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Discovering Brazil

by Zustara Orur

A story (C) 2002/2003 by ZUSTARA ORUR. Contact address: 2.0 May not be redistributed, commercial use prohibited!

English is a second language to me, so please excuse any goofs present herein regarding grammar, spelling. I try to do the best I can!

Legal mumbo-jumbo BS: this story features explicit descriptions of sexual acts between consenting male youths. The story is fictional, and only took place in my mind. If this sort of thing bothers you; you are under-age (and anybody cares about it); reading this story happens to be illegal wherever you may be right now; etc, please STOP READING. I won't get in trouble, but you might, who knows. If all is hunky-dory, feel free to continue, if that is your wish.

Also note that this is a real STORY centering around love rather than sex, those mainly interested in long descriptions of copulation and such may want to look elsewhere.

SPECIAL DEDICATION: My love and sincerest gratitude goes out to Dwayne, Pointblue, Daniel, Caeru, Blue, Taryn, Leonard, Warp1, Ryan, Ratatosk, Michael, Odius, Squidsgerbil, Tamsyn, Maxy and Genesis, all of you listed in reverse order of appearance, just to be a bit different. *Grin!* Special thanks to Jalaki for approving my posts in a prompt and regular fashion, my close friend IOMfAtS for looking over my stories and hosting them on his incredible website and finally, Comicality for having created the Library forum. Visit it at, read a story and give an author some comments. We all love it, please come and share the fun!

Chapter Four - Dangerous Situations:

That friday was only a half-day. We had normal classes in the afternoon, and the other part of the day most of the faculty had a big staff meeting discussing the school, us students, how things were working out, that sort of stuff. We'd been given feedback notes to fill out earlier in the week with suggestions on how to improve things, and at least half-sincere promises we could actually make a difference if we gave a damn about our situation and filled out the forms. I actually did, even though I was a new kid and had been there just a bunch of weeks. I saw many who couldn't care less; maybe that was the difference. I hadn't had time to become apathic just yet...

Even though it was a half-day, we were forced to do some sort of physical activity. We could go on a walk, play baseball or soccer, go swimming or have a run. A few teachers were set on guard duty to make sure people signing up for the activities actually walked or ran or whatever, but that was pretty much it. We were on free reins more or less. Both me and Brazil wanted to swim, so that day we came armed with swimming trunks and towels in our backpacks.

The locker room was the hardest part, Brazil and I would have our lockers right next to each other I just knew it, and I would bone up instantly as soon as I thought of him stripping down in front of me. I had a difficult time choosing between a pair of shorts or speedos. I thought the shorts would hide my hard-on better, but once they got wet my hard dick would pitch a tent in them and I'd look totally stupid in front of everyone. To think I could make my erection go down once I hit the showers was just an illusion I feared. Thus I had to rely on my trusty speedos. I had a nice set of four to choose from which I'd picked out a while back - my dad sold them after all - and I took the all black one. I'd have an elongated lump in them, but to someone who had never seen my dick they'd have no idea I was hard as steel. Maybe they'd just think I was well-endowed for my age, which would be kind of neat I suppose. Also, the all-black color would make details more difficult to make out as well I figured.

That day I wore my longest short-sleeved shirt on purpose. When my pants and underwear dropped to the floor, the bottom of the shirt hid my groin until I got the speedos up and my dick all adjusted and making an as inconspicuous as possible appearance in my swimgear. I tightened the waistband real hard to make the pants stay snug on me, tied the loose ends off and tucked it all inside. Then I suddenly realized I'd hurried so much with getting changed, Brazil was barely out of his socks and shoes! I don't think he was taking it slow, it was me stressing ahead, getting my panties all in a bind for being so close to him... I slowed down and unbuttoned my shirt without hurrying. Brazil did things in the opposite order compared to me, he peeled off his tight T-shirt without thinking much of what he was doing. It wasn't the lycra one I had given him, it was a worn, faded one with the words 'Florida - The Sunshine State!' printed on it (despite I think it's California who's laid claim to that particular term), and it featured a picture of two big oranges on the chest of it. I'm sure the T-shirt was meant to sit on a girl, the oranges a poorly disguised methaphor for women's breasts, and of course I didn't say anything about them actually making me think of a boy's nuts instead... Not just any boy's either in fact!

