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A Different Kind of Christmas Carol

by Zustara Orur

A story (C) 2002/2003 by ZUSTARA ORUR. Contact address: 1.2 May not be redistributed, commercial use prohibited!

Please see chapter 1 for standard disclaimer blurb and the dedication and acknowledgements section.


William quickly took Jeff's mind off the matter by pouring Jeff a cup of tea. "Here you go, Sir", he said and passed the cup and saucer.

"Thank you", Jeff said, and cast me a glance. I nodded back at him as if he was merely saying hello again after returning, pretending not to understand he was trying to find out what was going on. He shrugged and focused on his tea.

An intimate conversation followed, I knew Jeff liked history and William seemed like an educated man. I asked what it had been like during the Great War. Both of my grandfathers had fought in it, but they hadn't said much about it before they'd died, and besides, I'd been too little back then to be much interested in it. The butler smiled at hearing my question, understanding I was curious, having grown up so far both in time and distance from those events.

"I was much younger than you are now", the tall man started. "When war broke out with Germany, I was just six years old. When the bombings of London started, I got sent to the country to be safe, just like many other children."

"Like the kids in the Narnia books!", I breathed. I was already letting my imagination reach back through the great, foggy expanse of time spanning that era and now.

William smiled a little and nodded, and Jeff patted one of my legs. "Yes, exactly. Apart from not finding a totally different world inside a big wardrobe of course!" He paused and let me finish my boyish giggle in peace, me feeling Jeff's hand sneak inside my borrowed T-shirt down at where it went down my pants to settle on my waist. Then the butler continued. "My father worked for a family much like Master Jeffrey's actually. When their children were sent away, I went as well. Things were much different back then, as you might well imagine..." He spoke of what life had been during the war years, with shortages of a lot of things and many people dying both in the blitz and while fighting Hitler's cohorts. Yet he'd only been a small child then, so there had still been time for fun and play, and riding of horses and jumping in haystacks and getting up to all sorts of mischief.

"You never told me you used to steal apples when you were a kid, William!", Jeff complained loudly!

"I didn't? I'm sure it's because you never asked about it." He kept a face so straight a master poker player would have been envious! Then we saw the humorous twinkle in his eyes and then both me and Jeff giggled! "Oh yes, many times", the butler admitted without a hint of shame. "And plums too, as often as we could get away with it. Sometimes we got caught of course, and then we were spanked, but did that stop us you think?"

We smiled! "I'm willing to wager it didn't!", Jeff replied.

"You're absolutely right, Master Jeffrey. I never tried to teach you to behave by punishing you either, knowing there was little chance I'd succeed."

"I think you did a fine job anyway!", Jeff said all of a sudden.

The butler nodded solemnly. "Yes, I suppose I did." He got up from his stool. "Will you be needing anything else?", he asked, and after seeing us both shake our heads, he put all the stuff we'd used back on the tray quickly and efficiently and carried it all back to the nearest sink to wash it up. "There's no reason for you to stay unless you feel a particular need to help me with the dishes", he said, strongly hinting he would almost take offense if he wasn't allowed to do his job himself.

I skipped over to the tall man and put my arms around him. "Thank you!", I said quickly and hugged him sincerely.

"My dear boy, it was my pleasure", William said and patted my back gently. "Now be off, both of you..."

We walked back to the main building through the passage between the houses. It was a bit chilly, because the walls were mostly windows made of a large number of glass panes stretching from almost from floor to ceiling, and I saw that someone had shoveled away the snow outside to keep it from pushing against those windows. Just as a precaution, I suppose, they didn't look THAT fragile. There was also a set of wide doors in either side wall that could be left open in the summers to let people move freely from the garden in front of the big house to the park behind it without having to walk all the way around the annex. I stopped for a moment, spotting the corner of a smaller house opposite the annex, near the west wing. It had no umbilical connection, or at least none that I could see, it just sat there by itself, made in the same overall style as the other buildings, just smaller.

"What's that place?", I asked and pointed.

Jeff came up to me and put his hands on my shoulders, standing close behind me. "That's the Housemaster's building", he said as he was stroking my neck. "William lives there, when he doesn't take care of me or is supervising the rest of the staff that is."

