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Discovering Brazil

by Zustara Orur

A story (C) 2002/2003 by ZUSTARA ORUR. Contact address: 2.0 May not be redistributed, commercial use prohibited!

English is a second language to me, so please excuse any goofs present herein regarding grammar, spelling. I try to do the best I can!

Legal mumbo-jumbo BS: this story features explicit descriptions of sexual acts between consenting male youths. The story is fictional, and only took place in my mind. If this sort of thing bothers you; you are under-age (and anybody cares about it); reading this story happens to be illegal wherever you may be right now; etc, please STOP READING. I won't get in trouble, but you might, who knows. If all is hunky-dory, feel free to continue, if that is your wish.

Also note that this is a real STORY centering around love rather than sex, those mainly interested in long descriptions of copulation and such may want to look elsewhere.

SPECIAL DEDICATION: My love and sincerest gratitude goes out to Dwayne, Pointblue, Daniel, Caeru, Blue, Taryn, Leonard, Warp1, Ryan, Ratatosk, Michael, Odius, Squidsgerbil, Tamsyn, Maxy and Genesis, all of you listed in reverse order of appearance, just to be a bit different. *Grin!* Special thanks to Jalaki for approving my posts in a prompt and regular fashion, my close friend IOMfAtS for looking over my stories and hosting them on his incredible website and finally, Comicality for having created the Library forum. Visit it at, read a story and give an author some comments. We all love it, please come and share the fun!

Chapter Twenty-Three - Great New Fortunes Ahead:

"Penny for your thoughts?", I asked after spitting in the sink so I could speak properly.

He sighed quietly to himself. "Just that I wondered to myself if your chest would feel very different to a girl's tits, but then I kinda decided it didn't matter. I can't imagine any tit being hotter than your chest Nate."

I felt myself blushing. "Aw, geez...", I mumbled. "That was so sweet of you to say."

He kissed my neck real quick as he stood behind me. "Then, she doesn't have THIS little thing either...", and I felt his hand move down and seize my hard-on. He stroked it slowly, stopping to rub the knob at the end.

"So you think I'm LITTLE, huh?" I teased him, trying to keep my voice level. "Well I'll let you know something, mister. I bet you're smaller than me!"

"No way! Whip it out man!", he retorted immediately. I felt him push his hard-on quite forcefully into my left buttock just to try and impress me I guess.

We turned to face each other, and of course our lips sort of ended up clinging on to each other in a good long snog as we took each other's boyhoods in our hands and brought them together side by side. I felt the tip of his stiffie touch my skin, just as I felt the tip of mine touch him. We were almost exactly the same. Depending on if we looked at them one way, I seemed slightly longer. From the other, he was. Guess you can call that a draw!

His cute dickie was so warm, so velvety soft and so nice to hold. We let our penises touch each other along their length, both of us stroking each other simultaneously with a light hand-grip... I didn't ever want to let go, but finally I made us get to bed and we tumbled in together, kissed a little (he tasted really fresh after brushing his teeth), said goodnight, and then fell asleep in each other's arms before our erections had a chance to fade away.

I woke up slowly and saw him sitting naked in the bed, close to me. One of his legs stretched out in front of him, the other crossed so the foot was stuck under the thigh of the outstretched leg. His cute dickie that wasn't as small as I'd first thought was poking straight up, the foreskin not quite covering the shiny, wet knob at the end.

"Good morning", I said softly and smiled. "Things seem to be looking up today."

"He's happy to see you", Brazil remarked.

My smile widened. "He sure is. You must love me a lot for him to be that happy."

"Oh Nate, I do. I really, really do!" He had this yearning look on his face begging me to love him too in return and to kiss him so I did and he whimpered and moaned of satisfaction... He was so needy and it felt so good to satisfy him, to know he needed me, needed me to love him and be with him.

