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Galthanan's Legacy

by Zustara Orur


As it turned out, dinner wasn't quite ready. Katarina hadn't known wether Tiggy would come home for dinner or not, and he'd forgotten to call when he left Emil's new place. While she started cooking, the two boys retired to Tiggy's room.

"Whoah", Emil said. "This place doesn't look anything like I remember it!"

"Well, I got tired of being twelve years old", the dark-skinned boy responded, but his voice was a little hollow, betraying the real reason that he'd simply missed Emil so much he'd tried to limit the pain by getting rid of anything that reminded him of his friend.

The desk, which was a new and different desk than the one Emil remembered - with a big, black computer tower case standing on it - stood at the short wall to the left of the door instead of under the window straight ahead where it had used to be. The bed, which also was a new bed, had moved as well into the right corner of the room where the bookcase had used to be. The two clothes closets still stood at their usual place immediately to the right, perhaps because they were probably screwed to the wall, Emil thought. Also, they looked just the same as always, except all the stickers that had used to adorn them were gone. All that remained of them were faint outlines where the paint was slightly shinier, so that one could see that a sticker had used to sit there for years and years. Tiggy's bookcase was also new, but much smaller than the one he'd used to have. All the kids' books and comics and stuff was gone. Now it was just a wall-mounted unit that sat to the left of the window, and most of the stuff in it was school notebooks, old school textbooks that he'd been allowed to keep, some computer games fit for young teens and a piggy bank, plus a few paperback novels. He had the first two Harry Potter books, the first three volumes of The Wheel of Time (the third one clearly untouched), The collected and annotated Lord of the Rings (the fold on the back of the super thick volume showed it had only been read less than a fifth through) and an old, beat-up Stephen King book; "Fireborn", that had probably belonged to his mother. It had been read through so many times by her it was hard to tell if the boy had even opened it or not.

Emil looked around the room. It was spartan, hollow. The overall color scheme was graphite grey, such as the wallpaper (with a subtle lighter grey pattern in it), the window ledges and door and doorframe were all painted graphite in color, the bed frame was shiny black. When Emil looked at Tiggy, he saw the same hollowness in his friend's eyes and he felt a lump in his throat. He wanted to say something, but found no words. He had to settle with putting a comforting hand on Tiggy's smooth, dark-skinned arm and squeeze it a little in a show of sympathy. He also felt a bit flattered too somehow that he meant that much to Tiggy!

"It's still a nice room though", Emil offered gently.

"Mmm. Thanks..." They sat down on the edge of the bed together after taking off their moist sweatpants and sweatshirts, not saying anything for a little while. It wasn't an uncomfortable silence. They just existed together, that's all. Emil kept looking at Tiggy's legs, letting his eyes run up and down the slenderly muscled limbs dressed in velvety dark skin. "Hey...", Tiggy mumbled after some minutes. "Your dad. I used to think he was mean and scary because he's so stern, but then I thought he only SEEMED mean and scary, and in reality he was a good guy because was very stern which meant he cared about you... You know, like, discipline breeds order, or something like that. ...But, he's really just mean and scary, huh?"

Emil nodded slowly. "Y-yeah. He thought... I was never good enough for him. He- He never hit me, but that's just because I'm so small still compared to him. Like he only waited for me to grow up so he could start to beat me just like with mum." The last few words came out as a pained squeak.

"Sorry about that, buddy... You shouldn't have had to go through that. I never had a dad, so I don't really know what it's like..." Tiggy leaned in closer to give some comfort by his presence.

Suddenly Emil grinned. "Dads aren't ALL like mine, you know", he said and even giggled. Then he tossed himself at Tiggy - as best he could anyway sitting down in a soft bed - and tried to wrestle him down!

The two boys struggled for a few moments on the bed before breaking apart again and lying down together side by side on their sides so they faced each other, panting in near-perfect synch as they smiled at one another. A dark hand whipped out and poked Emil in his tummy. "Toot!", Tiggy uttered as the tip of his index finger made contact with the firm layer of muscle covering his friend's stomach.