"Oh!" I didn't know what else to say, so I let Jeff take me through the house. I sort of expected us to go to the library once more, but instead we ended up in the music room. It was made up in light colors, with woven wallpaper with patterns in gold and pale green and pink. Paintings were green landscapes, people having nice picnics in the sun, or sitting calmly on horses looking out over beautiful valleys and such. The furniture seemed rather comfortable actually, meant more to languish on rather than just sit, and the windows seemed to let in more light than in other rooms of the house somehow. It made it a warmer, more comfortable place than the rest of the rooms in my opinion.

In the center stood that huge, shiny, black grand piano. It was massive! I've never been near an instrument such as that, so of course I could not stop myself from reaching out and touching it despite it was so well-polished I could hardly see even a single grain of dust on it, and certainly not any fingerprints! The surface was smooth and hard and cold, almost like glass in fact.

"It's beautiful...", I said, probably mostly to myself actually.

Jeff was at my side, standing slightly behind me with a hand on my shoulder so that it touched my neck. I could feel his breathing on my hair, he was actually that close. "Yeah, it is... It's made of ebony, you know. My mother and I used to play it", he said.

"Wow! You know how to play the piano?" I turned around so I could look at him, and his arms went around me and pulled me close of course... "That's so cool...!"

He laughed quietly. "Well, I never was any kind of virtuoso even by a long shot, and I've not touched this thing since before I met Felix actually so I guess I'm more than a bit rusty..." He looked into my eyes, and I found myself smiling at him. I knew why, but he decided to tell me anyway. "I didn't feel worthy to play it, you know?"

I held on to him really hard! "But you are! You know you are." He stroked the hair on the back of my head and down my neck and kissed my forehead as I said it. I hugged him harder so he'd understand not to let go too quickly, and he did give me a really long kiss. "You're worthy, Jeffrey. Would you please play something for me?"

"I... I don't know if I can anymore...", he said hesitantly. "It was so long ago, it feels like it all happened in a different lifetime..."

I held him hard still. My arms were getting tired but I didn't care! "You can do it, I know you can... Please, I'd really like to hear you play..." I let go a little, and his grip increased in turn. Then I felt him agree, and he kissed my forehead again quickly, and then made me turn my face up to him, and received his second kiss on my lips. He wanted to taste me right then, maybe needed to I think.

Jeff sat himself down carefully in front piano with an overly solemn expression, pretending to flick away imaginary coat-tails first and cracked his knuckles in an exaggerated manner like he was some great master preparing for the performance of his life. I couldn't help giggling quietly and he glared at me in an annoyed manner. Then his mask cracked apart and he smiled a wry smile at me.

"As I told you, I haven't done this in a very long time", he said quietly. "Please, have mercy with me."

"You'll do fine...!", I said firmly as if I'd not accept any kind of arguing over the matter and kneeled right nearby so I could have a hand on his thigh.

"I'm not sure this thing's properly tuned anymore. Nobody ever uses it... It might have gotten banged-up in the trip over the Atlantic...!"

"Oh, just get on with it already you big wuss!", I said with an amused laugh. "I'm SURE you'll do just fine."

He put his fingers on the keys, then looked up at me. I gave him a small encouraging smile, and then he started playing. I knew the song of course, and for some reason Jeff had to pick THAT one... It felt strange. He played the first verse just on the piano, and he did it well, doing it slowly and carefully so he wouldn't mess up. I usually don't listen to Elton John's stuff, but I like this one. Just felt really spooky that Jeff would choose this particular song...

Then he started singing, in a muted, yet distinct voice. There was a rich timbre to it, his voice really isn't deep because he's not a man. Not yet, but it had substance to it. I can't describe it any other way.

"And it seems to me you lived your life Like a candle in the wind Never knowing who to cling to When the rain set in And I would have liked to have known you But I was just a kid-"

"STOP!", I yelled almost in panic, and both his singing and playing came to an abrupt halt. I got scared all of a sudden from hearing myself, and from understanding the lyrics fully and all that also...

Jeff sighed heavily. "Timmy, I know. I know everything."