The print was cracking and wearing off from age. Most of Brazil's clothes were like that, old and a bit too small. Of the stuff he was wearing, only his shoes seemed really new. It struck me he may very well have stolen them... Made me think if he came from a really poor family or not. It was hard to tell, he hadn't told much of anything about his family life. I'd read there were millions of poor kids in America. I mean, we think of ourselves as the greatest place on Earth, but when there's so many people right here in our own country who have to live in absolute poverty, how can that be? I shrugged. I was just a kid, I didn't have the power to change even my own mediocre grades, let alone child poverty!

Anyway, I loved the sight of his chest, I could see each rib, every knob of his spine, the lovingly tantalizing circles that were his nipples, everything... Faint traces of muscle, he was simply beautiful. He had this really amazing light tan on his skin, all over, it made me want to lean over and lick him til he squealed of pleasure... Brazil's faded jeans cutoffs slipped off him and I gasped. He had really small white-and-red-striped bikini briefs on him, they sat high on his hips and showed plenty of his nice boy butt! It seemed he hadn't gotten any new underwear for ages, because even though he'd pulled them up as high as they'd go, I could still see a hint of the tight cleft between his buttocks at the top of his underwear. My knees grew a little weak when he bent forwards and casually tossed in his shoes into his locker. One side of the briefs slid up and exposed almost an entire buttock, there wasn't even a hint of a tanline across its smooth surface! Was he naturally that delicious color, or did he lie in the sun totally buck naked? Time must have slowed down while I pondered that and studied his butt for what felt like minutes, because I jerked as I heard his shoes land with that clattering sound that is so typical of a locker made of sheet metal, snapping me back to reality in an instant. Then Brazil tossed in his shorts too, not bothering to hang them up on the hooks inside.

Brazil got up again just as quick, he didn't linger and he didn't show off to me. He was just like a little kid that was too young to know what the sight of a semi-nude, attractive body can do to another person, he didn't seem to have any shyness at all, any sense of his own state as he quickly pushed down his briefs and stepped out of them. I got a quick glimpse of his cute, soft little dickie - which made my own twitch noticeably. He seemed about my size when not excited like I was, except curiously enough it kinda poked straight out from his slim teen body and then bent smoothly down towards the floor. He wasn't circumcised I noted, nor did he appear to have much in the way of any pubic hair either. What he had was short, pretty much all straight and honey-blonde in color, thus blending in with his skin almost completely. The foreskin tapered to a point in a really cute manner, and the throught actually made my belly tingle with butterflies... His ball pouch looked really small and tight in the slightly chilly air of the locker room, and it was exactly the same light tan color as the rest of his skin. Mine's a little darker, but not his... I could not possibly get ANY harder than I already was. Right then, the object of my desire turned his head quickly towards me and gave me a grin that said, 'isn't this great? No school!'. I blushed and squirmed and tried to smile back innocently while thinking, 'oh my god, he didn't see me check out his pecker did he?' It seemed Brazil hadn't, because he just gave me that quick smile and then he looked down at his feet, nabbing his underwear between two toes and flicked it up in the air with a swift motion. I almost reached out and grabbed that piece of cloth that had hugged him so close as it came tumbling downwards again!

He catched it himself and twirled it playfully around in the air, spinning it on a finger a couple times and let it fly into the locker. The boy gave another quick smile, flashing me a quick glimpse of his white teeth. He was naked as a jaybird and totally unconcerned. Then he bent forwards again and rummaged around in his bag. I wanted to walk around him and look at his butt, however, somehow I managed to resist. Finally Brazil found what he was looking for. I felt a little sad, I just could not tear my eyes from his delicious, dangling little dickie that moved with every motion of his small body and I KNEW I was totally sliming up my tight swimming trunks! His swimwear was a pair of speedos also, white ones with thin stripes of green and blue alternating each white line. I felt another shiver pass through me, because I knew white would turn transparent when it became wet. It took him another five seconds or so and then they sat on him, even more snugly than mine did like they too were half outgrown. He pulled on them and the thin stretchy material strained to fit over his nice dimpled buns, and failed. They slid up across his buttcheeks on each side and settled comfortably in the valley inbetween, making him look like a narrow-hipped girl in a high-cut bikini, showing a more than substantial amount of flesh! Christ, he was so sexy and he never understood it himself! I had to give my hard-on a couple good squeezes under my shirt just to let off some of the tension while pretending to scratch my tummy, seeing how supremely sexy he looked when actually wearing more than just his birthday suit...