"Cut it out!", Emil almost yelled with a giggle as he tried to fend off the hand, but was 'tooted' several more times. Suddenly the weird feeling he got sometimes grabbed him stronger than ever. He realized with horror he was on the brink of popping a boner from merely being poked in the stomach, and he realized having his best friend so close was a major contributing factor. All of a sudden he felt scared, not of his best friend, but of himself. Why did he think it would be OK to be so close to Tiggy while feeling this way? Well, the fact he had doubts about it had to mean it wasn't. In his head, his father was suddenly lecturing him again, telling him what an inadequate son he was. And, what a horrible, perverted son too for being turned on by another boy.

"Come on, you gotta 'toot' me back!"

"No, I don't wanna", Emil replied abruptly and rolling over onto his stomach to hide his growing penis. Besides... Wasn't he supposed to like girls anyway? Tiggy probably liked girls... He had probably even kissed one or two already while they had been apart! He was sooo, so cute... It must mean he'd kissed lots of girls. Squeezed their breasts, butts... Maybe even slept with them. As if any girl would want to sleep with him anyway with all his shortcomings! He was so imperfect, Tiggy was much more attractive. Pain shot through Emil's heart and he squeezed his eyes shut to somehow eradicate the thoughts of storming jealousy he was feeling, and even to eradicate the feeling of jealousy itself. He shouldn't feel that way over his friend, that wasn't normal.

To Tiggy, Emil's curt response felt like getting a cold bucket of water unexpectedly thrown in the face. His smile faded, his enthusiasm died. He felt confused, and hurt, unsure of what exactly it was he'd done wrong. "Oh", was all he could think of to say. "...Okay..." He laid there and felt awful. He had these really strong urges inside to get close to his friend, close like they'd been in the past, and especially that time when they were seven on that sleepover which he still remembered with the fondest of memories, that had felt so awesome, but now two years had passed since they last met and maybe Emil didn't feel the same way anymore. He probably didn't... What a dumb stupid thing to do, to push himself on Emil like that! Especially when he knew so well all the stuff the boy had been through, and how shy he was. That was so stupid... The boy laid down on his stomach as well and looked straight ahead and tried not to get so sad he would start to cry. He knew his eyes were probably a bit moist so he made sure he didn't look in Emil's direction.

Emil immediately felt really bad about hurting Tiggy like that. It was such a deep, immense feeling he would have immediately ran out of the room (and probably burst into tears too), if not for the fact he was wedged in to the wall and would have to climb over Tiggy to get away, and he simply didn't dare to do that. Thus, he squeezed his eyes shut again for about five seconds to push back the burning sensation he felt in them from (in his own mind) having betrayed his best friend. The guilt was overwhelming. What would he do now?! He'd ruined everything! How could he look at his friend again now? Heck, they probably weren't even friends anymore! Now there was nobody there for him anymore, he was all alone in the universe... Nobody that liked him at all! The thought almost forced a sob out of his throat but he clamped his vocal chords firmly shut to stop it from happening. Emil felt it was as if he'd told Tiggy he didn't want them to be buddies anymore...

Why did everything have to be so difficult? Why did he have to have all these weird thoughts? Couldn't his life just be like, SIMPLE, and not suck all the time?! Who was it that had chosen him to be constantly picked on anyway? Emil laid there

Why did HE have to suck so bad and make such a fuss out of things? Why did everything have to become such a big deal, Emil thought. It was just a poke for gosh's sakes! One tiny little poke, it couldn't matter, could it? Certainly couldn't do anyone any harm! ...Well, except the way he was feeling about Tiggy, now poking him back would be kind of queer, he thought. And now they weren't friends anymore so Tiggy didn't want to be poked anyway. He sighed inwardly to himself. If only he's been brave, like Tiggy. Then he wouldn't have had to hurt his friend because of his own weird feelings.

Without thinking, Emil looked in Tiggy's direction. He saw his friend lying on his stomach, staring ahead with emptiness in his eyes, the corners of his mouth turned downwards in an expression of terrible sadness and unhappiness. Somehow, he realized Tiggy thought HE was the one at fault, that he'd somehow passed some barrier he wasn't supposed to and made Emil uncomfortable! Emil's first thought had been he himself was the idiot, the one with all the shortcomings. After all, his dad was quick to point that out at every opportunity. Then, slowly, he realized Tiggy being the caring guy he was probably took responsibility on himself instead. Maybe in reality they were both idiots...?

For the first time in his life, Emil did something he feared, and did it even though he was uncertain of the consequences. He was being truly brave without even knowing it.