My vision was again getting blurry. It had to be a new personal record, what was that? Three times in one day? FOUR? "What do you mean?", I managed to speak as sniffles started pushing themselves out of me.

Jeff reached down for me and pulled me up into his lap. "Everything, sweetie... I know he's dead. I've known it for over a year." I couldn't do anything except bawl into the crook of his neck and let myself be rocked by him. "Ssshhh, Timmy... Sweet Timmy...", he said, stroking the back of my head again. He heard my crying get calmer, and he was kissing my face as much as he could. "It's all right, we can't change anything no matter how much we want... He's at rest now, don't cry..."

"D-do you... Do you miss him then?"

Jeff held me firmly and patted me intimately. "I don't miss him as much as I mourn him, sweet Timmy. He wasn't a very kind person you know. I mourn not what he was, but what he could have been..."

"I guess... I guess that's understandable." It was so difficult to speak! "But now you have me! You're not sad any more, right?"

Jeff smiled so warmly I couldn't help responding in kind! And his hand was on my butt again, it ALWAYS ended up there! "No Timmy! I'm not sad, because I've got you now... You're all I need and all I want." I let him hold me and fondle me a bit, making sure he really wasn't sad.

I sniffled still as I spoke again. "Play something else, please", I managed to say in a quivery voice.

"Like what? I don't want you to get upset all over again." He smiled gently at me, well aware I was still not completely at ease.

"Anything. I'll be alright", I whispered, and moved off his lap and sat down beside him on the piano stool so that he could reach the keys and pedals properly. I still held my arms around him though! I kept my head leaning up against his shoulder.

"Okay... How about this one?" He put his hands on the piano again and started playing, singing in a gentle voice. "London bridge's falling down, falling down, falling down... London bridge's falling down..." He paused for just a short moment. "My fair Timmy!"

"I can't believe you just sung me a lullaby!", I said and giggled a little, still all teary and stuff. "Besides, how could a song about London bridge falling down comfort anyone?!"

Jeff smiled at me in that sincere, happy way he shows when he is glad I am there at his side. That way he's smiled at me for almost a year now in fact, I just never recognized that smile for what it was... A loving one. "I think you're just meant to listen to the sound of it, you know? An infant or a really small child wouldn't understand the words anyway."

It seemed logical enough to me. "You're really good...", I merely said in reply, and doing it in a voice that was colored by my admiration for him.

He coughed modestly. "No I'm not! Maybe I was once, but I'm really rusty, I can feel it. But I'll manage, if I take it slow..."

I nodded to show I understood his reasoning, but that I didn't necessarily agree! "Sing it again", I begged of him instead. "Please..."

"So you like that lullaby then?", he said with a humorous glimmer in his eyes, but of course he let himself be convinced (and pretty easily too). Thus he played the simple tune and sung the soothing words again as I shed some more tears simply because it felt so good to have him sing and play to me while I hugged him. And then we kissed, and Jeff did manage to do it even better than most of our kisses. "You're SO hot, Timmy", he whispered in my ear. "And your tears are a major turn-on too..."

I blushed as usual of course! "You think so?", I whispered back and put a hand in between his legs. He was erect, and enormously so in fact! "Would you like to go upstairs and do all kinds of naughty stuff with me in bed?", I asked, and he nodded without uttering another word! Then he took my face in his hands and he started kissing my cheeks, hunting the trails of my tears. Kissing was too slow for him, so he started LICKING instead, and that literally made me melt in his arms! His tongue felt so warm and wet against my skin, I got totally stiff in five seconds or maybe less I think!

We didn't get any further than the couch in the TV room of his apartment. I'm so glad most of the house staff seemed to be home with their families or whatever celebrating Christmas (we didn't see anyone) because both of us were so aroused by each other I almost expected us to rip off our clothes and get down to it on a divan in the music room! Jeff did get me to his apartment though and as I spotted the sofa I pulled him over there. The bed was still messy since our early morning activities. I pushed down Jeff on his back and sat on top of him. His hands came for me and I deflected them. I wanted to do it myself! I undressed, doing it really slow and really teasingly, his eyes constantly locked on me. It was so awesome...!

