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The First Son - Arc Three

by Zustara Orur

English is a second language to me, so please excuse any goofs present herein regarding grammar, spelling. I try to do the best I can!

Legal mumbojumbo BS: this story features explicit descriptions of sexual acts between consenting young boys. The story is fictional, and only took place in my mind. If this sort of thing bothers you; you are under-age (and anybody cares about it); reading this story happens to be illegal wherever you may be right now; etc, please STOP READING. I won't get in trouble, but you might, who knows. If all is hunky-dory, feel free to continue, if that is your wish.

Also note that this is a real STORY centering around love rather than sex, those mainly interested in long descriptions of copulation and such may want to look elsewhere.

DEDICATION: All of you writing me, prodding me and asking when the next part is due. THANK YOU each and every one, from the bottom of my heart, and SORRY for making you wait so long.

SPECIAL DEDICATION: To Sonny and Wayne. Fiction does pale in comparison with reality! Always keep love and hope alive. ...For another 45 years hopefully! :-)

PART ONE: California Dreaming, Performances, Shrimps!

The wheels of the coach rumbled quietly against the tarmac of the highway, the diesel engine growled mostly to itself it seemed. We were leaving the DC area, heading kind of south-west I think (though mostly south at the moment as we would pass through Texas on our way). We'd actually get a real tour of the nation as part of the bargain, that was a little exciting as I hadn't really been anywhere before except to my uncle's farm and to see mom's parents in Boston. I was thinking of all the events that had brought us to this point as my angel held my hand in a light and comfortable grip. A kiss in a restroom, and a personal revelation. A painting done in a sunny garden, and another personal revelation. Fainting in that same restroom, and then, coming home... Living with me from then on. Only a few weeks. Many small things and many hugs and kisses, all adding up to this one great adventure of ours...

And there we were, going back to where I'd come from. Our luggage little else than a guitar, one toothbrush and two plastic bags with our old clothes... It was almost enough to make me start laughing, thinking of that one lone toothbrush; we'd have to share! Not that it bothered me, not in the slightest. I'd gladly shared underwear with my angel too, except I suspect he wouldn't ever let me wear any!

Instead, I looked over at him. He sat leaned back in his seat, the overhead reading lamp illuminating his face, creating pools of darkness beneath his nose and chin and eyebrows. It was all black outside the coach window, and he was so cute to look at with his new, shiny-shiny ruby-red page-cut hair."I love you", I heard him say. The three words I never tire of hearing him say."My blonde pretty-boy, will you kiss me?", he then added.

I did. One quick, tiny little kiss. He frowned at me petulantly in mock annoyance that I didn't give him a proper smooch. I giggled quietly at seeing it. Then, movement caught my eye out of a corner and I thought, 'AGENT!' I gasped loudly and turned around fast, expecting big hands to be reaching for me, seizing me!

"Oh! Did I scare you?", a voice with an instantly recognizable accent asked. A slightly amused voice too by the way, coming from a pretty tall, lanky guy with long, blonde dreads hanging from his head. We barely saw his face in the dim light of the cabin, he was blocking out most of it with that big hair of his, putting his features almost in darkness. I could see small glittering points of light in his eyes and a hint of teeth though, he was grinning at us in a friendly manner. Yes, definitely amused... We shook our heads vigorously in response, and the guy turned around quick and pushed my guitar case out of the way so he could take off his big backpack and make room to sit down (though he didn't seat himself right away). Finally we got a good look at his face. He was quite young, maybe eighteen, twenty or so, and I felt rather surprised actually, and a little uncomfortable all of a sudden. He was almost the same age as the busboy I realized with a sting of sadness... And, he was pretty okay-looking too, not as pretty as the busboy, but fairly pleasing to the eye all the same. Rather long and narrow face, a long nose too, small-ish ears, bright blue eyes. Thin lips, but a pleasantly wide and friendly-looking mouth, smiling just slightly in a curious way. He hadn't shaved himself very carefully though, his face was covered with short, pale stubble. Like my friend Daniel at the new school, he was kinda rugged-looking in a way, somehow. Hard to explain, just that he gave you a sort-of 'rough and tumble' impression, that he could take a few knocks and get back up on his feet still smiling, without a complaint. Not in a fighter sense, more like a hiker, or mountain-climber or such. To further that impression, he wore outdoors-style clothes made of tough fabrics dyed in subdued, nature-colored tones, feet stuck into heavy leather army-style black boots.

I felt my angel half hug me and half plain hang on to me, sort of hiding behind my back. His head was on my shoulder as I sat there twisted to face this new stranger who had entered our world so suddenly. I was Raphaél's armor, I realized, the shield he could hide behind in safety.