We had eaten breakfast, we were showered, all clean and fresh and ready to get dressed... Ready for school and another day, and there we were, going at it like rabbits almost. I laid on top of him and rubbed my hard dick on his tight tummy as he did his best to pleasure me in return; touching my sides and butt and neck and face and everywhere else he could reach easily where he knew I was sensitive. It was definitely working, he dodged a few of my kisses which frustrated me just to wind me up on purpose, make me even hornier, and then he attached himself firmly with a smack, letting his fingers do more of their magic. "Brazil, stop!", I ordered him. "I-I gonna, it's, ah-"

"I want it." That was all he said and then he pecked my forehead. Somehow, that triggered me and the orgasm stormed through my body, making all of me wildly sensitive. I knew we were clean, I knew we were getting late, and there I was, making a mess of him. It just served to make the mess even worse, I squirted my cum so hard onto his skin it kinda splashed all over his tight tummy, it almost hurt inside me it was that intense!

"Oh, BraziiIIL!", I gasped as my boyfriend forced my body to empty itself against him, in gloriously copious amounts. I was totally out of breath, I just laid there in my own mess, spreading it out in between us. Brazil smiled as I rolled off him, still panting like a dog.

"I love feeling you on me", he said with a wicked grin. "I'm gonna wear you all day today!" He was massaging my cream into his skin... I didn't know what to think of it really. In a way it felt weird, and in a way it felt wildly sexy and exhilarating. My dick started to go hard again even at the thought of him actually doing it, wearing me! He looked at me with a hungry look, seeing my sticky body and seemed to consider licking me clean again. It would have been immensely enjoyable, but I didn't want us to be late again so I grabbed the shirt from the day before and wiped myself clean. He giggled, knowing why I did it and started to get dressed, still 'wearing' me like he'd promised!

It was the first time ever we arrived to the school at the exact same time, and in fact, we were just in time. Kurt had been waiting for us as long as he could, but we only had time to say hello and then we had to hurry and get to our lockers. We promised to meet up again after first period though.

My teachers didn't annoy me nearly as much as they used to! I spent the first class with a big grin on my face. The two or three casual acquaintances I'd made in that class saw the change in me I guess, I got some curious looks and when the bell rang I was followed outside into the corridor by Giselle and Linda.

"What's going on?", Linda asked, prodding me in the side with a finger. She's so blonde that girl!

"Can't you tell?", Gis returned, walking along on my other side. "He's in luuuuuuurv!"

They continued to tease me and I continued to give them the silent treatment, it really pissed them off and just made them way way more interested! When we met up with Brazil, they still did not see what everybody had missed up until then, the constant touching. Probably because they expected a girl to be the center of my attention, I don't really know. Brazil however immediately became extremely defensive and unsure due to the presence of the girls. I mean, he's the straight guy, the one that should understand the female species, but he just kept hiding behind me and behaved in an extremely shy manner, refusing to say much of anything. He felt threatened! Poor Brazil, he was afraid he'd get outcompeted... I had to take him in my arms and lead him off to a quiet corner where I could kiss him really quick to make him calm down.

"Oh my gawd...", I heard Gis mumble. I realized they must have followed us!

I tried to smile at her. Brazil was uncertain how to react, if he should get scared or feel relieved. "Yeah, you can say that again", I mumbled quietly. "Now, you can either choose to be our friends, or you can choose to make our lives miserable. Which option do you prefer?"

Both girls looked at us kinda hesitantly. "Uh, sorry Nathan, I... Uh, I don't really know what to think about all this", Linda spoke. "I think we need to think about this. Sorry, don't... Don't be offended okay, but it's... I mean, it's not exactly NORMAL..."

I smiled a rueful kind of smile. "Okay... I understand. If you don't want to be our friends, could you at least not be our enemies? Or at least not be his enemy..." I almost called him 'Brazil', but I realized at the last second it would only serve to confuse them. "He's not gay, Linda. He just happens to love me... Don't hate him, hate me instead. He doesn't deserve it."

Linda blushed kinda shamefacedly. "We won't say anything to anyone, right, Gis? I'm... I'm just not sure I can handle this okay? I'm sorry. Don't hate me either please, just that... I'm not used to this."