Last thing of all, he pulled off his hair band and shook his head, making all his tiny little braids that hung down all around his head flop around teasingly. That he tossed on the top shelf of his locker and then at last I slipped out of my concealing garment. I looked down at myself. My dick looked way bigger than usual, not that anyone would know the difference, but it looked hard to me. At least it didn't poke outwards, always a small comfort! It was all held in to my body which made it a lot less conspicuous I suppose... Plus, I think the black color was working, the outline seemed fairly diffuse to me - at least from the angle I was looking from. My inspection only took a few seconds, I didn't want Brazil to think I was checking myself out or something.

We both closed our lockers and slipped the rubber band of the key onto our ankles. He smiled at me and wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me in the direction of the showers. Not that I really needed his help, it was the first time I was there, sure, but one doesn't exactly have to pass through a labyrinth to reach the showers from the locker room! It also felt supremely awesome to have him touch me like that.

The fingers of Brazil's hand were all spread out across my skin, touching the side of my ribcage. I felt his arm across my back, sometimes our bodies rubbed together for a moment while we moved... If my stiffie had showed signs of weakening, it sure changed its mind in a real hurry when I was that close to Brazil and his soft warm body! We had a quick shower together right next to each other, quick mostly because he hurried in under the stream of water and then hurried out again with youthful enthusiasm in order to reach the real wetness quicker, and then he rushed out to the pool itself forcing me to rush also to keep up. There was a teacher out there checking attendance, and she checked us off on her list.

"Ten laps is minimum", she said in a bored voice and pointed at the long 50-meter pool. It was miss Yates watching us I saw, one of the gym class teachers. She coached the cheerleader team as well I think, wasn't totally sure about that though. I'm not a girl, and I hadn't been at the school long anyway. "Come back to me when you're done and you can go home. You have two hours so you should make it with plenty to spare." It wasn't as if she was actually checking on anyone to make sure we didn't cheat, she was just looking across the room, staring at nothing. Actually, I think she was checking out the lifeguard on duty, he was way better looking than she was!

Brazil jumped over the rope strung up along the side of the pool and did a decent dive into the water. I looked at his butt the entire time! I didn't dare diving over myself, I lifted one leg over the rope and then the other and hopped in, feet first. I even kept a hand pinched over my nose because I abhorr getting chlorinated water in it! I'm not really any kind of a swimmer. Neither was Brazil I quickly noticed, before we'd done half the distance we'd both swallowed big gulps of luke-warm yucky pool water by mistake and coughed, and got water in our eyes too making them sting like crazy and even breathed in drops of the stuff too making us cough even more! It was still fun though because we did it together. Fun, but tiring! We did eight laps, and then we ran up to miss Yates and she said okay, made another checkmark on her list and let us do whatever we wanted. Most kids went home immediately, but we decided to stay a while. We retreated to the shorter, older pool, it had a shallow end and a deep end. The long pool was deep everywhere, so deep two kids of my length could have been standing on each other's shoulders and it was very doubtful the top kid's head would even break the surface! You couldn't play there, it was simply TOO deep. Besides, all the grown-ups swimming there would not have appreciated it, we would have gotten chased away.

I was bested by Brazil again. He ran and jumped into the water (despite running's forbidden) and tossed himself in, all curled-up in a ball. I knew that would make his swimming trunks ride up inbetween his buttocks and my dick started to get hard again! Yes, I'd deflated earlier, the big pool was pretty cold, and swimming took my mind off Brazil and his sexy body. As my skin hit the smaller pool's water I felt it was considerably warmer. I didn't hop in as recklessly, I stopped at the edge near a diving block and actually did a proper dive, if a wimpy one! I hit the surface only about a body-length from the edge of the pool, but I didn't want to land flat on my belly, that's why it was such a short dive. I'd done that once when I tried to show off at my previous school while trying to make a long dive. Everybody laughed, and my stomach and balls hurt from me hitting the water like that. Didn't want to risk anything this time, not with Brazil watching me.