"No!", Raphaél said in response to his question."We're not scared."

The stranger tilted his head to one side as if to say, 'yeah, right! I saw you jump!', but out loud he said nothing at all for a few seconds as he studied us."Hiya mates", the guy then greeted us as he sat himself down across the isle."Wow, you're a small little fella aren't you?", he added to my angel with a grin.

"You're an Australian, aren't you?", Raphaél replied calmly in return, not taking the bait."What's your name?"

"Yeah. That's right, I'm from Canberra actually, if you know where that is. And the name's Oscar, but you can call me Ozzie, alright?"

Raphaél was quick to respond."I do know. New South Wales, right?" Ozzie nodded as my angel continued to cling on to me."An Australian guy who likes to be called Ozzie. How original!", he commented with a mischievous grin.

"Hey, no matter how good your geography, I take no lip from a little squirt like you!", Ozzie retorted with a smile of his own.

"You would take any amount of lip and still be happy if my two friends John and Matt were here."

"Yeah, if they were here, I'm sure." He winked, then pointed at me."And who's this then, your brother?"

"No... Just a special someone!"

Ozzie got a curious look in his eye, probably realizing something was going on between the two of us."Uh, exactly how special, really?"

"VERY special..." Raphaél leaned closer and sucked my left earlobe into his mouth, flower earring and all. I felt hot moisture envelop that small part of me and my eyes closed, and out of pure instinct my face turning a little towards him to make it easier for him. I barely suppressed a sigh of pleasure.

"CHRIST! Special indeed!", Ozzie commented, his face starting to blush real bad. A hand on my opposite cheek made me turn my head even more towards my angel, and then my angel tongue-kissed me as well, taking his time to do a good and proper job of it."All right, ALL RIGHT!", Ozzie groaned."I get the point!" Then he laughed, my angel smiled proudly and I grinned sheepishly, feeling a bit embarrassed as well.

"You don't mind?", my angel asked, having released my lips with a wet kind of sound.

Ozzie shook his head, still giggling and blushing a bit I think."No, how could I? You're both such sweeties!" Then he laughed more."Don't get me wrong however, I'm not like you guys. No funny-business, okay?"

"Wouldn't dream of it!", Raphaél retorted impishly.

Ozzie mimicked getting stabbed in the heart."Oof! You wounded me badly there, mate!" We giggled."Hm, what have we here then?", he asked rethorically and grabbed my guitar case. He opened it up and took out the Fender hiding inside."Ooh! What a beauty! This one wasn't made yesterday!"

"No, dad bought it in the early seventies", I heard my own voice say.

"Wow! Thirty years... And it still looks brand new."

"Yeah, and don't you dare scratch it", I told him off sharply. Though I did it with a smile of course!

Ozzie laughed all of a sudden."No little guy, I won't!" Then he handed it over to me."Let's see how you handle it."

I gripped my guitar with well-practiced ease - I hoped! After all, it had been like a year since I last played it seriously... I checked it was still tuned properly, which it was, I did some minor adjustments just to be on the safe side and Ozzie nodded approvingly at me. I got the impression he knew how to play as well. I started on a soft tune, a favorite of mine, Moby's 'Everloving'. I did the humming and everything too, and my angel hugged me real tight while I played. Of course, I can't do the piano and drums and that, but Ozzie brought out a harmonica from a pocket in his jacket and backed me up. Raphaél was again sort-of a drummer by tapping on the seat tray in front of him. Worked pretty well I think.

"So, what didja think, huh?", I asked. My angel was extatic, he grabbed me and kissed me so intensely all I got out of me was a strangled, 'Nnf!' when I asked him to take it easy and not crush my Fender! He was careful though, real careful. It was just me he manhandled a little, not the guitar.

Ozzie nodded slowly once we'd calmed down (looking on in a bemused manner I think)."Well, you were okay, li'l fella. But your voice's too fair, you're humming like two octaves higher in pitch than you're supposed to! And your guitarplay was a little rough too."

"Well SORRY! I can't do it any better than this." I tried my hand at a wounded look, and Ozzie laughed.

"Yeah, I think he was GREAT", Raphaél added in my defense.

"I'm sorry too, but it's true! Here, let me show you." He held out his hand for the guitar and I gave it to him. He played a few notes just to get the feel of the instrument, giving the tuning screws a tweak just for the sake of it, and I could HEAR just from those notes he had to be an expert player, then he did what I just did. Played the guitar, humming the muted melody that accompanied the music. He was SO much better than I was! Truly! He did it better than Moby did, at least the humming! (I'm the first to admit Moby isn't much more than a passable singer, despite being a great musician.)

