless your badly hurt now that's the second time you've cried today."

"Yeah I have to make out I'm tough to make up for my size, by shooting my mouth off. If I shoot it off loud enough it kinda scares off some of the guys that feel like hitting me, but it doesn't always work and I do get beaten up sometimes."

Micah pulled the younger boy to him and kissed him briefly on the eyes tasting the salty tears, "There you go tough guy I've kissed your tears away now you can smile for Happy."

Luke clung to his older companion and squeezed him with all his strength then releasing his hold he gazed into Micah's eyes saying.

"Micah you've stolen my heart."

"Yeah, well I'm only getting yours in exchange for mine, I told you, you were a thief you stole mine the first day we met but was not willing to admit it."

They lay together arms and legs entwined every part of their bodies absorbing the feelings of intense pleasure emitting from their beings they lay as one totally oblivious to the world outside and slept.

An hour later he awoke, he blew onto the face in front of him which twitched but nothing else. Again he blew and again till a pair of eyelids opened and two brown eyes squinting looked at him.

"You decided to wake up."

"No you woke me up."

"I'm hungry Micah."

"So you didn't have to wake me to tell me that."

"You have to make something for me to eat."


"You heard"

"Why do I have to make it, you can do it for yourself?"

"Micah pleeease."

"Oh Blast, okay."

The younger boy leaned forward giving Micah a brief kiss.

"Is that all I get for having to get up and feed you."

"Yeah well if you feed me good you'll get a lot more."

"You trying to bribe me."

"Umm maybe."

Micah got up, "Okay let's go clean up first, then food okay."

"Bloody hell I'm fucking starving and we have to go and wash, what's with all this fucking washing business do you suffer from some sort of fucking allergy.

"No but my body odour is none to pleasant."

Luke went over to Micah and sniffed so you pong a bit, so fucking what we eat with our mouths not with our bodies if we clean our mouths that should be good enough. After we've eaten we can shower."

"Okay look in the bag that my dad got for you I think you'll find a toothbrush in it."

Sure enough it was there they cleaned their teeth then dressed only in their robes and made their way to the kitchen to eat.

Forty five minutes later their stomachs filled they sat looking across the table at each other.



"What are we going to do about us?"

"I'm not sure, if I was older and working there would be no problem. I'd wait till you were sixteen then if you wanted you could leave school and the home and we could get a flat together."

"I'm sixteen in three months and if I get a job I could leave the home and get a room of my own."

"I think we had better discuss it with my dad first, he could advise us about the best way for you to go whether you should leave school or not."

"No I don't think so, I've spent as much time out of school as in it this last year. I'd only be fooling myself I've not turned up for any exams and even if I did I would have failed them."

"Umm how about if you lived here."

"No Micah, thanks all the same but it wouldn't work I'd feel I was living on charity and then there would be your parents. They might be okay with your being gay but having me living here could upset them."

"We've still got three months so have you got any idea of what kind of job you can do."

"I'll do anything just so's I can get out of the home, I've thought about getting a job in one of the supermarkets as a shelf-filler or on the till or anything else."

Micah hung his head hearing what the boy in front of him could expect to look forward to as a career, whereas if he got good exam results he could go on to university and even if he failed he could always get some kind of employment in his father's Estate Agency. Now he realised how lucky he was as he looked over at the small boy in front of him who had nothing going for him but still didn't let it get him down. Standing he gestured to the boy.

"Come on Luke lets go shower and dress then we'll have a couple of hours before my parents get back."

They climbed the stairs together and made their way into the bathroom where in five seconds flat they were naked and ready to jump into the shower. They took it in turns to wash each other the smaller boy squirming when Micah applied a bit of pressure while washing his head and body.

"Not so bloody hard you're rubbing my fucking skin off."

"Yeah, and when did you last have a shower."

"Not sure about four or five days ago."

"God you're a right stinker Luke."

"No I'm not," and he spluttered as Micah dragged him under the water, "Phew," he proclaimed as he wiped his eye's and face with his hands, Give over will you you're the one who stinks, I sniffed you this morning and you really ponged but I didn't."

"Yeah well I'm older and bigger than you and have more hair on my body so my sweat has a more pungent odour to it."

"I don't care what you say," Luke now recovered from Micah's attentions to his bodily hygiene, "You were stinking and I wasn't so up yours."

Looking at the smaller boy who was now standing in the shower opposite him with the look of a drowned rat, Micah laughed at the boys logic which he couldn't fault and was not about to get into an argument about it.

"Come let's go get dressed," he said, they climbed out of the shower dried themselves then naked made for the bedroom to dress.

"Your dad can really pick some good clothes didn't think he'd know what to choose."

"And who do you think taught him, otherwise you'd be wearing a white shirt and grey flannel trousers or shorts."

"Shit, I'll have to be careful when I get back to the home otherwise someone might nick these."

"You can always leave your clothes here and wear them when you visit."

"Good idea" he finished dressing ran his fingers through his hair and waited for Micah to finish.