Me and him raced each other across to the shallow end where we both could stand on the bottom and have most of our chest stick up above the surface. He won, not because he was any faster than me - we were equally rotten swimmers it seemed - but since he had a sizeable head start on me having been the first to hit the water. Brazil reached the end of the lane and then did a fairly decent turn and shot back towards me under the surface. I was almost at the end too so I would actually gain by swimming to the end and turn as well I figured rather than switching direction directly in the water. I did, but by the time I surfaced, Brazil had swum a little bit further out where neither of us could stand without sinking. He was hanging on to the line separating each lane and so did I.

"Bet you can't catch me!", I said mischeviously and started back towards the shallow end.

"Bet I can!", Brazil teased back.

We splashed around some more, cutting across the lanes sideways in a right angle to the traffic and annoying the grownup swimmers the way only playing kids can do (even when they're really not kids anymore, at least by looking at their age). I managed to keep away from Brazil up until then, he almost grabbed my foot a couple times but only almost. As I reached the last lane I had a small advantage on Brazil, I had zipped in front of a fat woman who had glided past in the water like a big pale walrus and she blocked my pursuer for several crucial seconds. By the time he managed to cross the last line I had already turned around and was facing him. He slowly rose to his feet and took on a striking stance like a cobra.

"Bet you can't catch me!", I repeated.

"Bet I CAN!", he said confidently. Then he leapt at me and expected me to dive down under the surface or dodge aside or something. I didn't, I just stood there. It had been my plan all along to get him to throw himself at me. Brazil's arms went around my neck automatically or he'd have crashed straight into my chest. He almost pulled me down, but I resisted and he came to end up right along my entire body hanging from my neck, giggling madly. I almost ALMOST took him in my arms and squeezed him in tight right onto my super stiff dick, but I didn't. I catched myself in time. The boy giggled and let go almost immediately, but not after I got a good feeling of what it was like having him touch me in an almost naked state... "You're SUPPOSED to try to get away!", he said with a laugh, his hands still on my shoulders. "I'll give you another chance."

He let go of me and I tried to dash off, but then another swimmer came past so I jerked back. This made Brazil - who had started to dive in after me except I never dove away - bang his forehead right into my temple! OOOWWIE!

I yelled out, and the grownup frowned disapprovingly at me as he swum past. Brazil's head didn't hurt anywhere near as much, the forehead's so much sturdier it seems, first he giggled and said he was sorry, and then he calmed down and took my head and put it on his shoulder and whispered he was REALLY sorry while he patted and stroked my wet hair that was all slicked down to my skull. I wished I could feel the scent of him, but he was too wet, and the air was full of moisture and chlorine. It was impossible to feel anything except that awful smell of desinfectant.

"You wanna swim some more?", he asked after slowly letting go of me.

"No, I got a headache now, I can't."

He gave me a quick apologetic smile, showing he knew it was him that had caused my pain and that he felt bad about it. "Okay then, let's go", he said in a soft-spoken voice. He took my hand and lead me off to the side where the closest stair up out of the water was. He held on to my hand with such care, looking back at me time and time again as we trotted off back to the showers. My dick throbbed, my foreskin pushed all the way back. It felt great, yet so frustrating! He was so close and wore SO little, yet I couldn't do anything... It almost made me break down and cry. I hurried to finish showering, even though it was great seeing Brazil's tight butt in those equally tight speedos - especially as he kept stretching himself to loosen up his muscles - I didn't dare staying. My dick was too exposed in my current state now that I was out of the water, and someone might notice. I held my hands over my groin most of the time, but doing it constantly would look weird and suspicious, it would show to people I really did have an erection even more than not hiding my stiffie at all. I quickly went on into the locker room and pulled the key on its rubber band off my ankle.

I quickly wiped myself more or less dry, still wearing my trunks. Brazil immediately started wriggling out of his, they were so tight on him they didn't want to come off, he almost had to roll them off his skin! He saw me staring at him and he thought it was because he had such small trunks, and in a way it WAS. I blushed and he laughed, not understanding at all why. "You're so weird, Nate!", he said in a totally innocent, friendly voice, and that made me blush even more. He giggled as he proceeded to wipe himself dry, I quickly put on my shirt and buttoned up the lower buttons. Once I'd hidden myself from his eyes, I pulled down my speedos.