When Ozzie was all done, a middle-aged fat man came stomping down the aisle and glowered at us."Couldja try to keep quiet! There's people trying to SLEEP here you know!", he growled angrily.

"Sorry mate", Ozzie returned smoothly."We'll pipe down. Pardon the inconvenience." The man glared at us for a few seconds before returning back up where he'd come from, apparantly annoyed at not being spoken back at in the same tone he'd spoken in. Seemed he had been fishing for an argument, but again Ozzie had refused to make a grab for the hook."What a grouchy old fart!", Ozzie muttered to us once he was gone, and we giggled back at him (though quietly, so the man would not hear it).

Him mentioning the word sleep, made me aware of how tired I was... I suddenly yawned wide, and of course my angel immediately did the same right after me. It had again been an extremely eventful day, too eventful in fact, and now I was totally beat! Ozzie packed away the guitar inside its case (gathering up the toothbrush package which had fallen out on the passenger seat beside him and put it back inside the case). He motioned to follow him to the very back of the coach. He sat down at the window seat and patted his leg.

"Come on, go to bed now guys..." We looked at each other, then back at him. We smiled slightly, uncertain of what to do, what he really meant. Ozzie looked at us too."Guys, listen to me. I don't think I've ever seen two people as much in love as you two are. My parents were pretty hot for each other while dad was still around, but actually there's no comparison. How old are you, really?"

"Thirteen", I said with a silly smile."Both of us are thirteen."

"And a half!", Raphaél piped in, though technically speaking it's a bit more than that actually.

Ozzie smiled back at us, me mostly."Well, what you got isn't puppy love, Sebastian. I know when I was your age, I hardly even dared to have a crush on girls I liked, it wasn't quite accepted for guys to be interested in girls yet. They were still yucky and had kooties, you know?" We grinned at him. Yeah, I guess we knew what he meant."You love your friend with all your heart and soul, and you want to be with him. So go on, be with him. It will make me feel good too, knowing I can look out for and protect you two a little." Again he patted his thigh, and I slowly laid down on my back and let him support my head. The bus seats were rather hard, but Raphaél slipped out of his shoes and got on top of me and that actually made it easier. My angel rested his head against my shoulder, arms at my sides. I wrapped him in my arms for a few moments in a small hug before I too relaxed and let sleep take me.

To say it was the most comfortable night's sleep I've ever had would be a lie, but I was sleeping with my angel, and that really did make it better. I woke up a couple times during the night, not fully, but enough that I knew I wasn't sleeping anymore (usually when the bus was passing through some town or such with streetlights shining in, accelerating away from an intersection where it had stopped etc), and then my lights went out again.

When my body had decided it was morning and thus started to bring me back to reality again, I first noticed my feet were really, REALLY cold, and that made me wish me and my angel had taken the time to visit a shoe shop as well when we'd been in that mall! My soles were rather sore from all that running around barefoot too, but I hadn't actually worn out my skin either, it was tougher than I first expected.

Second thing I noticed was Ozzie playing a soft tune on my father's guitar. I knew it, Da had taught it to me, a long time ago when I'd been just a little kid. He'd played it, and we sang it together. Mom can sing too of course and is really good just like Da, but she didn't join in most of the time (I guess she was too embarrassed of her hippie past, or had been anyway. Not sure about now.) I listened to the tune, listened to my angel breathing. Kissed his forehead, and listened more. Then I started singing, automatically. I didn't choose to, my voice pronounced the words, and it happened.

"So how can you tell me you're lonely
And say to me that the sun don't shine
Let me take you by the hand
and lead you through the streets of London
I'll show you something
To make you change your mind."

The music stopped. Ozzie looked down at me with a friendly grin."Oh, so you're both awake now?"

We were?! I turned my head over towards my angel, and his eyes were open just a little, his mouth smiling."Morning, sweet Sebastian!", he told me. I turned my head more so we could kiss, and groaned involuntarily. Darn it, the night hadn't been too comfortable after all! He saw my pain."Oh, my poor baby!", he said and started placing small boy kisses on my lips and face...

Ozzie wasn't far behind, he started plunking away on the guitar."Love is in the air", he sang quietly, just for the two of us."Love is in the air...!"

We giggled, and with a groan I sat up with my angel. My neck was stiff, and my back was too, but my angel put his arms around me, and that made my poor muscles relax, made my abused ligaments start to quiet down. I touched my feet with my hands, my toes felt ice-cold! Raphaél wanted to touch them too, and his fingers actually felt warm now in comparison!"Your hands will get dirty", I warned him since my soles were this almost scary dark gray in color, but he ignored me.