"Toot", came his tiny little voice as he jabbed his shaky index finger ever so slightly into Tiggy's waist. There was no reaction, so he poked his friend more firmly. "Toot", he repeated levelly in a stronger voice, as if ensuring the other would hear.

Tiggy's head turned; Emil had finally provoked a reaction. Keeping his face firmly neutral he slowly aimed his finger at Emil's waist and poked once, then withdrew his arm again. "Toot."

The exchange went back and forth, and quickly started to speed up. After the first few pokes, the empty looks on their faces disappeared. They again started smiling, then laughing. Emil was getting overrun by a veritable cavallry charge of pokes, he had to roll up on his side against the wall to defend himself. As he moved he realized his penis was all super stiff and poking straight out from his body. He quickly pulled up his leg too to hide the erection, but also to create a barrier between them or else he'd get routed from the battlefield! Tiggy on his hand noticed that when Emil moved, a gap appeared between his T-shirt and soccer shorts, there was a band there of bare milky-white skin displayed that somehow seemed incredibly erotic and enticing to the boy. His penis grew even harder and he did all he could to poke his finger at that sliver of pale, smooth skin. Emil defended himself vigorously, and in the process Tiggy rolled up on his side too to get a better angle of attack. He didn't bother to hide his boner though, he abandoned all restraints. The two were laughing and yelling so loud even Katarina could hear it out in the kitchen, and at first it seemed as if Emil was simply too busy to notice the eager hard-on in Tiggy's shorts, but he did. It stirred his insides into a frenzy, his hormones raged, his heart pounded! His penis was so hard soon he would have to touch it or else go nuts!

Then he fumbled, thinking Tiggy would attack left when he in reality went right.

Tiggy's hand easily dodged aside and around Emil's arm, and then the hand laid there on his stomach in under Emil's shirt, palm down flat against the skin, feeling the muscles underneath move as the teen-boy breathed rapidly. Emil made no attempt to force the hand away, he just laid there passively and enjoyed. As if on automatic, he started rolling over onto his back with his legs stretched out straight, exposing more of his stomach as he moved. He also knew his steel-hard dick would reveal itself to his friend, but that wasn't anything he worried about anymore... He simply laid there and waited, his head turned up at the ceiling, and in fact turned back a bit more to expose his throat. He saw Tiggy lean in over him, his hand still on the other boy's stomach (though not placing any weight on it), and Emil's eyes closed. His mouth gaped open as he panted deeply out of excitement. Tiggy laid his chest down on top of his friend's chest, their lips coming dangerously close to touching. A quiet moan slipped out of Emil when he felt the other boy's warm body start pressing into him, and Tiggy got in closer so that his face was all snuggled in to Emil's neck. The two were as close together as they could without actually getting naked, and Emil shivered as he felt Tiggy's hands on his ribcage and Tiggy's breath on his skin...

Neither said anything, they just needed to ensure what they were doing was alright for the other. Emil nearly messed his shorts when he felt Tiggy's thigh move across his boner, felt Tiggy's boner jab him in the hip, but then both heard the doorhandle move and they quickly started to pretend to wrestle instead!

Katarina poked her head inside the room and saw her son and his friend literally ensnared in each other. She had some idea of what they'd been up to, having heard the house fall silent, and smiled inwardly to herself. "Boys, the food is on the table now. Don't let it get cold!", she announced in a light voice, letting them know she suspected nothing. Then she withdrew and closed the door again, her knees almost failing her. They were holding each other! She felt so excited, she couldn't wait to tell Mikaela, but there was no time before dinner.

Their faces radiating heat from embarrassment, the boys tried to extract themselves from each other. Only tried though, because somehow they both managed to 'get stuck' on the other, having to grab him and squeeze as if by accident, and this of course did nothing to make their still just as hard penises go down either. In fact, their unruly appendages were touching tip to tip through their shiny, silky football shorts as they stood a short distance apart, even though neither of them looked down, or even acknowledged it in any way.

"Ummm...", Emil mumbled.

"Yeah...", Tiggy replied and blushed even more fiercely, glad of his dark skin that camouflage it.

"Shall we go?"

Tiggy cleared his throat and tried to step away from his friend even though he wanted nothing more than to rip the other boy's clothes off and jump into bed with him! "Alright. Let's eat..."

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