Jeff burned of lust seeing a blonde, milky-white naked boy perched on top of himself, but I didn't allow him to touch me just yet. I reached down and caressed his chest through his clothes and he actually twitched! I'd not made him do that before! All of him arched upwards, and I felt his rock-hard erection under my bum. I couldn't deny him what he wanted any longer, and his hands literally swept over me, making ME react in all kinds of ways. I felt hot and cold at the same time as I let my hands run down his fully clothed body. He rose up to a sitting position so he could grasp me and kiss me, and as he did my hands went to the zipper of his pants. I fumbled a little, but had soon liberated his dick from the confines it had been trapped in. His body shook as I touched him, the stark contrast between not feeling my skin touch his on his body (as he was still dressed), yet feeling me touch that most sensitive part of his body, it seemed most stimulating for him! Jeff held me close, sometimes letting his hands roam, sometimes keeping them in the same place, doing nothing except absorbing the sensations of my skin through his hands. We were joined by our mouths as I took him to the inevitable conclusion, and soon he tensed up and I felt what seemed like warm waves of wetness striking my skin. He shuddered and moaned and collapsed backwards down onto the couch. I sat upon him still with a naughty grin on my face, the result of his generous orgasm slowly seeping down my tummy. I touched his excretions with my hands. There was so MUCH of it! A lot more than I can make! I felt totally awed, and Jeff saw it and smiled too.

"Silly boy!", he said happily. "Let's go get you cleaned up!"

I teased him by pretending to try to touch him with my sticky, slimy hands and he managed to seize me around both of my thin wrists with his hands. We laughed together as we tugged on each other for a short moment and then Jeff pulled me up on my feet again!

He took me towards his bathroom, his semi-stiff dick still poking out of the fly of his pants, he made no gestures towards putting it back inside. The tip touched the small of my back a few times as we walked the short distance, he kept himself so close to me he almost stepped on my heels on purpose.

Like I've already mentioned, Jeff's bathroom is a lot more functional than it is beautiful, or intimate. Yet it felt soo good to stand there and let him rub a warm, moist washcloth over my tummy, wiping me clean. He was standing on his knees, with his other hand on my rump of course (where else?!)... I looked down at him, my hands either in his thick hair, or caressing his cheeks and neck, or playing with his ears. He was stiff again, and so was I still. My boyfriend had this dreamy expression on his face as he wiped me, letting a cloth-covered finger play with my navel for a few seconds before moving on. He didn't look up at my face, instead he was staring at my body. Not that I mind that one bit of course, but him staring like that made me more conscious about myself and I felt a little shy. Somehow my posture conveyed that, and Jeff reacted to it. Like my tears, it only served to turn him on even more. He'd stopped wiping me, he was finished with that, but he wasn't finished looking, and he sure as heck wasn't finished touching! He was letting his hands flow over my stomach, the outlines of thin muscles and up to my chest. The tips of his fingers sought out my nipples and caressed them, in the somewhat chilly air of the tiled room along with my general arousal they were as stiff as they could be and he felt it. That wasn't the only part of me that had stiffened to its extreme limit. My dick was pointing straight up! It was so hard it touched the skin of my tummy, and actually throbbed a little in synch with my rapid heartbeats...!

I know Jeffrey was looking at it. I'm not circumcised, my parents aren't religious so they really didn't see much of a point in it... Jeff isn't either, I've heard they're not as much into that stuff in Europe as over here. Then I shuddered all of a sudden as Jeff put his hands at the sides of my body and kissed my navel intensely. I felt his tongue venture into the shallow depression and caress the skin all around it. My eyes closed out of pleasure and then my body twitched again as Jeff's right hand touched my totally stiff dick... He touched it, then clasped it and pulled back the foreskin. I could actually feel the cold air touching the sensitive, moist glans inside. Then a different kind of moist warmth enveloped me, and I became a little confused. Was it the washcloth...? No, it didn't feel like fabric at all... Then I giggled all of a sudden.

"That tickles!", I heard myself saying and suddenly, as his tongue rubbed itself against my hard member, his mouth taking more of me inside him, all of me in fact, it felt like all the neurons in my brain's pleasure center fired all at once! My knees buckled and with a moan I collapsed down into his arms!