"Does it look like I care?", he returned and gave me a kiss on my neck. My angel hadn't really touched my feet before, and I know he felt it was special in a way. He let his fingers play with my toes, he tickled me inbetween them, he caressed my soles. He felt the skin on top of my feet, whispering to me how soft it was. We sat next to the opposite window as he touched me, I really didn't register it when Ozzie got up and walked over to his big backpack. From a side-pocket he withdrew a pair of woolen socks rolled up into a neat ball.

"Here ya go, little fella", he said and tossed the tight bundle to me.

"They'll get dirty!", I say and tossed them back at him.

They immediately returned to me through the air."Does it look like I care?", he echoed with a grin."Just put on those darn socks... Uh... I just realized, I don't even know your names!"

"Sorry!", both me and my angel said with one voice and a grin of our own. Then we looked at each other and giggled! We could have done the 'Ralph' routine of course, but what would be the point? Why hide? We were on the run so we wouldn't HAVE to hide, that was the whole point! We decided without even having to discuss it.

"This is Sebastian", my angel told him."I'm Raphaél."

Ozzie gave us a warm grin."Cool. So glad to meet you." He slung himself down in a seat and started plunking away on the guitar, singing an obviously made-up song, stumbling along and sometimes changing the tune to fit the lyrics or the other way around."Sebby and Rafey, they went away. Both kids without fears, one with flowers in his ears, the other on his head. Nobody knew where they went, not coming home until all money spent! Sebby and Rafey...!" He finished with a flourish and bowed, ready to receive his accolades.

We giggled and applauded him enthusiastically, it was so cool! Someone made a song about us!"Thank you!", we both said with one voice again!

Ozzie chuckled."Don't ask me to write it down for you, I can't even remember it anymore!

"I do!", my angel said warmly."Every word of it!"

"And I too..." I added. I could even do the music without too much difficulty I think.

My angel squirmed."I need to pee!", he whispered loudly and blushed a little, and so did I!

Ozzie chuckled merrily."You better hurry then. I see trouble looming on the horizon." He was right. A fat middle-aged lady was slowly making her way towards the back of the coach where the lavatory was located, holding on to the handles on the back-rest of the seats with a death-like grip so she wouldn't fall as the bus swayed slightly as it followed the curves of the roadway. Me and my angel both hurried inside and locked the door! Just before disappearing out of sight, I saw the lady look at us, shocked we both went inside at the same time, and then it immediately changed into annoyance over the fact she'd have to wait when she had expected to be first in line. I guess she was one of those persons who expect kids to defer to them automatically just because grown-ups are older or something. I felt a little guilty because maybe she needed to go really bad too. I made a mental note to hurry so the lady wouldn't suffer too much.

Suddenly the coach jolted and we were thrown to one side of the tiny room! We giggled as we rightened ourselves again and my angel turned around quickly to kiss me. He'd been the first to get inside and had already positioned himself in front of the toilet. Suddenly the coach lurched again and we both seized each other for balance. More giggles followed.

"You gotta hold on to me okay?", my angel directed. I nodded, then gave him a quick peck on his cheek as well.

"Get on with it, the lady's waiting!", I admonished and he turned back with another giggle. I heard him fiddle with the buttons of his new shiny jeans, and I took him in a light hold at the sides of his ribcage, just under his armpits. He gasped softly at feeling my hands grip him."Don't get sidetracked", I then added just to be safe."Get on with the business at hand you rascal!"

I stood with my feet spread apart to keep myself steady, but fortunately the coach was behaving itself right then - which was fortunate for us because I was hearing a light splashing sound and the accompanying sigh of pressure being relieved.

Raphaél got finished quickly, then we jostled a bit changing places (during which he squeezed one of my buttocks just briefly). I got my SO tight pants unzipped, and just as I did, the bus ran over some kind of hump in the road that actually made our feet lift off the floor for just an instant. The driver then turned rather sharply to the right, throwing us both into the wall and my hands immediately went out to brace myself. Raphaél hurriedly wrapped his arms around my chest and hung on to me for dear life as we were tossed about almost like ragdolls as the bus turned the opposite direction and then back to the right again.

"Is it over?", he asked quietly, and then we both started laughing because he'd sounded so scared! I was still bracing myself with my dick hanging out my fly, and before I had a chance to brace myself I felt him place his chin firmly at my right shoulder and look over it. His hands ran down my sides and stomach and grasped my dick lightly, aiming it down at the bowl."Okay... Let go", he said in a whisper. I felt my face grow hot. I'd never let anyone touch me before when I was about to take a leak! (Actually, my angel was the only one who had touched me like that period, but that's kinda beside the point don't you think?)

"Uh... I'll get stiff unless you let go of me!", I warned him. It was already too late for that by the way. I felt the tingly sensation of blood starting to fill it up...