"Aren't you going to comb or brush your hair?"


"Umm, uh I don't know keep it neat I suppose."

"This is neat enough, let's go."

They made their way downstairs, in the hallway Luke suggested they go to the Shopping Centre.

"Okay Luke, just let me check everything is locked up you never know who might break in," he smiled and went to check all the windows and doors then returned to where Luke waited.

"You know all that you just did was absolutely fucking useless; if someone wants to break in having all the windows and doors locked won't stop them it will take them about twenty seconds longer than usual."

Micah grabbed the smaller boy by the arm, "Well at least I'll know it won't be you, come on lets go."

They made their way by bus to the town centre then into the Shopping Mall. Inside the mass of people for a Saturday was twice the normal amount as it was a Bank Holiday Weekend.

"God Micah this is a pick-pockets heaven, if I wasn't going straight I'd be having a fucking field day and laughing all the way to the bank."

"What do you mean it's just a bit more crowded than usual?"

"Yeah that's the best time most of the shoppers are so busy keeping an eye on their kids that they forget about their other stuff and that makes a pickpockets job a lot easier and more so when it's overcrowded like now."

"Alright now that you've given an account of how easy it is to steal do you want to buy anything in particular or do you want to just walk around."

"Don't have any money so just let's walk around."

"I could lend you some when you get a job you can pay me back."

"Umm thanks and no thanks Micah, I've got some money stashed away but don't want to use it until I leave the home and get my own place."

"So how much have you got?"

"Umm about a couple of thousand pounds."

"What, you're not joking are you?"

"No, I suppose I'd better tell you, all the stuff I nicked from shops and houses and were of value I flogged to a fence and Harry that's his name he helped me open a bank account. All the letters and stuff from the bank goes to his shop so no one at the home knows anything about it."

"You sure he wouldn't cheat you."

"Why should he, he has a lot more money than I could ever make in years."

As they walked through the crowds talking and looking into shop windows suddenly there was a yell, "Fingers," and Luke stopped and looked around to see an acquaintance of his waving to him and soon joined the two boys.

When the boy reached them his first question was, "You done anything yet fingers."

"Uh no Junior, not out to do anything leaving it alone now."

"You're kidding fucking hell fingers you can't be going straight."

"Junior, you heard right the first fucking time and drop the fingers, call me by my proper name."

"Fucking hell what's up with you, don't get your knickers in a fucking twist?"

"You want a kick in the crutch."

"Christ for a half pint you've got a big fucking mouth, so who's your mate, haven't seen him around at the home before."

"He doesn't live at the home and we're just about to go back to his place so we'll see you round some other time."

Luke nudged Micah and saying bye to Junior he led them outside, their visit to the Shopping Mall cut short. Luke not wanting to continue with their excursion they were soon standing at the bus stop.

While they waited for the bus Micah asked? "What was all that about and why did we have to leave so quickly?"

"That kid's older brother Freddie Jackson is living in the home, his mother placed him there because she couldn't control him and as he was always in trouble with the law for fighting and upsetting the neighbours in their area. So he was put into care he's been there for nearly two years, junior comes to visit him from time to time. I think he and Richards have some sort of scam going on between them."

"Why do you think so?"

"He was supposed to leave the home six months ago but Richards let him stay on, I don't trust them or Junior, that's why I wanted us to leave before he could ask too many questions and report back to his brother."

After Luke had finished talking as they still waited for the bus Micah asked, "You want to tell me about fingers."

"Can we wait till we get back to your place then I'll tell you about it."

Micah looked at his small friend's crestfallen face, "Its okay Luke I don't really want to know I can more or less guess how you got the name and that's all in the past now."

Smiling Luke closed the gap between them and whispered, "I've a good mind to jump up and kiss you."

"Don't even think about it just wait till we get home, here's the bus coming."

They arrived back home to find that Micah's parents were still out. They raided the fridge to quench their thirst then made their way into the sitting room.

As they sat side by side on the settee Luke asked, "You want to hear about that name Micah."

"I told you Luke it's in the past let's forget about it."

Luke put his drink down and jumped onto Micah's lap, "No I have to tell you so that you know exactly what I've been doing to get the money that I have."

"Will you quit it I told you I've got a good idea how you got the name so you don't have to bare your soul."

"Okay then smart arse tell me."

Micah looked at the small boy sitting in his lap that was bringing all sorts of pleasure to his loins, and giving him a hard time trying to restrain the beginnings of an erection.

"Well get off my lap and I'll tell you."


"Because I cant think straight with your bum rubbing against my cock."

Luke laughed and waggled his arse even more, "Let's forget about your explanation and let me show you what "Fingers" can really do for you."

"Oh Christ Luke can't you just let up for a bit you know my parents will be back anytime now, we can't take the risk."

"Okay whatever."

To bring credence to Micah's words they heard the rattle of a key in the front door, the door opening and closing footsteps and Micah's parents walking into the sitting room.

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