I gave them a small smile as Brazil hung on to me, hiding his face against my neck.

They kept their word, they didn't say anything. Me and Brazil just kept to ourselves for the rest of the day, we talked a little to Kurt and even came to watch him and his buddies skate, but we wanted spend time with nobody but each other. We were both sick and tired of being outsiders, and while the company of two hardly qualifies as a crowd, it was all we desired.

After school we went to the bank to empty out Brazil's bank account, and then started looking for wallets. It's hard to find a good one for only $3.75, I kept bringing him to different stores so we wouldn't have to go to dad's place. I didn't want him to give his last money to us, but none of the ones we found that he could afford appealed to him. They were in the wrong color or the quality felt bad or there weren't enough compartments, or this or that was wrong with it... Eventually it was pretty much no other choice left.

"Nate, can't you take a hint when it's given to you?", Brazil whined.

"Man, I don't want you to do this!", I complained back. "It's wrong! I can't take money from my own boyfriend!"

He smiled gently. "You wouldn't be taking anything. I'd just give back a little of all I have received from you. Please Nate, I need to do this. Again, for my own peace of mind. I don't want to feel like I'm a burden to you, I have to be able to contribute too in some way."

I understood. Saying again he wasn't a burden and that just by being close to me he contributed in every way he ever could would be the wrong thing to do.

Thus, we went to dad's sports goods store. We found some wallets made of strong, tough and durable green nylon, with all the compartments he felt he needed, including two coin pockets with zippers. One for big coins and one for small change; just the way he liked it. After work and homework (Brazil gave me a hand with both), Naomi challenged just the two of us to a game of street hockey on the cement-covered loading dock behind the store and we accepted. It's so funny, every time Naomi plays someone new she totally surprises them! She's this kinda petite ebony beauty that looks really rather neat and prim overall, but boy! Does she play ROUGH or what! She's really competitive, she hates losing and can get really angry if she's not on the winning team (that's probably her one and only character flaw actually), and to accomplish her goal she tackles you and punches you and use all sorts of dirty tricks to score as many goals as possible. She usually ends up winning no matter which other people she has to play with because she's not only a dirty player, she's a really good player too. Brazil, not knowing what to expect, nor being used to play against her was caught completely unprepared. She sent my boyfriend sprawling on the ground by doing her patented club-hook from behind up between his legs, catching him in the nuts. Brazil's knees collided as he leaned forwards and then he fell to the ground, curled-up and moaning in pain. Geez, she'd NEVER do that again to another human being if she knew how much it hurts! Having disabled Brazil, she took the ball and almost casually flicked it into our goal from fifteen feet away and cheered herself since there wasn't an audience around to do it for her. It was rather depressing to witness actually.

"You'd better not have damaged him!", I said worriedly as I rolled over to check up on him.

"Oh calm down you big baby", she returned. "It wasn't you I hooked. Oh, by the way... You guys suck!", she giggled at us, expecting an easy win.

Brazil picked himself up without complaint and just a minor grimace caused by his battered balls. "Yes we do!", he shot back, and unlike Naomi he knew exactly what he was saying! She just started laughing and laughing and after that she pretty much became useless as a player, all we had to do to totally make her lose it would be to suggestively say "we suck!" to her and maybe wiggle our eyebrows and she'd almost fall over. When we soundly beat her she just laughed more and rolled over and pulled us both in to a super-nice hug. She's got this really well-developed bosom and I know she squeezed us into it rather hard quite on purpose and then she kissed us both on our foreheads.

"Oh, you're such sweeties both of you", she told us. "I'd take you home and have my wicked ways with you in an instant, but I guess you wouldn't let me, huh?"

Brazil smiled. "Nope!"

Naomi laughed and then let us go after squeezing us in to her boobs one last time. We knew she was mostly kidding, we're underage and all so she wouldn't actually do anything, but she likes us, and we like her, and she likes to tease too! She's a great friend, if an unmerciful one at times. "You don't know what you're missing!", she said with a grin and a wink.