He thought nothing of it, it wasn't as if he thought I was a prude or anything. I felt as if I was exposing myself to him though, as if I was all naked standing in front of him. ...Which I was, I suppose. In a way at least; naked with a loose shirt hanging over me. I felt hornier than I'd EVER done before in my life as my trunks hit the floor and I straightened myself. My dick point upwards in a more than 75-degree angle and made the shirt poke out a little. If one was to look carefully right at me, you could see I was having a boner under there, but it wasn't obvious since the garment hung rather loosely on me. IF anyone was looking, that is.

If Brazil noticed I decided I just wouldn't give a damn! I stood there feeling so horny I felt like I would simply evaporate into a mist from my own inner heat and watched Brazil dry himself. He took care to wipe himself ALL over, not just his hair and butt and groin and those places where moisture usually sticks to you, but also under the soles of his feet and inbetween his cute little toes. He was all naked and his even cuter little dickie dangled playfully, tantalizingly in front of me. I wanted to just kneel right in front of him and suck that teasing little appendage into my mouth in its soft state, tease it back with my tongue until it would start to stiffen and grow inside my mouth... I'd peel back his foreskin with my lips, feel what it was like touching an uncut guy. Ali had been a good muslim of course and had been circumcised as a tiny little baby and he had been the only one I'd been with intimately. I wasn't, more by accident than anything else I think (my dad had had his wang mutilated too as a baby), but I've never been dextrous enough to manage to get my own dick into my mouth so I had no idea what it would be like...

His soft, swinging little dickie was so sexy, the fact it seemed as if it really was a part of him to an even greater extent than other boys I'd checked out. It had the same skin tone, it seemed a most remarkable extension of his body. Mine, since it's darker, it felt more as if it had been glued on as a bit of an afterthought somehow! (Good glue though, even though I've pulled on it quite vigorously, it hasn't come off... Not yet anyway!) His was nearly hairless too with just a barely visible honey-blonde fuzz of short sparsely populated pubes which kinda added to its appeal in my eyes... I had quickly noticed the drawback of combining genital hair with foreskin; if you get a hard-on and the skin gets pulled back, your pubes will get trapped when your dick softens again and man is that painful or what when that happens! For that reason I trim myself, it's for practical reasons only though and YES, I know it looks kinda silly and gay. Well hey, I AM gay, so why should I care? Anyway, nobody had said anything about it since most all the other kids I've ever met had been so deathly afraid of letting anyone see them naked. Was that way at my previous school and same at the new one too.

We started dressing. It was kinda dangerous for me, because I'd tossed my socks and underwear up on the shelf at the top of the locker, and when I reached for them the shirt I wore got pulled up too! It made me even hornier. My heart was pounding so hard I thought I was going to pass out when I reached up with my arms. I knew my balls would be visible and maybe some of my dick too as it strained for the sky just like my hands as I stretched myself to reach. One sock...! I picked just one sock the first time so I could reach again for the other sock and then one final time for my underwear, exposing myself a little more each time! I could have stood up on the bench running along the row of lockers, but this was so much better.

I felt how flushed my skin was, I raised up one foot to pull on the sock and the shirt came up along with the leg, higher up this time. I knew most of my iron-hard dick was visible to Brazil if he chose to look and I got all dizzy again! I put down my foot real quick and reached out with a hand to steady myself. Somehow I managed to grab Brazil's arm, and his skin was so warm and soft and smooth.

"Whoah there!", he said as he saw me stagger. He quickly turned and grabbed a hold of me in return, a strong grip with both his hands, steadying me and then I felt it, the orgasm starting to build. I was about to cum in about one second if he held on to me any longer! I could either think 'Dammit!' or 'oh my god!', I wasn't quite sure which one was more appropriate...! I let go of him and gripped my dick real hard through my shirt like you have to do when you gotta go REALLY bad and have just lost all bladder control and is about to pee yourself. I rushed off to the nearest lavatory, locked the door and after heaving up on my toes I pointed my rapidly softening dick down into the washbasin. It dribbled a little bit of slightly milky goo, and I squeezed it good to get out as much of the rest as possible. Then I washed it clean and splashed water around to remove all trace evidence of what had happened... Phew! My shirt was all clean. No accident had occurred!

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