"You better hurry then!", he teased back at me and gave my dick a gentle rub, which only served to make it inflate even quicker. So I relaxed before it indeed would be too late. My angel had to press it down to not make a mess of the place and that started to get uncomfortable which made the pressure inside it go down again (which I felt thankful for). Soon Raphaél was busy squeezing out the last few drops, and then the excitement returned of course. His cool hands caressed my dick, making me sigh and my knees grow weak."It feels like it was ages since we did this", he whispered in my ear."I wish we were alone, in your neat bedroom..."

I twisted my head around and he kissed me deeply. I sighed as he kissed me more and stroking my dick, both of us forgetting where we were... He even humped my butt a little through our clothes. A loud knock on the door woke us up again!"Hurry up in there!", a rather angry female voice yelled at us."There's other people waiting you know!"

We blushed furiously as we washed our hands super-quick and I put myself back in my pants, sucked in my tummy and zipped the zipper back up again. They sat as snugly on me as previously like a second skin, even showing my stiffie clearly! Raphaél caressed the outline of my balls and hard-on briefly before unlocking the door and dragging me out as the toilet was wooshing and gurgling still. The woman glared at us, we grinned back at her feeling a bit embarrassed.

We went back to 'our' seats next to Ozzie, ignoring that silly woman who glowered at us the whole time. Probably convinced we were juvenile delinquents or something, considering our hair and clothes.

"Welcome back guys", Ozzie said with his warm, broad accent. We smiled as a pure reflex and sat down right next to him. He had placed himself with his back half-turned, leaning up against the windows. He sat like that, looking at us and then the guitar started playing again.

"Imagine there's no heaven...", he started softly, letting my father's steel-stringed guitar mimic the gentle piano tones of the original."It's easy if you try..."

I backed him up with my much higher voice."No hell below us", we sang together."Above us only sky..."

"Imagine all the people
Living for today...
Yoo-hooo, hoo-oo-o"

We sang all the verses and when we finally stopped we found the entire coach was totally silent. Only the engine growled quietly as the highway rolled on under us straight and wide, and some hum from the tires meeting the roadway. Suddenly the driver came on in the internal speakers.

"I've had some complaints delivered to me regarding the impromptu music performance down there in the back of the coach...", she started. I felt cold sweat break out all over my skin, and my angel's pale face told me he was feeling a similar unpleasant sensation. The driver wasn't mad, was she? Would she throw us off the bus? We'd bought tickets, they cost a LOT of money, we couldn't afford to get new ones without raiding an ATM again and then the G-men would be on us in an instant since there wasn't a big city to lose ourselves in... My angel hugged me stiffly, his face fearful and his whole body shaking. Then the driver resumed speaking after keeping us over hot coals for what felt like an eternity."People up here are saying the volume's too low. They can't hear you properly!"

Laughter sprang up from several places, and then there was the sporadic sound of hands clapping. People suddenly stood up and turned around, looking at us. I saw them staring at us, young and old. Male and female...

"Mommy! Look mommy, he's got red hair!", a tiny little girl just a few rows away from blurted in a pipy voice and pointed right at my angel! A huge laugh sprang up in response and the girl buried her blushing face in her mother's skirt. She patted her daughter's head and apologized silently for her child's forward manner with a look. Raphaél just grinned back and signalled back it was okay! He waved at the girl as she uncovered her face slightly so she could peek at him with one eye. She hid herself again instantly and then uncovered both eyes, blushing and smiling. My angel waved more, and then all of her appeared again, smiling and waving back. I waved too and she giggled a tiny little high-pitched kid-giggle. Her mother stroked her head to tell her not to bother us, but it was okay; we didn't mind.

A man further up started waving at us. He cleared away his stuff and moved one row further to the front, sharing with another guy, showing to us he wanted us to follow. Ozzie ushered us forward, himself following close behind, making sure we didn't forget our bag with clothes either. A woman in her late 20s or early 30s perhaps with long blonde straight hair moved down one row on the other side of the isle to give him room (sharing the row with another lady), they all nodded and smiled at us in a friendly manner and we smiled back. Me and my angel even giggled a little because everyone were being so nice to us! Soon we had settled down, Ozzie stretching out on the right side of the aisle with his big backpack leaning against the window, me and my angel on the left, holding on to each other for comfort and warmth. The bus was a little chilly with the air conditioning going at full bore, but Raphaél hugged me and I hugged him to fight it off. He was so nice and soft to hug it didn't matter, we stayed warm anyway.