"I got something better!", Brazil said with a big happy smile and put an arm around my shoulders, holding me tight in to himself. I felt my love for him bloom and proceeded to smooch the heck out of him which he enjoyed tremendously!

"How are the crown jewels doing?", I asked softly.

"Why don't you wait until tonight and find out?", he replied wickedly, kissing me this time. "Oh, they're okay I guess, a little tender but otherwise okay." I sighed a visible breath of relief, which made Brazil smile!

Another week passed. I became ever more comfortable in my belief that even though Brazil's actually straight, it was ME he loved and nobody else. Actually, HE was really scared I would leave HIM, he did all kinds of things to convince me he really was sincere, that there was nobody else and never would be. We both got to know each other better, found deeper understanding. Brazil needed to touch me almost all the time, it was his way of finding an outlet for all the love he felt in his heart, and when I let him touch me it was a way for him to confirm in his mind that I still loved him. The day we no longer touched was the day we no longer loved, and if either of us got our way through, that would never happen!

Lisa and Giselle kind of got used to the idea of the two of us, and we even made some new friends too. Some of those friends were actually old friends of Brazil's, making a comeback in his life, and all of them were of the 'shy and quiet' variety. The more outgoing members of the student body wanted little or nothing to do with us after it was starting to get around we were a couple, and they pretty much ignored us as soon as they saw us. Suited me and Brazil just fine, though it was a bit difficult sometimes still, in school at least. During the weekend it didn't matter much, but once we almost got beat up by a group of gaybasher jocks after school, but fortunately Kurt and a few of his skater friends intervened. He'd wanted to catch up with us to tell us something when he saw what was about to happen and almost got beat up in our stead! Fortunately the jocks decided it wasn't worth pulverizing us now that the two groups were of equal numbers - if not equal strength. They still outmatched us physically, but when it was five on five they risked getting bruised in return and instead chose to withdraw (though not silently; they called us all the nasty names in the book), and since then we've pretty much been left alone.

Now Kurt and those same friends had again sought us out, and he was all over us, literally! He was so happy!

"I did it!", he said with a big grin.

"You got laid, huh?", Brazil quipped. I guess it was pretty darn obvious now that I think of it.

Kurt's smile was nothing short of astounding. "Ooooooohhh yeeeaaahhh...", he said in a blissful tone of voice. "You know Simcha Kalman?", he asked. I didn't, but Brazil did, and when he explained I realized who it was. Simcha was the only orthodox Jewish boy in the whole school, complete with the little cap on the back of his skull and the locks of hair hanging down at his temples, and they were carrot-red in color, and the boy himself so sweet and girlishly pretty that if the rest of his hair had been a bit longer and him dressed in more unisex-like clothes, you would absolutely think he was female. I was astounded, I had no idea the two had even been looking at each other, much less gone to bed together!

We knew that Kurt and Katie had broken up, sort of. They still remained best friends, bester friends than ever in fact, and that was the whole crux of the matter. Katie had decided that even though she loved Kurt as deeply as any person ever could and wanted him and his body, she just couldn't have him. If she had sex with him - and she was in the position to compel him to do that - it wouldn't be the same between the two friends anymore. She loved him too much to ruin the trust they felt between them, so she let him go and now they were tighter than ever. She'd even been the one who noticed the looks Simcha was giving Kurt, because the tall, gangly youth would never have seen it on his own. She'd been instrumental in bringing the two together, acting as a go-between, talking for hours with Simcha in secret to gain his trust and his confidence without hinting to one what she talked about with the other.

"Good for you!", I told him and gave him a pat on his shoulder. Kurt couldn't stop grinning and it ended as a big group hug.

"He's so hot in bed", Kurt mumbled to himself. "Jesus, it's true! It's all thanks to you too! Early last week he came up to me and wanted to talk, and... Uh, well, he said he'd been watching you two... He knew I'm your friend and thought I was a nice guy..." At that point, Kurt blushed. "Umm, well, things kinda progressed from there. I kissed him first time day before yesterday, and he spent last night in my bed. ALL of last night..."