Jeff quickly put me down on the floor so he could resume his activities, it was a little cold, but I soon forgot all about that as Jeff's lips slid down my shaft once again. He made me writhe with pleasure as the hot, moist insides of his mouth enveloped me completely. His hands stretched themselves up to my chest and caressed me all the way down to my hips, over and over. I couldn't handle that much stimulation, I was moaning loudly, almost yelling in fact and thrusting upwards into him. It was amazing, and I had absolutely zero control over myself! My breathing was deep and fast and I was dizzy from the over-oxygenation of my blood...

"It's...! It's...! I'm gonna-", I yelled out as a warning. He didn't care! "AAAAHH!", I screamed, and then I felt my body almost spasm in my boyfriend's strong grip. It was awesome in the level of intensity! Jeff was equally awesome... It may sound weird, but it actually felt as if I was giving of myself to him, you know? Like, love, in physical form... Yes, I did say it sounds weird I'm sorry, but I can't explain it any other way! When it was all over I was lying flat on my back with my arms up over my head. I could feel the tips my fingers of either hand touching, and all I could do was lie there and pant helplessly!

Jeffrey kept suckling at me, refusing to let my willy soften. It tried to, but his mild yet unmerciful stimulation quickly brought it back to a fully erect state. I found myself moaning a little again and twisting my body slightly out of new pleasure. Then he gave me one long last suck and detached himself from me with an audible 'plop' kind of sound! My dick was all slimy with his saliva, and it felt...wonderful. Awesome. He came crawling up to face-level with me and looked into my eyes, smiling at me as he saw my still kinda dizzied state of mind.

"How was that, sweetie?", he asked softly. I responded by giving him a deep kiss. "That good, huh?" His grin was both pleased and mischievous at the same time! "Do you think it would be okay if we went downstairs to have a workout, and then a shower before we go to bed? I don't want to get fat you know...", he said with a smile as he put a hand of mine on one of his arms and flexed it. He could see on my face how impressed I was. I held up my own thin arm and tensed my muscles so hard my arm was shaking. There was an almost imperceptible change in the way it looked...

To my total amazement, I saw Jeff look at me with such lust-filled passion at me it seemed he was again going to jump me then and there! I couldn't quite understand it, he thought it was sexy that my arms are as thin as toothpicks! He grabbed me and hoisted me to my feet, then put his arms under my butt and lifted me up. I pulled up my legs so I'd be easier to carry and then he walked off to his big walk-in closet where he picked out stuff for us to wear.

He had stripped off all his clothes except socks and underwear and put on a set of loose running pants, and he found some old dark blue shorts made of shiny nylon fabric I could wear that he'd grown out of, when I put them on I noticed how tight they were. "How old were you when you got these?" I asked him and he immediately grinned at me!

"Like, twelve or thirteen, I think!", he replied, blushing faintly. "You're so small, Timmy..." He then put a gym tank-top made of black lycra in my hands, it too was too small for him but slipped on me quite easily. When I let go of it, it shrunk up on my torso, displaying every line of my ribs and weak muscles. Jeff ran his hands over me quickly, which made me shiver a little, then let his hands rest on my chest right over my nipples.

"You're very attractive, you know that, right?", he said quietly.

I put my hands on top of his. "Yeah, I suppose so..." I said and couldn't help smiling at him as I replied. I then looked at his superbly sculpted upper body with such intensity he couldn't help understanding I felt the same way about him... He kept himself in such good shape, yet he wasn't totally defined with his skin down to muscle-and-bone level like me. He had a little softness to him, which I just loved. I could feel the hard, thick muscles on him, yet the harsh, brutal edge of those muscles were dulled by that softness. Jeff's terribly handsome, but in a cute way, not that square-jawed He-Man style. It was the same with his body, he was really fit, but in a cute way! "And your hands are so big compared to mine!", I added for some silly reason!

He laughed quietly. "Well, you know what they say, little Timmy... Big hands, big...!" He held one hand down at his groin balled into a fist, with his index finger dangling down and twitching.

I thumped him on his chest. "You perv!", I said with a laugh of my own!

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