Ozzie started strumming on the guitar again, playing a muted instrumental version of Dire Strait's"Brothers in Arms", and once my subconscious mind had recognized the song (which took me a little while because my thoughts were wandering), I found myself singing the words. Ozzie helped, but Raphaél stayed silent, he didn't know the lyrics he said with an apologetic shrug. I smiled quickly to tell it was okay, and he snuggled in to me, listen to my voice instead as I sang.

When we were done, I smiled as he immediately continued with the only Spice Girls' song I ever liked,"Viva Forever". I don't care much for factory-made pop music, I think I take that from my Da... I could see my angel enjoyed that one too, he did his drumming thing on the seat-tray and he could sing the words too! In the chorus, me and my angel sang one key and Ozzie raised his voice a little to fill out the spectrum, but we missed a lot in the middle. Suddenly there seemed to be a flock of teen girls around us from the front quarter of the bus filling up the slack! They sat down in the aisle and shamelessly joined in on the fun.

It felt as if our"Cecilia" had at least half the passengers stomping their feet and singing along, and I looked straight into my angel's deep, brown eyes as I smiled and sang about making love in the afternoon with Cecilia up in my bedroom, and he blushed really cutely! I played the guitar this time and Ozzie did the harmonica thing, and some kid had a short wooden flute which he tooted on with enthusiasm. Da loves all those old Simon and Garfunkel songs, and so do I! Raphaél again didn't know the lyrics, but that was okay. The driver laughed on the speakers and said we'd better calm down or we'd shake the bus off the road - which of course made everybody laugh - but despite the threat of danger it was really fun anyway, and our driver agreed I'm sure.

After that, we did Sam Cooke's"Wonderful World", and I was so surprised to hear the fat man who'd been angry at us the evening before stand up in the aile and sing too, he had a really deep bassy voice and complemented us perfectly! When he saw I'd seen him he simply nodded and winked at me as if saying sorry for being an ass the day before and continued singing, that was all. Oh, I really love that song...! 'Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-taa-AAAh - History!' We also did Ben E. King's"Stand By Me" of course, and Bruce Springsteen's"Secret Garden","Here Comes the Sun" of course, and I wasn't ONE BIT ashamed when I then started playing and singing Hanson's"Mmm-Bop", and I can do those exact falcetto squeals with my voice Tyler does on that old CD (okay, so it's not THAT old, but you know what I mean!), and then we sang"Where's the Love" too, it was awesome!

The bus stopped inbetween two songs to let people on and off, and so we could buy something to eat, and we were rather hungry too. Unfortunately by the time we got to the food (since we ended up last in line) most of the sandwiches and other stuff had already been bought! I went for a banana, a pear and an apple, plus a small carton of milk. Raphaél also grabbed a milk carton, plus he found a deserted egg, mayo and shrimp sandwich at the back of the cooler that was wrapped in plastic and looked really gross. He didn't even think twice before putting it down on our tray.

"Uh, I don't think you should eat that one", I said, sounding thoroughly disgusted.

"Why?", he asked innocently."I love egg, mayo and shrimp sandwiches. The yuckier they look the better they taste."

I shrugged."That mayo's turning yellow man, but okay... If you want it, it's yours."

He grinned at me."Thank you, I intend to eat it all myself and enjoy it!"

We paid for our stuff and then went back to the bus. After eating, I then played some Kate Bush to Ozzie since my mom likes her, teaching him some of her songs, and after I sang"Wuthering Heights", everybody was so impressed with my fair voice. One of the girls put on a Mariah Carey CD on her portable stereo and asked if I could keep up with her all the way, and I almost could! I was a bit off-key at the very end of the spectrum, but everybody was really impressed with me (even myself I might add; I didn't even know I could do that). And, especially my angel of course, but Ozzie too. The girls looked at me as if they all were about to attack me with their lips and my angel giggled and held me in a firm grip, shielding me. Everybody that saw it laughed!

"Hey kid, that wasn't half bad", Ozzie told me when we'd finished fooling around."Your basic voice is very good, but it's really untrained. You need lots more practice to use it to its full potential. Of course, it'll break soon for you anyway and then the fun's over."

"Nah, I think I'll be able to keep it pretty much intact", I said with a wink.

He grinned, not entirely convinced."What makes you think that?"

"Oh, just a feeling", I said with an innocent shrug. Then he grabbed the guitar and threw himself into"Unforgivable Sinner" by Lene Marlin, and I knew the lyrics to that one too (mom likes her too by the way). When we were done I grabbed back the guitar and started playing"Down Under" by Men At Work just to tease and he simply laughed his ass off, but was a good sport and sang it with me once he calmed down, and then we did"California Dreamin'" again. My angel sang with the guys of the bus, while I paired up with the girls, it worked out beautifully! The little girl who pointed out my angel's red hair came and sat in his lap (reaching out with her small chubby kid-hands, playing with his long, shiny ruby strands), and the guy with the flute played the flute solo beautifully. After that we almost rocked the bus off the road again, but in a gentle way, with our"All You Need is Love", love, love is all you need! It was very fun, and the fat angry man who wasn't angry anymore approved yet again.