We moved on towards the city center, exchanging love advice. Kurt had quite a lot of that to give actually, he'd learned much from the many months he and Katie had for all intents and purposes been a couple. Kurt's friends - which by then were our friends too - were utterly cool with the idea of the tall, gangly youth being gay. Hank Morton even told us he'd suspected it all along because Kurt tended to look at guys, especially their butts. He jabbed Kurt with a finger in the back and joked he was glad he wore all these baggy skater clothes so Kurt couldn't check HIS butt out, and that made Kurt chase him and grab him and give him a noogie. Hank laughed and cried for mercy and was finally let go after being properly chastised!

We split up once we got to the shopping district. Kurt and his friends were off to the skating park as usual to polish their tricks further, me and Brazil had an important meeting we had to attend.

Dad had rounded up all his employees to make the announcement, the day before the big sale would start. "Thank you for coming", he began. "As you know, it's been kind of a rocky start these past six months. We've had all sorts of supply problems because the previous management racked up debts everywhere, and right now we're at the point where we either need to take out another loan to continue, ask all of you to go along with dropping your wages by 15%, or letting one or two of you people go. As we're already understaffed, one or even two people less will just serve to lower the service we provide our customers, which means less business. People will go someplace else where they get better help, and I'll be forced to fire someone else when revenue falls further still and so on and so on. If I drop your wages, one or two of you will quit because I know I'm not paying you that much even now, and then things will head south just the same as if I'd fired someone. I've considered taking out another loan, but frankly that isn't an option as I'm already up over my ears in debt myself; the banks simply won't lend me any more money. I've had to pay suppliers for debts the previous management accumulated just so they'd still supply us with merchandise and that's taken a heavy toll on the firm's economy, thus putting us in this situation. Fortunately, another solution has arisen..." He paused and gauged the audience's reaction. They were starting to perk up after all the dismal news they'd been given. They thought they'd been doing brisk business, sure there had been some trouble on the horizon, but they hadn't expected things to be THAT grim! Now they seemed to have regained some enthusiasm and were eagerly awaiting the answer to the puzzle my dad was hinting at. "Meet our new junior partner...", dad said and waved at him to come over.

Brazil left my side and walked up to my dad and waved at everybody. "Hello!", he said, as if meeting them all again for the first time. Oh, he looked so cute! His hair was all braided up again (cost a ton of money to do at a hair salon; Brazil's aunt had actually been nice enough to let her hair stylists do it for him, but now that was no longer an option), and he wore the headband too of course, and the necklace of beads he'd had the first time I'd seen him. That too actually belonged to his aunt, but he'd 'borrowed' it, since she wouldn't need it anymore anyway. The house and most everything in it had been auctioned off, the house had three mortgages on it and much of the furniture had been leased at a horrendous monthly expense. Now everything was gone, except for Brazil's battered old bed, desk and dresser which now stood in my room for the time being, though Brazil slept in my bed of course.

Dad chuckled. "I found someone who was willing to trust me, someone that believes this company can be saved. Let's make it happen!"

We all cheered. Maybe this would work out after all...! Police and other agencies had managed to salvage about 38.000 dollars belonging to Brazil's father's trust fund. Where the other money had gone, nobody could tell, and Brazil's aunt wasn't talking. Not even to her own relative, whom she refused to even meet actually. The feeling was mutual, and they hadn't seen each other at all since the day she'd beaten him. All of those bruises were gone now of course, but the memories remained. Brazil had bad dreams sometimes and that made him wake up sweating and shaking and breathing heavy, but I made him calm down. When we sat together like that he'd start to touch me without even knowing it, caress me until I was all hard and excited while being scared still himself. He'd let me calm him in return by poking him with my dagger and kiss his soft lips. Even if I stuck in my dick in under his ball sack he still wouldn't get hard. He touched me, stroked away the hair from my forehead so he could kiss me back there and loved me. That was all. He loved it, letting me love him.

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