Then I did something almost as unspeakable as playing a Hanson song. I played and started to sing"The One" by the Backstreet Boys. Yes, I know it's TACKY thinking the way I do, that a boyband song can mean so much, but that song symbolizes everything I feel for my angel. It was as if it was written just for the two of us.

It took about three fifths of a second for the girl choir to get in gear and be ready to back me up in the chorus after I'd sung the first verse, and me and Ozzie doing the second together.

"I'll be the one (I'll be the one)
Who will make all your sorrows undone
I'll be the light (I'll be the light)
When you feel like there's nowhere to run
I'll be the one."

Then they let me do Nick's solo myself, and I sang it with a big happy smile looking straight into my angel's eyes.

"To hold you and make sure that you'll be alright
'Cause my faith is gone
And I want to take you from darkness to light."

He was so touched he was on the verge of crying. He stuggled all throughout the whole song, his big eyes shiny with unshed tears. Our song was not as masterfully performed with our simple instruments as the CD original, but it was infinitely more personal the way we all sung it, just for my sweet baby angel. The girls helped and supported my fair voice, and even Ozzie backed too when he wasn't playing his harmonica.

"To hold you, and make sure that you'll be alright
I'll be the one."

Then when it was over everybody started clapping because we sang so well (they didn't know it was all for my angel's sake, they just thought it was a song like all the others), and as they cheered we kissed, and that made his tears come. He fell with his arms around my neck and sniffled cutely, no longer able to stop himself anyomore. The little girl became shy at my angel's display of emotions and snuck back to her mother.

The girls saw us, and they cooed to us and whispered to themselves, but they didn't annoy us. Ozzie took the guitar again and started playing Sting's"Fields of Gold", singing in a soft voice just himself and nobody else as my angel wept.

"Sebastian... I can't believe we're doing this", he said almost breathlessly."We're really going to San Fransisco, alone!"

I held him close and smooched his teary cheeks."Yeah babe, we are. Just the two of us..."

"You sang really well... I didn't know you could sing like that", he whispered so nobody else would hear.

"I'll sing for you every day if you want to."

He smiled with his red-rimmed eyes."Would you do that? Really?"

"Sure! I promise, I'll sing whenever you ask me to..." We cuddled, watching the road roll past as Ozzie played quiet guitar tunes, sometimes just humming, sometimes singing, and mostly just playing. After a while my angel started squirming. I didn't notice at first, but after a little while it became more obvious. I looked at him, wondering what was wrong."Heartburn?", I asked softly.

He shook his head, making his ruby-red shiny hair wave slightly."No, I feel funny in my tummy", he said.

I smiled."It's that sandwich. I told you you shouldn't have eaten it."

"No, I don't think it's the sandwich", he said with a smile of his own."I'm just nervous, I guess, being on our own like this", and then I kissed him again. It was just a really soft kiss, not a passionate one. A kiss he could lean into as much as he could, as much as he wanted, to draw strength from in order to calm his frayed nerves.

It lasted on and on and on. We had to start breathing through our noses or we'd suffocated. Suddenly I became aware the guitar was no longer playing... Still I held the kiss, and he stayed with me. I was hard as steel in my tight, tight white pants and anyone that looked would see it clear as day. You think I cared? Nuh-uh!

Finally, my angel had to break off, his crying had made his nose clogged and he was wheezing for air and had to release his hold on my lips no matter how good it had felt! I took a quick look around and some of the girls that had planted themselves permanently in the aile giggled quietly. I knew they had looked! My face reddened, but my tan saved me from total embarrassment. Then my angel put a hand on my cheek and turned my head back towards him for some more boy-smoochin'...! My dick hardened further still, but I didn't care about anything else than pleasing my boyfriend. They could look all they wanted to. There were a few more giggles, but it was of no concern.

He wanted me to hold him, to calm his upset stomach (whom he still claimed was upset because he was nervous about being on the run). I sat with my back towards the window just like Ozzie, with my angel in my lap so I could hold him and bury my nose in his shiny hair. I kissed his sexy neck a lot (which Stephen had shaved completely smooth the day before), and his cheeks too, except when I was singing of course. I had Ozzie play some Pink for me, I actually like her even though she's not really my kind of music. She's a pretty bad girl I guess, but at least she's up-front about it so you really have to respect her for it somehow, even if you don't agree with what she stands for. She's not fake, she is herself, and anyone who makes it to where she is now while being herself and not just some stupid PR-image is worthy of some kind of respect. Well, I think so at least... Again, I don't pretend to know everything!

Anyway, she's got a great voice, and the lyrics of her songs actually MEANS something, which isn't all that common in the music biz. Usually, it's just the 'I love you and you love me' bull - which is FINE to some extent. It simply becomes a bit too much most of the time in my opinion, so that is why Pink is a breath of fresh air. Raphaél was feeling queasy, I asked if it was road sickness but he denied that. He actually managed to giggle at me knowing so many Pink songs, and then suddenly he had to run off to the lavatory! He stayed in there for so long I became a bit worried and was just about to get up and go check on him when I saw him coming back towards me.

"Any better now?", I asked lightly, hoping he would say yes.

He shook his head."No. Still feeling funny."

I hugged him and heard his stomach rumbling over the noise of the road and the big engine."Angel, darling..." He hugged me back."It's not exactly the Air Force One, is it?", I then said with a grin and pointed at the tiny lavatory.

He laughed like crazy, forgetting his funny stomach for a little while."No, it isn't!", he said and wiped a tear from one of his eyes. I kissed him."But you should keep quiet", he hissed at me."People could start coming on to us if you keep it up."

"Oh relax will you? Nobody expects YOU of all people to go around the country alone by bus. Besides, NOBODY CARES." I pointed at Ozzie, who was busy plunking away on the strings of my guitar, his knees pushed up high against the seat in front of him. The old lady in front of us was knitting and looking out the side window. Nobody did care about us right then. Even our girl choir had dispersed since a while back. Guess their butts started to ache too much from sitting on the floor.

"Okay, I will try", he said quietly and laid back against me. I could hear his stomach continue to growl in a muted fashion, and he squirmed uncomfortably quite a bit due to its protests. Maybe fifteen minutes later he was off to the lavatory again. He was gone at least as long as the first time and then I got up and walked back to the loo and knocked on the door.

"Raphaél, are you okay in there?", I asked. There was no reply so I knocked again a little harder. Then I heard water running, and then the door unlocked itself and I jumped back to give him room to emerge.

He was so pale when he came out and he absolutely looked sick for real! I became really worried in an instant."I... Uh, I think you're right", he admitted quietly and leaned against me.

"Did you...?"

He nodded. I didn't see it, but I felt his head move against my shoulder."Yes. I barfed..."

I hugged him close."My poor sweet angel. I hope the worst is over now."

It wasn't. Not by a long shot.

We got off the bus next time it stopped to buy a bottle of uncarbonated mineral water in a nearby convenience store because my angel was really thirsty. Raphaél had had to run to the lavatory twice more in the short time, but it had been false alarms both times, but he was still low on fluids. As we were about to pay he suddenly fell to his knees, leaned forwards and emptied what little remained in his stomach right there on the floor in the checkout lane. He gagged and breathed heavily, and then it was all over. Both me and the big buxom black woman behind the cash register was there by his side - me quicker than her of course. I quickly unscrewed the bottle and offered it to him, she grabbed a box of paper napkins so he could wipe his face.

"Oh god... Eeww. Yuck", he mumbled as he sat up straight again."That was... That was awful. I hate throwing up."

I held him and made him drink a small sip of water from the bottle."Feel any better now sweetie?", I whispered as the cash register lady went to get a bucket and a mop to clean up the mess. We were the only customers in the store right then, and I led him around the counter and made him sit at the chair at the cash register to rest so we'd get away from the vile, stinking puddle on the floor. He looked TERRIBLE. All pale and sweaty, his eyes glazed, sort of.

"I'm never eating at THAT place again!", he said feebly, obviously joking as we weren't going to go there again anyway, but not managing to inject any humor into his voice.

I tried to smile but couldn't."You look awful." I didn't mean to say it, but I couldn't help it, it just popped out of my mouth. He gave me a tired, understanding smile. I leaned towards him and hugged him tight, and next thing I knew was the doorbell to the store tinkling and then Ozzie was there.

"The bus took off just now, they couldn't wait for you any longer, but I got all your stuff." He put down the guitar case on the floor and shrugged."I'm sorry."


Author's notes:
Yes, it's been a while, I know... So I got distracted, alright?! :)

I'm sorry about that, I never meant to let this story rest for so long, I've been intending for ages to come back to it because I love these guys, I really do. And some of you guys do too, I understand. That's nice, I hope you'll like what's coming in the next few parts. And no, it won't take as long as last time either! ;) Thanks guys for reading, and if anyone wants to drop me a line for whatever reason, you're of course welcome to. :)


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